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Benefits/ risks

Social society

+  to have the right express the needs of the patients, the voice of the patients  To participate to the design of new solutions and treatment  Awareness of general public  To influence the policy makers, the industry and the reseach in a way that fit the patient’s needs

Competitiviness with other associations in the cluster Loose time and money Use the patients for gaining credibility and funds Disapointment of patients with high expectations for new treatments


What can you bring ?

What can you receive ?

 Knowledge and know how about the illness and treatments , their habits in taking/following treatment

 Custume made treatment

 The willingness to test new solutions

 A better knowledge of innovative therapeutic solutions

 Globally, their acceptability both in a therapeutic or economic points of view

Decision making

What is your proposed mission statement definition in a few words from your stakeholder point of view ? 1 2 3

 Better quality of life for asthma patients  Cost effective innovative treatment

Questions about social society  

Innovage training sessions: Effective public policies to stimulate innovation (Sofia, Bulgaria, 20th November 2013)

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