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London Bedell

Q: What did you do this summer? A: This summer, I went to NYC to see my favorite band, Dead & Co, close out their summer tour. Q: Why do you enjoy your job so much? A: I love my job because I love building relationships and communities. Being able to help students discover their potential is rewarding.

Q: Besides education, what other careers interest(ed) you? A: I began my career in Hospitality Management before changing careers to education, where I’ve been for the past eight years. Q:Are you a fan of any sports teams? A: I am a HUGE Miami Heat fan as well as an FSU football fan.

isy Klave a D

Q: What makes you so passionate about your job? A: I am most passionate about being able to help students learn all the aspects of theater and the safe and fun atmosphere it can provide. Q: What is one thing you are looking forward to this school year? A: I can’t wait to be a Thespian Co-sponsoragainandhelpTroupe 3693bringhomemultipleawards!


Q:Why do you enjoy teaching your students? A:Growing up bilingual, I had apassionforforeignlanguage. Now I enjoy being able to see students progress as they learn anotherlanguage. Q:What were your interests while in high school? A: Choir and forensics (Speech and Debate) were big passions of mine.

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Q: Where did your interest in teaching originate from? A: I began to notice how the education I received wasn’t equal to my peers. That notion started my passion for teaching and science education. Q: How would you describe your music taste? A: Alternative Rock and Hip Hop is my go to.


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Associate Editor

Q: What was an interesting time in your education career? A: I had the opportunity to study at Richmond University in London, England for a semester before graduating from FAU. Q: What do you like doing in your free time? A: In my free time I enjoy working out, hanging out with family and friends, and relaxing with my pups!



WELCOMING NEW SRHS TEACHERS London Bedell Associate Editor



n eri A dres

Q: What makes you so passionate about education? A: I love watching my students grow up and getting to be a part of their journey. Q: Where did you attend college for education? A: I attended FAU for all 4 years of college and became a first generation graduate for my family!

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Q: Are you a supporter of any sports teams? A: I love my FSU seminoles! However, I am also a fan of Dolphins and the Heat. Q: Why did you choose to teach at Spanish River? A: I graduated from Spanish River nearly 20 years ago. Loved this school soo much and I’m glad to be back.

Q: Besides teaching, what else are you interested in? A: I love writing, hiking, and am an avid video gamer. Q: What is a fun fact about yourself? A: I am a Spanish River alumni and graduated in 2011. While I was a student here I was in the marching band, color guard, and winter guard.

Q: What is one interesting thing you did this past summer? A: Snorkeling in Curacao with my family was a wonderful experience for me this past summer.


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Q: What makes you so passionate about teaching at Spanish River? A: I love interacting and working with the Deaf community. I get to support and get to know our DHH students here at SRHS and hopefully help them excel beyond high school as well.


The Yale Book Award is granted to juniors every year as an award for their academic achievements and outstanding character. Recently, the Yale Book Award was given to a fellow shark, Luccas Perez. The Yale Alumni Association celebrates Perez’s exceptional writing and overall character. As a junior in high school, Perez has shown excellence in the way he expresses himself during class, as well as in his writing. English teacher, Deborah Lewis, nominated Perez for the award and commemorated him for his ability to speak publicly about his thoughts and his consistency in the way he does so. Speaking in front of an audience and being able to deliver a message while doing so is not a skill that many possess, but Perez has shown his ability to do it again and again. Perez is a well-rounded student who is “often quiet in class, but when he does speak, people listen due to the command he has over his thoughts,” said Ms. Lewis. The Yale Book Award is very prestigious and allows for juniors who have “outstanding personal character and intellectual promise,” to be recognized and appreciated every year, according to the Yale Alumni Association. Perez explains how this happened to him: “When I came into class this Tuesday, she was there holding the book the award was in,” says Perez. “She said to me, ‘I’m going to embarrass you’, and after everyone had settled into class, she gave this incredibly heartfelt speech.” Perez also expressed how grateful he was to receive the unique award, and how he deeply values being recognized. “She talked about the award itself and why she was giving it to who she was giving it to. And then announced that I was the recipient,” continued Perez. “Even though I knew I was getting it, it was still such a special moment because of how Ms. Lewis went about delivering it to me.”

Luccas Perez showing off the Yale Book Award.












Whether you spent your summer hibernating in your room or experiencing a life’s worth of luxury, awaiting your inevitable return to school can be, for a lack of a better word, dreadful. Going back to school means no more endless nights, no more sleeping in, and no more relaxation. Between a fresh wave of foreign classrooms, new teachers, and unfamiliar subjects, re-adjusting into “school mode” can be overwhelming, daunting even. It may sound cliche, but your accomplishments will be reflective of your dedication to both your obligations and the goals you have set, but not necessarily prioritized. Throughout high school, you will learn that teachers respect effort. Yes, those who shine through with a natural keenness are fascinating, but it is the students who remain consistent in their endeavors to success who will experience the most satisfaction in their educational career. One can be intelligent, but lazy, and laziness is where one’s striving to success experiences a roadblock. Procrastination will ultimately be your worst enemy. Your most difficult battle. Though initially you will feel relieved knowing that an assignment is not due the following morning or even that night, delaying the task will ultimately leave you burdened with the knowledge that something awaits your attention. Every time you click on Google Classroom that deadline will taunt you, leaving you wishing that you

Get Back in the Groove So Your Grades Will Improve


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Brooke Styka Editor-in-Chief

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Let the Lone Wolves Lie... Alaina Kosier Face-Off Editor

For the majority of my life, I have considered myself an introvert. With that perception came the thought that introverted people were seen as people less fitting to be friends with. Around school, I would, and still do, see people making conversation with one another easily all day every day. Meanwhile, the other introverts and I keep to ourselves whenever possible and enjoy our personal company. We observe and get through the school day one unfavorable group work assignment at a time. In order to fully understand what an introverted personality is like, the highlights and challenges should be compared. The challenges are bountiful, especially in school. In my high school experience, I know I have faced the reality of not always having friends in my classes, so some lectures feel much longer than others. And with being an introvert, making friends is not always easy. We thrive off of time

alone whenever possible, but being in a school setting means that there will need to be socialization at one point or another, which is tolerable, just not our ideal environment. I’m sure we can all agree that whether we’re an introvert, an extrovert, or an ambivert, having friends in classes makes the school day much more bearable. And with being an introvert, we’re able to enjoy socialization in smaller groups. “Being introverted means not having many people to talk to in class and coming off as someone who’s not friendly when really I’m just shy,” said junior Michael Weitz. “I don’t really talk to anyone in my classes and when I do, I overthink that I said something that came off as rude when really I’m just not that good at talking to people.” Introversion is not what social media and clichés make it out to be. Rather than being strange or quiet like society makes us out to be, we tend to be more independent and self-aware. But of course, being introverted in school does pose several highlights, as well. Arts and entertainment are

