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July 19, 2014


Summer’s just around the next curve. And with the Efficiency (ACE™) engine and a 6-speed transmission for more torque, fewer fill-ups and a smoother ride, you’re on your way to the most exhilarating vacation ever.



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Table of Content Page 8: Chic Chat Page 10-13 Dave Mungenast Gives Back Dave Mungenast Way Page 14: Grease, Gears and Grooves Page 30-32 Bo Matthews Page 34: Odd Ball Ink Page 36-37: The Do’s and Don’t of Motorcycle Travels Page 39: Treat Your Lock to Lluks Salon Page 42-43 The Amazing Spider Bike Page 46-47 Muscle Car Mania Page 48: Crack Ups


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Well it has been an adrenaline rush this month with all the things happening around town. Cindy and I have had a blast getting out and covering the many great events that happened so far. I am still waiting for the normal 90 degree weather to arrive so I can settle into my summer. Don’t get me wrong I’ll take some 80’s but I am a hot weather guy and probably should live in Phoenix. This past weekend was filled with great events like the Bikini bike wash at the Jefferson Bistro. That was a great afternoon with Dan and Joe and all the great girls who spent their time cleaning bikes and cars. The Cruzin for Crider is an event I hope you will all plan to attend next year because the money they raise is for a truly awesome cause. They had a good turnout Saturday and remember you can still send them a donation to Help Stamp Out Stigma! WE also attended the KSHE Car Show at St Charles Harley and it had a huge turnout and displayed some fantastic cars and bikes. Mainly cars but, there were a few cool bikes on display. Sunday was a perfect day for the Kirkwood Hog Chapter and Doc’s Harley Spring ride. The ride was a enjoyable trip to the famous town of Hannibal and allowed everyone to pace their selves there and enjoy the surroundings in Hannibal. The ride left Hannibal and landed back in O’Fallon at Brewskeez Sports Bar for a fun evening. We also took time out Sunday to visit the Hawg Pit BBQ to help take in the food and fun at their 5th Anniversary Party. As always the Hawg Pit food, drink and entertainment was terrific. So with all that being said the many events here in our great town are underway for the season. All of us here at Full Throttle are so excited to be part of all the upcoming events this year and thank everyone who is planning the events and those who will attend. It’s going to be the best riding year ever! We, at Full Throttle, are pumped about getting our 6th Annual Grease Gears and Grooves Bike and Car show organized and planned. Remember to make plans to attend this event for a unbelievable day. We will have a terrific Car and Bike show, fantastic food and drinks, and there will many great vendors showing and selling their products. We will have several new things this year that you will be excited to see that day. Mr. Bo Mathews from WIL 92.3 will be on board to help MC the event and be part of special day to help raise money for the Children’s Miracle Network and our friends at Bikers Against Child Abuse. I promise that you will not be disappointed with all the things to see and do that day. If you are interested in entering your car or bike in the show please contact us so we can get you registered. We are still looking for a few more Vendors for the event before we fill up the space so get with us quickly so you don’t miss out if you have a product to display or sell. In addition we are going to have live music straight from Nashville “DEE ROCK” and our Pinup contest is going to awesome. We have some fantastic contestants for the Pinup but need just a couple more if your a Pinup model. For all sign ups and info about the GGG event, email me at publisher@ fulthrottle-magazine.com. I want to thank all of you again for keeping Full Throttle Magazine the most recognized name in the free Motorcycle Magazine industry and for making us the #1 most read and sought after publication always! Point proven over and over, we are the #1 magazine of Choice by readers and advertiser alike. That’s all from here so until next month or we meet on the road, Ride Safe and I look forward to meeting you on the road with Full Throttle. Bob Blanton

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Sorry Boys, No Men Allowed!


Last month I was so happy to finally have spring in the air. I was talking to Bob about this and I don’t think we are having spring this years. I go from turning on my furnace to turning on my AC to turning my furnace on again. And that was in a three day period. Last year I went for about a month with neither of them on. I loved having a low gas and electric bill respectively. This year has been crazy weather even by St. Louis standards. But non the less, it is what it is! OK Ladies, Last month I wanted y’all to tell me some interesting things that you have done to snazzy up your motorcycles. I got a couple of stories and I must say, “It’s all about the bling.” Women after my own heart. One gal shared with me what she did with her trike. She had it painted a pearl iridescent white. She had a custom diamond cut motor installed. Then she glued Swarovski Crystals all over the horn, air cleaner, footboards, & license plate. I asked her if the glue would hold up under all the heat. She indicated it was all trail and error. She finally came up with a glue mixture that would hold up under the intense heat of the bike. What she didn’t do was send me any pictures. AARRUUUGGHH! From the description, it sounds pretty awesome. I wish I had some pictures that I could share with you. The other gal has a Sportster and blinged out the entire tank and fenders. Now that is some serious bling.

Along with motorcycles, we like to add the bling to our accessories. Helmets, bags, belts and our jewels.

Next month I want to bring a little more serious topic up for discussion;“HELMET.” I know this topic is not necessarily just for “Women.” But I would like a womens perspective. Helmet are always a topic of conversation. Missouri being a current helmet law state, has had this issue thrown back and forth. Yes, Helmet do protect you head if ever you where in an accident. But, shouldn’t it be a choice that we, as adults, be allowed to make for ourselves? Or should we allow others to make that choice for us? The crazy thing is, I don’t wear a DOT helmet and when I go to Sturgis or even across the river into Illinois, I don’t wear a helmet at all. But yet I wear my seatbelt every time I get into a car, knowing that I have metal structure and airbags that surround me. When we get on our motorcycles, we don’t have that luxury of metal surroundings and airbags to protect us. So why helmets? Why do we balk at this form of protection? I’d like to know what you think. LADIES, LET’S CHAT! editor@fullthrottle-magazine.com

