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lloway express

Woman fatally stabbed in Islington

New superhero hits the streets

of London

by Marina Mariano

Detectives at work

by Ammaarah Khan A man has been held in custody at Highbury Corner Magistrates’ Court after being charged with the murder of a woman in Islington on Sunday night. Arben Rexha, 31, allegedly stabbed a 25-year-old woman in her throat, which lead to her death. The woman, who can’t be named, was an Albanian national and had been liv-

Source: Islington Gazette

ing in the Jessop Court tower block on Graham Street for two months. Rexha contacted the police at 11.50pm on Sunday night claiming that he had killed a woman. He was arrested at the scene wearing a sleeveless vest and no shoes. Tracy Baxter, 49, the next-do or-neighb our of the murdered woman, heard screams during an alleged argument. She told the Islington Gazette: “At

about 10.30pm, we could hear her screaming, a few things being thrown and the next minute - silence. I’m just shocked.” Amir Shaikh, 32, a local Holloway resident said: “You usually hear about knife crime amongst teenagers in Islington so this is truly shocking. I don’t understand how the neighbours were aware of the distress the woman was under and didn’t call the police sooner.

“This was really a tragic loss of such a young woman.” Knife crime in London is on the rise overall. Recent statistics say the number has risen by at least 18 percent. Authorities say a reduced number of stop and searches have contributed to the rise. Anyone with information about this incident can contact the police on 0208 345 3734, or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

The Lucky Man, a new series from the co-creator of Spiderman, has chosen Islington and Camden as the backdrop to the adventures of Stan Lee’s new super-hero. The first episode, about the power of good luck, aired on January 22nd. The first season is broadcast every Friday at 9pm on Sky 1. Islington and Camden are two of the boroughs that will star as the background to the adventures of Lucky Man, played by James Nesbitt. Islington’s Dingley Place saw Nesbitt perform an exciting chase scene, involving motorbikes and a lorry. St. Pancras Station and Camden’s British Museum will also feature in the series, along with other tourist locations such as London Bridge, St. Paul’s and Tate Modern. The locations will show London “in a very modern context and in quite a slick and sexy way”, said Nesbitt, adding that residents received donations from the production company as a way of saying thanks. Clerkenwell Green represents a typical image of the “London Village” and is one of the locations benefiting from the donations, which were given to the Clerkenwell Green Preservation Society. Andrew Pavord, director of FilmFixer, described the production team as very considerate to the residents during the filming.

Further cuts to fire engines hit Holloway tary, Paul Embery, who used serve at Islington fire staby Sophie Deijkers to tion, is strongly against the proposal. He told the HolPlans to axe 13 fire engines loway Express: “We (the across the capital, includ- Fire Brigade Union) are ing one in Holloway, will completely opposed to the put lives at risk according scrapping of any fire ento the firefighters’ union. gines; it’s an incredibly danThe cuts to the fire bri- gerous proposal. Losing the gade come after Bo- engines is going to put peoris Johnson’s proposed ple’s lives at risk and people budget savings of £6.4m are going to die as a result.” added for the year 2016/2017. Embery that it would be especial London Fire Brigade’s (LFB) regional secre- ly dangerous for Islington

due to last year’s closure of the Clerkenwell station, which left the borough with only two engines. The head of the fire brigade, Ron Dobson, defended the axing, saying the response time would not be affected. The 13 fire engines in question have already been out of action for two and a half years, since August, 2013. They have been kept on standby in the event of a strike. The engines were meant to

be returned in June of last year, but this was unsuccessful due to introduced cuts by Boris Johnson. Embery believes the borough of Islington has already been treated unfairly, compared to other boroughs, as 10 stations, 14 engines and 600 frontline jobs were already axed in 2014. He said: “I am going to meetings every day to speak to firefighters who are convinced that the fire engines should not

be axed. They understand that losing them will severely impact public safety.” Several alternative proposals are being set out by Andrew Dismore, chair of the London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority’s Resource Committee. Dismore is looking to meet the savings demands by changing the work patterns around the fire stations. A second option is to axe fire engines from stations with two or more engines.



Holo caus t surv ivor speaks out on

Natio nal Memo rial Day

Highbury Grove School by Carollina Ciro Restrepo

A Holocaust survivor told of horrors at the hand of Nazis at Highbury Grove School last Wednesday, to commemorate National Memorial Day.

