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Sudden death of inmate in Holloway Prison Two hundred people gathered in solidarity outside Holloway Prison on Monday night following the sudden death of inmate Sarah Reed

picture from The Guardian by Ammaarah Khan . Civil rights campaigner Lee Jasper, 58, organised the candlelit vigil in less than 24 hours, inviting family and friends to share their memories of Reed. The vigil took place the same day as her funeral. Family members described Reed as “a warrior, a lover of hip-hop music and the life of the party”. In an interview with the Islington Ga-

zette, Jasper said: “Last night we had the mother of someone on the same wing as Sarah and she gave her condolences and said all the women on the wing had tried to save her. All the women were deeply distressed.” The 32-yearold, who had mental health issues since her baby died in 2003, was found unresponsive last month in her cell, where she had been on remand since October. Previously, in 2012, camera footage showed her being as-

saulted by a police officer following her arrest for suspicion of shoplifting at Uniqlo on Regents Street. PC James Kiddie pinned Reed to the ground, grabbed her by her hair, beat her head with his fist and then handcuffed her hands behind her back. Kiddie was sacked from the force two years later and sentenced to community service. Reed had been moved to Holloway Prison from Maudsley Hospital, where

she had caused bodily harm with intent to another patient in response to sexual assault. Following the attack, she was not released back to the south London mental health hospital. Reed’s family insist that she acted in self-defence. jIn a letter to her family, Reed had described the elderly white man who allegedly attacked her as a “dirty pervert, who was also a patient at the hospital”. Deborah Coles, director

of Inquest, the deaths in custody charity working with Reed’s family, told the Guardian: “The courts, police and mental health services must be held to account for why Sarah as a victim of abuse, bereavement and police brutality ever ended up in prison in the first place.” Holloway Prison service and Maudsley Hospital have declined to comment during the on-going investigation into the death.

Possible cancer “cure” in specialised trials by Abigail Opiah

A breakthrough in the medical world finds a hopeful new cancer therapy that uses the body’s own immune cells to attack metastatic tumors that have spread. White blood

cells that are made in the lab could in future potentially save dying patients suffering from cancer. European Pharmaceutical review tweeted that is extraordinary cancer therapy could present a “paradigm

shift” in treatment of the disease that has been killing millions over the years. Genetically modified blood is turned into a living drug, as a baby from North London, Layla Richards, be-

came on of the first people in the world to be given the new treatment last year. This year, T-cell immunotherapy is back and studies reveal the treatment could last 14 years in the body.

A study showed that 94 percent of participants suffering from acute Lymphoblastic leukemia said their symptoms vanished completely after they were treated with the modified blood cells.


the holloway express

16th Feb 2016

In Brief Missing Islington man found A journalism student at London Metropolitan University who was reported missing by the police has been found. Richard Van Spall, 47, from Islington, was in court a few weeks ago after being accused of harassing housing staff at Pleydell estate, where he resides. Mr. Van Spall, also known as Sacha, was ordered to pay the council £5,224 after being charged of verbal abuse and intimidating members of the Islington council. Van Spall told the Tribune, he left after the court hearing to go and stay with a friend on the South Coast. Then he returned to his flat a few days later.

Tube strikes to go ahead

By Abigail Opiah

Airbnb renter found 1m property trashed By Patrice Winn

Two flatmates who rented out their £1million Islington property on Airbnb returned to find their property trashed and their £8,000 Banksy print stolen. Jack Clarke, 33, and Dominic Jones, 32, returned from a wedding in Yorkshire on December 14th to find their N1 property scattered with discarded condom wrappers, laughing gas canisters, cannabis joints, bottles and beer cans. Their Banksy print, originally bought for £90 ten years ago, was also missing. The men immediately contacted the police and Airbnb. An Airbnb spokesperson said: “We have zero tolerance for this kind of behaviour and have removed this guest from our platform.” Clarke and Jones said the popular holiday rental site is not being “aggressive” enough in cooperating with the investigation. They also complained that they were made to fill out the same online insurance form twice. Mr Jones said: “There’s such a thin veneer of trust that Airbnb is built on.” Police have said they can do nothing without the details from the site.