big at Spanish River and another thing introverts tend to excel at is their creativity. Since we tend to keep our thoughts to ourselves in solitude, the expression that comes with art brings out our inner voice. As an introvert who enjoys writing about what they’re thinking, I know I’ve definitely felt that it was easier to say what I needed to in that form of expression and artistry rather than just come out and say those things as an extrovert might do. Academically, studies such as research done by Harvard University and The Gifted Development Center show that introverted students tend to be more intelligent compared to extroverts and also tend to fall in the gifted category more often. Another trait that I have seen present in myself and other introverted people is our listening ability. While yes, anyone can be a good listener, introverts tend to be so attentive in a way that we hear the practical meaning and anything that might be underlying. Introversion does not have an age limit, evidently. Teachers across the globe and at Spanish River have experience with



how their personality affects their job. “Being an introvert allows me to listen to my students better since I’m always observing how they work and interact,” said English teacher Gregory Stewart, one of the new teachers that began at Spanish River this year. This quality in a teacher is desirable because it means they could make a great choice for feedback on assignments or anything they might witness around the classroom. Furthermore, I have noticed that teachers who tend to be more reserved also show a deeper understanding and consideration for students who might be similar to them personality-wise. Introverts are just like anyone else even if they appear differently at first glance. Despite the differences held between introverted and extroverted people, both contribute to what makes Spanish River as diverse and as welcoming as it is.

Let the Social Butterfly Fly! Lyndsey Roth Editor-in-Chief

Never have I ever been an extrovert. The idea of actually enjoying social situations, not needing alone time, or simply looking at the glass half full is deeply surprising to me. However, that being said, sometimes being an extrovert has its advantages as they easily communicate their thoughts and easily connect with others. Overall, the distinct difference between extroverts and introverts is how they perceive themselves within society. For instance, those who find themselves more outgoing are extroverts, and those known to be more reserved with their choices are known as introverts. Regardless of one’s identification, for those who may be unfamiliar with the art of extrovertism, it is the girl who always seems to be surrounded by her friends, the boy who is constantly outspoken in

class, and those who never appear to be uncomfortable in social settings. In many cases, extroversion strikes as being easier than introversion, because those with this quality do not feel that gut-wrenching pit in their stomach when they are forced to speak in public, or the urge to simply hide under the covers in the face of, well anything conflicting really. Senior Alex Rosenthal shares his thoughts: “Being an extrovert constantly introduces me to new places, people, and circumstances I would not usually find myself in. This personality trait allows me to learn, grow, and improve as a person.” With that being said, there are 4 specific types of extroverts (as researched and analyzed through Thought Catalog), each containing their own qualities of fulfillment. One being: the Extroverted Sensors. These people find themselves seeking to share experiences with others. Usually, they are found to be the ‘adrenaline junkies’ of the

group, and always notice their senses and surroundings. Unlike many, they enjoy the idea of meeting new people, and experiencing new extracurriculars. In simple terms, they can be perceived as ‘extra energized’. Next up, the Extroverted Intuitive. This type of extrovert tends to bounce ideas off another person in a friendly debate, and is surprisingly excited about the unknown. Following them are the Extroverted Thinkers. They seek to achieve their goals, and do so by any means necessary. Almost everything they do is done with an ulterior motive, thankfully not to knock others down, but to bring themselves up in their stage of progression. Lastly are the Extroverted Feelers. Contrary to most individuals that gain their energy from their morning cup of coffee, they gain their energy through social interactions. For this group, they just can not get enough from a simplistic conversation. They want to know everything about everyone, which for some may

sound invasive, but not for them! Now, many may not like their status, and wish to change this birthright. To do so, one would have to think so more introspectively, which may even make themselves over analyze their actions in all their upcoming conversations. Ultimately, no status is lesser than the other, and without introverts we’d have no one stopping the extroverts from their own sociable nature. Conversely, without extroverts, the introverts would simply stay at home all day long. These contrasting personalities force individuals to act out of their comfort zones in the best way possible, which is the best quality of each after all.




Students Face Policy Predicament “May I please go to the bathroom?” has become a question many students fear to ask. The school restroom has long been the chamber of mischief, as students abuse their teachers’ tendency to allow one to be excused from class. Consequently, the buildup of such resentment toward students who exploit their schools’ bathrooms has ruined the opportunity for a student with no malicious intent to use the restroom, and more so has dampered trust between students and teachers. As a result, students are subjugated to strict restroom policies. While some consider these newly imposed restrictions to be precautious and rightfully so, others feel that their right to go to the bathroom is being unjustly stripped away. Beginning with the start of Spanish River’s 2022-2023 school year, students are now obligated to scan their IDs when entering and exiting the restroom. Moreover, students are not granted permission to use the bathroom during the first ten minutes and the last ten minutes of class. These policies established with the intent to prioritize students safety, prevent

misbehavior, and minimize the time spent away from learning, have done quite the opposite. Students are now victims of long lines, some of which contribute to tardies, and are forced to use the restroom during the middle of class time, in which the majority of lessons are being taught. While some students are resentful due to being denied access to the bathroom, others look at the technical side of it. “Though the new bathroom policy is advanced,” says sophomore Maddy Lebensfeld, “it is more likely to cause problems.” “Having to scan your ID to enter the bathroom might not always work, causing a back-up in the bathroom line as the technology may not always be reliable. Resultantly, it won’t always be effective, but rather, it would waste students’ time.” However, while students go ballistic over the policies’ inconvenience, others find it essential to prevent inappropriate behavior from occurring on our school’s campus.