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Dave Mungenast Gives Back “The Dave Mungenast Way”


hen Bob and I approached Mungenast Motorsports about advertising with us, we had no idea the history and influence Dave Mungenast had in our beloved City of St. Louis. Dave Mungenast comes from a long lineage dating all the way back to 1688 in Fehrbach, Baden, Germany where Johannes Mungenast was born. Johannes Mungenast will later become the patriarch of the family line from which the St. Louis Mungenasts descend. Dave’s St. Louis roots began in 1847 when his Great Grandfather Benedict Mungenast, along with his father Reinhardt, moved to St. Louis from Germany. Benedict married in 1856 and produced two sons, Joseph and Andrew; Dave’s Grandfather. Two years after Benedict was married, he served in the American Civil War fighting with the North. In 1895 Andrew Mungenast had a son Andrew G. Mungenast; Dave’s Father. Andrew G. married Charlotte Boekel, the daughter of a yeast manager of the Anheuser Busch Brewery. They had six children; Andrew Jr., Thomas, Charlotte P., John, David and Carl. Andrew G. and Charlotte built their marriage and family around strong traditional German Catholic values. Dave’s father, who everyone called Andy, was considered an idealist with deep religious values, a strong work ethic and a sense of responsibility to his community. Even though he was a World War One Navy Veteran with an eighth grade education, he earned a living as a director of sales and marketing for Streckfus Steamers. This company managed the excursion boats that ran up and down the Mississippi. They also owned the St. Louis Admiral as well as the President, which was, at the time, docked in New Orleans. All his kids except Carl would, from time to time, get jobs working on the Admiral. Even though he enjoyed his work with the Steckfus Company, this was not what put Andy on the map. In 1915, alongside of Henry Giessenbier, became the co-founder of Junior Chamber of Commerce; known today as the Jaycees. Henry Giessenbier was the first president and Andy was first the Secretary. Later he would be given the title of “Honorary President”. Throughout the years of service for this organization, he wanted to give back to St. Louis. He wanted to give St. Louis a better image. All he heard was people apologizing for their fair city. His idea was to create several hundred historical markers throughout the city and county. Through this course of action he became friends with Charles Lindbergh, Admiral Richard Byrd, Jimmy Doolittle and other celebrities of that era. He also had the pleasure of meeting President Richard Nixon. Andy was known and served as the official greeter of the city. He continued his work with this organization up until his death at the age of 80. Shortly before his death, he had also retired from Streckfus. Charlotte was a well-educated woman. She was a homemaker and a strong role model to her children. She was described by her children as the “Velvet Sledgehammer”. Like Andy, She also did a lot charitable work and served her community. She served as president of the St. Louis University High School Mother’s Club. In the 1970’s she was the founder and president of the Shrewsbury, Missouri chapter of the American Association of Retired Persons. She was also given the title of “Honorary First Lady of the International Junior Chamber of Commerce. They both worked hard to raise their children under that same system of values and worth. They wanted to make a good life for their children. They also felt that God will reward them for their works. With that came a unique generous spirit. Their youngest son Carl describes them as being “generous to a fault”. As the two of them raised their children, David was the one that….let’s just say, stood out the most. David Francis Mungenest, who we all know as Dave Sr., was born October 1, 1934. He was the fifth of six children. Starting at a very young age, Dave never really fit the mold in which his parent wanted him to fill. He had his own ideas about life. School was not very interesting to him. It wasn’t the lack of intelligent; he was good at math and was a slightly above average in science and history. He felted there was so much more out there to explore. He seemed to always find way to cut school and/or create a ruckus during his classes. He was the jokester. But, as much as he would cut school or create a commotion at school, he was always caught. He was quickly becoming the Black Sheep of the family. Dave, as a child, dreamed of being a mountaineer; living off the land. He was fascinated with the early days of the Louisiana Purchase when trappers and trader would move their merchandise and down the Mississippi. He would often visit his grandfather who lived about 12 miles away on the Mississippi River. He would hunt and trap. He would catch fish, clean and gut them and make a stew. He learned how to scrape and salt hides of the animals which he would bring back to St. Louis to sell to the Taylor Fur Company. His friends nicknamed him “Trapper Dave”.

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Mungenast Classic Automobiles & Motorcycle Museum By the age of 16, his days of being a Mountaineer began to fade. A new love entered into his life; Motorcycles. His first bike was a 1946 Indian Chief for $100, which he proceeded to wreck the day he brought it home. His urges didn’t stop there. His next bike was a smaller Indian, a converted WWII military model. Then to a 1950 British BSA and then at the age of 19 he bought a brand new 1953 BSA Gold Star. It became perfectly clear that motorcycles where not just a fascination but more of an obsession. He began to learn how to do tricks and maneuver the bike all sorts of ways and became a real pro at off road riding. In 1953 He helped formed a legitimate sports oriented club call the Midwest Enduro Team. Dave loved life and all the adventures that came with it. In 1958 Dave started working for Bob Schultz Motorcycle dealership as a mechanic. And quickly became indispensable. He married his wife, Barbara McAboy, in 1959, who he had met six years earlier. They had three boys; Dave Jr., Ray and Kurt. In the late 1950’s and into the 1960’s began a whole new era of motorcycles. Honda was introduced to the United States. This gave people the opportunity to change their attitude about motorcycles. The Honda Motorcycles were quieter, less intimidating, easier to ride and more reliable. While Dave was working at Bob Schultz as a manager, he saw the extreme value in these Hondas. With the influence of one of Dave’s longtime friends, Ron Huch, Dave convinced Bob Schultz to bring these Honda motorcycles to their lineup. Dave quickly realized the motorcycle industry was taking off. There were between 40,000 and 50,000 motorcycles sold per year in the United States which included domestic and imported. Other Japanese manufacturers came on board such as Yamaha, Suzuki and Kawasaki’s. Dave wanted a stake in the game. Bob Schultz seeing the value in Dave, had his business appraised at a whopping sum of $50,000 and told Dave that he can buy in as a partner for $25,000. Dave could not come up with that much cash so he decided to venture out on his own making his own deal with Honda. In 1964 he met Dave Larsen who became Dave Mungenasts first employee and in 1965 helped him open his first Honda Motorcycle dealership at 6820 Gravois in South St. Louis. Dave had a good head for business, but never veered from his love of being on a motorcycle. With a new wife, starting a new family of his own as well as starting a new business, Dave managed to find the time to do what is does best; off road motorcycle racing. In 1964 he won the 24 hour motorcycle marathon at River Dale Speedway, giving Honda its first national championship title in America. The same year he opened his Honda Dealership he rode in the Jack Pine Enduro and broke his leg. From 1965 to 1973 Dave Mungenast had competed in some of the most pristine off road motocross racing, nationally and internationally; earning him gold, silver and bronze medals. All while competing in the races; Dave continued to grow his businesses. One year after he opened his Honda dealership, he opened a Toyota dealership located at 5625 Gravois Ave. in South St. Louis. In 1974 he took on a Honda car dealership. If all this wasn’t enough, Dave started a career as a Hollywood Stuntman. From 1976 to 1985 he appeared in seven major motions pictures which include; “Cannonball Run”, “Hooper”, “The End”, “Airport 77”, “Harry and Son”, “Welcome to Paradise” and “Stormin’ Home”. He met and hung around famous actors such as Burt Reynolds, Paul Newman, Peter Fonda and Steve McQueen. In 1985 he earned a nomination for “Stuntman of the year”. Dave Mungenast is an iconic figure in St. Louis. Throughout his adventurous life he had managed to raise a wonderful family with his loving wife Barbara, continued to grow his automotive dealerships which includes: Honda, Toyota, Acura, Lexus, Hyundai and Honda Motorsport. He was a successful off-road motorcycle racer and had a successful career as a Hollywood Stuntman. In 1988, he was recognized as the “Dealer of

