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Encounter of Two Hemispheres by the Spanish Artist, Cristóbal Gabarrón Exhibition in the Koubek Center of MDC in Miami, from November 15, 2013 to January 25, 2014.

Miami, November 13, 2013.- From November 15 to January 25, the Koubek Center of Miami Dade College in Florida, presents the exhibition Encounter of Two Hemispheres by the artist Cristobal Gabarron. Organized by the 500 Years Spain-Florida Foundation and the Gabarron Foundation, they will display sketches and sculptural models made by Gabarron in the last two years, all preparatory work for his project to create a sculpture for the city of Miami. We speak of an iconic work, which will celebrate the five centuries since the arrival of the Castilian explorer and adventurer Juan Ponce de León to Florida. Somehow, through the polychrome spell of the artist, traces of our history are restored, while the Hispanic population works to enrich the knowledge of the common rich past. The exhibition will also include preparatory sketches of the Juan Ponce de Leon 500 Years Award , by artist Gabarron, which Their Royal Highnesses Prince and Princess of Asturias will present on Monday, November 18 to Dr. Eduardo J. Padron, President of Miami Dade College (MDC) for his special contributions to the Hispanic heritage preservation in Florida and the United States. Emilio C. Sanchez, President of the 500 Years Spain-Florida Foundation, stated that "without the presence in America for more than five centuries, Spain would have been another country. Its influence in Europe and in the rest of the world would have been very different, and to say of the cultural weight, and as an economic and commercial consequence of a language spoken by over 400 million people. A language that further strengthens the Hispanic heritage in a key country: United States.“ Some words that expresses Gabarron’s work in a metaphorically form, to the inspiration of heritage, made of flesh and wood, glare or shine, through the chisel. Encounter of Two Hemispheres consists of twelve unique sculptures, three sketches on paper, three large paintings on canvas, a mural on canvas that measures 7 meters and a video with a selection of drawings and collages of the work that are commemorative to tribute the link between Florida and Spain, Latin America and USA. The project has a lot

to do with the deep linking of Cristobal Gabarron with America, understood as a continent that extends from Alaska to Patagonia. The Spanish artist has developed a monumental activity for decades, always with one foot in Spain and the other in the rest of the world. Pioneer of Spanish art in New York, which he came as a youth and where he worked for years, his work has been nurtured through the dialogue of avant-garde and US-born and Europe post avant-garde with the Renaissance and Baroque masters. While investigating his concerns, it led him to embark on projects as epic as the mural for the Expo 1992 that spawned more than two hundred original sketches on paper, canvas and board. Like then, preparing the sculpture for Miami has brought nearly a hundred related works. Painting and sculpture, drawing and three dimensional pieces, fiberglass and resin build up on a journey of the senses that reflects Ponce de Leon’s voyage. With reactive materials of the past, with candles of the myth and legend, Gabarron cleans the stage and lays out, so very personally, the recreation of history, data, dates, amazement, names, navigations and storms, greed and gold, miscegenation and mapping, so stripped of salt and rust, invoking the ghosts that inhabit the shadows, sleepy voices, the echoes of those who crossed the sea to the unknown. For more information: Arturo Morell: Emilio C. Sanchez: Julio Valdeon: ArtSpace Koubek Center Miami Dade College 2705 SW Third Street, Miami, FL 33135 Press Department of The Gabarron Foundation

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