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Academy Week Brings Spirit to River

Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

Dress up in your academy colors!

“I enjoyed wearing pink with everyone in the Early Childhood Academy,” said sophomore Abbi Duke.

Dress up as your favorite teacher!

“It was cool seeing so many of my classmates dressed up as Ms. Kingham” said sophomore Adi Aharon, a student enrolled in the Entreprenuership Academy.

Wear your favorite River merch!

“I loved representing Spanish River by wearing my WSRH shirt” said sophomore and Law Academy Ambassador Jenna Liu.

Twin with your friend or friends!

“It was so fun seeing so many students twinning with their friends,” said sophomore and Biotech academy ambassador Annabelle Yi.

DECA Districts Domination

On January 14, DECA visited Kaiser University for Districts Competition. Spanish River Sharks had an outstanding performance. Students had to either present or perform a role-play related to problem-solving in business. Out of the 146 qualifiers for the state competition, there were 29 first place winners, 28 second place winners, and 13 third place winners. A special congratulations to the following students who placed first in their respective categories:

• Sofia Talmadge

• Abigail Adler

• Brody Pellegrino

• Samantha Anders

• Alec Beylus

• Sasha Cooper

• Leah Hoffman

• Cadence Coffey

• Sophia Camacho

• Kevin Netto

• Trent Feldman

• Sienna Renert

• Jaden Keiser

• Zachary Athan

• Katerina Bass

• Lindsay Portmess

• Madolyn Murphy

• Corynne Pereira

• Amanda Zabad

• Aya Aldorri

• Isabella Dos Anjos

• Kshitij Chaudari

Science Fair Success

• Amanda Vogel

• Brooke Styka

• Lola Plasencia

• Natasha Rattray

• Emily Sadowsky

• Reese Marcus

• Alexander Rosenthal

This school year, Spanish River has been incredibly successful in its academics, which has been portrayed through the performance of many sharks at the Palm Beach Science and Engineering Fair. There were fifty representatives from Spanish River, with many being commemorated for their scientific research projects. A special congratulations to the following students:

- Abigail Scimeca, who won the UF IFAS CALS Award

- Daria Modzelewski, who won first place in the Pollution Prevention Coalition of Palm Beach County and Dr. M.J.Davis Award for Ingenuity

- Shelly Ballaish, the Science Pathfinder nominee 2023, who was awarded first place in the Earth and Environmental Science category and has now qualified for the State Fair two years in a row

- Daniella Bowen, who had an Honorable Mention in the Pollution Prevention Coalition of Palm Beach County and a Hand2Mind Recognition in Earth and Environmental Science

Congratulations to Ms. Fish, the Biotechnology Educator and Spanish River Science Fair Coordinator, and all of these outstanding students for the hard work they put into their projects.

PHOTO COURTESY OF MONIQUE CAPILLE Three students wearing pink on Tuesday to represent the Early Childhood academy. AICE Global Perspectives teacher, Marissa Kingham, twinning with her second period class. Shelly Brewer and Jenna Liu matching in their Spanish River clothing. Jacinda Kosier and Tristin Dasse twinning together on Friday for academy week. Monique Capille News Editor


Airline Struggles Arrive on Time

The holiday seasons are known to be a stressful time for everyone with all the municipal things that need to be covered- from cooking to booking flights. The 2022 holiday season specifically, has proven to be no different as tons of airline companies are facing thousands of complaints from unhappy flightgoers.

After the pandemic, airline companies have seemed to struggle with a plethora of issues ranging from low staff to Covid regulations. The mistreatment of luggage has been one of the main issues amongst the rest . In the first half of 2022 alone, almost 1.5 million bags were noted as being mishandled in one way or another. This pattern has continued throughout the rest of 2022 with no clear solutions.

After unpredictable snow storms and weather interferences, many people were not able to make it home for the holidays. Major airline

companies were forced to cancel tons of flights because of serious blizzards throughout the United States, specifically Southwest Airlines who called off almost 60% of their flights at that time according to The New York Times. As if the non-stop cancellation of flights wasn’t enough to bring down the holiday spirit, those flights that did effectively make it out still did not end ideally for many passengers. Airline companies being understaffed or weather conditions deterring a flight is nothing new, but the amount of lost luggage is reaching astronomical heights.

“Ever since Covid, I have had a difficult time traveling anywhere. Many of my flights have been moved or canceled and I even had to wait a few days before getting my luggage once” Junior Sofia Scher states.

