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Setting the highest standards

Best Medium Stand winner (50-199sqm) – Lindy (5-T95)

Stand Design Winners (main image, L-R): Mike Blackman, managing director, Integrated Systems Events; Henoc Bananga, account manager, Lindy; Brigitte Kommer, marketing manager EMEA, NEC Display Solutions Europe; Daniela Steinhart, senior marketing specialist, NEC Display Solutions Europe; Keith Mok, co-founder, Rocketsign; Wendy Chen, B2B marcom manager, Europe region, BenQ Europe; Travis Stanton, editor, EXHIBITOR magazine

The winners of the fourth annual ISE Stand Design Awards, organised by EXHIBITOR magazine, were revealed yesterday afternoon. Rocketsign (12-P112) and Lindy (5-T95) took home accolades for the Best Small Stand and Best Medium Stand respectively. BenQ Europe (1-N10) was awarded Best Large Stand, while NEC Display Solutions (5-R20) won Best XL Stand. Best Small Stand winner (Up to 49sqm) – “Celebrating exceptional stand design has been part of EXHIBITOR’s DNA for Rocketsign (12-P112) more than three decades,” said Travis Stanton, editor of EXHIBITOR magazine. “We’re proud to have once again organised the ISE Stand Design Awards competition, and we’re already looking forward to what ISE exhibitors have in store for us next year in Barcelona.” Every stand on the ISE show floor, except those that have previously won an ISE Stand Design Award and whose design employs roughly the same size footprint or has reused approximately 50% or more of the previous winning stand, was automatically entered into the free competition and judged on site by an international panel of designers and exhibition industry experts.

Best Large Stand winner (200-399sqm) - BenQ Europe (1-N10)

Best XL Stand winner (400sqm and above) – NEC Display Solutions (5-R20)

Explore & experience meeting room solutions from � Booth 15-N265

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13/02/2020 18:12

Record Button Perfectly positioned record start/stop button.

ISO, Shutter and White Balance Instantly change critical exposure settings while shooting.

Function Buttons 3 user customizable function buttons to get to features quickly.

Mounting Points Standard 1/4 inch-20 mounting point on top and bottom of camera.

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Scroll Wheel with Push Quickly scroll through settings and control your electronic iris when shooting.

EF Lens Mount Use a wide range of compatible lenses.

Built-in Microphones 4 built in high fidelity shock proof microphones.

Flexible Connections 3.5mm stereo input, full size HDMI out, USB-C expansion port and XLR audio.

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Raising the profile of AV careers To help increase awareness of the opportunities a career in AV can offer, ISE – in conjunction with its owner associations AVIXA and CEDIA – welcomed students and educators to the show yesterday as part of AV Career Day. The initiative aims to build bridges between schools and industry companies seeking qualified talent. Along with their faculty, students spent the day touring the trade show floor, seeing firsthand how AV professionals use the newest technologies to create memorable experiences. “I think it’s really about us working together as organisations to bring Joseph Valerio addresses the audience at AV Career Day awareness of AV as a career to people and show those that are looking for exciting and creative careers that this is a great opportunity “From there, we give them the tools and resources to for them,” said Joseph Valerio, program director for the AVIXA help grow in their professional development and reach Foundation. “We invest a lot of time in showing people that certifications that are important in our industry,” he added. there are others like themselves, who are passionate about “Helping them to leverage connections is key to ultimately the experiences they see every day.” finding them great jobs.”

Building a firm structure TRUSS ALUMINIUM FACTORY Stand: 15-D245

Haflant: Ramping up support for the Truss brand

The production of temporary support structures for events, conferences and more is the primary activity of Truss Aluminium Factory (TAF), but the family-owned Czech Republic-based company sometimes gets asked to make other products due to its expertise in welding and aluminium. According to Petr Haflant, sales manager at TAF, the most unusual thing he has been asked to make is a plane – a project that never got off the ground. TAF is making its debut at ISE this year and its stand is a veritable showcase of the types of trusses it is able to provide. Haflant said ISE “is becoming the most important event in the industry”, and TAF is keen to benefit from the huge number of international visitors that pass through the halls of the RAI. TAF also decided to take part this year because it wants to promote its own brand in future. As pointed out by Haflant: “Truss is well known as a manufacturer in the US and Middle East, but less so in Europe.” While stressing that TAF intends to maintain existing OEM deals with customers, it wants to have more independence in future. “We value our customers, but if you want more independence you need your own brand,” he said.

Simons: “Soon we will begin to see 8K being used”

Venue world now ‘immersed in technology’ As a founding director of architectural practice KSS Group, Andy Simons is well-placed to chart the development of venue technology over three decades. Beginning his opening address at the AGORA conference yesterday, he admitted that “we thought we were designing stadiums in the ’90s that were state of the art, but in fact there was nothing there that you would call technology compared to what we have now”. Over the course of a densely packed 30-minute presentation, Simons charted the remarkable transformation of the modern stadium, especially over the past decade where “the fact that the budget for some training facilities alone is now equivalent to the kind of budget you would have seen for a wholevenue project is indicative of how much things have developed”. From the pitch itself – where grass has gradually been replaced or reinforced by synthetic turfs – to the introduction of multiple forms of goal-line technology, every facet of venue usage has been affected. But it is arguably smartphones, in conjunction with 4G, and shortly 5G, network connectivity, that has heralded the greatest single change. “Pretty soon you will have the prospect of everyone filming on their smartphones making it possible to achieve an almost seamless 360º capture of what is happening on the field,” said Simons. Highlighting the role of major global tournaments – such as football World Cups – in driving innovation, as the potential financial rewards “simply make it worth doing”, Simons also looked at the dramatic upscaling of broadcast coverage. From two- to four-camera set-ups being standard 20 years ago, configurations of 30-plus cameras are now commonplace.” “Then, of course, we also have the rise of 4K UHD in stadiums, and soon we will begin to see 8K being used too,” he said.

The ISE Daily would like to highlight that the following companies featured in today’s edition are no longer exhibiting at ISE 2020: •AG Neovo, page 25 •AET Displays, page 31 •Esprit Digital, page 35 As part of the ISE Special Interest Group programme, CEDIA has brought 20 members of the British Institute of Interior Design to ISE 2020, as well as three members of the Royal Institute of British Architects. The group attended yesterday’s CEDIA Design & Build Conference, which looked at multiple facets of the home technology industry and discussed how professional design and installation can lead to sophisticated aesthetics and lifestyle benefit. For a full round-up of the event, turn to page 4.

For the latest show news and updates follow #ISE2020

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Please note that some news stories featured in today’s ISE Daily were finalised before the companies’ decision to withdraw from this year’s show. Friday 14 February ISE Daily 2020 3

13/02/2020 17:47


Universal discussion: A number of products for digital delivery are drawing users to the Digiverse stand

Innovation in action in Hall 14 Look into Hall 14 on your way around the show and you’ll be greeted enthusiastically by the many exhibitors in the ISE Innovation Zone, a group of stands located near the Main Stage. Innovation is certainly evident in a range of uniquely designed screen stands by one French exhibitor. Yoo’UP designs and manufactures its own brand of TV and screen mounts, including the XS range. Shenzhen Friday Originality Technology Co is also attracting interest in the Table Advertising Player range, an Android-based system with a double-sided HD screen. A near neighbour in the Innovation Zone is TRXMusic, which is offering a free 30-day trial of its production music service, providing access to a library of over 7,500 tracks.

Attendees working on new projects are invited to the Digiverse stand, where the company is showing a range of screens, streaming media devices, media players, content management licensing options and more. On display is the Technovia 10.1in PoE room booking monitor with RGBcoloured LED bars and an integral NFC reader, which runs content from the majority of software providers. The company also offers full-function Nexus tablets, which feature screens of the same quality as major tablet brands, housed beneath a toughened glass cover that has antibacterial coating. Optionally running the Promokio point of sale software, the devices provide excellent versatility, claims the company.

Add ads to your meal: Shenzhen Friday Originality Technology Co has had a lot of interest its Table Advertising Player range

Keep control simple, urge integrators

Inside view: The interior of the dome showcases seamless immersive projection mapping

Take some time out in the dome VIOSO / AIRSTRUCTURES.DE Entrance F For an eye-catching yet relaxing experience at ISE 2020, the outdoor dome located outside Entrance F is hard to beat. Presented by ISE and created by two German companies – aiRstructures.de and Vioso – both of which can also be found on stand 1-H5, the dome is showing seamless immersive content projected on to the entire interior top half. The outdoor dome was developed by aiRstructures.de, which produces mobile inflatables with spherical 360° projection according to customer requirements or for rental. As well as mobile domes, the company offers complete, lightweight systems that feature seamless projection technology and sound, in forms such as negative pressure screens that can be mounted indoor from wall to wall, immersive rooms with projection up to the floor, and spherical screens for fairs. The immersive content is provided by Vioso. It provides media server and projection mapping software with features such as automatic alignment of projectors. Software includes Vioso Player video playback software for museums, shows, projection mapping, full dome, showrooms and live performances, while Vioso Anyblend is software for projection warping. Also available, Pixera Vioso is a flexible timeline-based media server solution developed together with AV Stumpfl (also on stand 1-H5). 4 ISE Daily 2020 Friday 14 February

ISE10_Page_004pb.indd 4

The need to cater to the specific requirements of each customer and remember that “every single aspect of the design has to be done for them” came through loud and clear in many of the responses given during the ‘Everything Designers Wanted to Know About Home Technology, But Were Too Afraid to Ask’ session at yesterday’s inaugural CEDIA Design & Build Conference. Homeplay managing director James Ratcliffe and NV Integration director Pip Evans fielded questions from designers L-R: James Ratcliffe (Homeplay), Pip Evans (NV Integration), Susie Rumbold (Tessuto Interiors) and Dean Keyworth (Armstrong Dean Keyworth, founder of Keyworth) debate residential integration practicalities and pitfalls with Armstrong Keyworth, and Susie moderator Jeff Hayward (Wildwood PR) Rumbold, founder and creative director of Tessuto Interiors. Invited to consider the main control requirements when designing a new residential installation, Ratcliffe said: “Control panels and keypads should always be intuitive. It’s no good having a system that requires lots of training – it should be possible for anyone to use it without explanation.” The way in which control is implemented, said Evans, “inevitably depends on the individual client – everything has to be done for them”, but there is often plenty of reason to think that “simple push button controls” constitute the best way forward. Other questions included the priorities for a non-dedicated media room installation (“a rollable TV can be a good approach”), the upgrade from HD to 4K and now potentially 8K TV (“good support and regular firmware updates” are vital) and the ideal viewing angle for most home cinema installations (45°). There were also several emphatic warnings about security as the general network environment becomes more complex. “If you know all your passwords, you are doing it wrong,” advised Ratcliffe. “The only way to go is to use a password manager and have unique passwords for every single site.” For the latest show news and updates follow #ISE2020

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CV380-CS Experience Performance, Portability, And Versatility Packed Into A Remarkably Small And Lightweight Frame. The New Marshall CV380’s 8.5 Megapixel sensor captures stunning progressive or interlaced video up to 4K, with professional adjustment settings made locally or from the convenience of the truck. Full-Sized 6G-SDI and HDMI Outputs 8.5 Megapixel (1/2.5”) Sensor (4:2:2) Interchangeable CS/C-Mount Lenses

Up to 4K 4096x2160 at 30 fps All Full-HD (Progressive or Interlaced) Formats Up to 60 fps

Convenient Mounting Options Remote Adjust and Match over RS-485 or OSD Joystick Control

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CLEARLY WORKS BETTER Meet the Ultimate Zoom Room Microphone


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360° USB Conferencing Microphone for Zoom Rooms

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Hospitality tech and the Internet of Me From AR apps to gaming-focused hotels, the next generation of immersive experiences are set to offer hospitality venues new ways of supporting the customer and enhancing the consumer experience, according to Amelia Kallman. The futurist asked attendees at Thursday’s Hospitality Tech Summit ISE by HTNG at the Hotel Okura to consider their offerings in the context of a “post-digital age” where virtual experiences were being combined with AI and personalisation. “We’re moving past the Internet of Things and towards the ‘Internet of Me’, where what’s important is how intelligent things are,” she told the conference, which was produced in association with AVIXA and CEDIA. Kallman then took attendees on a whirlwind tour of examples that showcased some of the virtual experiences that are being trialled in the hospitality industry. These included virtual concierges from Gatebox, which claim to add a 360º customisable holographic image to voice assistants such as Alexa. Kallman added that experiential offerings are focusing on augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR) experiences where consumers need only a mobile phone to access the experiences, rather than VR glasses. This trend has been boosted by WebAR, she added, which means that users no longer have to download apps to embark on immersive experiences; they can simply scan a QR code. Examples of these mobile-led experiences include Marriott Hotels’ Portal to Paradise AR app, which enables potential guests to its Latin American and Caribbean hotels to walk around a virtual version of its complexes. In the B2B space, meanwhile, Kallman pointed to Accenture’s XR planner for selling conference and events space that allows planners and clients to collaborate in spaces virtually. Kallman added that projector technology is also enhancing in-room experiences for guests. She gave the example of BroomX – a projected VR platform that enables guests to watch films on the wall or customise their own wallpaper with a virtual screen. Kallman predicted that, to capitalise on

Schier: epirent software “has a very simple workflow”

Colour by numbers EPI DEVELOPMENT Stand: 14-E112 Software developer EPI is taking advantage of its corner of Hall 14 to meet new customers and tell them about the opportunities of its epirent rental industry software. 6 ISE Daily 2020 Friday 14 February

ISE10_Page_006mbpb.indd 6

Kallman: “Hotel guests don’t necessarily want Alexa listening into them. How connected do we want these services to be?”

the gaming and esports boom, gaming hotels such as those recently announced by Atari – which are set to offer guests next-generation AR and MR entertainment experiences – will also be a trend. However, as hotels become increasingly connected, Kallman urged the industry to consider guests’ privacy

“We cover staff, materials, product planning and warehouse organisation, with software helping to manage the workflow from quotations to invoices and everything in between,” marketing and communications manager René Schier told the ISE Daily. The company has 25 years of experience in the field and, said Schier, “the software has a very simple workflow – a colour toolbar connects all the different areas, providing a clear overview. We hope that by getting our feet into the international sector at ISE, we can get more people interested in our concept. The logistical problems are very clear – and companies need solutions.”

concerns. “Hotels are an oasis of privacy – guests don’t necessarily want Alexa listening into them. How connected do we want these services to be?” Data breaches, she warned, will be another hurdle to overcome. “The weaponising of IoT is real. It only takes one portal of entry to hack into an entire system.”

Ben Perrie of Connected Cruises is the second lucky attendee to take home an Austrian Audio OC818 professional large-diaphragm microphone. All week attendees have been asked to share on social media the three songs that remind them most of ISE. Perrie’s entry caught the eye of the ISE team when he opted for Amsterdam by Coldplay, Ayo Technology by Justin Timberlake and Daft Punk’s Digital Love. Perrie is a first-time visitor to ISE and is here to discover new and immersive technology for cruise ships. The OC818 is a professional large-diaphragm microphone that is suited for use in studio, broadcast and live environments. There are several key features including multiple polar patterns, dual outputs for recording each diaphragm separately and a handmade ceramic capsule.

For the latest show news and updates follow #ISE2020

13/02/2020 17:47

News Five scenarios on one stand ATEN Stand: 8-K200 Specialising in connectivity and management solutions in accessing and sharing technologies, ATEN’s stand features five scenario-style walkthrough rooms showcasing its most popular KVM and pro-AV integrations. Scenario one is all about IT management, while scenario two is based in a control room. ATEN provides complete control room hardware solutions combining KVM and AV matrix switches, central hardware control and intelligent energy management. Scalable to the size of the control room requirement, ATEN’s multiview and secure workstation, signal distribution and videowall solutions are demonstrated in full at ISE.

Scenario three features smart desktop tools, connectivity and sharing switches. Scenario four features a typical conference room set up. ATEN central hardware controllers, splitters, matrix switches, extenders and converters are already the backbone of meeting spaces, but the new presentation switch series, showcased on stand, is an addition to the product range. Scenario five is based around AV signal management. ATEN hardware for AV signal distribution offers longdistance distribution, combining sources and displays of any kind and resolution and supporting operating systems of any type within a single and centrally managed system. Visitors to this section of the stand can discover several scalable videowall solutions among the model matrix switches and AV-over-IP extenders.

Jürgen Imandt with the StudioArt A100 room speaker

A multitude of options REVOX Stand: 9-E170 Audio company Revox is sharing the stand of Gira in Hall 9 in order to demonstrate how the two brands fit together. Revox marketing manager Jürgen Imandt told the ISE Daily that the latest product updates are multi-user and multi-room systems and connected Studio Art speaker systems, which can operate by WiFi or Ethernet. Multi-user capabilities enable listeners to set the sound to their own preferences at the touch of a button, while multiroom systems allow users to have their music playing in more than one room at the same time. User profiles can be password protected and remote access can be enabled for installers to remotely manage and maintain the system. Existing network storage for digital music can be fully integrated, and maximum volumes per room or zone can be activated.

Victor Ramirez, technical sales at ATEN

Stronger together Z-WAVE ALLIANCE Stand: 9-E150 Attendees to the Z-Wave Alliance stand have the opportunity to learn about new products from its members and speak with representatives about recent Z-Wave initiatives and ecosystem updates. Executive director Mitch Klein told the ISE Daily that the organisation recently opened up the Z-Wave specification as a ratified, multi-source wireless standard available to all silicon and stack vendors for development. With this change, semiconductor and software developers will be able to join the Z-Wave ecosystem, contribute to future advancements of the smart home standard, as well as develop and supply sub-GHz Z-Wave radio devices and software stacks. The Z-Wave Alliance is made up of more than 3,200 certified and interoperable products from over 700 smart home and IoT manufacturers who are committed to expanding and supporting Z-Wave technology. The alliance boasts interoperability, backwards-compatibility and high levels of security in every device, enabling integrators to offer secure products from a diverse ecosystem of brands to their customers. Mitch Klein welcomes visitors to the Z-Wave Alliance stand 8 ISE Daily 2020 Friday 14 February

ISE10_Page_008PB.indd 8

Delivering content on the go NOMADIX Stand: 14-E133 Media attached to floors and walls has often been seen as advertising waste – people simply walk past and ignore it, or it gets lost in the crowd. NomadiX believes that media should be able to reach and deliver relevant content where the audience is most receptive. NomadiX CEO Mark Evans told the ISE Daily that its iWalker portable digital screen does this and adds a level of interactivity at point of sale and inside crowds that static doesn’t, including faceto-face data capture. “The company’s range of digital signage technologies move and deliver targeted content with facial detection where other static media formats can’t reach,” he said. “We have some other unique mobile interactive technologies that bridge screen content with mobile, such as the iProjector Halo which we launched last week. This is the world’s most powerful handheld outdoor projector for guerrilla marketing.”

NomadiX says content should be delivered where the audience is most receptive

For the latest show news and updates follow #ISE2020

13/02/2020 17:16


Essential AV insights on the ISE Main Stage The ISE Main Stage covered a multitude of hot topics yesterday, including the Internet of Things, AV/IT convergence and the future of digital signage. The day began with Florian Rotberg, managing director of invidis consulting, sharing the latest news and trends from the digital signage industry. The next step for this sector is digital signage experience platforms, he told attendees. While there are a few vendors who have managed to improve the software – especially on the data side – it’s not simply about having the API to connect to a back-end system, it’s also about feeding data back into that system, he explained. “That’s the difference between standard digital signage and a digital experience platform,” said Rotberg. “You need to find the best platform to support your business, and that you feel comfortable selling to your customers.” He went on to discuss the topic of green signage, a trend which the industry has seen skyrocket in the past six months. “What’s most interesting is that green signage is not necessarily driven by customers, but mostly by employees,” Rotberg added. In a later morning session, Shure’s global marketing director Chris Merrick discussed how the AV industry can co-operate more closely with IT functions. He revealed that, traditionally, the industry has been focused on improving the audio quality of larger, more complex multipurpose spaces. “What we want to do is help make sure that high-quality

For the latest show news and updates follow #ISE2020

ISE10_Page_009mbPB.indd 9

audio solutions aren’t just limited to the top of the pyramid, and that some low-cost and easy-to-install solutions in lower-end rooms can be improved as well,” said Merrick. Three out of four AV buyers expect to increase their budgets to resolve these issues. While that is good news for the AV industry, it also Merrick: “The AV industry needs to move in the direction of IT departments rather than the other way around” means that buyers are going to be laser-focused in terms of what’s being specified. “People want to have “The basis of what our technological society will become long-term, enduring relationships with their partners, and is actually based on this combination of being able to add we believe that the AV industry needs to move in the direction sensors, have all that data collected in real time, and then of the IT departments rather than the other way around,” have artificial intelligence sort out what’s important to provide explained Merrick. feedback or automatically implement changes,” said Snyder. Meanwhile, the afternoon saw Bob Snyder, editor-in-chief The Internet of Things grows horizontally across almost at Channel Media Europe and Smart Building Conference every industry, and is acting as a bridge between operations content chairman, take to the Main Stage to offer his thoughts and the information technology departments. on ‘IoTageddon’. “This isn’t digital transformation and it is not business as Snyder showed how the Internet of Things has evolved usual,” Snyder added. “This requires people trying to change since its inception, and described how it has migrated into the way they do things; it requires people educating their staff, what’s now being called the ‘intelligence of things’. and perhaps changing their culture to get at this information.”

Friday 14 February ISE Daily 2020 9

13/02/2020 16:13

News First outing for flexible, modular collaboration platform ELO TOUCH Stand: 8-E185 Launching in April and seen at ISE for the first time, Elo’s modular platform is the next step in collaboration solutions, according to the company. Elo’s ‘bundle’ enables businesses to deploy their video conferencing programme of choice with a consistent experience across all interactive touchpoints. Its modular platform can be tailored to implement solutions from corporate reception desks and visitor self-service to huddle spaces and conference rooms. Elo’s 55in and 65in 4K interactive displays come complete with Qwizdom whiteboarding and annotation software. Maarten Bais, EMEA general manager and vice president of Elo Touch, said: “Elo’s unified architecture platform is based on the customer’s need for flexibility. Our modular platform, powerover-Ethernet (PoE) and management capability supports almost any interactive touchpoint. We also believe we are the first professional service to use Google Management Service (GMS) providing all functionality via a mobile phone.” In addition, Elo Touch is showcasing its flexible kiosk solution. A fully configurable kiosk, based on the same principle as Lego building blocks, is being demonstrated on the company’s stand. Offering a variety of sizes, mounts and stand designs, the Elo Edge Connect system provides an assortment of peripheral options that expand the use of an existing touchscreen. This creates a flexible device that can utilise accessories such as barcode scanners, payment terminal and status lights, Maarten Bais, EMEA general manager and vice president of Elo Touch providing increased functionality to the kiosk.

Maximum impact MAXELL Stand: 1-F100 As the new face for Hitachi’s projector arm, Maxell is making a splash this week with a host of products to show off. Elaine Casabuona, sales and marketing manager at Maxell, commented: “In one sense it’s a new brand, but people know it’s coming from Hitachi, therefore the quality is behind it. The market is just so competitive, so saturated with products, that this is helping us because we’ve seen such a reaction to someone new who has quality products.” The company’s new portable 3LCD projectors include

Nureva’s James Rempel (left) and Adam Corkett (right) with the HDL200 audio conferencing system

A big idea for small rooms NUREVA Stand: 11-D160 The HDL200 audio conferencing system, which is purpose-built for smaller spaces, is new from Nureva. James Rempel, director, product management at Nureva, told the ISE Daily: “We’re going to start shipping the HDL200 at the end of March. It has the same Microphone Mist technology that our HDL300 [conferencing system] has. The big difference is we designed it for smaller rooms, up to about 5.5m. “We really looked at what the requirements are for smaller rooms and we saw that in these spaces there are a lot of what we call ‘one-wall installations’ – the display, the computer device and the camera all co-located on one wall. This meant that we needed to provide more flexibility for installation and so the HDL200 has forward-facing microphones, which can be mounted directly above or directly below a display.”

the MP-JU4001, MP-JW4011, MP-JW3511, MP-JW4001 and MP-JE3501. These portable WXGA and WUXGA models can produce 3,500/4,000 ANSI lumens with wide colour spectrums, making them well suited to the corporate sector. Maxell is also focussing on displays. Casabuona added: “Displays are a very big part of our business and of our future.” This is evidenced in the new line of professional displays, which range from 49in up to 86in. These models include a system on chip (SoC), as well as their own built-in CMS software. Building on its expertise in the education market, Maxell has introduced its first lecture capture station, the MA-XL1, which is engineered to meet the needs of the classroom of the future, according to the company. Rounding out its new additions are 65in, 75in and 86in 4K UHD flat panel displays, which are available in either black or white.

