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Agenda Day 2: Cluster Management: Tool box 09:00-09:15 Setting the Scene 09:15-10:15 Presentation Clusterland Upper Austria Ldt. (example Automotive Cluster) 10:15-10:45 Coffee Break 10:45-12:15 Transfer of a Network into other Clusters and Networks and building up an ITC-Cluster 12:15-13:30 Lunch 13:30-14:30 Methodology to run an excellent cluster 14:30-15:30 Financing of cluster organizations 15:30-16:00 Coffee Break 16:00-16:30 Group work: How to measure success of Cluster organizations 16:30-17:00 Presentation of Group work results and discussion 17:00-17:30 How to measure success of Cluster organizations: conclusions and wrap-up

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Clusterland Upper Austria Example: Automotive Cluster Nina Kainz Automotive Cluster

Clusters and networks in Upper Austria

Š Clusterland Upper Austria Ltd

Page 3 18 June 2014

Foundation of clusters & networks 1999


2000 2013 Plastics

Ecoenergy (Upper Austrian Energiesparverband)

Automotive Information Technology

Furniture & Timber

Health Technology

Resource- and Energy Efficiency

Food (Upper Austrian Chamber of Commerce)

(since 2005)

Environmental Technology

Mechatronics Human Resources


2009 Until 2009-11 „Network Environmental Technology“

2003 © Clusterland Upper Austria Ltd



Logistics (Association for Network Logistics)

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„Matrix-servicing“ for Upper Austrian enterprises

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Automotive Industry in Austria

Automotive Austria: Key Facts About 700 automotive companies Turnover in automotive : € Employees in automotive: 150.000 (FTE) Annual production of about 175.000 vehicles about 50% cars, 33% motorcycles, 11% trucks, 6% tractors

Annual production of about 2.500.000 engines and gears Sources: ABA, www.investinaustria.at; STATISTIK AUSTRIA, www.statistik.at

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Automotive Austria: R&D, Internationalization Export share 88% of all parts produced in Austria are exported

R&D about 2,8% of Austria’s GDP are spent on research and development in automotive, almost 200% of the industry average is invested in research about 13% of automotive employees are researchers (about 6% industry average) strong promotion and funding programs in Austria strong automotive cluster organizations

Sources: ABA, www.investinaustria.at; STATISTIK AUSSTRIA, www.statistik.at

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How the Cluster supports the companies‌

Cluster – Innovation by Collaboration The Automotive Cluster Upper Austria is the largest Company Network of the Austrian automotive industry with more than 200 partners. As cluster management we are the Competence Center for Collaborations. We maintain close contact to the economy, know about our partners‘ challenges and bring together the right companies. We are the Innovation Accelerator for the companies of our industrial sector. We initiate projects, provide support for market access and offer automotive qualification. Š Automobil-Cluster 2011

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AC Cluster Management – Team

Wolfgang KOMATZ, MSc

Ing. Florian DANMAYR, BA

Mag. Nina Maria KAINZ

Tanja Kraska

Production / Quality / Purchase

light construction / processing

New Mobility / Electro Mobility


Michael LANGGNER, MA Internationalization / Sales

Bettina MAYRHOFER Qualification, Communication, PR, Marketing

Josef PFEIFFER, BSc. CIP, process management

Page 11 © Clusterland Oberösterreich GmbH

AC Advisory Board Board Chairman Ing. Rudolf Mark Mark Metallwarenfabrik GmbH General Manager Single Components

Dr. Rainer Büchse Head of Interior Strategy & Innovations Continental Automotive GmbH Powertrain, Interior, Chassis & Safety

Prof. (FH) Mag. Dr. Kurt Gaubinger MBA programme Automotive FH Oberösterreich GmbH, Campus Wels Innovation management, Front End of Innovation, Industrial marketing

DI (FH) Gerhard Wölfel BMW Motoren GmbH General Manager OEM

© Clusterland Oberösterreich GmbH

DI Jürgen Bruckner Fronius International GmbH Division Welding Technology Joining Technology / Processes for plant engineering and construction

Ing. Thomas Bründl General Manager Starlim Spritzguss GmbH Materials Processing

Ing. Thomas Eder FANUC Robotics Deutschland GmbH Sales Manager Austria Robotic

Ing. Josef Fürlinger General Manager RIC Regionales Innovations Centrum GmbH Research & Training

DI Karl Radlmayr Voest Alpine Automotive GmbH Corporate Technology & Innovation Materials

Ing. Franz Wagenleitner Projectmanagement-Office MAN Truck & Bus Österreich AG OEM

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The AC Network in Detail 236 Partner Companies of these 156 SMEs 161 producing companies