New convenience store opened in London By Patrice Winn

A North West London budget food shop selling food for just 25p reopened last Friday after stock shortages forced it to close just two days after opening. It is considering upping the price to 50p in future. EasyFoodstore, from the EasyJet air travel company, had its shelves cleared by bargain-thirsty customers. All 76 items on offer are 25p each for one month only. A spokesperson for the Park Royal supermarket said: “We anticipated we had enough stock to last a couple of weeks but it has gone in a day and a half.” Security staff are limiting the number of customers entering the shop, which is considering putting limits on the amount of food each customer can buy. EasyJet founder Stelios HajiIoannou hopes to expand the idea into other disadvantaged areas.

by Abigail Opiah A 24-hour tube strike was set to go ahead on Friday 12th February but was called off after successful negotiations were held between Rail Maritime, Transport union and Transport for London. Maintenance workers were due to walk out from 6.30am on Friday. This sparked opinions on social media about why the employees of TfL are striking in the first place. One commuter tweeted: “Last year the strikes were about night tubes, this year something else?” The Rail, Maritime and Transport union (RMT) said 500 track patrol staff would have walked out for 24 hours from 6.30am on Friday in a dispute over the use of private contractors to “casualise” their jobs. Adele Brown, 28, bus driver said: “The tube strike being suspended may be a sign that the bosses are willing to listen to reason from the

workers, but I still don’t know the exact reason for the strikes myself.” Around 1,500 maintenance workers were also due to strike at the same time in a separate row over safety. Track patrol staff walk the tracks looking for faults, often carrying out immediate repairs where and when they can. The escalation of the strike which originally only included maintenance and renewal engineers, dramatically increased the threat of widespread disruption on Friday and future disruptions for the further planned tube strikes predicted for this year. Had the strike gone ahead, if anything went wrong with the network, a track, signal or power problem; it would not have been dealt with until the end of the strike. The announcement of yet another tube strike will spark further calls to ban key public transport workers from taking industrial action. Steve Griffiths,

Source: Creative Commons

the chief operating officer at London Underground said: “I welcome the RMT’s decision to suspend this action to allow for further talks to take place.” Leroy Kissi, 36, TfL ticket inspector said: “The general public don’t know that the RMT voted for strike action over the closure of ticket offices and changes to work rose under a shame called Fit for the Future. There are talks about TfL offering us a four year pay deal and a £500 bonus for them to enforce their new rosters and for the closure of ticket offices. Commuters should plan their journeys ahead of time and listen out for updates about the upcoming dates.” 12-hour strike from 6.30am on Sunday 6 March 24-hour strike from 6.30am on Friday 25 March 24-hour strike from 6.30am on Sunday 27 March

16th Feb 2016


News Ex-offenders to get

TfL plans for a ‘more welcoma second chance by Youna Kabongo

Even dads can change their nappies in public The outrage of restaurants not providing a baby changing facility in mens public toilets has been brought to light. In 2014, Doyin Richards, 40, a Los Angeles father of two took to social media to express his views after an encounter he had in a public restaurant. He said: “They are basically saying only women can change diapers”. In 2015, actor Ashton Kutcher complained about the lack of nappy changing facilities for men’s public toilets. Now in 2016, this issue has been revived by a UK dad of three, Al Ferguson from Kent who went under cover and filmed himself in three restaurants that all had no baby changing tables in the mens room or even in a unisex room that he could use to change his son.

the holloway express

If there’s something criminal in your past that you would like to hide from a potential employer, 2016 could be your lucky year. David Cameron on February 8th unveiled his plan to allow convicted criminals to conceal their convictions in a move to boost their job prospects. Former offenders will no longer have to tick the box declaring their recorded offences when applying for civil jobs. They will have to reveal their past only after securing an interview, giving them a chance to state their case. “If the potential employee will have personal contact with customers or cash, I need to know in advance. It will be a complete waste of time to interview people who I cannot hire,” said Lara Olufon, Hu-

man Resource Manager at Glaxo KlineSmith. It is a reality that some former offenders’ crimes will limit them in the choice of work they apply for. Proponents of the plan believe that securing an interview will certainly be a boost in one’s confidence and a stepping stone to start a new life. Managing Director of Berkmann Wines Cellar Rupert Berkmann welcomed the initiative. “I used to steal wines from my father’s business and sell them. I was stupid. “Holloway Prison, which is just opposite here, is filled with people who committed petty crimes. Today I am the head of the company, because I turned my life around, and I think everyone deserve a second chance. “ In most cases, the crime would have to be related to the job for a

criminal history to be held against someone.. Someone convicted of stealing money might find it easier to reoffend if he or she was hired as an accountant rather than a call centre worker. “Here’s my question: should offenders have to declare it upfront, before first sift of the CVs, before they have been able to state their case?,” Cameron said at a speech at the Policy Exchange think tank. “Or might they be able to declare it a little later, at interview stage before an offer is made? They have done this in America - it is called Ban The Box. “And I want to work with businesses - including the many who have already signed up to the business in the community campaign - to see if we can do this here.”