Whether it be bullying, physical fighting, vaping, or all of the above, Spanish River’s bathrooms have seen it all, and have finally had enough. “I am actually relieved that they have instituted the policy of monitored bathrooms. Last year the only building that really had monitored bathrooms was the 8000 building,” explains Macroeconomics teacher, Robert Heinrichs. “In both the 1000, 3000, and 4000 buildings there were numerous instances of vandalism, vaping and inappropriate behavior between students. Speaking for myself and the 4000 building, it became a real problem, students knew it was not monitored and so they would arrange to meet and there would be 7 or 8 people in the restroom mostly up to nothing good. It is sad that there are a number of students whose behavior has made i t that we now have to do this, but it has reduced the number of

problems immensely.” A main concern with preventing students from using the restroom pertains to stripping them of basic rights and teaching them to ignore their bladders. Despite the fact that cases vary, teachers are typically not hesitant to deny their students access to the bathroom, especially when in the middle of the lesson. Though this stems from the teacher not wanting their student to miss out on valuable class time, students are unable to use the restroom during the beginning nor the end of class, in which many lessons are not taking place. Nonetheless students have around five minutes to go in between classes, many would rather ignore their bladders than risk being tardy and facing their teacher’s wrath. Even more so, teachers are not always aware of the bathroom situation in regards to whether it is an emergency or not. From a students’ perspective, I understand and uphold the idea that not all students use the restroom with pure intentions, but all we ask is for compassion and rationale. If we have to go, let us go!

Ana Perez

over 50%, while the US taxes just over

the months, the medical bills are adding

promises miracle effects. Big Pharma

35%. The story is the same in every

up and have amounted to over $20,000

increased the price so much over the

country with universal healthcare:

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last seventeen years that, in 2022, my

better, free healthcare but higher taxes.

my dad’s health and wellbeing, now

family would have had to pay $11,000


there is this anvil over my family’s head

a month as Obamacare didn’t cover

embedded into American culture and

that is his medical bills. No person, nor

it. This is actually a decreased price.

we suffer because of it. I’ll take the higher

family should have to go through that

Originally $16,000, the price lowered

taxes over hundreds of thousands in

on top of a cancer diagnosis.

when a generic option became

Brooke Styka Editor-in-Chief

The Healthcare System Needs a Check-up Editor-in-Chief The faults of the American healthcare system are not new to me but I’ve recently had the pleasure of experiencing it in all its glory. My dad was diagnosed with cancer three months ago and everything since has been doctors visits, pharmacy visits and more doctors visits. It has been incredibly hard for my family, but on top of dealing with caring for a cancer patient now there are thousands upon thousands of dollars of medical bills to worry about. First, there is the morality of how completely unethical it is to charge people for life saving care, but there is also the enraging fact that it doesn’t have to be like this. In 2010, President Obama signed the Affordable Care Act into law, which I’m now aware of its many faults, because my family had to go on Obamacare, as it is commonly known. And this was the insurance that we had for my dad’s first hospitalization. Over



medical debt. Because even if I didn’t

There are many unintended

havr a dad with cancer, I still am a


human with basic compassion. How

Care Act but its main goal was

can you justify the ethics of charging


people for something they need to live?

Despite Obamacare’s promise that the

Then there is another huge

healthcare system is affordable, my

issue in this country, which is price

family’s insurance went up to 3.7 times

gouging by pharmaceutical companies

what it was previously, but we had no

due to corporate greed. One of the best

other options. My dad had lost his job

examples of this is insulin, something

and with it went our health insurance.

Type 1 Diabetics need to live and

Now why is it that other countries don’t

is so so easy to manufacture and

have this issue?





Affordable healthcare.

attain, except for the price. According

Ultimately, it comes down

to Forbes, insulin prices without

to taxes. Americans hate taxes and

insurance can range from $175-

universal healthcare would raise taxes.

300 per vial, which can add up very

Finland has the right to healthcare

quickly when diabetics need multiple

built into their constitution, but the

vials each month. Another drug that

other side of that coin is they have

has skyrocketed in recent years is the

higher taxes. In 2021, according to the

cancer drug Revilmid, a drug which

Movingist, Finland taxes its people just

available in March,, according to

Business Insider. While my family was able to get better insurance, many families dealing with the same issue have to turn down life saving drugs due to the absolutely obscene expense. It is easy to be apathetic to an issue when it doesn’t affect you, but the horrors of health insurance could affect you any time. Even though before I could logically comprehend that the American healthcare system wasn’t the best, going through it constantly is something that I would never wish on anyone. No one should have to choose between death and debt.

Sick Day, Sick System Lyndsey Roth Editor-in-Chief

Panicking due to a sniffle or sore throat is much more common than one would think, especially for high school students. Not because they are hypochondriacs, but because they feel if they miss school, even for a day or two, they will fall behind, and fail their classes solely because of that one day. It is not right that if a student has more than 10 absences within a semester, they must pass their exams, or else they will fail t h e quarter. Especially because just returning back to school, I fell ill, like many others I assume, and very urgently, guzzled down as many cough drops and at home remedies as I could before I was unable t o save myself from the agonizing pain of the infamous common cold. Naturally, by about mid afternoon, I was cursed with a 101 fever, chills, and



Eight to nine hours is the recommended amount of sleep necessary for our adolescent minds to develop healthily; however, most of us rarely find the time for such a requirement. Between completing homework, studying for tests, working at a part-time job, participating in extracurriculars, and, once in a while, finding time to breathe, is it any wonder our lives feel like an endless tug-of-war between responsibilities? Homework is the most distinguishable culprit - the pages of what seems like meaningless busy work that consumes our hours. However, especially in upperlevel courses, teachers are required to drill us on the necessary information present on the exams in May, with one of the ultimate goals being to raise the school’s passing rates with high scores on exams, while, at times, sacrificing a rich learning experience free from crushing academic pressure. However, we can find ways to lessen the stress by not allowing it to consume our lives, by accepting the unpredictability of life, allowing ourselves time for rest and work, and releasing the unattainable demand to be perfect. Not every day will be a perfect day. Some days, we may feel a surge of productivity that urges us to complete our homework in a few hours; while others, we may trudge through a thick smog of fatigue, unable to even grasp the time, not to mention a concept taught in class. Life is unpredictable, and the only constant is change that, at times, we can’t control. We cannot control how much homework a teacher gives us or whether two tests fall on one day. However, it is paramount to accept that, some days, we may be less motivated than usual, or that an assignment might be particularly difficult or tedious. Each day has enough of its own anxieties, and, though planning is important to


questionable mandates that are currently in place. My main concern with my illness and still doing everything possible to not miss school, was that those

who are attacked with a virus, the flu, or dare I even say worse may be thinking t he same. And with that, how many others will become sick due to this rule? At this point, i t is worth mentioning that excused absences do exist. However, does that mean they are actually excused, and that they will not penalize students from the consequences? It appears not. In fact, just the other day, I told my nurse I did not need a doctor’s note for school because it was a waste of time for her, myself, and the office staff that would have to log in my excused (but not really excused) absence. Honestly, I have no idea what to do to solve this existential crisis of mine, mainly because I know what everyone will say. ‘“These rules are in place because if a student is gone 10 or more days,

they have missed so much of the curriculum that they must prove they understand t h e material well enough to pass the midterm.”’ And partially, I agree with that, however, I am a senior, and applying to colleges with attendance in the back of my mind should be the least of my worries. So, rather than complaining any longer, here is what I propose: if students miss more than 10 days of school and are believed to not be doing much of anything to help themselves catch up, they should be penalized. Or, if a student has a legitimate excuse (with proof of course) to not be in school, the county its jurisdiction falls under should be able to accept that, and virtually allow students to catch up. In all honesty, it should not be the students fault that they are too sick to go to school. Would any faculty members enjoy being interrupted during their instruction by the over excessive cough in the corner? I didn’t think so!

