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September 2021

81st Annual Sturgis Rally Page 12-14

Motorcycle Dent Guru Removes Dent In A Steel Guitar Full Throttle Magazine September Issue 2021

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Custom Dynamics Page 20-21

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Removes Dent In A Steel Guitar

Page: 20-21: Custom Dynamics


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September has arrived and with that Lake of the Ozark Bikefest happens. Last year Bikefest was HUGE and we are anticipating this year to be even bigger. There are hundreds of bars and restaurants opening their doors to all of us bikers. There are vendor villages that will have biker related booths and accessories. Bands and concerts all over the lake area for you to enjoy. Bikefest starts Weds 15th and runs through Sunday September 18th. There are still some great rooms available so if you haven’t made your reservations yet, it’s not to late to join in the fun at this year’s Bikefest. Historic Route 66 Bike has been rolling every Weds evening at Bobby’s Place in Valley Park and continues to be the largest weekly gathering of bikers in the metro area. If you haven’t been to Bobby’s Place on Weds evening, you need to mark your calendar and head there this Weds for a great time. We will continue to run Bike Night until the end of October weather permitting. Look forward to seeing you there. The Sturgis Rally has come and gone this year and what a great event it always is. This year as always, the Black Hills invited any and all bikers to attend the largest motorcycle rally in the world. The 81st Sturgis Motorcycle Races and Rally. We were unable to attend last year but this year made up for it. We had one rain storm the first day we arrived and from there on nothing but blue skies every day. Well, there were a couple days we had a smoke haze from the drifting smoke out of the Canada fires but still the weather this year was perfect. This year had large crowds of bikers from all over the world. I’ve heard numbers between 700,000 and one million bikers this year. Considering the entire state of South Dakota has a population of only 800,000 that’s a crap load of bikers in one area of the state. I’m always surprises by the number of bikers who have never attended the Sturgis Rally. My friends, this is must do on your bucket list. The rides are awesome, and the scenery is pure God’s Country. The one thing I am always astounded by is Crazy Horse Monument. The fact that this has no funding assistance other than private donations, and the fact that it is an unbelievably slow process. Never the less, it is awesome and part of my Indian heritage, so I love it. If you have never been to Sturgis or the Black Hills you need to make that a priority in your future.

As always my friends, ride safe and see you on the road with Full Throttle Magazine. Bob

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Bike Night September 10th 5-9p

2021 BIKEFEST SEPTEMBER 15-19, 2021

The Man Show September 11th Bike Fest Events at Dealership September 16-17


Offsite Bike Night September 22nd 6-8p GSM Nocturnal Bike Night Septmeber 24th Kickstands up at 7:15p Parking Lot Swap Meet September 26th 12-4p

Doc's Swap Meet Saturday October 2, 10-4


Full Throttle Magazine does not sponsor, endorse and/or promote every event on our Crusin’ Calendar. Our field staff may not always be at every event.

Written By C. Blanton

81st Annual Sturgis Rally

Well, we all should be back from Sturgis by now and all I can say

is…. AMAZING!. Bob and I haven’t been to Sturgis since 2017. We didn’t realize how much we missed it until we got up there and started riding those amazing roads. We started going to Sturgis in 2001. Up until then, I had never even heard of Sturgis. I lead a pretty sheltered life growing up. This year would have marked the 20th anniversary of our Rally experience if it weren’t for the 5 total years we missed. But, all I can say without any doubts, that out of the trips we’ve taken over the last 20 years, this year’s rally’s weather was absolutely perfect! The only rain we encountered was the first afternoon we arrive. After that, nothing but sunshine and blue skies. Regardless of what Dr. Falsy, Mister “Superspreader” accusatory says, this rally was a HUGE Success. There were people everywhere, laughing, riding and letting their hair down and in some cases letting more down more than just hair. Things came off……oohhhh, makes me shutter even thinking about that. You just can’t unsee that Sh*t. But, that’s Sturgis for you. You just have to except that. This first year my father went, I had to explain what to expect. Now, trying to explain this to a very straight laces, ordained minister was no easy task. But I digress. Bob and I said it felt more like a normal rally. Not so crowded that you couldn’t move but crowed enough that you have a real good sense of our big it really is. Now the 75th Anniversary was CROWDED! The Major of Mead County said that he thinks that this was the largest rally he has seen in Thirty plus years. It’s expected to generate over 800 million dollars in revenue. This is how that town makes its money. Their entire years revenue is based on that two-week period. Main street in downtown Sturgis is pretty much a ghost town the rest of the year. The store fronts where vendors set up are empty the rest of the year. There are some vendors that have permanent signs but are only there for the rally. That’s crazy to think. Now the rest of the outlying areas have their own attractions and history. Deadwood, Keystone, Hill City & Custer City. And of course, Rapid City is there metropolis and is very commercialized. All in all, I still contend that it is a must for your bucket list. If you don’t go up there for the rally, at least venture up there to experience the wonderment of nature that the Black Hills have to offer. I promise you won’t be disappointed. Page 12



