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Early life He was born on the eighteenth of May, 1920 in Wadowice. His real name was Karol Wojtyła. His mother died when he was only eight. When he was a boy, he loved playing football.

University years

He finished secondary school in 1938 and then he studied at Jagiellonian University.

When he was a priest, he loved spending time with young people.

And they loved him!!!

Pope John Paul II.


On the sixteenth of October 1978 he became a Pope. People in Poland were really happy.


As a Pope he travelled all over the world. He met with people, talked to them and laughed with them. .

Our friend He loved spending time with children and young people from different countries!!

He wrote a lot of books! You should read at least one of them!

The last day‌

He died on the second of April 2005 at 9.37 p.m.

The funeral

The funeral was on the eighth of April 2005. Thousand s of people came to be with the Pope on that day.

We will always remember him‌ John Paul II

Pupils from Prusinowice, Poland

Pope John Paul II  
Pope John Paul II  

Pope John Paul II