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Table of Content Page 8: Chic Chat Page 12-13: High-Fiber Diet Vehicles Page 16-18: Raising the Roof Page 22: Take One Last Ride Page 30: Full Throttle Saftey Asylum Page 33: Crack Up’s Page 34-35: Tis the Season Page 38-29 Around Town w/Full throttle Page 40-41: Muscle Car Mania Page 44-45: Full Throttle & Shady Jack’s Toy and Food Drive


Full Throttle Magazine 18118-L Chesterfield Airport Rd Chesterfield, MO 63005 636-536-3893 Robert Blanton Owner/Publisher Publisher@fullthrottle-magazine.com Cindy Blanton Owner/Editor Editor@fullthrottle-magazine.com Contributing Writers MarshalL Tucker. Roger Ferris Tami Aguilera, TJ Miles, Mike Czerniewski Sales Staff Robert Blanton. Jay Flagg, Danielle Deck, Tami Aguilera Contributing Photographer John Krick, Robert Blanton, TJ Miles, Models: Christine Rice, Lindsay Morrisey

LETTER FROM THE PUBLISHER We can all say its official, we are now into 2015. The past year flew by and there were so many great events and rides that we were fortunate to be a part of. 2015 promises to be a bigger year for events, rallies and rides. We have already begun to discuss event and promotions with many of you. I’m certainly proud of the fact that so many of you want us to be part of your events, rallies and rides. Over the past year Full Throttle Magazine has quickly become the Number One magazine of “Choice” by both readers and advertisers alike. Our promise to you is that Full Throttle will continue to improve our magazine and create more reader interaction and always offer you the Number One motorcycle magazine anywhere. We certainly dominate that field currently and will continue to grow with your ongoing support. Your input is always welcome. If you have any suggestions about what you would like to see in our magazine you can always email those thoughts to publisher@fullthrottle-magazine.com. 2015 will be a huge year for our Grease Gears and Grooves event. We are looking at a venue that will hold 3 times the bikes, cars and vendors that we had in 2014. We have already begun to seek vendors and sponsors for the event and we will be announcing the date and location very soon. If you are interested in helping sponsor this exciting event or being a vendor, please give me a call or send me an email so I can get you first in line. We can promise you that this year’s GGG will far exceed anything ever done prior, including last year’s event. Like last year, we will be doing this event to support BACA and another charity to be named soon. So watch for upcoming details so you can mark your calendars and attend Full Throttle Magazine’s 7th Annual Grease Gears and Grooves. Also a quick reminder we are a sponsor for the STL Motorcycle show on January 3rd and 4th at the America’s Center downtown. This show will be awesome and one that you don’t want to miss. There will be manufactures and dealers showing all their 2015 bike models and lots of fun things to see and do at the show. Be sure to check out many other motorcycle related booths that will also be in attendance. Full Throttle Magazine will be there and we will look forward to seeing each and every one of you there. Please support this event so the promoters will make it an annual event each year. Check it out at www.stlmotorcycleshow.com. Ride safe and we will see you soon on the road with Full Throttle Magazine. Bob

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c i h

C Chat

Sorry Boys, No Men Allowed!

MAKING THEIR MARK: WOMEN MOTORCYCLISTS FROM THE EARLY YEARS TO TODAY Women have been riding motorcycles as long as men, and the exploits of some women riders are just as daring and mind-boggling as those of their male peers. Remember, in the early days of motorcycling -- around the late 1800s and early 1900s when motorcycles were little more than bicycles with motors attached -- Americans bought the machines for transportation, not recreation. Families could afford motorcycles at the time, but not cars. So it wasn’t all that uncommon to see women riders.

Dot Robinson, meanwhile, rode, and raced, in the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s. In fact, she is credited with opening the door or women in organized motorcycling competition. Following World War II, increasingly more women got involved in motorcycling. Margaret Wilson is one of those, and she has logged more than 550,000 miles on motorcycles, showing that women are just as passionate about the sport as men.