This is only one of hundreds of thousands of people with similar experiences. Modern day, it is hard to get a stable flight with the promising idea of it actually

taking off along with obtaining all belongings swiftly after landing is almost unheard of. Hypothetically speaking, when you arrive at an airport and check in luggage, it is supposed to be sorted and placed into the cargo section of your plan. However, in many cases, there are many more struggles that get in the way of this supposedly simple process. Missing flights, layovers, and even basic sorting issues are all things that have been getting in the way of passengers and their luggage. Although not necessarily the airline companies’ fault, many people steal fellow passengers’ belongings. When checking in luggage, the only thing that guarantees it as one’s own, is a tiny paper tag with a name on it. In the midst of the chaos in every airport, it would be hard to crosscheck every single suitcase there is. Because of this, it is easy to grab others’ things and take them as your own, accident or not, contributing

With a growing distrust with

not only airline companies, but also with travelers around them, many people have resorted to other methods for a more stress free vacation. Some feel more assured by road tripping rather than praying for their plane to take off, while others have avoided checking in their luggage when going on flights. Similarly, many passengers are investing in Apple ID tags to put in their suitcases in the probable event something goes wrong.

As flights are becoming more and more chaotic and trust in peers begins to plummet, those looking to travel via plane, should consider how they can surely get to where they need to be and how to protect

Hamlin Injury Sparks Concerns for Safety

On Monday, January 2, 2023, 24 year old Damar Hamlin, a Safety on the Buffalo Bills, went into cardiac arrest just mere minutes into the game after he tackled Bengals Wide Receiver Tee Higgins. The tackle looked like any other tackle, nothing suspicious about it, a key part of the game. Hamlin stood after taking Higgins to ground, took two steps and then proceeded to collapse. The medical team instantly rushed onto the field and administered CPR, successfully reviving him. From there he was rushed to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center and deemed in critical condition. Hamlin’s injury shook up many of River’s students, both players and lovers of the sport.

Student Government President Alex Rosenthal said, “It was one of the scariest moments in all of my time with the sport. Playing football from a young age and even playing for a state championship team, I’ve never seen a moment so time stopping. Injury is a tragic part of the game but this time it was different. Going into cardiac arrest as his teammates watched had me in tears. Gladly, he has been released from all hospitals and is at home recovering, but that moment in football will never be forgotten. Damar may never play again, but his teammates and players across the league will be playing with him in their hearts every time they step onto those fields.”

Junior Sharks Corner and Wide

Receiver Ovidio Calvet agreed with Rosenthal’s frightening feelings saying, “I myself have a known history with cardiac problems and watching the quick effect the heart trauma had on the player live definitely took a toll on me over the safety of the sport. Recently player injury has been increasing and players are starting to learn how to be stronger players. There are rules in the game to counteract these circumstances but in Damar’s situation, it was a freak

Varsity Football Coach Ian Headly says, “It was most definitely a tragic event, that being said there was not much the players, coaches, or trainers could have really done to see it coming and prevent it, it was purely a timing. To keep our players safe we have different training aids, covers for our helmets to prevent concussions, we don’t do human tackling in practice, we use tackle wheels to protect our player from constant hard contact. We try to

game. The tackle Hamlin made was textbook, an average tackle that occurs multiple times throughout one game. Players have begun to question whether their next tackle will be the end of their career.

accident. In the end I am grateful that Damar pulled through and definitely am more careful when playing the sport.”

It is still a fuzzy picture as doctors try to figure out what sent the healthy 24 year old into cardiac arrest. The consensus from the cardiac experts is that the blow to his chest during the tackle could have sent his heart into an arrhythmia. In order for this to have occurred sending him into cardiac arrest, Hamlin must have been hit during the split second whilst he heart was relaxed. In a millisecond his life was altered indefinitely. This rare incident has caused many to question the safety of the sport.

keep the players mindset at ease and let them know that we got them. Our biggest thing to help prevent injury is to run and play fast.”

Hamilin is now making great progress on his road to recovery. The Intensive Care Unit at Cincinnati Medical heard him cheering loudly from his hospital bed on Sunday, January 8, when the Buffalo Bills beat the New England Patriots 35 to 23. A week later Hamlin was released from the ICU at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center and has since returned to Buffalo to continue his recovery.

Hamlin’s incident caused many players to take a step back and really look at the risk versus payoff of the

Although the sport is one of the most violent, this incident has brought to light the humanity of the players, teams, fans, and the organization. During the Titans and Jaguars game on January 7, both teams took a knee together and prayed. With the injury and the way it happened it was unlikely that Hamlin would survive, but due to a miracle and his recovery being quicker paced than the norm this tragedy has become a celebration of life. Hamlin tweeted “Watching the world come together around me on Sunday was truly an amazing feeling. The same love you all have shown me is the same love that I plan to put back into the world and more.” He plans to put this love back into the world via his foundation, “The Chasing M’s Foundation.” This non profit organization was created in 2020 with an original goal to raise money for a toy drive, but after the recent incident the GoFundMe has raised over $8.6 million dollars.

