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September 2015

Alexa Jacobs Dreams to Reality Page 12 Bikefest...Need I say More! Page 18-19

Sturgis........ Page 34-37

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匀 䌀 䠀  匀 倀 䔀 䌀 䤀䄀 䰀 一 唀  䰀  ☀ 䬀 䤀一 䐀䄀 䤀䰀夀  䐀 刀 ␀ ㄀ ㈀  䈀唀 䌀 䬀 䔀 吀 匀 伀 唀 刀  ㌀ 倀 ⴀ㘀 倀 䴀 ⴀ䘀  䠀 䄀 倀 倀 夀  䠀 䤀伀 䴀 䄀 娀 䤀一 䜀  倀䄀夀吀   䄀 刀 唀  伀 吀 唀  伀 䰀 䌀䠀䔀䌀䬀 䤀䬀 䔀 刀  䘀 刀 䤀䔀 一 䐀 圀 䔀  䄀 刀 䔀  䄀  䈀䈀 䰀 䤀匀 䠀 䴀 䔀 一 吀 䔀 匀 吀䄀

㘀㄀ 㤀 䜀爀愀瘀漀椀猀 刀搀 匀琀⸀ 䰀漀甀椀猀Ⰰ 䴀伀 㘀㌀㄀㄀㘀


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Table of Content Page 8-9: Chic Chat Page 12: Alexa Jacobs-Dreams to Reality Page 17-19: Lake of the Ozarks “Bikefest” Page 30-31:Life Behind Bars Page 34-37: Sturgis........ Page: 39: Crack Up’s Page 40-41: Local Talent Page 42-43: Indy....Bound and Down Page 48-49: Muscle Car Mania


Full Throttle Magazine 18118-L Chesterfield Airport Rd Chesterfield, MO 63005 636-536-3893 Robert Blanton Owner/Publisher Publisher@fullthrottle-magazine.com Cindy Blanton. Editor Editor@fullthrottle-magazine.com Contributing Writers Marshall Tucker, Roger Ferris Tami Aguilera,Paul & Linda Vandeven Bob Eufinger Sales Staff Robert Blanton,

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LETTER FROM THE PUBLISHER Well it’s hard to believe but here we are into September as this issue of FTM is being read. The summer seemed so late to start because of all the rain we had and it’s beginning to wind down and fall will be on soon. BUT, the summers not over yet so let’s make sure we all get out and ride the days we have left. Bikefest is right around the corner on September 17-20. We are looking forward to having a great time this year and seeing lots of you on the streets of at Lake of the Ozarks. There are so many things to do this year at Bikefest. Of course you want to stop by the Vendor Village we are hosting at Dog Days. Also we have a couple spots left if you want to be a Vendor there. The Passport Book and ride is a great way to have a chance to win a New Harley Davidson Breakout. Make sure to pick up a Passport Book when you get to Bikefest and get rolling to the stops to win that free Harley. There will be a Vendor Village again this year at Horny Toad, Toad Cove Compound presented on by Throttle America and sponsored by Raw Bike Magazine. That’s always a great time there. Lake Ozark Harley has a Vendor Village that you’ll want to stop by and check out. Picklehead’s Roadhouse will be hosting some great concerts that weekend so check them out and of course all the Stores, Bars and restaurants on the main drag will await your visit. That is certainly the most popular evening hangout. The event fires up Thursday and I predict we are going to have unbelievably good weather this year for riding and enjoying the entire weekend at Bikefest. If you’re not familiar with the lake there are so, so many fabulous rides to enjoy. Take the time to map out and ride the back roads of the Ozarks and see why so many bikes make frequent trips to the lake not just at Bikefest. I would encourage you to read the article Cindy put together in this issue of FTM about Bikefest. Don’t get discouraged thinking that summer is ending because there are still tons of great events coming up to go to and great rides still to happen. Check out our Crusin’ Calendar for the things happening in September and October. As always my friends, ride safe and see you on the road with Full Throttle Magazine. Bob

ᰠ䈀椀欀攀 一椀最栀琀ᴠ 䔀瘀攀爀礀 䘀爀椀搀愀礀  一椀最栀琀 㘀㄀㠀ⴀ㠀㔀㌀ⴀ㈀㠀 ㄀

䰀椀瘀攀 䔀渀琀攀爀琀愀椀渀洀攀渀琀 䰀䄀䈀伀刀 䐀䄀夀 圀䔀䔀䬀䔀一䐀 䔀瘀攀爀礀 䘀爀椀搀愀礀 ☀  匀愀琀甀爀搀愀礀 匀䔀倀吀䔀䴀䈀䔀刀 㔀吀䠀 吀䠀䔀 䴀䄀䤀一 䔀嘀䔀一吀 䈀䄀一䐀 一椀最栀琀

