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Execution Competency model

Pre-requisite Know what are the objectives of the cluster  R&D project  Marketing  International branding Depends on the size of the cluster  Local/ transnational  Degree of specialization

2 phases requires 2 different profiles Initiating = set up a cluster

Running a cluster

Cluster manager Competency model Theme

Development theme

Convincing people Creativity Persistent Risk taking

Skills for initiating

Visionary Innovator’s mindset Social skills people Soft skills Leadership

Cluster manager Competency model Theme

Development theme

Project management Economy & Marketing/ PR skills Management skills Mediation/ diplomatic skills Skills for running

Role model in terms of code of conducts between members Representing role Balanced behavior Compromising Trust & respect

Output competencies model  

Innovage training sessions: Effective public policies to stimulate innovation (Sofia, Bulgaria, 20th November 2013)

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