Hamlin was released from the hospital on January 11, with a promising recovery ahead.

Senior Andrew Shavits said, “It’s really sad what happened to Damar, and even scarier that it was the result of just a normal football play. I’m just glad he’s alright and wish him a speedy recovery.”


Is Alix Earle the Next Kim K?

From “Get Ready With Me” beauty videos to event vlogs in Dubai, 22-year-old, Alix Earle, has become a social media sensation with a climbing 3.7 million fanbase on TikTok and 1.5 million followers via Instagram. While Earle’s popularity initially sparked from videos that involved her preparing for classes and tailgates, recently, she has shared her association with high-profile events as she basks in newfound fame, whether it be the Rare Beauty product launch or Miley Cyrus’ New Years Eve Party in Miami.

Despite her trendy persona, many spectators note that Earle is praised for her relatable and down-toearth nature that appeals to the typical student demographic. Amidst the fashion and beauty discussions, Earle has often shared her personal experiences with college as well as struggles with anxiety and skin-related insecurities, creating a balance between reality and the “influencer” lifestyle that is glorified online. Through this, Earle has touched the hearts of millions. As someone who doesn’t conform to the unrealistic standards of social media popularity, her fans have learned to love her for her beauty inside and out.

Even with fame and glory, Earle has remained true to herself, expanding into content that depicts her familial relationships, her daily life with friends, as well as her completing schoolwork. With this, Earle

continues to serve as a role model for her young viewers that are in school and battling the overwhelming reality of maturing by encouraging them to prioritize their education and treat those around them with love. Earle even posted a “Room Tour” video that revealed her disorganized or messy nature, to which several fans responded with the validation they received from their flaws being similar to hers.

From following trends to setting them, TikTok fanatics now turn to Alix Earle for beauty products and even application suggestions. If Alix Earle wears white eyeliner, you best believe white eyeliner, no matter the brand or cost, is sold out at your local Ulta or Sephora. The same goes for Charlotte Tilbury’s infamous contour stick and the Drunk Elephant Bronzing Drops- beauty gurus most recent crazes. With inspiring endless copycat content, the question of “What would Alix Earle do?” now circulates TikTok comments under similar fashion-related videos.

Though the media is focused on what trend Earle will be next to initiate, it poses questions of what her future may hold. How long will her chokehold on our generation last? As a senior at the University of Miami soon to earn a degree in marketing, is it possible that Earle will delve into a marketing career in the fashion or beauty industry, continuing her legacy?



Get in Line for Cupid’s Arrow Book a Room at The Heartbreak Hotel

Once the winter holiday season comes to an end and a new year has begun, one would notice the influx of red and pink products filling the aisles of stores and online businesses. At that time, it’s apparent that Valentine’s Day has arrived.

This raises the debate, specifically in the United States, over whether or not Valentine’s Day is another holiday that has morphed into a capitalistic money-making scheme. When I think of Valentine’s Day, I imagine red roses, heartshaped chocolates and candies, and Cupid decorations. All of these items, plus many more, are found in the stores for weeks prior to the holiday, and even after it has passed.

Valentine’s Day originally started out as a Christian-associated holiday but has since turned into a commercialized holiday in which even those who are single are roped into purchasing chocolates, stuffed animals, and more. Romantic couples and relationships should not need a designated holiday to express their love and feelings toward one another through countless gifts. The holiday has also created what is known as Singles Awareness Day (celebrated on February 15th) in which capitalism has created another excuse for people to spend money since candies and other products are discounted. Even parents, teachers, classmates, and platonic friends have the option to buy something for the holiday -including greeting cards or those small, cardboard valentines you might remember handing out in elementary school.

As of 2017, the New York Times has reported that Americans spend an average of $18.2 billion every year

(around $140.00 per person) on gifts and experiences for Valentine’s Day. In 2023, six years later, that number is guaranteed to have risen. Most of that money spent will go towards friends, bosses, and even pets. This all goes to show that the holiday has shifted from being focused on one’s romantic relationship to an “all-inclusive” holiday in which everyone is celebrated through different means of affection and more dollars are spent.

