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Full Throttle Magazine May Issue 2021

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Riding During Hail Season Page 14

Aftermarket Seats Page 20-21

Snow White Page26-27

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FINALLY, good news about Historic Route 66 Bike Night at Bobby’s Place in Valley Park on Wednesday nights. We will back in full swing on Wednesday, May 12th and every Wednesday evening after that until Mid-October. We are looking forward to seeing everyone out in full force again and looking forward to great times at Bobby’s Place. So, mark your calendars and help make our comeback a HUGE success and we hope to see you all every Wednesday evening for Historic Route 66 Bike Night. Lake of the Ozark Bike Nights are back every 3rd Thursday of each month and packed with a great time on the strip. Lake of the Ozarks Bike Nights are always filled with tons of bikes and the bars and restaurants on the strip open their doors to us for a great time and a fun evening. If you have never been, this year is the time to make a point to go. Guaranteed a good time is had by all. Another awesome event is the Birthplace of the Route 66 Festival weekend on August 13th and 14th in Springfield Missouri. This is a huge event. That has unlimited things to do and see. Car shows, Bike Show, rides, events, and an array of awesome vendors. They have live music and a motorcycle village that is must to visit. Again, the dates are Friday August 13th starting at noon through Saturday August 14th late night. Hope to see everyone there. The 15th Annual Lake of the Ozark Bikefest is going to be HUGE this year. Dates for this year’s event are Wednesday, September 15th through Sunday September19th. There will be endless rides, hundreds of bars and restaurants and a couple different bike give-a-ways. There are vendor villages, live music all over the lake area and the amphitheater will have Three Dog Night on Friday the 17th. That will be a great concert so get your tickets early. Many of the available rooms have already been selling out so be sure to make your reservations early to assure your room and the best rates. We are hoping for perfect weather again this year and we hope to see you at the 15thAnnual Lake of the Ozark Bikefest. On a closing note, we would like to remind everyone that May is Motorcycle Awareness Month. I know all you bikers watch out for other bikers but please, all the drivers in cars and trucks remember to be alert and watch for motorcycles. Our lives depend on you paying attention and giving us room. Put the phone down and WATCH FOR MOTORCYLES, please! As always my friends ride safe and see you on the road with Full Throttle Magazine. Bob






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THE DO'S AND DON'T Some of you, who know me, know that I’m a bit of a fashionista and love the bling. So when it comes to fashion vs motorcycle gear, I’m always looking for the cuteness as well as the functionality. Let’s break it down from head to toe. The Helmet: Nothing beats helmet hair…..NOT! But for those helmet required states, it’s a must. Whatever your preference is, the full faced, three-quarter, half, or the novelty, you want to look cute. You try to find that one specific helmet that has that bling instead of the blah and you can say “DAMN, I look good”. Now, safety is the more important thing here; even over the cuteness. With the full face helmet, you can’t help but look like Robocop. Let’s just pull out our concealed firearm that is tucked away in our exterior leg armor and go after the next bozo that cuts you off; then again maybe not. Then you try on the three-quarter helmet, you look in the mirror and all you see is, you’re siting on the back of the Captain America bike in the movie Easy Rider; which would not be so bad as long as you are sitting behind Peter Fonda. Still undecided, you reach for the half helmet. LORD, you look like a mushroom. Is there any possible way to make this look cute? Maybe add a few studs along the chin straps. Well, you take a crack at the novelty helmet. It’s smaller, it’s lighter and it comes in various shapes to fit your head. Most of them come in a gloss blah black. That’s an easy fix; go to your local craft store and buy some flat back crystals and bling it up. Whatever helmet style you choose, make sure you find that balance of the three S’s – Sassy, Sexy, and Safe. The Jacket: When buying a jacket, you always want to make sure it fits you properly. It needs to couture to your figure; you don’t want to look like Violet Beauregard after you just chewed blueberry pie gum. Know that you are going to be in a seated position with your arms stretched out in front of you. The back needs to be longer to prevent any of your fanny back showing. The body of the jacket should fit snug around the rib cage but leaving a little breathing room for your nibbly bits. When you try on the jacket, stretch out your arms. If the sleeves stop right behind the heel of your hand, you are good. Alright, now that you’ve found a properly fitted jacket, you got to look for the cute factor. Does it have the bling you’re after? Even if there is no bling, the proper fit will make you look good. The top: During the summer riding season, you general are not going to be wearing a jacket; unless you are really in the protective mode and fear the open road. None the less you should look good in the shirts and tops you buy. Remember, you are going to be traveling pretty fast and it is going to be very windy. When you are looking for a shirt or top, make sure that you are wearing one that is somewhat fitted. Try to avoid wearing shirts that are overly blousy. Riding your motorcycle and looking like a boat sail is just not attractive. But, if you wear a shirt that is too tight, then it accentuates flaws that otherwise