㠀㨀㌀ 倀ⴀ㄀㈀㨀㌀ 䄀 匀䔀倀吀䔀䴀䈀䔀刀 㘀吀䠀 䜀吀 䐀䨀 䄀一䐀 䬀䄀刀䄀伀䬀䔀 匀䔀倀吀䔀䴀䈀䔀刀 ㄀㈀吀䠀 䘀伀刀 䐀䄀夀吀䤀䴀䔀 䤀一吀伀 䔀嘀䔀一䤀一䜀 ㈀一䐀 䄀一一唀䄀䰀 䘀唀一 䄀一䐀 䔀一吀䔀刀吀䄀䤀一䴀䔀一吀 䌀䠀䄀一䐀䰀䔀刀 䌀䠀䤀䰀䐀刀䔀一 䌀䠀䄀刀䤀吀夀 刀唀一 匀䤀䜀一 唀倀 䀀㄀㄀䄀䴀 䔀一吀䔀刀吀䄀䤀一䴀䔀一吀 吀伀 䘀伀䰀䰀伀圀 䈀䄀䌀䬀圀伀伀䐀匀 㠀㨀㌀ 倀ⴀ㄀㈀㨀㌀ 䄀 䌀栀攀挀欀 甀猀 漀甀琀 漀昀 䘀愀挀攀戀漀漀欀 昀漀爀 漀甀爀 挀漀洀瀀氀攀琀攀 攀渀琀攀爀琀愀椀渀洀攀渀琀 猀挀栀攀搀甀氀攀 䈀椀欀攀爀猀 愀渀搀

䘀爀椀⸀☀ 匀愀琀 ㄀㄀愀洀ⴀ㄀愀洀 匀甀渀⸀ⴀ䴀漀渀⸀ⴀ吀栀甀爀猀⸀ ㄀㄀愀洀ⴀ㄀㈀愀洀 吀甀攀猀 ☀ 圀攀搀 䌀氀漀猀攀搀

䈀漀愀琀攀爀猀 圀攀氀挀漀洀攀℀

刀琀 ㌀ 漀渀 䬀愀猀欀愀猀欀椀愀 刀椀瘀攀爀 椀渀 䔀瘀愀渀猀瘀椀氀氀攀 䤀䰀 㘀㈀㈀㐀㈀

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c i h

C Chat Today’s modern women in the motorcycle industry, is nothing less than all the women that have led us to this point. In fact, there are more women rider than ever before; continuing to shape and mold on how we look at the female rider today. Whether you are young or old, women motorcycle riders of all shapes and size; coming from different backgrounds; some are more affluent than other, having that one common denominator between them all, “motorcycle.” Motorcycling has been an important part of Debra Boardman’s life for the past 37 years. But the 56-year-old AMA Charter Life Member from Michigan says coworkers and new acquaintances still are amazed when they find out she rides. “Most of my employees, work contacts and friends are surprised when they discover that I ride, both on the road and off,” says Boardman, who supervises a chain of convenience stores. “The most frequent comment is, ‘How can someone your size hold that big motorcycle up?’ Another comment is, ‘You ride a motorcycle? You sure don’t look like a biker.’”

Sorry Boys, No Men Allowed!

same year.” Boardman has been riding for 37 years. Her first road bike was a Yamaha 175 in the early 1970s. In addition to the Beta trials bike, she currently rides a 2012 Suzuki VStrom 650 Adventure. We chatted with Boardman to get her thoughts on motorcycling and the non-riding public’s perception of those who ride. American Motorcyclist: What got you started riding? Deb Boardman: I have loved motorcycles since I was very young. My dad had a homemade mini bike I rode around the backyard as a kid, and a cousin had dirt bikes that I rode some, but mostly just envied. Soon after getting married, I talked my husband into buying a motorcycle [360 Yamaha road bike]. Then I asked him to teach me to ride and have been on motorcycles ever since. Some people think I am obsessed with them. AM: What is your favorite ride?

Boardman has owned 18 street bikes, including a Honda Gold Wing with a sidecar that accommodated her son for the first three years of his life.

DB: Most of the roads in Colorado, especially U.S. 550. I also really like Bennington County, Vt., with all of the covered bridges.

“I have logged over 200,000 miles on my own bike, riding in all 48 continental United States, along with several Canadian provinces,” Boardman says. “In 37 years of marriage, we have taken only two vacations without motorcycles.”

AM: What is the best memory you associate with riding?

But Boardman doesn’t confine her riding to the asphalt. At age 40, she took up observed trials competition. “My current ride is a 250 Beta,” she says. “In 2004, I was voted Rider of the Year by the Michigan Ontario Trials Association. I also won the novice class the

Page 8 www.FullThrottle-Magazine.com

DB: Riding as a family—which includes my parents, my husband, my son and myself—to Americade West in 1987 and winning the Americade Family award. My son was 9 months old and rode in a sidecar attached to my 1986 Gold Wing. Also, there were many other trips from 1981 to 2000 with my parents and husband and son after he was born in 1986. AM: What is the general public’s image of motorcyclists?

DB: I think much of the general public envies the motorcyclist and wishes they had the guts and, possibly, funding to try riding, while another part of the public finds it scary and dangerous. AM: How can motorcyclists improve their image? DB: By wearing helmets, not having excessively loud mufflers, riding safely and abstaining from alcohol while riding. Another way is to talk to nonmotorcyclists when out riding, so they can see we are just people too. AM: What practical benefits do you personally get from riding? DB: Riding motorcycles is great stress relief from work, relaxing and just plain fun. I tremendously enjoy the ride and scenery on a motorcycle. There is no frame around your view, like in a car. You can see everything. It is something you just can’t understand unless you have ridden a motorcycle. It is its own sense of freedom. AM: Have you ever taught someone else how to ride? What did you learn from that experience?

