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2nd INNOVAge Interregional Training Session Inter Cluster Collaboration Case 2 Medicalps

Inter Cluster Collaboration MEDICALPS 6 International cooperation agreements with European and North American clusters 2006

BioAlps (Western Switzerland) BIPCA Silvano Fumero (Piedmont, Italy)


Campus des Technologies de la SantĂŠ, Montreal (Quebec/Canada)


Alps Bio Cluster, Alpine Space ( CH,IT,D, A, Fr)


Mass Medic Mass Technology Collaborative, Boston ( Mass USA)

Inter Cluster Collaboration A share of experience ‌ 1. A long term and on going process 2. Need to be initiated ASAP 3. The close proximity should be privileged at once e.g. trans border cooperation : Alps Bio Cluster (critical size of actors/mutualised means) 4. Sharing strong common identity is helpful: geography, culture, history, language e.g our cooperation with CTS in Quebec

Inter Cluster Collaboration Why is it So Important? Sometimes companies don’t realize how much a cluster can offer: •

They are more focused on day to day management and it’s hard to attend events or to provide information;

But once they are more involved they see the benefit:

• •

Sleep Innov in Quebec: getting the mark “ Santé Canada”faster It appears that sometimes the shortest way from Grenoble to Grenoble can be Montreal : Technidata and Dom Plus

Inter Cluster Collaboration Benefit of Inter-Cluster Collaboration for the companies 1. Learn and share best practices from/with local stakeholders 2. Identify good business contacts and partners, (companies, regulatory, experts, KOL‌) 3. Understand local ecosystems and culture to improve companies’ penetration of foreign markets

Intercluster Collaboration Medic@lps  

Innovage training session: Business models, Intercluster collaboration and Cluster labelling (Vilnius, Lithuania, 26th-27th February 2014)

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