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Written By C. Blanton

should be concealed. It’s a happy little balance dance that us as women have to play. Whatever style of shirt or top you decide to wear, it should be classy and sassy. The Pants/Jeans: For total cuteness, please, for the love of all that is holy, stay far away from those saggy ass, highwaisted, 1980 Jordache mom jeans. There is nothing more unattractive then stepping off your bike and your pants look like you had an “Oh Sh**” moment from the back and the front looks like you are crowding more than your nickers. Jeans should fit your figure. When you are searching out for that right fitting jeans for riding, take into consideration that you are sitting. Try them on and sit down. You should not have a big gap in the back where it will allow air to flow down your backside; nothing like an “Air Enema”. But if the jeans are too tight in the waist, it will cause the God awful muffin top and panty exposure; not a pretty site. I have a curvy figure and the best fitting jeans are mid-rise to low rise with a higher back with a nice boot cut. They should lay smooth around your hip, legs, butt and waist. To make sure that they maintain their shape, go for jeans that have lycra or spandex. Most jeans these days have that in the fabric. Rule number one: make sure they fit you properly. Rule Number two: go for the bling. There are numerous manufacturers that bling the poo poo out of their jeans. Go for the sassy and sexy. The Boot: When looking for that riding boot, you do need to makes sure that they are comfortable, especially when you are planning on doing a lot of walking; like Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. Since you are all decked out, you do want cute feet to complete your ensemble. My Favorite is cowgirl boots. There are so many fashionable styles of western boots. If you like that route, I would suggest to make sure the inner sole has great support and the outer sole is rubber, at least in part. This will allow your shoes to grip the pavement and not be slippery. Heel height is important. If you are not planning on walking much ,you could possible get away with a higher heel. That is only if you are a passenger. It’s damn near impossible to shift when you are wearing spiked heels; I know I’ve tried. Keep the heel at a 2 ½ inch height, max; for comfort and functionality. The items that I would never recommend wearing while on the back of a motorcycle are shorts, skirts, and any open toed shoes. Protect your legs and feet from those extremely hot exhaust pipes. I made that mistake once in my life and got a bologna size burn on the back of my calf. Now that you got your clothing in check, it’s time to accessorize; the blingier the better. You can add earrings, necklaces, rings, and belts. Don’t forget your side bags; where else would you store you lipstick, compact, phone, money, and credit cards? Adding fun sparkly jewelry is a way to bring your outfit all together. When you are searching out for that perfect outfit always, always remember. It is better to be Classy not Trashy and Sassy not Sleazy. Find what you love and fits you well and watch all the heads turn. www.FullThrottle-Magazine.com

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When my local barista handed me my change, one coin stood out. “Look at that. You rarely get one of these old wheat pennies nowadays,” I said, tapping the sheaf ofwheat design. I handed her the penny. Turning it over and over in her hand, she said, “You know, I always thought they were made of copper.” _______________________

would be to pick up each garment as it came off the line, look it over, and then hold it up and announce, “Yep, deez’ll fit ’er!” ___________________