Janine Webber, from Poland, shared her testimonial growing up as a Jewish child in the former Nazi Germany. “Day after day, week after week I started seeing things in the walls,” said Webber, 83, talking about hallucinations she had due to lack of food. “They would bring me food occasionally.” More than six million Jews are estimated to have been murdered during 1933 up until 1945 by Adolf Hitler and his regime. Mrs Webber, one of the very few survivors, explained the poor conditions in which she and all the other Jews at the time, including her family, had to live. “It was dangerous to be in the ghetto,” she said. “There was a lack of hygiene and food, and you would see children begging and dying.”

Source: Creative Commons When asked if she ever had nightmares, the Holocaust survivor admitted to having a recurrent dream of boots trying to catch her, but fortunately it had stopped haunting her 10 years ago. Over 100 students and members of the community attended the event, in remembrance of those who were victims of the human genocide. The school’s headteacher, Tom Sherrington, delivered a message to young people, telling them not to be bystanders. “Each life carries the same worth,” he said. Student’s contributions included a brief history of other genocide events throughout human history, as well as their first-hand experience visiting one of the concentration camps in Berlin. A member of the Islington Youth Council, Iqra Finin said: “We make sure that future generations understand the causes of the Holocaust and reflect upon its consequences. We vow to remember the victims of Nazi persecution and of all genocide.” Syrian refugee, Ratip Alsulaimen, also spoke to the attendees about the current crisis that his country is undergoing. He asked the public to offer a minute of silence in memory of those killed by dictatorship.


Holloway prison to close

In Brief Appeal for missing Islington man

By Laura Mendes

A Raleigh practical joke


by Patrice Winn Source: Islington Gazette A public crowd funder page has been set up to get Jeremy Corbyn his dream bike. Earlier in January the Islington North MP gave an interview to Stylist Magazine and told the readership that his “ultimate object of desire” was a £475 Raleigh coveted” a bike. The cycling enthusiast has the lowest expenses claimed in the Commons, but Horton’s article was published the same day the Met Commissioner came under fire for accepting a £65,000 Range Rover, complete with a £1,000 entertainment system. Writing an article for the Independent, Tom Jordan, founder of the campaign, said that it was originally set up as a joke to annoy the Telegraph, the Sun, and the Daily Mail, but has now evolved into “something different entirely”. The web page, which has now reached an astonishing £7,379, had reached its original target within one hour and 22 minutes. Jordan said: “This amazing

A journalism student at London Metropolitan University has been reported missing. 47-year-old, Richard Van Spall, was last seen around Old Street around 11pm before he went missing on January 28th of this year. Also known as Sacha Van Spall he is about 5ft 11ins with short grey and dark hair.

Gardening for a stronger community

By Lea Fourmaux

Tom Jordan, the founder achievement is because people have real affection for the former political rebel who seems to genuinely want to make a difference with a new version of politics.”


ative Com

from Cre

However, the socialist Labour leader will not accept a penny of the fund, but has instead suggested that the money goes towards the charity of the founders’ choice. Cur-

Source: Creative Commons rently, Jordan is awaiting confirmation from Jeremy Corbyn’s office on choosing a charity that Jeremy himself is passionate about. Following David Cameron’s “bunch of migrants” comments during Prime Minister’s Questions last Wednesday, Jordan said that giving any critical aid to refugees was “perfect to stick it to the right wing press.” He mentioned on the crowd funder page that he is provisionally suggesting that excess funds be donated to Calais Action, which he described as “a charity I am aware that our Jezza has already displayed support for.” In the meantime, let’s see if Corbyn really does get on his bike!

Rise in TV licences court cases in a criminal record and court cases concern this In the eyes of the in worst cases - jail time. one offence, you have to law, everyone is considered by Abigail Opiah Highbury magis- ask whether the current innocent until proven guilty. trate court saw 158 court system is really working.” However, this centralisation of courts More than 180,000 peo- hearings for appears to ple in England and Wales the non-paybe justified appeared before the Mag- ment of teleby the unistrates’ Courts, accused vision licence of watching television fees in 2015. written understanding without paying the an- Culture Secnual £145.50 license fee. retary Sajid that TV liEvery week, fines of up to Javid, 46, said: cence hear£1,000 for not having a TV “More than ings are in license are being handed 50 people last name only as there is out to the unlucky victims year were sent who open their doors to to prison over an expectation that a the TV licence officers. Un- TV licenclike non-payment of a gas es and when guilty plea or electricity bill, failure to over 10% of will have enpay the annual fee results magistrates’ Highbury Corner Magistrates’ Court Source: Creative Commons been