avoid future stress, some days, we may be able to only think of getting through that day, that hour, or that minute. An overwhelmed mind feels the most relief when it is given clear, bite-sized tasks

for larger tasks. For projects, I find it helpful to block multiple days for the assignment, giving myself a timetable while also allowing flexibility in case an unexpected event interrupts my

allowing school to overtake your life can lead to burnout. I have experienced burnout countless times before, losing myself in the overwhelming courseload, constant deadlines, and seemingly endless to-do lists. I’ve avoided this joy-sapping phenomenon by allowing myself time for hobbies in my schedule, whether it be a book I’ve been dying to read, an instrument I like to play, or an episode of my favorite comfort show before returning to work. The core of my school stress, I discovered, was the pernicious perfectionism that infected my work. I would take my time on every assignment, obsessing over the small details of my work, or I would procrastinate my work until I was sure I could execute it perfectly. Though putting forth an effort is of foremost importance to your ability to learn, preoccupying yourself with trivial matters will only add to the stress of a to-do list, however short. Perfectionism is born from a need to avoid criticism. We might see criticism, even if it is constructive, as a reflection of our worth or a personal attack on our character, so we guard ourselves against any pain or rejection, while also shielding ourselves from genuine opportunities to grow. Though it is easier said than done to rid ourselves of perfectionism, it is vital to remind ourselves that our best will never be flawless, yet, it is still enough. As a place where we spend at least eight hours, it may sometimes seem that school is all there is, that grades, a GPA, and countless homework assignments are what should dominate our days. Education is crucial to understanding our world in all its complexity; however, to truly make the best use of our time, we must also find value outside of academics. The key to living rather than existing until the next Monday-to-Friday is to find the balance.

was pale as a ghost by the end of the school day. I thought to myself: “I’m not leaving, it’s the first week of school, I can’t fall behind yet.” Hopefully, my fellow students will not be thinking that I am completely unhinged at this moment, but yes, I was worried about missing school that much. Now, I am not necessarily trying to change the Palm Beach County school system’s rules, but I will take the opportunity to shine light on s o m e of the

Balancing School and Life Amelie La-Branche


to complete, and the most important step to take in any assignment is the first one. One of the most vital pieces of equipment I have for school is a planner, which has saved me from countless hours of staying up past 2 am, completing a project that slipped my mind until the day before it was due. Clearly, a planner is valuable for remembering deadlines and due dates for assignments, but it can also be beneficial

schedule. For example, an essay due in a week can be blocked into one or two days of brainstorming, one or two days of writing, and another day set aside for revision. But, just as it is essential to plan assignments and deadlines and the like; it is just as necessary to plan time for rest. The constant pressure we feel to be productive is unhealthy, robbing us of peace and the rewards of our hard work. Though learning is a life skill,




Jason Mraz




I’m Yours

e v i

s ’ r



s t i l y a l P The Marias Care For You -1:35




“It has a very mellow flow and it’s a very calming song,”- sophmore Sofia Posada.

“The song is about making the most of each moment and puts me in a good mood whenever I listen to it,” - guidance counselor Melissa Loyacona.

Ana Perez Editor-in-Chief

Riley Cope Feature Focus Editor

Music is one continuity across cultures that connects us all. It is a way for us to express what words cannot describe. These songs are a few of students and teachers favorites at River.


Sonder Feel

Someone Like You


0:50 -2:53


“The song conveys such intense emotion in so little words. Thats what all of Sonder’s songs do but this one specifially does a greaat job with it,” - junior Jolene Cuevas.

“Its my favorite song because it really speaks to me and I am able to scream it in my car.” - junior Julia Massarella.

Harry Styles

Tim McGraw


Humble and Kind


2:29 -1:11


“This song makes me feel happy and excited. Everytime I listen to the song I get good vibes from it and it instantly makes me feel better. I also feel like the lyrics really speak to me and I can relate to the content of the song,” - junior Emma Iovene.

“It shares simple but meaningful ways to make the world a kinder place,” - guidance counselor Lisa Sollod.

Taylor Swift this is me trying 2:04


“Taylor Swift is unafraid about her femininity, and while I know that celebrities are often put on a pedestal but to me she is down to earth and works on her art. I relate to it a lot because I myself and someone who puts in a lot of hard work but I feel like I’m not enough. It’s nice to have a song that captures that feeling in such a poetic way. Even though the song is about one of her relationship, for me the song makes me feel like I’m in a one sided relationship with the world ” - senior Natasha Rattray