Keisuke Fujimura, head of the B2B business unit, announced Maxell’s new products at the company’s press conference

A true 4K:4K media player EXTERITY Stand: 10-K163

Exterity’s team at ISE, including Carolyn Baillie (far right), at the company’s stand in Hall 10

10 ISE Daily 2020 Friday 14 February

ISE10_Page_010PB.indd 10

Products being showcased by Exterity at ISE 2020 include the AvediaPlayer m9605 4K media player, which has the ability to integrate both 4K video and 4K 60fps graphics and animations into digital signage. Carolyn Baillie, director of marketing at Exterity, told the ISE Daily: “The new media player is what we’ve been calling 4K:4K because it’s not just 4K video, it’s 4K graphics too. The nice thing is it’s not HD graphics scaled up; it’s true 4K graphics. It uses the latest Intel technology inside, as does our new generation of 38-series AvediaStream HDMI encoders.” Exterity has also unveiled its AvediaPlayer m9400, which is designed to deliver an enhanced 4K in-room experience. It has been created specifically for use with ArtioGuest, Exterity’s hospitality middleware. It also benefits from PoE and a quiet, fanless design. Other Exterity highlights on show at ISE include the company’s ArtioFlow workflow app, which enables the

creation of time-saving workflows by simply dragging a series of actions – such as power on, set volume or channel change – across the IPTV system to create action sequences. For instance, a corporate organisation could create an ArtioFlow workflow that turns on a specific group of devices at the start of the business day, sets a main news channel and then mutes those screens located in public areas. Exterity is also showcasing the latest addition to the company’s AvediaStream Gateway family. The g4417-pi has dual conditional access slots and built-in Pro:Idiom encryption to meet the most stringent content protection requirements and deliver high-value and broadcasterpremium channels across an IP network. The launch of the g4401 IP-IP Gateway means that two paired Exterity gateways can send and receive secure and reliable video streams over the internet using the SRT protocol. This enables organisations to deliver live video, such as training sessions, between remote sites, without the need for costly dedicated delivery networks.   For the latest show news and updates follow #ISE2020

13/02/2020 15:40

News Let’s get to Work BOSE Stand: 7-C200 A new initiative from Bose, dubbed Bose Work, has been announced at ISE 2020, as the company looks to improve audio performance across the conferencing sector. Bose Work solutions launched at the show include the Bose Videobar VB1 all-in-one USB conference device, Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700 UC and ControlSpace EX components. Spanning desktop and mobile Bodley: “We want to provide conferencing products to allbetter technology that allows in-one huddle space devices people to work better” and fully integrated meeting room systems, Bose Work is designed to deliver consistent, optimised performance, ‘making interactions more natural and productive while helping people feel more connected and engaged’. Marty Bodley, global lead for Bose Work, explained: “This is a new initiative we’re announcing here at the show. We’re getting into the conferencing and unified communications business, releasing products targeted at installed and integrated rooms. These days, with companies and conferencing calls, everyone on the call has to be working with good audio. Whether you’re in a coffee shop, on a train or at an airport, you have to have good sound in meeting rooms, regardless of size. “We’re trying to address those areas where people join calls from and improve their audio. It’s what Bose is all about; we want to provide better technology that allows people to work better.”

Highlights on the Daktronics stand include a 2K HDR display featuring 1.2mm chip-on-board technology and an outdoor display embedded in ice

Chips away DAKTRONICS Stand: 8-K245 A display based on Daktronics’ new high-brightness chip-on-board (CoB) technology provides the company’s showpiece at ISE. It features a 1.2mm pixel pitch with brightness of over 6,000 nits to meet the needs of outdoor applications. Shown in a 2K HDR display on the Daktronics stand, this product is expected to ship in the autumn.

Single CMS for multiple signage devices DIGITALSIGNAGE.CLOUD Stand: 8-E225 Heinekingmedia is showcasing its subscription DigitalSignage.Cloud service, presenting a new option for using a single content management system across multiple signage platforms. DigitalSignage.Cloud currently has approximately 25,000 customers and all common digital signage hardware platforms are supported. A new software player can manage and play multimedia content across all devices and resolutions centrally via the cloud, giving maximum flexibility. Dependent on whether the end user requires a static digital poster, video screen or multi-touch terminal, the monthly subscription option adapts to the capabilities of the end devices. Heinekingmedia has partnered with many auto manufacturers, delivering software to a variety of showrooms. One of the interactive car builder solutions that creates different scenarios from a single CMS is also being demonstrated on the DigitalSignage.Cloud stand.

Karsten Krogmann, partner manager, and Max Müller, marketing manager for DigitalSignage.Cloud

12 ISE Daily 2020 Friday 14 February

ISE10_Page_012mbPB.indd 12

Joining it at ISE are 1.2mm and 1.5mm pixel pitch videowalls suspended above the stand, both offering 1,500 nits. Judd Guthmiller, vice president of Europe, Middle East and Africa regions for Daktronics, said: “We have brought some exciting new innovations to share at ISE this year, including our latest high-brightness CoB product. “Being able to showcase our products and have conversations with our valued customers and partners as to how we can help solve their audiovisual communication needs is something we find highly engaging every year.” Also on the stand is a working outdoor module embedded within an ice block, demonstrating the environmental resistance and reliability of the product.

Teaching enhanced with T-Line PHILIPS PDS Stand: 10-K170 Among an array of products from Philips Professional Display Solutions at ISE 2020 is the company’s latest range of T-Line interactive touch displays for the education sector. Available in 65in, 75in or 86in screen size variants, the T-Line range runs on Android providing familiarity for tablet or Top class: The new T-Line series is aimed at the education sector smartphone users, and almost universal usability for students and tutors alike. Harold Niericker, head of product management for signage at Philips PDS, said: “At Philips PDS, we don’t simply enter a market for the sake of participation or to make up the numbers. With our new T-Line specifically for education, we’re offering something truly innovative to the market; a display that has been designed to solve existing problems, and to facilitate and enhance teaching methods and how students are able to collaborate and communicate with each other effortlessly.” Each T-Line display features multi-touch interaction, as well as high-speed technology and an optimised glass coating to deliver a high-class writing experience. This allows multiple students to physically interact with the display simultaneously, using either their hands or, for more accurate detail, a passive pen that’s included in the box. The displays can also connect with a keyboard and mouse and have the functionality to support Active Pen technology. Running from a secure wireless connection, up to 64 students can connect their personal devices directly to the display at the same time. The work from up to four students’ devices can be shared on the display at any one time. The T-Line screens support all major operating systems – including ChromeOS, macOS, Windows and iOS – so students can contribute to lessons by viewing, working with and manipulating a document without leaving their seats. All documents displayed and work carried out can be saved and shared via third-party email apps or stored in the cloud. For the latest show news and updates follow #ISE2020

13/02/2020 15:32

News Energy-efficient Joan gets an upgrade VISIONECT Stand: 8-E260 Offering a cable-free room booking system and showing for the first time this year at ISE, the upgraded Joan 6 is being demonstrated on the Visionect stand. Launched four years ago, Joan has received an upgrade every 12 months, and this time around it offers new integrations with Microsoft Teams, WebEx and Slack, allowing users to book meeting spaces and add invitees. The flexible meeting room solution has no cords and

can be installed by attaching the magnetic mount on to any surface, meaning that even glass meeting rooms can now feature the booking system. The interactive Joan 6 needs no recharging for up to three months, while the big sister, Joan 13, a display and overview solution, requires charging once every 12 months. Both Joans are energy-efficient and require no additional tools to integrate with existing calendars. Also launched recently – and at ISE for the first time – is Joan on Displays. A smart TV can be used to show current and future meeting information with organiser names, confirmed attendees, status of meetings and rooms details.

Tilen Kegl, marketing director at Visonect, demonstrates Joan 6

UMini set to make a big impact UNILUMIN Stand: 12-F60

Scorse: “The technology behind UMini can broaden the application field of LED displays”

Launching a new miniLED product at ISE, Unilumin’s UK CEO Steve Scorse told the ISE Daily: “The market demand for large, high-definition LED screens with vibrant colours is increasing year-on-year, especially in control rooms, broadcasting rooms and meeting rooms. That’s when UMini comes into play.” UMini, which according to Scorse, presents “a perfect picture”, offers 20,000:1 contrast ratio and HDR picture refinement. Brightness can reach 2,000 nits, so it can be easily viewed even in a bright room. UMini has a 180° wide viewing angle and uses 40%

less power compared to surface-mount LEDs. Integrated packaging technology protects the LEDs from colliding and increases moisture resistance. “The technology behind UMini can broaden the application field of existing LED display products, bring more market opportunities and create greater market value for integrators and distributors,” Scorse added. “The excellent display effect brings a better user experience to end users, and UMini is robust enough to perform in different kinds of environment.” “At the same time, Unilumin can provide the market with great production capacity and excellent services,” he continued. “With all of these advantages, UMini is definitely going to unlock more possibilities for the LED industry.”

Next-Generation AV over IP Award-Winning Zero Latency 4K 60 Hz AV Distribution and Video Wall Platform over IP Visit Black Box to learn more - Hall 10 - Stand P155 00800-22552269

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ISE10_Page_013mbPB.indd 13


Friday 14 February ISE Daily 2020 13

13/02/2020 15:33

News Entering new territory with Dante DIGICO Stand: 7-K200 British mixing console manufacturer DiGiCo has introduced its first Dante solutions at ISE 2020. The new A164D Wall LCD and A168D Stage I/O racks have been launched for use with the company’s 4REA4 processing engine for networked audio in installations. Both racks bring all the connectivity of the original A164 Wall LCD and A168 Stage, but with the additional advantage of Dante connectivity.   A 16-input, 4-output I/O expander, the A164D Wall LCD uses the Dante network protocol to provide fixed, additional I/O anywhere on a network and has been built for wall or floor mounting. It comes with 16 mic preamps on XLR inputs with phantom power status LEDs and four XLR line outs with direct preamp control from the 4REA4 controller software. The A168D Stage is a portable 16-input, 8-output I/O expander, which also utilises the Dante network protocol to provide additional I/O anywhere on a network. It too comes with 16 mic preamps on XLR inputs with phantom power status LEDs and eight XLR line outputs with direct preamp control from the 4REA4 controller software. Austin Freshwater, general manager at DiGiCo, said: “We’ve been under a lot of pressure and had lots of requests to introduce a Dante solution. Traditionally, we haven’t had anything that is plug-and-play Dante; these have been really well received and everybody is really excited about it.” The launch follows last month’s introduction of the Quantum 338 mixing desk, which is also on display in Hall 7. “2020 is going to be a phenomenal year for the Quantum 338,” Freshwater continued. “Everyone we’ve introduced it to has been totally in awe. Everything they want from DiGiCo is there. It’s going to go from strength to strength.”

L-R: Austin Freshwater with Maria Fiorellino, marketing manager, DiGiCo

All in the cards

New generation optical bonding

DELTACAST Stand: 8-M365 With its large portfolio of video capture and playout solutions for developers, Deltacast products at ISE 2020 include the new Delta-12G SDI card and video output modules for the FLEX ecosystem. For compact, multi-purpose, lowlatency and low- to medium-density Deltacast’s large product range of multi-format interface cards are being demonstrated at ISE applications, Deltacast has developed a new multi-format interface card featuring an HDMI input supporting up to 4K60 and four SDI channels that can be used in input and output. It also individually supports formats up to 1080p60 (3G-SDI), or can be combined to support up to 4K60 as either 1x12G-SDI or 4x3G-SDI. This is the first time that Deltacast has delivered both SDI and HDMI on the same flexible and single slot card in the smaller configuration. The company also produces a range of cards that offer up to eight synchronised HDMI 4K displays as an output, as well as featuring a DisplayPort interface which allows up to eight 8K screens to be connected.

SHENZHEN HUMMAX DISPLAY SYSTEMS Stand: 8-P324 The new generation optical bonding outdoor LCD digital signage display from Hummax is being showcased at ISE. Featuring an IP65-rated 75in screen, the high-brightness, waterproof display operates in temperatures from -30º to +40º and is compatible with the Windows OS. The slim design of the display allows the entire unit to be only 100mm thick. Optical bonding offers toughened and protected glass and full 24/7 operation. Models offering brightness levels of 1,500 nits and 2,500 nits are available, as well as other customised options.

Setting standards MACNICA Stand: 15-C370 Live video-over-IP transport technology specialist Macnica has introduced a system on chip (SoC) version of an AV-over-IP transport module at ISE 2020, with the aim of bringing its interoperable, open standards approach to a broader customer base. In essence, the new ME10 product condenses Macnica’s full-stack MPA1000 module into a compact SoC form factor for high-volume product developers. Notably, the ME10 and MPA1000 support IP Media Experience (IPMX), the recently announced AV-over-IP initiative from the Alliance for IP Media Solutions (AIMS) that is designed specifically for the commercial AV industry as a collection of open standards and specifications, providing an interoperable AV-over-IP Motoki Nagashima shows off the ME100 multi-vendor solution. Motoki Nagashima, general manager of technical marketing at Macnica Americas, said the AV-over-IP market is currently very fragmented, and would benefit from an open standards approach. Macnica uses the SMPTE ST 2110 established transport standards and IPMX is also based on these standards. “We believe the standards will change the industry,” said Nagashima. “This will help to reduce fragmentation and ensure everything can be interoperable.” 14 ISE Daily 2020 Friday 14 February

ISE10_Page_014mbPB.indd 14

Alice Cheung, marketing director at Hummax, with the high-brightness display

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13/02/2020 15:39

CUTTING EDGE AV Distribution DisplayNet delivers superior performance: • Zero Frame Latency and Fast Switching • Independent Multi-Layer Matrix Switching • Unlimited Scalability using copper and optical media • Cross-vendor interoperability with other SDVoE products • Advanced Video Wall functionality – supports up to 8x8 arrays • MultiViewer – create custom layouts for up to 32 sources on a single display • Supports the latest HDMI / DisplayPort formats: 4K/60 4:4:4, HDR and HDCP 2.2


sales@dvigear.com +1.770.421.6699 dvigear.com/displaynet

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News Juggling with pixels

Speaking your language

7THSENSE DESIGN Stand: 15-M290

CROWDBEAMER Stand: 15-R264

Media server provider 7thSense Design is showcasing a new product called Juggler. According to Eric Lehman, business development manager at 7thSense, Juggler is designed to process and manage pixels in order to increase the capability of servers and reduce latency, thus resolving two key issues faced by customers. The hardware-based pixel processor range complements the company’s GPU-based Delta media servers. 7thSense focuses on deployments in theme parks, museums, churches and other similar sites that require AV systems integration. “We work closely with technology partners that use Lehman: “7thSense is supporting displays at the stands of our media servers as part eight partners during ISE 2020” of large installations,” said Lehman. “In fact, 7thSense is supporting displays on the stands of eight partners during ISE 2020, including on the Sony stand. The equipment is serving 17 billion pixels per second on the show floor – with 10 billion on the 7thSense stand alone.”

Wireless presentation system provider Crowdbeamer is showcasing how content presented during events, meetings, conferences and more can be streamed to the audience in different languages using multiple Crowdbeamer boxes. Hans Romaen, director and founder of Crowdbeamer, told the ISE Daily: “The Crowdbeamer system is designed to place the focus on the audience rather than the presenter.” The Crowdbeamer box, which consists of an app and a device, sits between the projector and the presenter’s PC and allows content to be transferred via WiFi to the Romaen: “Crowdbeamer is designed to place the focus on the audience” personal devices of people in the audience. “At the end of the presentation the audience then has a digital takeaway that is immediately available on their devices,” said Romaen. A new feature for ISE 2020 allows people sitting in the same room to be sent content in different languages, creating multilingual presentations even when the presenter is speaking in only one language. Audience members can connect to the Crowdbeamer that is streaming in their language and see, zoom-in, capture and annotate dedicated presentations. Crowdbeamer systems are also scalable. Using a network of Crowdbeamer ProAV devices, conference keynote speakers can share content in real time with an audience of more than 500 people.


N15 6 h Boot








NA2-IO-DPRO Mic, Line, AES/EBU I/O Dante Interface ®

The NA2-IO-DPRO is a 2IN, 2OUT breakout box designed to connect legacy audio equipment with the Dante network. It features high-quality microphone preamps and 2 Dante ports for either redundant setup or daisy chaining. Audio parameters are adjusted by the DPRO Controller app. www.neutrik.com ®


16 ISE Daily 2020 Friday 14 February

ISE10_Page_016mbPB.indd 16

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13/02/2020 16:59


Today’s Main Stage Sessions The ISE Main Stage – sponsored by Shure – is the setting for a full programme of thought leadership sessions throughout the four days of the show, produced by content partners ISE, AVIXA, CEDIA and AV Magazine. Sessions will address technology and business trends, best practice in key verticals, and topics around people management, training and diversity. All sessions are free to attend, and no advance booking is required. The ISE Main Stage is located in Hall 14 (Stand 14-B190). 10:00-10:30 Emerging Trends – Part II presented by: AVIXA speaker: Sean Wargo, AVIXA The Industry Behind the Show. Part 2: A Look Ahead – Pro AV in 2020 and Beyond. While each ISE show offers a look at some of the product advancements that are shaping industry growth in the present, there are many more out on the horizon. Whether emerging display technologies, artificial intelligence, augmented and virtual reality, or other immersive technologies, the future suggests further waves of advancement will help propel the industry. This session by AVIXA, led by Sean Wargo, senior director of market intelligence, will shed light on what the future of pro AV holds. 10:30-11:00 VR/AR/XR presented by: CEDIA speaker: Rich Green, Rich Green Design XR – extended reality – is an umbrella term that includes elements of AR, VR and MR to make for a user experience unlike any other. Rich Green, who’s been researching XR as well as ‘the spatial web’, has mind-blowing insights on just what impact technological developments like this will have on entertainment, assisted living, user interfaces and much more. Green is a high-end integrator in the San Francisco Bay area of the US and one of CEDIA’s most knowledgeable teachers.

18 ISE Daily 2020 Friday 14 February

11:00-11:30 Designing MDUs presented by: CEDIA speakers: Eddie Shapiro, SmartTouchUSA; Chris Knight, Perfect Integration Multiple-dwelling unit design offers a unique set of challenges for the integrator: creating systems that are user-friendly, customisable, and most importantly, repeatable is no small feat. Additionally, common areas are often part of these projects, too. Join us as we speak to award-winning experts in this segment of residential technology integration. Chris Knight

11:30-12:00 What Do We Want? Better Meeting Rooms! The end user support group presented by: Shure speaker: Antony Lovell, Shure How to create efficient meetings spaces in the government and corporate sectors. All around the world, different government and corporate organisations have unique challenges they need to overcome in order to conduct efficient meetings and fulfil their stated functions. Simply adapting the latest available technology is not the best answer. The best approach is to take a step back and determine what the end customer would like to achieve. Quite often the client needs help choosing the technology that will support their needs. Visitors to this session will learn to understand clients’ unique audio and meeting management challenges and provide the appropriate solutions.

Jeffrey Fairbank

13:30-14:00 Panel Debate: The workspace of the future presented by: AV Magazine speakers: Robert Jeffrey Fairbanks, Bloomberg LP; Dale Bottcher, AVISPL; Simon Truby, Coleman Bennett International

Workspaces now need to be flexible and quickly adaptable to accommodate working styles and other requirements. Their use must also be measurable so we can be sure the workspace is operating effectively, fulfilling the demands of the business. But, how does the C-suite see workspace development – a necessary irritant to satisfy the demands of a new generation of workers, or an essential way forward for the business? As panel moderator Clive Couldwell, group editor, AV Magazine explains: “Until now we’ve focused on staff requirements, but the angle we’ve ignored completely is: what is the workspace’s larger relationship with the business? How’s it developing, and can the AV industry adapt to support it - and, just as importantly, make money out of it)? “For the AV industry, has the emergence of the new workplace turned its market upside down?” This session will address these and other questions.

For the latest show news and updates follow #ISE2020

ProfessionalDevelopment 14:00-14:0 Panel Debate: AV over IP presented by: AV Magazine speakers: Mike Allan, Exterity; Justin Kennington, SDVoE Alliance; Daniel Shwartzberg, HDBaseT Alliance; Simon Truby, Coleman Bennett International What has been discussed in the professional AV space over the past few years is the gradual replacement of traditional AV infrastructures with IP-based infrastructures – hence the term AV over IP – which affects not only the future of signal routing but also control, system management and presentation. There is currently no adopted standard for sending AV signals (video, audio, control and power) over the network – there are multiple ways of doing it, and none of the options are interoperable. So how can buyers plan ahead and what business and technical factors should be considered? Clive Couldwell, group editor, AV Magazine, moderates what looks likely to be a lively half hour of discussion. Daniel Shwartzberg

14:30-15:30 Recruiting New Talent presented by: AVIXA, CEDIA, ISE, AV Magazine This session will give delegates a chance to hear from their peers and from industry partners who are conducting research into workforce development and the challenges the AV industry is facing, and really discussed overall for the future prosperity and Bob Snyder attracting talent that way that we seek. Joseph Valerio, AVIXA’s director of workforce development, says: “The session is going to present research highlighting the scale of our issue and the challenges that we’re facing, showcase ways in which AV companies can engage with schools in their own backyards, workforce agencies in their countries, and essentially ways that they can more successfully build pipelines into jobs at their company. “Both AVIXA and CEDIA will be offering up more sustainable models in that fashion using examples and case studies that our members have launched themselves; we’ll have people on stage with us discussing how they have built their own grassroots models at the regional level.” The session will be moderated by Bob Snyder, content chair of the ISE 2020 Smart Building Conference.