www.FullThrottle-Magazine.com Page 11

Distinction” in Sports Illustrated. In 1991 he was recognized by the Midwest edition of “Time Magazine” as it “Time Quality Dealer.” Dave, feeling so blessed to have a wonderful adventurous life, he took one of the most valuable lessons his parents taught him. He wanted to give back to his beloved city. So, in the year 2000, the same year he was inducted into the Motorcycle Hall of Fame, he open up The Classic Motorcycle Museum. This was a way for Dave Mungenast to give back to the city he loved; giving them a special thank you for their loyalties as a consumer. This museum is adorned with so much history. You walk into this place and a sense of nostalgia overwhelms you. You remember me mentioning Dave Larsen? Mr. Larsen has been with Dave Mungenast since the very beginning; 50 years. Dave runs the museum and knows every piece of its history. The building in which the museum sits is the original Toyota Dealership that was opened in 1966. There are over 200 motorcycles on display that date back to the early 1900’s. There’s Honda, BSA, Indians, Norton’s and Harley’s to name a few. Most of the bikes you’ll see at the museum are bikes that were sold at one time or another from the St. Louis Honda Motorcycle dealership. Two of the high-lights are an old army Indian model and Excelsior that was owned by Steve McQueen. As I was walking through the museum, I was amazed on how much “Motorcycle” history St. Louis had to offer. This town is a true motorcycle town. We had BoardTrack motorcycle racing complexes and several off-road motocross racing complexes. If you know your history, then you might be familiar with Board Track Racing. The track is made up of 2 x 4 wood board laid out lengthwise and banks at about 60 degrees. Set on display are two Indian board tracks racing bikes in pristine condition. There were motorcycle clubs and clicks. There is a display case that has articles of clothing from The Missouri Mules Motorcycle Club. The museum is not just motorcycles that Dave Mungenast has owned or sold over the years. St Louis is fortunate enough to have several big motorcycle collectors that loan the museum their bikes in order to refresh their displays. If you have already visited the museum, go back and visit again. You might just see a whole new collection. There are pictures, news articles of many different motorcycle enthusiasts of St. Louis and vintage motorcycle parts all on display. One of Dave Larsen’s goals is to build a photo display of all the motorcycle agencies of St. Louis. There is a collection of photos that Bob Schultz widow gave to Dave to have displayed. He also has photos of the old Kawasaki dealership. This is not just a place for motorcycles; there are also automobiles such as vintage Hondas, Toyotas and even a few European cars. They currently have one of the very first Honda’s ever produced for America. The best part about this museum is you can go and look around for FREE. They do except donations but, this piece of St. Louis history has no cost to you. This is a way for Dave Sr. to give back to you. Dave Mungenast Sr. passed away in 2006 leaving behind an undeniable legacy. So if you are feeling a little bit nostalgic and would love to see a bit of St. Louis history, then I encourage you to make your way down to The Classic Motorcycle Museum located at 5625-5626 Gravois Rd, St. Louis, MO 63116. They are open on Tuesday and Thursday from 10:00am to 5:00pm and on Saturday from 10:00am to 2:00pm. Stop in and ask for Dave Larsen and watch yourself step back in time. I want to give a special thank you to Dave Larsen for speaking with us about Dave Mungenast Sr. and the Classic Motorcycle Museum. And for giving us the biography of Dave Mungenast “Take it to the Limit” The Dave Mungenast Way. Written by Ed Youngblood. I was able to use this book as a tool for facts and dates.

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JULY 19, 2014










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Come out and enjoy cold beer, great food and live entertainment


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Going on NOW, “Bike Night” Every Wednesday Night Free Wings from 6-8 (Supplied by Jefferson Ave Bistro) June 14th Full Throttle Bikini Contest and Bike Wash Bike Wash starts at 11am Bikini Contest starts at 9am June 28th Summer Slam Washer Tournament “Under NEW Management” Starts at 12 Noon “NEW Menu” $50 Per Team Amazing Atmosphere 1st • 2nd • 3rd Place Prizes Participants email Dan at danhalfwayhaus@gmail.com For Future Events, visit us on Facebook Book your Private Party today! Catering available To Book a Party or Catering Contact Dan Ehrenreich at 314-732-2102 For More Information or to book our PARTY BUS call 314.256.0101 or email at danhalfwayhaus@gmail.com

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y a w f Hal s Hau The

Saturday June 14, 2014 At Halfway Haus Bikini Contest Starts at 9pm Bucket Specials • $4 Bacardi Shot Specials Every Hour


Bikini Contest

ur o Y k r a s M r a d n e l a C


Halfway Haus Every Wednesday “Bike Night” Free Wings 6-8 June 14th Full Throttle Bikini Contest June 28 Summer Slam Washer Tournament

Mother Road Ride Rally June 14th-22nd

Mungenast Motor Sports June 1

June 21st

Masters Ride/State Police

Tilted Kilt Every Thursday “Bike Night” All Summer Long 6pm-9pm Ride for Wishes June 7th-8th Full Throttle Wentes Food Shack & Saloon Swap Meet & Bike Show June 7, 2014

Doc’s Harley Davison Raising of the Flag July 4

Ozark Mountain Thunder Rally Branson, MO

Brewskeez Live Music Every Weekend

Bikers on the Square Perryville, MO

Brewskeez Thursday Night Bike Night

Missouri State HOG Rally Springfield, MO June 26th - 28th

House of Rock Bike Night Bikini Bike Was June 27

Sleigh Riders Motorcycle Toy Run June 28th

Hawgs For Dogs June 27

June 19th - 21st

Handlebars Florissant/Pacific Live Music Every Weekend Pacific, MO Car Show June 28 Doc’ Harley Davidson Summer Open House June 21

Naptown Riders 44th Annual Breakout Ride June 13-14 Hartbauer Mcbride Biker Rodeo June 14 Dragon Family The Leukemia Inner City Poker Run July 26

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Bob Marcus

1331 Park Plaza Dr Suite 2 O’Fallon, IL 62269 618-622-3600 Cell 618-363-6368

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Martindale Hubbell AV Rated Firm

4th Annual

SUMMER SERIES POKER/TOY RUN Come and Ride the Rockies

Cash Prices for the Top Hands $1000 Best Hand • $500 2nd Place • $250 3rd Place


(Crossroads and 1-25, Loveland)



