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September has arrived and Dave Mungenast Sr. Memorial Bike and Badge Ride is SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 25 2022, at 10:30 AM. The ride starts at Mungenast Motorsports on South Lindbergh and will be a fun ride plus an amazing event to attend with funds going to help BackStoppers. Hope to see lots of you at this ride to help support an amazing cause.

I’m sad to announce that The October “Ride for Wishes” event is cancelled for this year. Historic Route 66 Bike has been rolling every Wednesday evening at Bobby’s Place in Valley Park and continues to be the largest weekly gathering of bikers in the metro area. If you haven’t been to Bobby’s Place on Wednesday evening, you need to mark your calendar and head there this Weds for a great time. We will continue to run Bike Night until the end of October weather permitting. Look forward to seeing you there. The Sturgis Rally has come and gone this year and what a great event it always is. This year as always, the Black Hills invited any and all bikers to attend the largest motorcycle rally in the world. The 82nd Sturgis Motorcycle Races and Rally. We had one rain storm the during the middle of the night but besides that ,it was nothing but blue skies every day. This year had large crowds of bikers from all over the world. I’ve heard numbers between 700,000 and one million bikers this year. Considering the entire state of South Dakota has a population of only 800,000 that’s a hell of a lot of bikers in one area of the state. I’m always surprises by the number of bikers who have never attended the Sturgis Rally. My friends, this must do on your bucket list. The rides are awesome, and the scenery is pure God’s Country. The one thing I am always astounded by is Crazy Horse Monument. The fact that this has no funding assistance other than private donations, and the fact that it is an unbelievably slow process. Nevertheless, it is awesome and part of my Indian heritage, so I love it. If you have never been to Sturgis or the Black Hills you need to make that a priority in your Asfuture.always, my friends, ride safe and see you on the road with Full Throttle BobMagazine.

St Charles Harley and Motorsports will have its Bike Night on Thursday September15th from 6-9pm and as always will be a fun evening. If you can’t have fun here, you can’t have fun at all.

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Doc’s Harley-Davidson is rolling out some fun events in September. Starting with Their monthly Bike Night on September 1st. Make sure you grab your grass skirts and lays for a fun trip to the islands at their Luau Party September 10th. The best times are always had at Doc’s Annual Anniversary Party. This year make 67 years. It’s always a fun time at Doc’s Harley.


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How’s it going Full Throttle readers! It good to be back as I took a month off for a bike trip that took me to the west coast. I covered over 4,000 miles in 10 days and hit 7 states and a lot of scenic rides. One of my favorite days of the tip was our second day which we visited the legendary salt flats. From there we went through Oregon and to the coast and down the coast on the 1 all the way to LA. From LA we went to Vegas and Death Valley and then back home. All and all it was a once in a life time trip that I would do all over again. Now, enough about the trip and let’s talk about my favorite topic and that is suspension! If you guys have read any of my articles you know I’m a sucker for a good set of suspension on a bike. Not only does it enhance the it also makes the ride safer for you and your passenger. Better suspension equals better handling. So let get into it as there are some new products out and well touch on the always popular Legends suspension again. With the release of all the new products and partnerships this year, Harley Davidson has shown us all that they still know what’s going on in the motorcycle industry, and why they are still the top dog in the market. Harley has taken a couple steps forward in the area of suspension, and that is what I wanted to talk to you all about today. Suspension keeps the rides soft, or firm, and helps keep the bike stable and on the road in the big sweepers. We can make your bike as fast as you want us to, but if you can’t keep it on the road, then what good is all that power? In the area of suspension, there are a couple big names that have brought some pretty awesome products to the market for these motorcycles. Harley Davidson has a premium adjustable suspension out, and we can’t talk about suspension and not mention Progressive and Legends. So, let’s get into what I consider the most important modification you can do to your motorcycle. Let’s start with the Harley Davidson Premium Ride Hand Adjustable Touring Shocks. These premium shocks are Harley’s top of the line performance suspension. They are offered in two sizes: a standard size, and a lowered size. These shocks use a single tube, nitrogen charged design, that allows the rider to fine tune the suspension using a knob that is located behind the left-hand saddlebag. The premium shocks offer a more controlled, yet plush ride, with their enhanced compression and rebound damping, which helps to prevents bottoming out. On these shocks, Harley has opted to go with an increased piston size of 40mm in diameter with 14mm rods, this allows the shock to react quicker to impacts, and keeps the tires tracking while preventing vibration throughout the frame. If you’re looking to go a step up from the Harley premium shocks, you can go to a Progressive shock. Progressive has a number of different shocks you can choose. From your moderate rider, to the somewhat aggressive rider, Progressive has you covered. One of my personal favorite shocks from the Progressive line are their 490 Sport Series Shocks. The 490 series combines cost and function, it’s a true sport shock with an unbelievable low price. The 490-sport shock features a high-pressure mono-tube with a deflective damping disc, which is coupled with a linear spring rate. What does that mean? It means that these shocks allow for a consistent and smooth feel through the damping stroke, and it gives them the ability to withstand high temperatures and heavy loads, all while keeping the ride safe and comfortable. These shocks are hand built and come with a lifetime warranty. If you have any questions on

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Written By Keigan Borgman www.FullThroTTle-Magazine.coM Page 17 the Progressive line of shocks, reach out to me at the dealership, and I’ll answer any questions you have.