DB: I used to help my husband teach the motorcycle safety course. It taught me to be a better rider, and it was really fun when I demonstrated the range exercises and the 16- or 17-year-old guys thought it would be really easy but were unable to do it. It also taught me how to relate to people of all ages better. I also have worked with another woman from our trials club. It has been very fulfilling, especially when she told me how much she improved at the next event and asked if I would be willing to help her more. I have had many people help me with my trials riding, so it was really nice to be able to return the favor. I would like to do this more often, especially with women, as we seem to have more difficulty in this sport than men. AM: How can we get more people on motorcycles? DB: Well, in Michigan, I think it would be helpful if something could be done about the Michigan catastrophic claims association fee that makes insurance extremely expensive. Another way might be to make motorcycle safety courses more readily available, as it would make riders feel safer if they knew the correct way to ride. Article and information sited by Jim Witters; AMA

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Alexa Jacobs, Dreams to Reality Alexa Jacobs, the daughter of world renowned

Photo-Realism artist, Scott Jacobs, is following in her father’s footsteps. She has been working as Scott’s under-painter for the past 7 years assisting him in various elements of his work. At the age of 23, Alexa has developed her own skills and starting with her own blank canvas, she has the freedom to express her own individuality. Alexa works with various painting styles and like her father; one of those styles is photo-realism. She currently is working on a series of woman legs. She says that she is fascinated with the anatomy of the female body; Neck lines, collar bones, legs, etc. She also does private commissions of profile silhouettes of the client with an image within the profile. Very unique, showcasing her style. Her sister, Olivia, says “You need to have the two P’s; Patience and Passion.” Alexa certainly has what it take to turn her dreams into reality. Her future plans are to have available, limited edition giclee canvas prints, make all her painting available in photo quality prints as well as table top books. So, if you are interested in commissioning her for a private profile silhouette painting along with that personal image or to purchase any of her work, follow and contact her Facebook page “Alexa Jacobs Artwork”. I guarantee you will not be disappointed. She has a truly amazing gift that will take her beyond her wildest dreams. Page 12 www.FullThrottle-Magazine.com


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Bikefest.....Nee Okay…so September is here! It’s crazy to think that this year is ¾ over; but don’t fret, the riding season isn’t. Throughout this season, there’s been all sorts of poker runs raising money for various charities, Bike Nights, bike and cars shows (like our GGG), Sturgis bike week and now that September is upon us, here comes the 9th Annual Lake of the Ozarks Bikefest. This event is becoming one of the larger motorcycle events in the Mid-West and continues to grow. The Lake of the Ozarks is well known for its many attractions. Their busy season is very much like the biker’s season. It generally kicks off Memorial weekend and start’s to wind down around Labor Day weekend. They pray for little to no rain and the skies being clear; perfect boating weather. Being that the main attraction is the lake itself, running nearly 92 miles long, every local business wants to see little to no rain and clear skies. Who wants to go boating or riding in the rain? I know from personal experiences, it’s really not that much fun. With over 200 restaurants and bars, 60 of which are on the lake and out of those 60, 50 of them hosts live entertainment. These local businesses as well as many others wanted to see what can be done to extend the life of the season and to bring more people down to their amazing communities. There are many different events that happen through the season most of which revolve around the lake. Yes, the lake is beautiful and fun to drive your boats up and down. But, think about it, where does the lake sit? Smack in the middle of our great Ozark Mountains. What biker would not want to ride their motorcycles through the twisty, winding roads of the Ozarks Mountains? Many bikers have enjoyed riding their bikes all along the Ozark country side, but what better way to truly welcome ALL bikers to their community than to have an organized biking event. Not only would it welcome those bikers, it will also help extend their season a couple more weeks. Nine years ago, a plan was put in motion; a committee was created, sponsorships where gathered and awareness began to spread. In mid-September the 1st annual Lake of the Ozarks Bikefest was underway. The Bikefest today is that and so much more. There will be four vendor villages. We, Full Throttle Magazine, along with Dog Days will be hosting our own vendor village right on the lake with live entertainment all weekend, great food and amazing specials and an array of great vendors.

Page 18 www.FullThrottle-Magazine.com

ed I Say MOre? Throttle America is presenting Toad Cove Compound sponsored by Raw Bike. They will be offering a great vendor village, free entertainment Thursday, Friday and Saturday. There will be industry vendors and a dynamite resort. Make sure you check out their Exclusive Toad Cove Bikefest T-shirts. For the first time this year Freedom of the Road Riders will be hosting a vendor village located just off the main strip by Bagnell Dam. Lake Ozarks Harley-Davidson will be hosting a vendor village where you can check out the Harley-Davidson Breakout that will be given away to one lucky winner who completes the Passport Run. This run is a great way to take advantage of riding this beautiful country side. You can pick up your passport booklet at Lake Ozark H-D or anyone of the participating stops. (Go to www.lakebikefest.com to find out more). Make sure you go to every participating stop in your passport and get your stamped. Turn it in at Lake-Ozark H-D for your chance to win a brand new Harley. For more live entertainment, check out Picklehead’s Roadhouse summer concert series. Plus they now feature Midwest’s newest entertainment venue; offering the Pickle Zipline, food and drink on site, camping & cabins availability, and free shuttle service from Franky & Louies. Are you looking to get yourself a new bike, then head down to Surdyke Yamaha for their 3rd Annual Bike Bikefest Auction. Many major brand Pre-Owned; H-D and Metric! Many of the bike auctions with no reserve. This is a family event with FREE admission. This event is going on September 19th from 12noon -3pm. Vendor Villages, Live Entertainment, Motorcycle Rodeos, Bike Shows, Bike GiveAways, Wet T-Shirt and Booty Shaking Contests, Burnout Pits, Amazing roads to ride, mark your calendars September 17-20, 2015, and prepared to have the time of your life.