THE BOOT GRILL (4164 Clydesdale Parkway in Loveland)


PRE-REGISTER NOW at www.sleighriderstoyrun.org & select “Summer Series” tab Pre-Registration will receive FREE breakfast, a ride shirt and an extra raffle ticket $20.00 Single Rider / $35.00 Double Rider (Two-Up)

LIVE MUSIC, PRIZES, FOOD & DRINK FROM 3PM-6PM •••REQUIRED TO BRING AT LEAST ONE BRAND NEW UNWRAPPED TOY ••• You will receive a raffle ticket for every toy you donate to win prizes —All proceeds benefit Santa Cops of Weld & Larimer County— For More Information visit us online at www.sleighriderstoyrun.org

Sleigh Rider Motorcycle Toy Run is a registered 501(c)3 organization and is represented by Suhre Law Firm, LLC

Life Behind Bars Pacifc Location 147 West St. Louis St Pacific, 63069 636.257.4700

Florissant Location 1149 N. US Hwy 67 Florissant, 63031 314-831-8460

Tuesday-Open Mic Night May 30- Midnight Calling May 31- Copper Head

June 6- Coldshot June 7- Southern Justice June 13- Moodswings June 14- TBA

Both Locations Live Music Every weekend Handlebar Shots Always $2.00

June 20- Copper Creek June 21- Bacon June 27- TBA June 28- Stingers

Floissant Location Only Tuesday Night Trivia Night $2 “You Call It” Beer • Well • Wine • Draft 8p-12p

Thursdays both locations DJ $7 All You Can Drink Draft and Rail 8p-12a




June 6- Mike Matthews June 7- Identity Crisis June 13- Head Game June 14- Dawg Daze JUNE 19 BIKE NIGHT 6-9 June 20-340’s June 21- Hit Factor June 27 Cotton Mouth

Food Service at Pacific Location Only


Monday Night: Trivia Night with E-Z Bill Trivia Tuesday Night: Karaoke Wednesday Night: Whiskey and Women Wednesday Ladies Night $10 bottomless cup. Featuring a different whiskey, special pricing, drink & shot specials, whiskey giveaway, live music 6/4 Envy • 6/11 Amber Fade • 6/18 Retro Nerds • 6/25 New Crime Theater Thursday Night: Ladies Night! Rhythm Rockers Featuring Max Elam and Billy Baker Weekend Live Music Line Up: 6/20 Super Jam 6/6 Hellen Back 6/21 Ladies Invitational Toy Party 5pm 6/67 ADD Stone Breaker 9 6/8 Burlesque BINGO 6/27 House of Rock BIKE NIGHT w/Dee Rock 6/13 Hip Bone Sam 6/27 The Everreadies 6/14 Feel Good Inc.



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Bo Matthews

o Matthews is a staple when it comes to country music radio. Those of you who listen to WIL 92.3 know who I am talking about, he is none other than the infamous DJ RROOFFin’ it up every afternoon from 2 pm – 7 pm. I met Bo at the WIL studios for this interview while he was doing his afternoon show. I’m not going to lie; it was pretty awesome being at the radio station while he was live on the air and seeing how everything works. I could tell right off the bat that Bo was the real deal; he is genuine, authentic and what you see is what you get. Bo was a true military brat born in Japan while his father was stationed there in 1966. Bo grew up living a military lifestyle and as he was reaching the end of high school, his father asked him what his thoughts were for a career. His first thoughts were to follow his father’s footsteps and join the military; his dad was pretty blunt in telling him that the military was not the best route to take. Well, taking that for what it was, he began to think. Bo sang in high school, so he thought about doing something with his voice. He then realized he really didn’t want to go down the music path due to the fact that he suffers from horrible stage fright. Bo can get up and talk in front of a packed Busch Stadium but getting up to sing, not a chance. Having some exposure to broadcasting in a career class in high school, Bo auditioned at Brown College’s Broadcasting School in Minneapolis. Not realizing that he had to read aloud for the auditions, he failed. Even though Bo had a great speaking voice, much practice was needed when it came to performing for a crowd. Two weeks later he went back and was accepted! After graduating from the broadcasting program, Bo landed his first job at a little radio station in Gillette, Wyoming. All you Sturgis lovers know where that is, right? So, at the ripe age of 18 and with the advice from his mother, he packed up his Ranchero and headed west vowing to play the one thing he was raised on, country music. He settled in Gillette, Wyoming for about year and a half and from there went to Casper, Wyoming and then on to Tuscan, Arizona. After the passing of his mother in 1986, Bo felt the need to be with family. While visiting with his father, who at this time was stationed at Scott Air Force Base, Bo audition for and accepted a DJ position with WIL. Since 1988, Bo has been working with WIL, starting his career as a part-time, one-shift a week DJ, to what you hear today. Bo’s passion for radio began when he young. He was listening to the radio and was enamored by the mysteriousness of it. Seeing that radio was much different 30 years ago, Bo could go to work and when he was out and about no one knew who he was. Today, there is Facebook, TV and several other mediums to put faces to names when it comes to radio. Even with that, Bo still loves what he does. Once he began working in St. Louis, Bo began to realize just how powerful the microphone is. He loved playing music and being a DJ but the microphone provided him with the ability to help spread awareness for those who are in need; charitable organizations, amongst many other things that needed an additional voice, could be heard though his radio speakers. Since coming to that realization, Bo has involved himself with several local charities. It started back when WIL had a news department; Bo was asked to fill in by one of their news guys. The story was about the Boys Town of Missouri Wagon Train from St. James, Missouri. This organization is com-

