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June 2021

Full Throttle Magazine June Issue 2021

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T a ble o f C on ten t Page 6-7: Historic Route 66 BikeNight


Finally got our first Bike Night of the year in and I want to thank everyone who came out and made it a success. Had a great crowd despite the cool windy evening. We will have the Historic Route 66 Bike Night every Wednesday evening at Bobby’s Place in Valley Park, weather permitting. Be sure and stop by and visit with Bill Sankus from The Neon Cycle and Dona Holt with 2 Stitch Sewing. If you need lighting on anything, Bill is the BEST in the Midwest and Donna can sew your patches on and make custom patches for you. Look forward to seeing everyone each Wednesday evening for our weekly Bike Night from now through October.

Page 10-11: Get Flawless

Are you planning on going to the 15th Annual Lake Ozark Page 12: Crack Up’s Bikefest this year? It is going to be a the Biggest and Best yet. Dates for the event are Wednesday, September 15th through Page 14-15: Extreme Repair Hold Value Sunday September 19th. I’m being told rooms are filling up now so for the best rates and best availability you need to From The Past make your reservations “NOW”. There will be great rides, a Page: 20-21: Riding the Pan America few different Vendor Village locations with some cool vendors and a couple different Motorcycle giveaways going on during the week of Bikefest. You could be one of the lucky riders to win a new motorcycle. Get your reservations made and we look forward to seeing everyone again this year for the 15th Annual Lake Ozark Bikefest.


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One of the best things happening now is the area is opening back up to allow business owners to try and get back to normal. The mask mandate has been lifted and those people who want to get vaccinated can and those who choose not to get vaccinated can pass. Either way you have a free choice to do what you want and screw the idea of a vaccination ID or Pass. At this point we live in a free country and have no need for a card to say we did this so we can do this and can’t do that. It’s certainly great to see peoples faces again and be able to smile at our friends again. I for one, have never really worn masks during this entire planned demic and those who did great for you, and those who didn’t, great for you. Free Choice my friend. I say burn the masks now and let’s be free to be Americans again. God Bless all our Veterans, Police, First Responders and all the Americans in our Great Country. For you folks who hate this country, I say it’s very simple, pack up and move to a country that fits your agenda. BYE, BYE! As always, my friends ride safe and see you on the road with Full Throttle Magazine. Bob

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AUGUST 6-15,2021

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> BARNHOUSE H-D Wingstock 2021 June 5, 2021 Ride For Scouting June 12, 2021


Lake of the Ozarks Bike Night 3rd Thurdsay of each Month >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Birthplace of Route 66 Festival August 13-14, 2021 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

2021 BIKEFEST SEPTEMBER 15-19, 2021

Full Throttle Magazine does not sponsor, endorse and/or promote every event on our Crusin’ Calendar. Our field staff may not always be at every event.

GET FLAWLESS Have you ever looked in the mirror and thought to yourself, “Why did I over tweeze my brows?” or “I wish I had more time to do my makeup” or it could be that lack of confidence in the way you look and want to change it somehow. That’s where permanent make-up tattooing or better known today as Cosmetic Tattooing comes in to play. This is why Lynette Trares, owner of Flawless Permanent Cosmetics; aka Flawless Ink, and a mastered of the art of cosmetic tattooing, is the place to go!

When cosmetic tattooing started becoming ever more popular, it was still not regulated. Not being regulated, it allowed those procedures to be done in less than adequate conditions. By 2006, the Office of Tattooing, Body Art and Branding began to regulate permanent cosmetic tattooing, siting that even though the cosmetic tattoos were considered a “specialty” or “niche” market, it was still tattooing and needed to be licensed and monitored. Lynette wanted to be licensed not just get a certificate. She wanted to have that credibility and legitimacy behind her brand to give her client base the ease and comfort knowing her and her staff have been trained in all areas of health and safety as well as skill. This required her to have at least 300 hours and 50 procedure apprenticeship to under a master tattooist. She spent over a year locally apprenticing under a 25-year master tattooist and then went to Texas for another year to complete her training under another 25-year master tattooist who specialized in breast cancer reconstructive surgery- 3D nipple/ areola tattooing. With all the tools of the trade, in 2012, she opened up her own business; Flawless Permament Cosmetics, aka Flawless Ink. Her services are top notch and includes: • • • • • • • •