Arlington Association are hosting a series of community gardening days in Arlington Square until November 12th. Neighbours can meet each other and make a difference in the community. “This Saturday was all about planting, weeding and tender loving care,” said Amy Chapman, one of the organisers. Gardening sessions start at 10am and are held most Saturdays. Bring tools if possible. Check the calendar at for times of upcoming sessions.

tered. If a TV licence officer filled a form, the person must be guilty of evasion, because everybody must watch live television, thus shifting the burden of proof onto the individual. In England and Wales, there are 122 magistrate courts that take on TV licence cases as of this year. The increase in court numbers reflects on the increase in cases. The Independent says the rise in courts willing to take on TV licence cases has had a knock on effect on the increase in unpaid fines, rising by 67% in the last six months.

Holloway Prison in 1896 Source: Creative Commons

by Noa Mokhnachi In late November, Chancellor George Osborne announced the closure of Europe’s largest prison on Parkhust Road in Holloway. This

was announced as part of a £1.3billion overhaul of the country’s jails in an effort to reuse that land and provide up to 5,000 new homes. “By selling these old prisons we will create more space for housing and tackle a great issue of housing shortage of our age,” declared Osborne during the Autumn Statement. Three months later, the Holloway Express reflects on the consequences that the prison closure will have on the area. The jail first opened in 1852 and was known for holding women and young offenders. Since 1903 it has often been criticised for over-crowding and poor conditions. “In the future, women prisoners will serve their sentence in more humane conditions, better designed to keep them away from crime,” Osborne said. Prison reform

campaigners seem to have welcomed the announcement. Juliet Lyon, director of the Prison Reform Trust told the Telegraph: “Selling off Holloway for social housing is the clearest message to the courts that prison is not the place to dump vulnerable women who have committed petty, non-violent offences and who have so often been victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse themselves.” Sylvie Rotter, 54, is an advertising consultant who lives a few blocks away from the prison. She said: “I am happy to see this prison closing, I think it will make me feel more secure. Also, we are going to have new businesses opening. It could be a real boom for Holloway.” Even though some people seem happy with the Holloway prison closure, others raise serious concerns. Cllr James Murray, executive member for housing and development, said: “We have a number of concerns over the plans to close prisons in Islington. If these plans go ahead, then it is absolutely essential that any housing built on the sites must include a decent level of affordable homes for local people.” Alexander Molton, a 23-year-old student, said: “I just hope

that whatever kind of houses they are going to build, people are going to be able to afford it. Otherwise we risk to create a massive gap between the Holloway population and that is not good.” Islington MP Jeremy Corbyn also raised major concerns over this project but for different reasons. With the closure, inmates are set to be transferred to HMP Bronzefield and to HMP Downview, which are both in Surrey. In a letter to Andrew Selous, parliamentary secretary of state for justice, Corbyn explained: “Both the alternative facilities that you identify are south of London and not easy to access by friends and families, especially those with children. “It would be helpful to know whether consideration was given to build a new, modern, conveniently located prison on the existing site - and what the reasons were for not doing this.” Holloway HMP prison, which held some of England most famous inmates including Ruth Ellis and Vicky Pryce, is due to close in the summer of 2016 and construction work is reportedly set to start in 2017.

Former Dragon Den star freed after child sex charges

By Sophie Deijkers

Former Dragon’s Den panellist, Doug Richard, has been cleared of all child sex charges after engaging in 50 Shades of Grey role play with a 13-year-old girl. The 57-year-old, Islington based, American millionaire met the girl on a US website called ‘Seeking Arrangement’ in late 2014. Richard paid for her train fare from Norwich to meet in a rented apartment. Afterwards he gave her £60 in cash, which he insisted was a gift and not a payment. Richard, who once advised David Cameron, claimed he thought she was 17 and said he would never “knowingly” have sex with an under-aged child.

Home Office’s laughable irony

By Patrice Winn

All UK immigrants wishing to join their non-European spouse in the UK will have to take an English test two and a half years after their arrival, a government press release said last week. Embarrassingly, the word “language” was misspelled in the release. This spelling mistake, which has since been corrected, caused Twitter users to mock the Home Office. Some suggested that Home Office staff need to take the English test themselves, whilst others said that Theresa May and her fellow colleagues need to be deported. A spokesperson for the Home Office called the mistake “a regrettable typographical error”. Those who fail the test may face deportation.

