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May-June 2019

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Replace despeRation with Right decisions! Currently, businesses are facing desperation for payments and demand. People are frantically looking for way outs from the mounting pressure. Be it a furniture maker, turnkey contractor, OEM or a retailer in the furniture segment, barring some of the organised and large OEMs with deep pockets, majority of businesses are fighting with liquidity and demand uncertainty. Material suppliers and small-sized players in the segment are badly impacted. I can see two contrasting scenes in different segments of the industry. On one side, the large players are exploring options to add new furniture processing lines that are fully automated, laced with high speed and precision. On the other side, small players are shutting down factories especially those catering to the commercial furniture segment. The entire working in commercial furniture OEM segment has become very competitive leaving very small room for small players operating on a low scale, less capital and little margins. In residential furniture domain, manufacturers are busy in business without much growth in their sales numbers, instead, more occupied in fighting competition from many sides. The reality is, future belongs to either large-sized players with the capacity to retain design uniqueness, brand recall, capacity to move with the tide, along with strong national presence, or it is the regional furniture makers who will rule, especially those that depend on the local market for supply, service and customisation. One can not walk on both the ropes together. These ropes are far apart and not aligned on the same level. Presently, stakeholders in the Indian furniture industry are largely preparing themselves to find new directions amidst bold reforms taken up by Modi Government which somewhere


May-June 2019

indicate a brighter time for big and branded ones. The focused players in furniture are certainly going to grow faster if they stick to continuous upgradation in technology, design and organised working, of course, when coupled with the right sales plan. The team of Furniture Design & Technology (FDT) have been busy for the past few months in various exhibitions across the world. This issue has covered some special designs from Milan Design Week, Interzum and some relevant content from Ligna. For more, check out the issue. Keep reading Furniture Design & Technology!

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IN SALONE DEL MOBILE.MILANO Salone del Mobile.Milano is an international landmark for the furnishing and design sector. The event, which takes place in Milan every year, showcases the latest innovations in designing products and decorative and technical furnishing solutions. For the last 4 years, Ms Vertica Dvivedi and Ms Madhurima Chowdhury have not missed visiting the event even once. While at the event, they have been diligently covering the best of the furniture designs from across the world. It is a tedious task, but they enjoy doing it. This time, they have gone a step ahead and picked up some special furniture designs for FDT. You would surely love the designs! To make our further editions more engaging, we welcome brands & companies from India to share about their designs, innovation and technologies at




Dvivedi May-June 2019





Windhoek 12

May-June 2019


Outdoor Filled With Passion


Poufs and cushions done in neutral hues and the symbol of the passion flower characterise this range. The fabrics used are jacquard fabrics Wollemi and Weda in vital colours like violet and green. The prints of the flower and the multi stripes pose a perfect balance with each other giving out all the forest-esque feels!

May-June 2019



Back Side

CYRYL ZAKRZEWSKI Cyryl Zakrzewski is a Polish sculptor and designer. “The space we exist in is defined by physical shapes; they constantly influence our emotions, mood and behaviour,”he explains, “My aim is to create inspiring objects that offer a connection with nature by organic aesthetics.”


May-June 2019


Sitting with Poise Dune chair is a polish design inspired by sand dunes, gentle arches and the impression of movement caused by pouring sand. The design captures an occurrence that is a beautiful analogy to the phenomenon of time (the shape of hourglass is referenced in the overall design).

Designer Cyryl Zakrzewski Materials: Birch plywood or PanguanetaÂŽ poplar plywood, Finish: Lacquer/oil Dimensions H: 900mm l: 600mm W: 500mm H: 35,4in L: 23.6in W: 19,6in

May-June 2019




May-June 2019


Designer Plywood Parametric Furniture

Postmodernism in Architecture Russian designer Oleg Soroko transports us in a parallel and fluid dimension through his works – a fictitious world where nature is deeply understood and rewritten through processes of distortion, erosions and adaptation of ergonomic parameters. Identifying a strikingly distinctive style, the parametric furniture of After Form has been integrated in interior office projects as well as exterior public spaces. The creation is the result of Parametric technology, which allows to generate a self-organizing system, that is, to open the essence of the universe as an infinite variety of possible self-organising systems. Dimensions: L - 4460 mm W - 1200 mm H - 1210 mm. Materials: Birch Plywood/Metal Rods/Osmo oil 9

May-June 2019



FELDER oFFERs cutting-EDgE tEchnoLogiEs

FoR wooDwoRking machinEs

Pcs® | PREvEntivE contact systEm: With this solution serious accidents on the panel saw are now a things of the past as it a revolutionary innovation in safety equipment for sliding table panel saws, offering advantages which include:

With pioneering machine concepts and high-quality products, the family-owned Felder KG has become one of the world’s leading mechanical engineering and technology companies in the wood and composite processing industry. They introduced a number of cutting-edge technologies for wood working machines and processes at LIGNA 2019. In line to their offerings following are the innovations that attracted many at the exhibition.