Microblading Eyebrows 3-D stroke Eyebrow tattoo Eyeliner Tattoo Lip Tattoo Scalp/Hairline Tattoo Scar Camouflage Tattoo Removal Breast Cancer Reconstructive Surgery 3-D Nipple/Areola Tattoo

Now GUYS….this is not just for women. Men utilize her services as well. They will go in to have their eyebrows enhanced. Or, for those men who are very self-conscience about their hair loss, might go in and have a scalp tattooing procedure done. This give the appearance of a very close scalp shave. Think of a 5 o’clock shadow all over your head. Some may even get a little eyeliner. This is not just strictly a WOMEN thing. One of the great things about Lynette is she is a biker herself, she rides with the VFW Riders and with US 101st Airborne Screaming Eagle Vietnam War Vet John France. This gentleman earned a Purple Heart and was the recipient of a Medal of Valor; a true war hero. She even had the privilege of riding in a military honor ride to

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bury WWII Navy Gunner’s Mate 2nd Class Harold Dick who was aboard the U.S.S. Colorado. She loves the biking community and love supporting bikers and giving back.

Written By C. Blanton

With all of Lynette’s background from cosmetic to education to human services, she feels like this is her way of giving back. Cosmetic tattooing is designed to give a person confidence. It helps them boost their self-worth, makes them feel good. Especially those who have gone through a traumatic experience in their lives. Cancer patients that have lost their hair. Breast cancer survivors that want to feel more normal after having their breast removed. Burn victims, tissue damage, scar coverups, people with Vitiligo the list can go on. Because Lynette is always wanting to help others, she started and runs a Nonprofit 501c3 “Breast Ink Project.” This nonprofit is designed to give woman who have gone through breast and other cancers the ability to get her services for free. Insurance does not always pay for the extra cosmetic needs of a cancer survivor. That’s where this organization helps. Women who have lost their hair, eyebrows, lashes, etc. Woman that have gone through single or double mastectomy. Women who lose their physical identity can lose confidence in their selves. This is a way for them to gain some of that back. Lynette also help run a Survivor Fashion Week event. (normally in October) She Works alongside a breast cancer survivor Ola Hawatmeh. This Fundraiser is designed to give donations to Susan B. Komen Foundation and Siteman Cancer Research. The staff at Flawless Permanent Cosmetics are as follows: Lynette Trares – Owner | Master Licensed Tattooist Anastasia Trares – Co-Owner | Licensed Tattooist Annetta Dubbs – Licensed Tattooist | Scalp Tattoo Specialist Alivia York – Tattoo Apprentice Trisha Scarborough – Tattoo Apprentice Flawless will also be Launching a mobile unit June 1st and will have the ability to bring their services to you. From Biking events to Bachelorette parties to Lake of the Ozarks Bikefest. They just had one return from Daytona Bike Week and there are plans to go to Sturgis. Go to @flawlessinkmobile on Instagram for more details. Having almost ten years of experience and have done over twelve thousand procedures, holds a Missouri State License in tattooing and is a Trainer for State of Missouri Tattoo apprenticeship, Lynette is the best of the best. Whether you want to enhance your look or save time by adding eyeliner to your eyes and blush to your lips to needing a scalp tattoo, Flawless Ink is where you need to go. For before and after pictures and videos visit their Facebook (Flawless Permanent Cosmetics) and Instagram (@ flawlessbrowsstl). For booking appointments and more information, go to their website www.get-flawless.com For the latest deals and specials, Find them on Groupon. Search for Flawless Ink. www.FullThrottle-Magazine.com