Cycling safe is not an option

By Marina Mariano

A “Cycling Safe” event took place Friday in Canary Wharf. The event was promoted by Metropolitan Police as part of the Exchanging Places Programme. Participants had the opportunity to experience the view of a lorry driver, in order to understand how easy and dangerous it is to collide with large good vehicles. The next ‘Cycling Safe’ days will take place on February 12th, 13th and 14th from 9am to 5pm at the Cycle show, Excel Centre.


Ninety percent of sex crimes on transport remains unreported


by Youna Kabongo

Would you stop eating meat? Take the Vegan Challenge! by Victoria Pennant

Imagine eating no burgers, no Eggs Benedict and no bacon sarnies for one whole month.

I mean no eggs, meat or diary - at all. Well, that’s how vegans eat every single day of their lives. Veganism. This diet is essentially an aggravated form of vegetarianism. Unlike vegetarians, vegans do not eat any animal products whatsoever; this includes meat, dairy and dairy products, eggs or honey. Last month, the company (a combination of vegan and January, if you didn’t get it), embarked on creating more vegans in the world. The Veganary challenge fundamentally consisted of keeping a strict vegan diet for the whole month of January. The company’s site claims that veganism is

the most effective choice one can make to reduce the suffering of animals, help the planet and improve overall health. This global campaign and challenge, which has been running for two years and launched in the UK, came at the right time. As the world welcomed the New Year and began thinking about their resolutions, dieting was at the top of people’s list. According to Google’s Top 10 New Year’s resolution list 2016, half of the list was diet- related. Dieting and eating healthily is something most people think about improving from time to time. Tolulope Ariyo, a 23-year-old recipe developer and food blogger, embarked on the Veganary challenge, but only lasted two and half weeks. Although she is a carnivore, she wished to begin the year with a healthy change. “I found myself quite hungry a lot of the time and sometimes ended up eating just bread for the day because I didn’t know what to eat.” Ariyo also felt con-

strained in terms of her recipes and what she could eat. “A lot of recipes contain soy which I’m allergic to, so I felt very limited to what I could eat. Also cheese replacements weren’t very nice so when I found a recipe calling for vegan cheese I wanted to replace it with standard cheese.” Ariyo doubts

s h e will embark on veganism again. “Although I like the health aspect of vegan foods, because of my allergy and maybe even how my palate has developed over time, I don’t think I could stick to it.” An increasing number of people are becoming more conscious about their health, their Vegan Restaurants diets and lifestyles. And more and more people Cookies and Scream are becoming drawn This bakery offers an entire vegan and to more plant-based gluten free menu from, cookies to ice cream! diets. The BBC reIndulge in your guilty pleasures – healthily! ported in 2014 Location: The Market Hall, Camden Lock Pl, Lonthat an increasdon NW1 8AF ing number The Loving Hut of people are The Asian-style cuisine offers popular Asian favourites, such as opting for crispy duck vegan style! This extensive menu leaves you nothing a temposhort of choice. rary veLocation: 669 Holloway Rd, Archway, London N19 5SE gan diet. The faItadakizen mous Love Japanese food? Love Itadekizen. Although hard to pronounce celebthis restaurant, is not only vegan but completely organic. Perfect for rity the super health conscious! couLocation: 139 King's Cross Rd, London WC1X 9BJ p l e Be-


yoncé and Jay-Z became vegan for 22 days as part of a spiritual and physical cleanse. According to the National Diet and Nutrition Survey around 2% of the UK’s population identify themselves as vegetarian, which makes up around 1.2million people. Vegans make u p

down their meat intake. “Veganism has become more trendy 20142016. However I believe it’s simply that - just a trend. People are finding alternative things to eat more ‘veggies’ and cut down on meat,” Rojas explains. Jane Land, founder of Veganary, believes social media has been a great influence in revealing the positive aspects of a vegan diet, especially highlighting the health benefits, the effect on the environment

bing against my behind, almost ten minutes to reonly to realise that it was alise the extent of what According to the British this man’s groin! I turned just happened. Two years around and he gave me a later it happened again Transport Police, 10% of commuters have experienced unwanted sexual behaviours on public transport. Yet 90% of those incidents remained unreported. They include, but are not limited, to indecent eying, groping, sexual touching or exposure. “These crimes are still committed because they are not regarded as such. It usually takes less than a minute,” says 27-year-old Overground customer assistant Hannah Grant. Sylvie Dikongue, a 35-year-old social work er begs to differ. “It happened to me twice, the first time was three and a vicious smile, I alighted at on the Piccadilly line to half years ago in the Paris the next stop completely Heathrow at around 9.30 RER. I felt something rub- embarrassed. It took me am, I shouted so loud