In the modern era, now-movie stuntwoman Debbie After all, the price difference between a motorcycle and Evans is considered a pioneer in observed trials coma car was substantial. petition, a sport that calls for expertise on a narrow, marked, twisty maze of a course. She successfully comFor example, in 1909 a Harley-Davidson motorcycle peted in U.S. trials in the late 1970s. cost about $325. And an inexpensive Ford Model T car that year? Try $850. Put another way, the price of a These are all women who have made significant contriModel T equaled about a year’s salary. butions to motorcycling, and who have earned places in the Motorcycle Hall of Fame, located on the AMA But through assembly-line production, Ford got the campus in Pickerington, Ohio. There are other women price of a Model T down to $440 in 1915, putting a car today who are also making their marks, such as Ashwithin reach. The price dropped to just $380 in 1927. ley Fiolek in motocross and Leslie Porterfield in landMore and more cars were sold, and fewer and fewer speed record competition, who may, one day, earn their motorcycles. own spots in that hallowed Hall. Since that time, motorcycles were bought primarily for recreation, and primarily by men. Pioneering women riders did make their marks in the motorcycling world, however, including Augusta and Adeline Van Buren, Theresa Wallach and Bessie Stringfield. The Van Buren sisters were among the first to ride coast to coast, traveling aboard an Indian Power Plus in 1916. They were the first women to ride motorized vehicles to the summit of Pikes Peak, accomplishing that feat in the same year. In the 1930s and 1940s, Theresa Wallach of England became well known for racing and long-distance riding, besides serving as a dispatch rider for the British Army during World War II. Back in America, African-American Bessie Stringfield made eight solo cross-country trips during the 1930s and 1940s and rode her motorcycle in the Deep South at a time when it wasn’t safe to do so.

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Fiolek,18, began riding 50cc minicycles at age 7. In 2008, in her rookie season, she earned the No. 1 plate in the Women’s Motocross Association championship. And for 2009 she has earned a factory ride with the Honda team. What makes this young woman’s story especially remarkable is that she is deaf. Porterfield, 32, holds three land-speed records and is a member of the Bonneville 200-mph club. She was named the 2008 AMA Racing Female Rider of the Year. The number of women riders in America is growing daily, according to the Motorcycle Industry Council. In 2003, an estimated 9.6 percent of the motorcycle owners in America were women. For 2008, that percentage was estimated at 12.4 percent. There are more women in motorcycling than ever before. But every woman, from the very first who slid onto the seat of a motorcycle to the Fioleks and Porterfields of today, has made a contribution to the world of motorcycling. Article and information sited from www.americanmotorcyclist.com Women & Motorcycles: A History

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HIGH-FIBER D Picture a wire window screen

polymer resin precursor of CF called Polyacrylonitrile (PAN); where the sheets of carbon atoms that is interwoven into a second are folded or crumpled together at random in screen at an angle. Now add no specific systematic direction. In other words, another screen at a slightly difthe crystal structure of that flat surface base of ferent angle, and another angled different again, atoms slips out of its axis alignment. and so on. Then take the meshed web of screens and dip it in a liquid plastic. Now press or heat It is thermally oxidized at 230 degrees, and then it until the materials fuse together. That is what carbonized at 1000 degrees to make the fiber. CARBON FIBER REINFORCED POLYMER Although being thermoplastic, it melts above 300 (CFRP) looks like. degrees if heat rates are 50 degrees per minute or above. What this means is it doesn’t melt under CFRP is a crystallized substance used in the aunormal conditions, and degrades before melting. tomotive engineering and manufacturing industry that is on the rise, and can be helpful during These composites have a high tensile and comyour fabrication of performance parts and overpression strength. The material can withstand all build to get the most speed and fuel economy the ability to be manipulated before the capaout of your ride. bility of breakage when heated above their Carbon Fiber (CF) is the glass-liquid transition production of carbon atoms activation temperatures. formed in a regular hexaThis is in part due to a gon, better described as a lower density from the honeycomb shape, that bond resin matrix as an epoxy together as crystals aligned binder. parallel to its long axis of the fiber. They are combined Being formed with reswith other materials, usualin and with this type of ly a type of thermoset resin. alignment - by a methThe liquid monomers of the od of heat, pressure, thermosetting plastics are used to cure and reinor a vacuum; the result is a light weight, high force the carbon polymer chains into a molded strength to volume ratio material that exhibits composite referred to as to Carbon Fiber Reingreater stiffness and rigidity even at lower temps. forced Polymer (CFRP). The flattened ribbon fibers are bundled together to form a durable weaved tow. The tow is a reel of thousands of continuous individual carbon filament cylinders with a diameter of 5-8 micrometre. That’s thinner than a strand of hair. The most common form of Carbon Fiber in the auto industry is turbostratic. These types of fibers are derived from a semi-crystalline organic