A woman called our airline customer-service desk asking if she could take her dog on board. “Sure,” I said, “as long as you provide Since the coronavirus outbreak, my 47-year-old son your own kennel.” I further explained that the kennel has been washing his hands religiously. In fact, he said, needed to be large enough for the dog to stand up, sit “I’ve been washing my hands so much, I found the down, turn around, and roll over. The customer was answers to an old eighth-grade math quiz.” flummoxed: _______________________ “I’ll never be able to teach him all of that by tomorrow!” I tried having my mother’s phone disconnected, but ____________________ the customer-service rep told me that since the account was in my dad’s name, he’d have to be the one to put Once there was a guy named Bill who wanted a horse. in the request. The fact that he’d been dead for 40 On Craigslist, Bill saw a Christian horse so he went years didn’t sway her. Then a solution hit me: “If I stop to check it out. When Bill got to the ranch, the horse's paying the bill, you can turn off the service, right?” owner said "It's easy to ride him. Just say 'praise the “Well, yes,” she said reluctantly. “But that would ruin Lord' to make him go, and 'amen' to make him stop." his credit.” Bill got on the horse and said "praise the Lord." the _______________________ horse started to walk. "Praise the Lord, praise the Lord, praise the Lord" and the horse is running. Now I loved the dress that I bought at a flea market. It fit Bill sees the cliff and says: "AMEN." The horse stops perfectly, and the skirt was a swirl of intricate pleats. and Bill says: "Whew! Praise the lord!" I wore it confidently to an evening party and glowed _____________________ when a woman exclaimed, “Oh, how stunning!” Yes, I was grinning from ear to ear, until she added A man came through my lane at the grocery store cheerfully, “Hang on to it, honey. Pleats will come back with a jug of wine and a bouquet of roses. But before someday.” paying, he set the two items aside and said, “I’ll be _______________________ right back.” He ran off, only to ­return a minute later with a second jug of wine and another bouquet of “A rabbit goes to the dentist, and the dentist says, ‘I roses. “Two girlfriends?” I asked.“No,” he said. “Just need to pull a tooth, but I’ll give you Novocain.’ The one really angry one.” rabbit answered, ‘Uh-uh! Not me, Doc. I’m an ether _____________________ bunny.'" _______________________ I’m lucky that my wife and mother are very close. I realized just how close the time I drove my mother When my Dad got out of the Army, a friend gave him to her doctor, which my wife usually does. When the a job as a “diesel fitter” at his ladies’ undergarments doctor came into the room, my own dear mother factory. On Dad’s first day, the friend took him to the introduced me as her “daughter-in-law’s husband.” production line where he would be working. The friend https://rd.com explained that as a diesel fitter, my dad’s responsibility

Written by Randy Hobson

"Riding During the Hail Season."

While we understand April showers bring May flowers there's another very important conversation and that is April showers also bring hard ice balls from the sky. It's never any fun riding your bike and running into a huge rain storm but what happens when it's not just rain? What do you do when that rain turns into hail? Here at Dent Squad our revenue greatly increases when it hails in the St. Louis area so we want to share with you some tips that might help you stay safe, save money and headaches with this upcoming season. Some tips might even seem silly and just common sense but let's face it, some of us fall a little short of basic common sense when that urge to ride rises.

6 Tips to help you prepare for riding through the Spring & Summer months.

1. Download and becoming familiar with weather apps such as Storm Radar or Radar Omega both will allow you to see approaching storms and give you the storm path which allows you to get out of the way if need be.

2. Take cover, don't try to out run it. The faster you ride the harder those hail storms will hit and it doesn't matter what direction you're going.

3. When parking your bike make certain to keep it elevated using the center stand. remember with many hail storms comes high winds.

4. Take cover. Anywhere but not under a tree unless it's all you have. Up under a bypass or inside a building away from glass is the safest place.

5. Don't worry about your bike but if you have time try to throw a moving blanket or two over it to help protect it if you have time. Always check your weather app.

6. Wear proper gear if you're planning a trip and you know you have a high chance of getting wet.

Can hail storms damage motorcycles? Absolutely, while motorcycles have a much thicker gauge metal than vehicles they still damage just like cars and trucks causing hundreds if not thousands of dollars in damage. We would advise you to contact your insurance carrier to make certain they cover you covered correctly. If you or anyone you know bikes, car or truck get damaged this season by hail please remember your friends at Dent Squad. If you don't live in the area feel free to contact us and we will help you find a reputable Paintless Dent Repair company near where you reside.