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Livin’ the Dream in the DAWG Pound RROOFF! prised of a group of children who ride on horseback eight to nine days to reach the Arch. When Bo went out to St. James to cover the story, he was overwhelmed with the children and all that they had been through. One boy in particular caught his eye; he was wearing cowboy boots but one of the boots was missing the heel. He approached the boy and inquired about his boots. To this the little boy explained that it was the pair he was given, the only ones that would fit. When Bo was finished and heading back, his wheels began to turn. He decided to reach out to Chucks Boots with an idea for a promotion. He proposed giving customers who brought in an old pair of boots a percentage off their entire purchase. The promotion was a success and ended up bringing in about 300 pairs of boots. Bo was then able to give the little boy from St. James a good pair of boots when he arrived at the Arch. Bo has also done a lot of work for St. Jude Radio-Thons. Back in 1992 he shaved his mullet for five thousand dollars. Again in 2000, Bo and Captain Mack both shaved their heads for twenty-five thousand dollars! Radio has given Bo the ability to give back to the community and to him, that is a blessing. However, Bo does not stop at the microphone, he also utilizes social media to help spread awareness. Bo regularly posts and promotes on Facebook, Twitter and even his Biker Blogs. One of Bo’s favorite things in this world, much like the rest of us, is motorcycles! Bo has been riding since he was about 5 years old, obviously not on his own. A favorite childhood memory of his was when his dad put him on the gas tank of his bike to go for a spin and ended up dumping the bike. Luckily, Bo wasn’t hurt but it was one of those occasions where you just don’t want Mom to find out. Even with that little incident, Bo was fascinated. By the age of 13 he had saved up enough money to by his first bike, a Yamaha 125 Enduro Dual Sport. The freedom and adrenaline he felt was invigorating. Now, Bo rides a 2008 CVO Ultra Classic, which he loves to take out for a relax rides with his wife, who he adores. Now, anyone who has heard of Bo Matthews has also heard of Bo Foot. If you haven’t, this is Bo’s beast of a truck. Bo Foot began in 1997 when a buddy of Bo’s decided to sell his truck. Seeing this opportunity, Bo had a great idea. At the time, the truck was two-wheel drive and stood only 7 feet tall. So, he went to his boss at WIL and proposed the idea of using the truck as a promotional staple for the radio station. With the station onboard, Bo purchased the truck and transformed it into the WIL monster truck we know and love. Bo Foot is now brought to all of the country concerts to play music, help with giveaways and to represent Bo and 92.3 WIL. Between Bo’s love of radio, motorcycles, and country music, Bo feels truly blessed to be apart of such an amazing community. His passion for radio and reaching out to the community is truly inspiring and something everyone in our community should be grateful for. So, the next time you turn on your radio between 2 pm- 7 pm, make sure you turn that dial to WIL 92.3 and give Bo Matthews a big RROOFF!

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Fun facts about Bo Matthews! FTM: Name one thing that most people don’t know about you. Bo: I live underground, as in an earth home. Yes, I mow my roof. FTM: What is one selfless way to pay it forward? Bo: My wife and I love to secretly buy someone else’s meal. FTM: I never get tired of___________. . . Bo: Riding my motorcycles. FTM: What is something you don’t want to regret when you are older? Bo: Missing out on opportunities to travel. FTM: If I gave you a plane ticket to anywhere in the world, where would you go? Bo: Cancun. FTM: What have you always wanted to do but never done? Bo: Ride my motorcycle down the Dragons Tail. FTM: What is your all-time favorite movie? Bo: Smoky and the Bandit FTM: What is your all-time favorite song? Bo: Margaritaville FTM: What is the weirdest/strangest thing you ever did while working a live remote (out of studio radio show)? Bo: At Bobby’s nightclub in Illinois, they had a rodeo arena out back. They would bring in a rodeo crew and do this thing called Mexican Poker; four people would sit at this table and they would release a bull out in to the arena and the last person sitting at the table would win a t-shirt or some sort of small cash prize. Watching this 2000-pound bull freight train it toward the table where these people were sitting was one of the most frightening things I’ve ever seen. I remember there was this one woman; she was the last person sitting there as the bull charged the table, and after it was over, she comes up to me to collect her prize saying that she didn’t even have health insurance!

Odd Ball Ink I

n addition to your conventional advertising such as print ads, TV, or radio; signs, screen printing, business cards, banners and even vehicle graphics is a way to get your name recognized and bring business to your door. Signs are needed to help people find you. Business cards always have your contact information; banners for the special events; vehicle graphics are great for “on the move” advertising. And shirts and top are so versatile. They can go places that other forms of advertising cannot go. But, you ask yourself, “Where do I go to get all my advertising needs?” ODD BALL INK! They are located 1055 Gravois Road, Fenton, MO 63026. (636) 349-4949 Odd Ball Ink is extremely versatile when it comes to creating a great peace of art. They will help you “Bring your Logos to Life”. I had an opportunity to meet with Lee Hefley, the owner of Odd Ball Ink. Lee has been in this industry since 1991. He first got a taste of screen printing taking an art course in high school. He found it very fascinating and wanted to learn more. At the time, Lee was well underway to follow in his father’s footsteps working for his family’s demolition company. He felt this was not his calling and he told his father that he really wanted to work in graphic arts. After that, Lee got a job as an apprentice working for a screen printing company. After about two years and learning everything thing that he could learn, he left and ventured out on his own. Lee takes tremendous pride in his work and will work as long as it takes to make sure everything is perfect. He is also very competitive on his prices and will work to stay within your budget. Lee tried to explain all the steps it took to get all the information from the computer to the shirt. All I can say is that, “I’ll leave it to the professionals.” There’s the template, the ,what I call the “Pin Wheel”, the squeegee, the paint, the 340 degree conveyor belt dryer, and the 340 degree flash box dryer (for the times when you are screening multiple colors). I’m sure I forgot something. Lee makes it look so easy. But this is what he does and he loves every minute of it. So, it doesn’t matter whether you have a business you want to promote, a charitable organization organizing a fund-raiser, a baseball or softball league, a group of people rallying around a loved one after being diagnosed with an illness, or a big family coming together for a family reunion, Lee at Odd Ball Ink is a name you can trust to bring it all to life.

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Story and Photographs by Full Throttle Magazine

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elcome once again Full Throttle readers and riders! Spring is in the air (as I type this month’s article on a chilly 50 degree morning) and we are all ready to ride! Many of us have vacations planned this summer near and far. Some will be going on weekend trips and others are planning on being away for much longer. Whether you’re planning a weekend getaway or a weeklong trip across the country, packing and planning for a bike trip can have its draw backs and issues. Depending on the bike you ride, you may have plenty of room to pack everything you need and you’re able to get through your trip with no problem. Then there may be some of you that have a bike that isn’t quite so “long haul friendly.” Your bike probably has no bags, no luggage rack, and not much room to spare. Many of us, when it comes to traveling have a checklist of items we will never leave home without. For instance a couple items that are always on my checklist are clean tighties whitie and a toothbrush. When leaving on a bike trip, there are a couple other items you should always add to your checklist. You should always do a thorough walk around of the bike, checking the tires, lights, brakes etc. But what about the things you don’t think about for your trip? What about sun screen and as silly as it sounds chap stick? Nothing will ruin a trip faster than a nasty sunburn or that funky thing on your lip that pops up when you’ve been hit with too much wind and now when you’re talking to people and meeting new friends, it’s all they can look at. Bottom line is, if you’re going on a bike trip it’s going to take a little extra careful planning. Sometimes it’s a tough decision on what stays and what goes? Some things like your rain suites are a necessity but also take up a lot of room. Be sure that you are not doubling up on supplies and sharable items that the group or passenger your traveling with may already have, something as small as a tube of toothpaste can be the difference from getting that saddle bag lid closed or not. I learned many years ago as a boy scout that folding your clothes to pack is not the right way to do it. Be sure to roll your clothes, you will be able to efficiently carry more in less space, also if you know exactly where you are staying, shipping your luggage can be an easy way to get around overloading your bike. Speaking of over loading has anyone heard of GVWR? Anyone?...Anyone? GVWR = Gross Vehicle Weight Rating - is the maximum operating weight/mass of a vehicle as specified by the manufacturer

