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Before you read 6 complete the sentences with these words.

Before you read You can use youf dictionary {or these questions 1 Where can we find these things? lawn k¡te throat carpet a) outside the house b) on the floor c) in the body





a) hold Mr. Nebbercracler ... Dl's sh¡n b) thtow Chowder... the ball intolhe basket c) fárl Mr.Nebbercracker ... onto the lawn.

Answe|these quest¡ons.


g) h) lawn

fhe carpet Iwindow comes out of the house. lenny is selling cbocolates I newspapers. A catl dog walks on the lawn

What do you think? a) Does á monster líve in Mr. Nebbercracker's house?

b) ls lvlr. Nebbercracker a monster? c) Why does he take the childrent things? d) k the house going to eat more people? who?



a) what did Skull play in the Pizza Freek? b) What was the head of the house? c) why did the kids put Sleep Easy in the carpet cleaner? d) Where did the policemen put the kids? e) How did the kids get inride the house?

Choose the correct words.


heat circus

a) children often think the ... is exciting. b) Some people stay in a ... for their holidayt. c) The house was on lire and there was a lot of ... in the sky. d) You use ... to make a strong floor in a building. €) The old man3 ... was nol very strong and he died.

Put the words in the past.

el f) 4

caravan cement

in the sky

a) Mr Nebbercracker takes the little girl's b*e / bál/ b) Dl has a dream aboulschool/ the house c) DJ phones á¡ mom / C/rowder. d) Bones throws a kite / tratrer on Mr. Nebbercracker's


ln your country, do children go trick-or treating at Halloween? What do they do?


What did they Jind in the biq room? What was in the cement floor? Who was constance?

Complete the sentences with the names.

skull chowder constance lenny a) ... holds onto DJ3 legs. b) ... tellsthem about Domus Mactabil¡s. c) ... lived in a circus. d) ... doesn't want to go lnto the house. e) ... has a plan.

() What


do you think?

a) why is there a body in the floor? b) Why is Constance ángry when people go near


::. Chapters 6-7

New Words!

Before you read


Complete the sentences with these words.

cranes d¡ggers dynamite a) People use ... to make holes in things. b) People use ... to lift very big things. () People use ... to dig holes for buildings.


Put Constan(e'5 story in the right order. a) N,4r. Nebbercracker starts to build a house. b) A boy throws vegetables at Constance. lvlr. Nebbercracker finishes the house. d) Children throw things at Constance. e) Constance is alone and sad. Constance falls into the hole. g) Mr. Nebbercracker takes Constance ¿way from the circus h) Mr Nebbercracker stops a boy with old vegetables.

() f) 12

Choose the right answer


The kids ran

to ...

circus (n & ¿dj)

drqger (n) ........................... / dig (v) .....................,.....

p¿rt dug dynamite (n)




-p¿rr of Ja


hold {v)


iChowder iiJenny lvh Nebbercracker throws ... at the house. i his shoe ¡i bits of cement ii¡ hi5 baq DJ throws the dynamite into ... .



ithe smoke lirst person out of the hole iLanders

carpet (n)




¡ the Pizza Freek ¡¡ the Danger Zone b) Mr Nebbercracker gives the dynamite to


What do these words mean?

/ pasr hetd

hoJe (n)

kite (n) lawn (n) monster (n & adj) smoke {n)

is ...


ii Lister

!t¡¿nge (adj) lhro¿t (n)


What do you think? a) ls Dl going to meet ienny again? b) Where is Mr Nebberrracker going to live? c) ls Constance going to come back again? d) Are there really monsters in the world?

lhrow (v) . ....... .......




roñgue (n)

lreat (n)

._................._......_ / trick_or_treate15 (n),,,.,,,.,,,


Monster house exercises  

Exercises about monster house book

Monster house exercises  

Exercises about monster house book