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Friday 14 February

Show Events Today

Attracting attention Following the success of last year’s event, attractionsTECH, produced by industry resource blooloop, returns to the Hotel Okura for a morning packed full of discussion and debate. Supported by Audio Partner Bose, the 2020 edition will explore the business and technology strategies of visitor attractions, museums, theme parks and heritage sites, and examine how developments in technology are impacting this diverse sector. Delegates will hear insight and experiences from leading industry figures, including Peter Cliff, creative director at Holovis. Cliff was previously creative lead at Alton Towers and has worked in theme parks since he was 16. Be prepared for a fast-paced, fun and interactive session as Cliff guides attendees through key decisions in the creative process when creating a themed attraction experience. Also taking part in attractionsTECH is Renee Welsh, CEO of Embed. Having built and sold ticketing and booking management software business Booking Boss to Helix Leisure, she will talk delegates through the advances and disruptors in global travel technology and look at how visitor attractions can stay ahead of the game. In addition, tech-savvy entrepreneur Leander Werbrouck, segment manager, Pro/Events at Barco, will discuss how technology can enable award-winning immersive experiences; best practices to engage large audiences with big-screen


The vibrant visitor attraction sector will be under the microscope in this half-day event

immersion and give a view of a hybrid future where virtual meets physical. Finally, Dennis Gordt, head of development at Mack Rides, one of the leading influencers of theme park rides in the world today with 230 years in the business – and holding a unique position as both an operator (Europa Park) and manufacturer – will share his experience around

innovative new developments and cutting-edge technology that are shaping the thrill rides of the future. attractionsTECH by blooloop takes place today between 09:00 and 13:00 at the Hotel Okura. For more information and to book, visit www.iseurope.org/showevent/blooloop/

Elicium complex Farewell to Amsterdam transformed by spectacular projection A special event in the Forum will reflect on ISE’s time at the RAI while looking ahead to exciting times in Barcelona

Today is the last chance to see the specially created projection that is wowing locals and ISE visitors alike An eye-catching projection mapping the lower floors of the futuristic nine-storey Elicium complex has been attracting the attention of people passing the RAI on foot, in cars or and trams all week, and today is the final opportunity to take in the extravaganza. The projection, which is mapped to the shape of the front façade, has been produced by ISE and the RAI, working in conjunction with seven event partners. The projectors have been provided by AV rental company LANG AG and the media servers by Green Hippo. Augmenting the projected images is white laser mapping from HB Laserkomponenten and illumination from an Ares XS LED Wash from CLF Lighting on the upper storeys. It isn’t just a visual experience, however – with an audio track delivered via technology from Biamp. The content has been created by Tenfeet, a specialist in lighting technology and show production, while Indyvideo has provided containers for the projectors and operators, as well as technical production support. The projection is set to start at 16:00 today and will run until 22:00

20 ISE Daily 2020 Friday 14 February

With today marking the final day of the final ISE to be held here in Amsterdam, a special event is taking place in the RAI Forum at noon today. Entitled ¡Hola Barcelona!, the event will feature appearances from major Spanish dignitaries, including Àngels Chacón, the Catalan Minister of Enterprise and Knowledge; and representatives of the Mayor of Barcelona; ACCIÓ, the Catalan Agency for Business Competitiveness; ICEX, the Spanish Institute of Foreign Trade; and the Fira de Barcelona, which will be the show’s new home. They will talk about the opportunities that ISE’s move to Barcelona will bring for attendees, exhibitors, the City of Barcelona and the AV industry as a whole. Presented by Integrated Systems Europe managing director Mike Blackman, the event will also provide an opportunity for ISE, and its owners AVIXA and CEDIA, to say ‘goodbye and thank you’ to the City of Amsterdam and the RAI, and acknowledge their important contributions to the show’s phenomenal growth. Specially commissioned video content will tell the story of ISE, starting with its first edition in Geneva in 2004. Attendees at the event will also be given the chance to win a two-night stay at a luxury hotel in

the city as well as two tickets to an FC Barcelona match at Camp Nou. ¡Hola Barcelona! begins at 12:00 in the RAI Forum and is scheduled to last 35 minutes. It is free to attend and will be followed by a networking reception. Attendees are advised to arrive early as places are limited

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Friday 14 February

Today’s Featured Speaker

Banking on Barca Àngels Chacón, Catalan Government Minister of Business and Knowledge, talks about the importance of diversity in tech and what ISE attendees can expect from Barcelona in 2021 By Jo Ruddock Barcelona is welcoming ISE as of 2021. What does the congress mean to the city? First of all, the congress will give an overall boost to innovation in Barcelona. It is a great opportunity to strengthen a strategic sector of the Catalan economy such as the audiovisual one, an area closely linked to innovation and creativity and which is a driving force for other industrial sectors. It will undoubtedly be one of the year’s most important events in Catalonia: the world’s leading experts and opinion leaders will meet for four days in Barcelona to share their know-how and experiences on technologies that are revolutionising the way we understand business today and industry in general. For any first-time visitors to Barcelona, what can attendees expect from the city? They will discover an open city. Open to the world, to ideas and to new projects. Open to talent and innovation. They will discover the capital of a region, Catalonia, which has been able to combine a solid and local industrial base with a leading European start-up ecosystem and a significant presence of multinationals from all over the world. With a privileged geostrategic position, first-class business schools, pioneering technology centres and a specialised audiovisual cluster, Catalonia has become a unique environment for technological projects linked to innovation, and in particular for the audiovisual sector. All assets that will undoubtedly be reinforced with the celebration of ISE in Barcelona as of 2021. And how will the move to Gran Via benefit visitors to ISE? The Gran Via trade show venue in Barcelona has become one of the most relevant in Europe and the world. It has experience in holding international events such as the MWC, the Smart City World Congress, and Alimentaria Barcelona. With class-leading infrastructures and connected to the centre of Barcelona, the venue where ISE will be held from 2021 will unquestionably help it For the latest show news and updates follow #ISE2020

grow and consolidate it as the most important worldwide event in the sector. Barcelona has become something of a start-up hub in recent years. How has the Government of Catalonia created the environment to enable this to happen and does hosting ISE feed into this drive for innovation? The Government of Catalonia believes strongly in publicprivate collaboration. In recent years we have supported a wide range of initiatives that have led to the creation and development of the start-up hub which Barcelona has become today. Ultimately, it is all due to a combination of assets: talent, first of all, both local and international, thanks to the high educational standards found at our universities and business schools, combined with advanced infrastructures like the Barcelona Supercomputing Centre. On top of this, we must also add the region’s strong industrial tradition and a unique lifestyle, with a powerful network of local and international investors and the growth of accelerators, incubators and class-leading co-working spaces, as well as the existence of Pier01. In fact, if the CEOs of European start-ups were to establish their start-ups again, Barcelona would be the third place they’d choose. And I would like to stress the importance of those connections and synergies that are being established with the rest of the productive system. We are increasingly seeing more open innovation projects being generated between start-ups and local companies, clusters and multinationals. And, within this context, hosting ISE in Barcelona will play a decisive role, given that it can have a significant impact on this entire network of relationships. Sustainability also seems to be high on the agenda. Does technology have a role to play here? Innovation is one of the fundamental pillars supporting company growth and competitiveness. And this can no longer be separated from sustainability. In some cases, it requires a change of vision in order to rethink production and consumption methods, and here technology is essential to

make this happen. Without technology we will not be able to design new models that go beyond present concepts of ‘extract, manufacture, consume and eliminate’, and that include sustainability criteria as part of their DNA. You took part in the AVIXA Women’s Council event here at ISE on Wednesday. How important do you think it is to encourage diversity and inclusivity, especially across the tech sector? It’s crucial. Either we get women to have the same opportunities in the workplace as men or we will not be able to meet the challenges facing the new knowledge economy, especially in the current context of constant changes caused by digital transformation. In order to face the fourth industrial revolution, we need 100% of the talent. It is both good and necessary to have 50% of women where there is decision-making. Companies have amazing potential to transform society at all levels: unquestionably, we must create new female role models. That is why it is so important to have areas where female talent is shown, such as the one promoted with the AVIXA Women’s Council event. Is the Catalan government supporting any specific initiatives in this area? From the Ministry of Business and Knowledge that I lead, we are promoting actions, measures and policies on equality in the business field to make progress in gender perspectives. For example, we have designed a specific programme to facilitate the access of women managers to European funding and we have created a campaign to encourage STEM careers among women. We have also just organised the first business mission aimed exclusively at female executives: for a week, a delegation of women-led start-ups from Barcelona travelled to New York to look for investors and partners and to gain visibility. This is the path we must take. A pluralistic, inclusive and transformative path. Àngels Chacón will be speaking at today’s ¡Hola Barcelona! event taking place at 12:00 in the RAI Forum Friday 14 February ISE Daily 2020 21


Stand: 12-N110

New challenge for a new era Lee Dodson, senior director of international marketing, AVIXA Now that it’s the last day of ISE 2020 and we say goodbye to Amsterdam and ¡hola! Barcelona, it seems it is an appropriate time to reflect on how our industry has changed over the years. In our time in Amsterdam, the ISE show has grown beyond all our expectations. It has outgrown its northern European roots to become a truly global event attracting visitors from across the world. In its new home in Barcelona, in a larger complex, the development of the show will surely continue as we settle into a larger venue and evolve what the show offers to the systems integration community and to the people who use our solutions. Alongside the evolution of ISE, the technology that forms the nuts and bolts of our business has also changed beyond all recognition during what we might call the ‘Amsterdam years’. In this time, AV technology has broken out of the boardroom,

classroom and workplace and become part of the wider landscape. The canvas for our work can be anywhere and anything, as technology and what it can achieve becomes part of the wider environment. Projection mapping is an obvious example of the creativity that is now part of the AV landscape but there are amazing things being done in digital signage that are pushing the boundaries of retail; and AV technology is changing the face of hospitality and education likewise. Theme parks have always been a crucible for creativity and ideas that began life there are now entering the mainstream. At the heart of this ongoing trend and what really catches the eye, so to speak, is content. Content and technology are a vital pairing for an integrated experience. The content creators are a growing community within the AV world and at AVIXA we want to embrace their creative energy and shine

a spotlight on their work. The launch of our new Digital Art Challenge at ISE 2020 is a major step along this path. You may have seen our special display that showcases the challenge at the show this year, if not – it’s not too late – visit the AVIXA stand and take a look to get an idea of what we’re planning. The contest is open to all digital artists – students and professionals – in the EMEA region. Participants in the contest are tasked with creating a one-minute video with audio that creatively illustrates a theme visualising the combination of art and technology in a way that enhances the human experience. Entries for the Digital Art Challenge opened on 11 February this year and the winning entries will be displayed at ISE 2021 in Barcelona, 2-5 February. To learn more and get a glimpse of the Digital Art Challenge, visit the AVIXA stand 12-N110 at ISE 2020.

AVIXA names Joé Lloyd senior director of communications AVIXA is pleased to announce Joé Lloyd as the association’s senior director of communications. Lloyd will lead AVIXA’s public relations and internal communications, and support brand positioning, market intelligence and content development. Lloyd joins AVIXA from NanoLumens where she was vice president of global marketing and business development since 2015. In that role, she was a member of the company’s executive leadership and responsible for the brand’s channel and market strategy, media relations and channel communications. Prior to that, Lloyd was director of the retail practice at Atlanta public relations firm Write2Market. “We’re delighted to welcome Joé to our team,” said Dan

22 ISE Daily 2020 Friday 14 February

Goldstein, chief marketing officer, AVIXA. “As well as deep knowledge of the role media relations can play in modern marketing and communications, she has terrific AV industry expertise, the ability to think and act strategically, and an enthusiasm for her work that is both motivating and infectious.” “AVIXA is AV’s most influential industry association and I am proud to be joining such a dynamic team,” said Lloyd. “Our members count on us as a hub for collaboration, information, community and standards. I look forward to increasing the visibility of not only AVIXA but the entire AV industry across the global marketplace and sharing the increasingly important role that audiovisual solutions play in today’s world.”

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Stand: 1-E10, 1-E20

CEDIA releases new white papers In 2019, CEDIA released a total of five new white papers as part of its commitment to increase industry professionalism and help home technology integrators more easily understand constantly evolving technologies and industry standards. The most recent addition, The Quality of Power white paper, explores conditions and causes of electrical problems, and the solutions to deliver a better quality of power. It has been designed to help break down the complex topics of electrical noise and power anomalies and what can be done to mitigate their effects. “There is no denying that technology is more a part of our daily lives than it has ever been before. The digital native generation does not know a world without the internet. With this demand for access to technology comes another sometimes overlooked need – the need for power that is free from transients, interruptions and noise,” says Walt Zerbe, CEDIA’s senior director of technology and standards. “CEDIA’s new white paper explores why it is important to have quality power and how integrators can deliver better quality power to their clients.” CEDIA also released the final instalment of a three-part, video-centred white paper series. An Integrator’s Guide to Video: Colorimetry, which covers the wide-ranging topic of video colour, provides background on cinematic colour and explores topics including: colour perception, colour gamut, colour space, chroma subsampling, colour bit depth, high dynamic range and calibration.

“Colorimetry is complicated and understanding its full scope, from the creator’s vision to its final presentation on a home display, can be a lot to digest,” says CEDIA director of technical research, David Meyer. “A truly immersive experience demands integrators grasp the art and science of colorimetry and this white paper will help break down complex concepts so CEDIA pros can continue to deliver the best results for their customers.” Other 2019 white papers released include The Integrator’s Guide to Video: Resolution; Infrastructure Cabling for Voice, Data, and Video; and Securing the Residential Network.

Each white paper supports the organisation’s strategy of raising the professionalism of the industry through standards, guidelines and best practices. CEDIA is evaluating a variety of important subjects for 2020, to allow integrators to develop their knowledge in key areas. To connect to the full portfolio of white papers, visit: www.cedia.net/ ProductCatalog. All white papers are available for CEDIA members to download for free on cedia.net. They can also be purchased by non-members for $99.

Stand: 1-E10, 1-E20

CEDIA standards update As smart technology becomes more widely used, it has never been more important to keep up with industry standards and regulations. For years, CEDIA has worked with the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) – the organisation that puts on CES every year in Las Vegas – on a joint residential systems standards body called R10, accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). R10 relies on working groups of volunteer subject matter experts, with their efforts currently reviewing or developing several recommended practices. There are three key documents that affect the majority of technology integrators and, as such, should be regarded as important reference tools. They pertain to Audio Design, Video Design and Verifying HDMI Systems. David Meyer, CEDIA director of technical research, takes a look at each in turn: CTA/CEDIA-CEB22 Home Theatre Recommended Practice: Audio Design First developed in 2009, CEB22 was specific to dedicated home theatre rooms – and high end at that. In fact, it’s regarded as highly aspirational and applicable to less than 1% of installations, meaning it wasn’t directly applicable to most integrators and/or projects. The review currently underway addresses this by proposing four performance levels and changing the focus from specifically home theatre to Home Entertainment Spaces. The entry level allows some flexibility and will be quite achievable, while still providing great performance.

24 ISE Daily 2020 Friday 14 February

Then, moving through the tiers, it culminates at the reference audio system with characteristics including controlled noise floor, acoustics, bass management, baffle wall and tiered seating. Importantly, the recommended practice also adds immersive audio speaker layouts, such as for Dolby Atmos and DTS:X. CEB22 is well underway, so watch out for its release early in 2020. CTA/CEDIA-CEB23 Home Theatre Recommended Practice: Video Design CEB23 was first published in 2010, as the video companion to CEB22. It was reviewed in 2012 as CEB23-A, and again in 2017, as CEB23-B. However, a lot has changed in video in just these last few years, including the introduction of wide colour gamut, HDR and 8K, among other things. This warrants another important review. CEB23 has also historically been focused on home theatre, but as with CEB22, the scope may broaden to cater for the diversity of video installations. CTA/CEDIA-CEB28 Verification Methods for HDMI Systems Interoperability Anyone who works with HDMI will acknowledge the challenge it often presents, and new AV features such as HDR only exacerbate this. In fact, Joel Silver, founder of ISF and chair of the working group developing CEB28, at the start of this project, said to me that, “The greatest challenge with HDR is getting it to turn on!” He was, of course, referring to what can go wrong in the HDMI

David Meyer, director of technical research, CEDIA

system, and this is just one of many things. CEB28 is a new recommended practice that will present verification and troubleshooting methods for ensuring the HDMI system is doing what it’s supposed to do. It will also serve as an informative reference for features and protocols that operate through HDMI, with a supplement for system design considerations, making it an all-round highly valuable document for all integrators. For more information, visit cedia.net/resources for the product catalogue, or cedia.net/insights for all the latest news and developments.

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Simplified room scheduling CRESTRON Stand: 2-C20 Crestron is demonstrating its best-in-class room scheduling platform, along with its other solutions that meet the challenges of the modern workplace. The company says an intelligent workplace starts with an intelligent scheduling system, and claims its room scheduling makes it simple and convenient for people to locate and book the right meeting space, with the right technology, from wherever they happen to be, no matter what their preferred scheduling app. Crestron offers the ability to completely decouple scheduling hardware from software applications, without getting ‘locked in’ and with no penalties or fees. Users just choose the best hardware and run the software experience they prefer, with the flexibility to change in the future as requirements change. A complete solution to reserve rooms, with a range of secure, enterprise-grade, PoE touchscreens that display real-time

information right at the door, and a wide variety of illuminated room signs that make it easy to determine room availability with just a quick glance down the hall, is now on offer. A variety of user interface branding and customisation options for the Crestron direct connect scheduling app are included, including HTML5 support. Direct, secure connection to the broadest range of thirdparty enterprise scheduling software in the industry is also available, including Microsoft Exchange Server, Office 365, G Suite, Ad Astra and CollegeNET – with no additional software or hardware needed. There’s native support for New Wave Apps, including SpaceIQ, Teem, Robin, Appspace, EMS, Zoom, Gingco, NFS, SpaceConnect, SharingCloud, Ask Cody, Indoor Finders, 22Miles and Matrix Booking scheduling software applications. The company says set-up is simple. Crestron touchscreens leverage the latest network security standards and are easily deployed and managed via the Crestron XiO Cloud IoTbased service. Crestron XiO Cloud now enables managers to remotely view and control TSS touchscreens to speed and simplify technical support.

Rachel Wei, sales director, YesTECH

The future of displays ISE, as an exhibition of display and integrated system technology, is our first exhibition every year. It provides all participants with the most complete and advanced technical information and innovative inspiration. In the future, the development of display technology may be combined with 5G, intelligence and IoT, which will be faster, more convenient and intelligent. Therefore, requirements will be higher for the image quality of the LED display, not only achieving faster data transmission, but the screen resolution will also need to be higher. The arrival of the 5G era will encourage the LED display industry to undergo a comprehensive optimisation and upgrade, which will bring about a new business environment, while the era of IoT will make the LED display become a transfer station of information. The combination of 5G and LED displays will boost the development of new technology, which is also a great challenge for LED display manufacturers. YesTECH will keep learning and explore more feasible solutions. The future is coming!

Stand: 8-G200

Meet the Meetboard AG NEOVO Stand: 8-K320 Focusing on display solution products, the IFP Series of 4K interactive flat panel displays and the NSD-Series 4K digital signage displays are presented on the AG Neovo stand. The plug and play IFP Series, designed specifically for collaborative meeting room applications, eliminates the need for projectors and whiteboards. Known as the Meetboard, the product’s interactive connections are made through the Screenshare app, enabling collaboration through device mirroring and remote control from individual devices. For the latest show news and updates follow #ISE2020

Crestron’s intelligent room scheduling system is simple and convenient

Residential speakers use pro technologies AMPHION LOUDSPEAKERS Stand: 5-T153

The Argon3S features a 1in titanium tweeter and a 6.5in aluminium woofer

As well as its ISE showcase of pro-audio products, Amphion is demonstrating a selection of its loudspeakers designed for domestic use, including the Argon7LS and Argon3S. At the top end of its Argon range is the Argon7LS floor-standing speaker employs design and technologies from the company’s professional studio monitor line. According to Amphion, the Argon7LS delivers exceptionally precise imaging and a wide sweet spot. It uses a passive radiator design which is also present in all Amphion studio monitors as well as the Argon3S and Argon3LS home audio loudspeakers. Passive radiators, the company notes, eliminate the known problems associated with reflex cabinets, where the correct signal is always followed by an unwanted tail. The Argon7LS’s design is said to create a more natural energy transfer, providing the listener with an improved physical connection to the music, even at lower listening levels. As with all Amphion loudspeaker models, the Argon7LS uses the company’s signature approach to crossover design. Placed at 1,600Hz, the crossover is located outside the most sensitive human hearing range.  The Argon3S bookshelf speaker, with a 1in titanium tweeter and 6.5in aluminium woofer, is also being demonstrated on the company’s ISE stand.

Supporting WiFi and Bluetooth, and compatible with Windows, macOS, Android or iOS platforms, multiple participants can simultaneously draw and annotate on the 20-point touch-enabled 4K display. Meeting materials are shared through QR codes, emails or cloud drives. The NSD-Series 4K digital signage display is a cloudbased Neovo Signage solution. Featuring on-board Android OS, the NSD-Series is designed for retail stores, restaurants, hotels or public space. The Neovo Signage cloud-based CMS can be used to create and schedule signage campaigns, manage devices and update content via a web browser. The embedded 4K media player allows playback from a USB drive, microSD, or internal storage and to display live customised webpage content on the full-screen HTML5 browser.

The IFP-Series 4K flat panel display – the Meetboard – offers interactive connections

Friday 14 February ISE Daily 2020 25


Integration: The versatility of KNX to connect with almost anything We are regularly asked if KNX works with a certain product or system. While it’s easy to point out how KNX is a standard, so the question really should be whether said product or system works with KNX, this doesn’t actually help to move the conversation forward. The reality is that there are numerous ways to interface or connect to a KNX system, so let’s round them all up here. Integrating natively Implementing KNX natively provides by far the greatest number of benefits, as you can then be part of an international system with over 80,000 integrators worldwide. The best way to do this is via a product development route, using a KNX module or stack to convert your device into a KNX version. Depending on how you approach this, you may also need to register as a KNX Manufacturer and get the product certified, but it is also possible to use pre-approved products to convert your device to a KNX version. For an overview of KNX stacks and different ways of integrating KNX into your device, please visit the 'For Manufacturers' section of the KNX website (www.knx.org).    Integrating via IP This route will take time though and doesn’t work if you are looking to connect an entire system with KNX. In this case, integrating via IP is the most straightforward option. KNX/IP has been standardised since 2007 so it is an established and markettested approach. You can interface via any KNX IP interface, which uses a tunnelling connection, or via a KNX router using multicast. Once the protocol is implemented, it’s easy to connect to any KNX system: you will just need the Group Address information which forms the main runtime communication between devices. This can be easily exported from the KNX programming software, ETS, so it’s easy to link the system without any additional programming.

Intesis, for example, has a range of system interfaces including the KNX-BACnet model. Integrating basic analogue or digital signals KNX-BACnet works well when you are working with a protocol-based system, but what can you do when this isn’t an option? Even in these cases, KNX has a solution, with various devices that allow you to connect via standard interfaces such as RS485/232, infrared or analogue signals such 0-10V or 4-20mA. And, even if all you are left with are voltage outputs or digital I/O, you can still easily integrate with KNX. In fact, even though it is the simplest level of interface, it is often one of the most effective. Need to integrate an alarm system with KNX? A 4-channel binary input linked to alarm outputs for Unarmed, Armed, Alarm and Fault seems an overly simple solution. However, it is more than enough information to offer a wide range of additional functions to a standard KNX system. These could include, for example, turning off the lighting and heating when the alarm is set, or turning on internal lights when the alarm changes from Armed to Unarmed. Sometimes a binary input is all you need! In this case, a universal input device such as the Theben TA4 S is an ideal solution.

Secure connections With the recent addition of IP Secure to the KNX protocol, it is also possible to encrypt either of the above communication methods, ensuring that only authorised devices are able to communicate with the system. KNX is leading the way with this latest enhancement to the system. For more information, check out the online article Programming Tips: KNX Secure by Mark Warburton of Ivory Egg, on KNXtoday. (https://tinyurl.com/waxrgxp) Using an Object server Another IP approach is to use an Object server such as the Weinzierl IP BAOS, which uses a Binary protocol or JSON (Java Script Object Notion) to link to KNX Objects. This saves the need to implement the KNX protocol, but it does require adding a device into the KNX installation and programming it in ETS. This can cause blurred lines between who is responsible for each part of the system, which is why native KNX IP integration is often preferred. Integrating other protocols with KNX There are many products that provide integration with KNX from the simplest to the most complex protocol. In some cases, different versions are available to allow you to integrate single devices or to link together entire systems. The most common protocols supported are as follows: BACnet, DALI, DMX, EnOcean, IFTTT, LON, Modbus, MBUS and OPC. With such a comprehensive list, it’s no surprise that KNX is often used as a translator between different systems. In fact, in some of the largest KNX projects there are actually very few KNX actuators, despite huge amounts of traffic traversing the KNX system between different subsystems in the building.

26 ISE Daily 2020 Friday 14 February

Conclusion Although KNX is market-proven as its own ecosystem, the level of third-party integration means it is possible to have any number of systems or protocols connected to achieve a solution. It is only when an external system provides no means of integration, whether to KNX or any other system or protocol, that a solution isn’t possible. Given how multilingual, open and standardised KNX is, the onus is really on the ‘other’ system to provide even a basic level of interconnection.

Stand: 9-F120 KNX is versatile, as the very different Intesis KNX-BACnet (pictured top) and Theben TA4 S solutions (pictured bottom) show


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ExhibitorNews Mic amp for Dante/AES67 on show GLENSOUND Stand: 5-R131

An Oray home cinema chair that offers D-BOX motion capabilities

Enjoy movies with motion ORAY Stand: 3-C90 French company Oray has partnered with movie movement specialist D-BOX to offer home cinema seats, which are designed to deliver a highly immersive viewing experience with motion. Via a motion controller, viewers can enjoy ‘realistic motion’ for any content with D-BOX movement codes. Regardless of the content source – whether it’s DVD, Blu-ray or streaming sources such as Netflix, Hulu and AppleTV – the controller box transmits movement codes to the seats. Oray has developed a frame in ultra-rigid steel to fully replicate the movement effect of the actuators on its home cinema chairs and guarantee in parallel, resistance and quality. In harmony with sound and screen images D-BOX’s motion solutions are now integrated into all home cinema installations for ‘hyper-realistic’ immersive entertainment.

On the Glensound ISE stand you’ll find the company’s Dark8MAI MKII 8-input mic amp for Dante/AES67. Each input is on its own Neutrik 3-pin XLR socket and each input can be set to accept line or mic level inputs. Internal circuitry changes the input impedance to correctly match the input type. Each of the eight inputs can be individually switched to accept either a mic or line level input. The mic input can Each input on the DARK8MAI MKII 8-input mic amp can be set to accept line or mic level inputs also have 48V phantom power turned on/off. Input selection and phantom power settings are enabled on the free Glensound tailor to provide crystal clear sound unaltered by unwanted GlenController Windows 10 app. characteristics. According to the company, low noise and distortion There are four network interfaces on the Dark8MAI microphone amplifier chipsets by Profusion are used: the MKII – two Neutrik Ethercon (RJ45) connectors and two design of the preamp is said to have taken Glensound’s SFP slots to enable customers to fit their own preferred chief design engineer over three months to develop and fibre interfaces.

High-capacity cable for demanding data transport KLOTZ AIS Stand: 7-E210 Newly introduced from Klotz AIS is the RamCAT6A RC6A-SB1X cable for data The Klotz RC6A-SB1X cable is intended for 1000Base-T and 10GBase-T applications transmission in mobile operations. Designed for a frequency of 500MHz, the product is suitable for data transmission rates of up to 10Gbps on up to 100m link length. Suitable for 1000Base-T and 10GBase-T on cable drums, the RC6A-SB1X offers a characteristic impedance of 100 Ohm and has four stranded pairs with AWG 23/1 solid conductors. As a result, it is described by Klotz as the ‘big brother’ of its universal cable product, RC5-SB1X. The company claims that the matched lay lengths of the individual pairs and overall stranding using a PE stranding element ensure extremely low NEXT (near-end) and FEXT (far-end crosstalk) values. Thanks to the cross-shaped PE stranding element, stabilising intermediate sheath and abrasion-resistant PUR outer sheath, the cable is suitable for mobile road use. Other features include double shielding (SF/UTP), which prevents electromagnetic interference. Klotz suggests the metal Telegärtner MFP8 IE series as a suitable connector, available from Klotz with the reference RJ45SAT-FS. The RamCAT6A cable is available both as bulk cable and as pre-made cable, with and without cable drum.