Recent refurbishments planned for Islington by Amara Howe

Refurbishment works have become more regular for the Borough of Islington within the past few months. As Islington strives to be a more resident and visitor-friendly area, many projects and plans have been devised which will see a new start for the summer of 2016 within the borough. In January, Islington saw a £2 million upgrade to the Archway Leisure centre, with new facilities including an extra 254sqm of fitness space. This focus on fitness has seen a 15% increase of its customers. Plans to focus on the history of Islington to attract the public have also been unveiled with the refurbishment of the Caledonian Park Clock Tower. Refurbishment plans will turn the park into a more resident-friendly destination.

Designs have been finalised which provides the public with access to panoramic views from the top of the restored tower. The historic clock tower itself will also be restored, providing a new heritage centre with cafe and toilet facilities, allowing the community to make the most of the park. Opened in 1855 as the centrepiece of the former Metropolitan Cattle market, the seven-storey clock tower has been described as the “hidden gem” of London. Just past the Camden Town river the tower sits in the middle of an 18-acre park. Last year, the Heritage Lottery Fund awarded a £126k grant to develop the proposals to reopen the clock tower. Sylvia Tunstall, chairman of Caledonian Park Friends Group, said the park will become “a truly special place to visit”. The new design will give clear and improved views of the

50-metre tower from the North. The centre’s designs have been adjusted after listening to the views expressed by locals. Chris Parkins, Greenspace Project Officer said: “The refurbishment of the tower is expected to bring in both residents and visitors. The history behind it needs to be celebrated.” The tower is expected to open on the 18th of June 2016 with tours running from 11am to 4pm. The admission is free but pre-booking will be essential. The Quays pub in Holloway, Islington is also having a historic revamp within the next few months. The pub, which dates back to the 19th century, will be refurbished and reopened after being sold to a Buckinghamshire firm. The 6,500 square feet building will be open every day and begin to serve breakfasts and roast dinners.

by Carolina Ciro Restrepo A public consultation is being carried out after plans to pedestrianize Highbury Corner were unveiled by Transport For London (TFL) last week. The proposal is part of the Road Modernization Plan, which aims to improve accessibility for pedestrians and cyclists in the area. Working along with Islington Council, TFL announced the changes of the one-way roundabout into a two-way traffic system. As a result, the western side would be closed in order to improve pedestrian and cycling facilities. Local Criminology student, Angie Gonzalez, 22 said: “I don’t really know exactly how much impact it will have on the community, but since I walk pass the roundabout everyday to go to university I suppose it will make my journey safer”. Mayor of London Boris Johnson, who also lives in the borough, said that the changes would vastly improve the safety for not only cyclists, but also for “the many thousands of passengers who disgorge onto the pavement from Highbury & Islington station”.

Source: Creative Commons

The authority stated that they were aware of the possible changes in traffic flow for motorists and bus passengers during peak hours, but overall journey times would remain the same or be even shorter. However the proposal would see changes in the 277-bus route, with no service between Highbury Corner and Dalston although some additional buses on route 30. According to TFL website, the proposed changes would make Highbury Corner a more welcoming area and balance the needs of all users more effectively. “Cyclists would have dedicated, segregated cycle lanes, reducing the risk of conflicts with vehicles and making cycling more enjoyable”. The planned closure of the western side of the roundabout would create a new public space of up to 4000m2 but it would also see the permanent closure of Highbury Station Road and Hampton Court for traffic. TFL welcome people from all backgrounds to have their say on the Transport For London’s website until 20 March 2016.