#BamaRush Storms TikTok Ally Greenberg

Alabama Panhellenic Association for work week and the looks there is always going to be drama, website the new recruits can find that the new recruits have been but this year the issues hold more photos and detailed description of wearing to present their best selves societal value than the surface The excitement leading up to dress code for each of the days. For during rush. This year, spectators level things like, “she is wearing August 6th for all girls heading to the example, for Pref Day, the website have also seen the sororities creating the same dress as me on bid day.” University of Alabama this fall was states that “you will not want to wear TikTok dances with large numbers In the 2022 rush season Grant at a record high this year. August 6th a dress that is not too short or too of sisters seeing which house can Sikes who identifies as non-binary marks the start of the 2022 Alabama tight…something you may wear to grab the most views and attention. rushed. Sikes, like many other Sorority Rush, and this year not only a graduation ceremony or a daytime Senior, Dani Asseraf mentioned Alabama girls, has documented their were the sisters thrilled, but half of wedding.” This year’s handbook was that she has seen different people rate, rush journey through TikTok and has the nation was as well. This school’s roughly 111 pages long. All over rank, and compare the dances done become extremely in the #BamaRush rush week raised so much buzz TikTok, girls are shown posting what by the different houses on TikTok, TikTok scene. Throughout Sike’s over TikTok and other social media jewels they accessorized with, as if it were a dance competition. rushing experience, the videos platforms that it what essentials The reason posted received could possibly were carried that ‘RushTok’ tons of support receive its own in their Lily is so popular is and Grant had documentar y. Pulitzer or because many thousands of The craze Long Chomp are vicariously users routing about the viral rush bags, and living through on their behalf. event began all the different these girls’ Unfortunately, last year when outfits. Their c o l l e g e when it came girls started videos are experience to Pref Roundposting about catching whether you the last round what it was like millions of are a teenage of recruitment rushing at the views, pushing girl in high where the sisters University of the popular school trying open up to the Alabama, where recruits on to see what new recruitsGreek life is all pathway to expect, things tend to Kylan Darnell’s viral TikTok of her opening a Kappa Delta sisters competing in the Influencer Grant Sikes showing off his about southern her bid envolope on Bid Day. to becoming or a middle get emotional. TikTok dance battle. outifits h o s p i t a l i t y, influencers. aged woman It was during where the outfits consist of pastels Kylan Darnell’s day 1 rush outfit reflecting on the past. this round of the rushing process and frills, and where the hair has OOTD video got 5.5 million views When asked about BamaRush that Grant was finally cut from to make it through a full day’s and her bid day video currently has TikTok, senior Dylan Lebensfeld their few remaining sororities, worth of the nasty Tuscaloosa heat. 8.9 million views. She has practically said, “I love seeing the different that is a total of 20 chapters at the Rushing at Alabama is serious and become an overnight sensation by outfits that the girls put together, University of Alabama that kept with intense, it can be both mentally and sharing her rushing experience. and where they get certain pieces the exclusive ways of Greek life and physically draining. These girls must The videos are endless, with OOTD from because their styles are so said no to changing with the times. follow outfit guidelines and specific videos that showcase the looks different from the way I dress.” rules that come from the Alabama PHOTO COURTESY: @kylan_darnell, @msthat the sisters have been wearing In true sorority girl fashion satekd, and @granteliskes on TikTok Panhellenic Association. On the

Currents Editor




Queen Elizabeth II: Forever in Our Hearts Ally Greenberg Currents Editor

On April 21,1926 the future’s longest reigning Queen in history was born to Prince Albert and Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon. At the age of 25, Princess Elizabeth Alexandra Mary was crowned Queen Elizabeth II on June 2, 1953, with her coronation ceremony seen and experienced globally, the first ever to be broadcasted on television. At her birth, it was unexpected that she would become Queen one day, but due to the abdication of the crown by King Edward (Elizabeth’s uncle) on the account of love for an American woman, Elizabeth fell directly in line for the crown. At the young age of 14 she showcased her natural born leadership qualities when she made her first radio broadcast in 1940. In this speech she provided a sense of calamity and reassurance to the British children who had been evacuated from their homes during World War II. Her father assumed the crown in 1937, but on February 6th, 1952 he died. Although her original path didn’t include obtaining the crown, she was destined to rule, and fate brought her there. Just a few years before claiming the crown, she married Prince Philip Mountbatten, the son of Prince Andrew of Greece. Although the two were an unusual pair due to the differing personalities, they claim it was a true love match. Philip was a rather outspoken, extraverted man, whereas Elizabeth was more on the quieter side. Throughout their marriage, Philip had been in the media quite often with his controversial commoners and infidelity rumors. The two raised four children, with the first being Charles the heir to throne and the Prince of Wales. Charles married Diana Spencer (who later became the infamous Princess Diana) in 1981. Later on in the 80s, Diana birthed both Prince William and Prince Harry. In 2011, with his marriage to Kate Middleton, Prince William was named the Duke of Cambridge and is now the current heir to the throne. Queen Elizabeth II reigned for nearly 71 years, the longest reigning monarch in Britain’s history. Throughout her reign she tried to keep with the times, whilst still maintaining the Royal traditions. Throughout her peaceful reign she has impacted the lives of those who she has ruled over, her nation, and the view of Britain and the Monarch. During her reign Elizabeth has also been known to be quite close with her Prime Ministers, especially Winston Churchill who she was particularly fond of. Churchill was the first Prime Minister that the Queen worked with once she obtained the crown, he helped her get settled in her new role as Queen. He taught her the ins and outs of the British law, practices, and politics of the constitutional monarchy. Not only did the two work well together, they were genuinely friends, their weekly chats sometimes lasted two hours rather than the usual 15-30 minutes. Queen Elizabeth has been an icon for the past seven decades, her death has not only deeply saddened her people, but many all around the globe as well. Senior Ethan Schweiger says, “Although Queen Elizabeth was not the leader of my nation, she has been extremely impactful to me and many of my country. She has played a large role in history and it is sad to see her gone.” Although her reign came to an end on September 8, 2022, she is the foundation of modern Britain and will be forever remembered for her impact on both the monarchy and Britain’s society. Elizabeth’s first son Charles will now take the throne as King, hopefully leading with grace and dignity just as his mother had for so very many years. Senior Class Vice President Ethan Schwartz says, “Whilst I am deeply saddened to hear of the Queen’s death, I am intrigued to see how her son Charles will perform as King. He is starting a new era of exciting British history and it will be interesting to see how he leads the nation.”




Stars Perform Before a Judge Kaylee Terry

Currents Editor Shakira fans across the world are at loss for words as the Colombian musician has been going through a very public scandal right now. The pop icon has been accused of tax fraud by Spanish prosecutors referring back to 2012-2014. Those who are representing Shakira claim that she was in fact not even residing in Spain during these years, and that the charges against her are completely unfair. Prosecutors, on the other hand, argue that she failed to pay an estimated $15 million in taxes, and have recently uncovered six charges against Shakira. Since then, she has refused the settlement and agreed to take the case to a court, risking a potential prison sentence. Prosecutors argue that Shakira had bought a home in Barcelona back in 2013. But the artist claims to be sure of her innocence, as she supposedly

resided in the Bahamas during this time. It has been said her exhusband, Gerard Pique, had resided in the Barcelona house that sparked such controversy, but since the release of this information, Shakira and her ex- husband have since separated leading the general public to be very confused on the subject. At the moment, there is no set court date; however, in the event that Shakira is found guilty, she could be looking at an eight year sentence, as well as a fine of over 23 million dollars. Shakira is not the only celebrity facing controversy, as actor Johnny Depp has endured a heavily publicized trial with ex-wife, Amber Heard, over the past six years. The infamous Pirates of the Caribbean actor had sued his ex-wife (Aquaman actress) back in 2018 for defamation, when she claimed that he had been abusive under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The couple had been together for

nearly 15 years before Heard filed for a divorce, and even a restraining order. Back in 2016, when the divorce was being finalized, she withdrew her claims referring to physical abuse and the couple reached a settlement giving Heard seven million dollars, which she allegedly donated. This was not the end of their problems though, as she later wrote an op-ed in 2018 claiming she was abused. After the op-ed was published in the Washington Post, Depp sued his former spouse for $50 million claiming she had been lying, and he was in fact the one who had endured domestic violence. Some phone calls between the two had been released, in which both verbally admitted to physically abusing one another, spiraling fans of both sides into confusion. In 2020, the courts ruled against Depp and he continuously tried appealing the decision. The appellate court continued to deny


Depp until, lately, after he compiled more evidence that would start a $100 million lawsuit. This was a lengthy trial, all of which was in the public eye. After each told gruesome stories about one another, the jury ultimately decided that both Heard and Depp are guilty of defamation. Some have reason to believe that this is not the end of the rocky journey for this case, as Heard hopes to appeal it in the near future.