With that being said, why is it considered the norm to buy expensive gifts as a symbol of our love for someone on this specific day? The traditional components that are associated with Valentine’s Day -roses, chocolates, a pink and red Hallmark card, and maybe even going out for dinner -- would all be more meaningful if one’s significant other decided to do such a thing spontaneously on any other day of the year as it would feel more genuine -- rather than waiting for this specific holiday to come around.

Personally, I enjoy Valentine’s Day and will be celebrating but it has shifted to a very capitalistic extravaganza nowadays. If you’re celebrating this year, have a great time, and maybe even consider making something homemade if you decide to give someone in your

The holiday of love, romance, chocolates, and flowers: Valentine’s Day. This holiday-though rumored to be created by greeting card companies such as Hallmark-- has an origin dating back to the fourteenth century, in which it involves a story that has almost nothing to do with what society associates it with today.

More specifically, Pope Gelasius I decided to create this day in honor of Saint Valentine, a Roman Christian martyr. During this time, marriage was banned in Rome due to Emperor Claudius II. Regardless, Saint Valentine decided to marry couples in spite of this ruling. As a result, he was ordered to death. Eventually, Pope Gelasius I hosted the Feast of Saint Valentine on February 14 in his memory centuries later.

In present day, Valentine’s Day is meant to celebrate romance, friendship-- or both-- usually in the form of gifts and experiences to show one’s love and devotion to that person. While this holiday is made a mockery by some, there is true reasons behind it: to acknowledge love between friends, family, and significant others.

With that being said, Valentine’s Day is to be taken seriously as it has real meaning behind it. If anything, it is a holiday to make the people we love feel noticed and appreciated. Even without the flowers and chocolates, it is crucial to remind those we love that they are important to us.

In fact, senior Dani Asseraf says “Valentine’s Day is not necessarily just a holiday for couples,” “I celebrate Valentine’s Day with my friends, as it is a chance for me to show my adoration for them.”

Moreover, while this holiday may seem sappy and corny, it is acceptable to act as such every now and again for the purpose of forgetting all the negative things in our lives and simply saying you appreciate someone, whether that person is your teacher, co-worker, parent, etc. If we can dedicate one day to ourselves and our loved ones to act almost overdramatically cute towards one another, we can continue on as we usually do without the interruption of feeling unwanted and unloved after all. Ultimately, everyone wants to feel loved and be reminded that they are needed, so make sure you tell that special someone when the day rolls around!


The British are Colonizing My Education

Ever since the beginning of high school, I was dead set on going out of state for college. But I’ve always been fighting against the grain at a school that has recently been pushing AICE classes over AP classes.

Now the AICE diploma is an amazing opportunity for some, I have no qualms with that. My problem is that AICE classes have no use to me beyond high school because of my plan to go out of state. While AP courses pay students back in college courses they don’t have to take for most

colleges around the country, AP courses have gotten a backseat to AICE courses and it is forcing students out of opportunities to save money. It forces students onto the path of the AICE diploma by offering less and less AP courses, which may not be the ideal course for every student.

I went into high school with absolutely no intention of taking an AICE class, but I’ve had to purely out of a lack of options, Such as for my freshman and sophomore English classes. I took AICE General Paper and AICE English Language. Now yes, I could’ve taken an honors class but I wanted to take the most rigorous courses I could.

Now this to me is purely a nuisance that just comes with going to high school: no options for classes will be perfect. But in the land of AICE that the school district has become, AP classes are suffering.

Take for example the course AP Human Geography, a staple for any AP freshman. It was my first AP class. It was extraordinarily difficult, but extraordinarily valuable. That class taught me how to study properly when I had never needed to before. I learned to see the world from outside of my Boca bubble. There is also AP European History that may possibly end up extinct as well. Another course whose value cannot be understated. Beyond just

being aware of the world around me, AP Euro taught me to question and analyze just as any AP History does. My AP courses have taught me to be a better student and a better person overall.

The AICE diploma may get students a Bright Futures Scholarship, but it doesn’t necessarily get students into college itself. The best resume has the most rigorous coursework, which includes AP classes. The AICE diploma only requires 7 AICE courses, so it makes a lot of sense to include AP courses along with the AICE. Because of that fact AP courses must not be overlooked, by students and by the district as well.