16th Feb 2016

Preparing for London

mayoral elections

by Hannah Ledden The spectacle that has been Boris Johnson’s term as Mayor of London is swiftly coming to an end. The zip-wiring public appearances and rugby-tackling photo opportunities are currently being replaced with the c l o s e l y - f ou g ht battle for who will take over at City Hall from the 5th of May. Current contenders including Labour’s Sadiq Khan and Tory Zac Goldsmith are fighting a very public battle, highlighting their main plans for the city and more importantly its people. In 12 weeks, a decision will be made on Johnson’s predecessor, causing local people to scrutinize who will do the best for them. During a recent visit to Islington, Labour hopeful Sadiq Khan suggested the housing crisis and youth violence were the main social issues he would tackle if elected to the hot seat. This,

however, was no new information to local residents. Reports of stabbings and gang violence are ever-present in local publications and many of these concerned people are now looking at who is going to best tackle these issues. Opposing candidate, Zac Goldsmith, MP for Richmond, was quick to set out his ‘Action Plan for a Greater London’ honing in on more homes, better transport and safer streets at the beginning of the race for office. Similar ideas from the two main parties suggests a truthful image of the city as it stands for people who now want to see the job get done. London residents such as freelance photographer Javier

Boris Johnson

Gallo, 40, would take this as a welcomed change: “travelling in London is very expensive and overcrowded. London is becoming a city whose infrastructure can’t function and whoever becomes Mayor needs to deal with this.” The housing crisis in London is the issue Goldsmith calls his “number one priority”. This will particularly affect the residents of Islington who are crying out for affordable homes. Recent developments of luxury apartments and expensive student housing highlight the dire situation currently facing the majority of London’s people. A recent YouGov voter poll placed Khan 10-points ahead of his Tory opponent suggesting a clear path for the Labour candidate. Many have suggested this leap in support highlights a desperate call by residents looking for real change for the city.


the holloway express

Z e r o - h o u r s No more teenage deaths employment contracts “unfair”

by Zorina Beeton

An employment contract where hours are not guaranteed by the employer is idealistic for some, but problematic for many. Some businesses argue that it’s difficult to promise fixed hours in the workplace. Hospitality and support services are the main areas where zero-hours contracts are provided. JD Wetherspoon chairman Tim Martin argued in favour of the contracts in 2013 saying his pub chain provides extras. “People on flexible hour contracts don’t get holiday, sick and maternity pay, but at Wetherspoon they receive all of those things.” Diyanna Simion, an employee of the company says: “Yes, we do get holiday pay based on the average hours we work, but sick pay is ridiculous. I know people that have been seriously ill and had to return to work because the pay they would receive, if they were ill was only £80 per week, which one cannot live on.” One of the Labour party’s objectives are to abolish zero-hours

contracts. “The Tory-led government’s race to the bottom has seen record numbers of people working fewer hours than they would like,” their official website says. “Zero-hours workers must be available on the off chance that they will be needed. This means the chance of having another job, or making plans are limited as one needs all the hours they can get,” Simion says. Jesh Purmah, shift manager at Wetherspoon, insists that these contracts are ideal, especially for students looking for flexible work. “Weekends are the busiest time and students usually working within the company require these shifts.” However, Purmah said that a manager in the company is on a minimum hour contract. They do not need to worry about receiving the hours they need to survive because it’s guaranteed – and they receive full pay if they are sick. Simion, a full-time student, also works full time for the company, requiring a minimum of 40 hours per week but he struggles to get them.

“Usually I get a minimum of 38 but sometimes I get less, so when I have over 40 hours I need to save because I don’t know how many shifts I will get the week after.” Almost half of unemployed adults in the UK who have been offered a zero-hours contract have turned it down, according to a study conducted by recruitment company Glassdoor. Accepting one of these jobs would mean giving up benefits given to them by the government, but these contracts provide no guaranteed evidence of a stable income. Calls to abolish these contracts continue as the Office for National Statistics reports that in 2015, 744,000 people in the UK were employed under these contracts, and they are rising every year. Simion argues people shouldn’t be depending on an unreliable income, especially if they have a family to provide for. These contracts are employer’s way in which they exploit people who need work, with no experience. The fight to ban these contracts continues.

Source: Creative Commons

Finsbury Park Mosque calls upon Islington by Ammaarah Khan

Finsbury Park Mosque opened its doors on Sunday, hoping to show the Islington community “the real picture of Islam.”

The mosque welcomed people of all faiths to a day of informative presentations about Islam, children’s activities, and food. The open day was vital following the rise of the Islamic State and the recent Paris attacks, Toufik Kacimi, Chief Executive of the Muslim Welfare House, told the Islington Tribune.

