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- Open to junior golfers ages 5-18 - 40 college coaches recruited at 2019 event before pandemic - Qualifying event for the 2021 IMG Junior World Championship the following week - AJGA stars - National Junior Golf Scoreboard Rankings - World Amateur Rankings - Golfweek Rankings - Past Champions Winning on PGA and LPGA Tour - Swag provided by Tough as Steel and Callaway Golf - Event was televised on Fox Sports 4

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GOLF MAGAZINE Dear Junior Golf Community, The Future Champions Golf Digital Magazine launched in March 2021 and aims to become the leading junior golf publication worldwide. This is an exciting time in the game of golf as the sport is booming on all levels. In recent years, golf was really only growing in competitive golf but since the pandemic hit and people’s interests have changed, golf has become the game of choice for many. In each issue of the magazine, we have goals to inspire junior golfers and educate parents on the process of becoming a great player and more importantly, how to love the game. We think golf is so important for families and wish every family could golf together for a lifetime. As a parent, what more could you want than being able to spend several hours out on the golf course with your kids for a lifetime. We hope you enjoy our third issue. Should you have any feedback or interests for future issues, please let us know. Advertisers, please contact us for more information on how to be involved with our growing community. As always, we hope you play the game with passion, keep your head up high, walk with a purpose and enjoy your time outdoors playing golf. Chris Smeal President and Founder of Future Champions Golf Head Coach at the FCG Academy in Stadium Golf Center


Omni La Costa Resort & Spa Carlsbad, California By Dean Gregory, May 12, 2021 What New York City is to fashion design, Carlsbad, California is to golf. Four of the top golf equipment manufacturers make their home there, including Callaway Golf. It is also home to the Omni La Costa Golf Resort. One of the two resorts that have an iconic history of hosting PGA, and LPGA tour events since 1965. Along with professional events, it has also been the host course for college and junior golf tournament. Starting in 2024 and on through 2026, Omni La Costa Golf will be the host the NCAA DI National Championship for both men’s and women’s teams. But prior to that, it will be the host course in August 2021 for three Future Champions Golf tournaments: August 1 – 2 August 3 – 5 August 8 – 9


FCG Invitational at La Costa Resort FCG College National Championship FCG Odyssey U12 Junior Championship

Omni La Costa Golf consists of two courses the Legends and the Champions. During the World Match Play Championship (1999-2006), the PGA used holes from both courses. Between 2011-2013 both courses were renovated to improve the drainage. Four new holes were added to the Champions course and many of the greens were elevated. The design of the course strategically promotes exciting finishes of any tournament. The Legends is more traditionally design featuring plenty of gentle doglegs making it a shot makers paradise. So, whether you are playing in a tournament or just looking for a casual relaxing round or two, why not play a course where many of the greats have walked before you. Just 30 miles north of San Diego, it’s definitely worth the drive to play and soak in all of the history.

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BE YOUR OWN BEST CADDIE! How is your inner dialogue when you step into a shot? Is it positive? Is it filled with fear? Is it scrambling for swing thoughts? Or do you have a rock solid pre and post-shot routine which allows you to “Be Your Own Best Caddie?” We’ve all had penty of time this past year to work on every aspect of our game, what did you choose to work on, the mental or physical aspect of the game? Did you take this opportunity to sit down and reflect on all the strengths and weaknesses of your golf game? If not, it’s never too late to start. I’m sure most of you who are taking the time to read this article, will agree that golf is a difficult game and challenges every aspect of our mental and physical being. What makes one golfer better than another? Is it the equipment, instruction, experience, talent, club head speed, athleticism, practice time, tall, short or if all being equal, would we agree the golfer who can manage their thoughts and emotions; who understands the importance of breath control and visualization will most likely shoot a lower score than those who can’t? All golfers have, and will always have moments of frustration and joy playing this wonderful game. The moment you choose to work with diligence on the mental side of your golf game, it will give you the skills and tools you need to harness the thoughts and engergy needed to experience for better results on and off the golf course.


There are no guarantees in this game or life. No matter how hard you work or who might be your coach, or what facilities you have. I would highly recommend you speak or work with a sports psychologist, mental coach or someone within martial arts, to learn the skills neccessary to play golf and live life to it’s fullest. If you’re goal is to play your best golf, then having the ability to manage your thoughts and emotions through pertinent, appropriate strategies is one of the best techniques you can have in your arsenal in order to play this game at the highest level. Every tour player has a unique pre and post-shot routine. Ultimately, their goal is to have a consistent and repeatable every time before stepping into the shot. This simple routine allows the right side of the brain to come alive and play golf. This is where the inner dialogue will become your best friend or your worst enemy. Success during my collegiate coaching career at Oregon State Univerity and The United States Military Academy can be pinpointed directly to the techniques and strategies I learned through the mentorship of leading sports psychologists. What an honor and privilege it has been to work with these amazing professionals. While coaching at Oregon State University we worked closely with Dr. Jerry Lynch. Dr. Lynch gave us the

tools to visualize, meditate and control our breath. Then, in 2010, while coaching at USMA at West Point, I met Dr. Zinsser. Dr. Zinsser worked closely with Dr. Bob Rotella, a world renowned sports psychologist within the golf world. After implementation of positive mental techniques, the Army West Point Cadets were better equipped to find clarity and peace on and off the golf course. Can you imagine a collegiate golf team coming together prior to practice, acknowledging the daily goals and visualizing the day’s practice? There’s something magical about seeing yourself hitting that perfect wedge shot or hearing 5 foot putts drop in the hole. These visualization strategies were woven into practices, team meetings and tournament preperation and competition. You have to play the game of golf in the present! When you learn the techniques for managing your thoughts and emotions, controlling your breath and visualizing successful shots, you’re giving yourself the best opportunity to win the moment. Most junior golfers mistake “being in the present” for being serious and focused over the golf ball. Being in the present really means, believing and trusting your assessment of the situation and committing to the process for the best outcome. How you talk to yourself on the course when you’re practicing or competing? Is your inner dialogue positive or negative? If you caddie for a friend or another player, would you ever tell them during the round how horrible they’re playing? Would you tell them over and over that they will never be good enough to play college golf? Then why in the world would you ever say this to yourself? There is absolutely no competitive advantage to talking negatively to yourself. “I have to get mad and let my anger out, it helps me focus.” This statement always leaves me scratching my head. What about having little to no emotional attachment to the result of a golf shot? Is it possible? It is! Using mental strategies to rise above negative emotions, keeps you, not only in the game, but in the moment and within that golf shot. Take time, reflect and evaluate your practices. We all love hitting drivers, wedges and specialty shots, but how much of your daily practice is dedicated to your mental game? This is by far, the most neglected aspect of the game for junior golfers. Can you control your breath? Can you visualize signing your scorecard with a smile and knowing regardless of the score, you played your best golf for that specific round? Can you see yourself hitting a ball into a penalty area and not allowing this shot affect the next one? Is your inner dialogue positive? If you commit to learning these important strategies early in your golf journey, they will become habits and make you a more complete golfer who will be ready for the next step. A tour caddie acts as the bridge to success for many professional golfers. While it’s important to know the game inside and out, its just as important for a caddie to meet the needs of their player’s needs in the moment. They will most likely stay positive, regardless if it was a good or bad result. Can you imagine a caddie

voicing his/her fear of a 4’ straight uphill putt? A great caddie is present and in the moment for their player every step of the way. You have the choice to identify the challenges on the course, so allow yourself to make the game less stressful and more enjoyable by being your own best caddie! “Just dedicate 5 minutes a day to working on your mental game and it will pay dividends. It’s 5 minutes. You can commit to that!” —Tim Mickelson Former OSU player, friend and colleague Tim Mickelson, is a perfect example of an amazing caddie. Tim knows the game inside and out, he’s a great player and is not shy about building his brother up during a tournament. I’m so honored to have coached this young man and am proud to have watched him grow into one of the best caddies out on tour. His success is a direct result of positive strategies and preparation.

WHAT ABOUT YOUR GAME: • How do you talk to yourself on and off the course? • Are you positive with your inner dialogue of can you do better? • Are you sincerely believing and trusting your words? • Do you have the tools to keep your emotions in check? These subtle changes will impact your life on and off the course. Life is difficult, so let’s make a positive change starting today with your game. Your peers and interested college coaches are watching you on the course and how you handle adversity. If your knee-jerk reaction is anger or emotional escalation you’re not giving yourself a competitive edge. What’s even worse, you’re not giving your teammates your best contribution. You owe yourself, your team and your golf future the best you have everyday and it all starts with managing your thoughts and emotions and keeping the inner dialogue as posititve as possible. I can’t wait to hear your feedback! Enjoy A Better Walk! Coach Watts Coach Watts Consulting brian@coachwattsconsulting.com 541-231-4653


ARE YOU PLAYING IN FLOW? By: Dr. Rick Sessinghaus, PGA I am fortunate to coach many elite golfers and help them play golf in the optimal state of flow. What is flow? Have you ever played a round when you were fully immersed in the moment, enjoying the round, clear on exactly what you wanted to do, belief you had the skills to perform the shot, and played great? That is a flow state. There are a few key factors that help you play in a flow state.