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The CFRP can also be reheated and reshaped repeatedly without the loss of its material properties. So flexible when heated, and stiff when cooled. This makes for easy shaping in the auto body world. --- Let compare materials that vehicles and their parts are made from: Steel and Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer.

IET VEHICLES Steel is an isotropic material. With this type of metal, the expansion of it is equal in all directions when thermal energy is provided. The heat makes the atomic particles vibrate, so need room to move around. The steels particles increase in volume due to sliding over each other in the same plane. Carbon Fiber on the other hand has directional-strength properties by anisotropy; otherwise, unequal physical properties along different axes instead.

By Tami Aguilera

vehicle will diminish in speed from the gradual breaking of material; making it safer because it resists the impact. CFRP is not flexible once molded and cooled, nor does it have plastic deformation due to its stiffness. Metal does have deformation, meaning it can change shape and it will stay that way. With that being said, steel would crumple WITH you in a vehicle, and you might die. CFRP would crumple AROUND you and disperse most of the force elsewhere instead of your body absorbing it. All in all; the car shatters and you don’t.

Whereas steel modifies in its volume as a response to heat changes by temperature; CFRP has a negative coefficient of thermal expansion All of the external body and does just the opposite - It parts of a vehicle can be contracts upon heating. Resin fabricated out of this comhas a positive coefficient. When position that could save combined the result is near your life while taking neutral, allowing the material pounds off of your vehicle. to operate in a wide range of In regards to temperature temperatures. This means in a factors; internal parts chemically changing environment, the composite ranging from the valve covers, intake manifold will still react to your benefit when it comes to plenum, engine covers, pistons, push rods, heck your vehicles performance. even the actual block can be changed to reduce heat in the engine area. CFRP can account for --- Here is more of how your physics lesson on as much as 50 percent of a car’s volume, while Carbon Fiber is of importance to your vehicle. contributing to only 10 percent of its weight. Compared to steel; Carbon Fiber composite material is two-thirds less in weight, yet five times The only hurdle to the use of this composite stronger , and two times as stiff. Eliminating material is waste disposal. Due to its properties weight from your vehicle makes a lot of sense. having a high chemical resistance, high temLess to haul around means less energy used perature tolerance, and low thermal expansion; where greater performance results and lesser CFRP cannot be melted down. Plus, unlike steel, cost of fuel. when recycled it isn’t as strong as it was before --- Adding to the perks is that CFRP is safer than for use to construct another vehicle. The prosteel. duction of these composite materials is also more expensive than steel. The argument is whether When a vehicle made out of Carbon Fiber com- the differences in the overall manufacturing proposite material crashes, the atom particles dissi- cess of body-making and parts yield cost savings pate so energy doesn’t transfer to your body. The to assist in offsetting the total costs to build.