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Are you looking to buy a Harley? If you are, then go see Shane Furnish at Doc’s. Shane has tremendous integrity and a strong character. He offers a great deal of knowledge and has a true love for this industry. He will work hard to find the right motorcycle for you. Whether you are in the market for a new or used motorcycle, Shane Furnish is the man you can trust.

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䤀ᤠ瘀攀 眀漀爀欀攀搀 昀漀爀 琀栀攀 刀䔀匀吀⸀⸀⸀⸀⸀⸀ 一伀圀Ⰰ 䤀ᤠ洀 戀愀挀欀 眀椀琀栀 琀栀攀 䈀䔀匀吀 䰀攀琀 䴀䔀 猀栀漀眀 礀漀甀 栀漀眀 ᰠ䔀䄀匀夀ᴠⰀ 愀渀搀 ᰠ䔀堀䌀䤀吀䤀一䜀ᴠ 椀琀 椀猀 琀漀 瀀甀爀挀栀愀猀攀 愀 䠀愀爀氀攀礀ⴀ䐀愀瘀椀搀猀漀渀 䴀漀琀漀爀挀礀挀氀攀 愀琀 䐀漀挀ᤠ猀 䠀ⴀ䐀 椀渀 匀琀⸀ 䰀漀甀椀猀 䴀椀猀猀漀甀爀椀

ᰠ䰀椀瘀椀渀ᤠ 琀栀攀 䐀爀攀愀洀ᴠ 愀琀 䐀漀挀ᤠ猀 䠀ⴀ䐀 吀甀攀猀搀愀礀ⴀ匀愀琀甀爀搀愀礀 伀昀昀 匀甀渀搀愀礀 ☀ 䴀漀渀搀愀礀 圀漀爀欀 ⠀㌀㄀㐀⤀ 㤀㘀㔀ⴀ ㄀㘀㘀 簀 䌀攀氀氀 ⠀㘀㌀㘀⤀ ㈀㤀㐀ⴀ㘀㘀㘀㘀 㤀㌀  匀⸀ 䬀椀爀欀眀漀漀搀 刀搀 簀 䬀椀爀欀眀漀漀搀Ⰰ 䴀伀 㘀㌀㄀㈀㈀

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r u o Y k r s Ma r a d n e l Ca Halfway Haus

Party of the Patio every Tuesday Starting Sept. 1st September 6th Labor Day BBQ Live Music & More Southside Party- September 26th Carondelet Park Southside After Party October 17 5th Annual October Fall Festival October 31st 1st Annual Halfway to Hell-Fest

Fro’s Place


SHADY JACK’S 36th Annual Rat Run


Pacific Live Music Every Weekend POOPY’S Savanna, IL Labor Day Bash



HAWGPIT BBQ BARN September 12th Patriot’s Day Celebration September 26th Ratrod & Rawbike Buildoff Oct 4th Rat Run

Water Street Bar & Grill BIKE NIGHT EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT September 5th The Main Event Band September 6th GT DJ & Karaoke September 12th 2nd Annual Chandler Children Benefit Run



SURDYKE YAMAHA LAKE OF THE OZARKS Big Bikefest Auction September 19th 12noon-3pm

Big St. Charles

September 12th 3rd Annual Veterans Appreciation Ride

DOC’S H-D 60TH ANNIVERSARY PARTY September 26th & 27th

Bourbeuse Valley H-D

Hawgs for Dogs September 13th

SPONSORING Thursday Night Bike Night


a x e l A All Photographs Courtesy of Calendarsbykitty.com and Kitty Gilmore Her 2016 Calendars are available for purchase for only $24.99 each. Go to www.calendarsbykitty.com for more informaiton.

1914Owner/Builder/FabricatorExcelsior Factory Racer Jason Hicks

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Life Behi

By C. Blanton

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word “Handlebars”? A Bicycle; or perhaps more like Motorcycle? Well, what comes to my mind is the coolest saloon in town; Handlebars, located in the heart of the quaint little town of Pacific. Missouri.

Cindy Thiemet, the owner of Handlebars is a super cool chic, living a laid back lifestyle, who just wants to make sure that everyone who patronizes her place has a blast every time they come in. Cindy is a “Jill” of all trades, if you will. Starting out as a dishwasher at a young age working her way up to food serivice and bartenter at “Cunetto House of Pasta” for 28 Years, she learned her way around a kitchen. She also was very self-sufficient, learning how to do her own repairs and maintenance; really become a well-rounded and versatile woman. Little did she know that all this knowledge would come in handy later in life? After she left the restaurant, she went to work for the Archdiocese as a grounds superintendent; putting her repairs and maintenance skills to good use. Shortly before she went to work for the Archdiocese, Cindy and her former partner opened up a small tavern in Spanish Lake, originally called Pete’s Place. They changed the name to Slammy’s shortly after they open to make it their own. Cindy and her partner decided that she would maintain full time employment because they were raising a family and needed to have that stability, while her partner, having a gift for gab, would run the tavern. Cindy would come in and help on the weekends. This arrangement worked out will for the both of them. Then one day their landlord approached them and said that the neighboring business wanted to expand into their space and he would not be renewing their lease. Well, Slammy’s literally had the door “Slammed” in their faces! Facing financial stress and not sure what their next steps were going to be, they decided to hop of their bikes and go for a ride. They rode to an old watering hole in Florissant, which they had been going too lately, to find out it was all of a sudden closed up. They became to know the owners during their visits and went to him to find out what happen. Some interesting truths came out, but the long and short of it all, was that the city was not going to let them reopen. After that tidbit of information, a light bulb went off.

