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The Next Big Thing usa headquarters: +1 941 697 0324 uk: +44 (0)1423 541867 The future of indoor play is here. Join the Inflatable Park revolution.

WHAT IS AN Inflatable PARK?

A Galaxy Inflatable Park is one giant interconnected inflatable attraction that contains multiple inflatable games and interactive mechanical attractions that all the family can enjoy.

Our innovative custom designs are manufactured using the highest quality materials with the very latest technology. Any shape, size, and color. Galaxy can design, manufacture and install an Inflatable Park in your location. Every Inflatable Park is a unique custom design specific to your location.

Custom designs with multiple options to suit your space and budget.

Just go inflatable, choose from a wide range of inflatable games to create your own unique design.

Add an interactive mechanical attraction, from the best selling 8 player sweeper game Toxic Meltdown® to the dual lane giant incline treadmill Adrenalator®. Galaxy manufacture a wide

range of attractions that will have your customers coming back for more.

Offer your customers a timed challenged, we can integrate interactive sensors and giant stop-clocks and scoreboards to any inflatable or mechanical attraction.

Why should the kids have all the fun?

Our Inflatable Parks are designed to entertain all the family, from tiny toddlers to adults and everyone in between, there is something for everyone

The Battle Beam is one of the most popular attractions in an Inflatable Adventure Park
A Galaxy Inflatable Park is the most lucrative dollar per square foot attraction in the industry. What is included? A Inflatable Park utilizes 90% of the installation play area floor space, as opposed to only 55% of a trampoline installation. This gives a far better return on the floor space you are paying for. On average an Inflatable Park will cost less than half of the cost of a trampoline park or soft play installation. Quick, fast installation time from 2-7 days. Every obstacle and slide section come installed with protective cover sheets that are attached via velcro. Slide slip sheets. Slide climb sheets. Protective entrance floor sheet. Protective covers for all obstacles and popup features. All blowers. Noise reducing blower box covers. Blower safety alarms (where required). Installation. Training. WHAT IS INCLUDED? 90% WE ARE VERTIGO - TITANIC Air Maniax, the first Inflatable Park in Dubai, UAE A Inflatable Park utilizes 90% of the installation play area floor space, as opposed to only 55% of a trampoline installation. This gives a far better return on the floor space you are paying for. THE SECOND INFLATABLE PARK IN BELFAST, UK FOR WE ARE VERTIGO


Galaxy are the industry leaders in the innovation, manufacturing, design and safety of inflatable theme parks. Safety is paramount, every Galaxy Inflatable Park is designed and manufactured in accordance with ASTM 2374-17 and EN14960 manufacturing standards




When it comes to designing safe fun and exciting inflatable games we are renowned for our innovation. Every attraction is meticulously designed to be safe and fun, we use only the very best materials and manufacturing standards.

Galaxy create amazing attractions that will have you customers wanting to come back time and time again. All of our interactive mechanical attractions can be integrated into an Inflatable Park design to enhance the customer experience.

Galaxy goes to great lengths to protect our intellectual property rights of all our designs, this not only protects our company it also protects our customers from knock off copies. When you invest in a Galaxy Inflatable Park you can be assured you are buying the very best product on the market.

"Replace a Module". The replacement modules are simple inflatable beds that will slot into the space of any inflatable module that needs to be repaired. This allows you to keep the park open and operating whilst the damaged attraction is being repaired.