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Saturday & Sunday, January 3 & 4, 2015 America`s Center, St. Louis For More Information, visit our website

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Raising the roof! H

ow often do you think about your roof? I’d say, “Not that often.” You don’t usually sit and ponder things like this. You might sit and ponder something else and then all of a sudden you feel a big drop of water hit you on top of the head. You look up and see a huge stain is forming on your ceiling. “Now are you thinking about your roof? YUP!” Or maybe a gully washer of a rain storm comes through town producing golf ball size hail. “I bet you are thinking about your roof now; your roof, siding, gutters and even your windows.” Just about every building structure, whether it is a home or a commercial building or anything in between, will most likely have a roof. Roofs acts as a protector of the exterior elements. Let’s face it, without a roof over our heads, we would be wet from the rain, cold from the snow, burnt from the sun and disheveled from the wind. Who would want to live like that? Our friends at Ferguson Roofing certainly don’t want you to have to endure that!

working side by side with the insurance companies installing new roofs for homeowners. Having a young family to support, Charlie thought it would be best to run his company out of his home. For many years, Charlie continued to work installing new second layers roofs, making good headway with the insurance companies, and raising his family. In 1966 Charlie married off his daughter Charlene to David Shupp, who at the time, worked for General Electric. Working for GE was a bit demanding at times. His job called for some traveling and even transfers. This was tough for a wife and a young family. In 1974 Charlie contacted David and asked him if he would like to come back home to St. Louis to help run his roofing business. David, being tired of the travel and transfers, accepted the offer. He packed up his family and moved back home.

With the two of them continuing to run Ferguson Roofing out of Charlie’s home, David saw more opportunity for Ferguson Roofing is one of the oldest roofing companies in the metro area. growth. He wanted to take the company to the next level. What about the homeowners that They are 75 years strong, have been family need their existing roofs torn off and a new one owned and operated since the beginning and installed? They didn’t stop there. They expandkeep on going. Back in 1939 a gentleman by the name of Charlie Lesniak starting Ferguson ed their talents to installing Gutters, Windows, Siding and even Insulation. With this whole Roofing. His talents lie in second layer roofs Page 16 www.FullThrottle-Magazine.com

Story by C. Blanton Photos by R. Blanton

new level, Ferguson Roofing was growing like wildfire. The company was doing so well and growing so fast that they could no longer continue to work out of Charlie’s home. So, in 1979 David moved the company to its first and still current commercial location at 5814 Garfield Ave | St. Louis, MO 63140.

types of roofs used on commercial buildings. The most popular roof used is the TPO (Thermoplastic PolyOlefin). There are other roofs like Modified Bitumen, EPDM (which is a synthetic rubber system), Aluminum Coating, Metal Roofing, and Asphalt Shingles.

With the residential side doing well and the commercial side taking off, Ferguson Roofing is able to maintain a substantial in-house David and Charlene had two boys, Brett staff to help assist you with any questions you and Jason. The two of them began to work for may have. Great customer service is extremely their father during high school. They would important. So whether you need to make an work on the roofing crews during their summer appointment for a quote or you have questions breaks. In 1996 Brett came aboard fulltime to about the products that they offer, they are work side by side with his father. Around 2003 ready to help anyway they can. David’s health was not doing well and deciding to semi-retire; they brought back Brett’s broth- Efficiency is a key element in their sucer, Jason to help run the company. Later in cess. They employ the top workers in the in2007 he fully retired and the brother’s took the dustry and continuously run about 15++ crews reins. year round. This allows them to have a fast and efficient turn around Since the brother’s with all your installation took over the ownership, needs. they have taken Ferguson Roofing to yet another level. One of their biggest They’ve gone COMMERIaccomplishments they CAL! With the residential can be proud of is the side doing so well, they saw fact they GIVE BACK; another opportunity for giving back to their growth. They purchased a community, giving back building about ¼ of a mile to the environment. Ferdown the road from their current location for guson Roofing has been involved with several their Commercial Division. 5906 Garfield Ave. local charities through the years. They applaud | St. Louis, MO 63140. They work with many their hard working staff on the times they dediwww.FullThrottle-Magazine.com Page 17