3. Prime your emotional state- too many golfers allow the result of the golf shot to dictate their emotions. Flow is linked to enjoying the present moment. Before you hit the first tee shot for the day get into the optimal emotional state by remembering great past shots and why you love golf. Another very powerful emotion is gratitude, remind yourself that you are fortunate to tee it up that day.

1. Flow follows focus- are you paying attention to the present shot? Or are you distracted by the future or the past shot. Use your pre-shot routine to ask present based questions like- “how will this lie affect the ball flight or where is the wind coming from right now?” The opposite of focus is being distracted. Distractions include too many swing thoughts, fear of hitting a poor shot, or the importance of the shot.

4. Embrace Challenge- Flow actually comes from taking on challenge, not wishing things were easy. You are going to get better when you take on a challenge and whether it goes how you want, you can always learn. Flow is about constantly being in the present moment with the attitude of curiosity to learn. Golf provides us a wonderful opportunity to grow as a person. Applying the skill of present moment focus, creating clear goals, managing your emotional state, and looking forward to the next challenge will help you expand your skills on and off the course.

2. You have a clear goal for the shot. Have you ever hit a great trouble shot? I believe we all have pulled off those shots off because we took on the challenge of the shot and had a very clear visualization of what we want to accomplish. Seeing your shot with as much detail as possible helps you also focus. A simple, yet powerful question to ask is, “what does a good shot look like here?”





CONGRATULATIONS TO PATTY TAVATANKIT FOR WINNING THE 2021 ANA INSPIRATION LPGA MAJOR CHAMPIONSHIP! We are proud of all the players that participate in the FCG Tour during their junior golf career and we are excited to have been a small or large part in their experience to the highest level of golf! In addition we are incredibly proud of all the juniors who have grown up in the FCG program. There are over 3,000 players who have gone on to play collegiate golf around the USA. Some of our past alumni are also incredibly successful in business. The process of becoming a tournament golfer will help you in the future in whatever you decide to do. Use that process of putting in the hard work to see the result down the road. Improve your weaknesses and sharpen yourstrengths. You can do it!









11 LPGA Wins including 2 Majors (Won the 2009 FCG International Jr Golf Championship)

Won the FCG Callaway World Championship and is now the ANA Inspiration LPGA Major Champion (2021)

2020 PGA Championship Winner

(former FCG Tour Player) – 2017 PGA Tour Championship Winner and 2017 PGA Tour Rookie of the Year, 2021 #5 Ranked Player in the World 2009 FCG National Championship (formerly named the San Diego Junior Amateur) Xander finished in T17th. This is just a great lesson in knowing how far someone can come. If you are not winning now, never give up!


(Former FCG National Champion) – Wins on the PGA Tour in 2018!

(Former FCG National Champion) Full Time Player on PGA Tour – 2018 and finished runner up to Ian Poulter

LPGA Tour Winner 2018

Former #1 Amateur in the World


PGA Tour and Web.com Tour


US Amateur Public Links Champion and Masters Participant

WHITNEY HILLIER Ladies European Tour


PGA Tour and Korn Ferry Tour


Korn Ferry Tour


#1 Amateur in the World (2021) and 2021 Walker Cup Participant


2015 FCG International 3rd Place Finish and 2021 Walker Cup Participant


Youngest Player to Ever play in the Masters


US Women’s Amateur Champion, LPGA


Korn Ferry Tour 2021


Korn Ferry Tour 2021

DANIEL MIERNICKI Korn Ferry Tour 2021


Korn Ferry Tour 2021



PGA Tour, PGA Tour China


LPGA Tour 2020/2021 and NCAA Champion at U of A


US Junior Girls Amateur Champion


PGA Tour and Web.com Tour and 2021 Japan Tour


FCG National Champion and LPGA Tour Member


FCG Champion and LPGA Tour Member 15


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Lauren Woodburn, Performance Coach for Young Golfers at Lauren Woodburn Coaching


To Be Confident

Right Now If you aren’t shooting the scores that you want, the problem is probably not your swing and the solution is probably not adding two hours of practice to your daily routine. The fastest way to drop a few strokes right away is to improve your confidence. You might believe you have to be born confident. Or you may believe confidence comes from the things you do, like the putts you make or the scores you shoot. It’s also possible that you believe that confidence comes from things people say about you. Golfers, confidence doesn’t come from any of these places. Your confidence is not linked to whether or not you won a tournament, shot under par this week, or shanked a ball in the water.


Confidence comes from what and how you think about yourself. And the beauty about this is that you get to choose what you think about yourself. When it comes to your game, you don’t even need evidence. I work with plenty of players who believe that they can shoot below par, even if they haven’t actually done it yet. They choose to believe this because they truly believe it’s possible. Do you know what happens to these players? They start shooting under par. The exciting thing is that you can believe this about any part of your game, and see tangible improvement as a result.


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Choose to believe you’re a fierce competitor, or that you’re a great putter, or that you have the ability to win any tournament. Tell yourself until you believe it. You can even put a note on your bag or your ball to help remind you. Keep commitments to yourself no matter what. If you say you’re going to get up at 6:30 a.m. to work out, you do it. If you tell yourself you’re going to put in 3 hours of practice today, you do it. This will help you to trust yourself and when trust is high, doubt fades away and your self confidence will increase. Imagine your future. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? How’s your game? How do you carry yourself? What awards or scholarships have you won? The more you look to the future, the stronger your belief will be that what you envision in it can actually happen. Do these three things and you will start to see what you’re capable of. And that’s the real game-changer!

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FCG WORLD SERIES FCG LAS VEGAS CHAMPIONSHIP (WEEK 1) – APRIL 3 & 4, 2021 PRIMM VALLEY GOLF CLUB (LAKES COURSE) – PRIMM, NV Girls 13-14 Champion Zoe Wynn 2025, Irvine, CA 2nd Place Brynn Kort 2025, Kingman, AZ 3rd Place Natalie Yen 2025, West Linn, OR 4th Place Haram Lee 2026, Henderson, NV Boys 11-12 Champion Jordan Giles 2027, Talent, OR 2nd Place Brayden Jones 2027, Seal Beach, CA 3rd Place Johnson Huang 2028, Newport Coast, CA 4th Place Evan Brown 2028, Seal Beach, CA Girls 11-12 Champion Amelie Zalsman 2027, Redlands, CA 2nd Place Kuree Little 2026, Palmdale, CA 3rd Place Esther Kwon 2028, Calabasas, CA 4th Place Jimin Nam 2027, Fullerton, CA Boys 9-10 Champion Dev Malik 2029, San Jose, CA 2nd Place Eric Chavez 2028, Ladera, CA 3rd Place Greyson Graham 2029, Pasadena, CA 4th Place Carson Jones 2028, Seal Beach, CA Girls 9-10 Champion Maya Brown 2028, Thousand Oaks, CA 2nd Place Mila Zalsman 2029, Redlands, CA 3rd Place Hannah Nguyen 2029, Phoenix, AZ 4th Place Dixie Mae Crain 2028, Springtown, TX Boys 8U Champion 2nd Place 3rd Place 4th Place

Dewey Back 2030, El Cajon, CA Rock Kuperman 2031, Las Vegas, NV Jones Barbanell 2031, Woodland Hills, CA Gavin Zuniga 2030, Huntington Beach, CA

Girls 8U Champion 2nd Place 3rd Place 4th Place

Beverly Cui 2030, Atherton, CA Hailey Zhao 2030, Woodland Hills, CA Amy Weng 2031, San Juan Capistrano, CA Saili Senteno 2031, Oceanside, CA

FCG LAS VEGAS CHAMPIONSHIP (WEEK 2) – APRIL 10 & 11, 2021 DESERT COURSE Boys 15-18 Champion William Walsh 2023, San Mateo, CA 2nd Place Ian Fritz 2022, Las Vegas, NV

3rd Place T4 T4 LAKES COURSE Girls 15-18 Champion T2 T2 4th Place T5 T5 Boys 13-14 Champion 2nd Place T3 T3 T5 T5 T5

Timothy Cavarno 2021, Redlands, CA Nathan Sampson 2023, Temecula, CA Curtis DaSilva 2023, Monterey, CA

Angelo Heo 2022, Murrieta, CA Kyndall Newman 2021, Las Vegas, NV Natalie Yen 2025, West Linn, OR Yue Xu 2021, Green Twp, NJ Gabriella Kano 2022, Fullerton, CA McKenzi Hall 2021, Las Vegas, NV Trenton Stuart 2026, Folsom, CA Ethan Lien 2025, Cupertino, CA Andrew Rodriguez 2026, San Diego, CA Joshua Kim 2025, Danville, CA Jojo Gutuerrez 2026, Whittier, CA Ben Friedman 2025, Mill Valley, CA Luke Ringkamp 2025, Palm Desert, CA

