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Nikolay Tereshchenko arrived from Moscow, to live in Netanya, not far from the sea. Nikolay works was exhibited several times in Russia and he already has another exhibition next month in Moscow . Nikolay was born to an artistic family, his father was an artist and he made him paint when he was only 3 years old in the classical tradition. With time Nikolay discover that he cannot express himself in this classical way and he has to find his own way to bring the inner self to his art. Today, his works are influence from the universe of children, where he can find joy and simplicity. Also he may critics the technical knowledge he already has from the strict classical tradition of art education, where he can play with the limits and broke sometime “the way it should be “. It could be that not just in art, but in life, he says, in this serious world we need sometimes to forget, take a break, breath and enjoy life again. Simple like it is. Nikolay past from canvas support, who is for him “too much clean , with strict and defined border”, to cardboard with different forms and structures which give him more possibilities. Most of the time he is on the road and the cardboard for him is more practical to find and carry on, more friendly for the environment and most important, it’s give him the freedom he needs for creating at any time in any place . Without any mask, to take pleasure of creation, of life, like the magic way of a child and spread love...

























"Tablichki" Oh, my sacred tablichki! Pearls of my soul, diamonds of my heart, precious gems of talent! You are being sent to me from above with the power of inspiration, driven by the movements of my muse, so here I stand, impatient to capture you, to translate your hidden message into the line, into the form, into the colour.

Nothing can distract me in those precious moments. I am the creator! I am the king! I am God! The shapes and sizes of my tablichki are always random. I never prepare my canvases, my cardboard and so on... I have been an artist since I was three, I have spent all my life in Art, in creation, outside the earthly world. And now, at the sunset of my life, equipped with experience, skill and power - I came back to the origins of my childhood! I am waiting for the sacred moment, embodied in the form of earthly waste, I then transform into the great miracle of life, the meaning of which is to be discovered only by those viewers who try to penetrate into it. The one who has the eyes, the heart, the soul, can understand or at least try to understand my tablichki, once they understand, they can fall in love with them or maybe even have the desire to possess them? But for now my tablichki will be free, they will live in the liberated space of creation, as birds in the skies, as fish in the sea, as beasts in the forests, as the thought, inspiration and talent, that know no limits or barriers. Love and freedom are the primary sense of my creation. Other meanings- the deeper ones, the most important ones- are hidden, even for me sometimes, and they will only be revealed to the people who fell in love with painting. Today? Tomorrow? In years? In centuries? If only we knew... And me? I merely follow Pushkin's great advice: "...Oh my dear muse, entrust yourself to will of heaven Do not fear insults or let laurels be your rule. Take fourteen drams of praise, of calumny, twice seven, And do not quarrel with a fool!"

As long as I paint- I am alive! As long as I am alive- I paint!




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1. 23×54 cardboard/acryl, 2019 2. 20×30 paper/watercolours, 2019 3. 14×17 cardboard/acryl, 2019 4. 13×18 cardbosrd/acryl, 2019 5. 20×28 paper/watercolours, 2019 6. 19×21 cardboard/acryl, 2019 7. 14×19 cardboard/acryl, 2019 8. 31×47 cardboard/acryl, 2019 9. 24×19 cardboard/acryl, 2019 10. 32×48 cardboard/acryl, 2019 11. 26×44 cardboard/acryl, 2019 12. 48×40 cardboard/acryl, 2019 13. 19×20 cardboard/acryl, 2019 14. 34×48 cardboard/acryl, 2019 15. 45×35 cardboard/acryl, 2019 16. 34×54 cardboard/acryl, 2019 17. 20×28 cardboard/acryl, 2019 18. 27×54 cardboard/acryl, 2019 19. 23×21 cardboard/acryl, 2019 20. 42×69 cardboard/acryl, 2019 21. 14×17 cardboard/acryl, 2019 22. 25×36 cardboard/acryl, 2019 23. 14×17 cardboard/acryl, 2019 24. 18×24 cardboard/acryl, 2019 25. 24×21 cardboard/acryl, 2019 26. 31×41 cardboard/acryl, 2019 27. 42×32 cardboard/acryl, 2019 28. 41×34 cardboard/acryl, 2019 29. 51×120 canvas/acryl, 2019 30. 48×31 cardboard/acryl, 2019 31. 34×55 cardboard/acryl, 2019 32. 40×63 cardboard/acryl, 2019 33. 61×68 cardboard/acryl, 2019 34. 68x98 cardboard/acryl,2019 35.96x48 cardboard/acryl,2019

Nikolay working on his installation

Nikolay working on his installation


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Nikolay Tereshchenko  

Tablichki solo exhibition at CanopyGallery

Nikolay Tereshchenko  

Tablichki solo exhibition at CanopyGallery