May-June 2019

PREvEnt acciDEnts at thE sPEED oF Light: When the risk of an accident is detected, PCS® triggers the lowering of the saw blade under the saw table at the speed of light. The functionality, based on the electro-magnetic law of repulsion, allows for an extremely short response time of a few milliseconds.

suRvEiLLancE oF DangER zonE with aPPRoach DEtEction: Upon detection of an unexpected, fast approach within the saw blade area, PCS® triggers the safety mechanism, lowering the blade. The safety environment surrounds the saw blade and protects against access from all directions.


Absolutely dAmAge free, immediAtely reAdy for use: The PCS® safety lowering mechanism works damage free and at no extra cost. The sliding table panel saw is immediately ready to use again at the push of a button. PCS® works without consumable parts and therefore completely adjustment

and maintenance free. The patentpending Safety Innovation PCS® is available as an option with the Format-4 kappa 550 sliding table panel saw and supplements the existing standard protective equipment.

gluebox - Pur edge bAnding: It is a revolutionary, easy, clean and economically highly profitable edgebander which makes the processing of PUR glue easier and more effortless than ever before. Being heat and water resistance, a very small glue joint as well as reduced glue consumption allow – all advantages of the PUR-glue which can be used uncompromisingly with the glueBox. The PUR drawbacks such as complicated processing, dirty and hardened glue pots, annoying cleaning as well as the complex storage are a thing of the past with glueBox. The glueBox attaches a thin PUR tape between the edge and the work piece and fuses the two components together almost invisibly. Through heat activation of the glue perfect adhesion is achieved.

In an actual user comparison, the glueBox reaches cost savings of almost 70% compared to conventional granulate (assuming a consumption of 50 linear metres per day on 20 days in a

year). Both adhesive and cleaning costs were taken into account. The adhesive rolls are also available in different running metre lengths and can be changed flexibly at any time.

zero joint when processing co-extruded edge and laser edge material. The

aggregate is controlled by the work piece and can be activated and deactivated directly from the control unit. Especially in the high gloss field, the advantEdge offers a homogeneous look of the work pieces with the panel and edge material. On edges of different colours, edges matched in colour to the material ensure an optical zero-joint. Because of the elimination of the time-consuming change of adhesive, the operator benefits from considerably reduced set-up times.

AdvAntedge: The patented advantEdge aggregate from Format-4 enables the optical

May-June 2019



The launching of innovaTive

hardware/fiTTing soluTions aT inTerzum 2019 indicaTes furTher growTh of furniTure indusTry

The world’s leading trade fair for furniture production and interior design, Interzum held in Cologne, Germany from May 21-24, 2019 for four days serving as a source of inspiration for the design of future living spaces and presented the technical, haptic and visual refinements with which tomorrow’s furniture to set new standards. A large number of inspiring presentations by companies contributed to this demonstrating 360-degree visions that how we will live in the future. Furniture Design & Technology (FDT), who was present there for all four days brings you latest innovations which will be trend in coming days and leaded the industry to achieve a new height. May-June 2019



Grass offers

moderN, fresher aNd youNGer solutioNs GRASS once again launched various new products at the interzum 2019, including a movement mechanism that unlocks completely new possibilities in terms of furniture design. unlocks completely new possibilities for overhead wall cabinets. Whether in the kitchen, bathroom or living room – particularly wide, rather than tall storage solutions with lift-up flaps are currently undergoing a renaissance. With Kinvaro T-Slim the GRASS engineers have managed to reduce the complex mechanism of a lift-up fitting down to an overall size of 12 millimetres, which means that it can be inset into the furniture and “disappears” completely. This reduction in size provides furniture designers with completely new possibilities. Anything is possible from a minimum side wall thickness of 16 millimetres upwards. NovA PRo

Nova Pro: Perfectly syNchroNised with full exteNsioN ruNNers A new version has been added to the Nova Pro range of runner systems, which combines high-tech with exceptional design. The new, synchronised full extending drawer runners extend even further and are therefore even more comfortable to use and make life even easier; they are the perfect solution for waste sorting systems, for example. When the drawer is opened and closed, it glides as quietly and gently on the new synchronised runners as if it were floating. With a load capacity of 50 kilograms, the full extending drawer is exceptionally robust, which makes the system a safe everyday companion, especially for waste sorting systems in the kitchen.