The British Transport Police are taking these crimes seriously. In April last year, they released a one-minute video named ‘Report it - stop it’. This was part of a campaign from Project Guardian to raise awareness of sex crimes and encourage women to report them. Convictions are secured thanks to numerous CCTV around London Public Transport. If you are unfortunately a victim of such a crime, there is extensive information on how to report it. Emma Wiggins from the London British Transport Press OfSource: Creative Commons fice added that if anyone wants to know the have never used a packed rate of convictions, they train ever since; I’d rath- can submit a Freedom of er leave hours early.” Information Act request. that he ran away. I didn’t report both incidents because I didn’t know at the time that it was a crime. I

Cinema A vegan meal

around 1% of the population. Self-employed chef Angie Rojas, who works at various pop-ups, events and restaurants, notes that there has definitely been an increase in dietary requirements of late. She claims there has been around three or four vegans over the last three months working at a pop-up restaurant in Waterloo, the Pop Down. “As a chef, veganism is a challenge. You have to be very careful with the entire preparation and cooking of the meal”, she explains. “I literally have to step outside my comfort zone and develop something interesting but tasty.” Rojas does believe veganism has become the trend since 2014, but also believes it is just another way for individuals to cut

Source: Creative Commons

and animal suffering. “This information is being made available to a wider and more diverse audience than ever before. It puts ‘Joe Public’ in the driving seat. In only a few clicks, you can move from a campaign advert to footage recorded in factory farms”, Land explains. Popular documentaries have also contributed to the vegan trend, Land adds, including Forks Over Knives and Cowspiracy. The Veganary founder mentioned there was an increase in sign-ups, with over 12,800 participants. This year Veganary almost doubled with 23,000 people registering on the site.

.Alhough it may now be a trend. Veganism looks like it’s a trend that’s sticking around.

The Danish Girl: simply sublime After Eddie Redmayne proved his capacity for reinvention in his performance as Stephen Hawking in the ‘Theory of Everything’ his portrayal of Lili Elbe in ‘The Danish Girl’, directed by Tom Hooper, sees a virtually unrecognizable transformation. The 33-year-old British actor, known for his distinct yet beautiful appearance, plays a man formerly known as Einar Elbe, one of the first people to undergo sex reassignment surgery. The film focuses on the relationship between painters Einar and his wife Gerda, played by Alicia Vikander, as Einar slowly transforms into the beautiful red-haired Lili. After a light-hearted experiment in which Gerda dresses Einar as a woman for an artist’s ball, Einar’s feelings towards his transformation are apparent. Einar first discovers his hidden desires towards femi-

ninity when trying on a pair of stockings in which Redmayne’s reaction is beautifully portrayed via Hooper’s perfectly executed scene. Gerda’s acceptance of Einar throughout the film is heartwarming. Originally finding the cross-dressing a turn on, Gerda encourages Einar’s fears he had been repressing. However the film takes a dark turn when Gerda walks in on Einar dressed as Lili and kissing a man. Lili’s relationship with Gerda starts to deteriorate as she searches for self-recognition, moving the audience to tears several times throughout the film. One memorable scene towards the start of the film sees Redmayne appear full-frontal nude in the mirror battling with the body he was born with. Despite the majority of the film focusing on Lili’s soul-searching along with a great deal of delicate hand-twisting in order to flaunt Redmayne’s gen-

by Amara Howe

der-converting acting skills, spite criticism from the through. Necessary for the the film also explores the LGBT community who have recent Caitlyn Jenner topic. corrupt diagnosis and pro- said the film is not hard-hit- Additionally, the miscedures within the medi- ting enough, the somewhat en-scene coincides beaucal community regarding simplicity of the film al- tifully with the music identity issues. Although lows those to understand written by French composhumorous (‘I will drill the struggles individuals go er Alexander Desplat. two holes in your head’), the reality hits hard when Lili escapes the hospital out of the window after being diagnosed schizophrenic. Overall, The Danish Girl is a beautifully portrayed film about an individual clearly born in the wrong Eddie Redmayne interpreting Lili Elbe in ‘The Danish Girl’. Source: Creative Commons body. De-



Has Arsenal ruined the League again? City, which by Gabriel Bruno Leicester shockingly beat Stoke City

Arsene Wenger side has once again fallen to their West London neighbours Chelsea, blowing the title race wide open. Arsenal missed their opportunity to get back to the top of the Premier League after playing the majority of the game with just 10 men, with an unfortunate 1-0 home defeat by London rivals Chelsea.

