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Full Throttle Magazine October Issue 2021

October 2021

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October is here and the cool weather will start to roll in. Certainly not my favorite time of the year and probably not yours either. I am a warm weather guy and always have been. Hate to admit but as I get older, I dislike the cold more and more. You start feeling those aching joints more and more when you’re outside in the cold. The Lake of The Ozark’s 15th Annual Bikefest just concluded, and the weather was amazing. Not a drop of rain during the rally and the lake saw a huge crowd again this year. There were a few Bike Giveaways throughout the lake that went off without a hitch and a few people received a great gift of a FREE bike. We heard quite a few complaints about the way the city of Lake Ozark handled their no open containers law this year and the fact the bars were not allowed to extend their patios like they had in years past. Even with all that, most of the riders seemed to have a great time and enjoyed the many bars, restaurants, vendor villages and the unbelievably beautiful back roads to ride. This event is the largest Bike Rally in the state of Missouri and continues to grow every year. Thanks to all the riders who came and made this event a huge success. Also, thanks to all the business owners at the Lake who open their doors to all of us biker to enjoy such a great event. Historic Route 66 Bike Night will continue through the end of October, weather permitting, and we hope all of you continue to come every Weds evening to Bobby’s Place in Valley Park and join in the fun each week. This has been a great year for Bike Night, and we thank everyone of you that have come on a regular basis to hang out with old friends and make new friends. I have been approached a few times about having additional vendors there every week. I would like to hear from you if you would like to see some additional vendors at Bike Night on a regular basis. If everyone would like to see that I will work on getting permits and talk with some other vendors who would like to participate in our weekly Bike Night for next season. Shoot me an email and let me know your thought. Email me at publisher@fullthrottlemagazine.com. Also, if you have an event or a ride you would like us to post, you can send me an email at the above email address or go to our website and fill out the Tell Us About Your Event. As always, my friends ride safe and see you on the road with Full Throttle Magazine. Bob

ur o Y Mark dars n Cale

Crusin’Caledar MID-AMERICA H-D

October 2nd Mac n' Cheese Throwdown HISTORIC


October 15th I'll Put A Spell On You Bike Night

October 16th Ride Like Hell @6:30 October 23rd 1st Annual Pie Bake Off 1p-4p October 30 Biker Treat >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>



Doc's Swap Meet Saturday October 2, 10-4

BARNHOUSE H-D October 9th Hogtoberfest @12-5 October 29th Costume Contest Night Ride October 30th Biker Treat

Full Throttle Magazine does not sponsor, endorse and/or promote every event on our Crusin’ Calendar. Our field staff may not always be at every event.






2ND MAC N CHEESE THROWDOWN Live music & free beer

6TH BINGO @ 12-3PM Food truck

17TH CANDY CANE BIKE NIGHT @ 5-8PM Food truck, live music, free beer

15TH I’LL PUT A SPELL ON YOU BIKE NIGHT Food truck, live music, free beer

13TH SOUP COOK OFF @ 12-3PM Live music



19TH BLACK & GOLD BIKE NIGHT @ 5-8PM Food truck, live music, free beer

23RD 1ST ANNUAL PIE BAKE OFF @ 1-4PM 30TH BIKER TREAT Trick or treat for kiddos, mini pumpkin painting, & food truck


BARN HOUSE HARLEY-DAVIDSON 9TH HOGTOBERFEST @ 12-5PM Hog roast, beer, & live music 29TH COSTUME CONTEST AND NIGHT RIDE 31ST BIKER TREAT Trick or treat for kiddos & food truck


Check out our websites and Facebook pages for full details!

MID AMERICA HARLEY-DAVIDSON | 5704 Freedom Dr, Columbia, MO 65202 | midamericahd.com | f /midamericahd BARN HOUSE HARLEY-DAVIDSON | 912 Hwy 54 W Jefferson City, MO 65109 | barnhousehd.com | f /BarnHouseHD


Not to brag, but I defeated our local chess champion yesterday in less than 5 moves.

Finally my high school karate classes came in useful. ____________________ William Shatner has discontinued his new line of lingerie. Apparently, Shatner panties wasn’t the best choice for a name. ____________________

The word ‘Diputseromneve’ may look ridiculous, But backwards it’s even more stupid. ____________________ Why are redneck murders the hardest to solve? All the DNA matches and there’s no dental records. ____________________ What’s the difference between an old bus stop and a crab with breasts?

One time I debated a flat earthier.