12 OEMs 109 suppliers 35 companies* 95 service providers & institutions **

including multiple affiliations, including non-automotive specific OEMs

Š Clusterland OberÜsterreich GmbH

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The World of the Automotive Cluster 25* Powertrain

27* Electric/Electronics

19* Shell & Body

12** OEM

* including multiple affiliations ** including non-automotive specific OEMs

45* Materials, misc.components & methods

13* Chassis

17* Interior Page 14

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Components for Passenger Safety Systems: Neuman Aluminium Fließpresswerk Sound System, Navigation Systems: Audio Mobil Elektronik, FME Development and Optimisation Motors and Drive Systems: AVL List Components for Airbag: TCG Unitech, Haberkorn Safety Components, Crash Elements: Alutech, BASF, Hirschmann Wheel, Structure: TCG Unitech, Trim parts for Interior, Insulating Material: Greiner Perfoam, Burg Design Plastic Covers: Benteler SGL, Intensa Oil and water pump, various casings: TCG Unitech, ECS Pinions: Miba Sinter Motor Sensors: Abatec Injection Systems: AVL List, BASF

Motor: BMW Motoren, BRP Rotax Oil Dipstick: Schneegans-Silicon Radiator: Fertinger, Amag Rolling Emblems, Type Classifications: Ulbrichts Witwe Front bumpers: POLYTEC, Aspöck Starter Battery: Banner Hybrid Battery, Traction Battery: Lightweight Energy Power Electronics, Inverter: AB Mikroelektronik Electric vehicles: KTM, Crash structures: LKR, TCKT Tools: Haidlmair, Hammerschmid, ABB, Alba tooling

Roof Interior: SENOPLAST Car Body Shell(Aluminium): AMAG rolling Car Body: Alutech, Anrold & Shinjo, Benteler SGL, FACC Rear shelf: Greiner Perfoam Interior paneling: asota, Benteler SGL, novoflor Circuit board, car body shell: voestalpine Europlatinen Decor inlays and trims: Burg Design Arm rest: POLYTEC Seats(frames and structure): TCG Unitech, Alutech Seats (cushionings): Eurofoam, asota Seats (covers): Alba tooling, asota

Carpets: Novoflor Raumtextil Exhaust systems: ELB-Form Gear casings: Gruber & Kaja Clutch components: Miba Frictec, BASF Rear bumpers: POLYTEC, aspöck, ELB-Form, Hirschmann Lightening: Aspöck Systems, AB Mikroelektroník, ACR, Aspöck Machinery producers: Fill, TMS, ABB, Anger Machining, Keba, Heikin, Trumpf, Arnold & Shinjo

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The Top-selling Partners

Page 16 Š Clusterland OberÜsterreich GmbH

Financial Ratios of the Cluster Overall Turnover in Billion turnover of manufacturing companies in billion turnover of the supplier industry in billion

Employees R & D - Share* …compared to Upper Austria Export Quota

€ 24,92 € 20,09 € 13,21

80.500 3,53 % 2,55 % 83,87 %

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Mission Critical Topics of the Automotive Industry

Quality Management Supply Chain

Information & Service



Development, Production Qualification


Suppliers‘ Hub


Future Trends & Technologies

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Page 18

Our Partner‘s Benefits



Project Partnership

Suppliers‘ Innovations Days

Project Management

Market Exploration Trips

Collaboration Projects Exchange of Experience Qualification

Information & Service


Public Relations


Network Communication

AC Industry Focus

Partner Data Base

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Page 19

Realizing Innovative Ideas - Collaborations Our partners benefit from…: Collaboration

The right doubles partner

„The Automotive Cluster helps finding the right project

partners and supports project ideas from kick-off to completion. Some regional, national and international projects are initiated and actively led by the Automotive Cluster. In addition to projects, collaboration in the cluster is encouraged by a set of events where expert knowledge is exchanged on a regular basis. These events always have a particular theme, such as CIP, lightweight construction, procurement and logistics.

© Clusterland Oberösterreich GmbH

 informal exchange of knowledge  actualizing new product ideas by collaboration projects  support in idea creation, business partner match-making, project management, project marketing and advancements

Page 20

Projects in Electro Mobility

Š Automobil-Cluster 2013

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Clean Motion Offensive (CMO) Clean Motion Offensive (CMO) is a „Technological Flagship Project“ funded by the Climate and Energy Fund with 4.4 Mio. Euro (9 Mio. Euro total volume). 12 project partners from Austria are jointly working to achieve the project‘s ambitious goals in all three pillars. The project is coordinated by the Upper Austrian Automotive Cluster.


Clean Motion Offensive (CMO) Project goal: Development of powerful and economic e-components for electro mobility while simultaneously providing easy applicable charging infrastructure and intelligent load management, which is then tested in field applications. Companies from different fields are working together: vehicle components producers, energy and infrastructure providers, simulations, engine producers, IT solution providers, business models for fleet applications. CMO’s ambition is to make electro mobility easy, economic and viable.

