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September 2020

Exciting News From Harley-Davidson

Full Throttle Magazine September Issue 2020

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Exciting News from Harley-Davidson New H-D APP Harley-Davidson has a newer app just for Riders. This app will help make everyone experience rides, planning rides and events that are happening all over the United States. Some of the events will be big rallies like Sturgis, Dealer events and rides, and Harley-Davidson HOG Rallies and events. This will give each of you the opportunity to see what is going on or coming up in your local area or wherever your bike is leading you to. Another great aspect of the app is you can create your own route. Plus, along that ride, you can add where you stopped for gas, best lunch stop, best roads, etc. and record it for yourself and others to see that route. How cool to add those great places to help the next rider out! You might know where the coldest beer is, the best cheeseburgers or cheapest hotel to stay in. Plus, you can record your experience to talk about with your friends. Everyone is looking for another ride, especially during the times we are living in now. Be creative. You can share it with other riders too. There are other features so check it out. For more info, visit h-dcom/connect for more information. You can download the App on your iphone or android and see what I am talking about. Jason Momoa is H-D Brand Ambassador The other news is H-D is working with Jason Momoa as their Brand Ambassador. Jason is an actor and director. Some of you may have seen him in Aquaman or Game of Thrones. Harley has commissioned him to direct six short videos to show the true heart of Harley-Davidson in a series called United We Will Ride. Jason showcased how different riders experience freedom of the soul through their motorcycles. There is a relationship with the metal. There is a relationship with the Ride.

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While most of the country is still on social distancing, some cities still on lock down and the wear a mask routine, Sturgis happened as it has for many years with no problems that we have been made aware of. I'm proud to say the biking community is a HUGE group of strong men and women that will not let Covid-19 or anything thing else put them in a panic mode. I am one of the people that believe this entire thing has been vastly over reacted to and has hurt many people and many businesses financially. That's must my opinion and your are entitle to yours. I was not able to go to Sturgis this year because of several other obligations so I have no pictures this year of the event. I would love to publish pictures that any of you took and we will be happy to plug you for being able to post them on Facebook and in our magazine next month.You can email any pictures from this years 80th Annual Sturgis to publisher@fullthrottlemagazine.com. Thank you in advance for sharing those pics with us and and readers. We are just a couple weeks away from this years Lake of the Ozark Bikefest. With so many events being cancelled, this year will be one hell of a an event. The rooms are getting full up, but there are still some rooms available, so get on it and get your room reserved, Dates are Weds September 16th through Sunday September 20th. The lake area offers hundreds of miles of scenic back roads to ride and over 300 great bars restaurants and hotels to visit to have a great time. Make sure to buy your Passport Book and make those stops and you could be the lucky winner of this years "New" Harley Davidson Roadglide. For a $20.00 purchase, on Sunday at 1:00pm at the Lake Ozark Harley we will draw a name from the list of Passport entries and someone will be given the new Harley Roadglide; can't get any better. Be sure to register at http://www.lakebikefest.com to win the giveaway package of free hotel room, gift cards, t-shirt and more to be drawn on September 14th. Lake Ozark Harley Davidson will be sponsoring the Bikefest Vendor Village again this year so be sure to stop and check out the great vendors that will be there. Look forward to seeing all of you at this years 14th Annual Lake Ozark Bikefest. As always my friends ride safe and see you on the road with Full Throttle Magazine. Bob

Jason is an influencer. You will start seeing more and more of his work on Facebook and Instagram. His personal message is sincere and passionate. Jason says: “Riding is a healing thing. I love the brand.” Hopefully, he will be coming to Doc’s soon since his family lives in Iowa. I will be working on that! He bleeds H-D and hopefully he will stroll in soon. Whatever that man says I believe!!! New Parts, Accessories and Motorclothes Coming Soon! New Parts, Accessories and Motorclothes will be in dealerships in September. I hear the new parts and accessories will be awesome this year. The new merchandise is always exciting to see and touch. Also, you will be able to see the new items on the dealership websites and H-D’s website by the first of September. Hopefully most of you have been riding and enjoying the day life is giving us. If you would like to ask any questions or need any information, please email me at beth.ernst@docsh-d.com Luv ya lots, Beth Ernst/Owner of Doc’s H-D

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Bikefest September 16-20, 2020 TJ's Bar & Grill BBQ Featuring TJ own 2" Pork Steaks September 12th