Page 30 www.FullThrottle-Magazine.com

ind Bars

Cindy and her partner approached them with an aggressive offer to buy the tavern. They came to an agreement and the deal was done. Now, since both Cindy and her partner were these cool biker chics and Slammy wasn’t a favorite name anyway, it was befitting that the name “Handlebars” came to their minds just about the same time. In late 2009, “Handlebars”, was open for business. The two of them started working with local bands and being a part of multiple charities and soon found themselves bring in the crowd. Cindy continued to work full time and working the bar on the weekends. Things were going pretty good. About three years later they started talking about opening up a second location. Maybe even begin a chain of them? But, let’s just start with the second one. They started scouting out possible locations and heard about this bar that happens to have a full size kitchen in the back. This was the next step Cindy had envisioned. She wanted to be able to serve food; not just bar food, but to offer an extensive menu. After all Cindy certainly knew her was around a kitchen. So they went and check it out. This place seemed perfect, the location was great, the people in town seemed nice, the bar itself had a state of the art sound system for the bands that played on the weekend and the kitchen was all up to date. They met with the owner and struck a deal. Late in 2012, “Handlebars” location number two was raring to go. Since then, Cindy and her partner parted ways and she took the reins with both hand and pressed forward. Then all of a sudden, just this past November, when it came time for her lease to be renewed; her landlord had other plans for that space forcing Cindy to close her doors. But, that was not the end of Handlebars, just that location. She decided to brush the dust off and put all her concentration on her location in Pacific, MO. Cindy has the tenacity and strength to plow through anything that life throws her way. So the next time you want to ride or drive to a great destination, rub elbows with some amazing people, enjoy awesome food, listen to some Kick Ass music, or if you just want to live “life Behind Bars”, I encourage you to head straight to “Handlebars”. Make sure you tell Cindy, Full Throttle Magazine sent ya!

www.FullThrottle-Magazine.com Page 31

Life Behind Bars

147 West St. Louis St Pacific, 63069


September 11- Guilty Pleasure September 12- Tres Hombres September 18- Jeremiah Johnson September 19- Dirty Laundry

Mondays - $1.00 Cans All Day/Night Wednesdays - $4 Domestic Pitchers September 25- New Crime Theatre after 6pm Trivia September 26- Rufus on Fire plus Free Pool Thursdays - $10 All You Can Drink 8p-12a and Karaoke by Cookseys Classics Sundays - 10 oz strip steak, Baked Live Music Every weekend 8:30pm-12:30am Potato, Salad, and Garlic Bread Handlebar Shots $15.00 from 3p-8p Always $2.00


Come and Party Like You Are Living LIFE BEHIND BARS Go To www.FullThrottle-Magazine.com for our VIP Pass offering.


MM 19



g o d he t t u a o y see





This year marked the 75th anniversary of The “Sturgis Motorcycle Rally”; the largest motorcycle rally in the world. It all began in a small town of Sturgis, SD in 1938. Now, you may say that the years don’t add up; 1938 to 2015 is 77 years. There were two years during World War II that the rally did not take place, due to gas rationing.

Well, In 1938 Clarence “Pappy” Hoel formed a small group called Jackpine Gypsies Motorcycle Club. On August 14, he gathered about 9 racers to compete on Main Street in Sturgis for a two day event. Within the next several years preceding this event, vendors starting setting up and more and more people came out as spectators. By 1960 the attendance topped out at 800 people. By 1965 the rally was extended to five day; in 1970 the attendance was 2000; in 1975 the rally was extended to seven days and remains that time frame today. Year after year the rally has grown exponentially; people from all over the world gather for the rally to have a great time. In the year 2000 the rally saw its largest attendance reaching over 600,000 people. This year, the 75th Anniversary reportedly drew in a staggering 1.8 million people. Let’s put this into perspective. The entire state of South Dakota’s population is only 853,125. This year’s rally more than doubled the population of the state. Closing it in a bit further; if you combine the cities and towns that are directly involved with the rally; Sturgis, Rapid City, Deadwood, Lead, Keystone, Hill City, Custer & Spearfish, it does not even add up to 100,000 population. This is mind blowing to think. That’s like taking ALL of St. Louis City, St. Louis County and St. Charles County; men, women and children, adding another 100,000 people and having them all go up to South Dakota for the rally. It was crowded to say to least. Most motorcycle enthusiast refers to the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally simply as “Sturgis” it’s easy and simple to articulate and everyone knows what you are talking about. But what really goes on? Why do people keep going back year after year? Why do newbies want to take that adventurous trip? On top of the fantastic scenery, bike shows, concerts, motocross events, lot and lots of alcohol and the extremely unconventional entertainment; what make this rally tick? The rally offers a guide book that breaks it out into 3 zones; Sturgis Zone, Bear Butte Zone, and the Black Hills Zone. Page 34 www.FullThrottle-Magazine.com