Range Extender for alternative fuels

3D Model of Flywheel

Field Test at the site of cooperation partner Samariterbund Linz

The CMO test vehicle and cooperation partners


ERA NET – Speed for SMEs Project Partners: Bitter Engineering GmbH, TIC Steyr, LKR Ranshofen, Lightweight energy GmbH, Smart e-Mobility GmbH, Lagermax Autotransport GmbH, Linz Strom GmbH, Stohl Racing GmbH, Clusterland OÖ GmbH, Goodville Consulting GmbH, SEW Eurodrive GmbH & CoKG, Getrag GmbH & CoKG

Goal of the project: Speed for SMEs serves as a platform for SMEs in order to develop vehicle components for EV‘s at automotive standard. The partnership consists of companies in the field of vehicle component development, infrastructure providers and energy management providers. Together with Stohl Racing, the world‘s first electric rally vehicle is built up. The aim of the partner companies is to establish its position as supplier of these electric components.

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E-Bike Charging System ELYSE Project Partners: Martin Schweiger, CDE Communications Data Engineering GmbH, HAINZL Industriesysteme GmbH Goal of the project: The partners have developed a universally usable e-bike charging system which allows every electric bicycle to charge it its batteries; and to rent the ebikes from this station. Furthermore, during the charging process, the e-bikes are locked, providing a theft-proof fixing. This interlocked socket-outlet of the charging system is part of the project.

Š Clusterland OberÜsterreich GmbH

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New Electric Motors for E-Vehicles Project Partners: Miba Sinter Austria GmbH, Hammerschmid Maschinenbau GmbH, RS Elektroniksysteme GmbH (D) Goal of the project: The company Miba Sinter Austria GmbH (MSA) research focuses on a new generation of electro motors on a sinter-metallurgical basis, which supercede conventional electric drives in terms of power density. This means: same size  more power! The e-motorcycle JOHAMMER has been chosen as the carrier for this new technology to show its performance. This project should be finished by 2014

Š Clusterland OberÜsterreich GmbH

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EMILIA Project Partners: AIT, Bitter Engineering GmbH, LKR Ranshofen, Lightweight energy GmbH, Clusterland OÖ GmbH, Miba Sinter Austria GmbH, Gleam, Land Kärnten, REWE, DPD, AustrianMobilePower, Signon, Econsult, Schachinger Goal of the project: This project aims to optimize full electric and hybrid e-vehicles by simultaneously reconceptualising innovative and suitable logistics concepts for urban transport of commodities (e.g. by providing mobile depots). This is done by Open innovation, which integrates the external user into the entire innovation process. Furthermore, the development and integration of components in e-vehicles, the interface communication vehicle-charging station-user as well as dynamic route scheduling algorithms are part of the project.

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Platform Mobility & IT The Automotive Cluster is launching a platform combining the two sectors of Mobility and IT Mobility cannot exist without the support of IT The platform aims to sector-spanning cooperation between our partner companies in the Automotive and the IT Cluster Traditional automotive suppliers are working together with IT companies in funded projects First Event as Kick off Meeting to launch the platform: 27th June 2014, Linz, Austria

Š Automobil-Cluster 2011

Page 28

Facilitating (International) Market Access Our partners benefit from‌: Contacts

Knowledge meets Experience

The Automotive Cluster keeps track of international markets and shares the information on global opportunities with its partners. With its network of contacts, the Automotive Cluster often is the key to new business contacts. In focused technology events, developers and buyers from major OEMs are introduced to participating partners and their innovations.

 the chance to present your products and services directly at OEMs  contacts within the automotive network of partners  first-hand knowledge about international markets and organized business trips

Page 29 Š Clusterland OberÜsterreich GmbH

Future Technologies for

Supplier Innovation Day Automotive Cluster Upper Austria

Agenda - The Automotive Cluster Upper Austria (AC) - What‘s a Supplier Innovation Day - in detail - which companies (AC) - Definition of “Fields of Innovation” (Renault) - Next Steps Pre-Selection of Relevant Austrian and Bavarian Suppliers (Renault + AC) Invitation of Suppliers & Event Preparation (AC) Event Marketing at Renault (Renault) Event Management On-Site (AC) Follow-Up (Renault+ AC) - Projectplan

(backward scheduling from the date of the event)

© Automobil-Cluster 2013

Seite 31

What‘s a Supplier Innovation Day?

“Pre-selected Austrian companies present their innovations and new technologies to the host’s developers and buyers in an efficient one-day-event.”

© Automobil-Cluster 2013

Seite 32

Technology Screening We find what you are interested in!