The Confessions of a Workaholic




Mrs. Castellano was a math teacher at Spanish River before she was Principal


The school didn’t get gates until 2019

The anchor in the court yard is a 1733 fleet anchor

Broadway actress Rachel Bay Jones attended Spanish River shortly but dropped out to pursue her acting career

Students used to go on field trips to different places around the world during spring break

In 2015, a time capsule was buried and is meant to be opened in 2035

Regency didn’t exist when the school was opened

Spanish River used to have a scuba diving club and that’s why we have an anchor

All teachers used one phone to call parents in the 80s


The shark was a gift from the senior class of 2003

Spanish River has been one of the top 3 schools in the county

The campus used to have payphones

There used to be a typing class

Dr. Pinder was the original principal and he was here for 4 years

The original buildings of the school were the 1000, 3000, 4000 and the gym

“Dr. Johnson would do crazy extravagant things at the pep rallies - He drove up to the pep rally as Batman in a black convertible into the gym”. - Mrs.

Spanish River has been featured in news and world report

Omni wasn’t a school when River was built

American idol finalist Brett Loewenstern was a junior at River when he was on season 10 of the show

Fun Facts for 40 years of Spanish River

Ana Perez Co Editor-in-Chief

Mrs. Jones was the cheerleading coach from 1987-92

There used to be a car tech shop where kids could learn auto repair

FAU held our first graduation ceremonies

German was originally offered as a language

Aerobics was a afterschool community class

Many notable football players are alumni of Spanish River including Jason Chery, Lance Frazier, and Al Wallace

The academies were established in 2004

Riley Cope Feature Focus Editor

Before the school was built, this land was a you-pick pineapple farm

Teachers could get their oil changed at school in the mechanic building

The theater is named after a woman who was so wealthy that her husband bought her the title of Countess

Mr and Mrs. Delaney got engaged during a pep rally in 2010

To get into AP classes, “you had to apply with a written statement and a real application the teachers would review and there were waitlists”- Mrs. Collins

Mrs. Rothberg was a cheerleader

The shark used to be called Sparky rather than Sharky

There wasn’t a senior class during the first year

One time, River had a concert called “Rock the River” which “was essentially like a concert but it was all student bands. they had a big stage in the courtyard and it looked just like a concert just exclusive to river” -Mrs. Lee

Our sister school is Santaluces

The biotech building used to be 2 small theaters

THE GALLEON FEBRUARY 2023 10 ADVERTISEMENTS Supporting students for over 35 years Boca Raton 561-241-1610


Films to Warm Your Heart


About You, and Titanic all have one thing in common: they are excellent films to watch as Valentine’s Day quickly approaches to either fill the void in peoples’ hearts or enjoy the love around. Love filled movies from different decades for a love-filled month. River’s students and teachers’ favorite romance movies are vastly different and all have been recorded: which romance movie they fancy the most, from the many varying films that exist throughout the years, and why.

Student and film enthusiast Mason Ward deemed Eternal Sunshine of the SpotlessMind to be his favorite.

“This movie teaches you that love isn’t perfect, but it’s worth more than its imperfections,” Ward said.

The film, released in 2004, follows the

and Sociology teacher Faith Collins also chose the Titanic as her personal favorite romance film.

“I love the story, costumes, and the historical elements, but most importantly, I love Leonardo DiCaprio.” Collins said.

Sophomore Jake Ghibaudy chose another classic love movie: The Notebook The Notebook was released in 2004 and depicts the many years of the relationship between Noah Calhoun (Ryan Gosling) and Allie Hamilton (Rachel McAdams).

“The story shows the trials and

Staff Romace Music


story and a bit of a mind-bend,” Gray said.

English teacher Elizabeth Adams chose Definitely,Maybe. The film was released in 2008 and stars Ryan Reynolds as Will Hayes and Abigail Breslin as his daughter. The movie goes in a different direction than most Valentine’s Day associated movies. following a conversation between father and daughter. The dad (Will Hayes) tells his daughter about his past loves and what he learned from them.

“I think it gives a more realistic portrayal of dating than some other romantic films; that you can have many loves in your life and each can teach you something important.” Adams said.

Lastly, film teacher and Tiburon advisor Sean Delaney chose 500Daysof Summer

“Fun fact, when Mrs. Delaney and I got married--not wanting to be outdone when she came out to “Here Comes the Bride”--I came out to “Here Comes Your Man,” by the Pixies and there’s a great karaoke version of it in the movie!” Delaney said.

Jacinda’s Pick: Me & My Dog by boygenius: “I love this song because of the line: ‘I had a fever until I met you, now you make me cool.’ it reminds me of some of my favorite people.”

Colleen’s Pick: Tell Me That It’s Over by Wallows: “I love this album because it never fails to make me happy when I listen to it!”

relationship between Joel Barish (Jim Carrey) and Clementine Kruczynski (Kate Winselt) as they meet each other for the second time after trying to erase their relationship from existence. The movie explores the different themes of love and happiness.