is............. The Sturgis Zone is all of the activity in the actual town of Sturgis, 90 percent of the vendors are set up along Main St and Lazalle St. respectively. Both run about six or seven city blocks. This acts as the primary hub of the rally. Main Street is where no cars are allows and the “Gauntlet” is set up. It is the general gathering place to “shop ‘til you drop”, grab a cold beer at anyone of the many bars or taverns, or simply rest from a hard day of riding and enjoy the spectacles of the weird, wacky wonders of the rally. It’s a great place for people and bike watching. This zone also provides all the motocross and hill climb races. The Bear Butte Zone, just east of the city of Sturgis is where the rally holds its major concerts. The Buffalo Chip and Rockin’ the Rally are the two main venues for the concerts. Performers at these concerts have included Tom Petty, Keith Urban and Kid Rock. This zone is also known for having rowdy campgrounds and for hosting entertainment shows close to where the campgrounds are so that attendees can consume alcohol but not have to ride their bikes to the shows. The Bear Butte zone hosts motorcycle and car drag races during the week as well. In addition to the concerts, many bikers come to the rally for the scenic rides, which are found in the Black Hills Zone. This area of South Dakota and Wyoming includes Mt. Rushmore, the Badlands and several monuments including the Crazy Horse Monument and Mount Rushmore. This area of the Sturgis rally is quieter and more secluded than the other two zones. Motorcycle hill climbs are also part of the rally, where bikers compete by racing their bikes up steep inclines. The rally also hosts the AMD World Championship of Custom Bike Building, a www.FullThrottle-Magazine.com Page 35

favorite event among attendees. So, for bikers who are looking for more than just scenic rides, the Sturgis rally provides a full array of entertainment that could rival Las Vegas. Despite all the concerts, famous performers, bike shows and scenic rides, the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally is also well-known for its surrounding culture. Besides the bikes, the rally’s party atmosphere is a huge part of the yearly gathering. The rally has its fair share of contests and pageants for women, which are not to be confused with the pageants most people might think of. Some unofficial events at the rally consist of women riding around showing off their bikes and their bodies. Partial nudity at the rally events and particularly at the campgrounds is not uncommon. Although some of the campsites near Sturgis are quiet and secluded, most are known for their parties. Downtown Sturgis remains strict with its laws about indecent exposure, but many attendees push the limits of the law throughout the week. Biker bars are also a big part of the rally culture. Most of them offer live music and a few even have burnout pits for some tire smoking fun. Some of the bars are large enough for bikers to ride their motorcycles into and most have various forms of entertainment, too. Almost all of the bars feature live music, and some, like the Full Throttle Saloon, have hosted professional performers like Lil Jon and Molly Hatchet, for instance. Although the Sturgis Rally atmosphere may not necessarily be suited for everyone, there are a wide range of people who attend the event. Doctors, lawyers, hardcore bikers and those just looking for a good time are all drawn to the events and culture of Sturgis. The next time you what to take a ride on the wide side, mark your calendar for the first full week of August that precedes the first full weekend. That way you will always know when to start planning your Sturgis vacation year after year after year. “Hey…….is it Sturgis yet?” You know the drill!

Page 36 www.FullThrottle-Magazine.com

Atrticle in part sited by www.howstuffworks.com by. Chirstopher Neiger

www.FullThrottle-Magazine.com Page 37



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CRACK UP’S Sometimes you just shouldn’t ask

So, the judge wanted to talk to baby bear to see what he thought about living with either of his parents. When he asked baby bear about living with his father, baby bear said “No, I can’t live with Papa bear, he beats me terribly.”

Observing The Baby One night a wife found her husband standing over their baby’s crib. Silently she watched him. As he stood looking down at the sleeping infant, she saw on his face a mixture of emotions: disbelief, doubt, delight, amaze“OK,” said the judge, “then you want to live with your mothment, enchantment, scepticism. er, right?” Touched by this unusual display and the deep emotions it aroused, with eyes glistening she slipped her arm around her “No way!” replied baby bear, “She beats me worse than Papa husband. “A penny for your thoughts,” she said. bear does.” “It’s amazing!” he replied. “I just can’t see how anybody can make a crib like that for only $67.50.”

Feel Like BBQ?

The judge was a bit confused by this, and didn’t quite know what to do. “Well, you have to live with someone, so is there any relatives you would like to stay with?” asked the judge.

Glenn and his wife were working in their garden one day “Yes,” answered baby bear, “my aunt Bertha bear who lives when Glenn looks over at his wife and says, in Chicago.” “Your butt is getting really big. I bet your butt is bigger than the barbecue.” “You’re sure she will treat you well and won’t beat you?” asked the judge. With that he proceeded to get a measuring tape and measured the grill and then went over to where his wife was “Oh definitely,” said baby bear, “the Chicago Bears don’t working and measured his wife’s bottom. beat anybody.” “Yes, I was right, your butt is two inches wider than the barbecue!” Man’s Best Friend The wife chose to ignore the husband. A guy walks into a bar and orders a triple scotch. The bartender pours him the drink and the guy downs it in Later that night in bed Glenn was feeling a little frisky. one gulp. “Wow”, says the bartender, “Something bad must He makes some advances towards his wife who completely have happened”. brushes him off. Yeah it did, he said. “I came home early today, went up to “What’s wrong?” he asks. the bedroom, and found my wife having sex with my best She answers, “Do you really think I’m going to fire up this friend.” big-ass grill for one little weenie The bartender pours the guy another triple shot. “This one’s on the house”. The dude gulps it down once again. The bar“The Bears” tender asks “Did you say anything to your wife ? The three bears had been having some trouble recently and “ The guy answers “Yea, I walked up to her, told her to pack had ended up in family court. Mama and Papa bear were her bag’s and get out !” splitting up, and baby bear had to decide who he was going “What about your friend ?” asks the bartender. “I looked to live with. him straight in the eye and said BAD DOG”

