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Such guardianship is paramount when considering that one simple watch might take a dedicated and assiduous horologist a year to complete. The work consumed him, requiring a great deal of concentration and attention to the most minute of details for each ample chapter of time. George’s lasting gift was his protégé: Roger gained his confidence over 5 years. He said of his master; “One day, we were told that this watchmaker was going to visit the workshops. I approached George and asked if he would apprentice me. Anyway, he invited me over to the Island, told me he wouldn’t.” Nevertheless, George encouraged Roger, advising that if he wanted to make watches, he should go and make his own. He said to Roger; “nobody taught me to do it.”


After 5 years, George’s prospective apprentice returned with his newly finished chronometer, Roger said, “He looked at the watch and he didn’t say a great deal for some time, kept turning it around in his hands. Eventually, he commented on a few of the components that had been made, and asked who had made them for me, I told him that I had made them. “After what seemed like a lifetime, he suddenly closed the back of the watch and just transformed, his face lit up. He said; congratulations, you have finally done it.” George told Zoe that Rodger learnt quickly to be skilled, he humoured that it had saved him a lot of time, though “he was also a bit stubborn from time-totime”. Both living in our mythical land, George passed down his trade, not as

tradition would dictate (from father to son), but from man-to-man. Roger now exhibits his latest timepiece in the prestigious Saatchi Gallery of London in Chelsea. George believed his reputation preceded him, coming from a different horological age, he felt no need to promote himself. George told Zoe of his protégé; “I suppose that one day he thinks he might be as good as me.” He laughed cheekily and said; “Don’t publish that.” ‘The Watchmaker’s Apprentice’ will be a magical documentary. Best of luck to the DAM Productions film scheme, and thank you.



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