Sophomore Abbi Duke chose her favorite romance movie to be Me Before You which was released in 2016.

“It’s a beautiful love story on how two people fell in love against odds,” Duke said.

The film details the relationship between Louisa Clark (Emilia Clarke) and William Traynor (Sam Claflin) as Louisa is William’s caretaker.

“The man (William) was disabled and he hated all of his caretakers that he previously had and the girl (Louisa) did not like him at first because of his bad attitude. However, after opening up about her anger towards his stubbornness, they began to form a relationship and went on dates together. It ended really beautifully, but I won’t spoil it!” Duke continued.

Sophomore Simona Panzera decided that Titanic--released in 1997--was her favorite film to watch as February 14th approaches.

“It’s a classic love story that’s timeless; it’s very moving, especially when watching on Valentine’s Day,” said Panzera.

The Titanic accounts the historical sinking of the ship, in 1912 and follows the blossoming relationship between Jack Dawson (Leonardo DiCaprio) and Rose DeWitt Bukater (Kate Winselt).

tribulations the couple goes through over the decades regarding their relationship and masterfully portrays one of the most beautiful romances to ever exist in cinema.” said Ghibaudy.

Film teacher Nichole Lee chose Pride andPrejudice, which came out in 2005.

“I love Pride&Prejudice because it’s a great enduring love story and it has a happy ending which is always nice for Valentine’s Day!” said Lee.

The film follows the characters Elizabeth Bennet (Kiera Knightly) and Mr. Darcy (Matthew Macfadyen) and their hateful relationship towards each other, until they realize the true feelings they hold for one another.

“Pride&Prejudice appealed to audiences when the novel was first released in 1813, and it still appeals to modern audiences today in both book and film mediums. I think the reason for that is the film’s message: don’t judge a book by its cover! Sometimes the person you least expect to like is actually the person meant for you,” Lee continued.

Language Arts teacher Christina

The movie was released in 2009 and shows the relationship between Tom (Joseph Goron-Levitt) and Summer (Zooey Deschanel) that lasted for 500 days, from when they first bonded with each other over their love for The Smiths to the end of their relationship. Tom is seen reflecting on their time together after being dumped, and the overarching theme reached is that one’s well-being and joy cannot be dependent

Amelie’s Pick: Beautiful Stranger by Laufey: “My favorite love song is ‘Beautiful Stranger’ by Laufey because I think it perfectly captures the silly little crushes we have throughout our lives.”

New music releases:

Gray prefers StrangerThanFiction, released in 2006.

“I love that it is a non-traditional

on someone else.

Considering all the responses, the first ten years of the 2000s, with some ‘90s and later ‘00s films, seemed to be the dominant decade for peoples’ preference of romance movies for the upcoming holiday, Valentine’s Day. Most films crack on themes about learning from love, like 500DaysofSummer, EternalSunshineoftheSpotlessMind, and Definitely,Maybe. Many also touch on how love can come when it is least expected or from those we least expect, like in Pride&Prejudice and The Notebook. All in all, the films have collectively taught many in respects to love.

the record by boygenius (Phoebe Bridgers, Julien Baker, & Lucy Dacus). the record is set to release March 31 of this year, but as of January 18 they have released 3 love/heartbreak songs off the album: “True Blue”, “Emily I’m Sorry”, and “$20”.

Five Easy Hot Dogs by Mac Demarco. Five Easy Hot Dogs is set to release January 20th of this year. The album consists of 14 instrumental songs.

AP World History, Psychology


The River Flows with Talent

From local bands to spectacular magicians to graceful dancers, the talent at Spanish River is abundant. As the talent show approached, the participants continued to practice and they are eagerly waited to show everyone their talent.

While preparing for auditions, the competition and stress was on.

“Organizing the talent show was really fun,” said junior Jeric Lubag, the Chorus Events Manager. “I had been anxiously waiting for things to actually get started.”

Lubag was very excited to see what everyone auditioning had in store for their talent to showcase to the school.

Lubag also says he was “a little nervous and really hopes it brings a greater sense of community and

a bigger interest in performing arts here at River.”

Since this was the first talent show in a while at Spanish River, it was definitely one for the books and hopefully, the school will continue to have more shows since they have been so popular in the past with all of the amazing performances.

Junior Nathan Bronkie was one of the participants in the talent show with his band

part of the talent show.

“Preparing for the show was relatively difficult,” says Nathan Bronkie. “Our rehearsals were extensive as we’re all relatively still new to our instruments and working together,” Bronkie continued.

Making sure that he and his band’s act is perfect was clearly a challenge as he says, but they still had a lot of fun preparing.