www.FullThrottle-Magazine.com Page 39

By Tami Aguilera

2014 Pro Street Soft Tail Owner – Craig Trunk Modified Malibu Motorcycle Works frame w/ 40 degree rake RC Wheels – 300 rear; and 26 in. front Ultima Drivetrain – 131 c.i. engine; 6 spd tranny; 3 in. open belt drive Paint by House of Kolor – Tangerine Orange Hand fabricated exhaust by Craig Trunk

1951 Ford Tudor Owner – Brett Mathis Flames by Jim Mathis Walmart Gray Primer Cadillac Sombrero Hubcaps Air Ride Suspension ’50 Mercury Flathead Stroker Isky 3/4 race camshaft Polished Edelbrock aluminum heads Polish Eddie Meyer 2x2 intake with Stromberg 97 carbs Mallory electronic distributor Fenton headers Polish Eddie Meyer air cleaner Transmission is a T-5 manual

Article By Marshall Tucker


I N D Y. . . B O U N D

elcome back Full Throttle readers and riders! Well after what turned out to be a very soggy start to our riding season the weather has given way to some amazing riding temps not accustomed to this time of year or the mid-west. I can only imagine how many of you holding this magazine right now were some of the estimated one million riders that attended Sturgis this year and made it one of the biggest to date and I think that is pretty exciting! As for me I did not make it as I was doing my best to get our customers here at St Charles Harley-Davidson on their way to the rally and adventures beyond! Duty First! It’s always a pleasure to help a customer’s dream of going to Sturgis become a reality! As the weeks before it and leading up to Sturgis went on I pretended not to be salty but let’s all face it, if you didn’t make it, you know how I feel. As all the big groups headed out, and the packs of bikes roared through St Louis on their way to the Black Hills it seemed to quiet down a bit and I was left craving something two wheeled. About the same time the rally was kicking off I got a call from a good friend and rep in the Industry who offered up some Moto GP tickets at the Indy Motor Speedway the following weekend and I was stoked to accept the offer! I got to making plans on where to stay and how to get there and who to take with me. Now this wasn’t my first GP but it had been about five years since my last visit to the Bricks and I’d been waiting to go back ever since. I know what you are all thinking, “Why would I wanna go watch some rice rockets run around a track all day?” Well I know for a fact many of our Harley riders make an annual trip to the Springfield Mile to catch and enjoy the races and the thrill of some sideways full throttle action! Not to mention our readers also enjoy supporting the bikes at the Drag strip for NHRA. So why should you add Indianapolis Moto GP to your race roster? Well first off grab one of you best riding buddies and listen up! I have a few friends who truly enjoy the Moto GP scene but it only seemed appropriate to invite the Mid-West Suzuki Motor Sports rep and my good friend Paul to the races! So we got our bikes packed and headed out! The road between here and there is fairly flat, barley turns at all but the country side and lush green landscapes were plentiful, enjoyable and the weather was incredible! One of the best features of the weekend’s events is Meridian Street or what the locals call “Motorcycles on Meridian”! Meridian is planted right in the heart of Indy and has tons of restaurants and bars to choose from as well as stunt shows and street parties on every block! It mimicked in a small way the streets of Sturgis with bikes lining both sides as well as lined the middle of the street. Bikes of all shapes and sizes cruised the strip down to Monument Circle and back to strut everything from big wheeled turbo charged baggers to tricked out little 125cc Honda Groms. The scene down there really had something to offer for anyone and everyone! Harley guys were talking to sport bike guys and vice versa, I was even checking out some of the more odd ball stuff like a cool little Aprilla RD 250 two stroke sport bike that is pretty rare in the states. This event really has all a motorcycle enthusiast could ask for. Now let’s talk racing! Indy hosts not only Moto GP that weekend but also quarter mile racing as well as the Famous Indy mile! Great Flat track racing