3rd Thursday of each Month Starting September 17th September 11th



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The Dos and Don’ts

ome of you, who know me, know that I’m a bit of a fashionista and love the bling. So, when it comes to fashion vs motorcycle gear, I’m always looking for the cuteness as well as the functionality. Let’s break it down from head to toe. The Helmet: Nothing beats helmet hair…..NOT! But for those helmet required states, it’s a must. Whatever your preference is, the full faced, three-quarter, half, or the novelty, you want to look cute. You try to find that one specific helmet that has that bling instead of the blah and you can say “DAMN, I look good”. Now, safety is the more important thing here; even over the cuteness. With the full-face helmet, you can’t help but look like Robocop. Let’s just pull out our concealed firearm that is tucked away in our exterior leg armor and go after the next bozo that cuts you off; then again maybe not. Then you try on the three-quarter helmet, you look in the mirror and all you see is you’re siting on the back of the Captain America bike in the movie Easy Rider; which would not be so bad as long as you are sitting behind Peter Fonda. Still undecided, you reach for the half helmet. LORD, you look like a mushroom. Is there any possible way to make this look cute? Maybe add a few studs along the chin straps. Well, you take a crack at the novelty helmet. It’s smaller, it’s lighter and it comes in various shapes to fit your head. Most of them come in a gloss blah black. That’s an easy fix; go to your local craft store and buy some flat back crystals and bling it up. Whatever helmet style you choose, make sure you find that balance of the three S’s – Sassy, Sexy, and Safe. The Jacket: When buying a jacket, you always want to make sure it fits you properly. It needs to couture to your figure; you don’t want to look like Violet Beauregard after you just chewed blueberry pie gum. Know that you are going to be in a seated position with your arms stretched out in front of you. The back needs to be longer to prevent any of your fanny back showing. The body of the jacket should fit snug around the rib cage but leaving a little breathing room for your nibbly bits. When you try on the jacket, stretch out your arms. If the sleeves stop right behind the heel of your hand, you are good. Alright, now that you’ve found a properly fitted jacket, you got to look for the cute factor. Does it have the bling you’re after? Even if there is no bling, the proper fit will make you look good. The top: During the summer riding season, you general are not going to be wearing a jacket; unless you are really in the protective mode and fear the open road. None the less you should look good in the shirts and tops you buy. Remember, you are going to be traveling pretty fast and it is going to be very windy. When you are looking for a shirt or top, make sure that you are wearing one that is somewhat fitted. Try to avoid wearing shirts that are overly blousy. Riding your motorcycle and looking like a boat sail is just not attractive. But, if you wear a shirt that is too tight, then it accentuates flaws that otherwise

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of Riding Fashion

Written By C.Blanton

should be concealed. It’s a happy little balance dance that us as women have to play. Whatever style of shirt or top you decide to wear, it should be classy and sassy. The Pants/Jeans: For total cuteness, please, for the love of all that is holy, stay far away from those saggy ass, high-waisted, 1980 Jordache mom jeans. There is nothing more unattractive then stepping off your bike and your pants look like you had an “Oh Sh**” moment from the back and the front looks like you are crowding more than your nickers. Jeans should fit your figure. When you are searching out for that right fitting jeans for riding, take into consideration that you are sitting. Try them on and sit down. You should not have a big gap in the back where it will allow air to flow down your backside; nothing like an “Air Enema”. But if the jeans are too tight in the waist, it will cause the God awful muffin top and panty exposure; not a pretty site. I have a curvy figure and the best fitting jeans are mid-rise to low rise with a higher back with a nice boot cut. They should lay smooth around your hip, legs, butt and waist. To make sure that they maintain their shape, go for jeans that have lycra or spandex. Most jeans these days have that in the fabric. Rule number one: make sure they fit you properly. Rule Number two: go for the bling. There are numerous manufacturers that bling the poo poo out of their jeans. Go for the sassy and sexy. The Boot: When looking for that riding boot, you do need to makes sure that they are comfortable, especially when you are planning on doing a lot of walking; like Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. Since you are all decked out, you do want cute feet to complete your ensemble. My Favorite is cowgirl boots. There are so many fashionable styles of western boots. If you like that route, I would suggest to make sure the inner sole has great support and the outer sole is rubber, at least in part. This will allow your shoes to grip the pavement and not be slippery. Heel height is important. If you are not planning on walking much you could possible get away with a higher heel. That is only if you are a passenger. It’s damn near impossible to shift when you are wearing spiked heels; I know I’ve tried. Keep the heel at a 2 ½ inch height, max; for comfort and functionality. The items that I would never recommend wearing while on the back of a motorcycle are shorts, skirts, and any open toed shoes. Protect your legs and feet from those extremely hot exhaust pipes. I made that mistake once in my life and got a bologna size burn on the back of my calf. Now that you got your clothing in check, it’s time to accessorize; the blingier the better. You can add earrings, necklaces, rings, and belts. Don’t forget your side bags; where else would you store your lipstick, compact, phone, money, and credit cards? Adding fun sparkly jewelry is a way to bring your outfit all together. When you are searching out for that perfect outfit always, always remember. It is better to be Classy not Trashy and Sassy not Sleazy. Find what you love and fits you well and watch all the heads turn. www.FullThrottle-Magazine.com