Speakers bring art and light together LEON SPEAKERS Stand: 1-N80

The Terra LuminSound Series combines audio with LED lighting

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The Ente SoundTile and Terra LuminSound Series are being shown on Leon’s ISE stand. Combining art and audio, each 36x36in Ente SoundTile is created out of Baltic Birch and finished in either matt black or matt white with exposed front edges. Within the frame are two Leon speakers from its Ultima line and a Sonos Amp. This, says Leon, is the perfect way to add a

discrete zone of audio to any Sonos home. A perforated metal grill with screen-printed artwork is then magnetically attached, completely concealing the technology behind it. The unit mounts flush to the wall using an integrated French Cleat mount. Artwork for the grille is chosen from Leon’s galleries, or clients can use personal art or photography from their own collection. Continuing the theme of combination, Leon is also showcasing its Terra LuminSound Series for outdoor deployment. This incorporates high-fidelity sound and LED lighting in a compact bollard design. The upper audio section houses a 5.25in coaxial weatherproof speaker with an ACAD ceramic aluminium cone and a 0.75in aluminium dome tweeter, and it can be rotated up to 358º to direct the sound. A built-in switch allows for operation as a 70.7V or low impedance system. Friday 14 February ISE Daily 2020 27

ExhibitorNews All-in-one press box bundle

Now you see it… MAIOR Stand: 5-V60


The AudioPressBox APB-1.32 CB incorporates a drive unit, four expanders and a waterproof case

Press conference audio specialist AudioPressBox has unveiled a portable active press box bundle, APB-1.32 CB, comprising a drive unit, four expanders and a heavy-duty, waterproof case. The solution features one line input and 32 (4x8) line/ mic outputs, with each output being independently transformer-balanced and isolated. The APB-D100 drive unit has two buffered expander outputs and can power up to 48 line/mic outputs. A total of four APB-008 SB-EX expanders are included in the package, although it is also possible to connect other expanders from the AudioPressBox range. According to the company, one of the key advantages of this bundle is that it is possible to daisy-chain the portable expanders in two directions. Cable lengths of up to 500m are possible, enabling coverage of any type or shape of conference room.

ISE visitors interested in concealing screens in either a domestic or commercial environment are heading to the stand of Maior, the Italian manufacturer of lift mechanisms that enable a display to be hidden in either the ceiling or a piece of furniture. The Maior Levante is designed for secreting a TV in, for example, a sideboard, cadenza or bed-end. Capable of handling a screen up to 65in, weighing up to 30kg, it is supplied with a push button panel as well as a remote control. The Maior Levante is designed to enable screens to be concealed within furniture For concealment in-ceiling, Maior offers the Flip 100 and Flip 900R. The Flip 100 allows a screen of up to 82in/60kg swivel through 360°. The screen – up to 70in/28kg – can also to be flipped down from the ceiling at an angle of up to 100°. descend up to 68cm. The Flip 900R offers even greater versatility with its ability The Flip mechanisms can all be controlled via RJ45 or to not just flip down at an angle of up to 90°, but also to remote RF.

Illumineye DS goes live with data integration VXL SOFTWARE Stand: 8-N365 The latest Illumineye DS software release from VXL Software features live data feed integration, QuiVidi audience measurement and cloud-based content upload and deployment. Illumineye’s live data feed offers users the ability to pull real-time information from a SQL database or Excel spreadsheet within the local network drive using CIFS or FTP, lending itself to uses where data is regularly updated. It is compatible with QuiVidi’s audience measurement software. Illumineye DS also incorporates a cloud content upload solution, via a Microsoft One Drive or Amazon S3 account, to

allow for content upload and control. Plug-and-play content deployment is available via offline content being loaded onto a USB stick and plugging it into the media player. While these new software features are designed to improve the digital signage experience, software ease of use has also been upgraded. According to VXL, the new Illumineye creator and content scheduler provides an intuitive approach for scheduling and management of digital signage campaigns.

Smart switcher, powerful processor ROLAND Stand: 1-H125 On show on the Roland stand are the XS-42H matrix switcher and the VP-42H video processor. The former is described as a compact, simple-to-install and easy-to-operate switcher for huddle space and small meeting room video and audio. It is said to allow fast, seamless connection of up to four computers and tablets over HDMI with automatic optimisation and display of newly connected sources; automatic audio-follows-video switching; web browser-based control from a networked computer, tablet or phone; and simple selection of one of 10 userconfigurable meeting set-up scenes. The VP-42H video processor is also said to be simple to set up and easy to use, and is designed to allow sophisticated multi-source layering and switching with dynamic transitions for single-screen display of presentations, digital signage content and meeting visuals. It supports simultaneous output of up to four layered source signals even when resolutions vary between its four HDMI inputs. The processor features Motion Scene Switching for fluid transitions between complex screen set-ups, remote switching via browser-based network control, audio management including deembedding and embedding, as well as a keyer function for overlays and advanced composition. The XS-42H matrix switcher offers fast, seamless connection of up to four computers and tablets

28 ISE Daily 2020 Friday 14 February

Illumineye DS benefits from the new IQL-2 Media Player with 4K display support

Complementing the advances made on the software side, Illumineye DS also benefits from the addition of the new IQL-2 media player with dual core processor and 4K dual display support. With no moving parts, the IQL-2 player comes with a VESA bracket and a three-year warranty as standard. Also making its debut at ISE is a new Android support app. Compatible with the latest Android TVs, tablets and smartphones, the app allows users to play content directly without the need of a separate media player, while the Illumineye software provides central management of these Android devices. For the latest show news and updates follow #ISE2020


The ultimate experience INSIGHT User experience, or UX, is crucial to successful AV installations, as Rob Lane explains User experience, or UX, continues to be an important buzzphrase and acronym in the AV industry, but it’s not a new concept. It was first coined in the early 1990s mainly due to the work of Donald Norman, currently director of The Design Lab at University of California, San Diego. In 1993, Norman joined Apple as a user experience architect – the first of his kind – with much of his work centring on the advocacy of user-centred design. According to Wikipedia, user experience “refers to a person’s emotions and attitudes about using a particular product, system or service”, which sounds about right but doesn’t mention a positive outcome, which is certainly how successful UX is viewed within the AV industry. In the context of AV, UX could be said to be the difference between an off-the-peg, point-and-shoot AV system that simply does exactly what it says on the tin, and a professionally installed set up that takes into account more than just the technology per se – enabling the client to get exactly what he or she wants from it. ‘Experience’ of course is a very broad term within AV because audio and video, when combined, can create a vast amount of different experience options – basically anything a user interacts with, in whatever AV context. What is clear is that all experiences, whatever sector they apply to, must be easy to use, and within AV successful UX tends to be described as seamless, intuitive,

technology-enabled experiences that result in valuable outcomes; for the client and its customers. Ultimately UX is only a success if the end user is satisfied. Measuring such satisfaction has its challenges, but it is of increasing importance in AV – as is measuring the effectiveness of the technology as a whole – particularly within the enterprise sector. For some, UX can only be deemed fully successful if the end user says so, however it is often the case that if things are working seamlessly – if it is easy to use and frictionless: effectively invisible – users don’t actually say anything! So although positive feedback is always nice, a successful UX might as easily result in silence. Of course, there are ways of legislating against failure and measuring when a UX environment is working effectively, and this should be integral to system design. Testing and perfecting systems should not be an afterthought, but should be built into the initial consultation proposals. Seamless, frictionless user experiences require detailed and considered consultation and delivery, at the beginning of each project. It is crucial to gain an understanding of the requirements of the client’s business when planning a user experience, as well as fully understanding the process of interaction and where all the digital touch points are. Careful consultation from the offset is key and a good UX must engage all client stakeholders,

including IT, with AV consultants and integrators integral to the process. Ultimately, successful user experience has to be about creating meaningful, engaging and rewarding experiences for clients. AV has arguably been a little behind the curve, but is catching up with the likes of Apple, which has created globally ubiquitous and widely imitated experiences and interfaces. Apple succeeds because it recognises and delivers on users’ requirements, in a simple and intuitive way, ultimately resulting in unrivalled user satisfaction. Donald Norman must be very proud.

Efficient flawless processing for better pixels with a smaller bandwidth

AV-over-IP Technology Partner VISIT US ON BOOTH 10-N192 For the latest show news and updates follow #ISE2020

intopix.com Friday 14 February ISE Daily 2020 29

ExhibitorNews Babyface interface comes of age with new makeover

International amplifier power

RME Stand: 7-W225

SAE AUDIO Stand: 15-U255, 15-W275 China-based professional power amplifier provider SAE Audio is showcasing a number of its flagship models in Hall 15. For example, the new C3500Q power amplifier offers high power density and power factor correction technology and can be used in all regions of the world. The new PQM model also promises stereo power output and less delay. The PQM series represents SAE Audio’s The new C3500Q power amplifier can be used in all regions of the world flagship series in the four-channel SMPS power amplifier range. It offers a high level of power density and sonic quality from a lightweight two-rack unit amplifier. The new CQ series is aimed at customers who require a multichannel amplifier at an affordable price.

Four years on from the introduction of the original Babyface Pro 24-channel, 192kHz bus-powered USB audio interface, RME has revealed details of an updated version – the Babyface Pro FS. Like its predecessor, the new interface incorporates highquality circuits and energy-saving technologies designed to provide ‘supreme fidelity with no compromises in level, noise or distortion’, says the company. Improvements in this version include a +19/+4dBu switch on the base of the product that provides a direct way to reduce the output level. This improves SNR for sensitive active monitors, avoids distortion/overload and helps to keep TotalMix FX faders near 0dB.

Added impact for video conferencing VALUEHD CORPORATION Stand: 10-N126

The VHD-VX710L 4K UHD camera for conferencing

Throughout ISE 2020 ValueHD Corporation (VHD) is showcasing its range of video conferencing products and solutions in Hall 10, including the VHD-VX710L. Founded in 2008, VHD is a high-tech company that provides audio and video equipment research and development, production, sales and related technical services. These are mainly used in the fields of video conferencing, distance education, telemedicine, e-government, emergency communications, unified communications and multimedia classrooms. VHD claims it was the first company to introduce serialised 4K Ultra HD cameras. Its serialised USB cameras are compatible with all soft video conferencing platforms, such as Skype for Business and Zoom.

An improved signal-to-noise ratio is a key benefit of the RME Babyface Pro FS interface

The updated product also includes a SteadyClock FS circuit for lowest jitter and highest jitter immunity, as well as increased output power for the 3.5mm TRS phone output (from 70mW to 90mW). The THD of both phone outputs is improved by up to 10dB. Babyface Pro FS also uses the same output op-amps as the ADI-2 PRO, with output impedance of 3.5mm TRS lowered from 2 Ohms to 0.1 Ohms. Other benefits include the improvement of the mic input SNR from 112.2dB to 113.7dB, and the TRS Line input from 114dB to 116.3dB (120dBA).

Pathfinder gets green light for KVM over IP TVONE Stand: 1-M110 Receiving its official launch at ISE is Pathfinder, a KVM-over-IP platform from tvONE company Magenta Research. Features of Pathfinder include Cross-Click and WindowView. Cross-Click allows the user to view and control up to 16 PCs at a single workstation with what tvONE claims is zero lag and no additional hardware by simply gliding a mouse across multiple monitors to the PC screen to be controlled. WindowView allows a 4K monitor to be split into a quad view to control and view PCs using only a single keyboard and mouse. The company says that combining Cross-Click and WindowView on a single workstation creates a powerful, efficient and clean workflow. Other features include support for multi-head desktops and the ability to create user groups and individually defined rights to manage access to key data, along with security options such as no ‘backdoor’ access and USB lock-out. Mark Armon, product manager of tvONE, said: “Our solution removes the need to compromise in order to achieve high-performance functionality. Pathfinder is the perfect solution when performance and image quality really matter.”

30 ISE Daily 2020 Friday 14 February

Pathfinder is a new KVM-over-IP platform from tvONE company Magenta Research

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ExhibitorNews Combo approach to corporate content DATAVIDEO Stand: 7-C180

AET is showcasing chip-on-board technology for LED displays

COB design for micro displays AET DISPLAYS Stand: 15-K283 LED displays specialist AET Displays is showcasing its latest developments with chip-on-board (COB) technology, especially for UHD micro displays. The Chinabased company is particularly focusing on mass transfer, miniLED and flip-chip technologies that are designed to improve the quality of LED displays. It is displaying new COB products including the P0.7 and P0.9 as well as its MTM-FCOB technology series in Hall 15.

Designed to provide a more straightforward approach to creating corporation presentation videos, Datavideo’s hardware combination of the SE-3200 switcher and TPC-700 touch panel controller is on show at ISE 2020. The system takes account of the fact that many corporations do not have designated video operators in-house, leading to a demand for easy-to-use content The new switcher and touch panel creation solutions. controller can be used in corporate According to video production Datavideo, the SE-3200 12-input switcher can handle any kind of input with scaling on each available interface, allowing users to mix and match resolutions, while avoiding any connections issues when connecting a laptop. The TPC-700 is a touch panel interface that utilises clear icons, meaning that presenters can set to work fashioning a presentation with a minimum amount of training.

Transmitter adds Dante capability WYRESTORM TECHNOLOGIES Stand: 1-N120 With its range of AV-over-IP technologies, including H.264, JPEG2000 and SDVoE, WyreStorm says it prides itself on being a one-stop shop for finding the right technology for the application. Now, the company is announcing the NHD400-DNT-TX, the latest addition to the NetworkHD 400 series 4K HDR Low Latency platform. The NHD-400-DNT-TX maintains all the features of the existing NHD-400-TX, including 4K HDR transmissions over a 1GbE network, routable IR/RS232 control and USB extension, and routing for K/M applications. New is the transmission of Audinate’s Dante and AES67 networked audio.

For the latest show news and updates follow #ISE2020

The inclusion of Dante compatibility in the 400 series brings new interoperability of NetworkHD with Dante-enabled equipment such as amplifiers, console mixers and other third-party Dante equipment. Wyrestorm claims integrators can now more easily connect components and remove unnecessary converters or adapters. Management of all Dante-enabled devices, including the NHD-400-DNT-TX, is via the Dante Controller software. This, according to the company, allows integrators to

The NHD-400-DNT-TX brings Dante, AES67 to the NetworkHD400 series

use their familiarity with existing software to ensure the easiest integration of NetworkHD. The added ability of using AES67 as a transport method further increases the NHD-400-DNT-TX’s compatibility with pro-audio devices.

Friday 14 February ISE Daily 2020 31

8-C479 8-C458


8-C457 8-C456 8-C455























8-K437 8-R325

8-K434 8-K436 8-K431 8-K433





8-G440 8-E460

8-A430 8-C440









8-E450 8-C430





8-K432 8-R350

8-G363 8-C410

8-C405 8-C400


8-C393 8-C395








8-C353 8-C355



8-C319 8-C318 8-C317 8-C316 8-C315 8-C312 8-C313






8-E354 8-E358 8-E352 8-E356 8-E360 8-E351 8-E355 8-E350 8-E353 8-E357

8-P350 8-S350



8-N365 8-K355 8-K360





















International Media Showcase



8-C223 8-E200

8-K200 8-M200











8-A190 8-C175




8-G105 8-A100


9-B175 9-A182














9-D150 9-B120


Food Court







9-D125 9-D120


14-M227 14-K210

Room E102




10-N195 10-N192 10-N197















11-G160 11-D165







10-K160 10-H155








10-N164 10-N157 10-N156 10-N158


11-B160 11-A170




10-N174 10-N170





10-P140 11-B140

11-F140 11-G130




10-H125 10-K130






10-N120 10-N126


14-E128 14-E127

14-C180 14-C167

14-E126 14-E125


11-F111 11-F110 11-F113

2-E80 1-E85



1-E75 2-E70 1-E70









14-K165 14-M165

14-E116 14-E114



Education Technology



D-Meeting Rooms

sponsored by 12-C107



Organisers Office

12-C105 12-C115


12-F120 12-P95

P2 P3



12-A85 12-A80

13-B175 13-B170 13-B165 13-B160 13-B155 13-B150





Holland Entrance C






2-A30 14-M130




13-B134 13-B133 13-A130


13-D155 13-D156



13-C140 13-C130


2-B40 2-A25





14-P120 14-M110

14-K115 14-K110












First Floor Restaurant

sponsored by

Press Room sponsored by





13-E106 13-B110 13-B109






Grand Café sponsored by

15-H288 15-H284

13-E115 13-F110 13-E110







13-A100 13-B90

13-B100 13-C100

13-C102 13-C105




12-A75 12-E90



12-H100 15-C380 15-C370 12-K80










12-A10 12-C20


32 ISE Daily 2020 Friday 14 February





15-H245 15-D250

Shuttle to Hotel Okura





Europa Entrance B




15-G285 15-G284

15-D245 15-D240









15-C110 15-C120



15-H240 15-H235


15-H230 15-G120 15-G125




15-G230 15-D206

15-D202 15-D204 15-D201 15-D205 15-D200 15-D203


15-G245 15-G240

15-B215 15-C220









15-R255 15-Q250


15-C255 15-B225


ISE Shuttle Buses sponsored by



12-P20 12-A15











15-C320 15-C300







15-B240 12-F60

15-R267 15-R264


12-K62 12-K70





12-K85 15-B250



15-N287 15-K283



15-M255 12-P80



15-R302 15-R300




15-R325 15-S32 15-R327 15 15-R320

15-Q310 15-N300





13-E170 13-E155

13-D140 13-D137

13-A120 13-A115















Holland & La Place Restaurant 12-F110



14-E110 14-B100














2-B70 14-K176

14-E120 14-C170







14-C178 14-B130






14-E130 14-E129






1-E80 14-H134

14-E132 14-E131



11-A110 11-B110





Audio Demo Rooms




14-E135 14-E134 14-E133

14-C187 14-C185 14-B160










14-H160 14-C189






Innovation Zone

G-Meeting Rooms










14-M220 14-M203


Main Stage


Unified Communications




14-M235 14-M230










9-E130 9-D127



1-E130 3-B115























ISE Opening and Closing Events




















Projection Dome






8-A140 8-G120







Park Entrance F




Free WiFi Zone





















Free WiFi Zone










XR Technology



Smart Building

7-E210 7-E215






8-N280 8-M270














7-E250 7-C235





















8-P322 8-S300





















8-C299 8-C280 8-C277 8-C276 8-C275 8-C274 8-C273 8-C272 8-C271 8-C270


Digital Signage and DOOH






8-G362 8-G361 8-G360 8-G359 8-G358 8-G357 8-G356 8-G355 8-G354 8-G353 8-G352 8-G351

15-H156 15-H155 15-H129


15-M240 15-M230

15-K227 15-M225

15-K221 15-M223 15-K220


15-H130 15-H128 15-H125

15-G110 15-G118 15-H110 15-G100 15-G115 15-H100

Metro Station Europaplein

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7-K225 7-K224







7-K220 7-K210










7-V245 7-W229

7-V228 7-V227

7-W226 7-W225

7-V224 7-V223

7-W224 7-W223




䈀伀伀吀䠀 ⌀㄀㈀ⴀ䔀㌀ 


7-X227 7-X230

















7-T199 7-T196 7-T197 7-S192




7-N193 7-P182










7-T200 7-T210





7-V240 7-V229







7-M225 7-M222








7-T194 7-T195


7-T192 7-T193 7-T190





7-R185 7-R180



7-W196 7-W195

7-X196 7-X195

7-W194 7-W193






7-Y195 7-Y193


7-Y191 7-Y192 7-Y190

7-S185 7-S180







6-N160 6-H160

6-K160 6-N150

6-K154 6-H150 6-K150


Audio and Live Events

6-H140 6-K140 1-H140









1-H120 1-N115





5-V139 5-V135

5-U125 5-V132




5-U123 5-S110







5-S92 5-R93





5-V126 5-U97



5-V110 5-U93 5-V100




5-W85 5-W80







1-N85 5-R85 1-Q80 1-Q85 5-R83 1-M90

5-T80 5-S67



5-V70 5-T63


1-Q70 1-Q71







5-W60 5-V60


October 2019

October 2019 Issue 225



AV integration in a networked world

Issue 225

1-M100 1-N86








Connect with Europe’s leading title dedicated Connect Europe’s to the AVwith channel leading title dedicated to the AV channel




5-W100 5-V13











1-Q113 1-N113










5-S135 5-R120


5-U136 5-U135

1-N125 1-N120 1-M120 1-N119






5-V158 5-V152 5-W150








1-N127 1-N126

5-V170 5-V160 5-V180

5-T154 5-T155


5-R131 5-R130



5-S147 5-S140

5-R134 1-N134 1-H130









Fighting back

AV integration in a networked world

An uncertain future has brought the best out of projection technology

Fighting back An uncertain future has brought the best out of projection technology

INE225.cover.indd 11


5-T50 1-Q60



20/09/2019 15:20




INE225.cover.indd 11


5-U43 5-U42









5-U35 5-U30

1-N30 5-R30

20/09/2019 15:20







1-M30 5-T25 5-U25

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1-Q35 1-N20














15-T325 15-U325 15-W325 15-W335 15-U320 15-W330 15-T321


15-T305 15-T300






15-W300 15-U295 15-W294







15-T250 15-S252

15-W275 15-W268



15-U253 15-U250






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Your Custom


Amtrium Entrance L

15-W306 15-U300

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20 15-S327 5-S325




吀䠀䤀一一䔀刀⸀ 䰀䤀䜀䠀吀䔀刀⸀ 䠀䤀䜀䠀䔀刀 䘀䰀䔀堀䤀䈀䤀䰀䤀吀䤀䔀匀⸀ 䜀刀䔀䄀吀䔀刀 䌀刀䔀䄀吀䤀嘀䤀吀䤀䔀匀⸀

Europa Entrance A

Metro Station Europaplein


Management Management Solutions Solutions for for Custom Custom Electronics Electronics Design Design && Installation. Installation.

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Residen tial System s Residen


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Need to Know: Aging in Place Electro nics




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LeakS mart Water Protection System

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Friday 14 February ISE Daily 2020 33

ExhibitorNews Monitor makeover unveiled VOID ACOUSTICS Stand: 5-U150 The updated Void Acoustics Venu monitor range is being showcased at ISE, having been significantly enhanced as well as receiving a complete aesthetic overhaul. Across the whole Venu V2 series, each product now features a speakON socket for ease of use and quick assembly in touring and mobile applications. Meanwhile, a larger Phoenix connector makes it possible to use wider diameter cables to improve sound quality. The passive, two-way Venu V2 mid-high loudspeakers are available in five sizes, with low frequency drivers ranging from 6.5in to 15in. With the introduction of an asymmetric, rotatable, high-frequency horn (excluding the Venu 6 V2), this allows the correct dispersion to be maintained in both horizontal and vertical mounting positions, plus wider horizontal coverage in the near field and improved far field projection. With sound travelling further at a consistent volume, Void Acoustics notes that those listening at the back of the venue will have a similar sound experience to people standing at the front. Hardware options include the Easy Hang wall bracket, conventional yoke bracket and ceiling bracket. Installers can choose to position the enclosure vertically or horizontally in almost any application.

Venu V2 mid-high loudspeakers are available in five sizes

Holographic display for the naked eye SHENZHEN FAN DISPLAY TECHNOLOGY Stand: 8-R350 The 3D holographic LED display advertising product showcased on Shenzhen Fan Display Technology’s stand is an air phantasm media display device that uses an LED light strip rotating to form three-dimensional hologram effect floating graphics.

The Fan Display offers 500k pixel resolution with high brightness and clarity

4K line expansion with 55in display ELO TOUCH SOLUTIONS Stand: 8-E185 Expanding its 4K line with a new 55in interactive option, Elo’s 5553L 4K display has been built to withstand the rigours of continuous use. Showcased on Elo’s stand, this touchscreen delivers a flexible solution for robust interactive applications including digital signage, self-service, corporate collaboration, whiteboarding and huddle room engagement. Along with the 65in display introduced last June, both displays are conference-ready with the option to add Elo’s new conference camera accessory and Windows computer module (ECMG4). Available with infrared or projective capacitive touch technology, Elo’s 5553L interactive display gives customers the ability to configure their solutions using Elo Edge Connect The 5553L 4K display is available with infrared or peripherals and accessories. Seamlessly attached on any side projective capacitive touch technology of the 5553L – including any combination of the Elo Conference Camera, NFC/RFID reader and barcode reader – the display spans applications from video conferencing and in-store product information to immersive brand experiences. Powered by an Intel Core CPU and enhanced graphics engine, adding the Elo’s Computer Module (ECMG4) transforms the 5553L into a life-sized wall tablet. The computer module requires no external cables. Shipped pre-loaded with Qwizdom’s robust annotation and whiteboarding software, customers can interact immediately with either the optional touchscreen stylus or the touch of a finger.