cate to volunteer work to help make their com- ing is not only are they are the best roofing, munity be a better place. siding, gutter & window company around; it’s that they are BIKERS! Brett Shupp has been They enjoy the opportunity to support riding motorcycles most of his life. He’s been local businesses, to just about every motorcycle as well as schools event and rally across the U.S. and charities in His Brother Jason Shupp is an the Greater St. avid motocross racer. He has Louis and Metro been racing dirt bikes for years. East Illinois areas. Many of their staff members They are heavily are also bikers. They all ride as involved in many often as the can and as much as golf tournaments, the can. trivia, and gala If you want the best sponsorships to then you need to call support causes on the best. With their such as; diabetes, first responders; edexcellent customer ucation and shelter for disadvantaged service, their attention children, and numerous other foundato detail, their pride of tions. Ferguson Roofing is also a big ownership, their givsupporter of fun community events ing back attitude, and such as local pathe fact that they are rades and municibikers that help bikpal gatherings. ers; you can never go wrong. Ferguson Roofing gives back So the next time you get hit on the to the environment top of the head with a drop of water as much as they or endure a gully washer rain and can. An advantage hail storm, think of Ferguson Roofof their service ing first. For more is that all the old information you roofing materials taken off of your can log onto their home will be RECYCLED. By website at www. recycling these products you use FergusonRooffewer natural resources. Ferguson ing.com. Or visit also recycles their paper products their Facebook and has gone digital. They take page at www. pride in everything that they can Facebook.com/ do to give back to the environment fergusonroofing. and their community.

My favorite thing about Ferguson RoofPage 18 www.FullThrottle-Magazine.com

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OUR SERVICE To pay tribute to your loved one’s passion for riding motorcycles. A biker’s funeral is about celebrating the life of an individual, not mourning their death. If there is a special road or place they loved to ride, I would be honored to take them down that stretch of road they enjoyed so much, one last time.


Take “One Last Ride” O

ne of the most difficult things to discuss with your family is the type of funeral arrangements you wish to have. Talking about death is never an easy subject for anyone. You really only have two options; Burial or Cremation. Now, with the two options there is either a casket or an urn. Your casket is placed in a hearse and driven to the cemetery for you to be buried, or the urn is given to a family member. But for all of us who are avid motorcycle rider; wouldn’t it be amazing to have that “One Last Ride”!? Mike and Judy Sutherland at The Last Ride Motorcycle Hearse Company can do just that. They make that one last wish, or should I say ride, come true. Mike and Judy own and run a couple funeral homes and a cemetery in Centralia, IL. About two years ago they had a lost a dear friend in a motorcycle accident. He was a biker through and through. Mike told his wife he wished he could find a hearse trailer that was pulled by a Harley Davidson motorcycle. Their daughter, Amanda, did some searching and she found Last Ride Motorcycle Hearse Company in Springfield, MO. They made the call and Ty Conklin, the owner, came up for the services. They were very impress by this service. Taking notice of that, their daughter approached Ty and let him know if he was ever inclined to sell his business, they would be interested in buying. The deal came to fruition; Mike and Judy Sutherland became the new owners.

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Once the word began to spread that they were offering this service, business began to pick up. Individuals and their loved ones began to see what an awesome journey this could be. Their hearse trailer is not just any trailer; it is styled like the old horse drawn carriages from the old west. It is designed to carry regular and oversized caskets, as well as urns for those ceremonial cremations. To maintain the integrity of the hearse, it is stored and transported in a heated and cooled trailer. This process keeps the hearse clean from the elements and ready for the funerals. The hearse is pulled by a true Harley Davidson motorcycle; a 2002 Heritage Softail Trike that is geared down giving it the torque needed for pulling. Don’t let bad weather stop you from giving your loved ones their last ride. Unlike other hearse trailers companies, Mike will endure all types of weather conditions; heat, rain and even snow. Whether you use their funeral homes or not; if the travel is not too far, he will come to you so your loved ones last wish is carried out. For those of you who serve our country or serve our community as first responders and/or have fallen in the line of duty, Mike and Judy will give back with special pricing for this service. Whether you are an avid motorcycle rider who wants to take that one last ride or you want your family and friends to have that “one of a kind” experience they will remember forever, contact The Last Motorcycle Hearse Company for this unique experience. For all their information and pricing, go to their website at www.lastridemotorcyclehearse.com. You may also visit their Facebook page.

