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Full Throttle Magazine November Issue 2021

November 2021

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Black Widow Page 18-19

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Happy November Full Throttle readers and fans. We are coming into the cold season and hopefully it stalls out and doesn’t arrive until sometime late January. I don’t know about you but I’m still wanting some more good riding weather. I am not a winter person and always wonder why I live in the Midwest. As soon as I say that I remember the reasons why. I love the Missouri area, not necessarily the weather in the winter but so many other things our state has to offer. Another huge reason I stay here is family. All my kids and grandkids live here and I’m fortunate that none of them have moved away. I am a believer that family is everything. I love the time we have with the family but also, I have gotten so accustomed to an empty nest with just Cindy and myself and enjoy the moments when we can pick up and go when or if we want. Thanksgiving will be here before we know it and then Christmas and of course the new year, 2022. I hope in 2022, all this mandate crap comes to an end, and we can start to see people begin to get along again. This country has been so divided for the last few years and so many people seem to get butt hurt at anything and everything. I think we all need to put on our big boy pants and learn to respect and love our friends and neighbors. I understand times change and the world changes but, I believe it’s time for it to change for the better for all our sakes. Well, that’s enough of my soap box preaching. We will be starting to plan the Historic Route 66 Bike Nights at Bobby’s Place in Valley Park once the new year hits. We are going to add a couple more vendors to the lot each Weds evening and would like to talk to any vendors that would be interested in being part of our weekly Bike Night. We don’t have the room for a group of vendors, but I believe with The Neon Cycle and 2 other vendors it would add to our Bike Night. So again, if you’re a vendor and want to participate in the best weekly Bike Night in the Lou, give me a call and lets talk. Call me at 314-276-1150 or email me at publisher@fullthrottlemagazine.com As always, my friends ride safe and see you on the road with Full Throttle Magazine. Bob

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his article was written some time ago and it couldn’t be more relevant this time of

year. As everyone in the mid-west can contest, temperature go up and down just like a kid riding a pogo stick. Our houses go from A/C to Furnace back to A/C again. And that’s just in one day. But just as the weather conditions can change so quickly, so can the riding conditions. And so, can those furry wildlife critters. By T.J. Miles

Fall riding presents unique hazards. Knowing (Situational Awareness) is half the battle. The other half is doing something about it.

There is nothing more problematic than deer

in the rural areas where we like to ride. Despite the numbers published by the governmental agencies, it seems like there are more of them each year. I need more tags to do my part! Deer forage areas are reduced by crop harvest and they are pushed closer to the roads by farm equipment and hunters this time of year. Also, it is deer breeding season which causes them to be more active. They are running “Willy-Nilly” all over the place like a bunch of sex starved rabbits. The peak of this activity is usually at dusk and dawn when the mood is right. The best way to avoid hitting a deer is to stay aware, especially in rural areas. Search the roadway and shoulders of the road. Areas where crops or timber are relatively close to the road present the greatest challenge. Slow-down in deer populated areas marked by “Deer Crossing” signs. These are not “Deer Crosswalk” signs. They are “Deer Jump Out of Nowhere” signs! These areas provide you the shortest reaction time. Deer look like tasty, floating close to the ground, burlap bags during the day and their eyes look like blinking reflectors at night. If possible, ride behind a four wheel vehicle in deer populated Page 12


RIDING areas while maintaining a safe distance to avoid flying bones and warm meat. Straight forward, evasive braking is the best maneuver to avoid a collision with a deer.

Fall foliage can present an unassuming hazard.

Many people motor out to see fall colors. They are easily distracted by the sites off road and may not see you. “Well, would you look at that Margery; it’s a …SPEED BUMP! Watch for other vehicles and be aware. Also, wet and dry leaves on the roadway can be very slick causing loss of traction during acceleration (uncontrolled, sideways burn-out), in a curve or when attempting to stop. A simple reduction of speed (slow down) and awareness can mitigate this hazard.