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CRACK UP’S Give a man a gun and he’ll rob a bank. Give a man a bank and he’ll rob everyone. ______________________ We cannot allow this year to end, That would be admitting that 2021. ______________________ Why did Karen press CTRL + Alt + Delete? She wanted the Task Manager. ______________________ Finland have just closed their borders. Which means no one can cross the finish line. ______________________ An elderly couple is in church. The wife says to the husband, “I’ve let out one of those silent farts, what do I do?” The husband says, “Change the battery in your hearing aid.” ______________________ I accidently sprayed deodorant in my mouth today. Now when I talk I have this weird axe scent. ______________________ I got my best friend a fridge for her birthday. I can’t wait to see her face light up when she opens it. ______________________ “Judge, 60% of my parking tickets are bogus!” Judge: Repeat infractions? Man: Fine. 3/5 of my tickets are bogus!

I exercise in the morning, before my brain figures out what I am doing. ___________________ Of all my body parts my eyes get the most exercise, I do at least a thousand eye rolls a day. ___________________ How many politicians does it take to change a light bulb? Two: one to change it and another one to change it back again. ___________________ I was walking passed a farm and a sign said “Duck, eggs”. I thought, that’s an unnecessary comma. And then it hit me. ___________________ Did you hear about the race between the lettuce and the tomato? The lettuce was a “head” and the tomato was trying to “ketchup”! __________________ Duck walks up to the road. Looks both ways and starts to cross. Chicken standing near him says, “Dude, you will never hear the end of this.” __________________ A flat-earther’s greatest fear is… Sphere itself. ___________________ I had a job interview at IKEA yesterday. The manager greeted me by saying, “Come in, make a seat.”


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Written By Zach White

Custom H

ow's it going Full Throttle readers? Zach White here to give you the latest and greatest info from St. Charles HarleyDavidson. I hope everyone is getting some miles in between all the pop-up showers we had last month. Welcome back to all the riders that made it out to the 80th Anniversary of Sturgis Rally. Summer is slowly coming to an end. In my opinion, the best riding season is right around the corner. This month at the dealership we will be doing FREE hot dogs on Saturdays. Also, we will be getting new Parts and Accessories that Harley released late in the month of August. I will be going over all the new products in next month’s article. Come in and check it out in person as we start to receive it. Big St. Charles will have the Kawasaki Demo Truck here Labor Day weekend. Come out check out what they have for 2021 and take some for a cruise. They will be here Friday and Saturday. Check out our Social Media page and website for details. This month I want to talk about the number one aftermarket company for LED’s, Custom Dynamics. We here at St. Charles Harley-Davidson have the biggest inventory of Custom Dynamics in the Midwest. If you have been in our store recently you will see the new display that lights up the entry of our Parts Department. Custom Dynamics offers the best warranty in the industry, LIFETIME!!!! Their motto is, “Every phone call, email, or concern is resolved before we go home each night!” They have the best customer service in the industry, and we’ve teamed up with them to make the warranty process even smoother. If you have a problem, we’ll get you taken care of by getting you the product you need immediately, eliminating down time from a burned out LED. I want to touch on some of their newest product that you might not be aware of, as it just got released last month. If you’re riding a 2018-2020 Softail Fat Bob and have been looking for something to give you some more visibility to the rear, they now have a kit that removes the reflector and replaces it with an integrated LED Taillight. It features 30 extremely bright LEDs to give you running and brake lights. When you hit the turn signals half of the LEDs will blink. This add-on is available in red and smoked. Now let’s move to some new LEDs for the front of your bike. Anyone riding a 2014-2020 Touring bike with fairing lowers, this one is for you. These Dynamic Lower Fairing Inserts are a direct replacement for the grills in the front. They have over 130 White and Amber LEDs per side. While cruising down the road they Page 24