Story by C. Blanton



Bike Owner: Skyler Lazenby 1982 Shovel Head 4 Speed Transmision 80 Cu In Short Bobby Rear Fender Wirewheels

h C

e n i t s ri

Background: Š Colin Stitt | Dreamstime Stock Photos

ur o Y k r a s M r a d n e l a C


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The “RAT’Z NEST” Build From December issue 2014 Photographs by: Clean Cut Creations

Full Throttle Saftey Asylum Protect The clothing a person chooses to wear speaks volumes. Wearing a swimsuit to a construction site or riding down the road in an air filled parachute jacket would be a bad idea unless your sole intention is to attract attention. Smart motorcyclists understand that good protection is the only thing between raw hide and the road to nowhere. A small injury can cause a person to lose time at work, plus major injuries can be financially devastating. The pain of road rash, coupled with infection and surgical skin grafts, should be enough to persuade a person to wear motorcycle gear when riding. There are a lot of motorcycle industry parasites who use consumer ignorance to profit on (suggested) materials that have no practical use. Most of which don’t even ride. European standards rate motorcycle gear based on protective ability. The US should adopt such a program to protect consumers from spending money on clothing which provides little to no protection. It is a matter of personal risk management. However, it makes me cringe to see a motorcyclist in shorts and flip-flops. Proper clothing/gear tells others that you are knowledgeable and know your business. Not to mention, it can literally save your skin when the @#$% hits the fan! What to Look For You want tear strength, seam strength, abrasion resistance, and impact protection. Look for quality safety lock stitching; your gear is only as strong as its seams. A fall at 25 mph can subject your clothing/gear to more than 100 pounds of tearing force. Hard armor does not absorb impact. Quality jackets and pants provide significant extra padding in the vulnerable joint regions. This can take the form of simple foam padding, or dual-density foam that stiffens when compressed, sometimes with plastic or carbon fiber outer-shells that distribute the impact across the pad. Some jackets have integrated pieces.



By TJ Miles

applied and embossed to mimic grain leather. Finished splits are not abrasion resistant because they have no grain. This product is suede without the polymer coating. It would not protect a small dog’s butt in a low-speed slide across a bar room floor. Top Grain Leather - Leather sanded to remove scars and imperfections, and then sprayed or pasted for a uniform look. The smooth side is where the hair and the natural grain used to be. Top grain is not the same quality as full grain or naked leather, but thicknesses of 1.2-3mm make this type of leather a very strong and durable riding grade material. It easily passes the floor test. Full-Grain/Naked Leather - Made from the finest hides, and not sanded to remove imperfections. In the case of Naked Leather, nothing other than dye is added. This very soft leather requires no breakin period. Hides are typically 2mm thick and handpicked for uniformity. The natural full-grain naked leather will wear better than other leather and will actually improve over the years. This type of leather is the ultimate riding grade, the most sought after, and consequently the most expensive. Due to the cost, we will not be testing the abrasion resistance of this material on the bar room floor. Kevlar Kevlar is a woven material with other threads, like Dynatec and/or Lycra, ei Schoeller’s Keprotec, in order to give it proper abrasion strength. Sanctioned road racing allow racers to wear only 100% kevlar and leather. This gear is lighter, offers greater protection, and it breathes. It slides on pavement the same way as leather and dissipates friction heat better than leather. Do not be fooled by manufacturers who use small portions of Kevlar as a selling point.