PHOTO COURTESY OF lexisnexis. com

Vegas Faces a Royal Flush Kaylee Terry

Currents Editor When most people think of Las Vegas they think of the suns, the crowds, and the gambling. However, many people are not aware of the malicious monsoon season that occurs every year in ‘Sin City’ from approximately the middle of summer up until the end of September. As the wind begins to shift directions, it brings continuous rain and storms that are practically restless until fall begins to make its way to the West. The 2022 monsoon season in Las Vegas specifically has proved rough on business owners and the general public, not only destroying the glamorous casinos, but the lives of the people within them. On August 11th, 2022, flash flooding hit its peak as water rolled into a multitude of buildings, making up what is known as “The Strip” is Las Vegas. The Strip contains plenty of popular tourist attractions from restaurants to luxury shops to massive casinos. However, some of these mustsee spots might not be seen in the same light after non-stop rain flowed through countless businesses such as the infamous Caesar’s Palace. Not only that, but reports of lightning across Clark Country have seemed to initiate some minor fires across the region but

nothing comparable to the destruction the monsoon brought. The aftermath of this specific storm has left thousands of people without power, as well as some people grieving over the unfortunate deaths of two individuals whose bodies were found in the flood channel once

on the water; however, it was not taken seriously enough and that is now a problem officials have to handle. Once the August 11th monsoon subsided, it was found that The Gallinas River’s water supply had been polluted not

the storm died down. “I just took a trip to Las Vegas and it’s crazy to think that so many of those places are not the same, ” said junior Joselyn Smeal As Las Vegas is undergoing this flooding problem, they are coincidentally also going through a severe freshwater shortage. Prior to the terrible monsoon that struck, civilians knew they were running slightly low

only by the flooding, but also by additional wildfires, which further worsened the issue. Lightening and other factors have contributed to these fires which would be put down causing slight damage on the Strip. Las Vegas and other nearby cities have declared stage seven water restrictions, which is dangerously close to the highest stage of nine, in which there are mandatory

reductions on non-essential water usage . To put the severity of the situation into perspective, no outdoor watering is allowed, pools cannot be filled, restaurants cannot give out water unless specifically requested, and many other restrictions are being enforced in hopes of preserving the region’s available water. After officials met and discussed potential solutions to the problem, the governor declared a state of emergency and has been able to raise over two million dollars which will allow the city to establish a system to collect safe water from a new source. As of September 3rd, these areas only have about 20 days before they run out of fresh water and have to resolve to a boil order. Officials are frantically trying to cleanse the water in the Gallinas River reservoir for the time being, but other alternatives are being considered. Though this seems promising for the civilians, this solution can only operate for so long before a permanent change needs to be made. City officials’ goal is to have a final, permanent solution thought out soon, but in the meantime, the city is distributing fresh water to the people who need it.




Shows Duel For Supremacy Jacinda Kosier

Arts & Entertainment Editor Here at Spanish River there are a plethora of different teachers with a great deal of different interests and backgrounds. To get a better interpretation of our diligent staff here at school, the Galleon Newspaper Staff decided to compare the TV show taste of some of our english and history teachers and see if teachers of the same subject leaned towards the same television series. In order to pick the shows that were going to be compared, teachers were asked from both subjects history and english about their favorite series. On the ELA side, AICE EGP (English General Paper) teacher Gregory Stewart, recently transferred from Omni Middle School and excited to be a part of River, declared his favorite television program to be HBO’s Game of Thrones. “Game of Thrones is enjoyable to watch for me because of the memorable characters as well as the unpredictable storyline--you never know if your favorite person is going to die next,” Stewart said. This poll being english vs history, AICE International History teacher--and additionally one of our football coaches--Joe Kipp was asked to decide the show that would go against Game of Thrones.

Kipp voiced his preferred show as Netflix’s Black Mirror. “The show confronts the intersection between the rapid technological advancements of the 21st century and the impact they

English teacher Christina Gray chose Mr. Stewart’s pick of Game of Thrones to be her favorite. “It’s a tough choice between the two shows because both are great in their own way, but I have to go with

English Teacher Gregory Stewart smiling with the Game of Thrones Book.

AICE International History Teacher Joe Kipp stands confidently with his choice of Black Mirror.

have on human behavior,” Kipp said. “I’m a big fan of the show because it challenges the ethics and mass proliferation of current and future technologies that could have a negative impact on both individuals and societies at large,” Kipp continued. Having the two shows to be compared, other history and English teachers were asked about their opinions on the shows.

Game of Thrones,” Gray said. “Why? Two Words: Jon Snow!” AICE Language teacher Sean Deecken also agreed with his fellow English teacher colleagues. “Black Mirror simply can’t compare to Game of Thrones.” Deecken said. Likewise to fellow history teacher Kipp, Bradley Daub chose Black Mirror to be his favorite. “I like the dark humor of it and

it points out some of the wrongs in our society, but in a unique way,” Daub said. Conversely, U.S. History teacher Frank Torres chose Game of Thrones to be his favored show rather than Black Mirror--which he is not familiar with. Unlike the other teachers both Patrick Abbondandolo (Coach Abbey) and Kevin Turner did not choose either program--they lean more towards easy-to-watch shows. “I have to think all day in my various roles - teacher, coach, school leader, role model, father and husband, etc... When I watch TV, I like stupid and funny humor,” Abbey said. “Either that or some kind of sports programming.” “Unless it is a LIVE Arsenal match or a Braves game; I am not usually watching TV,” Turner said. All in all, most ELA teachers did tend to also choose GOT and some history teachers did choose Black Mirror while some teachers chose neither. Stay tuned for the next Galleon issue for some more information on your favorite teachers’ favorites.