Ten years of 8K development CANON EUROPE Stand: 1-F50

With 500k pixel resolution and high brightness and clarity, the company says the fan display is an alternative to traditional 2D LED options. The 50cm arm radius and light weight of the product means it is easy to install, claims the company, adding it offers cost-effective LED applications compared to a conventional screen. The Hologram Fan Display can be managed from any location. WiFi support offers remote control via an app (both iOS and Android) and WeChat mini-programs. It also utilises one-click upload and playback. The product is currently widely used in chain convenience stores and restaurants for product display promotion and advertising. 34 ISE Daily 2020 Friday 14 February

If – when? – 8K becomes an industry reality, Canon believes it is well prepared for the change, having Top glass: Canon’s range developed an 8K-compatible 10x zoom lens as long ago of 8K lenses has been in development for a decade as 2009 and continuing the development ever since. At ISE, the company is showcasing its 8K capability, including the latest development of its 8K broadcast lenses. These include the multi-purpose portable zoom lens 7ex10.7 KAS S and Canon’s first 8K field zoom lens UHD-DIGISUPER 51. In these lenses, Canon says it manages to achieve ultra-high resolution with excellent optical performance from the centre to the peripheral areas of the image. The company has already experimented with 8K for a live video transmission of a rugby match in Japan. The match was captured with a Canon 8K camera and lens and transmitted to a Canon 8K HDR display and projector system comprising four Canon 4K HDR projector units. Canon has reconstructed a similar demonstration on its ISE stand.

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ExhibitorNews Flexibility boost for creative capability FLYING SCREENS Stand: 8-G340

The Cameo OPUS H5 is a beam, spot and wash light hybrid

Hybrid moving head for all occasions ADAM HALL GROUP Stand: 7-W200 Described as a versatile beam, spot and wash light hybrid with 18,000 lumen light output and 400,000 lux at 5m, the OPUS H5 is on show from Adam Hall Group brand Cameo. The small and lightweight moving head features an Osram Sirius HRI 470W discharge lamp for bright and parallel beams, including mid-air effects with a zoom range from 2째 to 42째. Despite its flexible hybrid concept, the H5 is fully equipped like a traditional spot moving head. The specification includes: CMY colour mixing system, colour wheel with 13 dichroic filters, two gobo wheels (rotating and static), two frost filters for flexible wash effects, and a total of four prisms on two wheels, which can be combined for creative mid-air effect possibilities. In addition to its connectivity options via DMX, RDM, ArtNet or sACN, the Cameo OPUS H5 can also be controlled wirelessly via the integrated W-DMX receiver. Cameo is also showing the new F4 series, comprising three LED Fresnel spotlights in tungsten (3,200K warmwhite), daylight (5,600K cold-white) and RGBW full-colour with tuneable white function (1,600K-6,500K). Energyefficient LED technology with a total output of up to 34,000 lumen (daylight version) means that the F4 series can be used to replace traditional 2,000W halogen Fresnel lights and dimmer racks.

Presenting its improved flexible LED screen product line, Flying Screens is at ISE 2020 for its second consecutive year. The Spanish company specialises in the design and development of high-flexibility, lightweight and slimline LED displays. The product range features enriched flexibility at 4mm depth and lightweight capabilities: at approximately 1.5kg/sqm, models are up to 10 times lighter than conventional screens. The displays on show at ISE offer improvements on previous versions, says the company, allowing for an upgraded user experience and enhanced usability. Headquartered in Madrid, Flying Screens has been focusing on the architectural and interior design markets, but as these displays are able to transform almost any surface into a digital display, the company claims that events and exhibition sectors are increasingly utilising the products for advertisement and digital signage due to their creative potential.

Wireless presentation device features USB-C compatibility BENQ Stand: 1-N10 The InstaShow WDC20C wireless presentation device from BenQ is now compatible with USB-C. The device is said to enable synergy between mobile devices and displays with an instant plug-and-play design and features Full HD 1080p video streaming and 16-bit stereo audio. As with previous models, the all-hardware solution requires no driver installation, execution or set-up. The InstaShow WDC20C also supports touchback control of the source device directly from the touchscreen, enabling presentation material to be manipulated and edited from the touch display without the need to move to the source laptop or smart device to make changes. With a transmission distance of 15m, the InstaShow WDC20C switches presentations from up to 32 participants and allows up to four split-screen presenters to collaborate simultaneously.

The screens can be up to 10 times lighter than conventional displays

Operating on 802.11ac/n high-speed WiFi with automatic channel selection, BenQ claims the InstaShow WDC20C ensures fast, secure wireless connections to the display by simply plugging into the USB-C ports of the laptop and starting wireless presentations at the touch of a button. Android and iOS mobile devices connect via the BenQ InstaShow app.

The WDC20C requires no driver installation, execution or set-up

Totem set to show the way ESPRIT DIGITAL Stand: 8-P320

The new totem display from Esprit has recently been rolled out to replace existing outdoor locations on key arterial routes around Birmingham, UK

For the latest show news and updates follow #ISE2020

Demonstrating one of its latest outdoor double-sided totems outside the entrance to Hall 5 at ISE 2020, Esprit Digital creates digital signage solutions for many applications, including indoor and outdoor screens, interactive displays, wafer and video walls. The new totem iteration as presented at ISE has recently been rolled out across Birmingham in the UK with 130 roadside digital six-sheet screens replacing existing outdoor locations on key arterials across the city and the outer suburbs. These outdoor LCD totems have been designed to operate in any environment, from -20째C ambient to 55째C ambient. Esprit Digital offers a comprehensive range of services from design and manufacture through to installation, maintenance and network monitoring. Run from its London NOC, Esprit currently operates over 5,000 displays in 25 countries around the world.

Friday 14 February ISE Daily 2020 35

ExhibitorNews Pendant endpoint designed to be discreet ATLASIED Stand: 7-N190 Designed to provide crystal clear audio in open ceiling environments, the new IP-PM8GD pendant endpoint from AtlasIED is geared towards what the company describes as ‘inconspicuous installation’. According to AtlasIED, the IP-PM8GD IPX pendant endpoint can be used anywhere within a building for consistent sound and audio broadcasting of network-based communications. The IP-PM8GD is engineered for applications including restaurants, churches, malls, retail stores, fitness centres, warehouses, manufacturing facilities and anywhere else with high or open ceilings that require large quantities of speakers for smooth, even coverage. The IP-PM8GD registers as a communication endpoint directly within InformaCast, Revolution and GCK Advanced Notification applications, to support audio broadcast while enhancing physical security. Like other endpoints in the AtlasIED IPX line, the IP-PM8GD pendant loudspeaker supports advanced alerting, bell schedules and pre-recorded announcements, all across WAN/LAN network architectures. Devised to be easy to install, even in open beam ceilings, the pendant attaches to overhead surfaces via either a 3m cable kit or any 0.4in ceiling fan installation kit for downpipe installation. Either installation solution is discreetly implemented using AtlasIED’s PM Series top cover design. The Prowise Move system being used by schoolchildren

On the Move PROWISE Stand: 13-B110 Dutch company Prowise has collaborated with Intel to produce its Move camera; an imaging tool for the education sector that aims to combine learning and physical activity, as well as remote learning. Intel’s RealSense camera, in combination with the technology in the screen, registers a user’s every move. These motions are converted into 3D images, enabling the screen to follow and broadcast movements on the company’s Touchscreen product. Prowise has developed its own range of educational games for Move, which are designed to trigger pupils to get in motion while they conduct cognitive exercises. The Prowise Move camera can also be used as a normal webcam in combination with the Skype app, which has already been installed directly on the Touchscreen. Four wide-area microphones integrated in Prowise’s Touchscreen can recognise voices up to 8m from the screen and provide possibilities for remote learning, thanks to the 2.1 Dolby Audio certified soundbar. Erik Neeskens, director, Prowise, said: “Learning through motion becomes an everyday activity with the Prowise Move camera. Pupils are learning through interactive games on the Prowise Touchscreen, without physically touching the screen. They are stimulated to get in motion through games. This is not only a lot of fun, but also has a positive influence on learning outcomes.”

From churches to shopping malls: the AtlasIED IP-PM8GD is suitable for a wide range of installations

Speakers for any environment and occasion SONUS FABER Stand: 5-T155

The Palladio Level 6 (PC-662P shown) features Damped Apex Dome tweeter technology

The ISE 2020 stand for Sonus faber features a sound room, leaving the company much better placed this year to showcase its Palladio family of custom installation speakers. The Palladio collection features 13 models, including in-wall and in-ceiling speakers, available in different combinations according to the requirements of the architectural environment and the listening occasion. The two Palladio lines – Level 5 and Level 6 – are designed to be an ideal complement to Sonus faber’s Sonetto and Olympica collections respectively. Level 5 offers two in-wall and four in-ceiling speakers and Level 6 includes two in-wall and five in-ceiling speakers. Each line has two angled models that are said to increase the versatility of the collection, allowing users to easily complete any home theatre or stereo system. Additionally, both lines have the option to add a versatile passive subwoofer. Silk dome tweeters feature Sonus faber’s Damped Apex Dome (DAD) technology, and midranges and woofers are equipped with natural fibre and cellulose pulp diaphragms. This approach is, according to the company, how it delivers its signature ‘voice’.

Immersive audio line-up makes debut STORMAUDIO Stand: 5-V85 Making its ISE debut is StormAudio’s immersive audio line-up. It comprises 16-, 20- and 32-channel analogue preamp/processors, a digital AES 32-channel version, and 8- and 16-channel amps. Designated ‘Mark2’, the new models are said to benefit from a fresh industrial design and many performance enhancements. Adding to the existing line’s built-in compatibility with Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, Auro-3D and Dirac Live Room Calibration along with StormAudio’s proprietary web-based remote monitoring tool StormMonitoring, new for the updated range are eARC HDMI, DTS:X Pro and IMAX Enhanced, 13.1.10

36 ISE Daily 2020 Friday 14 February

decoding, rapid codec switching and improved bass management, including the new Dirac Live Bass Management tool. The processors incorporate StormAudio’s new proprietary 7+2 eARC HDMI card, which is said to make for faster and more robust switching with full HDMI2.0b/HDCP2.2 support. Designed by StormAudio, the card delivers 4K,18Gb/s bandwidth on all input and output ports. According to the company, the integrated eARC (Enhanced Audio Return Channel), a feature of HDMI 2.1, provides a big boost in bandwidth and speed, sending highquality audio from the 8K TV to the processor and on to the amps and speakers.

The new range of sound preamp/processors comprises four models

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Vox Pop Which technology do you think will have the greatest impact on the industry over the next five years – and why?

Michel Bais Managing director Mobile Viewpoint Matt Czyzewski President Renkus-Heinz

John Phillips Product manager Platinum Tools

AV will continually evolve towards creating total experiences in the coming five years. This will require a demystification of the technology through offerings that are easier to set up and easier to operate. The result will be better sound – and that will provide a better outcome for the end user.

I think it’s clear that PoE has reached the breakout point and will be the technology that dominates growth in our industry for the near future. With the industry expecting a doubling in the number of PoE devices sold in just the next three years and new, higherpower standards coming very soon, what is possible with PoE will be expanding at an incredible rate.

Stand: 7-S224

Stand: 14-K165

Zhenzhi Wu Vice president AOTO The MiniLED and MicroLED will be the leading-edge technology in the next five years. Of course, MicroLED has a high threshold and technical obstacles. Major manufacturers regard MiniLED as the outpost of MicroLED. In recent years, the increasing trend of the fine pixel pitch concept stimulates customers’ and market’s higher requirements for LED display quality. MiniLED technology can meet the needs of superior visual performance, convenient installation and maintenance, cost efficiency, etc.

Stand: 12-C100

Artificial intelligence. With the advent of AI coupled with IP media workflows, what was previously unaffordable – creating highquality video production – has become a low-cost reality. It is made possible due to the convergence of two technologies that can be utilised together and have recently come of age, namely AI and the use of IP video production platforms. AI can be employed to take the place of expensive production crews and post production resources. And the use of IP media platforms not only allows the enablement of AI but also includes the ease of use and playout of video productions to social media or other low-cost OTT platforms that have now become ubiquitous in our everyday life for consuming media.

Stand: 15-B242

Last chance to experience a highlight event in smart home and building KNX ASSOCIATION Stand: 9-F120 Emotions, networking and a stand party that will never be forgotten. Take the last opportunity to experience an outstanding attendance by KNX Association at ISE 2020. On the final day of ISE 2020, the KNX Association is cordially inviting visitors to the KNX stand in Hall 9. With 20 co-exhibiting KNX manufacturing partners, huge amounts of training and presentations – as well as showcases of the latest developments by KNX members and KNX Association – KNX says it will perfectly round up the week and show visitors the right direction to achieve success with KNX in 2020 and beyond. “KNX Association would like to thank everybody at this point for their invaluable co-operation, which made our attendance at Integrated Systems Europe 2020 such a great success,” said a company spokesperson. “Thanks to the great solutions which have been presented at the KNX booth we have seen that KNX is still showing the way for our industry, where it is moving towards – and this is after 30 years in the market. “The great variety of KNX presentations, workshops and training helped to make our attendance a great For the latest show news and updates follow #ISE2020

success,” they continued. “Of course, the many visitors from almost 100 countries underlined that KNX offers one of the world’s leading rosters of technologies. Should you wish to experience this outstanding show performance by KNX

Association at ISE 2020, then do not wait any longer and visit the KNX stand in Hall 9! We promise an unforgettable visit filled with ongoing surprises and benefits for you. Find out more online at knxatise.knx.org.”

The KNX stand has been a hive of activity throughout this year’s show, with presentations, workshops, training and more

Friday 14 February ISE Daily 2020 37

ExhibitorNews Drive-thru to DigiStopper A-frame ARMAGARD Stand: 8-A110, 8-A280 The OHF drive-thru digital kiosk from Armagard enables quick-service restaurants to capitalise on the advertising platform that Samsung’s OHF screens provide. Showcased at ISE, the totem has a weatherproof base to house additional components and media players, giving them the same weather protection as the screens. An IP56 rating allows continuous advertising in wet weather and an environmental controller board ensures reliable operation from -30°C to 50°C. Armagard’s range of cable-free outdoor digital A-frames is also being presented with the company launching its new battery-powered DigiStopper. The DigiStopper has

been designed to replace the traditional sandwich board with portable, highbright and weatherproof advertising boards. The portable outdoor A-frame has two 43in displays, lockable castor wheels and an IP56 rating that allows vendors to advertise effectively in any weather. Battery-powered units are available with displays of 700 nits and 1,000 nits, offering run times of up to 14 hours from an overnight charge. For maximum visibility in direct sunlight, a 2,500 nits, mains-powered option ensures promotions stay clear in the brightest conditions.

The cable-free portable DigiStopper A-frame aims to replace the traditional sandwich board

ISE debut for KVM over IP systems DATAPATH Stand: 10-P182

Securing buildings with Vega X GLORY STAR GROUP Stand: 8-E470

The Arqa KVM-over-IP systems from Datapath are getting their first major public showing throughout the show. An array of Datapath’s The Arqa range utilises a Arqa KVM-over-IP units highly optimised videoover-IP transport technology, which is claimed to greatly reduce latency compared to other solutions and provide instant control. Datapath claims that rigorous testing has revealed no difference between operating a PC via Arqa or having the connection direct to a local desktop.  The convenience and benefits of KVM control are becoming increasingly important to control room architectures as security concerns increase and AV/IT teams aim for a more streamlined management process. Using Arqa, maintenance teams can house all PCs in a single location, thus saving time, desktop space and keeping hardware secure.  Datapath’s One Control technology lets operators switch between up to 16 independent sources as if they were one desktop, with no button presses required to switch. Since the system behaves essentially as an IP matrix switch, users can have up to 2,000 endpoints in the system to choose from.

Vega X has joined the range of in-wall touchscreens from Glory Star Group, which offer a user interface for controlling technology in a home, office, hotel or apartment building. Glory Star’s new product has been designed for front-gate usage to provide intercommunication and access control service for both residential and commercial buildings.

New Montage for wireless collaboration DISPLAYNOTE Stand: 14-M100 Meeting room collaboration system specialist DisplayNote is demonstrating its Montage system for connected

Montage makes meeting collaboration easier

38 ISE Daily 2020 Friday 14 February

workspaces at this year’s ISE. It describes Montage as a simple, effective and intuitive wireless presentation system. It is compatible with all major hardware and operating system providers, to ensure complete operability for commercial settings. Promoting true collaboration among meeting participants is key to successful and focused meetings. In addition to high-quality screen sharing, Montage enables files, folders, documents and links to be securely shared to anyone connected with the meeting with an in-built media player. Montage supports dual network connectivity and enables collaboration among users on primary and guest networks. Meeting attendees can share their screen without the need for cables, use a plug-in or remove a colleague from the session. This feature ensures the meeting flows, and any attendee can assume the presenting role with one click. With two-way collaboration via an in-built whiteboard, meeting participants can brainstorm ideas and annotate documents in real time.

Providing intercommunication and access control service for both residential and commercial buildings, the Vega X can collate all connected devices into one

Glory Star says its touchscreens are focused on simplifying the use of technology, collating remote controls, smartphone apps, computer screens and wall switches into one dedicated and responsive control. Available in 7in and 10in sizes with high-resolution graphics, all models include HD video intercom and audio intercom for communication from room to room or with visitors to the front door. Intended to be budget-friendly, the Vega X also supports open APIs to allow for customised software to be embedded. In addition, Glory Star provides software development kits to enhance customisation. Functions include SIP/IP calling via one single PoE cable, video calling with echo cancelling chipset, RFID access, temperature and motion sensors, micro USB update, anti-glare tempered touch glass and multi-purpose mounts. For the latest show news and updates follow #ISE2020

ExhibitorNews Whisper-quiet enclosures

Settling the desk discussion IADEA CORPORATION Stand: 8-E135 The new IAdea x Pronestor desk booking solution streamlines the use of open offices, shared study spaces, coworking desks or campus and library environments. Digital signage platform and smart office solutions provider IAdea and Pronestor, developer and provider of

meeting management software, are demonstrating the desk booking solution together on the IAdea stand. The IAdea desk booking device is available in both black and white. Its size enables it to sit neatly at the edge of a desk or shelf and allows users to identify if the space is free or in use via the clear status LED. Up to six desk booking devices can be linked to IAdea’s Desk Booking Gateway via a USB connection, which is then connected via a PoE+ switch to a central control software.

TEMPEST Stand: 15-K225 Digital projector enclosure manufacturer Tempest is showcasing its latest Blizzard and Zen projector enclosures at ISE 2020. Zen is a quiet solution intended for challenging indoor installations, with no requirement for external ducted ventilation. For outdoor applications, Blizzard delivers enclosure performance for projectors up to 15,000 lumens.

Blizzard enclosures are designed for the great outdoors

Is this desk free? new booking device streamlines the space sharing environment

Switcher can define two videowalls LINDY Stand: 5-T95 Claimed to offer features ‘far beyond’ the common functionality of a matrix switch, Lindy is demonstrating its 8x8 Seamless Matrix Switch for resolutions up to 4K UHD (3,840x2,160@60Hz). Up to two videowalls can be defined from the available eight outputs. Each of the eight input signals can be placed either on a videowall or – if not all eight outputs are used

8x8 Seamless Matrix Switch for resolutions up to 4K UHD

Safe and sound TIS CONTROL Stand: 9-B148 A new ceiling sensor described by developer TIS as “the health sensor” monitors CO, CO2, volatile organic compounds (VOC), temperature and humidity, and light intensity. It offers a microphone, three digital inputs, 32 lines of logic and timers, as well as a PIR sensor. The sensor maintains room temperature and humidity at a healthy level to prevent mould growth while users are away, and sends warnings via messages in the TIS mobile app. It also turns on fresh air and fans if the VOC or carbon monoxide level in a room gets too high and can sound an alert if a dangerously high pollution level is detected. It can also keep a baby’s room from overheating, while maintaining humidity at its perfect level, to avoid infant skin problems. 40 ISE Daily 2020 Friday 14 February

for videowalls – on one of the remaining outputs. Frame compensation (bezel correction) can be defined in the configuration software according to the screen type used. Audio signals can be fed or decoupled separately for each input and output. This, Lindy explains, means that both external audio signals can be embedded in the HDMI data stream and embedded audio data can be played either on external audio devices or – if they remain embedded in the HDMI data stream – directly on the respective display. IR remote control signals can be input and output separately for each input and output in the same way. The signal routing follows that of the HDMI signals. The system is configured and administered via an IP network using software or a WebGUI.

By employing microphone technology, it can be used as a baby monitor: if baby cries, the sensor will send messages to the Luna wall panel and mobile app. It also features two digital inputs that can be linked to an emergency nurse call button next to a bed or to a bed-wetting alarm sensor. The new health sensor from TIS keeps an eye on you and your loved ones

Tim Burnham, president, Tempest, said: “Our Zen family of enclosures is perfect for the European market, providing whisper-quiet performance, with integrators no longer having to worry about knocking through walls for ventilation during tricky installations, such as those in historic venues.” The Zen family of enclosures can accommodate projectors between 10,000 and 30,000 ANSI lumens, providing average attenuation values around 25dBA – quieter than a whisper. Blizzard comes in three sizes and three formats: landscape, portrait and ultra-short throw. Many custom and rigging options are available and Tempest Blizzard enclosures are fully stackable.

Turn up the messaging TECHNOMAD Stand: 5-W120 At ISE, Technomad is demonstrating its Technomad Schedulon Programmable Digital Message Repeater which the company says combines two critical audio functions in a compact package – virtually unlimited recording/on-demand playback and scheduling of sounds for automatic unattended playback. The Schedulon can be used for on-the-fly playback of pre-recorded announcements or sound effects from the instant access knob, as well as for scheduled playback of sound files. With instant playback, users can assign audio files to any of 99 playback ‘slots’ on the knob – and set a playback mode (loop, once, or play-while-hold) for each slot. This allows warning announcements or sirens to loop indefinitely, songs to play one time and stop, and sound effects to be performed via holding in the knob for as long as the sound is desired. Scheduled playback allows up to 100 lines of automatic playback to be scheduled, specifying the sound file, time to start, time to stop, interval (for example, every five minutes) and number of repeats. Sounds can be set to play on specific dates, specific days of the week, weekends, or weekdays.

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ExhibitorNews Meeting by design LIBERTY AV SOLUTIONS Stand: 15-G230

Conferencing on the go with DigitaLinx products

The acronym BYOC may mean different things to different people, but for Liberty AV Solutions it stands for a family of products that is designed to allow companies to ‘bring your own conference’ to wherever they may be. The DigitaLinx products allow devices to be connected using HDMI, USB-C, or DisplayPort to launch a meeting, while in-room USB devices such as cameras and microphones will automatically follow and connect. Users can connect to Microsoft Teams, Zoom, or any collaboration platform using their own devices or a permanent room computer. Series switchers have multiple USB 3.0 host ports to automatically follow the last connected user and can then automatically switch back when the user disconnects.

Push the button for connectivity

Making furniture work for you


ZAOR Stand: 14-H128

The SeaWin SC-TP400-4G8F, with its 4in full-colour touch panel and eight push buttons, can be used for switching, dimming, shutter control, HVAC and even background music. Each button has an LED background light for status signal and human-sensing night light. With a customisable user interface designation and shell colour, it should, according to the company, “be the ideal choice for your integration and decoration”. The Guangzhou SeaWin Electrical Technologies company was founded in June 2014 in Guangzhou Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone. An official KNX manufacturer member, it specialises in KNX/EIB applications for smart home and intelligent buildings. A company spokesperson told the ISE Daily: “At the beginning, we used Siemens chips and stack for KNX/EIB products development and supplied goods to our internal customers. With some effort we certified our own Stack in 2018 and, based on that, we have developed a full product series for KNX/EIB applications.”

Combining “elegant design, pristine finishes and advanced technology in a unique way”, the Vela R producer desk is on show on the Zaor stand this year. The desk features the brand’s distinctive mono leg, while a sandwich panel desktop combines stability with leading-edge LED technology. The LEDs can be addressed individually and programmed to perform specific functions which the company described as “previously unheard of in a piece of furniture”. The desk is delivered with standard programs that can follow an audio signal or simply use time-based sequences to create moods and variations for creative users, such as music or video producers, DJs or graphic artists. Other functions can be integrated, such as VU-Meters that monitor the signal levels during recording, mixing or mastering. This function is performed by a second level of LEDs in the edge of the superior platform above the 19in rack inserts, easy to see from the producer’s perspective. The company says this allows users to keep the set-up compact, with hardware such as video servers, audio interfaces or other audio or video tools contained in built-in rack units, or in the second level Zaor claims the Vela R space which fits desk LED can perform screens, nearfield functions ‘unheard of in speakers or a piece of furniture’ more applicationspecific gear.