Nylon Gear made with polyester or nylon materials flood the market and confuse consumers. Only Cordura Nylon of 1000 Leather Denier is suitable for motorcycle gear. Denier refers to the Leather has long been a good protective fabric. However, thickness of the fibers in the weave; higher denier means many variables can affect its quality including, the type, age higher abrasion and tear strength. Be aware that due to and beast it came from. Different methods used to clean; tan cost, some makers coat their nylon with a layer of polyureand dye leather affects its durability also. The best way to thane that under heavy pavement friction can melt into your tell if the garment is made of good leather is to look at the skin. What happens when weak polyester or polyurethane price. Good leather costs more. It should be worn snug since melts into skin? INFECTION and many surgical SKIN tear strength lowers considerably when leather folds. As an GRAFTS! organic material, leather dries out and loses its flexibility over time. Leather may lose up to 20% of its tear and abra- Skin is the largest body organ. While some would argue that sion strength each time exposed to water. Remove the jacket point, it is true. Basic belt sanders run at approximately 15 liner to soften the inside of the leather properly. There are mph on high speed. You would not want it applied to your three types of leather: skin while it is running. Imagine what pavement or asphalt (larger grit) can do to skin at highway speeds. It is a good Finished Split Leather - The middle or lower section of idea to research, purchase, and wear proper clothing (gear) a hide split into two or more layers. A polymer coating is when riding a motorcycle.

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tis the Welcome back Full Throttle readers and riders!! The holidays have come and gone and the New Year is upon us. The turkeys are safe for now, the Christmas lights have gone

every stop? Nothing will ruin your riding expectations more than not getting started at all! Let’s talk batteries and charging system maintenance.

This whole situation can be avoided all together with a few precautionary steps. up and will First and foremost if you are riding a soon be coming Harley it is imperative to have a Gendown, unless uine Harley-Davidson battery. I know you have “that” what you are thinking “I’ve be brain neighbor who washed by the motor company again!” decides March But the truth of the matter is there are 1st is the dead hundreds of options out there and the line, and we are HD should be your only choice. Why? all making new Well first of they are “sealed” unit reyear’s resoluquiring no acid top offs and not to mentions! Mine? tion Harley-Davidson’s require a specific I resolve not amount of cold cranking amps. What to make one; I can always seem to meet that are cold Cranking amps? It’s the amount of expectation. But if you are, in fact, looking to amperage needed to turn the bike over at start make a resolution, make one for your bikes up, at this point the charging system takes over sake. now that the bike has started. Sportsters batteries have How many of you 225cca, have walked out to the bike Softails and on that nice random winDynas are ters day, had your gear on, rated at with a smile on your face 315cca and and only to have your happy the big bagwarm fuzzy feeling flip to gers with rage as all the bike manages all their to muster is a few clicks and bells and then silence? Yep! Dead batwhistles are The “Other” Battery tery! Sure you can “bump at a whopstart” it but is that something you wanna do at ping 405cca!!! When I compared the specs of Page 34 www.FullThrottle-Magazine.com www.FullThrottle-Magazine.com Page 34

Article By Marshall Tucker

season! a generic battery against a Genuine Harley touring battery the generic battery fell short by 45 cold cranking amps! That may not seem like a huge difference, but when it comes to making sure that your bike starts every time is a massive deficit! So treat your ride right and buy Genuine Harley-Davidson batteries!


my Sporty for 6 years now and it shows no signs of stopping at this point! Harley batteries run between 120 dollars to 170 dollars depending on the year and model. So to spend $39.95 to protect a $170 investment seems like a safe bet wouldn’t you

These days it seems like everything is going to the lithium ion cells, whether it be your Now that we have the proper battery in Iphone or a new electric car it seems to be the our bike lets maintain it! Best way to do so is first choice these days but again I disagree. I by buying a simple Battery tender or “trickle” had a buddy run one on his custom build and charger. Most range about with only 250 miles on 45-65 bucks for the base the battery it decided models and as much as a few to melt in the battery hundred for larger models tray effectively turnthat charge more than one ing his bike into a Sal“toy” at a time. These are vador Dali painting. not full out battery charWe have all heard gers; if a battery is beyond the saying “if it ain’t the point of being saved a broke don’t fix it!” tender won’t do the job. Its that still stands true main purpose is to maintain today. Until the techthe battery at optimum cold nology can keep up cranking amperage or to keep a solid “surface” with the proper demands, stick to what works! charge securing a strong start every time! Most A Genuine Harley-Davidson product! Follow folks feel that they only need to place their these tips and you won’t be hearing any clicks bikes on a tender during the winter storage coming from your bike!! Happy New Year and months. For me this is not true. I plug mine in Y’all enjoy the ride!!! every night. I have had the same HD Battery in www.FullThrottle-Magazine.com Page 35