FCG NATIONAL TOUR NATIONAL TOUR OREGON SPRING CLASSIC – APRIL 17 & 18, 2021 // THE RESERVE VINEYARD – ALOHA, CA Boys College Prep Champion Ethan Jaehn 2022, Bend OR 2nd Place Sam Renner 2022, Bend, OR 3rd Place Kamaljit Singh 2023, Portland, OR Girls College Prep T1 Brooke Gelinas 2022, Bonney Lake, WA T1 Brooke Mahler 2022, Buckley, WA 3rd Place Natalie Neal 2023, Corona, CA Girls 13-14 Champion Ashley Ding 2025, Rancho Santa Fe, CA 2nd Place Vishaka Priyan 2026, Portland, OR 3rd Place Ashley Von Behren 2025, Bend, OR NATIONAL TOUR PALM SPRINGS OPEN – APRIL 17 & 18, 2021 CIMARRON RESORT (BOULDER) – CATHEDRAL CITY, CA Boys College Prep Champion Ryan Svendsen 2022, Irvine, CA T2 Trevor Moquin 2023, Belmont, CA T2 Tate Bruggeman 2024 Edmonton, AB Girls College Prep Champion Kexin Guan 2023, Irvine, CA T2 Emiko Sverduk 2022, Long Beach, CA



Sydnie Duvall 2023, Dana Point, CA

NATIONAL TOUR ENCINTAS JUNIOR – APRIL 24 & 25, 2021 ENCINTAS RANCH GC – ENCINTAS, CA Boys College Prep Champion Mathew Kress 2021, Saratoga, CA 2nd Place Justus Verge 2022, Bozeman, MT 3rd Place Sihwan Lee 2022, Irvine, CA Girls College Prep Champion Brynn Kort 2025 Kingman, AZ T2 Katie Ha 2024, Los Angeles, CA T2 Jade Zamora 2022, San Clemente, CA Boys 13-14 T1 Koa Baur 2025, Temecula, CA T1 Liam O’Callaghan 2025, San Diego, CA 3rd Place Carter Gaede 2026, Manhattan Beach, CA Girls 13-14 Champion Zoe Salinas 2027, San Diego, CA 2nd Place Mason Egdahl 2025, Placentia, CA 3rd Place Taryn Cagle 2025, San Clemente, CA NATIONAL TOUR NORCAL HIDDENBROOKE – APRIL 24 & 25, 2021 // HIDDENBROOKE GC – VALLEJO, CA Boys College Prep Champion Clark Van Gaalen 2024, Turlock, CA 2nd Place Arnav Mittal 2022, Redmond, WA 3rd Place Griffin Quan 2022, Windsor, CA Girls College Prep Champion Reeya Vasishta 2020, Mountain View, CA 2nd Place Nika Gholami 2023, Monte Sereno, CA 3rd Place Elizabeth Lenton 2024, Hercules, CA Boys 13-14 T1 Landon Abalateo 2026, Fair Oaks, CA T1 James Lee 2025, Burlingame, CA 3rd Place Jack Main 2025, Woodbridge, CA Girls 13-14 T1 Rayne Ripperger 2026, San Ramon, CA T1 Petra Yee 2025, Sacramento, CA 3rd Place Nithya Pattamatta 2024, San Jose, CA

FCG KIDS TOUR KIDS TOUR SPRING SERIES -COLINA PARK – APRIL 3, 2021 COLINA PARK GC – SAN DIEGO, CA Girls 13-14 Champion Madison Quach 2026, San Diego, CA 2nd Place Malia Perry 2025, Coronado, CA Boys 11-12 Champion Ethan Schachtel 2026, Dana Point, CA 2nd Place Santiago Torres 3rd Place Duke Chrisman 2027, San Diego, CA Girls 11-12 Champion Reagan Joy Griffith 2028, La Jolla, CA 2nd Place Miranda Williams 2033, San Diego, CA

3rd Place Elleaire Lyons 2026, Coronado, CA Boys 9-10 Champion Ryan Avalos 2028, Lakeside, CA 2nd Place Mason Sacco 2031, San Diego, CA 3rd Place Wyatt Caruso 2030, San Marcos, CA Girls 9-10 Champion MIroku Suto, Ota, Japan 2nd Place Lilian Phee 2029, San Diego, CA 3rd Place Amanda Chrisman 2030, San Diego, CA Boy 7-8 Champion Zachary Rappleyea 2031, Spring Valley, CA 2nd Place Santi Ulloa 2031, Chula Vista, CA 3rd Place Riley Griffith 2032, La Jolla, CA Girls 7-8 Champion Maya Young 2032, Orange, CA 2nd Place Mika Young 2030, Orange, CA Boy 6 & Under Champion Winston Pozniak 2033, San Diego, CA 2nd Place Kellen Neville 2032, Carlsbad, CA 3rd Place Henry Parry 2033, San Diego, CA Girls 6 & Under Champion Hanna Richardson 2033, Irvine, CA KIDS TOUR SPRING SERIES SAN MARCOS – APRIL 17, 2021 ST. MARK EXECUTIVE GC – SAN MARCOS, CA Boys 13-14 Champion Josh Moss 2024, Huntington Beach, CA 2nd Place Owen Mendes 2025, Huntington Beach, CA 3rd Place Evan Zouras , Huntington Beach, CA Boys 11-12 Champion Max Lang 2028, Fountain Valley, CA 2nd Place Dev Jain, San Juan Capistrano, CA 3rd Place Pierce Robinson 2028, La Jolla, CA Girls 11-12 Champion Reagan Joy Griffith 2028 La Jolla, CA Boys 9-10 Champion Lucas Pollack 2029, Chula Vista, CA Girls 9-10 Champion Jiayi (Maggie) Ma 2030, Irvine, CA 2nd Place Danielle Wilcox 2030, Lakeside, CA 3rd Place Lilian Phee 2029, San Diego, CA Boy 7-8 Champion Owen Kivett 2031, Escondido, CA T2 Wyley Warren 2031, Coronado, CA T2 Santi Ulloa 2031, Chula Vista, CA Girls 7-8 Champion Saili Senteno 2031, Oceanside, Ca 2nd Place Maya Young 2032, Orange, CA 3rd Place Chloe Yuan 2030, San Diego, CA Boy 6 & Under Champion Kellen Neville 2032, Carlsbad, CA 2nd Place Winston Pozniak 2033, San Diego, CA 3rd Place Mateo Gutierrez Kaloyan, San Diego, CA

CAP // april 2021 21

Staff Spotlight Alli Kim FROM: San Diego, CA GRADUATING HIGH SCHOOL: Vista Murrieta High School CURRENT COLLEGE: Point Loma Nazarene university FAVORITE GOLF COURSE: Torrey Pines FAVORITE FOOD: Sushi WHO COMPLETES YOUR DREAM FOURSOME: Antrone Williams, Vince Martinico, Texie Petchel


Tale of Two Brooke’s By Dean Gregory - May 11, 2021 Mahler and Gelinas are the last names of two FCG golfers who share the same first name, Brooke. But that’s not all they share. These White River High School athletes also share a passion and competitive spirit in golf and basketball. They are best friends in every aspect of the word. Here’s a little look into their life. DG: Can you tell me how you met? BG: Oh, how we met? We played basketball together for a school club team in seventh grade. BM: Yeah, seventh, eighth grade. BG: And then I introduced Brooke (Mahler) a little bit into golf. I told her she should play. BM: Yeah, I started in my freshman year. I mean a did a little before, but it was mostly freshman year. DG: You’re both juniors? BM: Yeah BG: Yeah, we’re both juniors. DG: Tell me how you got close. Because to me you guys seem like sisters. BG: Pretty much BM: Yeah, for all our tournaments, we travel together. And then for school, we have all our classes together. We just do a lot of stuff together. BG: We played basketball together everyday after school and golf. We don’t really have any time apart from each other. So, we kind of had to get close. DG: Makes sense. So, what happens when you go to college. Are you planning on going to the same college too? Or? BG: No, we’ll probably go to different colleges. But maybe we’ll compete against each other. BM: Yeah DG: What schools do you think you want to go to? BM: I’m not sure where I want to go yet. I’m thinking out of state somewhere. Somewhere with nicer weather. BG: Um, I’m thinking of Dixie State University, which is in St. George, Utah. And I’m also looking at a school in Nashville, and one in California. DG: Tell me more about golf. Do you practice together? BG: For high school golf, we play a lot together and practice pretty much every day for that. When it starts to get to summer, we practice at the same location for the most part but not necessarily at the same time though. We’ll like play rounds together or whatever. It just happens. We don’t plan on practicing at the exact same time. But we have the same home course. BM: All of the tournaments that we go to, usually we travel together because we are in the same ones and then we just do our practice rounds together. DG: How much traveling have you done? I know I’ve seen you guys in Oregon a lot and Las Vegas. I know you also have done some stuff in Southern California. How do you like traveling for golf? BM: I like it. BG: Yeah. I don’t like Washington weather, so anytime we can get out of here, we try to. DG: How do you feel like your golf