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An exercise for people who are out of shape: Begin with a five-pound potato bag in each hand. Extend your arms straight out from your sides, hold them there for a full minute, and then relax. After a few weeks, move up to ten-pound potato bags. Then try 50-pound potato bags, and eventually try to get to where you can lift a 100-pound potato bag in each hand and hold your arms straight for more than a full minute. Once you feel confident at that level, put a potato in each bag. ____________________ Things I overheard at my health club: “I’m only taking this class so I don’t eat for an hour.” “Who knew 40 years of neglect would have repercussions?” “Does this body make me look fat?” ____________________ If it was a blustery day, you could be sure to hear my dad remark, “It was so windy today, I had to wrinkle my forehead and screw my cap on to keep it there!” ____________________ When I was 12, my father told me a terrible story that had happened at the gas station that day. “I was pumping gas when I noticed this small dog licking up a puddle of gasoline off the ground,” he said. “All of a sudden, the poor thing started running around the car as fast as he could. He kept running and running until he finally just dropped to the ground right in front of me.” I gasped, “Oh no. Was he dead?” Dad shook his head. “No, he just ran out of gas.” Dad was quite pleased with himself over that one. ____________________ WebMD is updating its server because of a virus. Well, they think it was a virus, but it could also be malaria, kidney failure, a heart murmur, gallstones, or possibly appendicitis. ____________________ A priest buys a lawn mower at a yard sale. Back home, he pulls on the starter rope a few times with no results.

He storms back to the yard sale and tells the previous owner, “I can’t get the mower to start!” “That’s because you have to curse to get it started,” says the man. “I’m a man of the cloth. I don’t even remember how to curse.” “You keep pulling on that rope, and it’ll come back to you.” ___________________ When I was a proofreader, I shared with my coworkers this example to illustrate how writing can skew based on gender: A professor wrote on the blackboard, “Woman without her man is nothing.” The students were then instructed to insert the proper punctuation. The men wrote, “Woman, without her man, is nothing.” The women wrote, “Woman! Without her, man is nothing.” ___________________ was admiring my aunt’s necklace when she surprised me by announcing, “I’m leaving it to you in my will.” I was overjoyed, perhaps too much. “Oh!” I shouted. “I’m looking forward to that!” ___________________ As my two sons were climbing into the back seat of our car, Eric, five, yelled, “I call the left side!” That didn’t sit well with Ron, four. “No, I want the left side!” “I want the left side!” “No, I want the left side!” Intervening, I said, “Since Eric is older, he can have the left side.” “Thanks, Dad!” said Eric. “Which side is left?” __________________ An utterly confused woman called our local fire station about getting a haircut. “I’m sorry, you have the wrong number,” I said. “Is this the salon near the fire station?” she asked. “No, this is the fire station.” “Oh! Are you cutting hair in there now?” ___________________ Headline from the Seattle PostIntelligencer: “Mom Warns Son to ‘Watch Out for Idiots,’ Rear‑Ends His Motorcycle.” https://rd.com

Written by Randy Hobson

Extreme Repair Holds V This 1977 Harley-Davidson Confederate Edition of the FLH Electra Glide that featured commemorative painting and decals on tanks and fenders that was designed to attract the 1970's fans of southern style rock n roll bands coming out of Muscle Shoals, AL. Major recording stars like Joe Cocker, Aretha Franklin, Allman Brothers Band were some of those bands in the music scene who were recording albums down in Muscle Shoals. So Harley felt music was an important part of its customers lifestyle so they built this Southern Commemorative Motorcycle called the "Confederate Edition". The unit production was manufactured in such low volume. There were only 44 of these models produced - as to make it one of the rarest of the company's motorcycles ever to be made. Being that it's one of the rarest to find today is what really caught owner Robbie Thompson's attention. Mr. Thompson who is the General Sales Manager at Harley Davidson of Dothan, AL is a collector of old Harleys says this is one of about 1415 older motorcycles he has as he says "I can't help it, if I find one I fall in love with it, if it's an old bike and needs repairing I just want to see it run again. I love to make old bikes that are barn finds run again" says Mr. Thompson as he was cleaning and polishing a 73 model that he just took out of a barn. Unfortunately these barn finds aren't in running condition nor are the tanks, fenders, chrome etc. They mostly have been damaged, flooded or wrecked and need severe overhauls. But when it comes to Paintless Dent Repair Thompson Says he calls in Brandon Schmitz of Eagle Dent Repair in Mobile, AL. "He is my go to guy, I met him when he solicited our Harley Davidson shop a few years back and I've never looked back". So who is Brandon Schmitz of Eagle Dent Repair and why would I, Randy Hobson owner of Dent Squad in St. Louis be writing of him and his talents? It's very simple as I have mentioned in past articles there is a new breed of Paintless Dent Repair technicians rising from all parts around the US with amazing repairs and photos to back them up. So step by step Mr. Schmitz has agreed to walk us through this repair on one of the most "unknown motorcycles" ever produced. As Mr. Schmitz recalls "Mr. Thompson called and told me he had a very rare find and the importance of this bike but there was an issue with its condition and asked if I would go and evaluate the bike with him before he agreed to purchase it". After seeing the pictures he had also sent Mr. Schmitz knew he would have to see this in person "I'm always up for a challenge, but to be honest this one had me puzzled" Schmitz stated. Puzzled? Let's be honest, from a professional in the Paintless Dent Repair business of almost 30 years I can honestly say Dent Squad wouldn't have taken this job on, nor do we know anyone that would have tried before now. That's the beauty of associating yourself with like minded technicians, people who push themselves to be the best to basically try to hit one out of the ballpark and to be honest this is what Schmitz accomplished he hit the grand slam of all time. But the purchase of this bike all depended on if Schmitz could actually repair this tank. So the pressure was on. So a few days later they met at the owners house, the owners pulled the bike out of the garage and Schmitz sat and looked at it "I felt confident that I could fix it but not real confident" says Schmitz. It took several months of negotiating with the owner and Thompson before the bike would ever make it over to Schmitz's shop