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Article By Marshall Tucker

N’T OF MOTORCYCLE TRAVELS including the vehicle’s chassis, body, engine, engine fluids, fuel, accessories, driver, passengers and cargo but excluding that of any trailers. This definition is basically saying your bike is not superman and it’s not made to carry everything in your dresser. No matter the bike you can always find the max weight specs in your owner’s manual. Over loading your bike can cause serious stress to your frame and drive train as well as put you in a dangerous situation. It can affect ground clearance and the handling characteristics of your bike. Also be sure to evenly distribute the weight of your items across the bike, for example don’t pack your tool kit and rain suit in the right bag and a box of Kleenex is the left. While on the topic of bags be sure you know the weight rating limitations of your travel gear. The new Harley saddlebags on StreetGlides are rated at 20 pounds and no more, 08 and earlier models are a little less at 15 pounds. Tourpaks are limited as well but again refer to the owner’s manual. If you have aftermarket bags, you can always refer to the company that produced the luggage I’ve never been much of a fan of cup holders on bikes but always make sure you are staying hydrated and comfortable, just not too comfortable, no nodding off. Being dehydrated can affect your physical strength and mental awareness. If you are worn out be smart and know when to call it quits. Iron butt rides are fun but when you push yourself too far bad things can happen. Be sure to stop every once in a while and stretch the legs and move around a bit. Don’t get pulled in to the white line fever, studies show that a person that is exhausted from driving all day has the same reaction time as a person who is legally drunk. Always be sure to plan your trip with ample rest stops and give yourself plenty of time to get to your destination. Where ever your adventures take you this summer just be mindful of what you are doing. Packing the wrong things and packing things the wrong way can really put your trip in jeopardy before you even leave your driveway. Have fun and keep the rubber side down and the shiny side up! Thanks for stopping by and y’all enjoy the ride!

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Treat Your Locks to Lluks Salon

ave you ever took a good look at your hair and were just fed up with what you saw? Everyone has experienced those dreaded “Bad Hair Days”. Speaking from personal experience, there are days when I feel my hair would serve a better purpose as a mop. Then I came across Lluks Salon located at 1430 N. Broadway, 2nd Floor, St. Louis, 63102 above Shady Jack Saloon. Let me introduce you to two amazing Hair Designers; Christine Rice and Melodie Wilson. Between the two of them, there is nearly 30 years of hair designing experience. Christine having a little over 10 years of experience and gaining her formal training in Chicago; wanted to open her own salon. She grew up around the motorcycle industry and has a true love for them. Putting her salon above Shady Jacks felt like a natural fit. (Notice that lluks is Skull spelled backwards.) Melodie met and became Christine’s hair stylist about a year ago. Christine began to share her vision with Melodie showing her this ideal place for her salon. Loving the location, the two partnered up and Lluks Salon was born. Christine specializes in cuts, color, hi-lights, low-lights, conditioning treatments and color corrections. With the prom and wedding season here, Christine does some of the most creative up dos around. You can schedule your appointment to go to her salon or she will go to you on location. She enjoys working with all type of hair; thick, thin, long, short, curly or straight. Melodie has about 18 years of experience; receiving her training in New York, San Francisco, Washington D.C. and Houston. She specializes in cut, color, blonding (hi-lights), color corrections, keratin treatments, and extensions. With her extensive background she was named the official Hair Stylist for several NBA cheerleading teams as well as the San Francisco Forty-Nine-rs and the Oakland Raiders cheerleading teams. In 2012 she was nominated for Outstanding Hair Design in a Musical at the WATCH Awards (Washington Area Theater Community Honors). Hair fashion is like everything else in the fashion industry; it is continually changing. Both Christine and Melodie continue to seek out and train on the latest, fashions, styles and trends. Lluks Salon is not just for the ladies. Men are more the welcome to come in receive a great haircut. Men’s hair fashion is just as important as women’s. The men need to look good for the ladies and these two girls can make that happen. So, the next time you have one of those “Bad Hair Day”, call Christine (314-330-6383) and Melodie (703-728-3372) at Lluks Salon and watch them work their magic. Story and photos by Full Throttle Magazine

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Photos courtesy of John Krick

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The Amazing Sp

Story By C.Blanton


ave you ever been riding down the road and you look over and see an interesting looking bike? You ask yourself, “What is it?” “It looks like a backwards trike. Aren’t the wheels supposed to be in the back?” Then you look a little closer. This new age machine boasts sleek lines and a very aerodynamic look. Then your curiosity is peeked. How does it ride? How does it handle on the straight away and how does it corner? Well, I can answer all those questions for you. Our friends at St. Louis Powersports let me take one out for an entire day. I had the pleasure of riding the Can-Am Spyder RTS. This is one of their touring models. I put about 150 miles on that bad boy and I have to admit, I loved every minute of it. Now, most of you already know, I ride a Harley Triglide. So when I started to ride the Spyder, It took me a few minutes to get acclimated to the controls and having the two wheels in the front. Once I got use to everything, I was amazed on how well it handled. Their exclusive Y-frame design makes it easy to maneuver through turns while keeping you firmly on the ground. The Can-Am Spyder comes in eight different models from sport to touring. If you want that sporty look, then consider the Spyder RS and RSS models. These models offer a sleek low profile look with a sport windshield and a powerful and proven Rotax 998cc V-Twin engine. They come in either a 5 speed semi-automatic with reverse or 5 speed manual transmission with reverse. If you want a combination of sporty meets touring, you may want to look at their Spyder ST, STS, and ST Limited. These models still gives you that sleek low profile look with the sport windshield and that powerful 998cc V-Twin engine. But you will also have rider footboards (with SE5 transmission only) and on the Limited model you will have removable rigid saddlebags. These models also come in the 5 speed semi-automatic with reverse or 5 speed manual transmission with reverse. Then there are the luxury touring models; the Spyder RT, RTS and RT Limited. These models feature the new Rotax 1330 ACE hightorque engine, new 6 speed semi-automatic transmission with reverse or 6 speed manual transmission with reverse, the new heat management system, the new SACHS shocks, the new ECO mode smart assist, the new ultra comfort touring saddle, and the adjustable electric windshield. These are just some of the features these models offer. This amazing machine also offers seven automotive technologies. Such as, anti-lock braking system (ABS), traction control system, stability control system, semi-automatic transmission, dynamic power steering, reverse and cruise control. All of them but the semi-automatic transmission and cruise control come standard on all models. The semi-automatic is standard on “The Limited” models. The cruise control is standard on all the RT models, the STS and ST Limited Models, and the RSS model. Within the anti-braking system there are sensors that monitor the rotation of all three wheels and can perform independently on each other. Just like a car, this system reacts to the wheel that is at risk. When you combine the ABS technology with Brembro