“The media is portraying Islam in a negative way, always relating it to extremism and terrorism. But this is not the real picture of Islam. Islam means peace,” he said. “We want to tell our neighbours of all faiths that we are not people of terrorism and extremism. We are peaceful citizens.” Kacimi also spoke of the racial attacks that the mosque’s worshippers, particularly women, had been experiencing. The open day would allow people to ask questions, make conversation and exchange ideas, he said. Ali Ibrahim, 52, a

the holloway express

regular worshiper at the mosque said: “It’s really important that we understand each other as a community. We have to encounter each other every day and this is a place we all call home, so no one should live in fear.” More than 90 mosques across London, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, Glasgow, Cardiff and Belfast invited members from their community on the same day. Earlier this month, the Finsbury Park Mosque chairman spoke out following a government report suggesting a link between it and Islamist group Muslim Brotherhood.

Mohammed Kozbar, the mosque’s chairman and vice president of the Muslim Association of Britain (MAD) accused Prime Minister David Cameron of driving a divide between Finsbury Park Mosque and the Islington community. In response to the government report, Kozbar told a press conference that he denied links to the Brotherhood, saying the mosque has been largely involved in local charity work since it was seized from extremist cleric Abu Hamza 10 years ago. The Muslim Brotherhood is a Sunni Islamist organisation that was founded in Egypt in 1928. Since 2015,

the group has been considered a terrorist organization by the governments of Bahrain, Egypt, Russia, Syria, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates following alleged terrorist activities. Kozbar said: “Despite this, unfortunately the government tries in one way or another to isolate this mosque from the community, instead of encouraging us to do more in the community.” Islington MP Jeremy Corbyn previously praised Finsbury Park Mosque, commenting that the mosque had done “an incredible job” since being seized from Abu Hamza.

by Magdalena Gassebner

In the last five years, knife crime was at an all-time high in Islington, making it the second most criminal borough in the capital. Three teenagers were stabbed to death last year, prompting borough leaders to take action. In January, the leader of Islington Council, Councillor Richard Watts, called for “no more teenage deaths” with an extra £500,000 to protect the borough’s young people. The money will be invested in initiatives and services for people at risk of being drawn into gangs. The Islington Safeguarding Children Board has already introduced Targeted Youth Support, which works with youth aged ten to 21, to keep them on the right path. Sadiq Khan, Labour’s candidate for the mayoral election, wants to tackle youth violence by re-introducing neighbourhood policing. “The public needs confidence in the police. If the police are open, people are more likely to come forward with information,” Khan told the Islington Gazette. Khan called for an increase in the use of stop and search by the police. “Stop and search

is a useful tool for the police, if intelligence-led and done properly,” he said Many Islington residents want to help tackle the problem. The stabbing of 15-year-old Alan Cartwright in 2015 shocked families and residents from across the borough, prompting them to initiate the campaign ‘Islington Unites’ to stop youth violence. What had started as a Facebook Group is now a campaign which shows how involved residents are solving the issue. They have teamed up with Anti Knife UK and the council, who is backing the campaign. Jennifer Otu, 37, resident of Islington with an eight-year-old son, says: “It is shocking what is happening to our society. I always believed that the young people are safe, but now I am worried what is going to happen to my son.” This year has already seen one teenage stabbing victim. On January 13th, a 15-year-old boy was stabbed on Liverpool Road, Holloway, but survived the attack. Islington Council announced it will use the new budget for youth services such as counselling and more controls. They aim to disrupt gang organisation, and stop them from recruiting

new teenage members. Together with the police, youth workers want to track down the people who are recruiting teenagers. Police have also announced that they make house visits to people who are thought to be involved in gangs. Shady Sabet, 55, office executive living on Holloway Road says: “I am not the type of guy who is afraid of the youth of today, but I have to admit that the recent incidents give me a misgiving when passing groups of young people.” Islington Council wants to overcome youth violence by responding to early signs. They want to offer more help to troubled children with less support from their families. They also wish to work with local businesses such as the Arsenal in the Community, which has a huge influence on teenagers. With this strategy they aim to attract vulnerable children into positive activities. Kickz is the national program which uses football to work with hard-to-work children. The intention is to get children off the street and play football together. The programme, founded by the Premier League and Metropolitan Police, is run by Arsenal FC in Elthorne Park. For more information, visit