If you’ve tried the Progressive and found that you were out riding your suspension, or they just weren’t fitting your comfort needs, we can step you up to a set of Legends shocks. Legends offers a superior product with a lifetime warranty, and are hand built in the black hills of South Dakota. They come in a couple different spring rates and a number of sizes and finishes.

Let’s start by taking a look at Legends top of the line system: The Legend Revo Arcs. The Revo Arcs are Legends top performing suspension. They offer adjustable rebound and compression damping. They come in a piggy bag style for your Sportster and Dyna models, and in a remote reservoir for the Touring models. They are offered in 13” and 14” lengths, and standard and heavyduty spring rates. These lengths of springs allow for a larger sweet spot for that ultimate ride comfort and performance. The 13” has a spring travel of 3.5” and the 14” shock has a spring travel of 4”. More spring travel means a better and smoother ride overall. They offer seven compression adjustments and seven rebound settings, which will allow you to customize the comfort and ride of the bike to you and your passengers liking. Legends come in a standard and heavy-duty spring rate. Heavy duty spring rate is geared for the riders that ride with 550lbs, including luggage, 50% of the time. The Revo Arcs are going to come in three different finishes: black, gold and clearThe(silver).nextmodel in the Legends line up is their best-selling product, and they are the Legends Revo A’s. The Revo A is the perfect suspension for every rider. They are still offered in 12” (with 2.5” spring travel), 13” (with 3” of spring travel), and 14” (with 3.5” of spring travel) applications. One of the main differences in the Revo A’s and the Revo Arcs, is that the Revo A has compression control and six rebound settings, as the Arcs have seven compression and seven rebound settings. The Revo A’s are not a lesser shock by any means, they are just a different option to suit your wants and riding needs. If you are looking for a tailored shock ride and height, I would suggest the Revo A’s are for you. Last and certainly not least is the standard Revo shocks. These are going to be your base line shocks for riders. There are no adjustment settings on them, they come from the factory set with a rebound setting of three. The lengths and spring travel are the same as the Revo A’s and are offered in all three colors as well. If you’re looking for an easy install with no adjustments required, the standard Revo shock is for you. Moving from the rear suspension, all of these options are going to be able to pair nicely with a drop-in cartridge kit. Progressive offers their mono tube line and Legends has their Axeo drop in cartridges. Both of these are going to be offered in a number of different ranges and heights as well to help compliments the rear ride height.

Progressive Monotube line offers high performance components that replace the sloppy open bath damping found in the OEM forks. Their kits feature a gas charged monotube damper and a set of custom tuned forks springs for all applications. The result of these components is superior damping and ride control combined with tunable preload. These are going to be a significant upgrade from your stock Harley front suspension. They are offered in standard height and 1” lower spring heights. If you’re not looking for a complete performance monotube setup, and are just looking to lower the bike a little to help with comfort and style, progressive offers a


Come by the shop and check out some of the builds we have going on and all the awesome in stock products we have to offer. As Always keep the rubber side down and have yourselves a good day.


LIKE US drop in lowering spring kit that allows you to pull up to 2” out of the front forks to give your bike the ride height and look your Legendsafter.Axeo drop in cartridges take the bike to the next level. Weather your running the stock wheel size or you opted to go with a bigger front wheel Legends Axeo has you covered. These drop-in cartridges come with dual damping rods which allows you the stability to maneuver the bike as needed. These cartridges also have a spring retainer in them. What the spring retainer does is keeps the springs straight inside the forks. One of the best things about the legend’s cartridge is that they have a nitrogen charge in the top of the dampeners. what that allows is the first couple inches of movement in the fork is a smooth and plush ride. As you start to get to the end of the spring travel it will get a little more aggressive and stiffer. That means you will be able to glide over the smaller dumps, and able to eat up the bigger sized bumps in the road with ease. The Axeo’s come in a standard height, a +2 height, (for more ground clearance when cornering) and a lowered height. They also come available for stock wheels, 21” wheels and 23” wheel applications. Suspension is one of those upgrades a lot of people generally don’t think about, because it isn’t the sexy thing people look for on a bike, however, suspension is a key component that brings all the power and riding together. It keeps the tires planted on the road and holds the bike true in the corners. It gives you, the rider, confidence when riding long distances, knowing that you are going to stay comfortable and be able to handle the bike on any road you travel. I want to thank you all for taking the time to read this article. I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it! Suspension is one of my favorite topics and I could go on and, on all day, long about the benefits a good system has to offer. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out to me at 636-946-6487, or email me at: Keigan@stcharlesharleydavidson.com.