Fall Movies & TV Shows:

Films for the Spooky Season

Staff Picks Colleen’s Pick:

Amélie’s Pick:





PHOTO COURTESY OF Universal Studios

Jacinda’s Pick:




Netflix Has No Chill Colleen Coletto

Arts & Entertainment Editor Recently, Netflix has been removing many movies and television shows from their streaming platform, making many subscribers frustrated. Netflix is a very popular streaming service with hundreds of millions of subscribers. Soon, they may lose many of these subscribers due to their favorite shows being removed. Many of the shows leaving Netflix are fan favorites. For example, the removal of The Vampire Diaries caused a large number of people to be upset. The series was added to Netflix March 18, 2017. The show being added to Netflix made many more people fans of it. As the removal date of September 3, 2022 approached, more and more fans of the show became greatly disheartened. It is being cut as Netflix has lost the rights to the show as Warner Bros. Television is taking it back. The show will soon be on HBO

Max, but many do not have HBO Max as a streaming service. As seen on many social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok, many current users of Netflix will be canceling their subscriptions because of the removal of the show. Along with The Vampire Diaries’ execution, the show Skins was removed August 2, 2020. Skins released on Netflix October 15, 2015. As a fan favorite, many were very disappointed by its removal. “Skins got removed in 2020 and I was not happy although I could understand why they did it,” said sophomore Natalia Veltri. “The show is extremely old, had way too many cast changes throughout the seasons, was low quality, and it didn’t really appeal to teens today. I was really upset they took it off as I liked it, but for the sake of Netflix and it’s profits, it made sense.” Veltri continued. Skins was and still is a very popular show. Hence why many were upset when it was axed from Netflix. While it was understandable for financial purposes, it was still very frustrating for many viewers.

Skins can now be viewed on the streaming service Hulu with a subscription, but even with that Netflix has a much bigger amount of subscribers than Hulu does, so the majority of people that are fans of Skins most likely do not have a subscription to Hulu. Another very popular show that was eliminated from Netflix is The Office. This show has millions of fans. After being added to Netflix, it was taken off January 1, 2021. Since this show has many fans and Netflix brought upon new fans, users were upset about this. “I hadn’t watched it in a while but I was definitely sad that I lost the opportunity to watch it again,” said junior Tristin Dasse. Dassee says she was sad to lose the opportunity to watch it along with other Netflix users feeling the exact same way. Netflix also canceled the popular Netflix original show I Am Not Okay With This. The show was released February 20, 2020. I Am Not Okay With This is only one season long and was canceled a couple of months after its release

date. Many were shocked about the decision Netflix made to cancel the show as they decided it was not profitable enough to keep trying to film during the pandemic which made everything much more expensive. “I was so sad when I found out that the show got canceled just after the first season, especially because the first season ended on a cliffhanger that would have answered a lot of questions,” said sophomore Jake Ghibaudy. “It was especially odd because I know that a lot of people were excited about the show,” Ghibaudy continued. I Am Not Okay With This became popular very fast and had many views. Fans of the show were angry and upset about the cancellation of the show, however they know they cannot change this decision. As a result of all of these show cancellations and shows’ removals, many people will be canceling their subscriptions.


Spanish River Presents Shrek the Musical: The Theater Department premieres the Musical on October 21st from 7:00 to 9:30 pm. Shows will run until October 30th, so make sure to book your tickets as soon as possible! October 29th 2:00-4:30pm & 7:00-9:30pm

October 22nd 2:00-4:30pm & 7:00-9:30pm

October 30th 3:00-5:30pm

October 23rd 3:00-5:30pm October 28th 7:00-9:30pm






There’s a New Stud in Town Peyton Blythe Sports Editor

The Spanish River Girls basketball team had an excellent run last year, winning the district championship for the second year in a row. Last year’s Head Coach, Chris MacKay, officially stepped down from his position. The new coach, Brett Studley has stepped up to the court. Studley was the assistant coach for the girl’s team alongside Coach MacKay last year, and this year he has full reign. Studley transferred from American Heritage to Spanish River last year, and he says that he had an “awesome feeling” coming home to Spanish River since he graduated from our school. When he was at Spanish River from 1992 to 1996, he was coached by our very own Coach Jones. “The game of basketball has given me so much that I can only hope to give back as much as I can to the game,” says Studley. “I am so excited for this upcoming season and can’t wait to see how we improve with our new coach, Coach Studley,” says senior Alessandra Pacciti Studley has been a basketball coach for over a decade. He has coached at many levels, including high school,

Division 1, and Division 2 basketball. Coach Studley began playing basketball in the Spanish River gym and said that basketball has a special place in his heart. Since arriving at River, Studley said he has had “ a great transition to Spanish River.” Even though his team at American Heritage had a lot of success, he wanted to start a new chapter and come to “coach where it all began.” Our staff has been very welcoming and he is thankful that our staff “appreciates and understands someone who stands by and supports their student.” Which is fitting, because Studley prides himself on being surrounded by a good community of people. Since it is Studley’s second year at our school, he wants his students and players to know that “no matter the obstacles in front of them or the adversity they will face, they have the strength to succeed.” He also wishes that his players can build relationships that will last for a very long time. For our sharks, “Trust is something that is built over time. “ said Studley. “I plan on earning their trust by showing them my commitment to them, the program, and the school.” Since Studley would love nothing more

than to help our girl’s team go for the 3-peat, 3-district championships in a row. Senior Charity Harness also has a few words to say about Studley, as she expressed her excitement for his new coaching role. “I like that he works with us on fundamentals and defense because I feel like those are a huge key to the game. “I am excited that he is part of our team and I look forward to what the year holds for him as a coach and me as a

Coach Studley is excited for the new season.