Man Bike

brakes, this allows for maximum braking performance. The best part this system is controlled with one foot brake. There is no hand brake at all. The tractions control is something that you would not necessarily expect on a motorcycle. The system detects excessive rear wheel spin and works to let the Spyder accelerate without requiring the rider to make a lot of corrective maneuvers. It accomplishes this by regulating engine ignition and fuel injection, which reduces engine torque. The stability control monitors your intended directions through your handlebars and determines the vehicles appropriate response. Then it applies the brakes to the wheel(s) and reduces the engine torque. The semi-automatic transmission was my favorite option. There is no clutch lever or foot shifter. The shifting works off a paddle shifter. Much like a race car, you simply use your thumb and push through the gears and you use your forefinger to pull toward you as you down shift. Now, here’s why this is so easy to use; as you are shifting up through the gears, you do not let off the throttle. Unlike any manual transmission, you have to back off the accelerator/throttle as you shift into the next gear. This system allows you to continue keeping a steading acceleration as you up shift. It keeps getting better. Once you apply the brake to come to a stop you DO NOT have to down shift at all. It does it all for you. The only time that you would need to or want to manually down shift is when you need more power to maneuver up a hill. That is pretty amazing. No more muscling around corners and through turns. The dynamic power steering makes it so much easier to corner and turn. Depending on the riders speed, it varies on the amount of assistance needed. With the size of these motorcycles, reverse is a must have. In two easy steps, you are going backwards. With your right hand, press and hold the reverse button and with your left forefinger push the shift paddle toward you and it will pop into reverse. It’s just that easy. When you are heading down the road on a nice road trip, cruise control is a great way to set you speed and relax. The one-handed operation and quick engagement allows you to set a comfortable speed and enjoy your ride. There are so many other features that are offered standard depending on the models; such as, anti-theft system, adjustable rear air suspension, fog lamps, and heated hand grips for rider and passengers, electric adjusting windshield, front cargo light and liner, GPS with Bluetooth wireless technology and chrome parts. With the various color selections and color combinations you can truly make it your own. Riding the Can-Am Spyder was a fun experience. I still love my Harley, but I will tell you, after riding this new age machine, it really is making me think about switching to a Spyder. So, if you are thinking about buying a trike or even a bike, go visit our friends and yours at St. Louis Powersports at 956 S. Highway Dr., Fenton, MO 63026 or at their NEW location in O’Fallon, MO and take a Can-Am Spyder for a test ride. I promise you will be hooked.


Are you looking to buy a Harley? If you are, then go see Shane Furnish at Doc’s. Shane has tremendous integrity and a strong character. He offers a great deal of knowledge and has a true love for this industry. He will work hard to find the right motorcycle for you. Whether you are in the market for a new or used motorcycle, Shane Furnish is the man you can trust.

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Muscle C Camero RS

Let’s go back in time a few years, to a time we all wish we could relive; The Sixties. By y r I’m sure a lot of you would like to go back for other reasons, but for Sto erris F t s i r l e me, it’s all about the MUSCLE CARS. I would hop at the chance to Rog r Specia a buy one, two even three of those amazing automobiles. There were a C Show lot to choose from, for instance, the Plymouth Barracuda, the Chevrolet Camaro, Chevelle, Nova & Corvette. How about the Dodge Charger and Challenge, the Mercury Cougar, the Pontiac Firebird and GTO, the AMC Javelin. And let’s not forget the Ford Mustang that has sustained the test of time. There would be no way I could choose just one. Then you have to consider all of the FANTASTIC Options, if you knew the correct number you could have almost anything. Once you have chosen your options, then the really fun begins; picking out the engine and the transmission. You can get your transportation with the Cubic Inch sizes that ranged from 302- 327- 350389- 400- 409- 427-428- 429- 440 and even 460. Even harder decisions had to be made like; did you want one 4 barrel carb, 2 - 4 barrel carbs or 3 - 2 barrel carbs? Did you want a Mouse Motor, a Rat Motor, a Cammer or maybe a HEMI? For Jr Bova, none of these engine combinations would be good enough; he knew he needed more much more. So he decided to build a 1973 Camaro RS his way, He was at the race track one day and saw a Camaro pulling the front wheels off of the ground and saw potential with the car. He was friends with Damon Mason the owner of the car. They worked out a deal and Jr became the new owner. He took the Camaro home and completely disassembled it in order to make it his own. Jr was a fabricator by trade so building a safe and fast car was no problem. He replaced all of the body sheet metal and filled in all of the body seams. He uses a Harwood fiberglass 4” Cowl Induction hood that he smoothed as much on the bottom side as he did on the top. Jr added rear wheel tubes for some serious rear tires. He uses the car on the street with Mickey Thompson 29.5/10.5-15W street slicks with Billet Specialties “Street Lite” wheels at all 4 corners. To make the car lighter, he removed every component that was not needed including everything on the firewall and he smoothed that area out for a real nice appearance.

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Car Mania “Real Street”

For the safety side of things he built a full Pro-Mod roll cage without the use of the Halo Bars for easy street access but he did add the “Stroud” window net, “Kirkey” Racing Fabrication Seats, “Strange” Quick release steering wheel adapter and a parachute mount ready and hidden behind the license plate just in case someone wants to call him out. Getting back to the power side of things, he knows there is no “replacement for displacement”, meaning the more Cubic Inches the better? With the help of Dustin Yahnke, he built a 632 cubic inch motor with the use of a “Dart” Big “M” block, “Dart” 380 Pro 2 heads. He also fabricated his own valve covers, overflow canisters, 12 gallon fuel cell, nitrous bracket, alternator bracket, evacuation tank and radiator support mounts. With an engine like this, you need to make sure it gets plenty of fuel so he uses “Magna Fuel System” and for extra power he also uses “NX Nitrous Express” Hitman 300 HP system. To keep an eye on how everything is working he uses “Auto Meter” Pro-Comp gauges and to help control things, he uses a Digital 7531 Electronic box with laptop capabilities. Wanting to make sure all of the power gets to the rear tires he uses a 9” Sheet Metal rear end with 3.90 “Richmond Gears” and “Wilwood” brakes on all 4 corners to make sure it stops. Jr needed some help with the final tuning of the engine, interior and paint work so he called on a few friends; Nick Mayden to do the headliner, carpet and door panels, Jason McMenamy to handle the bodywork and paint while Ohmer Philips did the tuning. Jr’s rarely takes his “Real Street” RS Camaro to car shows. He’d rather take it to some local cruises that may include a little rapid spinning of the rear tires. He did attend the 2013 SUPER CHEVY Show and won the “BEST OF THE BEST” Award sponsored by “Amsoil” So you see, I’m not the only one who thinks this Camaro is awesome. Alas, Jr does not want to refer his Pride and Joy as a “show car”. He’s rather be modest and tell you it’s “Kind of Fast”. With that being said, I would think twice before you meet him on the race tracks.

