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Mechanism for Enhancement of Sinergy and Sustainability among Enterprises - MESSE

MESSE project The project seeks to improve the effectiveness of regional development policies and to support the establishment of new synergies between social entrepreneurship, companies and local public authorities in Europe. Core issues of the MESSE project: • promoting social entrepreneurship trough improvement the skills and knowledge of national policy makers for supporting and promoting SE; • improving the growth potential of SMEs and meet the needs of local communities by testing of new approaches and cooperation between sectors. • strengthening the dialogue between the stakeholders with aim to find out which regulations and measures enhance this sector; • to allow policy makers to know the most relevant aspects of the legal Framework and public policies developed in this sector by each participating country;

MESSE project is very important for several reasons... • To improve the effectiveness of regional development policies for the economic and qualitative growth of the SE in Europe. • 2012 - the International Year of Cooperatives of UN • as a “reminder that is possible to pursue both economic viability and social responsibility” • The MESSE project has been elaborated taking into account not only international and European measures, but also national and regional ones, for a smart, sustainable and inclusive growth, which is considered as a priority by the Europe 2020 Agenda.

Veneto Region (Italy) – LP Decentralized Administration of Attica (Greece); Regional Ministry for Health and Social Welfare (Andalusia, Spain); Romanian Ministry of Labor and Social Protection, (Romania); Pannon Network Business Association (Hungary); Sweden East Region (Sweeden); Adult Education Centre of Hannover (Germany); Community action Hampshire (United Kingdom) Sofia Municipality (Bulgaria)

MESSE project goal The project seeks to improve the effectiveness of regional development policies for economic growth and quality of social entrepreneurs in Europe

Main project tasks • Interregional research about the SE • Selection of transferable “good practices” • Study visits and Local Focus Groups • On-line MESSE Net

MESSE expected results • Improvement of 9 regional development policies for economic and qualitative growth of SE; • 9 bilateral transfers - increased capacity of staff members - staff will have the capacity to provide interregional mentoring services. • The MESSE Net Platform & Visual materials

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Contact: Mariya Goncheva, EU Programmes and projects Directorate ; e-mail: @FB Mariya Goncheva @skype: mgoncheva

Mechanism for enhancement of sinergy and sustainability among enterprises messe project  

Innovage workshop: Effective public policies to stimulate innovation (Sofia, Bulgaria, 20th November 2013)

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