KiNvaro t-slim : a New dimeNsioN of iNvisibility The new flap lift mechanism makes the dream of invisible fittings come true – and therefore provide furniture designers all over the world with inspiration. Kinvaro T-Slim blends into the furniture almost invisibly, and

Wood can just as easily be used as MDF, and Kinvaro T-Slim’s effect on the furniture’s aesthetics really comes into its own on glass front flaps with aluminium frames. The fitting becomes one with the furniture and part of the design. Besides the obvious aesthetic bonus, this reduction in size offers another advantage: the flap lift-up mechanism takes up very little room; the available storage space can therefore be used to its full potential.

KiNvARo T-SliM


May-June 2019


Fire break outs in wood

panel and furniture industry

a big challenge

incidents of fire have been increasing at home, hotels, offices, manufacturing establishments etc, due to which the fire protection has now become one of the major priorities of human being. the incidents of fire are also noticed in the furniture units, plywood factories, wood based panel industries and wooden warehouses. increasing fire breaks out cases have been emerging the biggest threats to entire wood panel sector. due to fire, wood panel industries are facing loss of crores of rupees per year. 66

May-June 2019


Summer season means the most fire incidents Summer season acts like enemy in the incidents of fire in India. Hotels, Institutes, Factories and workplaces like wood-based panel manufacturing units, wood processing plants such as veneer, particle board, plywood, wooden furniture making establishment, etc. are the places where most recent incidents of fire are occurring these days, because all three compulsory elements or contents i.e. heat, fuel and oxygen required for fire at these sites are present in adequate quantities. During the manufacturing process in a plant, machines gets huge friction, automation, and tools & equipments generate heat in large. Apart from this, due to the strong sunlight in summer, the amount of heat increases in large quantity naturally in the atmosphere. RAW materials used in making products and flammable dust arising from various types of chemicals during manufacturing process lead to act as fuel. The third important element in the fire is- oxygen, which should be at least 11 percent, but in all normal

environments including those sites, approximately 21 percent of oxygen is commonly present. In all these circumstances, a small spark also takes a strange form of fire, which has many frightening consequences. Although there is no any link to fire incidents with any time or season. Whatever may be caused to the fire, this flurry of fire arises when there is optimum environment. But due to the presence of more heat already in the atmosphere, the fire spreads and flows in hot weather very quickly and rapidly. Often the heat starts increasing in India every year from April. April to July, there is more heat in the atmosphere than usual. Therefore, the most horrific events of the fire come out in this season. In recent times, there have been many reports of fire broke out cases in wood panels, plywood, Particle Boards, furniture and all kinds of wood based industries and establishments across the country. From April 25, to May 10 that in a period of a fortnight, more than a dozen big cases of fire broke out have been reported across the country, which is related to wood based industries and establishments including plywood and furniture manufacturing units.

The manufacturing process is quite complex in furniture and wood processing plants than other industries. The characteristics natural wood contains and works as the best conductor for fire and heat. In such a situation, the presence of wood in the form of high fire load on these sites leads to a rapidly formidable form of fire and in the moment it results in big losses of goods and property.

Recent big incidents of fire in the Wood Panel Industry in India The major incidents of fire in plywood and all wood based industries during the above said period are linked to almost every region in the country. In the above period alone, more than dozen of Plywood factories suffered losses of crores of rupees due to the fire in Punjab and Haryana, including the biggest plywood hub of the country, Yamunanagar. On April 25, a huge fire broke out in the Saraswati Ply Board Factory located at Jagadhri-Chaneta Road in Yamunanagar. Raw materials worth lacs of rupees were burnt. More the 11 fire tenders of fire brigade managed to control the fire after their hard efforts. Similarly, on May 8, the incident happened in the SS Wood Craft Factory located at Khajuri road of Yamunanagar. Fire brigade team hardy managed to control the fire after 5 hours, but till then the raw and finished

May-June 2019


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