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Value From The Past at Eagle Dent Repair in Mobile, AL. Originally Schmitz thought he could fix it through the filler neck, but of course once he began to realize that it was pinched too severely and he couldn't get the leverage he needed through the neck. Over the next few months he would go back and forth attempting again and again but never had any luck. He built gadgets to try and secure it, he designed a brace to go through the neck for more support. He even went as far as making a blatter system to go inside of the tank to produce air to relieve some pressure. But clearly he was not having any success with removing this damage. Months into this project and no success to get this repaired correctly Mr. Thompson felt like he should be thinking of going with traditional ways repainting and finding new decals which would take away from its authenticity. Then one day Schmitz had this idea: what if he would cut an access area to get the proper tools in to help him with the leverage he would need to begin pushing this metal back out to its original form. A few days later, Thompson stopped by and went over this idea with Schmitz. They both agreed to try it. "I knew exactly where to cut it, I knew how it had to be leveraged off in order to not cause any further damage" said Schmitz. It was the last option He wanted to do but it was the last of all ideas. So Schmitz drew out a rectangular size on the inside of the tank. Once Schmitz had it all marked off he cut it with a die grinder and kept that piece for Thompson to have welded back in place after the repair was complete. He began pushing on it that day, and with the specialized tools he had most of the repair where he wanted it by the end of the day. "This repair was an extreme repair for me, I bent heavy duty rods trying to get this one out" says Schmitz. But he soon found one of his tools that led to the perfect tool for this situation. He spent another two hours cleaning it up. You can still see the old stress marks in the paint and scratches even though he did wet sand and polish it, but its definitely a huge improvement from the start of it. The damage had been in there so long that it had discoloration, stress fractures along with ghosting lines from the creases in the metal over the years. The original paint and decals are still on this bike thanks to Brandon Scmitz and the unique methods of Paintless Dent Repair. Schmitz states "This turned into a prove it to myself type of deal. I just knew I had to fix it somehow". An amazing motorcycle repair possibly not perfect in some eyes, yet definitely a mind blowing repair for the industry as a whole by keeping a small touch of history alive in a world where many times it seems condemned. The value to restore something in its original condition or as close as possible without painting, without new decals now that's what holds value. Mr. Thompson said the bike isn't for sale, however, he does have a standing bid of $20,000 for if it ever comes available. Please feel free to reach out to either Dent Squad in St. Louis, MO or Eagle Dent Repair in Mobile, AL for all your Paintless Dent Repair needs. www.FullThrottle-Magazine.com

