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August 2020

Summer H-D Riding Gear Page 3,5

BMW: SOUL IS ALL THAT MATTERS! Page 12,13 Big Service is BACK! Page 24-25

Taken Care of Business

Full Throttle Magazine August Issue 2020

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Summer H-D Riding Gear

Remember when you first watched the movie THE MASK and thought how did Jim Carey do that?

That was one of the craziest movies of the time. I was thinking about planning a movie night in the back of Doc’s, showing the movie THE MASK, wearing masks, sitting six feet away from each other, giving everyone some hand sanitizer, and laughing at the absurd reality we are all living in. Thank God I have my Mother’s sense of humor and my Dad’s business sense. I have heard so many people talking about masks that maybe I should change my movie choice and show some other comedy. Which one would you like to see? Whether you think masks can keep you safe or not, I believe this information will give you some safe tips on one of H-D’s departments: Riding Gear. The designers at the Motor Company are riders. They put their gear to tests by riding with the gear on, in wind tunnels and on a variety of lean or not so lean riders. When you are comfortable in your gear, you feel better. When you are wearing the right gear for the season, you are protected. Protection and comfort helps everyone with safety. Summer Riding Must Haves: Hydration Vests How many of you have a hydration vests? This is one of the best investments to keep you cool while riding. It’s like wearing an air conditioner on a hot day so you don’t have to keep feeling that sweat that becomes annoying. The vest is soaked in cool water or ice water, wrung out, and you wear it under your jacket but over your t-shirt. Some people will keep it in their saddle bags so when it starts getting hotter, they will stop at a gas station and get the vest wet. You can keep on doing this for the entire ride. The vest can be rehydrated 100 times. The vest lining absorbs and holds the water that slowly evaporates in higher temperatures. It only takes 1-2 minutes of soaking too. The sizes come in S-5XL and sells for $55.00-$65.00 depending on the size. Mesh Jackets If you do not have a mesh jacket, this might be the year to invest in one. H-D has a great selection for both men and women. The jackets come in a variety of sizes, from Small to 5X-Large for men and X-Small to 3X-Large for women. When you are trying them on, the jacket should not be tight. We suggest for riders to wear it and sit on a bike to make sure the jacket is perfect, including the length of the sleeve. The mesh jacket has air flow and keeps you protected and cool. You can add protective armor at the elbows, shoulders or at the back for added protection. Less bugs and rocks hitting you while you are enjoying yourself is another reason why you need a mesh jacket. Mesh Jackets run from $125.00 up to the top of the line, the FXRG for $650.00. Contines on page 5


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Hope this finds everyone in good health and feeling better that some things have begun to open up. Now if we can keep a handle on things we can hopefully begin a road back to normal. I really wonder will we ever be normal again? With the Covid problem and the total disregard for others and their property we are seeing in our country, I just wonder. I don't want to get off on a rant but I will make this one statement. I truly believe if we as a country and as Americans don't fight Page 3 & 5: Summer H-D Riding Gear! back and put and end to this rioting, looting, destruction of others property and the senseless attack on innocent people Page 6: Cruisin’ Calendar this country is going to be taken over by these terrorist as I believe they are. That's all, I said one statement now back to Page 12-13: BMW:SOUL IS ALL THAT the biking world.

T a ble o f C on ten t


Page 14: Crack Up’s Page: 24-25: Big Service is Back! Page 29: Gaslight Garage Page: 30-31: Taken Care Of Business


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Sturgis is finally upon us and those who are going I know will have a great time and hopefully put all the world's nonsense behind them while they enjoy all that the Sturgis Rally has to offer. There are many great rides and some unbelievable scenery to take in in the Black Hills. Take in all the sites and the many great bars, restaurants and the on going list of vendors that grace the event. Anyone wanting to send us pictures we will try and use many of them in the magazine and our Facebook so others who couldn't go this year can still enjoy the event. I will leave you with thought for Sturgis this year, "Black Hills Matters". We are just over a month away from this years Lake of the Ozark Bikefest 2020. Dates for this years Bikefest are Wednesday September 16th through Sunday September 20th. There are still some rooms available if you haven't booked your room yet but rooms are getting filling up. This year, as in years past Full Throttle Magazine is the "Exclusive" Motorcycle Magazine sponsor of The Lake of the Ozark Bikefest. Full Throttle host the Bikefest Passport Ride. This year for you $20 Passport Book and Ride you get the opportunity to win a 2019 Harley Davidson Road King Police Special. Join in the fun with unlimited scenic rides, 100's of bars and restaurants you don't want to miss this event. Lake of the Ozark Harley with host the Vendor Village again this year with lots of things for the biker and their bikes so make sure to stop at Lake of the Ozarks Harley Davidson, home of the Passport Ride and Bikefest's Vendor Village. Hope tom see you all there. w As always, my friends ride safe and see you on the road with Full Throttle Magazine.