ww w • Superior construction with top grade Fire Retardant vinyl. Fully compliant with ASTM 2374-17 and EN14960 manufacturing standards • Seam protectors and interior reinforced seams on the entire floor area • 4 row stitching as standard • Reinforced corner stress points with glue strips • Unique air circulation system which ensures the same air pressure is constant throughout the park • All inflatable modules are connected together via our sandwich interlocking Velcro that eliminates joint failure. EXPLORE MORE INFLATABLE PARKS PRODUCTION SAFETY FEATURES "I WISH I HAD MADE THE CHANGE AND DONE THIS TWO YEARS AGO" gareth Murphy, we are vertigo VISIT: WWW.GALAXYMULTIRIDES.COM
THE NUMBERS GALAXY Inflatable PARKS ACROSS THE GLOBE • A Inflatable Park utilizes 90% of the installation play area floor space • 50+ Inflatable Parks sold worldwide • 413,000 sq feet of Inflatable Parks installed globally • 300,000+ users a week • 40% of the investment cost of a trampoline park. • Quick return on investment • 2-5 day installation time WHAT IS THE RETURN ON INVESTMENT ON A GALAXY INFLATABLE PARK? How profitable is running your own Inflatable Park? Using the table below take a look at what just play alone can generate, we realize that you will never reach the 100% number but 20-40% is highly achievable
SCENE 75 COLUMBUS, OH, USA AMPED INFLATAPARK CORPUS CHRISTI, TX, USA BLAZING BOUNCERS LUBBOCK, TX, USA WE ARE VERTIGO - TITANIC QTR BELFAST, UNITED KINGDOM Jump zone Dublin, Ireland FLYING MONKEY ERIE, PA, USA 90% By utilizing as much of the square footage for play space we're able to increase the play capacity and thus increasing profitability. QUICK SET UP AND ADAPTABILITY Set up is 2-7 days for installation and because the park in modular you can change any attractions when you need to INCREASED PROFITS Lower set up and insurance costs mean increased profitability. LESS STAFF We design our parks to be labor efficient to cut down costs. What are some of the advantages of a inflatable park? Floor space efficiency SPRETT OSLO, NORWAY AIR MANIAX DUBAI, UAE WE ARE VERTIGO BELFAST, UNITED KINGDOM Air city 360 Colorado springs, co, USA SKY ZONE LANCASTER, PA, USA JUMPIN FUN INFLATA PARK SARASOTA, FL, USA



After 3 years of operations as a trampoline park Gareth Murphy, Managing Director of We are Vertigo trampoline park realized he had to adapt to stay ahead of the competition

We started the design process on October 2018, Gareth's vision was to create the world's largest Inflatable theme park. He not only wanted the largest he wanted the most exciting with innovative attractions that were unique. Following his vision Galaxy created our most ambitious design to date that incorporated giant slides, Ninja attractions, challenging obstacle courses, interactive electronic games and unique mechanical attractions.

The last customers bounced in the trampoline park on January 6th 2019, We are Vertigo Inflatable Park opened to the public on January 17th. In just eleven days the trampoline park was dismantled, renovated and the Inflatable Park was installed.

The Inflatable Park has 20,000 sq feet of amazing fun with a capacity for over 200 guests. When asked if there was anything he would have done differently Gareth's response was "I wish I had made the change and done it two years ago" In October 2019 Galaxy installed a second Inflatable Park for We are Vertigo in the Titanic Quarter in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

1858 SQ M 20,000 SQ FT www.galaxymultirides.comGalaxy Inflatable Parks

Jumpin fun Inflatable

Owner Marc Rosenthal has been a customer of ours for 4 years, when he saw our Inflatable Parks he immediately recognized the potential of the Inflatable Park concept.

After our initial meeting at the IAAPA trade show in November 2018, we started the design process in February 2019. The challenge for the customer was how to transition from a trampoline park to an Inflatable Park with minimum disruption and inconvenience to his existing business? Between us we formulated a plan to install the Inflatable Park as soon as the kids returned back to school after the summer vacation, over a 10 day period the trampolines were removed, the site was cleared and the Inflatable park installed.

At 15,000 sq feet Jumpin Fun is the largest in the USA, it has 15 different exciting attractions including our 8 player Meltdown sweeper game, the dual lane incline mechanical treadmill attraction Adrenalator®, the 4 player Dizzy X® and an interactive inflatable Dodgeball arena. The customer is delighted with the reaction from his customers "the first three months has been spectacular"

Jumpin Fun Inflatable Park is the largest Inflatable Park in the USA

Originally named Jumpin Fun Sports, it had been a very successful trampoline park since 2013.
1394 SQ M
Galaxy Inflatable Parks
PARK Sarasota, FL, usa 15,000 SQ FT



FIRST Inflatable PARK

The first Inflatable Park in Dubai, UAE

Air Maniax was the first Inflatable Park in Dubai and the Middle East it is also the largest in the region at 12,000 sq feet. The vision of the client has paid off handsomely.

They instantly recognized the potential of the Inflatable park concept and wanted to be first to market in their region.

Air Maniax opened its doors to the public at the beginning of December 2019 and has been a huge success, the owners have cleverly marketed it to all age groups from toddlers through to special adult nights where grown ups can relive their childhood and have fun.

Galaxy Inflatable Parks

Flying Monkey is the first Inflatable Park in Pennsylvania at 10,000 sq feet it has a capacity for 120 guests of all ages.

The owner already has an established entertainment company Crazy Monkey that provides mobile party rental games in Erie, he had seen our other Inflatable Park installations and instantly knew an Inflatable Park would be perfect in Erie.

