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The home of the best selling Galaxy Mechanical Bull Multi Ride The safest mechanical rodeo bull in the world for over 24 years. As you browse through the brochure you will find all the information you require on our extensive ranges of entertainment products. We pride ourselves on creating innovative, original, safe, fun games that make YOU, the customer, profit.


We’ve taken the Deluxe even further! The Premium Bull comes with all the features of the Deluxe but with some added extras. The Premium Bull has its own dedicated, super realistic bull body that snorts smoke on command from your western themed console. In addition we provide you with a HD GoPro camera to use as a security camera or to record your riders!

The Deluxe bull plunges you into the middle of the Wild Wild West. Enhanced by the detailed western corral inflatable, the Deluxe has the same lightweight portable multi ride motion base as all of our models. The console is housed in an old ammunition box themed case. Six automatic programs and the ASS (Automatic Stop System) make the Deluxe both simple and safe to use. The Deluxe has an extra LED time clock that stores the best time of the day

The most popular and best selling mechanical bull in the world - The Regular Bull from Galaxy. Lightweight and portable the Regular Bull can be set up in under 10 mins by one person. The console, designed to look and feel like a piece of entertainment equipment allows you to control the ride how you want to. Six automatic programs make running the bull as easy as pushing a button, or if you want more control then grab the manual joystick with 10 speed settings. Safety comes first, that’s why the Regular comes complete with our industry changing Soft Foam Safety Head with flashing eyes and removable horns. Another standard feature is the ASS (Automatic Stop System) which stops the ride as soon as starts to fall. Keep time with two giant LED clocks and when you’re finished the system only takes 15 minutes to pack into a small van / trailer. Comes with choice of inflatable.

The Budget Bull system is our low cost entry system, although it does not have the features of our other models, it is still manufactured with the same quality components and materials in our factory. The Budget Bull system uses the same electric motion base as all of our other models; it also has the same inflatable cushion as the Regular bull system.

The Ultimate Mechanical Bull Ride! Two Bulls. Two Riders. Only one Winner. Both Bulls move together at the same time and speed. The winner stays on to battle the next challenger. Who can beat the most riders? RIDE OFF! can also be used as a single bull, or with an additional console, two separate bulls! Can be bought as an upgrade.

Why should adults have all the fun? This is just for Kids! Angus McRodeo and the rest of the farmyard collection is the mechanical bull designed just for kids under 7 years old. At only 10’ x 10’ Angus and his friends can fit almost anywhere. Perfect for backyard parties and FEC’s.


This is the first point of contact with your customer, so we designed the console to look like a professional piece of entertainment equipment. The flashing push buttons make the console easy to operate. A large LED clock lets the operator know how long the rider has lasted, while a larger LED displays the time of the current rider. Once the ride is finished the clock will flash between the last riders time and the “best time of the day” so everyone knows the time to beat! Use the six automatic programs or operate manually. It’s your call. Our new premium console comes complete with Design-A-Ride, the ability to record your own automatic program! In addition there are some new faster programs and an SFX button for smoke control.

premium console regular console premium console panel

Xtreme Board Combo brings together three amazing board sports all in one incredible package. From Skate to Snow to Surf in 5 minutes, changing theme is quick and easy. Set up with one person in 10 minutes, its that simple

Catch the best waves without ever getting wet! How long can you keep balance till the waves sweep you away?! Available with a low walled or BIG WAVE inflatable.

Inspired by our RIDE OFF the twin bull ride. WIPEOUT! Adds the level of competition as you take on a fellow surfer to see who can ride out the wave before you...

Ner ne, ner ne, ner ne ner ne ner ne! SHARK ATTACK is here! Dare you take a ride on the back of a Great White shark, the fearless predator of the seas?! Shark Attack is available as a Great White or a Hammerhead shark and looks great on its own water themed Inflatable.

Take a ride with the meanest Hog in the world! Harley is a tough biker, a true rough rider but he has a secret soft side. Friendly enough for children, mean enough for even the hardest leather wearing biker, Harley is perfect for BBQ’s and Bike Rallies.

Take your next game day party or tailgating to another level with the Mechanical Football Helmet! Thrill your guests with a fully customizable helmet, colored to show pride and support your local team.

Stop being lazy! Get involved in the game you love! Armchair Sports Star brings the spectator into the middle of the action. The player is tossed and shaken around in the armchair while trying to make their shot and score the most points. Electronic sensors keep score on the “television” in front of the rider. With 9 different sports and 3 holiday themed game panels Armchair Sports Star never gets old!

Take control of your very own Superbike! No helmet required! Pull wheelies and mad tail spins but make sure you hold on because this bike wants to give you road rash!

GALAXY The worlds first portable modular obstacle course with the perfect blend of challenging mechanical elements. Now you can live the dream of being a contestant on those extreme game shows at your next event!

The game is what you want it to be! Each modular section is only 15 feet x 15 feet square so can easily be set up by two people. Each module can go in any combination, whether you have 3, 6 or even 12 modules, every set up can be a unique course! There are 4 modules that incorporate both inflatable & mechanical obstacle challenges and 4 modules with inflatable challenge’s. This is a ‘run through’ game, in which two players start and race through the game to see who gets to the end first. Once they have got through the second module the operator can start another pair of players, this allows a continuous flow of players making this a high capacity games. We currently have 7 modules to choose from with another 5 expected by summer 2014.