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Women: “Communication is the most important thing in a relationship.” - 2 million hours – The average time men spend trying to find out why their darling is angry with them.

Some annoying cold caller was trying to sell me a luxury coffin. I could only say, “Dude, that is the last thing I’ll need.” If you cannot find your dog, open the fridge door. He’s standing right behind you. My grandma gave me this great advice, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” She was right! You just have to really work on your Ironingaim. board. A surf board which gave up on its dreams and went to work. I ordered an extension course, “How to Deal With Life’s Disappointments”. Yesterday, I got the first lesson by mail. It was an empty envelope.

I met an amazing man at a party on Saturday. Wonderful listener, great looking... I gave him my number and winked at him to call me when he gets home. It’s been 4 days, I’m really starting to worry the poor guy is homeless. Mom, can I get a brother? - Sorry, darling. The stork doesn’t bring us babies anymore. - Well then perhaps you can talk to another bird?

I_____________________waswalkingpastaclothes shop and saw a beautiful dress in the shop window. I went in and asked the shop assistant, “Hi, can I please try on the dress in the shop window?” “Of course,” nodded the shop assistant, “but you know we also have changing rooms, right?” Condoms. By humans, for humans, on humans, in humans – against more humans. A homeless guy found a laptop somebody forgot on the train. He immediately went and checked out what’s in the Trash bin My date last night was really awesome. We had a definite spark and pretty soon he was basically lying at my feet. I love my new taser. My doctor sent me for a prostate exam to the nearest hospital. I went, reluctantly, got called in the office and patiently suffered through the - frankly very personal - examination. When the examining surgeon left, a nurse came in and asked a question that sent shivers down my soul: “Who the heck was that?”Short-Funny.com


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Think about that for a minute, women friendly motorcycles? Why would anyone categories women in such a manner? You might think it sounds a bit sexist. Is it because women are generally smaller? We tend to be lighter than men? Or is it just because men, need to feel more superior on a larger bike? The facts are the fact. Unless you are a superior female athlete, trying to pick up and maneuver a large heavy bike can become somewhat problematic. Don’t get me wrong, I seen A LOT of women ride all sorts of large heavy bikes without any issues. But it really comes down to what you want and what you feel confident and comfortable handling. Hell, I’ve seen an eighty-year-old woman on a Harley Fatboy, slammed to the ground, hauling ass down the highway. So really, It’s just personal preference. But, if you are really undecided and you are new to riding, I encourage you to shop around. Look at several makes and models, sit on them, pull them off the kickstand. Make sure your feet are flat on the ground. Check to feel the wingspan of the grips. Are your handlebars at a good height? How does the clutch feel when you pull it in? That’s very important. If you struggle to pull the clutch in, you will have trouble shifting and that can be very dangerous. Rock the bike back and forth, getting a good sense of balance and maneuverability. I’ve compiled a list of motorcycles, for women, hell, men too really. I’ve looked at size, seat height, handlebar positions and weight. I’ve not included Trikes because that is a different animal and frankly it’s a given and just as many men ride trikes these days as women, maybe even more. But they do have difficulties of their own. Their steering is more of a push and pull. Because it set upright and no leaning, you must steer it; turning the handlebars left and right. If you have never driven a trike, the difficulty comes in when you have to make a left or right turn from a stop. You need to maneuver the handlebars, rock the throttle AND release the clutch all at once. You might think “duh”! But think about it. If you are turning left, you have your hand on the left grip. But now you must release that grip slightly to let out the clutch. It’s harder than is sounds. The trick is to use most of your “push” turning power from the right grip and throttle and less of the pull leaving your grip tension on your left loose enough to manage the clutch release. I’m a Triker…. have been from the beginning and I love it.

The Honda Rebel: lightweight, low-profile seat, great center of gravity.

Triumph: Just plan “ole school” COOL. And fun to ride Royal Infield: Very classic, lightweight, great center of gravity.

Harley-Davidson: Iron 883, Softail-Standard, Lowrider S and Nightster. All low center of gravity. All counterbalanced. Easy maneuverability. I’m sure there are so many others. The best thing to do is SHOP. Remember, the only opinion that matters is YOURS! Motorcycles

Women Friendly

Indian Scout; Bobber, Rouge and Rouge Sixty: Light-weight, easy maneuverability.

Yamaha V-Star 250: Super lightweight, low-profile, great center of gravity.

Soooo, here is that little list I told you about.

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