The park contains popular statement pieces like Meltdown and the Big Balls. The unique feature of Flying money is the reflective silver ceiling that shimmers with green and pink hues.



929 SQ M 10,000 SQ FT
www.galaxymultirides.comGalaxy Inflatable Parks



Welcome to Air City 360!

Located in Colorado Springs, the home of the United States Air Force, it's very apparent that everything in this multi attraction park is geared towards flight!

The 6,500 square foot Inflatable Park acts as the anchor attraction alongside a small interactive Trampoline Park, Zip Lines and the USA's longest zip rail sky coaster.

This is a phenomenal example of utilizing space to the max. Our Inflatable Park packs an almighty punch in a small space featured our largest slide Drop Zone which has a first level Stunt Jump or continue to the 30 foot tall summit to get launched of the kicker slide.

Meltdown is the first attraction guests see and is joined by a Ninja Wall, Battle Zone, Xtreme Slide, Wrecking Ball and Moon Bounce area.

Mixing Trampolines & an Inflatable Park as headline attractions 604 SQ M 6,500 SQ FT
www.galaxymultirides.comGalaxy Inflatable Parks AIR CITY 360 COLORADO SPRINGS, CO, USA

Sky Zone realize that customers want variety from their indoor family entertainment center experience and have continued their attraction expansion with the addition of Galaxy Inflatable Parks.

Sky Zone Lancaster added a 10,000 sqft Inflatable Park to the back of an already successful multi attraction Trampoline Park.

The success of the Lancaster location has led to other Sky Zone locations utilizing Galaxy to reinvent their parks.

Sky Zone Lancaster features an 8 player Meltdown, Ninja Wall, Stunt Jump, Battle Zone, Big Balls, Xtreme Slide, Obstacle Course, Wrecking Ball, Giant Throne and Moon Bounce area.



929 SQ M 10,000 SQ FT
SKY ZONE dodgeball court to inflatable park Transformation


Open plan Inflatable Park means continuous movement at Sky Zone Lee's Summit.

When you think of Sky Zone you immediately think of trampolines, and rightly so. Sky Zone Lee's Summit is the first SZ park that has more square footage of Inflatables than trampolines.

This open plan design replaces two dodge ball courts to become the main attraction in this fantastic park. The dedicated Little Leapers area gives toddlers their own space to play safely. A 75' obstacle course wraps around two mechanical attractions. Side by side sit a 4 player Meltdown sweeper and the 6 player Revolution disc to put guests in a spin.

An extreme obstacle slide sits next to the huge Drop Zone which combines a stunt jump platform and our biggest kicker slide into an airbag. The park comes alive in the dark with UV Glow featured throughout.

604 SQ M 6,500 SQ FT
www.galaxymultirides.comGalaxy Inflatable Parks SKY ZONE LEE'S

The Castle Fun Center has transformed into the multi attraction wonderland with all the best inflatable park features like Big Balls, Battle Zone, Ninja Wall and a full 8 player Meltdown sweeper game.

The Inflatable Park comes alive when dark and the phenomenal array of UV lights and disco lights come on.

We spread UV reactive elements all over this 10,000 square foot inflatable park to give it that special pop during glow parties.

Smaller guests have their own space with a candy land theme toddler zone with its own entrance.



929 SQ M 10,000 SQ FT
Roller skating Rink to Inflatable Park.

the castle fun center

sky zone

sky zone indy south INDIANAPOLIS,


There aren't enough superlatives for Sky Zone Indy South. This super clean well run facility has something for everyone.

Utilizing the tall ceiling height we added presence to this medium size park with our tallest attraction Drop Zone. A combined kicker slide into a air bag with a cliff jump into stunt bag.

A wrap around scramble/climbing wall utilizes the efficiency of an Inflatable Park by adding an extra attraction into a small difficult space.

Kapow is the mechanical sweeper obstacle course maze that takes center stage.

Elsewhere in the facility we created a dedicated Toddler Zone away from the main Inflatable Park.

Sensory play is embraced with lights, air jugglers and slides.

the unique features of the building to create a special Sky Zone Inflatable Park. 604 SQ M 6,500 SQ FT
www.galaxymultirides.comGalaxy Inflatable Parks



Flight Adventure Park has had a major transformation with the view to educate kids though play and interactive features.

Everything in the park revolves around flight including space shuttles and aircraft.