“We base our technology screening on your desired fields of innovation. ”

© Automobil-Cluster 2013

Seite 33

Let us be your guest… No invest! “As your guest, the Automotive Cluster brings in the comprehensive preparation and the perfect organization of the event on-site.“ „Being host, you provide for a suitable location and effective internal communications of the event.”

© Automobil-Cluster 2013

Seite 34

We are trusted. “Bringing together OEMs and suppliers has a long tradition in the Automotive Cluster. With our knowledge and experience, we further develop our Supplier Innovation Days every time.

2008 - 2014

Š Automobil-Cluster 2013

2007 - 2010




Seite 35

Who are you, AC? “The Automotive Cluster Upper Austria is the largest company network of the Austrian automotive industry with more than 230 partners.” “Collaborations with other Clusters in Austria and in neighboring countries further enlarge the pool of innovative technology companies.“

© Automobil-Cluster 2013

Seite 36

You‘re in? …Next Steps Definition of “Fields of Innovation” (Renault) Pre-Selection of Relevant Austrian and Bavarian Suppliers (Renault + AC) Invitation of Suppliers & Event Preparation (AC) Event Marketing at Renault (Renault) Event Management On-Site (AC) Follow-Up (Renault+ AC)

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Some Previous Innovation Requirements Examples of recent OEM Requirements electronics, engine development, surface coating, car body and chassis, aerodynamics, thermal management, hybrid development, acoustics, safety systems new materials (high-strength steels, substitution materials, …) e-mobility (incl. infrastructure), lightweight design sustainability (CO2, lifecycle management, resources, production, …)

Examples of recent TIER 1 Requirements lighting and sensor technologies, kinematics, natural materials, lightweight design subassemblies, ceramics, adhesives, miscellaneous

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Page 38

Impression of Previous Events

Š Automobil-Cluster 2011

Seite 39

Š Automobil-Cluster 2011

Page 40

Potential Suppliers Example Topic 2: High-Performance materials / Lightweight construction / High Strength Steel Voestalpine Steel is a long-lasting, highly competent partner for the automotive industry. The division „automotive“ specialises exclusively on automotive OEMs and suppliers. www.voestalpine.com/stahl


International producer of open special profiles, wielded profiletubes and assembly groups and profile systems made of steel and non-ferrous metals for light-weight construction.

Development of large die-cutting and mechanical-working tools for high-strength structural parts in the automotive industry. www.weba.at © Clusterland Oberösterreich GmbH

Š Automobil-Cluster 2011

Page 42

Š Clusterland OberÜsterreich GmbH

Page 43

Fostering Strengths – Qualification Our partners benefit from…: Qualification

The right training

The Automotive Cluster offers specialized training courses which are tailored to the peculiarities of the automotive industry – ranging from procurement and product development to sales, quality, project, and process management. Additionally, numerous technical conferences, workshops and plant visits complement the qualification offering of the Automotive Cluster. The annual conference “automotive” is the highlight of the qualification program..

 focused knowledge for the automotive industry  significantly reduced participation fees for partners  the chance to present your own knowledge at events and conferences

Page 44 © Clusterland Oberösterreich GmbH

Qualification Programme 2013/14

Š Clusterland OberÜsterreich GmbH

Page 45

Information & Service Our partners benefit from…: Information

The right direction

Being partner of the cluster increases the national and international profile of your company in the media and business life. Besides the internet platform and regular media, our quarterly magazine presents trends, and newsworthy information on the automotive industry. Furthermore, partners have the chance to actively contribute to the contents and show their company’s strengths.

 regular counseling interviews at your place and free of charge  spreading your news in our newsletter or website  spreading your technical contributions in our magazine  industry-specific information

Page 46 © Clusterland Oberösterreich GmbH

Contact & Information Nina Kainz, Mag. Project Manager Clusterland Oberösterreich GmbH Tel: +43 732 79810-5088 Fax: +43 732 79810-5080 nina.kainz@clusterland.at www.clusterland.at Clusterland Oberösterreich GmbH is the institution for cluster and network initiatives, fostering innovation by collaboration and competence as well as promoting the companies‘ competitiveness. All rights, especially the right to copy, distribute and translate are reserved. This presentation or parts of it must not be reproduced, duplicated or distributed in any form without the written approval of Clusterland Oberösterreich GmbH. Seite 47

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Coffee Break: 10:15-10:45

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Profile for Fundación INTRAS

Clusterland Upper Austria Example: Automotive Cluster  

Innovage training session: Cluster set-up and Cluster Management (Ceske Budejovice, Czech Republic, 11th-12th June 2014)

Clusterland Upper Austria Example: Automotive Cluster  

Innovage training session: Cluster set-up and Cluster Management (Ceske Budejovice, Czech Republic, 11th-12th June 2014)