The Centrifuge is a two lane 15’ x 15’ inflatable with 4 static stepping stone podiums with a motorized spinning disc sandwiched between them in each lane. The players have to run, jumping from one podium to the next without falling in to the “toxic waste”

Radioactive Ramp is based on the see-saw method, the players walk up an 8’ x 4’ ramp platform that is pivoted in the centre, they must use all their balance & skill to walk up & down both sides of the trap door without falling

The Crusher is a ‘fearsome’ mechanical arm that has an up and down action which the players must avoid at all costs! This module consists of 3 horizontal tubes that you must crawl under or over, then you are confronted by the Crusher! Over or Under? You decide!

Neutron Collision: Push Meltdown Mountain is a your way through a maze of 25’ x 15’ slide section; pop-up inflatable obstacles the players must scramble to As you break free in to the the top then slide down the opening you are confronted other side. Who will be first by the deadly Neutron into the final challenge? Collision . This is a 4 way rotating cross that you must navigate without getting wiped out!

Reactor Run is the final challenge. The players must negotiate their way through a maze of vertical inflatable pop-up ‘radioactive rods’ and obstacles. If they are successful they have managed to escape The Toxic Rampage

Toxic Turnaround: Struggling for space? Then this 30’ wide by 9’ deep turnaround section will bring your players back to the same Start/Finish point.

Meltdown is our 8 player action game, which challenges your stamina, agility and reactions.

Not one but two spinning boom arms try to knock you off your podium. You have to duck underneath or jump over the foam boom. Who will be the last one standing?

The game is housed in a 30′ x 30′ octagon inflatable with 8 removable podiums for your participants. The bright green contrasts beautifully with the black, gre and yellow for a vivid toxic Meltdown theme! On top of the centre section is a flashing LED siren light (no sound)

You are in control, Meltdown is full for the whole family. There is a variabl speed control on the console tha increases or decreases the speed of the automatic program.

Redneck Games is the brand new multi player action game from Galaxy Multi Rides. A collection of games designed to challenge your agility, balance and endurance themed to look like you are in the swamp of the deep south.

There has been an explosion at the local mill, leaving you floating on a tree stump with three other of your buddies. Tree logs are flying through the air knocking you into the Alligator infested swamp. Can you survive the Log Slammer?! Four of you are trapped floating in the swamp on tree stumps trying to avoid the swinging log stumps. Do you jump or do you duck? Either way just make sure that you don’t get snapped up by the hungry Alligators waiting for you

Half the size but just as fun! Meltdown Zone is our toxic take on Redneck Games! Take Meltdown Zone as a complete system or as an upgrade if you already own a Galaxy Multi Ride.

Looking to stand out and be different? How about Volcano Zone? Our bright fiery twist on Redneck Games

Avoid the swinging stone column knocking you into the white water rapids! River Rush is our latest take on Redneck Games

We taken Redneck Games and given it a military makeover! Take on Battle Zone as a complete system or as an upgrade if you already own a Galaxy Multi Ride.

With over 54 different multi ride attachments, your machine will always have something new to offer your customers



Jump aboard our mechanical rodeo killer whale and use the Orca to re-create those scenes from Free Willy! Or tackle the fearsome Hammerhead Shark! Both look great on the water themed Inflatable.


Litago is Norway’s largest milkshake and flavored milk brands. The brand, which is all about fun, is manifested through an iconic illustrated cow. Litago wanted to create a smartphone application that the audience could download to take control of the mechanical bulls movements. This was the start of the worlds first iPhone/Android controlled mechanical rodeo bull. BBC America is the British entertainment voice in the United States. For the world famous SXSW festival in Austin, Texas the BBC America team wanted something uniquely British but embracing Americana Lord Humphrey is the British Bulldog that acts like a mechanical bull As part of a national tour, Brooks contacted us to see about the possibility of creating a custom promotional ride; a replica of one of their new shoes. The concept was to create “Run Happy Island”. A promotional area where runners could become more familiar with Brooks’s products and to win freebies!

We are proud that we have two fantastic factories, one in the UK and the main production facility in the USA. We also have have a brand new showroom in the UK, with product set up ready to try before you buy! We are even prouder of the fact that we make everything under our own roof, from the steel to the fiberglass, we even design, cut and sew our own inflatables. Put together by some incredible hardworking American and British workers. Take the video tour of behind the scenes on our website. We’ve included a few photos below. Please feel free to come and visit us!

Lightweight and portable, a complete multi ride system can be set up by one person in under 20 minutes! Take a look at a full set up video on our website

Galaxy Multi Rides Brochure 2014  

Our latest brochure for 2014 featuring our world famous mechanical bulls, surf simulators, action games, multi rides and custom promotional...

Galaxy Multi Rides Brochure 2014  

Our latest brochure for 2014 featuring our world famous mechanical bulls, surf simulators, action games, multi rides and custom promotional...