4,200 square feet of Inflatable Park fun is all themed around flight including big balls as planets, a four player meltdown sweeper like a propeller, an airport themed toddler zone and the center piece a Rodeo Rocket Ship complete with rocket booster fire effect.

Away from the Inflatable Park is a space shuttle ramp that takes you up to a zip line where you zip through a giant inflatable shuttle nose cone.


390 SQ M 4,200

AIR COURTS soft play ninja courses & more

Air Courts have become a must have attraction for indoor play facilities.

Available in any size, a range of colors, multiple sport court markings and UV reactive glow paint the Air Court is a no-brainer.

We've integrated ever popular Soft Play structures into our Inflatable Parks to add unique play opportunities and efficiency by utilizing vertical spaces.

Ninja Courses have exploded in popularity across indoor play but we decided we'd blend Ninja with our action attractions to make the best motorized Ninja Warrior Courses.

Giant Games such as the mega sweeper takes our best action rides like Meltdown and super sizes them to create a TV show experience.

We're always looking to save partners time and money, our Inflatable Party Rooms save on permits and expensive build out costs. Multiple themes and designs available.

Adrenalator is the fun way to move people from different levels with a challenge

Galaxy Inflatable Parks PATENT



Stian Vidal, Sprett. Oslo Norway

We were Galaxy's first Inflatable Park customer, I met Mike at a trade fair in Amsterdam in May 2018. I had already made up my mind to use another company but after meeting Mike I knew that Galaxy had much more to offer. Galaxy did a very professional job from start to finish.

Gareth Murphy, We are Vertigo. Belfast Northern Ireland

Galaxy have been a pleasure to work with, their quality and attention to detail is second to none. We have just opened our second Galaxy Inflatable Park they make a great product.

Brett Morrow, Jumpin Fun. Sarasota, FL USA.

Having bought Galaxy products in the past made it a no brainer to purchase the Inflatable Park from Robin and Mike. Their customer service has been outstanding throughout the complete process and beyond. Our customers love it

Brent Tyson, Blazing Bouncers. Lubbock, TX USA.

Robin has been a pleasure to work with, he was very patient in helping me choose the right attractions for our location. I was updated at every stage of the process, we are very pleased with the final installation, it looks amazing Daniel Thompson, Flying Monkey. Erie, PA USA

Even though I knew the Inflatable Park concept was a great idea I did have some reservations. Robin has been there every time I had questions, it has all gone very smoothly the park looks fantastic.

www.galaxymultirides.comGalaxy Inflatable Parks
Brett Morrow - Jumpin Fun Inflatable Park






F.A.Q. 3 4 5
The space required is only limited by the size of the building and budget you want to spend. Ideally we would not recommend a stand alone Inflatable Park to be any less than 5,000 sq feet (464 m2) If you are looking to install an Inflatable Park in an existing location as a complementary attraction we can design a park as small as 3,000 sq feet (279 m2). The taller the ceiling height the better, anything over 20' (6m) is perfect, 16'-18' (5.2m5.8m) is not too bad. Once you go below that the choice of some attractions is restricted.
AN Inflatable PARK TAKE TO INSTALL? The installation time is dependant on the size of the Inflatable park. A 5,000 sq foot (464 m2) Inflatable park can be installed in two days, a 20,000 sq foot (1859 m2) installation would take up to seven days dependant on which mechanical attractions are included
IT TAKE TO RUN AN Inflatable PARK? Each Inflatable Parks power consumption will vary according to the size. During the design process we provide the client with the power consumption and layout plan for all the power outlets. HOW MUCH MONEY CAN I MAKE RUNNING A Inflatable PARK ? This will depend on the size of the Inflatable Park, the average return on investment (ROI) is less than 18 months. What IS THE WARRANTY ON AN Inflatable PARK? A Galaxy Inflatable Park comes complete with a 12 month warranty, repair kits and operations/maintenance manual. 1 2


WWW.GALAXYMULTIRIDES.COM 7431 Sawyer Circle Port Charlotte, Florida, 33981 USA Tel: +1 941 697 0324 UK Tel: +44 (0) 1423 541 867 E-mail:
Owners Mike Whincup
Robin Whincup
RUN SINCE 1990 We are a family business who have been manufacturing inflatable and interactive mechanical action games and attractions for 32 years. We are one of the largest and oldest manufacturers in the world. Our philosophy is very simple, if we provide our customers with a high quality product that lasts and makes the customer money, then the chance is they will come back and buy more from us in the future. This is why 90% of our customers over the last 32 years make repeat orders.
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