16th Feb 2016

TOP TIPS LGBT to warm up your February by Lea Fourmaux Every February, England celebrates LGBT History Month and for another year Islington - along with Camden - are hosting the largest event’s programme of the year. LGBT History Month’s subject of 2016 is religion, belief and philosophy. During the month, movies, exhibitions, plays, talks and parties, will happen all over Islington on this subject, with the purpose to challenge homophobia, biphobia and transphobia. Here’s a selection of what to do to learn more about LGBT History Month in Islington: From the 5th February to the 5th March - The Twilight People: Stories of Faith & Gender Beyond the Binary Exhibition. It is the ‘hidden history’ of transgender and gender nonconforming people of faith. Venue: Islington Museum. Find out more at: www. t w i l i g ht p e o p l e . c o m . Wednesday 17th February - A Spiritual History of the Queer Peoples of Planet Earth Pioneers

Beyonce supports “Black Lives

by Zorina Beeton

Beyoncé’s new music video, Formation, was released last Saturday, followed by her Super Bowl half-time show. The video demonstrates a serious political statement and gains some much-needed attention to the political movement Black Lives Matter. Black Lives Matter was prompted by the 2014 murder of Michael Brown, an 18-year-old unarmed black man who was killed by police officer Darren Wilson in Ferguson, Missouri. The movement encourages people to stand up for black lives not just in America, but worldwide. Beyoncé, as a public personality, has the platform to address and bring rec-

ognition to this movement. Undoubtedly her performance encouraged people to take an interest in this issue. Jounas Kallok, a black rights activist, said that the Super Bowl performance helped bring attention to the movement and what it stands for. The Black Panther movement, to which Beyoncé paid homage, also fights against institutional racism against black people. Her timing couldn’t have been more potent, in a country fighting against racism and state-sanctioned violence. Her dancers wore black berets, forming an X on the pitch mid-performance – a reference to black rights campaigner Malcolm X. “I think everybody understands all lives matter, but this is a specific problem happening in the African American community,” President Barack Obama told a convention on criminal justice reform.

Beyonce Source: Creative Commons


He was making reference to the movement’s title, which has sparked controversy from some with a separate hashtag #Alllivesmatter, which is surfacing online. Most recently, unarmed black man Antronie Scott was killed by police officers in San Antonio, Texas after being pulled over for a felony. At a press conference Chief William Mc Manus claimed Officer John Lee “feared for his life” and fired one round. According to a study, conducted by the Guardian, 1140 black people were killed by law enforcement officials in 2015 in America. The death of black males between the ages of 15-34 were five times higher than that of a white male within the same age range. Protests are organised regularly around the deaths of black citizens by law enforcement officers, as well as police brutality in America.

of Queer Spirituality. Venue: Islington Town Hall. Find out more and book at Thursday 18th February - Michael Arditti last project, Of Men and Angels, an exploration of the myth of Sodom, from 6th century BC Babylon to 20th century New York. Venue: Islington Town Hall. Book at Saturday 27th February - One Night in Heaven. Party dress-code: Angelic and Ethereal. Venue: Islington Assembley Hall. Book at Sunday 28th February The Come-Together Cup. A 5-a-side fun indoor tournament for eight mixed LGBTQ and community teams. Venue: The Arsenal Hub. More details on www.facebook. com/arsenalslgbtfans Monday 29th February - Community Conversation on LGBT and Mental Health. Venue: Islington Town Hall. Register by calling the Islington Community Wellbeing Development Service: 07539 352 337


The Black Lives Matter co-founder calls for it to be a “movement not a moment”. Their website has been created for the celebration and humanisation of black lives. If political statements by high-profile people such as Beyoncé continue “change may be on the way” says Jounas. The investigation into police using deadly force in the US continues. Jada Pinkett Smith has also made headlines by boycotting the Oscars due to the lack of diversity in nominations, stating: “People can only treat us the way in which we allow it to. We are rarely recognised for our artistic accomplishments.” The Oscar boycott came as the Academy failed to nominate non-whites for any of the major awards, with the hashtag #oscarsowhite, which trended on twitter for the second year running.


the holloway express

16th Feb 2016


British Vogue turns 100 with a new photo exhibition British Vogue celebrates 100 years of publication with a photography exhibition in the National Portrait Gallery.

