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SEHTA Cluster ICE-T as an example of GP Dr. Richard Curry, E-Health Development Director Joanne Jenkins, Project Manager Sofia, November 2013

Cluster Development CR&D weaknesses • Time to market too long for SMEs • •

Technology driven Wide topic range

Alternative strategic approach • •

priority areas for care over the next decade user centric and SME centric view (near market)

Methodology • Develop themes • Involve domain experts • Hold interactive workshops • Write specification & call for proposals • Fund, support & monitor projects

The Role of ICE-T • identify and develop sustainable new business opportunities • understand and articulate user and provider need • promote collaboration and bring together appropriate consortia • provide support and seed funding • provide academic evaluation, technical monitoring and business planning support • introduce new care products and services to a wider audience and to act as a route to market

Preliminary Outcomes 7 projects funded: • 3 available on the market • 1 used in patient centric care in expanding care home group • 1 in further commercial development • 2 requiring further technical development

Summary • It engages the stakeholders/member of the cluster • It is focused on an outcome (in this case products to market but it could be rapid policy development) • It is quick • It is efficient (in that it leverages other funds) • It increases the level of cluster activity

Sehta ice t as gp  

Innovage training sessions: Effective public policies to stimulate innovation (Sofia, Bulgaria, 20th November 2013)

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