Gloves: Gloves are one of the most overlooked must haves for summer. There are so many types of gloves to keep you from your hand from slipping and protected. Harley does a great job on the variety of gloves to choose from, such as fingerless leather and mesh, full finger leather and mesh and gauntlet gloves in leather. Every year there are new gloves to check out. The new gloves for this year are called Killian at $60.00, Ozello at $80.00 and Sidari at $50.00. The looks are different but all three styles are to keep the rider cool with airflow and Coolcore lining. Some of the gloves have a padded palm for added comfort and it helps with fatigue too. The perforated and mesh gloves are perfect for riding in the summer. After you ride with your new gloves, try to remember to lay them flat so the next day you can slip them on and they will still feel good. The H-D design team has been run by Karen Davidson. She is remarkable because she listens to the riders. What would you like to see from H-D in Riding Gear or Motorclothes? Let me know and I will pass it on. All you have to do is email me at beth.ernst@docsh-d.com. I hope this gives you some new news. Take care and come see us soon. Luv ya lots, Beth Ernst/Owner of Doc’s Harley-Davidson

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Crusin’Calendar HOME OF

Lake of the Ozarks Bagnell Dam Bike Night




Ozark Harley-Davidson Lebanon, MO Dog Days of Summer Bike Night August 1st


3rd Thursday of each Month Starting August 20th

Hot Summer Night August 14th September 11th


2020 Season Is Here! Lake of the Ozark H-D FINALLY! Bikefest EVERY WEDENSDAY September 16-20, 2020 WEATHER PERMITTING


August 29-30, 2020


TJ's Bar & Grill Ribfest August 15th Full Throttle Magazine does not sponsor, endorse and/or promote every event on our Crusin’ Calendar. Our field staff may not always be at every event.


Gateway BMW Motorcycle is the premier BMW dealer and service center in the St.

Louis area. They carry a large inventory of new and used motorcycles, as well as products from Royal Enfield, Beta Racing, parts for all three motorcycle lines and top of the line riding gear. Since the start, Gateway BMW’s focus has always been on the customers. Whether you are stopping in to browse, buy, get service, or just see the shop, everyone there has been in your shoes. They have all seen the questionable repair shops and highpressure dealers, that is not how they operate. They are everyday people with a passion for motorcycles. That passion is why they do what they do, why they put in the time to become experts in this field and why Gateway BMW Motorcycles is here to help you with anything and everything you need for your next ride. BMW Motorrad is always coming out with new, interesting motorcycles. This year it is the R18 cruiser. It is the newest release in BMW’s heritage lineup. It boasts a 1802cc boxer engine which is the largest boxer engine they have ever produced. It is no coincidence that the functional and stylized elements such as the double cradle frame, the teardrop tank, the exposed driveshaft, and the paintwork with the finely drawn double pinstripes are reminiscent of the legendary boxer from 1936. However, taking a closer look at the R18 you will find technology that is contemporary and ensures a high level of riding comfort and that classic cruiser feeling. Royal Enfield started its journey in 1901 in India. Now known for being the oldest global motorcycle brand in continuous production. They build everything from cruisers to off-road motorcycles and Page 12


Written By Full Throttle Magazine

ALL THAT MATTERS MATTERS! have their own unique style that they have stayed true to for many years. The first motorcycle they created was the Royal Enfield bullet, and it is known for being the longest-lived motorcycle design in history. 120 years later and the bullet is still in their lineup. At Gateway BMW Motorcycles they are all powersports enthusiasts and are excited to help you experience the fun and adventure that a quality motorcycle can bring into your life! They are a powersports dealership serving the St. Louis area, offering the best in new and used motorcycles and other powersports vehicles. There friendly and knowledgeable sales, financing, service, and parts departments are ready to offer outstanding service at every point. From assisting while you are making your choice, to ongoing maintenance and customization. At Gateway BMW Motorcycles, they value the opportunity to create a long-term relationship with their customers and do that by making sure to exceed your expectations.