Another band that participated in the talent show is the band Neptune Hour. One of the people in the band is student Yanko Barros.

Floralwood and he was very thrilled to be a

“We rehearsed like crazy two times a

weekend and it was a blast,” says Barros

Having fun is all a part of a talent show, but there can only be one winner and the anticipation to see who would out on top continued to rise.

As many may know the winner of the talent show was the band Floralwood.

“When we first preformed I was extremely nervous,” said junior Nathan Bronkie. “But after we got announced for top 3, the fear went away.”

Bronkie continues by saying that “after winning we go so happy and jumped around. It was an extremely fun experience and I hope to do it again.”

The talent show was an absolute hit with a packed theater and eruptions of cheers ad hopefully another one will be planned for the future.

Spanish River Presents:

Saturday, March 4th @7:00pm

Sunday, March 5th @3:00pm

Wednesday, March 8th @7:00pm

Thursday, March 9th @7:00pm

Based on the 1992 film, this musical follows Deloris Van Cartier, an aspiring singer, who sees her gangster boyfriend Curtis Shank commit murder and is placed in the witness protection program. Struggling to conform to her new life in a convent as Sister Mary Clarence, Deloris spices up the church choir and launches them into stardom, while attracting some unwanted attention....

Friday, March 10th @7:00pm

Saturday March 11th @2:00pm

Saturday March 11th @7:00pm

Sunday March 12th, @3:00pm


With Spring sports coming around the corner, Spanish River’s water polo team is beyond excited to dive right into action! e coach of the team for the past 4 years, Mrs. Michelle Berke, is beyond thrilled to start the season up once again. Coach Berke has plenty of goals for her team this season such as getting both the mens and womens teams into Districts to compete, as well as teaching all the many new players the rules of the game. Most importantly though, the water polo team’s biggest goal is to try their best, have fun, and make tons of new friends.

“I had an amazing time on the team last season,” said junior Ben Meltzer. “I made so many new friends and can’t wait for this new season to start.”

Being a part of the water polo team, apart from all the fun, takes a handful of perseverance and a strong work ethic. Members of the water polo team practice out at the pool 4 times a week, and play many games against other Palm Beach and Broward

county schools.

“Players need to be in strong cardiovascular condition, and able to swim for long periods of time,” said Coach Berke.

Whether students are playing or watching, seeing the water polo

Water Polo Attacks a New Season Alvarez Pins the First Place Medal

From Jiu Jitsu to wrestling, Sophomore Daniel Alvarez remains undefeated in the ring. As a member of the varsity wrestling team, Alvarez has soared in the eld winning 3 tournaments and on a winning streak. To get to the level, Alvarez had to train immensely.

“I got to where I am because I had other martial arts under my belt like Judo and Jiu Jitsu,” said Alvarez. “I trained my entire summer for around 5 hours every day”

As he climbs the wrestling ladder, Alvarez seeked to thank the wrestling team and its wonderful coach for all the value they have provided. In turn, his teammates wanted to express their love for Alvarez too.

“Wrestling has given me the opportunity to train harder and

become a better athlete than ever before,” said Alvarez. “Being a part of the team helped me nd a passion for the sport. I can only hope to come back every year better and better and to become the best wrestler Spanish River has ever had.”

“Daniel is a great teammate and an even better wrestler,” said junior Lucas Breit.

“ e knowledge he brings to practice everyday really helps the team succeed. e whole team is rooting for him.”

“Daniel has potential to become a great wrestler,” said junior Chris Anderson.

“ e team is very proud of

team in action is something you absolutely do not want to miss.

“I play whole set or point. My hopes for the season is that the girls play and have fun, that we work together, and create a good environment for everyone playing” said junior Amanda Poirier.

Be sure to show out to the team’s meets and cheer them on as they dominate in the water.

him and his achievements. Alvarez’s success so far in wrestling is an amazing accomplishment and is only the beginning. With a strong work ethic and consistent practice, Alvarez alongside the rest of the wrestling team will continue to thrive and take over the ring.

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Ronaldo Subs in for Saudi Arabia

On December 30, 2022, news broke that superstar Cristiano Ronaldo had signed a two-year contract with the club Al Nassr, located in Saudi Arabia. After being released by his former club, Manchester United, no one could speculate or predict what his next move would be. With that being said, it’s safe to say that this was a surprise.

Since the beginning of his career in 2002, Ronaldo has racked up accolades ranging from five Ballon d’Or awards to seven league titles. Now at 37 years old, and after a disappointing end to his World Cup dreams in December, everyone was asking the same question “What’s next for Ronaldo?”. Then when there was seemingly no answer, out of the blue, fans find out that he has just signed a contract with Al Nassr.