Dynamics are a bright white running light. When you hit the turn signals, they turn Amber and blink. This is an add-on I’ve been waiting on, and I know a lot of you that have been eager to see this, too. Let’s move on to their newest Halo Fog Lights. These mount on your engine guard with a clamp that is sold separately. These are available in Chrome and Black. While cruising down the road you can have them just as running lights; and they’ll match well with the front turn signals. Then you can turn on the high by the push of a button and they will shine on all of the dark spots in front of you that the headlight misses. It’s amazing how bright these are. Come check out our display for yourself as it shines on the wall in the well lit showroom. For those that don’t have passing lamps or fog lamps on their bike, Custom Dynamics came out with an LED headlight for you: the all New ProBeam LED Adaptive Headlight. This headlight will hit all those blind spots in the banks of a corner. If you have ever been riding down HWY 94 at night, or in the mountains, you have probably hit a corner and had dark spots in the road that were missed by a regular LED headlight. This adaptive headlight fills in that area with the JW Speaker’s adaptive technology. It senses when the bike is leaning so it can redirect the beam where it’s needed most. Come in and we will explain all of the amazing features of this awesome light. The last product I want to cover is the new 7” LED Headlamp Trim Ring. This Trim Ring has 48 white LEDs that makes a great-attention getter for oncoming traffic. They have had this feature for a while, but what makes this NEW is when you hit the turn signals. 12 Amber LEDs will blink. You can really clean up the front end and still be seen going down the road From the amazing brightness to the Lifetime warranty, its no wonder why Custom Dynamics is the number one when it comes to LEDs! Thanks again for taking the time to read this. If you come to St. Charles Harley-Davidson, be sure to ask for me, Zach White. If you'd like to set up a consultation, you can contact me by phone (636-946-6487) or email (zach@ stcharlesharleydavidson.com). I'm here to make all of your Harley-Davidson dreams come true!


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Written Tony Goodrich Photos By Tony Goodrich

Full Throttle Magzine


hile attending the “Dynamic Duo” car show on August 8, 2020 in Godfrey, IL, I came across this killer custom bike owned by Floyd Ware of Whitewater, MO. A 2004 American Iron Horse “Legend” built here in the U.S.A. at their facility in Ft. Worth, TX was one of the iconic custom bikes to roll out of the factory. American Iron Horse was the largest custom production bike manufacturer during their 13 year run. Founded in 1995, they set out to make the majority of parts, well over 300, all in house and each bike would have its own identity as no two bikes would be alike. U.S.A. strong for sure! In the spring of 2008, American Iron Horse decided to call it quits and cease all manufacturing. Being an avid bike rider, Floyd was looking for a cool custom without breaking the bank. When this bike showed up on the internet for sale, he knew he had to have it. Set up more like a Street/Touring chopper, this particular style was a 2 year production model in ’03-’04. The paint is what draws one in at first glance, with the “Real Fire” paint scheme. It has such a killer look, with all of the different layers popping out all over the bike in the sunlight, your eyes have no choice but to stare at its beauty. Kudos to the talented painters/artists at AIH that have raised the bar on custom painted bikes. All of the shinny chrome eye candy is hard not to overlook, also.

Starting off with the heartbeat of the chopper is the S&S 111 fully polished and chromed Page 30


out motor. Not only does it look awesome, but it puts out a whopping 110bhp @ 6,300 rpm and 115 ft/lb @ 3,900 rpm, so you better hang on. Mated to a chromed out Baker 6-speed transmission, this has been a proven and reliable combination for years. Dressed with all of the polished and chrome goodies such as the primary and rocker covers, ignition and push rod covers, it’s no wonder your eyes hurt from seeing all of its shine. Grabbing air is no problem when you have one of AIH Velocity intake and breather combos feeding a Super G carb to help propel the chopper down the road. As with all motorized devices, more power equals more brakes as the motto states. This chopper follows that well. With large dual piston polished aluminum calipers paired with cross drilled rotors, both front and rear, one doesn’t have to worry about stopping. All the fluid lines are braided stainless flex lines to aid in strength, durability and add a touch of class, too! All of the controls both lower and uppers are AIH polished billet aluminum for that truly custom touch. The side mirrors, billet license plate holder and the chrome LED turn signals not only look good, but help keep Floyd safe while cruising on the road. With a mild rake, the front forks are extended to help accentuate the polished/chrome effect that we all have associated to the chopper scene. Rolling on a solid polished center rear wheel, 18 x 8.50, coupled with a 240/40/18 Metzeler tire will definitely leave a healthy black mark on the pavement. To help keep the bike rolling and steered in the right direction is an AIH “Twister” 21 x 2.5 front wheel covered with a 90/90/21 Metzeler tire. Floyd has owned the bike for 10 years now and has enjoyed every minute of it. After many hours and plenty of cold beverages polishing all of the aluminum to the luster you see in the photos, has definitely paid off with some very nice awards to his credit. Keeping a small piece of motorcycle history pristine, functional and rider friendly is all that matters. God Bless!!! www.FullThrottle-Magazine.com

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