The SeaWin SC-TP400-4G8F can be used for switching, dimming, shutter control and more

New functions for outdoor noise measuring station unveiled NTI AUDIO Stand: 1-E135 At ISE this year, NTi Audio is demonstrating new functions for the XL2-TA Outdoor Noise Measuring Station. For example, one demo shows how the XL2-TA Sound Level Meter and Acoustic Analyzer can be used as a permanent outdoor measuring station. The company notes there are many fields of application for the XL2-TA. The meter can be used with a measurement microphone directly plugged in, extended on the cable, or in the weatherproof housing. All of these configurations are type-approved in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The system complies with the extensive requirements of Class 1 accuracy, as listed in the current IEC 61672-1, IEC 61260-1 and DIN 45657 standards. The latest firmware version V4.21 is type-approved by the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB) in Braunschweig. The type-approval also covers accessories, such as the WP30 Weather Protection Kit for the Class 1 M2230 microphone. In addition, the free firmware update provides improvements for building acoustics and consultants. NTi Audio says that special attention was also paid to outdoor measurement applications; the noise measuring station can be transported in an all-weather suitcase affording IP65 or IP43 protection. Alternatively, it can be permanently installed outdoors in a weatherproof measuring cabinet, for example on a light pole or on a house wall.

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The XL2-TA can be used as a permanent outdoor measuring station

Friday 14 February ISE Daily 2020 41

ExhibitorNews Prepare for an extreme reaction SKAARHOJ Stand: 15-T321

Going to extremes: new PTZ controller for motion control

Protecting against power pollution with RM Series TORUS POWER Stand: 1-Q115 Designed for luxury home theatre and residential systems, such as high-end audio systems, the power transformers in the RM Series are, says Torus Power, designed for performance, protection and value, with model outputs ranging from 4A to 45A. Popular models in the RM Series are the RM-8 and RM-16, which Torus Power says are ideal for mid-size and larger high-performance systems. Larger 30A and 45A models are available to provide clean, protected power for even larger systems. All models in the RM Series include Torus Power technology, including toroidal isolation, noise-filtering, high instantaneous current capability, and lighting and surge protection. The transformers electrically isolate connected equipment from the incoming power. Torus Power Toroidal Isolation transformers feature triple shielding for noise attenuation and isolation from increasingly noisy and polluted power lines. The transformers restore incoming power to its clean original state using Plitron’s NBT transformer technology. This design, the company says, carefully balances the inherent inductance, capacitance and resistance characteristics of the toroidal transformer, enabling the transformer to act as a very effective low-pass filter.

More than meets the eye: the RM Series is designed for performance, protection and value

The Danish manufacturer of universal control panels, Skaarhoj, is featuring PTZ Extreme, its new high-end PTZ controller, at ISE 2020. The controller is designed for integration with third-party motion control solutions as well as off-the-shelf PTZ cameras from Panasonic, Sony, NewTek, Lumens, Agile, Vaddio, PTZ Optics, Avonics, Ross, JVC and more. It comes with a zoom rocker, focus wheel, iris knob and three-way joystick, and is suitable for small and large-scale environments. Founded by Kasper Skårhøj, the company has been manufacturing universal broadcast controllers since 2012.

Engaging sound immersion FRAMED IMMERSIVE PROJECTS / USOMO Stand: 14-C181 With the Usomo – Unique Sonic Moments – system from Framed immersive projects, virtual sounds can be positioned accurately in a space. By precise placement and head rotation, the headphone sound is calculated and updates in real time. Installations spanning several floors are possible, requiring little equipment, according to the company. Usomo positions virtual sounds accurately within a space The system is designed specifically for interior spaces without real sound sources, such as museums, and creates a feeling of ‘being completely immersed in the sound’. The experience transforms spaces into interactive soundscapes and is especially useful for the inclusion of the visually impaired. The company said: “For exhibitions, events and educational purposes, Usomo opens a totally new dimension of user-friendly acoustic concepts with audience appeal. A unique acoustic journey is created for everyone, and as one moves around the space, sounds start or stop, and even the tonality, volume and angle of the sound source changes. The sound and the visuals merge into an intense 360° experience.”

Portal eyes up infrastructure UTELOGY Stand: 14-M170 Enterprise software platform provider Utelogy is showcasing the U-Manage portal on its stand this year. The portal records analytics for better maintenance, quicker resolution and improved productivity. By upgrading existing IT and AV infrastructure, the portal allows IT managers to assess the health of the AV landscape and detect issues prior to their affecting service. With its near real-time analytics, dashboarding and alerts, the portal also provides licensing and user management. These dashboards can be used as an individual experience or shared across the team, providing central management with the ability to monitor the entire estate at once, while also being configurable for individual sites. The system is hardware-agnostic and standards-based to integrate with any legacy equipment as well as new devices and new protocols. It’s also based on an open architecture to ensure a future-proof platform with support for standard web technologies such as Telnet, SSH, HTTP(S), SNMP and ICMP.

42 ISE Daily 2020 Friday 14 February

The U-Manage portal helps manage AV and IT devices

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ExhibitorNews Annotation system for broadcast video WILLIAMS AV Stand: 1-M30 The Annotation Pro by Williams AV is described by the company as the next generation in broadcast-quality video annotation systems.

The ‘next generation’ Annotation Pro

Providing the ability to annotate live over video content at resolutions up to 4K, additional features include the ability to connect USB sources such as cameras with live, full motion annotation with zero latency, as well as a picture-in-picture mode where multiple sources can be viewed simultaneously and annotated upon. Capturing a presentation is said to be as simple as selecting the record button on the toolbar and recording all content as well as annotations directly to a USB drive or a network storage device. Additionally, users can capture still images of the presentation for storage or send directly to any network printer for documentation.

Compact addition to Cynap range WOLFVISION Stand: 1-M20 An important extension to the Cynap system portfolio has been announced at ISE by WolfVision. The new compact Cynap Pure Pro wireless presentation and collaboration system provides BYOD wireless screen mirroring capability, combined with web conferencing, annotation and other popular collaboration tools as well as many of the features of WolfVision’s larger Cynap systems. The platform provides wireless screen sharing The Cynap Pure Pro provides BYOD wireless screen mirroring capability, web conferencing for all iOS, Android, Windows, macOS and Chrome OS devices onto a central shared display screen. Connection is said to be quick and easy, and support for AirPlay, Chromecast and Miracast mirroring protocols means that no software, apps or dongles are needed when sharing content on-screen from smartphones, tablets or laptops. A suite of annotation tools enables mark-up of any open window with the option to save the content if required. Other key features include support for Zoom and WebRTC meetings, a built-in media player, room booking module, and ‘touchback’ functionality, which enables remote control of laptops while working at a shared multi-touch screen. In common with other Cynap systems, the Cynap Pure Pro comes with 4K output resolution, up to four window on-screen display, and free-of-charge firmware updates and remote management tools.

Video intercoms for an open world 2N Stand: 5-S135 At ISE, 2N is showing the fruits of having recently become an official Crestron Integration Partner. The company has implemented the Crestron Rava SIP

Software eases system design NEETS Stand: 1-M140 Being demonstrated on the Neets stand is the latest version of the company’s drag-and-drop configuration software, Neets Project Designer. With access to more than 3,000 device drivers, UI templates and automatic documentation, the software is claimed to enable integrators to create entire systems using just a single piece of software. The drag-and-drop functionality is designed to enable integrators to configure a complete professional AV control system without any programming. Neets believes that programming resources tend to be scarce, highly indemand and cause bottlenecks in most AV projects. Michael J Christensen, CEO at Neets, said: “We wish to make AV control system configuration more democratic, empowering more AV professionals to do it without learning how to program. With Neets Project Designer, system integrators can deliver a project to a customer much faster, as more employees can do the job – of course without compromising the quality or the experience for the end customer or the user.” The software offers a range of UI templates that help integrators get started with a project. The layouts cover a number of typical room set-ups, while the templates can be customised to match the customer’s branding and visual identity.

For the latest show news and updates follow #ISE2020

IP video intercoms can now be integrated within a Crestron environment

protocol on its 2N IP video intercoms, meaning that all such devices integrate easily with Crestron TSW-x60 Series touchscreens to provide a video intercom solution that also integrates with any electronic door lock. Residents can answer a video call on their indoor Crestron panel and remotely open a door via a single click on the screen. Further, Crestron touchscreens deployed with the Crestron Pyng OS 2 operating system will instantly recognise a 2N IP video intercom with firmware version 2.25, so they can be added to the Crestron smart home system without the need for complex programming. A custom, advanced programming option is also available for deployment of more advanced functionality. 2N notes that it sees the openness of its products as a key condition of success in a “system of systems” world, and achieves this through open protocols such as SIP, ONVIF S, RTSP and HTTP API.

Low latency immersive sound ANALOG DEVICES Stand: 14-C170 The ADSP-2156x series – the latest of the processors from Analog Devices, Inc (ADI) – is designed to provide immersive audio and sound experience in consumer home audio and pro-audio applications. The processors are specifically targeted for applications that demand low-latency real-time audio processing. The family includes single core, 32-/40-/64-bit floating-point processors based on SHARC+ architecture and provides performance scalability from 400MHz up to 1GHz core clock frequency and different on-chip memory variants up to 1.6MB with pin-compatible options within the product family. A DDR3/L connectivity option (in BGA only) offers flexibility and expandability for designs, and enhanced hardware FIR and IIR filter accelerators at core speed provide significant added processing power while reducing overall system cost. A powerful DMA Audio with teeth: the ADSP-2156x system, as well as innovative digital audio interfaces with multiple processor is based on SHARC+ architecture internal buses, eliminate I/O bottlenecks. ADI says its rapid prototyping hardware and software development tools enable solution developers to achieve fast time to market. Software-based audio algorithms and IPs can be tuned for specific use cases for ease of solution design and reduced development times. Friday 14 February ISE Daily 2020 43

ExhibitorNews 4K/UHD for al fresco viewing

The range of outdoor TVs can be deployed in harsh environments

AQUAVISION Stand: 5-V43 4K/UHD resolution is now available across Aquavision’s range of outdoor TVs, which deliver brightness of up to 2,000cd/sqm. Demonstrated on its ISE stand, Aquavision’s High Bright outdoor televisions automatically adjust their brightness to accommodate any light setting. Additionally, the televisions are said to be self-regulating, allowing them to be used in harsh weather conditions (-40°F to 230°F/-40°C to 110°C). The Aquavision range is designed for any outdoor setting in applications including residential, commercial, marine and hospitality. The Horizon Outdoor TV is based on the company’s Pinnacle2 Smart TV range with features including full IP control and two HDMI inputs. Horizon televisions are available in either black or polar white, and come in 43in, 55in, 65in, 86in and 100in screen sizes.

An app for subwoofers EARTHQUAKE SOUND Stand: 5-R81 On show on the Earthquake Sound stand is its new range of powered MiniMe DSP subwoofers, combining 600W of Class D power in two models, with 10in or 12in long-throw drivers, combined respectively with a 10in or 12in Mass Tuned SLAPS patented passive radiator system. The MiniMe DSP P10 offers a frequency response from 20-135Hz, while the larger DSP P12 model is able to reach from 18-115Hz. Both subwoofers offer automatic signal sensing, RCA inputs and an operation status LED light indicator, which the company says is particularly useful, given their remote-control capabilities. Expanding the company’s MiniMe series of subwoofers, The new MiniMe range offers automatic signal sensing and LED indicators the new MiniMe DSP amplifier utilises Earthquake’s Class D circuitry with over 90% efficiency plus the added benefits of DSP control through mobile devices, to tune the subwoofer properly to its environment. Complicated and professional room tuning is now made possible, notes Earthquake, right at the user’s fingertips through the iWoofer Pro mobile app. This allows the user to dial the response to the exact needs of the room that it is placed in, with control including auto room correction, SHS (sub-harmonic synthesiser), selective variable crossover and operation switch for different ranges.

European debut for wallplate encoder ATLONA Stand: 5-T50 ISE 2020 marks the European debut of Atlona’s OmniStream 111 Wallplate (AT-OMNI-111-WP), a single-channel networked AV encoder. It delivers the core features and performance of Atlona’s AT-OMNI-111 AV-over-IP encoder into a compact, two-gang wallplate form factor, enabling, says Atlona, convenient, discreet installation wherever an AV source connection is required.

Videowall set-up made easier for installers AVPRO EDGE Stand: 5-T80 New for ISE from AVPro Edge is Fresco Video Systems, a line of HDMI videowall solutions that includes an expandable videowall processor and a 1x16 distribution amplifier. Fresco Video Systems is a line of products engineered to make videowall set-up easier on the installer. The AC-FRESCO-CAP-4 is described as a versatile 4K, plug-and-play videowall processor built to work directly out of the box for a 2x2 videowall. The processor can expand to a videowall with over 100 displays by adding units. The AC-FRESCO-DA116 is a distribution amplifier that can take in any 4K60 (4:4:4) signal, amplify and stabilise it to be delivered through all 16 HDMI outputs. Together, says AVPro Edge, the Fresco Cap 4 and Fresco 1x16 give integrators simplified solutions for their next videowall installation. John Tumbleson, lead control engineer, AVPro, said: “The hardest part of building a videowall when using Fresco products is hanging the displays. We designed our Fresco Video System products around an entry-level tech’s capability. Between the plugand-play aspects and the extremely simple set-up software, anyone can install a videowall with Fresco’s solutions.”

The AC-FRESCO-CAP-4 processor is built to work directly out of the box for a 2x2 videowall

44 ISE Daily 2020 Friday 14 February

The OmniStream 111 Wallplate provides a compact AV-over-IP encoder

The OMNI-111-WP is a member of Atlona’s OmniStream Pro Series, which is described as providing flexible, highperformance distribution of video and audio over standard, off-the-shelf Gigabit Ethernet switches. The wallplate encoder is HDCP 2.2 compliant and supports HDMI sources up to 4K/UHD at 60Hz with HDR – including optional support for 12-bit Dolby Vision content at 60fps – plus embedded audio. Like all OmniStream models, the OMNI-111-WP features visually lossless VC-2 video compression technology with user-selectable quality optimisation engines. According to Atlona, the OMNI-111-WP combines with OmniStream networked AV decoders to achieve ultra-low, sub-frame latency from encode to decode, while support for industrystandard network security protocols and features safeguards installations and content. For the latest show news and updates follow #ISE2020

ExhibitorNews Smart retrofitting for building automation DIVUS Stand: 9-F120 The Divus KNX IQ smart standalone panel with integrated visualisation software, which is being shown at ISE, can manage and control an entire electrical system. The on-wall mounted device is capable of being retrofitted, so it can be installed in many existing mounting boxes. The building automation of residential buildings, offices, showrooms, hotels or industrial buildings can be displayed and controlled via the on-wall mounted device that

protrudes only slightly from the wall surface. The KNX IQ panel can be installed wherever the mounting box has a larger diameter than 53mm and is smaller than 215x135mm. It offers an indoor intercom station, IP cam viewer and smart home control system all in one. Lighting, shading, heating/cooling, shutters, music, alarms and more can be controlled, and smart devices can be integrated into the visualisation. The system gives users the possibility to manage and control functions such as scheduling, basic logic operations and cloud connection.

Audio mixers for every application DAN DUGAN SOUND DESIGN Stand: 7-E180 Dan Dugan Sound Design has brought a comprehensive showcase of its automatic microphone mixing products to ISE 2020. Winner of numerous AV industry trophies and a Cinema Audio Society award, Dugan automixing technologies are used worldwide for management of multiple microphones in unscripted situations. Applications include news and sports programmes, talk shows, debates, conferences and distance learning, among others. After undergoing an extensive redesign process over the past few years, Dugan products now offer a wide range of connectivity options, as well as models for digital and analogue I/O. Products on display at ISE include the Dugan Model N, which offers full Dante functionality with AES67 compatibility; the Dugan Model M, with MADI I/O, both optical and copper; the Dugan E-3A, providing 16 channels of AES I/O and an additional 16 channels of ADAT I/O; the Dugan E-2A, with 12 channels of analogue I/O and 16 channels of ADAT I/O; and the Model K Control Surface, which is a physical keyboard remote controller for all networkable Dugan automixers.

Divus KNX IQ smart standalone panel can control electrics for an entire building

Integrator happiness in focus P5 Stand: 9-F110 Integrations company P5 has been focused on addressing requests from its customer base for the past year, and says it is releasing products at ISE to make it easier for integrators to become more competitive and make more profit. The better price-perchannel ratio of its new 12+1 channel I/O unit, for example, can offer a competitive advantage to integrators in installations where its 16A per channel rated relay unit would be overkill. The new I/O unit has 13x3A relay outputs and 12 analogue The new P5 RGB(W) dimmer can be placed near lighting fixtures inputs, and, according to the company, can ‘do all the tricks its older brother can’, including storing and activating scenes. Thanks to its analogue inputs it can also be used to read different analogue values from sensors connected to the inputs. The other new product is based on the success of the company’s 4-channel RGB controller. With a smaller form factor and surface-mount option, the new 1-channel RGB(W) A LED dimmer can be placed near the lighting fixture, reducing voltage drop on the wires. It supports 12-48V LED strips – either four separate single colour strips or one RGB or RGBW. The outputs can be directly controlled via the inputs or the built-in website, mobile apps or from third-party controllers via TCP/IP. The unit also has four 0-10V analogue outputs that work in parallel with the RGB(W) outputs. This allows 0-10V lighting ballasts or heating valves to be controlled. Also new is the addition of plastic ‘ears’ – all the existing DIN rail units can be surface mounted. For the latest show news and updates follow #ISE2020

Shining a light on creative LED INVENTDESIGN Stand: 10-H120 A wide range of creative LED lighting products from Dutch company InventDesign is on display in Hall 10. The company’s products include the flexible LED Wallwasher Flex, with 2700K and 5500K versions due to be added to the product line-up soon. The bright LED Wallwasher Extreme offers 5,500 lumen per metre and a 15° beam angle for lighting the likes of buildings, bridges or landmarks. Other lighting options include the DiGi Flexsheet P40 – an ultra-thin (2mm) LED sheet that can be cut into any shape or size. This enables users to work around obstacles on walls, such as shelf supports or electricity sockets. With the DiGi LED Strip 12V, InventDesign took the conventional 5V LED strip and gave it a boost. Operating at 12V means the possible strip length has been greatly increased. It also offers ‘breakpoint resume’, so that if one of the LEDs fails it’s bypassed immediately to keep all the other LEDs burning. InventDesign also produces the DiGi LED Mesh, which consists of LED ‘mats’, woven into a seamless whole. It can be curved in any way users want to create gradual, organic bends and curves, the company says.

The Wallwasher Extreme lighting in use on a building

Friday 14 February ISE Daily 2020 45

ExhibitorNews Self-guided audio for visitor experiences LISTEN TECHNOLOGIES Stand: 7-C192 Listen Technologies has expanded its offering in the tour space with Listen Audio Guide, billed as a self-guided tour solution that delivers a “personalised and engaging” visitor experience. Listen Audio Guide is geared towards eliminating the challenges tour participants face when they do not speak the local language or struggle to hear clearly. Tour operators can customise audio content and upload it on the wireless devices that tourists carry in their hands or pockets. Users select their preferred language Listen Technologies is exhibiting and listen through the a new self-guided tour solution, unit’s built-in speaker Listen Audio Guide or with headphones. Infrared technology in the unit triggers location-specific audio content to play at the right time and place so users hear relevant and engaging stories about the sights they visit. Maile Keone, president of Listen Technologies, said: “We have heard our professional audio partners’ call for self-guided tour applications that can be used in multiple venues and destinations and are excited to offer Listen Audio Guide. With Listen Audio Guide, users can walk at their own pace and linger at sights that appeal to them as they listen to compelling stories. The result is a more personalised and meaningful experience that adds to their enjoyment.”

Get collaborative with new two-way comms system BO EDIN / UNIVOX Stand: 7-T196 Swedish audio specialist Univox has introduced a digital two-way communication system, Univox TeamTalk. Incorporating straightforward operation and a push-to-talk feature, it is described as a true collaboration system for numerous meeting scenarios, including training sessions, guided tours and workshops. With a lightweight casing, long-lasting battery power and low-noise transmission, TeamTalk is designed to offer an affordable and inclusive hearing augmentation system for a host of collaborative needs. The 3.5mm output jack accommodates headphones as well as neck loops for hearing aid users.

46 ISE Daily 2020 Friday 14 February

New mounts can handle up to 100kg HELGI Stand: 5-V50 A new range of electrically height-adjustable mounts for LFDs and IFPs is being showcased on the Helgi stand. These feature support for higher weights – up to 100kg – and thus larger displays – up to 98in screen diagonal . The range is targeted at meeting and conference rooms, huddle rooms, executive rooms, training rooms, exhibition halls and commercial spaces. The mounts move displays vertically up to 700mm, meaning that the centre of the display is between 1,200mm and 1,900mm from the floor, providing better visibility for people in a seated position. The new cart also features anti-collision technology, which immediately halts any potential fall. The series includes integrated cable management with strain relief to prevent cables from disconnecting while the display is being adjusted. Control is via on-mount, remote or app. The units are VESA compatible from 200x200 to 800x600. Accessories such as a camera shelf or laptop shelf can be installed with the mount, and storage space for mini-PC or players is provided in the upper back side of the column.

Meet the new brand HUMLY Stand: 15-S285 The team behind Humly has launched the company’s new brand at ISE 2020. Humly specialises in scalable technology for more productive meetings and workplace interactions. Anders Karlsson, CEO of Humly, said: “We knew we wanted to make our launch special and ISE is a perfect exposition for presenting our new brand to the ecosystem of end users, customers and partners.” On show at ISE is the new Humly Room Display, with its streamlined design based on products launched in the marketplace over the past decade. Humly claims to be one of the first in the industry to offer room-booking software and hardware as a service, offering increased

The electrically height-adjustable mounts can handle larger displays

customer value with a sustainable business model. Tomas Nielsen, CTO of Humly, said: “Reliability, scalability and security are the founding principles of all products we build, but what really excites us and our enterprise customers is the added value from integration with other systems and the improved experience created by close collaboration.”

Karlsson: “ISE is a perfect exposition for presenting our new brand”

Open audio-over-IP is no myth RTS / BOSCH Stand: 2-B70 The RTS Odin digital intercom matrix, which can be seen on the Bosch stand, delivers up to 128 channels of Dante, AES67 and up to 16 channels of RVON-compatible audioover-IP as well as analogue connectivity in a single rack unit, giving users a variety of IP options to choose from. On top of this, the new SMPTE ST 2110-30 standard is also supported. With the variety of networking standards currently competing for attention for IP-based intercom communications, it is very easy for communications professionals to become locked into one specific ecosystem.

The only way to avoid this risk is to use products that are flexible enough to work with any major networking standard. RTS says that, in keeping with the principles of ‘forward thinking and backwards compatibility’, Odin can integrate into the most sophisticated, large-scale intercom operations. According to the company, this extends the value of the initial investment, while also providing a path for system expansion for smaller users who want to upgrade existing RTS systems to the latest technologies.

The RTS Odin digital intercom can deliver up to 128 channels of IP networking

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ExhibitorNews Miniature motion sensors

TVs for outdoor deployment PROOFVISION Stand: 5-U43

FARADITE Stand: 9-A157

For integrators with customers who believe that every space needs a TV, the ProofVision stand at ISE sees the company showcasing its Aire and Lifestyle ranges of weather-proof televisions designed for outdoor patios, pubs, hotels, rooftop restaurants/bars, residential gardens and so on. All are IP65/IP66 rated and can operate in temperatures of -20° to 60°. The Aire range comes in a number of sizes. The Aire outdoor TV is available in a 32in screen size with a brightness of 1,000cd/sqm; 42in (1,500cd/sqm); 55in (1,500cd/sqm) all with HD resolution, and Aire outdoor TVs feature anti-reflective screens for sunlight viewing the 65in (1,500cd/sqm) and 75in (3,000cd/ sqm) – both with UltraHD resolution. All are fitted with anti-glare screens for optimum viewing in bright sunshine. Also available across the range is an RS232 interface: drivers are available for both Control4 and Crestron. The units feature an integrated 2x30W amplifier. The Lifestyle TV features brightness of 700cd/sqm and includes a 2x15W amplifier.

Speakers make a cast iron case JERN Stand: 5-W110

The Foundation 500 active midrange and bass loudspeaker is housed in grey cast iron to reduce vibration and resonance

ISE visitors looking for speakers in enclosures somewhat different to the norm are heading to the stand of Danish manufacturer Jern – whose products are housed in grey cast iron. This, the company says, is because it reduces vibrations and resonance about 10 times more effectively than wood-based cabinet materials, and 100 times better than aluminium – and so delivers superior audio fidelity. Among the company’s range is the newly announced Foundation 500 active midrange and bass loudspeaker. With its cabinet made from Vibrakill – a specific formula of grey cast iron – the Foundation 500 includes a 500W analogue control Class D amplifier and a pair of Scanspeak 8in special long stroke (21mm peak-to-peak) woofers with aluminium cores. Frequency range is 24Hz-200Hz. Connectivity includes two gold-plated RCA inputs summing stereo to mono, and two balanced inputs using a single 5-pin male gold-plated Neutrix XLR socket. A 9-pin RS232 D socket is provided for control data. Multiple Foundation 500s can be used to create stereo sound, increased SPL and a better room interface with smoother in-room bass frequency response.