Fall temperatures can run the spectrum from

warm to below freezing. In most cases, regardless of midday temperatures, the temperature will drop once the sun starts to set. Hypothermia greatly reduces a rider’s ability to arrive home safe. Early symptoms include shivering. Then, reduced motor skills and varied levels of consciousness set in. Alcohol causes early onset of hypothermia. Riders attempt to fight the cold by drinking more alcohol and riding in unorthodox positions to pick up engine heat. It’s always a good idea to have cold weather gear packed in case of a situation and keep a pair of clear glasses or a clear helmet shield for riding in low light conditions. Treat eyewear and shields with some form of anti-fogging agent before riding in cold temperatures. Be sure to pay particular attention for frost on bridge decks or other elevated surfaces, railroad crossings, and in shady areas late at night and in the morning hours. Avoiding Fall Season hazards is easy if you are prepared. Keep the rubber side down! www.FullThrottle-Magazine.com

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How’s it going Full Throttle readers!! Keigan here again! I hope

everyone’s having an awesome time as the end of riding season is approaching quickly. We have a number of products in stock at the dealership, to get your bike ready to hibernate, or to get them ready for winter projects. This last weekend I took a trip down to the Smokie Mountains, and for a first experience, it was everything I expected it to be. Full of beautiful scenery, and even better roads to ride. This month I’m bringing you guys an awesome build we did at the shop. We did some new parts on this one that us and the customer were very excited about, and we were thrilled with how the bike turned out. Let’s get into the build! We started the build with a 2021 CVO Road Glide, in what I consider, the best paint scheme for the CVO’s this year: Black with different rich and deep red tones and accents along the tank and bags. The paint scheme laid the foundation for the customer, and he gave us the go ahead to put our touches on it. As if the CVO’s need any power added, as they come with the 117ci M8. We decided to step the power up and added the M8 131ci Screaming Eagle kit to the bike. This kit really gave the CVO the sound it needed to make its presence known on the street. When we add that much power to the motorcycle, a key aspect that most people don’t think of, is making sure the bike can stop. To get the stopping power we needed, we turned to non-other then, Galfer USA. Galfer floating brake rotors give the owner an immediate brake increase feel at the lever. The increased braking power helps harness the 131hp engine, and the floating rotors allow for optimum rotor to pad contact, and that’s just what we were looking for on this motorcycles brake system. One of the customers favorite parts about our choice in Galfer USA is their customization features. We were able to get matching red buttons on the rotors, and we used the Galfer custom hydraulic line kits, in which we had custom red brake lines made. For a small part of the build, the lines are probably my favorite aspect of the bike. After we tackled the issue of stopping the bike, we moved onto the handling of the bike. To get the handling dialed in for our customer, we went with a set of 14-inch Paul Yaffee Monkey Bars.

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Written By Keigan Borgmann

The sleek design and style of these bars really works with the design of the Road Glide fairings. The lines are just about spot on and tie the front end of the bike together. We went with a black powder coated bar to really make the red brake lines pop. To compliment the handling of the bars, and allow the rider better control and more comfort, we paired it with non-other than Legend’s front and rear suspension. For the front, we chose the Legends Axeo 21-inch drop in cartridge kit. This kit is designed specifically for use with 21-inch front wheels. The dampening features of the Axeo drop in cartridges really let the rider feel the front wheel and grip the road on every corner. For the back of the motorcycle, we chose the Legends Revo Arc with remote reservoirs. These are the top-of-the-line performance shocks from Legends and give both the rider and passenger the comfort and confidence they need when riding the motorcycle. On the comfort aspect of the motorcycle, the customer decided on a black ostrich leather, with red piping, Corbin heated seat. This seat provides the comfort and warmth the rider and passenger were looking for, so they could tackle all the elements mother nature thew their way. As an added bonus for the passenger, the owner added a removable, chopped tour pack, to keep the sporty look but provide the comfort his passenger was looking for. We all know the importance of making sure other motorist can see our motorcycles while riding down the road (never over the speed limit). So, to make sure our customer was more than visible to everyone, he wanted to add Custom Dynamics lights to the bike. He added LED front fairing trim turn signals, LED headlights, LED front filler turn signals, LED saddlebag latch turn signals, and saddle bag rear turn signals. Saying this thing just lights up the street is an understatement. That’s about it for the bike, right now at least. I have to say, this has been one of my favorite projects to work on to date. The team here at St. Charles Harley Davidson went above and beyond for the customer, Corey M and he was a pleasure to work with. If you have a new bike and you want to make it a one off, please do not hesitate to reach out to us here at the dealership and we can help you out. If you want to come by the shop and check out some of the awesome builds we have going on, like our Road King with Side Car project, stop on by and we’ll be happy to show you. As always, my door is open to anyone who has questions or wants to pick my brain on ideas or parts so get ahold of me at Keigan@stcharlesharleydavidson.com or at the dealership at 636-946-6487. Stay safe and always keep it rubber side down. www.FullThrottle-Magazine.com

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