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CRACK UP’S The Modern Day Biker

I’ll buy me a patch that says “I RODE MINE I’m a modern day biker, got a scooter to prove it, got THERE”, who the hells gonna know, it’s a lie but who cares. Ride to live, live to ride, I got riden in my veins, ink on my arm, took 5 minutes to choose it. except when it’s too hot or too cold or windy or it rains. My putt she’s a beauty 40 grand worth of chrome, Yea, I’m a modern day biker, you got something to I’d never rode when I bought her, so I trailered her home. say? Send me an email, I’ll reply someday. I bought her on credit, accessories up the wazoo, bought some worn chaps and a leather jacket on HD credit Three Bikers too. Three Bikers, a Honda Rider, a BMW Rider and a Harley I got me some apes, about 3 feet tall, they’re way Rider were sitting in a sauna. over my head, can’t reach them at all. Suddenly, there was a continuing beeping sound. Big carb and big cam, big tire to boot, but I pray she The Honda Rider pressed his forearm and the beeping don’t break cuz I can’t fix my own scoot. stopped. The others looked at him questioningly. “That was Couple falls, couple crashes, another 5 grand in my pager”, he said, “I have a micro chip under the skin of fix’n, now I got my permit just can’t take my little vixen. my arm.” The vixen she’s a hottie, she’ll be 18 in June, she A few minutes later a phone rang. The BMW Rider loves all the chrome and now gives me the poon. lifted his palm to his ear. When he finished he explained, I wear a bandana, all folded and pressed, no helmet “That was my mobile phone. I have a micro chip in my for me, I ride to impress. hand.” I got me an attitude, I’m the baddest in town, but I The Harley Rider felt decidedly low tech. Not to be check it at the door when real patchers are around. outdone, he decided he had to do something just as impres I bought a big knife but I leave it at home, I wore it sive. He stepped out of the sauna and went to the bathroom. out once but it got in the way of my phone. He returned with a piece of toilet paper hanging from his I call my friends “bro” now, they got new scooters ass. too, we think we need an oil change, just no sure how to. The others raised their eyebrows and stared at him. I watch Pauly and Cody and Vinny and Senior, but I The Harley Rider finally declared… “Well, will you love Mikey the most, he’s the freaking ring leader. look at that, I’m getting a fax!” And don’t forget Jessie and his West Coast Chop Chapped Lips pers, building every bikers dream, 50 thousand dollar bar Two bros scootin’ on a crisp fall morning. First one signals hoppers. to pull over. I won’t ride to Sturgis, man that’s way too far, I’ll Second one says “What’s wrong?” just load up the trailer and tow with the car. First one says, “Man my lips are really chapped and hur I’ll stay in a motel, five stars there’s no doubt, One tin!” with great food and where credit has clout. Second one says, “C’mon man, tough it out.” I will trailer near town then jump in with some Down the road the same thing happens, again. Second one scooters, 1200 miles to drool at some girl with fake hooters. says, “C’mon man, tough it out.” I might get my ear pierced or another tattoo, of First one signals for a third time to pull over. Disgusted, the skulls or of dagger or maybe F**k U. second pulls over and walks into a farmer’s field. There, he If the vixen don’t like it and thinks I’m a dope, no gets four fingers full of cow crap and returns to the scoots. problems here, it’ll wash off with soap. First one says, “Is that goin’ to stop my lips from hurtin?” Sleep on the ground! You’re kidding me right? Next “No,” says the second, “but it’ll sure as hell keep you from thing you’ll want me to do is stay up n party all night. lickin’ ‘em!”

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Full Menu Fresh Homemade Pizza, Burgers, Sandwiches, Appetizers and much more

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When you’re enjoying your new Victory® motorcycle, always wear a helmet and protective eyewear and clothing and insist that your passenger do the same. Ride within the limits of the law and your own abilities. Read and understand your owner’s manual. Never ride under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Victory Motorcycles® strongly recommends that all riders take a Motorcycle Safety Foundation Rider Course. For a course near you, call 1-800-446-9227. Protect riders’ rights by joining the American Motorcyclist Association. For the name of your nearest Victory® dealership, call the Victory Motorcycles® hotline at 877-737-7172 or visit our website at VictoryMotorcycles.com. All Riders pictured are professionals and on closed courses. To the best knowledge of Polaris Industries Inc., the specifications, descriptions and illustrative material contained herein are accurate. Polaris Industries Inc. reserves the right, without prior notice, to discontinue at any time and at its discretion any of the items herein or change specifications or designs without incurring any obligation to the customer. All items are subject to availability and prior sales by our dealers. Victory® is a division of Polaris Industries Inc.

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O i l C h a n g e s • Tr a n s m i s s i o n • B r a k e s C omputer Diagnsis and More... N e w C a r s We e k l y. C a l l S h o p i f y o u ’r e l o o k i n g for anything.


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June 14, 2014 - June 22, 2014 Please join us for our 20th Anniversary Ride Route 66. Our journey begins in Willow Brook, Illinois and ends in Santa Monica, California.



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Let Us Match You With The RIGHT Provider Multiple Companies | Package Discount Available Specializing in: Parts, Accessories & Tires HD Service & Repair Performance Motors and Transwork DynoTuning

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Saturday, June 14, 2014 GATES OPEN @ 3:00PM GAMES START @ 4:00 PM at AMERICAN LEGION POST 485 200 South 5th Street Dupo, IL 62239


WWW.HARTBAUERMCBRIDE.COM Info: Tom Taylor (314-771-6659)

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L a w L e s s H a r L e y- D a v i D s o n o f s c o t t c i t y

c o M e i n to Day !

The largest full-service dealership in South East Missouri. Our Service Department is open Monday thru Saturday for your convenience!

Choose from a multi-million dollar selection of new and certified pre-owned bikes. 32 years of Harley expertise ready to keep you riding.

Love Life

Live Lawless! 2100 E. Outer Road, Scott City


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