Enter the Hypermatrix with Harvey DSPECIALISTS Stand: 14-K170 Following the successful introduction of its Harvey digital signal processing system, DSpecialists is focusing on further development and expansion of the product family in 2020, with new features and components. The new variant of the audio and media control matrix Harvey Amp features a 4/8/12-channel Class D amplifier unit and is capable of driving up to 16 passive loudspeakers directly with a total of 80W RMS. The target markets for the new device in a compact 1U housing are multi-room projects, multichannel audio installations and conference rooms as well as theatres. With Hypermatrix configuration software it is possible to configure 48 ISE Daily 2020 Friday 14 February

several Harvey devices as if they were a single device. Several Harveys can be installed centrally in a 19in rack or distributed over a large area. The RC12 IP-based remote control for Harvey, which is freely programmable, makes it possible to call up presets or to set audio levels. RC12 provides 12 buttons and can be used singly or in combination with RC4. All of its buttons can be individually customised for colour and brightness, providing easy configuration and the ability to control not only audio but also media devices and lighting.

Harvey from DSpecialists is set for further development and expansion throughout 2020

British smart home accessory manufacturer Faradite is showcasing its complete range at ISE 2020. The Faradite stand features the extremely small, super discreet Motion Sensor 360 range and a contemporary range of tap switch plates.

Discover the discreet range of passive infrared ceiling-mounted motion sensors on the Faradite stand, including the IP67-rated Motion Sensor 360

Visitors to the stand are among the very first to see the IP67-rated Motion Sensor 360, which is designed for bathrooms, wet rooms and outside spaces. The tiny dimensions of the sensor deliver an impressively large detection area, meaning outdoor areas can benefit from the same automation as inside spaces without the need for large, unsightly external motion sensors. Faradite’s flagship product, the Motion Sensor 360V Free, meanwhile, is a flush-mounted sensor measuring just 49mm wide and protruding from the ceiling less than 3mm. The tiny sensor boasts an impressive detection area of 5.6mx6.6m when installed at a ceiling height of 2.5m. Claimed to be far smaller than most other sensors on the market, it is powered by 5-24V DC and provides a volt free relay, which the company claims to be ideal for many of the major control systems in the custom install market.

DSP speaker has Dante support LUCKY TONE Stand: 7-E215 Pro-audio specialist Lucky Tone is exhibiting a number of its latest solutions for use with Dante audio networks at ISE 2020. The DP 180POE DSP speaker’s Power Over Ethernet (PoE) power supply, audio transmission and signal control are achieved via an RJ45 Ethernet port. It can obtain power supply from any Ethernet switch of 802.3 or above. The speaker utilises SSA inverter technology to achieve high-quality sound from a compact, low-power form factor. Dante connectivity enables transport of 24-bit audio (44.1K/48kHz), while the product also incorporates functions such as gain control, mute control, 5-band equaliser control and DSP with limit control. All of these functions can be performed remotely on the PC or Mac with DSP controller software. Also on show is the Dante 4 48V 4in/4-out interface with built-in Dante module supporting PoE power supply. It can be directly connected to the Dante network to enable a low-latency, high-fidelity and cost-effective solution for paging and announcement.

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Thursday 25th June 2020 The Sheraton Grand, London Enter online at www.avtechnologyawards.com Deadline for entries 11th March 2020

Table & Ticket Bookings

Be part of the biggest night in the industry calendar. You can already secure your place at the AV Technology Awards 2020 at www.avtechnologyawards.com



AVIXA FlashTracks FlashTracks are free 20-minute education sessions held on stand 13-N110 near Entrance C of the RAI. FlashTrack education is designed for AV professionals of all experience levels and will focus on key topics and trends in the industry. You must be an AVIXA Member to attend these free sessions. You can sign up for basic membership at avixa.org; alternatively AVIXA staff will be on hand to help you sign up on the stand.

11:00 Chuck’s Tool Kit: Things you need for proper needs analysis speaker: Chuck Espinoza, AVIXA In this session, we’ll look at some of the equipment and procedures that you will need to properly analyse an environment for a successful AV needs analysis and design.

11:30 AV Networks: Which topology works best? speaker: Andy Cooper, Yamaha Europe Music AV networks for live events need to handle a constant amount of high-bandwidth data with low latency. So do they require a unique design approach? Is it something an AV technician can handle without specific IT training? Join this seminar to pick up some tips about frequently used network design techniques. Learn about spanning-tree protocol, link aggregation groups, daisy-chains, trunks and when to (or when not to) use them.

12:00 Identifying and Eliminating Process-Waste – Increasing profits speaker: Brad Malone, Navigate Management Company The elimination of waste is the primary goal of any lean system. Waste is anything that does not have value or does not add value. Waste is something the customer will not pay for. When the great Italian sculptor Michelangelo was asked what he was sculpting, he responded he was not sculpting but releasing the figure (value) inside by removing the unnecessary rocks (wastes). We should eliminate all forms of wastes in any process or product until only what is valuable remains. There are two types of waste: obvious waste and hidden waste. It is important to uncover and eliminate the latter since they are usually bigger. Waste takes the shape of an iceberg, the tip consists of the obvious waste while the unseen bulk under the water contains the hidden waste. Waste can be in the form of

50 ISE Daily 2020 Friday 14 February

50-52_ISE10.ProfDev.indd 50

unnecessary output, input, or processing. The steps to effective waste elimination are: 1. Make waste visible. 2. Be conscious of the waste. 3. Be accountable for the waste. 4. Measure the waste. 5. Eliminate or reduce the waste. This session will provide both the tangible theory and concrete examples that can be used within a typical systems integration company.

12:30 Ubiquitous Design Approach to Modern AV/IT World speaker: David Buchholz, Intel As the merger of AV and IT continues, we discuss the importance of a ubiquitous design approach with common UI. How being an open platform leads to next-generation collaboration models, lessens the need for end-user training around capabilities and provides a next-gen environment that meets the emerging demands. We also cover how this approach is already working today and works across multiple verticals such as healthcare, enterprise, education and more.

13:00 Twenty-minute Tech Manager School: Incident management – data analytics speaker: Chuck Espinoza, AVIXA AV systems and operations will always have the occasional interruption in functionality – from mechanical failure to user error. In this session we will explore how we can use patterns and data to help predict and possibility eliminate future interruptions and failures, and enable our systems to have a better user experience.

13:30 Creating Experiential yet Functional AV Spaces in Esports and Hospitality Environments

Stand: 12-N110

AVIXA FlashTracks are organised into four tracks. Use the key below to help you identify the sessions most relevant to you.



Emerging Trends

User Experience

can create exciting engagements and environments that meet and exceed what this industry demands. Whether it’s a fan activation or a VIP hospitality experience, learn about the kinds of technologies and IT infrastructure you need to deliver high-quality, high-resolution content and compelling live engagements.

14:00 Securing Spaces, an IT Perspective speaker: Kevin Iselli, Crestron The demand for network security is on the rise. The more devices that go on the network, the more you need to protect against unwanted risk. The foundations of network security and devise exposure need to be a constant consideration in the system design. In this FlashTrack we will look at the beginnings of creating a secure environment ready to take on both AV and IT devices and provide the security measures to build out a resilient network. Additionally, we will look at IEEE 802.1x and the building block of deployment for secure network spaces.

14:30 Experiential AV – It’s easy speaker: Tammuz Dubnov, Zuzor You’ve heard the word ‘experiential’ used frequently, but it’s often vaguely defined and you may not be sure how exactly it relates to your AV business. In this session, we will define what experiential AV is and how easy it is for you to start incorporating it in your work. In addition, we will specifically cover how to activate LED walls and projectors to turn them interactive from a distance by adding a depth camera eye to your installation. With new plug-and-play capabilities, your experiential installation will be able to learn the environment around it and be ready to go in minutes. We’ll talk about different set-up options, content customisation and the built-in remote management that makes it so easy. You can get a sneak peek of what experiential AV looks like here – Https:// youtu.be/bx7yedTwxyg – and you will see just how easy it is during a live demo at this session.

speaker: Jonathan McCune, Black Box Let’s face it: esports audiences are a tough bunch. Their tech-savvy is unparalleled and their expectations of speed, performance and excitement are unlike any other industry. In this session, we’ll talk AV and activations, and how you

For the latest show news and updates follow #ISE2020

2/7/20 12:08 PM

Stand: 1-E10, 1-E20


CEDIA Certifications CEDIA Talks Add to your CV, advance your career and establish your company’s expertise and commitment to best practices by acquiring CEDIA’s internationally recognised certifications. Member companies with certified employees receive premium listings on the CEDIA Finder Service and can can participate in the CEDIA Member of Excellence programme

CEDIA Talks are 20-minute sessions presented by industry thought leaders on the CEDIA stand (1-E20) and are free to attend with no registration necessary

10:00-12:30 • Room D201 CEDIA ESC-N Certification Exam

speaker: Walt Zerbe

11:00 ANSI Standards & CEDIA

The ESC-N (Networking Specialist) Certification signifies mastery of the fundamentals of designing, installing and configuring a network in the home for optimum performance. Recommended for: individuals with two years of networking experience in residential systems.

Come see what CEDIA is doing in the standards world. Learn about our current recommended practices and standards we are revising and why you should care. Learn about the joint R10 standards group that’s a collaboration between CEDIA and the Consumer Electronics Association (CTA).

10:00-12:30 • Room D201 CEDIA ESC-D Certification Exam

15:30 Video Compression

The ESC-D (Designer) Certification signifies mastery of designing and managing the completion of an overall residential system with clients and design and installation professionals. Recommended for: individuals with at least five years (recommended) of industry experience who are focused on system design and project completion.

speaker: David Meyer

10:00-12:30 • Room D201 CEDIA ESC-T Certification Exam

In a landscape of increasing video resolutions and bits per pixel, the need for compression is ever present. From mezzanine compression for content capture and post production, to deep compression for content distribution, to the choice of compressed versus uncompressed for the final hop to the display, this session takes a look at the types of compression, when it’s good and when it’s not.

The ESC-T (Technician) Certification represents proficiency in the technical knowledge that forms the foundation of the residential electronic systems industry. Recommended for: electronic systems technicians with at least two years (recommended) field experience in a wide variety of installation tasks.

09:30-17:00 • Room D202 HAA HT1 Adviser Certification This class will teach the fundamentals of home theatre acoustical design principles, providing the central requirements of a high-performance design based upon state-of-the-art scientific research and extensive field experience. The course lays the groundwork for more advanced understanding of small room acoustics by introducing the student to the most important industry acoustical terms and technical descriptions. It is an ideal introduction to small room acoustics for all professionals, but also offers insights on high-performance design for advanced students. For the latest show news and updates follow #ISE2020

50-52_ISE10.ProfDev.indd 51

Friday 14 February ISE Daily 2020 51

13/02/2020 11:56


Exhibitor Training Sessions Barco • Room D503/D504

d&b audiotechnik • Room E105/E106

Martin Audio • Room E104

10:00-16:00 (D503)

10:00-10:40, 12:00-12:40, 14:00-14:40

11:00-12:00, 13:00-14:00 (E104)

Nobody does Laser Projection Better than Barco Join us in comparing projection through RGB lightsource and laser phospor lightsource or 4K Native and 4K UHD. We will also introduce how you can start to manage your fleet of assets in the cloud.

12:00-12:45 (D504)

Event Master | ImagePROcessing Experience live demo sessions of the latest additions to our Event Master E2/S3/Ex solution for image composition and screen management. New multioperator functionalities, the latest video quality (HDR) and new possibilities to further improve your ROI. Registration required! Contact jasleen.bagga@barco. com to register.

52 ISE Daily 2020 Friday 14 February

50-52_ISE10.ProfDev.indd 52

d&b Soundscapes. Tech, art and beyond

L-Acoustics • Room E103 10:00-10:45, 12:00-12:45, 14:00-14:45 A Series and Autosolvers Demo The A Series presentation takes the audience through the genesis of the product, highlighting the core benefits of a constant curvature line source system fitted with Panflex. Audience members will have the opportunity to listen to A10, A15 and a combination of A10 or A15 with KS21. The second chapter of this presentation will cover briefly the Autosolvers, a set of software tools that improves and accelerates system design and implementation. The presentation ends with an introduction of M1, L-Acoustics’ measurement system embedded within LA Network Manager that truly saves time and effort during the system calibration process.

Loudspeaker Demo A comprehensive demonstration of Martin Audio’s best-selling products, including ADORN, BlacklineX, CDD Series, O-Line, WPS and SXC118, as well as the premiere of new product offerings for the installation market.

Void Acoustics • Room E108 10:00-11:00, 12:00-13:00, 14:00-15:00

Audio Demonstration Audio demonstrations including products from the Venu, Cyclone, Air and Arcline series.

For the latest show news and updates follow #ISE2020

2/7/20 12:09 PM

ExhibitorNews Quantum leap for console family DIGICO Stand: 7-K200 The latest product in DiGiCo’s range of Quantum consoles, the Quantum 338, incorporates the latest FPGA processing technology and extensive connectivity options. Quantum 338 features an entirely new system architecture, based on the seventh generation of FPGA. There are 128 input channels with 64 buses and a 24x24 matrix, all with full channel processing. The console also includes a new look and feel dark mode application as well as three 17in 1,000 nit, high-brightness multitouch screens, allowing both the meter bridge and soft quick select buttons to be displayed on each screen. There are also 70 individual TFT channel displays, while the floating Quantum chassis features 38 100mm touch-sensitive faders laid out in three blocks of 12 fader banks, plus two dedicated user-assignable faders – each complete with high-resolution metering. Ultimate Stadius 32-bit ADC and DAC conversion are built-in to the Quantum 338 as standard (the name is a reference to DiGiCo technical director John Stadius). Also included are triple redundant MADI connections, dual DMI slots and the company’s built-in UB MADI USB recording interface.

The new DiGiCo Quantum 338 consoles incorporate seventh generation FPGA processing

Topcat creates a special atmosphere DJPOWER Stand: 15-T250 Stage effects specialist DJPower is showcasing an atmospheric generator called Topcat CAT-2 at ISE 2020. The device creates fog or haze effects as required, to allow technicians to create different atmospheres on stage. The company says the fluid used is made of an environmentally friendly oil, which allows the haze to stay in the air for a longer period of time. DJPower sells its products under the Topcat, DJPower and DJV brands. Topcat products are designed for use by professionals in productions, theatres, TV studios, concerts and shows. DJPower devices can be deployed in multiple environments to create fog effects, while DJV represents the company’s range of entry-level products.

Blood pressure testing available at the tap of a screen

Better living through digital signage INFINITUS Stand: 8-E260 Outdoor signage company Infinitus is showcasing a new concept in its portfolio, the imotion Safety Point. Infinitus created the imotion Safety Point with health benefits and quality of living in mind. According to the company, its new generation of outdoor digital signage acts as a channel which actively promotes and encourages healthy living. The imotion Safety Point provides specific content on two 75in LCD screens and allows for smart add-ons and sensors. The product’s functions are intended to encourage passers-by to test for healthy living, including heart rate monitoring, alcohol testing and stress metering. It also collects surrounding data, including the use of ozone sensors. A further two ultra-high brightness advertising screens provide advertising and promotional content delivery for sponsors and partners. With a focus on the health benefits this solution could provide, the imotion Safety Point is targeted at both the public and private sectors. For the latest show news and updates follow #ISE2020

53-58_ISE10.ExhibitNewsL.indd 53

Feline foggy: the atmospheric generator can be used for haze effects on stage

Outdoor entertainment on the rise ILLUSY Stand: 5-R110

Eclipse Megalift system, with the screen able to be fully revealed within a minute. Both an LED Range (5,500 nits, 3.9mm pitch, IP65 rated) and an Outdoor Projection Display are available. Also available is a 5.2 sound system (which can be upgraded to 7.2 or 9.2 on demand). Appropriate protection/security is provided against strong wind, rain and so on. The entire system is controlled via a single remote.

Bespoke mirror screen and waterproof screen solutions company Illusy is at ISE to promote its Eclipse outdoor movie theatre screens, including the new Eclipse XA range, which is available in 75in, 85in and 114in versions. Eclipse screens are designed for outdoor deployment to create complete, private, outdoor movie theatres. The new XA range includes a 4K very high brightness 75in screen and a large 114in P2.6mm 4,500 nit screen, and features a 1,100W 3.2 sound system created by Waterfall Audio. Eclipse Cinema is available in 185in (4mx2.5m picture size), 273in (6mx3.5m picture size) or 360in (8mx4.5m picture size) configurations. All screens are fully retractable underground thanks to the company’s motorised Going underground: Eclipse Cinema is available in picture sizes up to 8mx4.5m

Friday 14 February ISE Daily 2020 53

2/7/20 12:11 PM

ExhibitorNews Cutting out cables

Chargers on wheels

G2 DIGITAL Stand: 15-S282


As a specialist in the design and manufacture of PCs for challenging environments, G2 Digital understands how difficult many PC installations can be and has introduced support for Power over Ethernet (PoE) in some of its most popular products. G2 Digital is deploying PoE to help solve complicated Mini PC installations G2 Digital regards PoE as the ideal solution for complicated PC installations, particularly in locations where a mains power cable would prove impractical. PoE enables both power and data to be transmitted through a single Ethernet cable. Since the cable required to run PoE hardware is usually already installed in many office buildings, PC installation is also more cost effective. The company has designed a device to help customers get the most out of PoE within its Intel-based 1U NUC, Fanless NUC and Bantam PCs, and is displaying all three of these units in Hall 15.

Hailing from Ningbo, China, Gam Global Group’s Jamanet is showcasing its charging carts and cabinets for iPads, tablets and laptops. One product on display is the USB-C charging cart that can automatically identify what devices are charged and how much power they require. The carts are used in schools, hospitals and other locations to help reduce the clutter created by charging equipment.

Debut for power amplifiers MCINTOSH LABORATORY Stand: 5-T155 The MC257 is a 7-channel home theatre power amplifier

The MC255 5-channel and MC257 7-channel home theatre power amplifiers have debuted at ISE 2020. The MC255 and MC257 feature McIntosh’s new TripleView Power Output Meter that independently indicates the realtime power reading of the amplifier’s three front channels. Instead of three separate meter windows each housing a single meter, as found on McIntosh’s previous 5-channel amplifier, 38cm-wide TripleView features three of McIntosh’s traditional mechanical meters in a single meter enclosure. Besides the new TripleView meter, the two new amplifiers have received many other performance upgrades. Filter capacity has been increased by 50% which has more than doubled dynamic headroom from 1.7dB to 3.6dB, as well as improving the performance of low frequencies. When using just the front left, centre and right channels, power output has been increased by 25% from 200WPC to 250WPC. When using all five channels, each will receive 200WPC. Regardless of how many channels are used, the full 200W or 250W is delivered to either 4- or 8-Ohm speakers via McIntosh’s Dynamic Power Manager (DPM) technology.

Bringing the magic to the showfloor HUNAN YESTECH OPTOELECTRONIC Stand: 8-G200

have also been installed to enhance durability. The MG6S P2.84 has adopted a modular design and improved safety and stability. The display offers 18-bit greyscale and optimum image realisation, says the company. Chinese LED screen manufacturer YesTECH has provided LED The indoor/outdoor MG7S P3.9 Pro boasts increased antiscreens for more than 18 years for many international events. pressure and anti-collision factors, with multiple function use The company’s latest product range, the Magic stage series, is in various shapes. Safe performance is a key focus, with no being demonstrated at ISE. deformation under pressure when used as a dance floor, while The upgraded MG6S Pro (P2.84/3.9/4.8) has added the heat conduction balance system spreads heat uniformly, hardware cooling to optimise the display. Upgraded LEDs so prolonging its lifespan.  The Magic Stage Creative Extension series, MG11 (right-angle), MG12 (triangle), MG13 (sector), MG14 (triangle) and MG15 (rectangle) can be combined with the Magic Stage Series by connectors to achieve various creative shapes. Aimed at the shopping mall and event industry to add creativity to commercial applications, the series features efficient derig and module management to help resolve any issues. The multifunctional MG6S, MG7S and Magic Stage Creative Extension series can combine into many shapes and forms

54 ISE Daily 2020 Friday 14 February

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Charging carts are intended to help reduce clutter

Multiroom music managed TRIANGLE Stand: 5-R130 The Pro A50 being demonstrated by first-time exhibitor Triangle is a multiroom installation amplifier with streaming and multi-zone capabilities. According to the company, it has been specially designed to power different kinds of speakers: custom install, outdoor or a pair of bookshelf speakers. Compatible with Triangle’s AIO technology, the amplifier offers multiroom management and can simultaneously control up to 12 zones with all AIO-compatible devices. It is said to be suitable not only for the home environment, but also for cafes, bars, restaurants and shops. Controlled via the Triangle AIO app, the device is also provided with a remote control and a remote IR receiver. Users can set up six favourites on the remote control to access their preferred radio or playlist directly. The Pro A50 features 802.11 b/g/n WiFi and Bluetooth APTX as well as an RJ45 port, optical input, 3.5mm jack input and USB-A port. It is also DLNA compatible.

The Pro A50 can control up to 12 zones

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ExhibitorNews Pendant speaker mount reworked for unobtrusive immersive installs

HEVC on command

REVOLUTION ACOUSTICS Stand: 7-V180 Revolution Acoustics has redesigned its Pendant360 mount for the SSP6 Multiducer in order to bring its immersive audio technology to rooms with open plenum spaces. The Pendant360 offers clean aesthetics with no visible speaker grilles or large hanging speaker structures. The product’s 19in diameter, high-gloss white surface can be painted to blend completely into the background; alternatively, it may be decorated as overhead art at the designer’s discretion. Hanging height is adjustable. A single SSP6 Multiducer mounts on top of the unit and is not visible from below. According to Revolution Acoustics, a single Pendant360 provides sonic coverage that is comparable to four conventional cone-style pendant speakers, with no dropouts or hot spots. Applications include background music, paging and sound masking.

AVCIT Stand: 15-K280 China-based display control solutions specialist AVCIT is showcasing its AV over IP products at ISE 2020, with a focus on its AVCIT Smart KVM over IP technology using HEVC or the H.265 coding scheme. The company decided to focus on HEVC because of its ability to enable high-quality video with low bandwidth requirements. AVCIT claims its products allow large and more complex command centres to be connected and interoperated in multiple locations, with even 8K possible on existing 1Gbps networks. The company notes that its products can also be connected to third-party systems because of the growing support for HEVC.

Paging and background music are among applications for the reworked Pendant360

New website, new configurator STEWART FILMSCREEN Stand: 1-F60 ISE isn’t only about new products. One company is showcasing its new website – www.stewartfilmscreen. com – along with direct access to its new Screen Assistant Configurator Price Quote (CPQ). The new system allows all authorised distributors of Stewart Filmscreen products to configure screens to exact specifications, including image size, aspect ratio, screen fabric and mounting system. The Screen Assistant CPQ builds out a two-dimensional drawing in real-time that is not only to scale, but also creates a drawing that can be signed off and approved for an immediate build. Nothing is left to the imagination, the company says; all visuals are correct, and all dimensions are provided. According to Stewart Filmscreen, no other projection screen manufacturer has a configurator that will provide the same level of detail. Attendees can visit with their specs or prints in-hand and leave with a consultation and quote for an optimised imaging screen. The Stewart website features details on all retractable as well as fixed-frame screens, along with performance specs for each of the company’s optical screen fabrics. Also included in the new website is the Screen Finder which is a tool to help quickly find the screen that works best for each venue.

All-in-one system promises audio quality boost SENRUN (ECEN) Stand: 7-M240 Advances in digital signal processing (DSP) technology have meant that the updated Senrun (ECEN) EP-890 allin-one PA offers improved sound quality, according to the Taiwan-based manufacturer. The revamped model is also easier to use, with one control knob now able to adjust multiple core functions including volume and EQ. Users can also now control the system from their mobile devices. Designed to serve small to medium-sized events, such as parties, meetings and pub gigs, the EP890 features an 8in woofer and 1in horn driven by highly efficient 150W (max) Class D biamplification. Other features include built-in Bluetooth streaming connectivity, a carry handle for easy transport and the ability to run off internal battery power for up to eight hours.