Griner Hopes for an Assist Aiden Rubinstein Associate Editor

On February 17, 2022, WNBA star Brittney Griner stepped foot into the Sheremetyevo International Airport, near Moscow, Russia, unaware her life would change for the worse. Since her career began, Griner has shown nothing but pure talent in terms of basketball. Beginning in 2009, after being selected to play for Phoenix Mercury, Griner has only managed to lift her career. From winning Most Outstanding Player in the Final Four and Best Female Athlete ESPY Award in 2012 to leading the United States women’s Olympic team to victory during the Rio Olympics in 2016, Griner was a clear example of a star athlete, and a true inspiration for all women and other sports players around the globe. Fast forward six years to February of 2022, Griner had decided to travel to Russia during the WNBA offseason in order to participate in the Russian Women’s Basketball Premier League, the leading and most popular women’s basketball competition within Russia. Unfortunately, Griner was never able to play. Following her arrival in Russia, Griner had been caught and detained by Russian customs as a result of carrying cannabis in her luggage. Later that day, she had been arrested on

drug charges and since then has been stuck in Russia. After a few months of being detained, Griner’s trial finally began during summer on July 1, 2022. Less than a week later, on July 7th, Griner pleaded guilty in court saying she packed it inadvertently, meaning

her achievements,” said junior Sivanna Bard. “She is genuinely very talented and it’s really sad to see such a welldeserved career deteriorate.” While a verdict has been made, Griner and her legal team are not done fighting, especially with support

unintentionally. Following a tough case, it had been decided on August 4th that Griner would be subject to an extensive fine of roughly $17,000, and even more severely punished to nine years in prison. “While I may not be a WNBA super fan, I’ve definitely heard of Griner and

from the U.S government. Since her conviction, many alternatives to Griner’s conviction have been proposed, such as a prisoner swap. Not so long ago, a similar case came up with Trevor Reed, an American citizen, and an army veteran. Reed was arrested in Russia for recklessness while

player.” Even though Studley is new, his positive attitude and actions have rubbed off on everyone at our school. Senior Aris Mccray says that, “He’s a great coach who focuses on fundamentals of basketball. you can tell he has a true passion for the game.” With the girl’s upcoming season, the team is so excited to see students on the court.


intoxicated, in which an exchange was organized to swap him with a Russian pilot imprisoned in America. In Griner’s case, a similar exchange may be in the makings, involving both her and Paul Whelan, an American Police officer also detained in Russia. The U.S State Department believes that working out some sort of deal is necessary, stating that she “is wrongfully detained.” While any talk between Washington and Moscow is on the down low and has yet to show results, the hope is that an equally smooth exchange can be recreated. Other than a potential prisoner exchange, Griner’s team is looking for more solutions to their issue. Her lawyers have continued to appeal her sentence in court; however, reviewing the appeal is expected to take quite some time. “I think what’s happening with Griner truly is unfortunate,” said junior Joseph Santone. “While she may have made a mistake, she undoubtedly should not have to pay for it to the extent that she has been subjected to.” As a whole, Griner’s current situation is history in the making. The path ahead may be a long one but definitely one worth keeping an eye on. Only time will tell whether Griner soon returns home free. ART COURTESY OF CINNIE LIN




New Weight Room Makes Gains Alyssa Outlaw Sports Editor

The new and improved weight room is finally open to the students of Spanish River. This was a project that took months to plan and most of the summer to execute. And has been something that many administrators and students alike, have been looking forward to. Mainly because the old weight room was in need of some new equipment and designs. And now that the weight room is ready to be used, our very own Spanish River Weightlifting team will be able to thrive in this updated environment. “The weightroom is beautiful! I’m just lucky enough to get our team to use it,” said weightlifting coach Alain Bazile. With a new state of the art weight room the school is able to match the strength and unity that our school and community oozes. Not only that, but our updates on this room have allowed much of our old weights and equipment to be donated to schools that need them. Like, Santaluces high, Inlet Grove High and Village Academy. And because of our donations, schools that previously had no weight room equipment, now had the means to create not only a

weight room but a weightlifting team. “This project was good not only for Spanish River, but for Palm Beach County at large!,” said assistant principal Joshua Wade. This new weight room serves as a reminder to all the hard work that many of the administrators including

help move weights and bring life back into this weight room. “We wanted our students and student athletes to take pride in their school even more and this was just another piece of that puzzle,” said Dean of Students Donald Clarke. Especially with the new flooring,

Picture of Mr. Ceaser’s 6th period weightlifting class

Mrs. Castellano, Mr. Wade, Mr. Clarke and Ms. Eaton put into creating a place that would make the staff and students proud. Additionally, the PE Department and the football team came in the middle of the summer to

rack stations, new benches and weights. And especially with a new turf room. Which will now be used for agility and speed training and that is because turf is able to absorb the impact and prevent the injuries

that would come from doing some excercises on a non- turf surface. Those are not the only things that have been added to the weight room. Along with the new equipment, the weight room now has freshly painted walls that will soon enough have our very own shark logo and some motivational words and phrases. Even though this new addition to Spanish River may feel to students as though it has been a long time coming, many students who will be using this weight room in the future are just appreciative to be able to use this room to its fullest potential. And many are grateful to Mrs. Castellano for making visions like this become a reality. “A huge shout out to the PTSA, Mrs. Castellano and some of our community stakeholders for making this renovation project possible,” said Clarke The schools’ commitment to beautifying Spanish River has not gone unnoticed. From fixing and updating the bathrooms in all the buildings to simply painting the exterior walls, much work and dedication has been put into renovating the school. With so much more to come, so stay tuned. PHOTOS COURTESY OF PEYTON BLYTHE

Sharks Splash In The Water Aiden Rubinstein Associate Editor

Beginning this fall, River and its renowned swim team will be starting up once again. Coach Stephen Riedel, who’s been coach of the team for the past ten years, alongside student captains Riona Lee, Jenna Rhodes, Will Matthew and Connor Schneider, are all extremely excited to jump right back into swimming. For the upcoming swim season, Coach Riedel and the captains have a handful of goals for the team such as beating their rival, Boca High, placing top three at Districts, having both boys and girls qualify for States, and most importantly, having fun and making new friends. “These past three years I’ve been at River, being a part of the swim team has been amazing,” said Captain Riona Lee. “As someone who was new, the swim team welcomed me with open arms. I got to meet so many amazing

people that year and I just had fun doing the sport.” “The swim team is like one big family,” said Junior Michael Valverde. “We make sure that everyone feels at home, both in and out of the pool.” On top of all the fun the swim team is, there is a lot of work that goes into it. “Being on the swim team requires commitment and perseverance,” said Coach Stephen Riedel. “This requires each swimmer to possess the ability to use time wisely, considering the effort required to achieve good grades in school also takes a significant amount of time.” Whether you’re an expert or a beginner, the swim team is an experience you absolutely don’t want to miss out on. Be sure to reach out to Coach Riedel with any questions regarding the team and don’t forget to show out at the team’s meets.

9/28: County Champs Preliminaries @ Boca High Pool, begins at 5PM 9/30: County Champs Dive Finals @ Wellington Pool, begins at 7AM 9/30: County Champs Swim Finals @ Lake Lytal Pool, begins at 3PM 10/7: Conference Champs @ Boca High Pool 10/17: District Dive meet@ Wellington Pool, begins at 9AM



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