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Written By Zach White


“Riding the

ow's it going Full Throttle readers? Zach White here to give you the latest and greatest info from St. Charles Harley-Davidson. The weather is warming up and summer will be in full swing at the end of the month. We’re looking forward to seeing you out enjoying the open road and stopping in to say hello. Come check out all the new product that’s rolling in daily for you. This month I want to chat about getting the opportunity to go test ride the all-new Harley-Davidson Pan America. WOW!!! That is an understatement for the excitement Harley has brought to the world of Adventure touring. We got to test ride some of the competitors Adventure touring bikes to really get a feeling of the differences between each bike. Here is a rundown of my personal experience with this awesome ride. The test ride was a loop with some straight away, curves, and urban riding all together. I didn’t get to take any of them off road, so I had to use my imagination to get an idea of how off-roading would be. The first bike I took out was the BMW R 1250 GS. I started out in rain mode. This mode allowed you to give it the same throttle that you would in any riding conditions. It eased into the acceleration for you so you wouldn’t have to worry about spinning a tire. Another feature I liked with rain mode was the engine braking, which would keep you from washing out. The road mode made the bike easy to ride. Then came the Dynamic Pro- I could feel the increased throttle response and handling. Even though I didn’t get to take it off road, I still wanted to consider the difference of the Enduro pro mode. I could feel the torque in this mode, which I think would give you the ability to climb a hill off road with ease. My biggest issue with this bike was trying to get over the width with the cylinders. I also kept hitting the horn when using the turn signals. These are both things a little “mind over matter” could fix. The next bike I took out was the KTM 1290 Super Adventure. The off-road mode felt the best on this bike. It seemed like it would be a blast off road. With that being said, the sport mode was the best for the road. The issue I had with this bike was that it felt like the rear end was going to come out when I tried to dip into any corner. The bike also had a lot of vibration. The seat on the KTM was the most uncomfortable of the four bikes I rode. I’m not sure if the problem was the seat itself, or if it was just caused by the vibration. The clutch on this bike was a little tricky and didn’t want to engage as smoothly as the other bikes. I feel like this would eliminate the ability to feather the clutch off road and still be in control. This bike just wasn’t the one for me.

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Pan America”

My third demo was on a Ducati Multistrada 1260 Enduro. This bike was awesome on the road. The urban mode made you feel in control of the bike at all times. The sport mode gave you all the power you would ever need and then some. The cornering was amazing and what you would expect out of a Ducati. I felt like I could have hit any corner as hard as I wanted. I also liked the protection for your legs from oncoming debris. I felt like this bike was the one for the paved road, but also could have been fun on the dirt road. I did find a couple downsides to this bike. The shift lever was tight. I felt like I was fighting to get my toe under to shift up. The mode setting on this bike was also a little more confusing than the others. It required me to be at a complete stop before switching. I think getting to know the bike more would help improve this, though. I saved the Pan America for last so I could feel out all of the pros and cons from the competitors’ bikes and compare that to what Harley had to offer. I started off in Rain mode. I wasn’t a big fan of this mode, but it also wasn’t raining during my ride. It had a hesitation that would take some getting use to. With that being said, that’s why its rain mode, and it would probably work wonders in a wet riding situation. I switched it into Road mode after the first stop light and immediately felt the difference in power and handling. Another awesome feature, and a first of the four bikes I tested, was that at a stop light I could touch comfortably with both feet on the ground with the adaptive ride height. Once we got off the streets, and into the curves and straight away, I put it in Sport mode. The suspension stiffened, the handling was second to none, and the power felt endless. I could hit a corner as hard as the Ducati, if not harder. The straight away power from the twist of the throttle was the fun that just kept giving. With the traction control of this bike, you could twist it and keep going without any hesitation. Now, if you didn’t have that on, I could see the front wheel coming up in any gear. Another thing that really impressed me was the clutch. I could feather the clutch with two fingers and not even worry about any slip. It felt the best and was mechanical! Test riding these bikes was the most fun morning of “work” I’ve had in a while! If I wanted an Adventure Touring bike that I could truly feel comfortable on and off road, the All-New Harley-Davidson Pan America would be the pick. My second choice would be the BMW, and close behind, the Ducati. I would love to see what these bikes can do off road to help better form my opinion. Until that day comes, I will stick with this and wait patiently in dream land. Come in and check the Pan America out first hand at the dealership. Keep an eye on social media as they arrive because they haven’t been sticking around long. Thanks again for taking the time to read this. Please come into St. Charles Harley-Davidson and ask for me, Zach White, or give me a call at 636-946-6487 or email zach@stcharlesharleydavidson.com to set up a consultation. I'm here to make all your Harley-Davidson dreams come true! www.FullThrottle-Magazine.com

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