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CRACK UP’S Not to brag, but I defeated our local chess champion yesterday in less than 5 moves.

My wife is fed up of my constant Dad jokes, so I asked her, “How can I stop my addiction?”

Finally my high school karate classes came in useful. ________________________

Wife: whatever means necessary.

William Shatner has discontinued his new line of lingerie. Apparently, Shatner panties wasn’t the best choice for a name. ________________________ One time I debated a flat earthier.

Me: No it doesn’t. _______________________ As a responsible employer, All my staff are in a 2 week quarantine. Productivity is through the roof since nobody can leave the office. _______________________

He got so mad that he stormed off saying that he would An elderly couple is in church. The wife says to the walk to the edge of the earth just to prove me wrong. husband, “I’ve let out one of those silent farts, what do He’ll come around eventually. I do?” ________________________ The husband says, “Change the battery in your Scientists have discovered another deadly pathogen hearing aid.” they are calling the Peekaboo virus. _______________________ Doctors are sending anyone with peekaboo straight to ICU. ________________________

I got fired from my job because I kept asking my customers whether they would prefer “Smoking” or “Non-smoking”.

I‌‌ j‌‌ust d‌‌iscovered t‌‌hat t‌‌he w‌‌ord “‌‌nothing” i‌‌s a‌‌ p‌‌alindrome…

Apparently the correct terms are “Cremation” and “Burial”. _______________________

Backwards i‌‌t s‌‌pells “‌‌gnihton”, w‌‌hich a‌‌lso m ‌‌eans n‌‌othing. ________________________

Hi, I’m Buzz Aldrin. Second person to step on the moon.

A fortune teller told me I’d suffer awful heart break in 12 years.

Neil before me. _______________________

To cheer myself up I bought a puppy. ________________________

Caveman discovers weed.

Coronavirus ruining your plans for 2020? Save them for 2022! Cause 2022 is 2020 too.

Caveman discovers fire. Stone age begins.


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Written By Zach White

How's it going Full Throttle readers? Zach White here

to give you the latest and greatest info from St. Charles Harley-Davidson & Big St. Charles Motorsports. Hope everyone is enjoying the open road and racking up the miles with some wind therapy. Everyone that is heading to Sturgis, safe travels, and can’t wait to hear your stories when you arrive back. Stay cool out there and make sure you keep hydrated because it will sneak up on you fast. It was great to see all the bikes out for Bike Night last month as the Legendary Big Foot smashed some cars and ripped a big doughnut on the parking lot. This month at the dealership we will be having our second Bike Night of the year. We will be bringing in some entertainment from Drift STL & Twin Stunts on August 6, 6-9 PM. Come and watch the cars get sideways and smoke flying. Then it will be Twin Stunts turn to show what they can do. This is two brothers bringing a killer freestyle show. You won’t want to miss this. Also, come and enjoy Free Hot Dogs every Saturday. This month I want to talk about our brand new service department at Big St. Charles. It is officially complete, open, and bigger & better than ever. It’s been just over a year since the devastating fire took out the Service Department. It's been a long ride as it was completely rebuilt. When I say completely rebuilt, I mean COMPLETELY, including the foundation. Since we started from scratch, we made it even bigger than it was before. Here are some of the changes. You will still go down the west side of the building like before. You will see a new attached building sticking out with a bay door. This is the new service drive. When you pull your vehicle in, you will notice it is separate from the shop area. This is to help get bikes checked in quicker and back into the shop. The shop area is HUGE now to help with the volume. Each tech has a big work area that they can get multiple Page 24




vehicles into. Also, one of my favorite additions are the two Full Size vehicle lifts. These will help with the growing demand of Side by Sides and Sling Shots. Even our new wash bay is set up with its own big bay door, with a wall around it so they can get all the grime off the units before our techs work on them. Then, we'll make sure they are shining when they leave. Come check it out for yourself, and be amazed with the new building! As always if you come to St. Charles Harley-Davidson, be sure to ask for me, Zach White. If you'd like to set up a consultation, you can contact me by phone (636-946-6487) or email(zach@ stcharlesharleydavidson.com). I'm here to make all of your Harley-Davidson dreams come true!