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Written by Randy Hobson

Motorcycle Dent Guru Removes I could have written about another motorcycle repair this issue however I chose to share a repair I did on something very unique. A few issues back I shared about a repair on a very unique motorcycle Harley Davidson put out in the 70’s honoring Muscle Shoals Alabama and the music from the 70’s. Knowing how everyone loves the sound of their bikes driving down the streets, highways and of course on trips. Another thing we all have in common is music. We love having our stereos on when your cruising listening to our favorite songs and bands. So I thought about this repair and said certainly their must be a few guys who share the common interest of playing music while others always wanted to pick up a guitar and learn to play it yet never did. I’m certain we can all agree to say most of us have toys and most who read this your bike is one of them while others the musically gifted might say it’s definitely their guitars. Meet Craig Petty a musician who loves his guitar. A guitar that’s not like any other. Mr. Pettys guitar one of many in his collection is a 1929 National Hawaiian Guitar that he unfortunately put a few small dings and dents in this rare steel guitar. 1929 National - Style One - Tricone Model - Hawaiian Guitar. This vintage acoustic guitar, in fine, original condition, is quite a desirable collectible musical instrument on its own merit, but if this guitar from the National Guitar Company could tell us it’s story, the road and paths it’s taken around the country and possibly the world. We know it was manufactured in San Luis Obispo, California, began manufacturing these metal acoustic guitars in 1927. The first great artist who endorsed these instruments Sol Ho' Opi' I (pronounced Who-Oo-Pee-Pee), who is regarded by guitar aficionados around the world as "King of the Steel Guitar," because he invented the multiple tunings that are popular today and was the first and greatest artist in this style. But the unknown may Page 14


Ding In A 1929 Steel Guitar possibly never be known of its history the same as many of the older bikes we ride each day. But one thing is important keeping our past in great shape to speak of our travels and stories from generations to come. This is exactly what Mr. Petty achieves by bringing this incredible piece of history to us at Dent Squad. He said he heard about Paintless Dent Repair however, every time he spoke with someone they didn’t want to try and repair it. But on his mission to have it repaired someone referred him to us. So to be honest I love challenges here at Dent Squad so I’m like let’s give it a shot! Paintless Dent Repair in our opinion should be everyone’s first thought of repair. Why you ask, it’s simple and just make sense. If your taking it to be repaired it has to be repaired so if we can repair it here and you don’t have to take it anywhere else then win win for everyone. What’s to lose if we can’t repair the issue we let you know and there’s no charge. So Mr. Petty chose us and wow was he happy. The pictures show before, during and after if this very unique repair. If your in need of any repairs you should always consider your options and Paintless Dent Repair is the ultimate if it can be done. Feel free to contact us even if your not in the St. Louis market and we will do our best to find someone in your local market for you. Also check us out on our brand new redesigned website www.dentsquad.com make certain to read about how we got started in the history page. We are certain you’ll find it interesting. www.FullThrottle-Magazine.com

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How's it going Full Throttle readers? Zach White here to give

you the latest and greatest info from St. Charles Harley-Davidson. I hope everyone is getting some miles in this summer.It's been a hot one for sure. And, welcome back to all the riders that made it out to the 81th Anniversary of Sturgis Rally. Summer is slowly coming to an end. In my opinion, the best riding season is right around the corner This month I want to talk about the number one aftermarket company for LED’s, Custom Dynamics. We here at St. Charles Harley-Davidson have the biggest inventory of Custom Dynamics in the Midwest. If you have been in our store recently you will see the new display that lights up the entry of our Parts Department. Custom Dynamics offers the best warranty in the industry, LIFETIME!!!! Their motto is, “Every phone call, email, or concern is resolved before we go home each night!” They have the best customer service in the industry, and we’ve teamed up with them to make the warranty process even smoother. If you have a problem, we’ll get you taken care of by getting you the product you need immediately, eliminating down time from a burned out LED. I want to touch on some of their newest product that you might not be aware of, as it just got released last month. If you’re riding a 2018-2021 Softail Fat Bob and have been looking for something to give you some more visibility to the rear, they now have a kit that removes the reflector and replaces it with an integrated LED Taillight. It features 30 extremely bright LEDs to give you running and brake lights. When you hit the turn signals half of the LEDs will blink. This add-on is available in red and smoked. Now let’s move to some new LEDs for the front of your bike. Anyone riding a 2014-2021 Touring bike with fairing lowers, this one is for you. These Dynamic Lower Fairing Inserts are a direct replacement for the grills in the front. They have over 130 White and Amber LEDs per side. While cruising down the road they are a bright white running light. When you hit the turn signals, they turn Amber and blink. This is an add-on I’ve been waiting on, and I know a lot of you that have been Page 20




Written By Zach White

eager to see this, too. Let’s move on to their newest Halo Fog Lights. These mount on your engine guard with a clamp that is sold separately. These are available in Chrome and Black. While cruising down the road you can have them just as running lights; and they’ll match well with the front turn signals. Then you can turn on the high by the push of a button and they will shine on all of the dark spots in front of you that the headlight misses. It’s amazing how bright these are. Come check out our display for yourself as it shines on the wall in the well lit showroom. For those that don’t have passing lamps or fog lamps on their bike, Custom Dynamics came out with an LED headlight for you: the all New ProBeam LED Adaptive Headlight. This headlight will hit all those blind spots in the banks of a corner. If you have ever been riding down HWY 94 at night, or in the mountains, you have probably hit a corner and had dark spots in the road that were missed by a regular LED headlight. This adaptive headlight fills in that area with the JW Speaker’s adaptive technology. It senses when the bike is leaning so it can redirect the beam where it’s needed most. Come in and we will explain all of the amazing features of this awesome light. The last product I want to cover is the new 7” LED Headlamp Trim Ring. This Trim Ring has 48 white LEDs that makes a great-attention getter for oncoming traffic. They have had this feature for a while, but what makes this NEW is when you hit the turn signals. 12 Amber LEDs will blink. You can really clean up the front end and still be seen going down the road. From the amazing brightness to the Lifetime warranty, its no wonder why Custom Dynamics is the number one when it comes to LEDs! Thanks again for taking the time to read this. If you come to St. Charles Harley-Davidson, be sure to ask for me, Zach White. If you'd like to set up a consultation, you can contact me by phone (636-946-6487) or email (zach@ stcharlesharleydavidson.com). I'm here to make all of your Harley-Davidson dreams come true! www.FullThrottle-Magazine.com

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