Page 42 www.FullThrottle-Magazine.com

www.FullThrottle-Magazine.com Page 42

D AND DOWN right there on the grounds of the Indiana state fair! Yet in my opinion some of the best racing on two wheels happens on the Bricks at Indy Motor Speedway. Moto GP or Grand Prix motorcycle racing as it once was called started back in 1949 and has evolved into one of the fastest sports on the planet. These racers race on tracks all over the planet and most of the riders hail from around the world with a few Americans on the roster. Here in the states we are lucky enough to have three races, Laguna Seca in California, Circuit of Americas in Texas and Indy. These bikes and racers are a different breed all together. These bikes are purpose built, non-street legal and not available for outright purchase at dealerships. If ya wanna race you better have major manufacturer sponsors for this sport because it is insanely expensive. Estimated cost to just get one bike, granted most teams have many, is around $100,000 to $150,000 with some teams throwing numbers out like millions to build one bike?! When you factor maintenance, the rider and research and development in to the equitation that million dollar price tag doesn’t seem so outrageous. With major manufacturers like Suzuki, Yamaha, Honda, Ducati, and Aprilia fueling the industry and race programs the big price tags match the big pockets! Now on to what we really wanna hear about! How fast do these guys go? 200Mph and then some! On the front and back straights you can hit 190mph to 206mph and keep in mind there are turns at the end of those straights and these guys head in at 120mph to 140mph! These incredible athletes endure G forces comparable to a fighter pilot going into every turn and braking situation. The level of concentration, skill, strength and strategy that it takes just to power through one lap can be taxing! Imagine doing it 28 times over? Chance of rain? Non-issue, these warriors slap on rain tires and run just as hard in the wet! Most of the riders such as Valentino Rossi started racing at a very young age in Europe so it is no surprise he is working on his 8th championship title at the age of 36. Last year’s champ Marc Marquez was only 21 when he won his first championship and held it two years in a row! This years race as every year is the half way mark for the season for points and this year’s run for the Championship is just heating up! With only 9 points separating first and second place this point’s battle it’s going to get interesting! Watching these guys on the track will get your blood pumping and the adrenaline flowing and you’re not even the one piloting the bike? These athletes push the limits of physics and reality! It truly is breathe taking and almost emotional to watch. After focusing on the battles between first through fourth on the final laps I was exhausted, I could only imagine how the riders felt! The GP weekend is great to share with friends and family and really is an amazing weekend of all things two wheeled. I even took time to take part in a timeless tradition and kissed the bricks on the starting grid of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Hope you all had fun in Sturgis but if this article riles any interest in you take the short ride out to Indy and see it for yourself, you will not be disappointed! Thanks for stopping by and ya’ll enjoy the ride!

www.FullThrottle-Magazine.com Page 43

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Real Estate is on the rise. 636-489-8407 Don’t settle for an agent that BIKER OWNED AND OPERATED will sit on the side lines! Hire an Agent that will get in the game and work for you! Whether you are buying or selling a home, call the Real Team Captains. We will show you what it’s like to become A WINNER! Guaranteed Savings! Guarateed Results! I will show you how to save thousands of dollars whether you are buyer or selling! SERVING ALL METRO EAST AREA


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Muscle Car Mania Build August issue 2015 Owner: Tom Smith


e t a r C e g ran

Muscle C Black

In the spring of 2000, while visiting family at a car show in Kansas City, MO, Paul Vandeven made a comment that he had always wanted to build an old hot rod. His cousin’s husband told him that his dad had an old car sitting in his barn for fifteen years. The car was a Ford Model A 2 Dr Sedan. After checking out the car, a deal was struck and he picked up the car the next weekend. The car was complete and in pretty good shape, but all in pieces. He wanted a steel hot rod, no plastic, and that was the one. Deconstruction started fall of 2001 with removal of the remainder of the body from the chassis, as he didn’t think it was viable to use the existing frame rails. Working out of a small two-car garage and mostly in the driveway he started the body modifications. Welding in the steel floor pans and recessed fire wall that had been purchased from Bitchen Products, he chopped 3” out of the top and welded up all of the seams that were originally bolted. He filled in the top with steel and replaced the original Ford wood bows with ¾” square tubing.

Everyone told him that installing modern bear claw door latches would require major modification to the Model A. Several shops told him it wouldn’t work; but he figured it out and without very little body modifications He proved them wrong. This “Hot Rodder” was not going to be told it couldn’t be done, so he did it! Another hurdle overcame, he pushed on. He saved up and replaced the original frame with a firstrate modern chassis from TCI. The new chassis had polished stainless independent front suspension, four link rear suspension, and coilovers all around. Sway bars front and rear helped to keep the body roll under control. The stopping power is supplied by Wilwood 4 piston polished aluminum calipers up front, and stock drum brakes on the rear. Power supplied by a 350 Chevy small block with a small Weiand supercharger, Edelbrock aluminum heads and an Edelbrock 850 CFM thunder Page Page 48 48 www.FullThrottle-Magazine.com www.FullThrottle-Magazine.com

Car Mania

Story By Paul & Linda Vandeven Bob Eufinger


series carburetor backed with a TH700-R4 overdrive transmission and a Ford 9” Posi differential from Currie. Wheels are Billet Specialities ‘Qualifiers’. After getting the body on a rolling chassis he fitted the rest of the sheet metal on the car, building and installing a dashboard, fabricating and installing both front and rear power windows. Finding seats to fit the narrow Model A was solved with a few modifications to some seats from a wrecked 1996 Mustang. After he finish fitting the interior components ie: IDIDIT steering column, gauges, Vintage Air, and pedals, he started back on the body. He received a refresher course in block sanding getting the body straight, and since he had chosen “Blackcherry” as the color, it had to be straight. Nearly black, it had to be perfect – and that meant more block sanding. Pieces and parts were painted individually in the confined area of the two-car garage which caused a few trials and errors to overcome. Lighting turned out to be a major problem. He had to place multiple halogen lights on stands; he held a halogen light in one hand and the spray gun in the other hand. Necessity is indeed the Mother of invention. Several months of painting and reassembly paid off, leaving just upholstery to go. A local upholsterer covered the seats, interior, headliner and door panels, and covered the top with vinyl similar to an original Model A. The car was finished in the spring of 2008 and was definitely worth the work and the wait. There have been lots of fun miles since then in this beautiful ride.

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