game has come along? BM: Mine has improved a lot. Because in when I started out freshman year, I was in the 90’s, and hundreds. And now I’m able to shoot in the 70’s more frequently. I’ve started to up my practice time, so I think that’s helped a lot. BG: For me, I feel like I’ve definitely improved. I averaged in the high 70’s my freshman year. Now I’m more in the middle 70s for my junior year. I’ve definitely seen a lot of progression. And I think it’s really helped to travel for golf. I’ve also started taking lessons at a school. DG: Travel helps you with your golf? BG: I feel like just playing on different types of courses. Definitely. It helps improve my game and it helps me learn new shots. I’ll go down to Arizona because I have a lot of family there. It’s a totally different style of courses than here in Washington. I just think it’s good just to play on different courses. Because I know in college, I’ll probably will not be playing on courses that are in Washington. Also, conditions are a lot better in warmer climates than what we have here too. BM: I think when I play on a new course, it makes you focus more because you’re not used to it. So, you have to put more attention into certain shots. DG: That makes sense. So, I have to ask Brooke (Gelinas). Your dad is a PGA Pro. How much of an influence has he had on you? BG: Oh, a lot, for sure. I mean, when we hit the range, everybody knows that we’re related because our swings are pretty similar. Um, he’s been my coach for since I started golf, which I started tournament golf at age nine. So, he’s definitely had a huge influence. He’s helped me a lot with my game and as its progressed. But this year was actually my first year getting a different coach. And so now I have a Swing Coach. And then my dad is just my regular coach and it it’s not like a bad thing or anything. It’s just a different perspective, which is nice since he’s been doing it for so long. DG: Well, I know your dad is really proud of you. Knowing Brooke’s dad, has that had any influence on you as well? BM: Yeah, it’s been nice because the tournament’s we traveled together. So, if I have a bad day, he can usually give me a few tips and help me keep a positive mindset for the next day. So, it’s been nice, good. When they are not on the course or court, you would probably still see them together just hanging out. Whether it’s studying, going to the nearby lake, or even just walking their puppies, there’s no doubt that these best friends share a special bond that I’m sure will last a lifetime. 23

Tournament Recap

12th Annual FCG Las Vegas Championship

The 12th Annual FCG Las Vegas Championship was our biggest one in history with just over 270 junior golfers competing over the two weekends. Usually we have all divisions compete the same weekend but with an abundance of demand the past few years we expanded the event over two weekends and it was a huge success for all. The first weekend on April 3-4th we had the Girls 13-14, Boys 11-12, Girls 11-12, Boys 9-10, Girls 9-10, Boys 7-8, and Girls 7-8 compete over two days to determine the Championship. Primm Valley Golf Course has been the home every year for this special event and we are thrilled to bring players from all over the Western USA to compete at the Tom Fazio gem, literally located in the middle of nowhere. Thank you to all the players and families for making the effort to come compete at Primm and we hope you had an awesome time. This annual event is also a qualifying event for the winner of every age division earning an exemption into the IMG Academy Junior World Championship. This event is also a qualifier for the annual FCG Callaway World Junior Golf Championship with the top 2 finishers earning an exemption to compete. Here is how the top finishers played: Final Leaderboard > Link to Photos > Girls 13-14 Division 15 girls competed in this division and the scores were insanely good. Coming in 3rd place was Natalie Yen from West Linn, Oregon with a two round total of -3 including a final round 67. In 2nd place was Brynn Kort from Kingman, Arizona with two under par rounds and a total of -5. Winning this year’s championship in record fashion was Zoe Wynn from Irvine, California with a two round total of -10 with rounds of 65 and 67. Boys 11-12 Division 18 boys competed this year in the 11-12 division and coming in 3rd place at a two day total of 5 over par is Johnson Huang from Newport Coast, CA. Brayden Jones had an awesome second round of -2 after his opening round even par score to come in 2nd place in the division and earn the FCG Callaway World Championship exemption. This year’s Champion, Jordan Giles from Talent, Oregon had two under par rounds with a -3 day 1 and a -1 day two to finish at 4 under and win by two strokes. Girls 11-12 Division 20 girls competed this year in the 11-12 division and the leaderboard was packed with great scoring. Coming in 3rd place at even par (both rounds of even) was Esther Kwon from Calabasas, CA. Coming in 2nd place earning that FCG Callaway World Championship exemption was Kuree Little from Palmdale, CA with two rounds at -1 and a 2 under par total. Winning this year’s Championship and earning the IMG and FCG World exemptions is Amelie Zalsman from Redlands, CA who fired an impressive -4 on day two to finish at -3 under par. Great battle ladies! Boys 9-10 Division 21 players competed in the 9-10 division and what a performance by our top finishers this year. Coming in 3rd place with a 6 over total was Greyson Graham from Pasadena, CA. The top 2 finishers tied for first place in regulation at a -2. Eric Chavez from Ladera Ranch, CA fired -2 on day 2 to catch up to round 1 leader Dev Malik from San Jose, CA. In the end it was Dev Malik who came out on top winning the playoff and earning the IMG Academy Junior World exemption. Great battle boys! Girls 9-10 Division 4 girls competed in this year’s division and solid play by all competitors! We would like to congratulate the top 3 with Hannah Nguyen from Phoenix, Arizona coming in 3rd place 24

with a two day 11 over par total. Coming in 2nd place at 7 over par was Mila Zalsman from Redlands, CA and she earned the FCG Callaway World Championship exemption. The 2021 FCG Las Vegas Champion is Maya Brown from Thousand Oaks, CA with an impressive 3 over par for two rounds. Congratulations to all the hard working girls in this division! Boys 7-8 Division 5 players competed in this year’s 7-8 division and scores were close over both days. Congrats to 3rd place finisher Jones Barbanell from Woodland Hills, CA with a two day 7 over par total. Coming in 2nd place at 4 over par after opening with an even par round is Rock Kuperman from Las Vegas, Nevada. Rock earned his exemption into the FCG Callaway World Championship. The Champion this year for boys 7-18 is Dewey Black from El Cajon, CA who had an impressive round of even par on day 2 and a total of 1 over par to win the championship and earn both special exemptions. Great playing boys! Girls 7-8 Division 5 players competed in this year’s 7-8 division and finishing in 3rd place at 12 over par is Amy Weng from San Juan Capistrano, CA. Our 2nd place finisher with a second round 4 over par and 9 over total is Hailey Zhao from Woodland Hills, CA. The 2021 champion for this division is Beverley Cui from Atherton, CA with two impressive rounds of 2 over par and then -2 for an even par total. Excellent scores ladies! (Week 2) April 10 & 11, 2021 Golfers in both the Boys and Girls 15-18, Boys 13-14 divisions converged to the high desert Primm Valley GC just south of Las Vegas. They came from all over the West Coast and Rocky Mountain states. The weather was perfect which meant that weekend was going to be primed for some great golf. As the weekend unfolded, the golf wasn’t great, it was AMAZING! Day 1 // Twenty-eight players in the Boys 15-18 playing on the Desert Course went even par or lower. With William Walsh (2023) of San Mateo, CA leading the way shooting a -7, 65. But the overnight leader wasn’t alone at the top because Jason Bannister (2021) of Laguna Niguel, CA came in with a -6, 66. Right behind him were three players at -5. On the Lakes Course, Angela Heo (2022) of Murrieta, CA in the Girls 15-18 division also went low. Posting a -7, 64 she took a commanding 5-stroke lead overnight. Mizara Norton (2024) of Las Vegas, NV found herself in 2nd place following the leader after shooting a -2, 69. With two girls 7-strokes back behind the leader after coming in with scores of even par. The lowest round of the day was posted by Ethan Lien (2025) of Cupertino, CA with a -8, 63. He led the Boys 13-14 overnight sitting on a 4-stroke lead over Trenton Stuart (2026) of Lake Havasu City, AZ who shot a -4, 67. Day 2 // The final round proved to be as equal if not more exciting than the finish at The Masters. Just like Hideki Matsuyama, William Walsh started the day knowing he would have to play as well as he did in the first round. And play well he did, after dropping his birdie on Hole 3, he got into the zone and ended up shooting a -6, 66. That was enough for

his 3-stroke victory. While Walsh was on his game the players chasing him were grinding hard to catch up to him. Ian Fritz (2022) of Las Vegas, NV also shot at -6, 66. Which gave him a 2-day total of -10 for the 2nd place finish. Timothy Cavarno (2021) of Redlands, CA carded a -3, 69 for 3rd place. Both Nathan Sampson (2023) of Temecula, CA, and Curtis DaSilva (2023) of Monterey, CA post a 2-day total of -7 for T4. Angela Heo didn’t have the day she was expecting, shooting a +2, 73. But it was good enough for the championship. Kyndall Newman (2021) of Las Vegas, NV, and Natalie Yen (2025) of West Linn, OR both started the day T11. At the end of the day, they posted a round of even par to climb up the leaderboard for a +2, T2 finish. Yue Xu (2021) of Green Twp, NJ totals to +3 for 4th place. With Gabriella Kano (2022) of Fullerton, CA, and McKenzie Hall (2021) of Las Vegas, NV at +4, T5. The Boys 13-14 division did not disappoint either with nail-biting golf, all the players were grinding, especially Trenton Stuart. Fighting his way from 4-strokes back Stuart posts a -7, 64 to win the championship. Lien who held the overnight lead couldn’t find the same magic on the final round. Although he shot a -1, 70 it wasn’t enough to stave off the hard charging Stuart. But Lien still adds this solid 2nd place finish to his resume’. Andrew Rodriguez (2026) of San Pedro, CA and Joshua Kim (2025) of Danville, CA tied for 4th place.



