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End-users experiences

Expert Panel: Policy recommendations

Learning in Kent The Regions have built a strong learning network with ongoing exchange of good practice: Integration of health and social care Everybody working on integration Telecare -Telehealth Monitoring centres Scotland , Italy/Friuli, Seville Integrated Shared Care Records Seville, Barcelona , Canterbury NZ Innovation Labs and Digital Health Institute : Belgium , Denmark ,Scotland: Community Stakeholder Engagement Self Management: Ghent , Scotland , Netherlands , Sweden

Kent Kent one of 14 UK Integration Pioneers CASA learning integrated in Pioneer Programme Established an Innovation Hub and Innovation Lab Allows a freedom for innovation to flourish and find radical solutions to meet the citizen's needs of the future

The Kent Innovation Pioneer Hub and Lab links with the private sector and academia, as well as health, social care and the voluntary sector ongoing exchange with Denmark and Scotland

Assistive technology monitoring centre established Procurement for integrated NHS and social care model

Shared Care Records : West Kent Clinical Commissioning Group and KCC implementing a model informed by CASA learning , roll out throughout Kent to follow. Quality of Care through technology , design and culture: Kent is launching an integrated accommodation strategy , learning from Ghent incorporated. Self Management through technology incorporated in Integration Pioneer Community Capacity Building programme with the voluntary and private sector.

Policy recommendations • Learning network will continue to exchange good practice examples : Innovation Hub and Labs • @kentpioneers #kenthub • Increased ongoing work with other EU networks ENGAGED / Active Healthy Ageing / CORAL • Kent to take lead in connecting Integration Pioneers with EU networks • CASA good practices implemented to become Kent policy • Increased use of Assistive and other Technologies to support integration

Mrs. Anne Tidmarsh

Mr. Richard Curry

Kent County Council


Mr. Ronald De Buck

Mr. Carlos Ra煤l de Pablos P茅rez

WZC Weverbos

Junta de Castilla y Le贸n

Mr. Pablo G贸mez

Mr. Kastytis Gecas

President of SIVI Cluster

Lithuanian Innovation Centre

Transfer Methods: CASA

Transfer Knowledge Conference in Wielkopolska

FIRST STEP Choosing the good practices to focus on: Innovative solutions in the field of hospital and wards architecture

Electronic Prescription

„Small innovations�

Telecare Center

The practices were chosen during the CASA study visit and secondments.

SECOND STEP Presenting the good practices to the audience - presentations and speeches has been given both by CASA secondments hosts and the secondees.

Wielkopolska secondment in Veneto was focused on the work of the telecare center and combining together the health and social care.

Wielkopolska secondment in Flanders was focused on the new solutions in the field of hospital and wards architecture, as well as the use of ICT in the nursing homes and wards.

THIRD STEP 4 workshops organized Innovative solutions in the field of hospital and wards architecture

Electronic Prescription

„Small innovations”

Telecare Center

Group A

Group B

Group C

Group D

THE WORKSHOPS Every workshop had 4 panelists – 3 experts from Poland and 1 external expert, a guest from the CASA project. Also, every workshop group had its own moderator, who stimulated the discussion.

Group A

Group B

Group C

Group D

• moderator • 3 internal panelists • 1 external panelist • group members

• moderator • 3 internal panelists • 1 external panelist • group members

• moderator • 3 internal panelists • 1 external panelist • group members

• moderator • 3 internal panelists • 1 external panelist • group members

Conclusions and recomendations developed during the workshops were used to create the Transfer Knowledge Conference Report, that was later sent to all participants and is a base to create the CASA final implementation plan.

THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION Aleksandra Kowalska Director of the Regional Centre of Social Policy in Poznan WIELKOPOLSKA

CASA Regional Project Coordinator: Monika Zembrzycka e-mail: monika.zembrzycka@rops.poznan.pl telefon: +48 61 8567334.

Transfer methods Kent County Council learning from Scotland and Flanders

Scotland Developing an Integrated Digital Strategy - Telecare Telehealth Monitoring Centre to be tendered - Digital Health Institute informing Innovation Lab - Rapid installation telecare after hospital discharge - Community Capacity Building Programme informed by the Live it Well programme in Scotland Flanders iMinds : University Centre for Integrated Care - Living Lab inspired Folkestone’s Innovation Lab - Weverbos Care Home : inspired a conference with care sector and informing Quality in Care approach in Kent

• Different funding streams for health and social care – Better Care Fund pooled budgets • Integrated Care Records : still further work to do on information sharing / governance • Kent complex governance : Health and Wellbeing Board may overcome this • Integration Pioneer and learning from EU partners will help to find solutions to barriers

Transfer methods Friuli-Venezia Giulia learning from Kent County Council

- Formal framwork for regional network (FVG cluster FVGas@lab) - Existing regional policies and laws supporting the innovation (FVG regional law on innovation with a specific article on welfare) - Knowledge and expertise through past pilots and projects - Different profiles of local actors working on the topic of AAL/ICT, ageing and indipendent living - Different funding instruments

- Weakness of the regional governance - No regional strategic plan or guidelines for the cluster - Weak integrated planning - Local actors as competitors - Weak participation of the private sector (bureacracy issue for SME) - Weak business-oriented vision

Transfer methods Region of Southern Denmark learning from Scotland

co-creation of sustainable economic growth through new products, services and systems developed together with businesses, academics, healthcare specialists and citizens

difficult for any company and especially SMEs to enter the market and be able to test their services and products in real life scenarios

Transfer methods Andalusia learning from Scotland

• Cooperation

• Researching and working on innovation

• Volunteer system

• Cooperation between public administration and universities. • Innovation in the local industry and knowledge sharing mistrust

• Budget constraints innovation on health and social care budgets

Transfer methods Province Noord-Brabant learning from Catalonia and Scotland

Transfer Methods: INNOVAge

CASA & Innovage Transfer methods By Kathy Vuillaume

Brussels, 7th October 2014

CASA Transfer methods Regional Implementation Plans

Local Dissemination Events

Secondments Knowledge Transfer Conferences Study visits SWOT analysis

Secondments in practice.. Not 1 but often 2 scouts..

..followed by the Cavalry.. Up to 15 secondees..

Innovage Transfer Methods Regional Implementation Plans

Transfering GP

• 9 Pilot actions in ‘Learning’ group


• Mentoring by mentors • 2 Interregional training sessions


• Study Tours • Thematic workshops

Analysis & Benchmarking

• Good Practice Catalogue • Cross SWOT analysis


Study Visits


Analysis and Benchmarking

Pilot actions

Policy influencing

Thank you for your attention kathyvuillaume@epmconsultancy.eu Brussels, 7th October 2014

INNOVAge: 3 pilot actions awarded

H.E. Paola Giorgi Marche Region

Mrs. Emma Fernández SIVI cluster

Mrs. Aleksandra Gradišek The Development Centre of the Heart of Slovenia

Profile for Fundación INTRAS

Transfer Methods  

Innovage workshop: Creating unity out of diversity: sustaining lessons learnt in active ageing (Brussels, Belgium, 7th November 2014)

Transfer Methods  

Innovage workshop: Creating unity out of diversity: sustaining lessons learnt in active ageing (Brussels, Belgium, 7th November 2014)