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The Screen Assistant CPQ allows distributors to configure screens to exact specifications

Bluetooth speaker to get IKEA fans tweeting MOREL Stand: 5-U135 Front and centre of the Morel ISE stand is the company’s new Högtalare Bluetooth speaker. It integrates a 6in double magnet subwoofer and, for maximum resolution, two 3/4in soft dome tweeters, selected, the company says, for their smooth and detailed sound. Each tweeter plays one channel (left or right). To improve resolution with the grille on, Morel added waveguides (horns) to the frame, above the tweeters. An EVA ring was also added to further improve resolution. The unit features three dedicated amplifiers – one for the woofer and one each for the tweeters – and a custom-built DSP. Performance is rated at 50W per channel, with a 3620,000Hz frequency range. Support for Qualcomm’s aptX technology is provided to maximise audio quality when streaming via Bluetooth 4.2, while Bluetooth TWS support allows users to wirelessly pair two Högtalare units to create a full stereo system. An AUX input and USB power outlet are provided so that users can connect a turntable or Chromecast audio device, turning it into a WiFi speaker. The speaker is designed to fit into an IKEA Kallak or Expedit shelving unit (the name Högtalare is Swedish for ‘speakers’) and is available with a choice of front grilles in four colours.

Sound squared: The Högtalare speaker aims to offer maximum resolution and smooth and detailed audio

Friday 14 February ISE Daily 2020 55

2/7/20 12:11 PM

ExhibitorNews Adapting to demand XILINX Stand: 15-D240 Semiconductor company Xilinx and its partners are showcasing UHD, AV-over-IP and machine learning technologies on the company’s adaptable and intelligent platforms at ISE 2020. Demonstrations on the comapny’s stand in Hall 15 include machine learning for digital signage, cameras and encoding; 8K HDMI 2.1; 4K low latency H.265/H.264 streaming; 4K AV over 1GbE; and 4K AV over 10G/25GbE. Xilinx aims to meet the increasing demand for bandwidth, storage, real-time video processing and low latency compression, with the ability to differentiate through video quality improvements and features. These feature sets are beginning to include machine learning for video analytics, from monetisation of signage advertising to intuitive user interfaces, and from workflow optimisation to codec bitrate savings. Xilinx technology is able to bridge all kinds of AV to IP Ethernet networks

New power amps on show WISDOM AUDIO Stand: 5-T110 The new SA-8 and SA-8 DSP multichannel power amplifiers are being demonstrated by Wisdom Audio. The SA-8 and SA-8 DSP are compact 2U amplifiers that deliver eight channels of amplification at 200W RMS per channel into 8 Ohms and 400WPC into 4 Ohms, all channels driven. Additionally, the channels can be bridged for even higher performance, delivering up to 600W into a 4-Ohm load. Luc Guillaume, managing director, Wisdom Audio, said: “These high-efficiency multichannel amplifiers

are the perfect addition to our existing powerhouse SA-X amplifier range. The SA-8 and SA-8 DSP deliver pristine audio, achieving high current delivery in a nofan design which is flat-stackable. Both models boast eight balanced XLR inputs for low noise connectivity and include rack ears as standard. Stable down to 2 Ohms, these amplifiers feature our solid aluminium ‘wave’ front panel matching the existing amplifier range. We’re delighted to have these amplifiers make their ISE 2020 debut.” The SA-8 DSP model adds a DSP board, enabling all eight channels to provide the necessary digital active crossover and digital EQ profiles for all Wisdom Audio loudspeakers.

The SA-8 power amplifier is optionally available with a DSP board

All-in-one approach to IP communications TOA Stand: 7-N200 Reflecting the continuing growth of IP-based AV, TOA is presenting the new IP-1100 network-based communication system at ISE 2020, comprising a public address and intercom system in one package. TOA says IP-1100 is deployed with intuitive management software to control audio and video devices via SIP and ONVIF. A range of SIP-based speakers as well as SIP-based audio interfaces, remote microphones and intercom stations can be added to the software that comes with a built-in SIP server. An interface allows the system to be connected to a voice alarm or CCTV system. It may be used in conjunction with TOA products such as the N-SP80 SIP intercoms, which were designed for user-friendly handling and are able to handle access control for audio and video communications. The emergency intercom station, RS-410ECR2, was developed in accordance with the German standard DIN VDE V 0827 for emergency and danger systems. Utilising the latest RFID technology, it is particularly suitable for schools and other public buildings. This system is supplemented by IP-based horn speakers, which can be addressed directly via the network.

Rapid growth is a clear sign for UK and EU expansion ALLSEE TECHNOLOGIES Stand: 8-C160 Following the company’s launch of a wide array of products in 2019, Allsee’s new battery powered digital A-board, super-slim hanging double-sided displays for windows and low voltage rod powered displays are being showcased on its stand. Having recently announced the opening of new UK and EU headquarters the company is going through a period of rapid growth. Dr Baoli Zhao, managing director and founder of Allsee Technologies, said: “Our current expansion is not exclusively focused to the UK market but also overseas and especially in Europe. In addition to our new UK and EU offices, we are also currently setting up another team in India so we can expand into the Indian market as well. All of these achievements are down to all our loyal partners, our suppliers and our dedicated team and their family members.” The company’s new UK offices, warehouse and showroom facility was officially opened in August 2019 by Lord-Lieutenant of the West Midlands, John Crabtree OBE, and High Sheriff of the West Midlands, Michael Kuo. The 20,000sqft purpose-built facility also allows for continued growth of the UK-based R&D, sales, marketing, support and logistics teams. The new EU offices in Ostend, Belgium serves as a central hub for the company’s European customers. As well as providing local support to EU partners this office also features showrooms and meeting rooms. 56 ISE Daily 2020 Friday 14 February

53-58_ISE10.ExhibitNewsL.indd 56

As well as new offices and a showroom facility, the UK warehouse can hold up to 1,600 pallets

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ExhibitorNews HDMI cable for challenging environments

AZ-LED-Mapper is compatible with perimeter LED displays at a range of resolutions

TTL NETWORK Stand: 7-E175 Suitable for all manner of harsh environments, the steel-armoured HDMI Active Optical Cable from TTL Network is a video hybrid cable of OM3 fibres and a copper wire. Under a flexible TPU jacket, the cable is equipped with a steel armouring and additional Kevlar mesh – a combination that the company claims makes it extremely resistant to pressure and tensile loads, bruises and damage from rodent bites. The cable

Rendering stress reduced for perimeter advertising AZLAB Stand: 14-K110 On show at ISE is the AZ-LED-Mapper video player software that is compatible with perimeter LED displays at a range of resolutions. Equipped with a function which can automatically fold down long images or videos to fit the video size sent to the LED controller, it relieves the stressful re-rendering any time operators switch to a different resolution perimeter LED display.

The software is equipped with a convenient one-touch video output function suited for sports and live events, according to the company. Based in in Tokyo, software development company Azlab focuses on research and development of real-time systems, including 16K/8K 120P playback, 16K/8K IP streaming, and 8K 60P real-time blending projection. Azlab also offers the latest LED technologies, including ClearVision, which increases clarity for images/videos on LED displays, and content management software for LED bars.

Cloud control PHAROS ARCHITECTURAL CONTROLS Stand: 9-E125 Across the world, installations are controlled 24/7 by a variety of sophisticated, automated devices. But once that initial set-up is done and the integrator has left, making changes, troubleshooting issues or simply maintaining the project can incur costs of time, money and carbon emissions sending someone back on site. Pharos Cloud, which is being demonstrated at ISE, aims to solve this problem and make controlling, changing and troubleshooting an installation project as easy as connecting to the internet. According to the company, set-up of Pharos Cloud is very simple. Controllers are placed on a local network with access to the internet and connect out to the Pharos Cloud server using industrystandard encryption. It is designed to work with any internet Pharos Cloud makes it easy to control, change and troubleshoot a project – only an internet connection is needed connection speed or even over a cellular network. The company says the management web interface is easy to use on any device with a browser, with no need to download any special software or apps. Multiple Pharos sites can be managed at once, and it’s possible for multiple operators to access each site, with straightforward granular permissions management, and the ability to choose what features each user is permitted to access on a user-by-user and site-by-site basis.

TTL Network’s HDMI Active Optical Cable is resistant to pressure, bruises and rodent bites

withstands a short-term pressure of up to 200kg without performance losses or damage to the inner conductors. The cable is assembled with two HDMI type A plugs, which are protected with metal housings and lockable IP protection capsules. The complex and stable cable and plug design allow transmission without loss of quality over distances of up to 100m. The cable supports HDTV and 3D Full HD resolutions at a transfer rate of up to 18Gbps.

iPad mounts for every application VIVEROO Stand: 5-W60 Manufacturer of wall and furniture mounts, viveroo, is demonstrating its range of mounting solutions for the Apple iPad. The company prides itself on the fact that its products are made from 91% recyclable materials, and says they are appropriate for both the domestic and business environment. Two wall-mounting options are available: the ‘free’ mount is designed to make the iPad appear to float in front of the wall, while the ‘one’ mount holds the iPad close to the wall. Both portrait and landscape mounting versions are available. The units

can be cable-connected to the network if desired, and installation kits for PoE are offered. For commercial environments, an anti-theft locking device can be provided. Recognising that some apps are designed for portrait display while others are better seen in landscape mode, the viveroo loop mount can rotate through 90°– a capability the company claims is unique. The viveroo free flex stand is designed to be moveable, and doubles as a charging stand. It too can be configured with a locking option. The range is completed by the viveroo loop 360, an in-conference table mount that allows the iPad to be freely rotated towards whoever is viewing it.

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53-58_ISE10.ExhibitNewsL.indd 57

The viveroo range is equally suitable for domestic or commercial deployment

Friday 14 February ISE Daily 2020 57

2/7/20 12:12 PM

ExhibitorNews Making brands stand out from the crowd DBPIXELHOUSE Stand: 15-Q250 Digital content agency DBpixelhouse is demonstrating how to create eye-catching content experiences using virtual and augmented reality, touch apps, custom games and more. The company believes that in the world of events, interactive digital experiences are now required in order to

stand out from the crowd. It suggests that a screen on its own isn’t that incredible, so the aim should be to provide an interactive screen that becomes a focal point for engagement and collaboration that facilitates two-way interaction. DBpixelhouse specialises in helping brands to make their spaces more interactive. It works with creative agencies, event organisers and directly with brands to create memorable experiences using an integration of the latest technology with digital content.

Mount extends scope of AV modules CAYMON Stand: 7-M190 Belgian rack and stand manufacturer Caymon has developed a new flush-mount connection chassis, CASY052, that extends the possibilities for implementing its CASY modules. The CASY modules range consists of solderless audio, video and power connectors. The CASY052 box is available in a two-space chassis, allowing implementation of a customised configuration for the user of the CASY modules. The CASY052 can be mounted into any wall; a durable metal mounting box is available for installations in brick or concrete walls, while a PVC variant is available for easy installation into dry walls. This latest addition to the CASY range is described by Caymon as a “natural step” in its pursuit of a comprehensive range of modular AV and IT solutions.

Taking a stand: DBpixelhouse creates eye-catching experiences to attract the crowds

Introducing browser-based room booking EASESCREEN Stand: 8-E120 A new flush-mount connection chassis extends the opportunities for the modular The eSign room booking and resource management solution from Austrian company easescreen is being demonstrated at ISE range of connectors 2020. Supporting two-way synchronisation and automatic import of booking information (including from Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar) via the eSign server, the eSign is compatible with all common database types and booking systems via CSV or XML. The integrated reporting function of the eSign allows the user to book the room directly on-site or via the web and also offers a browser-based booking tool for the administration of rooms and resources. Meeting room assets such as flipcharts, projectors, AV requirements and catering can also be managed and booked via DOORBIRD the eSign server. Templates can be designed individually and adapted to the user’s Stand: 9-D127 requirements, including adding corporate branding, logos or specific user details. Hardware options include Android displays or eInk door signs. Used for conference and meeting rooms in companies, congress centres, Berlin-based manufacturer Bird Home Automation Group has expanded its product portfolio with the universities, schools and hotels and public buildings, the eSign also has touchscreen new DoorBird D1101V. check-in options enabling the user to begin, end, or extend the room’s requirement. The system, which is designed for single-family homes or offices, is claimed to be flexible and easy to install thanks to the network connection via WiFi or PoE. Due to its compact size, it can also be installed at slim doorframes or narrow angles. Equipped with a high-quality stainless-steel front panel and one call button, DoorBird includes features such as visitor history and push notifications to a smart device or IP phone, as well as integration to an existing home automation system. Every time someone rings the doorbell, users will get a push notification on their connected smartphone or tablet. Via the DoorBird app, users can see and speak to the visitor and remotely open doors and gates to grant entry to guests or allow couriers to make deliveries, avoiding the dreaded ‘sorry we missed you’ calling card. Even existing classic installations such as a door chime or an electric door and gate opener can still be used and controlled via the app. With the release of the D1101, the company says it offers a system for all projects requiring a dedicated intercom endpoint and provides both the flexibility of an app-based video intercom system and the reliability of a wallThe DoorBird D1101V, designed to control entry to offices and mounted indoor station. single-family homes

Control access when flying solo

The eSign room booking and resource management system offers a browser-based interface

58 ISE Daily 2020 Friday 14 February

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ExhibitorNews Seeing through your installation LEYARD Stand: 12-H100 The new Planar LookThru Transparent OLED Display is on show on the Leyard stand this year. The display features the latest in transparent organic light-emitting diode (OLED) technology to create a selfemitting transparent display for true seethrough installations without the need for backlighting or enclosures. The product builds on the frameless Planar LookThru lets users showcase an object behind a display glass design of the original version, enabling customers to overlay digital content and imagery over actual objects to create unique, eyeSuitable both as a standalone product and for tiled installations, catching installations. the 1.4m display is intended for a range of applications including The Planar LookThru allows users to showcase a single retail merchandising, corporate displays and trophy cases. object behind a single display, or larger objects behind a tiled The company uses a proprietary process to bond protective videowall. The emissive OLED display provides wide viewing glass to the front surface of an OLED display to create a angles, and with full HD resolution it can deliver high-quality durable surface that can withstand the rigours of high-traffic graphics and full-motion video. environments.

Mics for meetings and medicine

on tables, desktops and ceiling tiles. MXL Microphones is also showcasing the latest addition to its line of USB conferencing microphones, the MXL AC-44. With a compact footprint (2.5x3x1in), the AC-44 can be easily affixed to medical carts MXL MICROPHONES for telemedicine, placed in robotics Stand: 11-D150 for receiving voice commands and incorporated into OEM applications, The range of MXL Microphones according to the company. on show at ISE 2020 includes the Also on show is its latest ‘audio AC-360-D microphone for use with tracking’ microphone system – the Dante networked audio systems. MXL AC44 LCR – which integrates The MXL AC-360-D captures a with software and cameras for a 360° audio pickup within a 6m radius, heightened collaborative conferencing The AC-360-D microphone making it suitable for use in huddle rooms experience. This three-microphone array for conferencing use and medium-sized conference rooms. Now interfaces with Zoom Video Communications’ available as a networked Dante device, it allows the latest Zoom Room Feature, Zoom Speaker Switch. microphone to be discoverable in networked installations. It MXL and Jabra, maker of the PanaCast camera, have incorporates MXL’s three-capsule boundary design in each created products that work together to provide a speaker of the microphone’s four quadrants, and is easily mountable switching conferencing solution.

The EZCast Pro Box II unit

Boxing clever for wireless broadcasts EZCAST PRO Stand: 13-B155 The latest addition to the EZCast Pro product line-up is the EZCast Pro Box II – a multi-screen wireless presentation solution, which combines with the ProCast app for efficient broadcasting of wireless meetings and lectures. Instead of using bulky HDMI and VGA cables to set up a multiple-screen presentation, users can install an EZCast Pro Box II to each monitor or projector and then use ProCast to stream wireless media to each screen in real time. This set-up is suited to large conference rooms, banquet halls and lecture rooms that require multiple monitors to accommodate all the attendees. The EZCast Pro Box II supports 802.11ac 5GHz WiFi but also has LAN connectivity as an option to set up a network display. The combination of 5GHz WiFi and LAN gives IT professionals more options to set up multiple screens in the network and gives presenters a more stable connection when making wireless presentations. The ProCast app can broadcast laptop content to both EZCast Pro II dongles and EZCast Pro Box II units in the same network. EZCast Pro app support makes EZCast Pro Box II a cross-platform wireless display receiver, meaning users can make wireless presentations from Windows, MacOS, Android and iOS smart devices.


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All-in-one management platform: ZyPer Management Platform 2.1 MS-SB41S and MS-SB41L ELAC Stand: 5-V120   ELAC’s new Muro series, passive 3-channel soundbars have a dedicated centre speaker and acousticly separated left and right speakers. Available in two different sizes, and in black (black grill) and white (grey grill) colour options. They are sonically and cosmetically matched with ELAC’s Muro on-wall products.


60 ISE Daily 2020 Friday 14 February

60-61_ISE10.ProductSpotlight_v2JRJMcK.indd 60

ZEEVEE Stand: 10-N197 Not all AV control systems are created equal. The ZeeVee ZyPer Management Platform is the most comprehensive and easy-to-use video distribution control system in the pro-AV arena. The latest version, 2.1, offers significant enhancements including video preview and multiview text overlay features.


For the latest show news and updates follow #ISE2020

2/7/20 6:47 PM


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Studio X series

PoE+ 10Gig Shielded RJ45 Field Plug for high performance on the largest cable

POLY Stand: 11-B140

Poly Studio X50: A purposebuilt, all-in-one video bar that simplifies the video conferencing experience. Poly Studio X50 has an advanced pickup range and high-quality speakers to suit the needs of mid-size conference rooms. In addition to Poly MeetingAI features, Poly Studio X50 supports dual screens for Zoom Rooms and Microsoft Teams, providing functionality that meets the requirements of bigger conference rooms. The Studio X50 also supports 4K UHD video, 5x zoom, wireless content sharing and a room-thundering stereo speaker system. You can also say goodbye to unnecessary pucks, cords, and cables – all you need is a PC or Mac to drive the meeting and then Poly Video OS runs the show.


When your job calls for the highest data and PoE+ performance, Platinum’s 10Gig field plug is the easy-to-install solution. The cast, all-metal shell provides the best end-to-end shielding to minimise interference, while the clamshell design allows the use of the largest diameter cable along with easy, toolless termination.


EVZ405 4K POV camera EVERET Stand: 15-G120

Designed for broadcast, surveillance and videoconferencing is Everet’s new EVZ 4K POV camera series. The EVZ405 camera is a professional-grade 4K UHD POV video camera with premium design and Ultra-HD imaging system for 4K video streaming with 5x optical zoom and 85º wide field of view. Simplifying setup supporting PoE and simultaneous live 3G-SDI and IP outputs for ultra crystal 4K video streaming, supporting RTSP/RTMP (RTMP to YouTube Live/Facebook Live directly), H.264, H.265 encoding.


100in UHD 4K premium indoor LCD DYNASCAN Stand: 12-E90, 12-F95 It’s time to change the way you think about videowalls. The DI100ST2 is a 100in premium professional LCD featuring a 700-nit UHD 4K image. With a wide colour gamut and TrueColor calibration, this display features exceptional colour reproduction. An integrated Android-based media player offers users a complete media platform.



QB242 line-source column bass

Wall-Smart flush mounts for Araknis AN-810 Access Point

ALCONS AUDIO Stand: 6-K160

WALL-SMART Stand: 5-R95

The QB242 is a modular column bass system and the dedicated low-frequency extension to the QR24 pro-ribbon line-source column. Loaded with double 12in vented Neodymium woofers, the QB242 can be stacked or flown as single system with the QR24, or in multiples, forming bass arrays for improved LF projection control and throw.

Wall-Smart mounts for Araknis AN-810 AP are a cutting-edge line of ceiling flush mounts. The mounts flush mount a device that would otherwise stand out of the ceiling, while keeping a complete WiFi spectrum throughout the house. The device remains fully accessible for service.


For the latest show news and updates follow #ISE2020

60-61_ISE10.ProductSpotlight_v2JRJMcK.indd 61


Friday 14 February ISE Daily 2020 61

2/7/20 6:47 PM


Say hello, wave goodbye Integrated Systems Events managing director Mike Blackman spoke to David Davies about the decision to leave Amsterdam and move the show to a new location from 2021 – Barcelona’s Gran Via. What are your overriding feelings as we approach this milestone for ISE – the end of final show in Amsterdam? There are two main aspects to it – one side sad and the other side smiling. Amsterdam has been a great location and has worked really well for us. We have been able to draw people in and the RAI has worked with us to help make the show what it is today. Although we are sad to be leaving here and the people who have been involved, we have a responsibility to the market in our role as a platform for the AV industry to do business and grow – and for that to happen we needed more space. The analogy I used at the launch event for Barcelona [in 2019] is that we have outgrown our old house. How long had you been thinking seriously about relocation, and how did Gran Via – which is part of the Fira de Barcelona exhibition complex – emerge as the frontrunner? The addition of extra halls at the RAI had allowed us to cope with the show’s continued growth, but about two years ago we came to the conclusion that all we were doing was delaying the inevitabile need to relocate. So we started to look at alternatives and put out requsts for proposals (RFPs) to several cities. One of the most important issues was that the new venue had to be able to accommodate not only the exhibitors, but all the attendees as well in a way that means they are comfortable and have the space to move around. After we had received the RFPs back we sent out a survey to exhibitors and independent attendees and asked them for their opinions. Barcelona came out on top in a number of the KPIs, and after further discussion and a final shortlist, it was clear that Barcelona was the best option. Incidentally, we did ask our survey participants about whether they thought the show could be moved to a slightly later date in the year, but that came back very strongly as a ‘no’. The general view was that at the start of the new year, everyone is waiting for ISE to see what is coming up, and that to push the show back a few weeks would be to slow down business at the start of the year. What differences will visitors notice when they arrive at Gran Via next year? One of the main differences will be that we are consolidating exhibitors into their sectors, so for example if a visitor primarily wants to see the digital signage they can start in the dedicated areas and then move on to the rest of the show. By reorganising the layout of ISE in this way we believe the show can function more efficiently for exhibitors and attendees. There will be a number of announcements soon about other elements that will be new for Barcelona.

Can you tell us a bit about the process of moving the show to Barcelona, and the operation you now have in the city? We do have an office in Barcelona – and, it should be noted, we will maintain one in Amsterdam, too – and a number of our people are moving from Amsterdam to Barcelona. There are a lot of things that need to be done on a day-to-day basis locally, so having a permanent office in the host city is very important. One of the most important things we did last year was to take some of our board and advisory committee members, as well as a number of exhibitors, to Barcelona and walk them through the venue. We gave them our initial ideas on layout and asked for their feedback – that’s vital as the success of the show is down to listening to our exhibitors and involving them in the decision-making process. So we have been talking to them about the positions they prefer to have, and have done some provisional placements.

As you can imagine there has been a lot of discussion and it’s been quite a process – rather like putting together a huge jigsaw puzzle! What are the implications of relocation for flights, accommodation and the other elements that surround the show itself? When it comes to flights Amsterdam is hard to compete with as it’s one of the largest hub airports in Europe. But we did look carefully at the whole issue of flights and how people can get to the show, and we concluded that Barcelona was viable travelwise. We also looked at the availability of hotels and have been working with the authorities there to achieve good pricing. I’d add that the collaboration with local partners has been excellent. We have had an unbelievable level of support and co-operation from the Catalonia government, the City of Barcelona, the Spanish government, and various bodies and associations. They really want to make Barcelona a success for us. ISE is hosting the ¡Hola Barcelona! Event in the RAI Forum at midday today – what can attendees expect? We wanted to mark the change of location, and rather than having a closing keynote we decided to organise an event that gives a farewell to Amsterdam and looks ahead to what will be happening in Barcelona. We are bringing in some dignitaries from Catalonia as well as representatives of various trade partners to talk about the opportunities that ISE’s move to Barcelona will bring for attendees, exhibitors, the City of Barcelona and the AV industry as a whole.

ISE’s new home will be Gran Via in Barcelona

62 ISE Daily 2020 Friday 14 February

62_ISE10.BackPageInterview.indd 62

Finally, can you name a few of your own highlights from ISE’s ‘Amsterdam years’ – presumably being made the first ‘mayor’ of RAI Amsterdam in 2015 is among them? Yes, that was a very nice touch. It is always good to be appreciated and for ISE to be recognised as a business partner of the RAI. I would also highlight the record one-day attendance for any show at the RAI that we achieved on the Wednesday of the 2019 event. Although attendances of that size undoubtedly bring challenges – for example, in terms of ensuring the comfort and safety of your visitors – it was obviously a great moment in the history of ISE. For the latest show news and updates follow #ISE2020

2/7/20 12:16 PM

11-14 February RAI Amsterdam

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More Than a Fantastic Stage

The LED Display with Multiple Functions & Various Shapes








MG regular cabinets combine with MG11/MG12/MG13/MG14/MG15 can realize circle, letters, numbers, Chinese characters etc., which bring you more attractive design and creative value.

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ISE Daily Day 4 - February 14, 2020  

ISE Daily Day 4 - February 14, 2020

ISE Daily Day 4 - February 14, 2020  

ISE Daily Day 4 - February 14, 2020