We love hosting junior golf tournaments for kids and making it exciting for everyone involved. Here is a list of our most recent updated rankings for players to compete within the Future Champions Golf Tournament Series.


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JULY 19-21, 2021 Optional Callaway World Parent Jr Championship: July 17, 2021 The Race to Play at the 2021 FCG Callaway Junior World Championship is on! You can qualify via FCG Tournaments or Partner Tours. If a qualifying event is not in your area you can also APPLY by resume on the website.






Boys 15-18 Simon Kwon, Salt Lake City, UT 66, 66, 66: 198 Girls 15-18 Ellie Bushnell, Granite Bay, CA 67, 74, 75: 216 Boys 13-14 Henry Yang, Chino, CA 71, 65, 69: 205 Girls 13-14 US Jasmine Kahler, Carlsbad, CA 72, 74, 69: 215 Boys 11-12 Jojo Gutierrez, Whittier, CA 68, 71, 66: 205 Girls 11-12 Brynn Kort, Kingman, AZ 71, 71, 70: 212 Boys 9-10 Chase Hughes, Oklahoma City, OK 70, 73, 68: 211 Girls 9-10 Zoe Salinas, San Diego, CA 38, 37, 36: 111 Boys 8 & Under Logan McGinn, S Williamsport, PA 36, 34, 33: 103 Girls 8 & Under Gloria He, Irvine, CA 37, 37, 39: 113

2019 CHAMPIONS Boys 15-18 Alejandro Alonso, Spring, TX Girls 15-18 Apelila Ta’utinei Galeai, Orem, UT Boys 13-14 Arjun Bhati, India Girls 13-14 Clarisa Temelo, Queretaro Boys 11-12 Nicholas Gross, Downingtown, PA Girls 11-12 Elyssa Abdullah, Hinsdale, IL Boys 9-10 Ronin Banerjee, Irvine, CA Girls 9-10 Beika Ma, Qingdao Boys 8 and Under Yu-Hong Chen, Taipei Girls 8 and Under Jie - En Lin, Taichung


Boys 15-18 Kentaro Nanayama, Jakarta Girls 15-18 Natthakritta Vongtaveelap, Bangkok Boys 13-14 Fifa Laopakdee, Thailand Girls 13-14 Soottinee Ngamkham, Thailand, CA Boys 11-12 Jay Leng, Jr, La Jolla Girls 11-12 Mariana Rodriguez, Ibague, VT Boys 9-10 Charongrat Jitnavasathien, Chiangmai Girls 9-10 Ava Cepeda, Kaaawa, HI Boys 8 and Under Kitpat Hamilton, Bangkok Girls 8 and Under Zoe Salinas, San Diego, CA


Boys 15-18 Runchanapong Youprayong, Thailand Girls 15-18 Ho Yu An, Taiwan Boys 13-14 Kentaro Nanayama, Indonesia Girls 13-14 Vanessa Ho, United States Boys 11-12 Pongsapak Laopakdee, Thailand Girls 11-12 Natachanok Tunwannarux, Thailand (p) Boys 9-10 Ratchanon Chantananuwat, Thailand Girls 9-10 Eila Galitsky, Thailand Boys 8 and Under Chang Xihuan, China Girls 8 and Under Jiranan Lim, Thailand

68, 67, 66: 201 73, 69, 70: 212 70, 66, 63: 199 69, 67, 65: 201 63, 69, 65: 197 74, 72, 68: 214 72, 70, 73: 215 32, 36, 32: 100 36, 34, 33: 103 31, 36, 32: 99

71, 67, 74: 212 74, 70, 73: 217 69, 67, 68: 204 69, 67, 71: 207 69, 67, 69: 205 70, 70, 70: 210 69, 72, 75: 216 34, 33, 36: 103 33, 32, 33: 98 33 40 36 109

75, 68, 67: 210 65, 68, 71: 204 67, 67, 69: 203 68, 69, 70: 207 65, 68, 71: 204 68, 66, 70: 204 68, 71, 66: 205 34, 35, 30: 99 35, 33, 34: 102 34, 35, 32: 101

Girls 15-18 Kanyalak Preedasutthijit, Bangkok 71, 67, 70: 208 Boys 13-14 Puwit Anupansuebsai, Bangkok 68, 68, 67: 203 Girls 13-14 Paphangkorn Tavatanakit, Bangkok 71, 70, 67: 208 Boys 11-12 Nattabutara Sornkaew, Bangkok 70, 71, 73: 214 Girls 11-12 Rina Tatematsu, Bangkok 69, 71, 65: 205 Boys 9-10 Wit Pitipat, Bangkok 71, 77, 69: 217 Girls 9-10 Manassanan Chotikabhukkana, Bangkok 71, 77, 73: 221 Boys 8 and Under Rapeepong Kosalutta, Chunburi39, 37, 35: 111 Girls 8 and Under Chloe Viray, La Mirada, CA 43, 40, 41: 124


Boys 15-18 Devin Hua, United States 68, 72, 72: 212 Girls 15-18 Mimi Ho, Hong Kong 72, 69, 76: 217 Boys 13-14 Jakc Trent, Australia 72, 67, 71: 210 Girls 13-14 Alyaa Abdulghany, United States 73, 66, 74: 213 Boys 11-12 Robin Williams, England 68, 75, 74: 217 Girls 11-12 Katherine Muzi, United States 74, 74, 71: 219 Boys 9-10 Jackson Rivera, United States 76, 72, 71: 219 Girls 9-10 Kayla Sam, Cambodia 84, 78, 77: 239 Boys 8 and Under Carson Kim, United States 46, 39, 38: 123 Girls 8 and Under Zhang R. B Sunshine, Philippines36, 39, 42: 117


Boys 15-18 Derek Castillo, Yorba Linda, CA 70, 73, 69: 212 Girls 15-18 Kitty Tam, Hong Kong 77, 74, 74: 225 Boys 13-14 Davis Shore, Knoxville, Tennessee 69, 69, 72: 210 Girls 13-14 Jiyoon Jang, Rancho Mirage, CA 78, 71, 73: 222 Boys 11-12 Ahmed Ali, Pleasanton, CA 70, 71, 73: 214 Girls 11-12 Ya Chun Chang, Taiwan 73, 72, 78: 223 Boys 9-10 Federico Shin, Buenos Aires 69, 73, 72: 214 Girls 9-10 Francesca Bernice Olivarez, Philippines 69, 73, 72, 214 Boys 8 and Under Logan Zurn, Elkhorn, Wisconsin39, 39, 33: 111 Girls 8 and Under Isabella Ranches, San Diego, CA49, 52, 46: 147


Boys 15-18 Gordon Neale, Rancho Santa Marg, CA Girls 15-18 Kassidy Teare, Vista, CA Boys 13-14 Brian Humphreys, Washington Girls 13-14 Ssu Cha Cheng, Taiwan Boys 11-12 Nicholas Kumamoto, Irvine, CA Girls 11-12 Sumire Noda, Tokyo, Japan Boys 9-10 Wo Cheng Ye, China Girls 9-10 Fransesca Bernice Olivarez, Philippines Boys 7-8 Eric Doyle, San Diego, CA Girls 7-8 Lucy Li, Redwood Shores, CA


Boys 15-18 Tommy Stephenson, United States 69, 72, 69: 210 Girls 15-18 Sofia Chabon, Philippines 71, 70, 70: 211 Boys 13-14 Caden Fioroni, United States 69, 68, 68: 205 Girls 13-14 Fran Bernice Olivarez-Ilas, Philippines 68, 69, 68: 205 Boys 11-12 Jayden Ford, New Zealand 70, 68, 68: 206 Girls 11-12 Nicole Felce, United States 68, 69, 67: 204 Boys 9-10 Ryan Liang, Canada 74, 71, 73: 218 Girls 9-10 Darla May Dela Torre, United States 35, 33, 35: 103 Boys 8 and Under Lucas Quintero Osejo, Colombia 35, 38, 35: 108 Girls 8 and Under Ava Cepeda, United States 35, 34, 37: 106

Boys 15-18 Wonje Choi, San Diego Girls 15-18 Casie Cathrea, Livermoore Boys 13-14 Gordon Neale, Rancho Santa Margarita Girls 13-14 Anne Freman, Las Vegas Boys 11-12 Norman Xiong, San Diego Girls 11-12 Alexis Monet Flores, Guatemala Boys 9-10 Charlie Reiter, Palm Desert Girls 9-10 Ty Akabane, Danville Boys 7-8 Alexander Pak, San Clemente Girls 7-8 Karah Sanford, Escondido Boys 6 and Under Jaden Huggins, Murrieta Girls 6 and Under Amari Avery, Anaheim