One is a crusty bus station and the other is a busty crustacean. He got so mad that he stormed off saying that he would ____________________ walk to the edge of the earth just to prove me wrong. He’ll come around eventually. My friend keeps saying “cheer up man it could be _____________________ worse, you could be stuck underground in a hole full of water.” I decided to kill off some characters in the book I am writing I know he means well. ___________________ It would definitely spice up my autobiography. _____________________ What did Yoda say when he first saw himself in 4k? Finland have just closed their borders. Which means no one can cross the finish line. _____________________ I’m developing a new fragrance for introverts: Leave me the Fu Cologne. _____________________ “Judge, 60% of my parking tickets are bogus!” Judge: Repeat infractions? Man: Fine. 3/5 of my tickets are bogus! _____________________

HDMI ___________________ A Cable repairman was on my street today and he asked me what time it was. I replied “It is between 1 and 8 pm.” ___________________ A weasel walks into a bar. The bartender says, “Wow, I’ve never served a weasel before. What can I get for you?” “Pop”, goes the weasel. ____________________ Read more funny jokes: https://jokes.lol

Written by C. Blanton

Feeling “FRE


ey all, I’m back to give you the latest and greatest from yours truly, “Moi”. So, many of you know that I’m a trike rider. When I started riding trikes, there were no manufactures that had a trike in their motorcycle lineup. You had to buy a bike and have a trike conversion kit installed. Now mind you, trikes have been around for a long time…servi cars and such. But, back in the early 2000’s, trikes started making their way back to the scene as a way to get more people on the open road that may not have otherwise road a motorcycle due to one circumstance or another; that was me. I can’t even keep a bicycle up on two wheel, much less being able to do better with a motorcycle. A trike was a way for me to get that adrenaline going. My first trike was a 2003 100th anniversary 1200 Sportster. I purchased that sporty from Doc’s H-D and they installed the Lehman Trikes conversion kit. I road that sporty trike for about thirteen months and after blowing the engine twice trying to keep up with the big boys, I decided I was due for an upgrade. That’s when I got the 2004 Fatboy trike with a Motortrike conversion kit. I tricked out that bad boy out from front to back. Chrome, chrome and more chrome. Aftermarket this… aftermarket that…. custom mag wheels with matching rotor, babymoon rear wheels, and VERY load pipes, atop it all off with a custom paint job. Needless to say, I needed to call the vet cuz that puppy was SICK! I had that trike for about six to seven years. By the time I felt I was ready for another upgrade, Harley FINALLY decided that enough of their customer base was taking their bikes and paying someone else to put those trike conversions on them, they thought it was high time to manufacture a trike themselves and capture that revenue. There it began…the TRIGLIDE was in Harley’s line up of motorcycles. “Go big or go home” as they say. I got the parka lounger on three wheels; a 2011 H-D Triglide. And you guessed it. Chrome, chrome and aftermarket accessories galore. That trike was so comfortable to ride. I had a large seat, highway pegs and a radio system. I would head down the highway, lean back, kick up my feet and listen to some tunes. Nothing could top that. That trike was good to me over the seven-eight years I had her, but I knew it was time for something different. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. I ended up selling her and started riding Page 12


EWHEELER” on the back with Bob until I could figure out what I wanted to do. Harley had come out with that Milwaukie Eight motor and a lot of new innovative technology. I was also looking at an Indian trike. The downside, Indian does not have a trike in their lineup. I would have to buy the Indian and have a conversion kit installed. Then there was the Boss Hoss trikes. HOLYCOW! Can you say CRA CRA! Those suckers are so BADASS; crazy look and crazy sound. With a huge V8 Chevy engine between your legs, you screamed down the highway at a high rate of speed. You are at 65-70 MPH before you would get off the on ramp of the highway. The downside to that type of trike is they ran sooooo HOT; I mean, an OMG HOT! And they were so expensive. They can be in the upwards of $75-$85 G’s. I was not willing to pay that much. Well, truth be told, once you buy a stock trike and add all your own accessories and style, you damn near reach that anyway…..but I digress. So here we are, present day. When we were in Sturgis this year, I had a chance to demo a Boss Hoss Trike, and Indian Trike and the trikes in this year’s Harley line up. The Triglide, the Triglide CVO and their Freewheeler. This year’s Harley line up all have the Milwaukie Eight 114. All I can say is WOW! That engine is AWESOME. Even if you are in 6th gear and you punch the throttle to pass someone, it’s like you just down shifted to gain that torque. There is plenty of juice left in that bottle. The one thing that I didn’t like was the colors offered this year. I was really hoping for that white pearl color or silver and I didn’t really want to spend the extra down time and money to have it custom painted. After riding those all those trikes I decided that I wanted to go with that sporty look. I decided on the Freewheeler. It had the comfort, speed and size of what I was after. www.FullThrottle-Magazine.com