Four of the best: Islington clothing shops

TOP TIPS by Noa Mokhnachi

Annie’s: Situated in the heart of Angel in the lovely Camden Passage, Annie’s has one of the largest collection of lace dresses. A constant supply of original twenties mid-calf lace wedding dresses with silk underslips are on sale. The shop, named after owner Annie, has a large collection of clothes and accessories from 1900 to the 1950’s. But Annie’s specializes in bridal wear and 1920’s flapper dresses. “Everyone, including Alexander McQueen, John Galliano, Nicole Farhi, Ralph Lauren and Donna Karan have raided the place for quirky trimmings,” says Annie. Diverse: Opened in 1987, Diverse is one of the trendiest store on Upper Street. From Acne Studio to Jill Sander, the store offers more than 20 different brands. Saskia Lamche, Diverse creative director, says her main wish was to introduce numerous brands to Islington while supporting the very best emerging designers. With items ranging from £20 to £600, the store offers a wide range of choice for Islington fashionistas. Lauren Johnson, a 23-year-old fashion student, said: “I love coming here, I can find unique pieces without having to go all the way to central or East London, this is actually one of my favourite fashion spots. They always surprise with one or two brands that I have never heard of.” Decadent vintage: Annie’s younger sister, Decadent Vintage, started ten years ago on Portobello Market. In October 2010, they decided to open their first shop in Camden Passage. “It was an obvious choice, this Passage is reputed for the vintage fashion,” said a team member. Decadent Vintage specializes on women’s fashion from the 1950’s to the 1980’s, and stocks a lot of designers like Chanel, Yves Saint-Laurent, Givenchy or Dior, but also unique pieces from markets in Paris handpicked by the founders Jody Peach and Julien Maillot.

Top-mode Kate Moss portrayed by Mario Testino

by Patrice Winn

Vogue 100: A Century of Style will display outstanding photography commissioned by Vogue since it began in 1916. Various photographers for the

magazine such as David Bailey, Mick Knight, Mario Testino and Cecil Beaton will show their vintage prints, experimental fashion shoots, unpublished works and original magazines

Source: Creative Commons

that demonstrate why it’s known as “the fashion bible”. The exhibition runs until May 22nd, with advance tickets available on the National Portrait Gallery website.

Sweaty Betty: Between Angel and Highbury & Islington on Upper Street, Sweaty Betty is worth the stop. The sportswear brand has a fantastic customer service; “the Bettys”, as they call themselves, have a great knowledge of their products and enjoy telling about it all with a big smile on their faces. The only downside is price. Indeed, as good as the quality is, the prices stay very high with a pair of leggings up to £95. But what makes the retailer special is its free fitness classes, from yoga to boxing.

the holloway express

16th Feb 2016

Pure London fashion fair delights buyers by Marina Mariano

Once again, Pure London surprised buyers from all around the world with the Autumn Winter 2016 preview held at Kensington Olympia, showing more than 700 brands including womenswear, footwear, accessories and menswe ar. The event attracted buyers and retailers from the fashion industry from different c o u nt r i e s around the world, s e e k ing the pragmatism o f

t h e Engl i s h

industry. dustry to hold seminars for aspirant Anna De Clerici, retailers, newbies owner of her own and those passionshop in Italy said: ate of the matter. The Holloway “It’s the fourth time I came to London Express attended for fashion trade an inspiring semshows. What I like inar about how to of London’s trade create a successful is that here they are fashion blog, both more professional for your personand pragmatic. In al career and as a Italy they tend to support for your reshow off too much.” tail shop or brand. The main Simon Glaztheme of this in, fashion writer, year’s exposition explained: “As a reis “Pureism”, de- tailer, a fashion blog rived from the me- gives you the opporga-trend for this tunity to have your winter: “Remaster”. say about the prod “We felt it was uct that you sell.” the ideal world to connect this artis- Fashion blogging, a tic focus to our new very popular trend look and introduc- now among fashtion of menswear,” ionista-wannabes, said Drapers Julie m a i n Driscoll, portfolio ly relies director at Pure. on so Menswear is cial methe news of this dia such year’s show, as part as Twitof a plan to re- ter, Insfresh and expand t a g r a m the offer for buy- and even ers and retailers at S n a p one unique stop. c h a t . Adam Gough, head of mens- “ I n s t a wear for Pure gram is said to Drapers, a pretsaid: “The UK ty way needs a large Lon- to show don-based global y o u r show that has both p r o d men’s and wom- ucts, but en’s wear offering.” also the Three differ- best way sell ent stages were set to to host catwalks and t h e m experts of the in- while affashion

Left: a garment from the exibition. Top-right: Simon Glazin at the seminar

fecti n g your customers and expanding your target audience,” he said. The stages were full of participants and the stands actively engaging potential buyers, demonstrating that even in this technological era, concrete shows still matter - and engage the public. C he ppi e Schwitzen, Account Manager at Claret Showroom said: “Trade shows are

Bottom-right: view of the exhibition

important, but I think people are being more selective about which ones they are going to.” Pure London will host another show for SS17 in Kensington Olympia next July. For more info and previews visit http://www.