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Written Tony Goodrich Photos By Tony Goodrich

"Taken Care of Business"

Full Throttle Magzine

The Corvette, an icon in its own right is as American as baseball and mom’s apple pie. Since

its introduction in 1953, the Vette has seen several body changes, eight to be exact, commonly seen with a “C” in front. The mid-sixties introduced the body style or name plate “Sting Ray” to their line up which had everyone’s attention just at the mention of its name. Back in the day, big blocks ruled, horsepower wars were going on and a “Sting Ray” meant something out on the streets across America. As time moved on and cars began to focus more on affordability and economy, the Vette/Sting Ray kind of lost its pop culture status that it was so used to having. As with all things, history tends to repeat itself if given the proper time and influencing circumstances; such as the Corvette. Enter late 2013; Detroit’s big 3 were at it again with the horsepower wars like in the sixties. Mopar has the Challenger, Ford has the Mustang and Chevrolet has the new C7 Corvette. Armed with its all new LT1 motor, the 6.2 litre 455 hp/450 ft lbs of torque, the Vette was something to reckon with right off of the showroom floor. The design engineers gave the car a total makeover that really harkened back to the “Sting Ray” of old, but with a twist of today’s flair. The front end has the appearance of a real Sting Ray fish, which is pretty cool. It is more aerodynamic for those high speed laps around the track, of course!!! All I can say is the design team hit a home run with this body style of the C7 and it’s nice to have that sting back in the “Sting Ray” name again. No stranger to the Vette scene, owner, Jack Metcalf of Jerseyville, IL, had to have a newer Vette to compliment award winning 1967 Sting Ray. Purchased used in January 2019, the C7 was a very clean, low mileage Vette. With the 3L.T. interior package (Black leather with white French seam stitching), 7 speed manual transmission and HUD (Heads Up Display), who would want to leave that cockpit? Watch out Batman, lol. After the 2019 car show season, Jack put together a build plan for the Vette to undergo a whole new face lift, a sinister look if you may. Starting off, he ordered a complete ground effects kit, which included a front splitter, rear spoiler, rear diffuser and side skirts all painted in Carbon Flash. The factory milled aluminum wheels stood out too much, so he had Gateway Powder Coating (St. Charles, MO) apply Carbon Flash

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color to the wheels for that blacked out look. Now, it enhances the large cross drilled/slotted rotors along with the “Corvette” calipers. Helping add to this new look, the rear brake vent ducts were given the Cyber Gray body color and Carbon Flash trim treatment along with the quarter panel intake ducts. Adding to the flair, a rear window splitter that resembles a ’63 split window, was also painted Cyber Gray. The look was progressing along well, but a few items were just not clicking for Jack. He liked the look of the “Yenko” stripe, but didn’t want a decal and the underside of the hood with the plain insulation cover, just didn’t look right. So, he purchased a composite hood insert along with an engine bay dress up kit already painted in the Cyber Gray/Carbon Flash colors. After debating on what to do, he contacted Tony’s Rod & Custom (Bunker Hill, IL) to see about ghosting in the stripe and painting the hood insert body color with some custom airbrush work. Known for his custom ghost flame work, Tony began laying out the stripe and instead of “Yenko” in the stripe; Jack wanted the late model “Sting Ray” script ghosted in. The stripe turned out exactly the way Jack had hoped. “It’s something totally different, but doesn’t take away from the car,” noted Jack. While at Tony’s, the engine bay borders and underside of the hood are satin color from the factory, so Jack wanted it all put in gloss body color. After several hours of prep and tape off, Tony applied the Martin Senour FC720 clear coat to said areas and what a difference. Jack had found a cartooned, muscle bound Sting Ray image that he wanted airbrushed on the hood insert and he let’s people know that he posed for hours as Tony painted… With the entire engine bay painted pieces giving that finished off and detailed look, he ordered and installed hood and deck lid “Sting Ray” script gas struts for that exclamation mark!!! Only thing that was missing now was a killer sound out of the exhaust. He installed a new Borla Attack Exhaust system with X-over pipe along with a new K&N cold air intake. More air in, louder sound out, got to love performance cars. He also lowered the car with the factory suspension tuning screws, which dropped it another 1.5” for that in the weeds look. Done for right now, he has the car ready to go whenever this Covid decides to let the show goers assemble again. He is very happy with the way the car is turning out, but one not set on leaving alone, he is looking at a Hennessey Performance supercharger and some custom leather interior work to enhance what is already there. So be on the look out for the C7 Vette that is “Taking Care of Business.”

God Bless!!! www.FullThrottle-Magazine.com

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