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The Freewheeler offers you those sleek and sexy lines from fender to flare. You’ve got matching mag wheels front and back and plenty of chrome on it already but still giving you enough room to put your customization touches. Being that I don’t care for the colors of the 2021 models, I started looking at the other years. The first year of the Freewheeler was 2015 which had the 103 engine, which I didn’t want; been there, done that. I ended up finding a very nice Bullet Silver 2017. This year’s model had the Milwaukie Eight but is was a 107. Trust me, that engine still had plenty of pep in its step. I was very happy with how that engine performed. Now the fun begins. First thing I did was completely for function, I had a clear bra installed on the back fender. All my Trikers out there know what I’m talking about, because your back end sticks out side to side, leaving your fender to bear the brunt of all kinds of road debris; rock chips will most definitely be in your future. And, I don’t like the look of those leather one because they take away from the esthetic of the trike. Besides you have to drill holes in your fenders. Who wants to do that?? The clear option is the best way to go. Next, my plan is to do a combo of black and chrome. I was going to black out everything, but I decided because I am a Bling Girl, I want to still have elements of sparkle. I’m going to be very strategic on what’s black and what’s chrome. There is so many options, it’s hard to make up my mind. I really like Harley Defiance Collection. But go for the black with elements of chrome verses the all black collection. The biggest change I plan to make is putting an aftermarket fairing from Wide Open Customs. This fairing is called a Road Glide Air Flow and will add a head turning element. I know that I’ve got a ways to go, but I can’t wait to get there. From the fairing to the pipes, this bad boy will be a show stopper. Once I get it all put together, I’ll show it off. So stay tuned. Picture are not of my actual Trike. Picture will come later.

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fs E M P I R E A N D PE R F O

How’s it going Full Throttle readers! Keigan here again, I hope

everyone is having a good month, I know I am. I just got back from a 3300-mile trip through Colorado, Arizona and Utah. Let me tell you, if you’re not using your Harley Davidson to travel and see what this awesome country has to offer you need to seriously think about doing it. You can travel in a car but when you’re on your motorcycle you become part of the elements around you. There really is nothing like it. Out of all the places I went I would have to say riding through monument valley was my favorite. If you’ve been out there you understand what I mean. Enough about my trip though, so let’s get into this month’s topics which is Harley Davidson’s new product release. In August Harley Davidson released their new line of products called the Empire Collection. This collection is meant to give your motorcycle a sleek but sporty look with the deep grooves and eye-catching depth this product line offers. The complete collection from hand controls to foot controls really sets the look of the bikes off. The collection is offered in Black, Chrome and contrast cut. One of my favorite pieces this collection has to offer is the derby covers. They are a simple and clean look that will complete any bike. The new collection looks awesome and we have parts arriving daily for you all to come in and check out. Now lets get into some seriously awesome stuff that Harley released. I’m happy to say that Harley Davidson seems to be listening to its fan base and the trend sweeping across the nation of performance baggers and performance Harley Davidson’s. have any of you been following the King of the Baggers Racing League? I know I have. If you have, you know that Kyle Wyman and the H-D Screamin’ Eagle team just won the 2021 King of the Baggers Championship. That’s pretty awesome considering the field of riders and manufactures they were up against. And Kyle did this all with Harleys new Screamin Eagle products. If you have read any of my articles you know I’m a sucker for good suspension. So the release of the Scremin Eagle Ohlins shocks is a huge upgrade from what Harley has been doing suspension wise. These new high-performance rear shocks for Touring models were designed with Öhlins specifically for Screamin' Eagle Factory Team race bikes. This suspension lets you experience the ultimate in handling and ride quality. These mono tube remote reservoir shocks are completely adjustable to match your riding style. Set the sag with the adjustable preload then fine tune

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Written By Keigan Borgmann

the response with adjustable compression and rebound damping. These shocks perform great and will add a performance style with exposed remote reservoirs. The next part Harley released is something I think all of us Milwaukee 8 riders have been waiting for, and that’s a high-volume oil pump and cam plate. A high-performance Milwaukee 8 engine deserves high-performance oiling. The new kit includes a super sucker oil pump to improve the oil flow rate to critical engine components, and a CNC machined billet aluminum cam plate for precise alignment of high-performance cam and chain. It’s the ideal component combination for a tuned-up M8 engine. On top of these awesome performance upgrades now available, they gave us one more thing. Not performance based but its something ive been questioned about multiple times through my time at the dealership and that’s the Screamin Eagle derby covers. These let everyone know that your not running the stock parts and that your bike means business. When you’re dealing with a built-up engine the best thing to do is to keep it at the perfect operating temperature and you can do just that with the new M8 oil cooler fan. This Oil Cooler Fan can help keep M8 engine oil temperature under control if you find yourself idling or moving slowly in traffic, especially in hot weather. The plug n play feature makes it easy for anyone to install. Fan automatically engages to lower oil temperature up to 50 degrees compared to an oil cooler without a fan. Also, to help keep some heat down they came out with smoked heat deflectors for 2014 up touring models. Along with the release of the performance parts they added in a couple parts for the Pan America. The long-awaited hand guards are now available to order and the highly anticipated sun downer seat had its debut. The seat is a two-piece seat meaning if you want just the solo seat its available to get without the passenger pillion. The sundowner seat is known through Harley riders to be one of the premier seats that helps with fatigue and getting those extra miles in. Well folks, that’s it for the new product release. If you have any questions on the new products please feel free to reach out to me at the dealership, 636-946-6487 or by email, Keigan@ stcharlesharleydavidson.com. My team and I are always available to answer any questions you all have and to assist in any way possible. As always, keep the rubber side down and enjoy the ride! www.FullThrottle-Magazine.com

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