Al Nassr is a football club formed in 1955, based in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia. They play in the country’s top division, known as the Saudi Professional League (SPL), with a total of 18 teams. Al Nassr are a very successful team in their league with a total of 9 titles, with their last title being in the 2018-2019 season. Last

season they finished in third place, which was just six points behind the reigning champions, Al Hilal, and this season they are in second place after 10 rounds, and only two points behind the current first place team, Al Shabab. In order for them

world. This is not the only instance where Saudi Arabia has poured money into another sports avenue.

A professional golf tour named LIV Golf, which is financed by Saudi Arabia, has surprised the sport since it arrived on the scene earlier this

reforming their economic structure in order to ultimately depend less on oil revenue.

However, with all this said Ronaldo has expressed his excitement and commitment to his new team and new country.

“I’m thrilled for a new experience in a different league and a different country, the vision that Al Nassr has is very inspiring,” said Ronaldo, according to CBS Sports.

to qualify for the 2023-2024 Asian Championships League they must win their league this season, which could also be a reason why they wanted Ronaldo on their team.

However, Al Nassr did not get Ronaldo on their team by doing nothing. According to Saudi stateowned media, “Ronaldo will earn an estimated $200 million a year with Al Nassr”, which would make him the highest paid football player in the

Alumni Tip Off 40th Year

On January 4th, Spanish River began celebrating their 40th anniversary! To celebrate, the Spanish River Sharks hosted the Boca High Bobcats for a boys basketball game. is game was made into an alumni event, where previous Sharks returned to campus to watch their school take on their cross town rivals.

Some of the alumni in attendance were Mrs. Loyacona, Mrs. Collins, Mrs. Rothberg, and Principal Mrs. Castellano!A few other honorable mentions came from William Lezama who graduated in 2001.

“My graduating class felt like a family throughout high school and

a er the class of 2001 graduated,” said Lezema.

Another mention was Billy Graham who graduated in 1994 and played basketball for Coach Jones. Graham is very proud to be a Spanish River alumni.

“I felt like I was back at home. I am so thankful that I am able to come back to Spanish River and show my son where I grew up and played basketball in my teenage years.” Graham expressed.

Unfortunately, the Sharks ended up just short of the win with a nal score of 50-57, Although we lost, our alumni had a blast at the game and were able to reconnect with old time friends and see how Spanish River has changed over the years.


Just like with Ronaldo, LIV Golf has a very large budget which they use for their prize money. For reference LIV Golf’s prize money amounts to $4 million while the PGA championship prize money is $2.7 million. The increase in prize money attracts many well-known and well-accomplished golfers to their tournaments. Therefore, giving their country additional press and earnings. Saudi Arabia is

While there are many costs and rewards that come with this deal. For the fans located in Saudi Arabia and across the Middle East, this transfer has been an amazing and inspiring time. With Ronaldo, one of the greatest players of all time, deciding to play for Saudi Arabia no matter what the fans are bound to be overjoyed. Since football is an underserved sport in the Middle East, Ronaldo transferring to Al Nassr is bringing in more viewers, advertisements, and sponsorships to these countries.

Not only that, but Ronaldo going to Saudi Arabia gives that region an opportunity to see a once-in-alifetime superstar in person. With Ronaldo’s first game with Al Nassr coming up in June of 2023, fans are excited to see what he will do.

Abbey to the Big Leagues


• Coach Abbey played rst base and pitched in high school

• Coach Abbey’s favorite player of all time is Cal Ripken Jr.

• His dog, Camden, is named a er the Orioles stadium, which houses his favorite baseball team, the Orioles

• His go to ballpark food: a hot dog with ketchup, onions, and relish and a bucket of popcorn

• Coach Abbey and his wife got married on the same exact day that Cal Ripken Jr. broke the record for most consecutive games played in MLB history on September 6.

• Most importantly, Coach Abbey wants everyone to know that in no way, shape, or form did he approve of the haircut his parents gave him before this photo was taken

Cristiano Ronaldo practicing for his rst game on the team. PHOTO COURTESY of Google images



“Being captain gave me the opportunity to lead an amazing team,” said Junior Ethan Litten. “That team quickly became my brothers.”

“Being on the team is such a great experience,” said Junior Sam Levine. “Games and practices are so much fun and Coach Jones is always teaching us and helping us improve.”

“My favorite thing each year is the positive impact we as coaches can have in growing students and growing people” said Coach Jones.