Chelsea striker Diego Costa once again simulated a foul after Arsenal defender Per Mertesacker denied him a goal-scoring opportunity in the 18th minute. Costa would go on to score five minutes later from a terrific cross from Branislav Ivanovic. The game had been levelled towards Chelsea leading the Arsenal attack to no avail. To Arsenal’s credit, they defended well near the latter stages of the match, denying Chelsea four scoring opportunities. Arsene Wenger’s side has remained in third place behind Manchester City and three points behind

3-0 the previous night. Arsenal have been known in the previous years for blowing the league when it matters most. With the matches they have coming they needed the three points from an underperforming Chelsea. This has now given Manchester City the green light to close the gap on Leicester City. Fortunately, Arsenal’s next game comes when they’re defending the FA cup against promotion contenders Burnley, giving the players six days to recuperate and prepare for the battle ahead. Arsenal have done what’s needed and have defeated Burnley 2-1 in the FA cup giving themselves hope of winning the trophy for the third year in a row, with an 18yard stunning curler from Calum Chambers put Arsenal in the lead. This lead Burnley to equalise from Sam Vokes heading from a Tendayi Darikwa cross. With everything equal,


the goal-scoring Chilean Alexis Sanchez coolly slotted in the winning goal giving Arsenal the victory. Arsenal have proven themselves to the football world after their defeat the previous week to Chelsea. Now let’s see if they can continue that winning run against Ronald Koeman Southampton at home.

Islington women show they can by Lea Fourmaux Last Sunday, the ‘This Girl Can’ Islington Project organised its very first female-only fitness event at the Sobell Leisure Centre, lasting from 12 to 3pm. The event was free, for women aged 14 or older. ‘This Girl Can’ aims to encourage women to be more active. It was promoted as a fun and healthy way to end January. Those who attended had the chance to participate in a variety of sports activities including yoga, basketball, football, jumping, squash, dancing and even mother and baby dance classes. Participants were treated with challenges, prizes, mini-manicures and t-shirts. A motivated team was on hand to provide information

and they managed to encourage everyone in attendance to participate in at least one activity. Sport England created ‘This Girl Can’ to push women to be more confident in whatever they are doing, no matter how they are doing it, how they look or how red their faces get. Nationwide initiatives like this have become increasingly important across the UK in recent years. This is due to obesity, which is now the ‘biggest threat t o

women’s health in England’, the BBC reported in December last year. Statistically, more than half of the women aged 45 and over are now considered to be overweight in England. This Girl Can is a great way to push women to take good care of their bodies while having fun and without the fear of being judged. Anyone interested in the next event organised by ‘This Girl Can’ (subject to confirmation) will also be able to get involved in a similar set of activities. Visit thisgirlcan. for more information.

Source: Creative Commons

Six nations competition to start this weekend by Laura Mendes The Six Nations is starting this Saturday, with the first game being Scotland against England. England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, France and Italy are the six nations who participate in this annual international rugby union competition. Last year’s

champion was Ireland. The RBS 6 Nations Championship lasts for seven weekends starting in February and finishing in March. The last time England won the competition was in 2011. The final game of the 2016 tournament will be played in the Stade de France and it will be France versus England.

Top Tips: Fitness in Islington by Abigail Opiah

1. “Fun fit females” are coming to the Lift youth club in Islington. It is hosting fun fitness activities with a wide range of tasks for 14-21 year olds to get stuck into. Organised by Isledon Arts, the activities include personal development and healthy lifestyle workshops, plus sport and fitness sessions featuring non-contact boxing, games, aerobics, body conditioning, dance, gym and more. There is also access to all sporting facilities. Entrance fee is 50p and the classes start from Wednesday, January 13th until Wednesday, March 23rd, every Wednesday from 4-6pm. For more information contact Mary Brown at mary.


Elizabeth Garrett Anderson School is hosting a Netball Training Course for adults to gain new skills, get fit and to meet new people. This is also a chance for adults to start the new year with a healthy routine that may develop into a life-long hobby. The cost of the entire eightweek session is £20 and the classes are divided into mixed gender from 7-8pm, and ladies only from 8-9pm. The ladies’ session is a chance for the women to show off their skills and pick up tips from other women in the class. For more information on how to sign up and join in, contact Kerry Brooks at

Source: Creative Commwons

The Holloway Express - second issue