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16th Feb 2016


Guardiola new manager of Man City England on top of Six Nations Championship by Gabriel Bruno

Bayern Munich Pep Guardiola has finally been confirmed as the new manager of Manchester City for the 2016-17 season. The Spanish sensation has won an incredible 19 trophies in only nine years, including two Champion leagues and five League championships. This will come as a continued disappointment to Arsenal fans across the country. The North London club is debt-free and has an amazing stadium and Category One status academy set up. However, even with the record £5.14 billion broadcast deal coming next season, it seems that’s not even enough to tempt the Spanish coach. “How can we improve and attract top players when the best managers keep looking past our great club?” said Arsenal FC Supporters


Trust spokesman Derrick Hateman. Members of the supporters trust had believed that Guardiola was coming to the club as his wife had visited on a number of occasions. “Trophies are what measures success and not this fourth place that this club seems to live on. “We need to be challenging and aiming to win trophies everywhere and stop settling for 4th place, Guardiola hasn’t

Source: Creative Commons

come to us because our mind-set is not what he views as being a success.” Manchester City may have landed the most coveted man in football. However, Arsenal still have wily manager Arsene Wenger as their man. Let’s see if he can end the season with the Premier League or even the Champions League trophy, ending all doubts of who Arsenal really need.

Premier League: Arsenal beats Leiceister by Laura Mendes Arsenal’s 2-1 victory against the leader of the Premier League last Sunday gives the team hope of getting first place. It was a dramatic game for Arsenal, which was losing by half time due to a penalty by Jamie Vardy. Leicester was playing with only ten players from the 54th minute as Danny Simpson received two yellow cards in five minutes, giving more chances to Arsenal to attack. Arsene Wenger, Arsenal manager, decided to change Coquelin for Walcott who scored the draw goal in the 70th minute. There was a lot of tension in the last 20 minutes. Another substitute, Danny Welbeck, who

had not played for the last ten months because of an injury, scored the winning goal in the last minute. Speaking to Sky Sports, Welbeck said: “It has been a rollercoaster ride for me. It was a difficult time and my family and friends know what I have been through.” After the match,

Wenger told BBC Sport: “It was a pivotal moment today, because the mathematics meant it could be eight points or it could be two points. That is a great change.” Arsenal is just two points away from the very top of the Premier League. It is looks like the title race is on.


by Laura Mendes England is on top of the Six Nations Championship after winning the first two rounds. The first game was on the beginning of February against Scotland, England won 15-9. Last weekend Eng-

Source: Creative Commons land played against Italy and had another victory with the result being Italy 9- 40 England. They have beaten the two nations known as the weakest. So England will have a tough test in its next game, playing against Ireland at the Twickenham Stadium on the 27 of February.

High ticket prices upset Arsenal fans by Gabriel Bruno

Arsenal fans will once again have the highest-priced season tickets when the next season starts. The North London club currently have the highest-priced match day and season tickets of all the 20 clubs in the Barclays Premier League. Their most expensive season ticket is £2,013 and their match day tickets are £97. “These prices are too high for the average fan, we have to be able to fill the stadium while making it affordable for the fans,” said Arsenal FC Supporters Trust spokesman Derrick Hateman. The Arsenal FC Supporters Trust have been discussing with the chairman Chips Keswick about decreasing the ticket prices due to the great financial

situation of the club and a £5.14 billion deal TV revenue. “The money coming next season is great for all clubs however it allows to buy world class players and put strategies in place so that fans can benefit the most.” The fact that Arsenal are debtfree and own their own stadium has many football supporters surprised that it’s so expensive to go to the North London club. They have been in Europe for the last 16 years and have finished in the top four since 1997. Their worldwide reputation and financial power is so strong that they must be able to afford to drop their tickets prices for the fans, Barcelona FC have done it!

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