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GREEN, ALSO Well it looks like we made it through another year; where did the time go? It seems like the nice summer days just fly by and you can’t do all of the fun things you want to, but here we are in January again. What do you do with these long cold and gloomy winter days? If you are anything like Scott Driy you start collecting parts to build a cool car. Scott is a body man by trade now, but he didn’t start out that way. He was a Journeyman mechanic for years and a really good one, but he always enjoyed building Camaro’s. After building several really nice cars, he decided to switch rolls and he got into collision work. Still needing to satisfy his real interest, he continues to build awarding winning Camaro’s at home. He has never been happy with aftermarket parts, so he searches everywhere for OEM-NOS parts. Whenever he starts a project he tries to save as many parts from the car as possible to recondition and re-use. Some customers may not want the old stuff, but he saves it anyway. So if you take a tour of his parts, don’t be surprised to see you can build a whole car out of his pieces lying around.

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I remember one time he was telling me how he found a very rare ALL ALUMINUM 427 cu. in. ZL1 engine. He also located all NOS sheet-metal to build a rare car; all he needed now was to find a workable shell to put all of the pieces together. Scott found the perfect candidate and got to work. With all of his talent and all of the NOS parts he turned out another great car; an all-Aluminum 427 CAMARO ZL1. Again, like so many of his cars, someone wanted it really bad, so it found a new home. Let’s just say it didn’t go Cheap. Like I said, it was RARE. After this ZL1 was gone it seemed Scott had more spare time and more OEM-NOS parts, so the search was on. He found another original driver that wasn’t in too bad of shape. He drug it home and stripped it down to a bare shell in no time. Again, he re-

Car Mania

Story By Roger Ferris Show Car Specialist

O KNOWN AS MONEY placed all of the sheet metal and with it being factory parts; everything fit great.

It all fit so nice it only took about 1 quart of body filler to fill in the imperfections. I know what you are thinking, “No way it only has a quart of filler on it!” But I saw it, so I believe it. If you have any doubts have him open the trunk or look under the car; it is all body color too. He don’t have anything to hide. The Camaro he found was a 1968 base model, but he converted it over to an RS model with the Hide Away headlights - a cool feature. In 2010 Chevrolet came out with a unique green called Synergy Green, Scott had painted a lot of Red & Orange Camaro’s so the Green was a must have. The paint system he always uses is PPG and has been very happy with the results. When he was finished with the body it was time to figure out what he wanted for power. He went with the very popular 350 cu.in. small block rated at 430H.P. To make sure he got the power to the

ground, he uses a 700R4 automatic transmission turning the 3.73:1 posi-traction. With that combination it is very easy to hit speeds of 120mph and a nice easy cruising speed of 95mph; making the Camaro handle like a dream.

When some people build these cars, they get carried away with all aftermarket parts and huge engines, but Scott feels the factory did all of the R&D work. So why change it all? Like I mentioned before, he likes to use as much original parts as possible. That also means brakes, rear ends, brake lines, fuel lines, sub-frame, and everything else that is possible. If you’re thinking he should have gone wilder with everything else besides just the color, just wait till you see this Synergy Green ’68 cruising. Look around too. I’m sure you will see his wife Linda driving their bright Red ’67 Camaro Big Block with Flames right beside him. It once had a blower on it; and by spring it may have another blower on it. So think twice before you try to run Full Throttle with either car.

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