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Return on experience with the SEHTA inception: South East of England Context and objectives at set-up


 Date of creation: 2005  Scope: health industry in south

 Context. The regional development agency needed to engage with one of its key sectors responsible for economic growth, the health sector. It attempted to do this by creating an arms-length not for profit company to provide an interface with the industry. The company SEHTA offered free membership of a network and provided intelligence on industry needs back to SEEDA who then responded by providing political and financial support for programmes dedicated to creating sustainable businesses.

east England, especially SMEs  Founders: regional development agency, SEEDA  Objectives understand and meet the needs of the health industry in South East England What went well ?

 Objectives : create large ecclectic network membership, What could have beenuniderstand improved needs of SMEs, source resources and political support to meet those needs

Creation of network Support programmes Sourcing other funding in support of aims e.g. EU Flexibility in Team structure; small, agile core Team supported by domain experts

 Planning for future sustainability  More freedom to collaborate with other regional networks

Expanded remit to include care Focus on assisted living in line with policy Created ICE-T Feb 2010 Helped bring 4 products to market. 1

Sehta presentation rgc addns  

Innovage training sessions: Effective public policies to stimulate innovation (Sofia, Bulgaria, 20th November 2013)

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