Boys 15-18 Zihao Jin, China Girls 15-18 Abegail Arevalo, Philippines Boys 13-14 Raymond Li, Canada Girls 13-14 Zoe Campos, United States Boys 11-12 Alexander Yang, United States Girls 11-12 Lok Yin Wong, Hong Kong Boys 9-10 Kuranosuke Shimizu, Japan Girls 9-10 Natachanok Tunwannarux, Thailand Boys 8 and Under Achira Chumchaivate, Thailand Girls 8 and Under Jiyue Wu, China


Boys 15-18 Justin Williamson, Honolulu, HI

71, 70, 71: 212 72, 71, 72: 215 70, 70, 74: 214 70, 73, 67: 210 62, 63, 73: 198 74, 74, 75: 223 68, 76, 75: 219 68, 71, 74: 213 29, 33, 33: 95 35, 36, 40: 111

Boys 15-18 Todd Baek, San Diego Girls 15-18 Courtney Hooton, Del Mar Boys 13-14 Henry Cunningham, AZ Girls 13-14 Jenniffer Peng, San Diego Boys 11-12 Sahith Theegala, Chino Hills Girls 11-12 Haley Moore, Escondido Boys 9-10 Sihao Yan, San Diego Girls 9-10 Alexis Monet Flores, Guatemala Boys 7-8 Sean Maruyama, Los Angeles Girls 7-8 Bella Setio Boys 6 and Under Zane Weaver Girls 6 and Under Arlene faye Salvador

73, 71, 71: 215 75, 71, 72: 218 70, 71, 72: 213 71, 70, 71: 212 71, 71, 73: 215 79, 73, 75: 227 67, 69, 69: 205 78, 70, 73: 221 42, 35, 42: 119 33, 34, 38: 105

78, 72, 69: 219 76, 75, 71: 222 75, 72, 70: 217 75, 78, 81: 234 76, 70: 146 74, 75: 149 80, 75: 155 82, 70: 152 36, 36: 72 36, 35: 71 65, 58, 123 73, 73: 146

74, 71, 40: 185 76, 80, 43: 199 74, 74, 39: 187 81, 73, 40: 194 78, 71: 149 77, 80: 157 82, 77: 159 36, 36: 72 37, 36: 73 40, 37: 77 37, 62: 99 35, 58, 93

71, 69, 75: 215 29

What’s in the bag? Isabella Ranches


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Boys 15-18 Steven Deutsch, Chula Vista, CA 68 71 64 203 Girls 15-18 Kirstin Angosta, Henderson, NV 69, 71, 76: 216 Boys 13-14 Parker Bunn, Ogden, UT 71, 69: 140 Girls 13-14 Varsha Ramachandran, San Jose, CA 67, 68: 135 Boys 11-12 Baron Nguyen, Fountain Valley, CA 68, 63: 131 Girls 11-12 Kayla Geng, San Diego, CA 70, 77: 147 Boys 9-10 Connor Szczechowicz, Chula Vista, CA 73, 76: 149 Girls 9-10 Jingyi Cui, San Diego, CA 59, 57: 116 Boys 7-8 Andrew Kung, Culver City, CA 62, 63: 125 Girls 7-8 Gloria He, Irvine, CA 68 64 132 Boys 6 & Under Jones Barbanell, Woodland Hills, CA70, 69: 139



Boys 15-18 Junfan Wang, Clermont, FL Girls 15-18 Wendy Hsiao, Taipei City Boys 13-14 Nolan Kuszyk, La Canada Flintridge, CA Girls 13-14 Eagle Ace Superal, Dasmarinas City Boys 11-12 Ratchanon Chantananuwat, Bangkok Girls 11-12 Rianne Mikhaela Malixi, Quezon City Boys 9-10 Nithidpong Srichatphirun, Bangkok Girls 9-10 Alice(Ziyi) Zhao, Irvine, CA Boys 7-8 New Zealand Justin Le, Auckland Girls 7-8 Jadar Kiatphonsiri, Downey, CA Boys 6 & Under Benjaming Golf Dong, Beijing, CA Girls 6 and Under Gloria He, Irvine, CA

68, 72, 69: 209 73, 69, 71: 213 67, 67: 134 70, 71: 141 64, 70: 134 69, 71: 140 72, 75: 147 54, 56: 110 59, 57: 116 61, 62: 123 67, 65: 132 71, 75: 146


Boys 15-18 Owen Avrit, United States 67, 71, 71: 209 Girls 15-18 Ashley Lau Jen Wen, Malaysia 66, 69, 68: 203 Boys 13-14 Willy Chen, Taiwan 71, 69: 140 Girls 13-14 Yuna Kawabata, Japan 74, 69: 143 Boys 11-12 Phuthanate Kangwol, Thailand 67, 68: 135 Girls 11-12 Rianne LI, New Zealand 75, 75: 150 Boys 9-10 Pakorn Wongpen, Thailand 77, 76: 153 Girls 9-10 Arianna Lau, Hong Kong 57, 57: 114 Boys 7-8 Ajalawich Anantasethakul, Thailand 62, 56: 118 Girls 7-8 Zoe Salinas, United States 59, 62: 121 Boys 6 & Under Naphol Sathianmongkhon, Thailand69, 73: 142 Girls 6 and Under Miroku Suto, Japan 64, 66: 130


Boys 15-18 Yuki Moriyama, Japan Girls 15-18 Yu-ping Huang, Taiwan Boys 13-14 Ian Maspat, United States Girls 13-14 Ho Yu An, Taiwan Boys 11-12 You Seong Choi, Republic Of Korea Girls 11-12 Samantha Marie Dizon, Philippines Boys 9-10 Alex Long, Canada Girls 9-10 Arianna Lau, Hong Kong Boys 7-8 Ajalawich Anantasethakul, Thailand Girls 7-8 Arisa Bintachitt, Thailand Boys 6 and Under Carlos Dugarte Venezuela Girls 6 and Under Miroku Suto, Japan

67, 68, 69: 204 70, 72, 67: 209 68, 67: 135 68, 72: 140 69, 68: 137 72, 77: 149 73, 69: 142 61, 60: 121 65, 61: 126 62, 68: 130 82, 78: 160 74, 74: 148


Boys 15-18 Zihao Jin, San Diego, CA 68, 67, 64: 199 Girls 15-18 Ribka Vania, Bandung 71, 71, 71: 213 Boys 13-14 Robin Williams, Peterborough 69, 68: 137 Girls 13-14 Francesca Olivarez-Ilas, Muntinlupa City 68, 70: 138 Boys 11-12 Jayden Ford, Porirua 69, 71: 140 Girls 11-12 Chia Yen Wu, Taipei City 71, 72: 143 Boys 9-10 Jay Leng, Jr, Rancho Santa Fe, CA 71, 72: 143 Girls 9-10 Pearpylin Chaisilprungruang, Pitsanuloke 61, 63: 124 Boys 7-8 Pakorn Wongpen, Ladkrabang Bangkok 66, 61: 127 Girls 7-8 Kayla Geng, San Diego, CA 66, 60: 126 Boys 6 and Under Traithunwa Thongsuk, Songkhal 75, 67: 142 Girls 6 and Under Arisa Bintachitt, Songkla 75, 70: 145


Boys 15-18 Taisei Negishi, Japan Girls 15-18 Yui Kawamoto, Japan Boys 13-14 Enqi Liang, China Girls 13-14 Ching Tzu Chen, Taiwan Boys 11-12 Luke Potter, United States Girls 11-12 Arlene Faye Salvador, United States Boys 9-10 Kuranosuke Shimizu, Japan Girls 9-10 Saori Iijima, Japan Boys 7-8 Ratchanon Chantananuwat, Thailand Girls 7-8 Brynn Kort, United States Boys 6 and Under Hudson Hatch, United States Girls 6 and Under Anna Huang, Canada


Boys 15-18 Amarin Kraivixien, Thailand Girls 15-18 Pauline Beatriz del Rosario, Philippines Boys 13-14 Derek Kim, United States Girls 13-14 Ya-Chun Chang, Taiwan Boys 11-12 Kyoutaro Kawabata, Japan Girls 11-12 Natasha Andrea Oon, Malaysia Boys 9-10 Tatsuki Nemoto, United States Girls 9-10 Annyka Chanel Cayabyab, Philippines Boys 7-8 Jay Leng, Jr, United States Girls 7-8 Leigh Chien, United States Boys 6 and Under Wiss Jittathorn, Thailand Girls 6 and Under Arianna Lau, Hong Kong


Boys 15-18 Gregory Gildea, Lakewood, WA Girls 15-18 Princess Superal, Dasmarinas, Cavite Boys 13-14 Sachin Kumar, Valsayn Girls 13-14 Alyaa Abdulghany, Newport Beach, CA Boys 11-12 Ye Wo Cheng, Dongguan Guangdong Girls 11-12 Samantha Marie Bruce, Makati City Boys 9-10 Alexander Yang, Newport coast, CA Girls 9-10 Sophia Ysabel Blanco, San Juan Boys 7-8 Justin Sui, Lake Orion, MI Girls 7-8 Alexa Pano, Lake Worth, FL Boys 6 Ratchanon Chantananuwat, Bangkok Girls 6 Pearpylin Chaisilprungruang, Pitsanuloke


Boys 15-18 Jonah Texeira, Los Angeles, CA Girls 15-18 Julienne Soo, Australia Boys 13-14 Yash Majmudar, Singapore Girls 13-14 Xiang Sui, China Boys 11-12 Ling Kun Kong, China Girls 11-12 Nicha Vorrasanpisut, Thailand Boys 9-10 Karl Vilips, Australia Girls 9-10 Francesca Bernice Olivarez, Philippines Boys 7-8 Jed Dy, Philippines Girls 7-8 Alexa Pano, Florida Boys 6 and Under Jay Leng Jr, San Diego, CA Girls 6 and Under Milana Chang, United States


Boys 15-18 Daniel Chian, Covina, CA Girls 15-18 Dottie Ardina, Philippines Boys 13-14 Ryan Ruffels, Australia Girls 13-14 Princess Superal, Philippines Boys 11-12 Puwit Anupansuebsai , Thailand Girls 11-12 Muni He, BC Boys 9-10 Wo Cheng Ye, China Girls 9-10 Tiffany Kong, Vancouver, BC Boys 7-8 Kota Murakami, Japan Girls 7-8 Luci Li, Redwood Shores, CA Boys 6 and under Ken Shibata, Tokyo Girls 6 and Under Alexa Pano, Florida


Boys 15-18 Todd Baek, San Diego Girls 15-18 Andrea Unson, Philippines Boys 13-14 Colton Estevez, Phoenix Girls 13-14 Princess Superal, Philippines Boys 11-12 Issei Tanabe, Huntington Beach Girls 11-12 Jia Yu Kong Boys 9-10 Wo Cheng Ye Girls 9-10 Cecelia DeMatteo Boys 7-8 Yuuki Moriyama, Japan Girls 7-8 Karah Sanford, Escondido Boys 6 and Under John Edward Dy, Taguig Girls 6 and Under Amari Avery, Anaheim

70-65-71: 206 73-72 69: 214 66-73: 139 72-70: 142 69-72: 141 68-72: 140 69-70: 139 56-56: 112 59-54: 113 66-65: 131 75-81: 156 71-66: 137


67-66-69: 202 71-68-73: 212 71-71: 142 68-66: 134 72-68: 140 73-70: 143 71-72: 143 34-37: 71 33-35: 68 37-33: 70 59-59: 118 53-56: 109


Boys 15-18 Allan Jun, Oceanside Girls 15-18 Moriya Jutanagarn, Thailand Boys 13-14 Danny Ochoa, Rancho Santa Fe Girls 13-14 Ariya Jutanugarn, Thailand Boys 11-12 Issei Tanabe, Huntington Beach Girls 11-12 Liu Daniela Uy, Philipines Boys 9-10 Tianlang Guan, China Girls 9-10 Andrea Lee, Hermosa Beach Boys 7-8 Gavin Noble, Georgia Girls 7-8 Nicole Abelar, Philippines Boys 6 and Under Eric Doyle, San Diego Girls 6 and Under Kate Villegas, Arcadia

Boys 15-18 Yuji Nakamura, Japan Girls 15-18 Whitney Hillier, Australia Boys 13-14 Junyoung Namkoong Girls 13-14 No Contest Girls 13-18 1st Year Boys 11-12 Nahum Mendoza, San Diego Girls 11-12 Lilia Vu, Fountain Valley Boys 9-10 Issei Tanabe, Huntington Beach Girls 9-10 Abegail Arevalo, Phillipines Boys 7-8 Ahmed Ali, San Diego Girls 7-8 Keeratriya Foocharoen Boys 6 and Under Brett Sodetz, Henderson, NV

67-70: 137 69-77: 146 63-69: 132 67-71: 138 66-67: 133 70-70: 140 66-71: 137 33-30: 63 34-32: 66 33-38: 71 58-61: 119 73-69: 142

75-68: 143 72-72: 144 72-70: 142 72-69: 141 69-68: 137 74-75: 149 68-73: 141 35-35: 70 36-34: 70 36-31: 67 55-59: 114 56-57: 113

71-68: 139 72-76: 148 69-70: 139 76-75: 151 74-71: 145 77-67: 144 71-68: 139 36-35: 71 36-36: 72 36-31: 67 55-58: 113 69-68: 137

71-74: 145 72-73: 145 68-73: 141 70-73: 143 73-70: 143 3-75: 148 72-69: 141 33-35: 68 33-37:70 36-33: 69 57-54: 111 68-67: 135

76-74: 150 70-75: 145 70-74: 144 71-73: 144 71-76: 147 73-73: 146 37-33: 70 35-36: 71 37-33: 70 116

68, 68, 69: 205 70, 74, 71: 215 68-67: 135 71-68: 139 67-67: 134 75-68: 143 71-67: 138 35-32: 67 34-34: 68 32-34: 66 53-55: 108 62-60: 122 33

CURRENT HAPPENINGS ON EACH TOUR FCG COLLEGIATE SERIES After a successful event in January in Las Vegas the Collegiate Series is on hold until our next event in June. Next Event: June 12-13th at Redhawk Golf Course will kick off our Summer Series. FCG has just announced the Inaugural FCG Collegiate National Championship will be played at Omni La Costa on August 3-5, 2021. ***Omni La Costa will also be the future home of the NCAA Division 1 Golf Championships. Read More >

FCG WORLD SERIES TOUR 2021 FCG World Series Rankings are Officially Underway. Click here to learn about this New Ranking System Results from FCG Texas Championship > Results from FCG Western States Cup > Upcoming Events > 5/22-23: FCG Arizona World Series 5/22.23: FCG Montana World Series 5/29-30: FCG Memorial Championship FCG NATIONAL TOUR The FCG National Tour is in full swing with 36-Hole weekend events available almost every weekend. Current Spring Series Points Leaders > Upcoming Events > ***The 2021 FCG Invitational at Omi La Costa on August 1-2 is Invite Only and the Top 40 Boys College Prep and Top 30 Girls College Prep points leaders after the June 5-6th National Tour Spring Championship will qualify to play.

FCG KBS ONE DAY SERIES One Event a Month for our Rising Junior Golf Stars played on Regulation Golf Courses Results from March 14th at St Mark Golf Club Upcoming Events >

FCG KIDS TOUR SERIES Updated Spring Rankings > Recent Results from March 13th at Reidy Creek Golf Course > Upcoming Events >


join us this summer! 8TH ANNUAL FCG CHALLENGE CUP Held June 19-20, 2021, Register Here

5TH ANNUAL FCG GLOBAL CUP Held July 13-15, 2021: Register Here

This is the second consecutive year this event will be held at the beautiful Arrowood GC. This event features the best 12-18 year old boys and girls in a 36-Hole stroke play competition with a limited field of players of the highest level. In order to play in the event players will need a scoring index of 8 and below or a tournament scoring average less than 80. Our Challenge Cup is a great way for local and international players to get in a little competition in before our next two biggest summer championships.

Enjoy the wonderful ocean views of Encinitas Ranch Golf Club while making loads of birdies! This course no offers great views but on a perfect day wonderful scoring opportunities for some of the worlds best juniors. In its short history winners of this event come from Taiwan, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Japan, Thailand and USA.

14TH ANNUAL FCG INTERNATIONAL*** Held July 5-9, 2021. Register Here The largest open junior event in the US! Annually over 600 players from over 30 countries competed in this major championship event. Past champions of this event have gone on to play in The Masters and win LPGA Tour major championships. This event also features our Par 3 contest being held on July 7th at Singing Hills Pine Glen. *** IMG Academy Junior World Qualifier

13TH ANNUAL FCG CALLAWAY WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP Held July 19-21, 2021. Apply to Play Here Sponsored by Callaway Golf providing great value for all participants with amazing Callaway Golf tee prizes and special prizes for winners. This event has grown to be one of the top events to play all summer! Ensuring the most competitive field all players must qualify or be invited via resume to participate. The competition at this event will not disappoint! Application deadline is May 15th.




FCGtour.com 36

PLAYER of the month APRIL 2021


William Walsh San Mateo, CA Class of 2023 Playing in his first FCG event of 2021, William shoots a first round -7 65 and found himself the overnight leader by one stroke. As he started the second round, he knew he needed to go low another day if he were to come out on top. Turning in a card of 66 was enough to give himself a 3-stroke victory. It also puts him T3 in the World Series Ranking Points. The exceptional play and consistency, earns him April’s FCG Boys Player of the Month.


Angela Heo Murrieta, CA Class of 2022 Angela’s first 2021 FCG event dominated the field in her opening round shooting a -7 64. Leading the field by 5-strokes going into the second round, she never looked back. Taking the championship by 10-strokes breaks her into a T3 in the FCG World Series Ranking Points. And with her dominant victory, she becomes April’s FCG Girls Player of the Month.


A New

Championship is Born! – And It’s Just for Our 12 and Under Players at the future home of the NCAA Division 1 Golf Championships – Omni La Costa Resort


THE ODYSSEY JUNIOR GOLF CHAMPIONSHIP The FCG Odyssey Junior Championship is the newest Invitational added to the FCG Annual Tournament Calendar and will be held at the beautiful Omni La Costa Resort.

Legends Course- Players and Caddies Walking Boys 11-12 (36-Holes) Girls 11-12 (36-Holes) Boys 9-10 (36-Holes)

This special event is just for our younger divisions (11-12, 9-10, and 7-8 Divisions)

Front 9 Only Legends Course- Players and Caddies Riding in Carts Girls 9-10 & Boys 8 and Under Yardage (1900-2100) Girls 8 and Under Yardages (1500-1700)

Custom Engraved Odyssey Putters for all Division Champions! WHO CAN PLAY? Invitations will be emailed to Top Finishers from the 2020 FCG National Championship, the 2020 FCG International Junior Golf Championship, the 2020 FCG Callaway World Junior Golf Championship. All other interested junior golfers can APPLY on the Website for an At Large Exemption





JANUARY Jan. 2-3: FCG National Championship Round 1: 69 Gracie Piar 2022, East Alton, IL Jan. 16-17: FCG National Tour Twin Oaks Round 1: 67: Brannon Fahrny 2021, Anaheim, CA Round 2 68: Winston Shen 2024, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA Round 2 68: Philippe Yturralde 2022, La Mesa, CA Round 1 68: Ian Paterson 2021, San Marcos, CA FEBRUARY Feb. 6-7: FCG National Tour Redhawk GC Round 1 68: Ina Yoon Murrieta, ca 2022 Round 2 69: Elise Lee 2024, Irvine, CA Round 1 69: Max Margolis 2025, Rancho Mirage, CA Round 2 68: Ryan ‘OT’ Sefrioui 2024, Scottsdale, AZ Feb. 13-15: FCG Western States Cup Round 2 68: Julian Monas 2023, Cameron Park, CA Round 2 69: Nathan Sampson 2023, Temecula, CA Round 3 69: Steven Deutsch 2021, Chula Vista, CA Feb. 27-28: FCG Texas Championship Round 1 64: Matthew Kress 2021, Saratoga, CA MARCH March 6-7: FCG National Tour at Arrowood GC Round 1 66: Katie Ha 2024, Los Angeles, CA Round 1 68: Kexin Guan 2023, Irvine, CA Round 2 69: Dylan Zhang 2022, Hong Kong Round 1 69: Trenton Stuart 2026, Folsom, CA Round 2 67: Trenton Stuart 2026, Folsom, CA Round 1 67: Ryan ‘OT’ Sefrioui 2024, Scottsdale, AZ March 20-21: FCG National Tour at Temecula Creek Inn Round 2 66: Steven Deutsch 2021, Chula Vista, CA


APRIL April 3-4: FCG Las Vegas Week 1 at Primm Valley GC Round 2 67: Amelie Zalsman 2027, Redlands, CA Round 1 68: Jordan Giles 2027, Talent, OR Round 2 69: Brayden Jones 2027, Seal Beach, CA Round 1 68: Dev Malik 2029, San Jose, CA (p) Round 2 69: Eric Chavez 2028, Ladera Ranch, CA Round 2 67: Amelie Zalsman 2027, Redlands, CA Round 1 65: Zoe Wynn 2025, Irvine, CA Round 2 67: Zoe Wynn 2025, Irvine, CA Round 1 69: Brynn Kort 2025, Kingman, AZ Round 2 68: Brynn Kort 2025, Kingman, AZ Round 2 67: Natalie Yen 2025, West Linn, OR Round 2 68: Haram Lee 2026, Henderson, NV April 10-11: FCG Las Vegas Week 2 at Primm Valley GC Round 1 64: Angela Heo Murrieta, CA 2022 Round 1 69: Mizara Norton 2024, Las Vegas, NV Round 1 65: William Walsh 2023, San Mateo, CA Round 2 66: William Walsh 2023, San Mateo, CA Round 1 68: Ian Fritz 2022, Las Vegas, NV Round 2 66: Ian Fritz 2022, Las Vegas, NV Round 1 67: Timothy Cavarno 2021, Redlands, CA Round 2 69: Timothy Cavarno 2021, Redlands, CA Round 2 67: Nathan Sampson 2023, Temecula, CA Round 1 67: Curtis Da silva 2023, Monterey, CA Round 2 68: Justus Verge 2022, Bozeman, MT Round 1 69: Matthew Diehl 2024, Redlands, CA Round 2 69: Matthew Diehl 2024, Redlands, CA Round 2 69: Mason Snyder 2023, Las Vegas, NV Round 1 66: Jason Bannister 2021, Laguna Niguel, CA Round 2 66: Grady Millar 2025, Vancouver, WA Round 2 68: Christian Chai 2021, La Palma, CA Round 2 69: Taewoo Yu Murrieta, CA 2022 Round 2 68: Joseph Sotelo 2022, Rancho cucamonga, CA Round 1 69: Ryan Plodkowski 2022, San Diego, CA Round 2 68: Julian Monas 2023, Cameron Park, CA

Round Round Round Round Round Round Round Round Round Round Round Round Round Round Round Round Round Round Round Round Round Round Round Round

2 67: Brandon Knight 2023, Pleasanton, CA 2 67: Jack Yurosek 2022, Coto de Caza, CA 2 66: James Jay Gould-healy 2022, Carmel, CA 2 68: Colton Cherry 2022, Las Vegas, NV 1 69: Philippe Yturralde 2022, La Mesa, CA 1 67: Jonathan Scott 2022, Salem, OR 2 69: Tanner Stewart 2021, Hermosa Beach, CA 1 67: Trenton Stuart 2026, Folsom, CA 2 64: Trenton Stuart 2026, Folsom, CA 1 63: Ethan Lien 2025, Cupertino, CA 2 65: Andrew Rodriguez 2026, San Pedro, CA 2 66: Joshua Kim 2025, Danville, CA 2 66: Jojo Gutierrez 2026, Whittier, CA 2 67: Ben Friedman 2025, Mill valley, CA 2 67: Luke Ringkamp 2025, Palm desert, CA 2 66: Carson Krauss 2026, Grants Pass, OR 2 69: Beau Sahr 2025, Eagle, ID 1 68: Daniel Chazen 2026, San Diego, CA 2 67: Gerad Lee 2025, California 2 69: Ryan ‘OT’ Sefrioui 2024, Scottsdale, AZ 1 69: Hudson Vedder 2025, Laguna Niguel, CA 2 67: Austin Woods 2025, Indian Wells, CA 1 69: Nicholas Davis 2025, Laguna Niguel, CA 2 69: Anderson Lee 2026, Henderson, NV

April 17-18: FCG National Tour Palm Springs Open Round 1 68: Kexin Guan 2023, Irvine, CA Round 1 69: Lauren Pierce 2024, Granite Bay, CA April 24-25: FCG National Tour at Encinitas Ranch GC Round 1 69: Brynn Kort 2025, Kingman, AZ Round 2 68: Katie Ha 2024, Los Angeles, CA Round 1 69: Jade Zamora 2022, San Clemente, CA Round 2 69: Kiana Glossner 2023, San Diego, CA Round 1 66: Matthew Kress 2021, Saratoga, CA Round 2 67: Matthew Kress 2021, Saratoga, CA Round 1 68: Justus Verge 2022, Bozeman, MT Round 2 67: Justus Verge 2022, Bozeman, MT Round 2 69: Sihwan Lee 2022, Irvine, CA Round 2 69: Jordan Verge 2022, Bozeman, MT Round 1 67: Chip Deegan 2022, Newport Beach, CA Round 1 69: Brian Hanson 2022, San Diego, CA Round 1 69: Willis Panzarello 2021, Palm Desert, CA Round 2 67: Koa Baur 2025, Temecula, CA Round 2 69: Zoe Salinas 2027, San Diego, CA rounds




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UPCOMING COLLEGIATE SERIES TOURNAMENTS: June 12-13, 2021 FCG Collegiate Series Summer Kick Off at Redhawk Golf Club // Temecula, CA June 29-July 1, 2021 FCG Collegiate Summer Series at Twin Oaks // San Marcos, CA July 24-26, 2021 FCG Collegiate Summer Series at Arrowood GC // Oceanside, CA August 3-5, 2021 FCG Collegiate Series National Championship at Omni La Costa // Carlsbad, CA The FCG Collegiate Series allow junior and college players to compete on an elite level in a competitive atmosphere. We are excited to give our college players the same great experience they have come to love from our National Tour and World Series events. All players receive a dozen Callaway Golf balls and more! Open to all amateur players ages 15-23. Top 2 finishers in boys & girls junior finishers will qualify for 2021 FCG Callaway World Championship!