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Written By Keigan Borgmann


What’s going on Full Throttle readers? I hope everyone is enjoying the awesome

weather we’re having so far this riding season and, most importantly, I hope everyone is being as safe on the road as they can be. We’re getting closer to the release of the new Harley Davidson Pan America and its something I’m very excited about. I think the people behind this project at Harley Davidson really nailed it. Hopefully it rides as good as it looks. With the riding season getting under way and the new 2021 models making it to your garage, the next step is to make the bike your own. Whether it’s adding handlebars or some Willie G Grips! Another way to make your bike stand out and be comfortable at the same time is by adding a new seat. The right seat can change a bike in so many ways. It can completely change the bike’s look and bring a new sense of confidence to the rider. Harley Davidson has some pretty awesome after-market seats available for all their models. However, I would be doing you an injustice if I didn’t mention the standout names in this market, and those are Mustang and Saddlemen. A new seat doesn’t seem all that fun to talk about, but when it’s the difference from you being able to ride your bike 10 miles compared to 1000, it’s a pretty crucial upgrade. It’s especially important if long distance travels are part of your motorcycle’s future. Mustang has a large line of seats that are all made to compliment the lines and looks of the motorcycles they are made for. For a seat to be comfortable, its what’s inside that counts. The foam that Mustang uses is both soft enough for comfort and resilient enough for those long 1000-mile trips. Mustang has spent many years formulating the perfect compound of polyurethane foam for that all-day comfort most motorcycle riders look for. The foam has a density of approximately four pounds per cubic foot, which means it’s going to feel firmer than your stock seats, but it’s less firm than most aftermarket seats. Mustang seats compress enough to mold to your body in about 15 minutes of riding. This is done every time you ride, so there is basically no “break in period” for their seats. Your 3rd or 4th ride should feel just like your 100th ride. For the Touring models, Mustang has an extensive line of seats with different functions and purposes. The Mustang Super Touring seat offers the rider a 19-inch pad and the passenger a 14-inch pad, which are ideal for comfort. The super touring seat sits the rider approximately 2 inches further back than their other touring seats. This is ideal for the taller rider that likes the ride height of the stock seats. The next seat I want to go over is the Mustang standard touring seat. If you like the position the stock seat puts you in, but you’re looking for more comfort, then this is the seat you should be looking at. This seat has a 17-inch driver pad and a 14-inch passenger pad. This seat is going to keep you in the stock seating position, but offer you the extra comfort that the mustang touring seats have become known for. The best part about this seat is that the bottom of the seat pan has an open design, so it will accept not only their own back rest, but it will also allow the Harley Davidson back rest to be installed and used with it. The last seat I’ll go over is my personal favorite and probably one of our best-selling seats at the dealership, the Mustang Lowdown seat. The Lowdown offers a 16.5-inch

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sf ket


rider pad and the same 14-inch passenger pad that their touring seats offer. This seat will drop you down about an inch lower than the stock position and sit you back about 1.5 inches further. What makes this seat so popular, aside from the seating position, is that its cut narrower through the front of the seat. This allows riders to firmly plant their feet on the ground when coming to a stop. The Mustang touring seat line is offered with or without a driver backrest, and heated or non-heated versions are available. Mustang also offers customized stitching options (upon request). Now that we’ve talked about Mustang, let’s talk about my favorite seat manufacturer, Saddlemen. The major difference Saddlemen seats bring to the table is their gel core technology. The SaddleGel uses an exclusive formulation, and has been developed over several year, to provide superior support and dampen road vibrations, which are a common factor of rider fatigue. Saddlemen seats are a little firmer to maintain the shape of the seat, but the seats are still soft enough to allow them to automatically adjust shape to conform to the individual’s body. The Saddlemen line of seats are extensive, and like the Mustang seats, are offered with or without a driver back rest, heated or non-heated, and are available with customized stitching upon request. Without question, the most popular touring seat from Saddlemen is their road sofa. The road sofa is made for the rider that loves to lay down 500+ miles a day. The seat offers their gel technology in both the rider and passenger for maximum comfort. The seat also offers a tall lumbar support, wide driver saddle, and a narrow nose of the seat, which improves the rider’s ability to reach the ground. The road sofa is available in a standard version or an extended version, which sits the rider back approximately 2 inches. Another crowd favorite, and the seat I run on my bike, is the Saddlemen Step Up seat. In the era of purpose-built motorcycles, there is no better seat to accommodate a rider than the Saddlemen Step Up seat. This seat offers all the comforts of the gel core technology combined with Saddlemen ultra foam, and has a very specific lumbar support design. This seat allows the rider to stay locked into place and provides them with the highest level of bike control. This seat is a favorite among stunt and performance riders. When it comes to seats, there are endless options out there for you to choose from. I covered a very small portion of the aftermarket seats, and what I consider to be the best seats on the market at this time. One of the awesome programs we offer at the dealership is our seat demo program. This program allows you to take a test ride with the seat on your own bike so you can get a feel for the comfort and features the seats offer. This is probably the best way for you to see what seat is going to fit you and your needs the best. I want to thank you all for taking the time to read this article. I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it! If you have any questions or want to schedule a seat demo ride, don’t hesitate to reach out to me at 636-946-6487, or email me at: Keigan@stcharlesharleydavidson.com. Come by the shop and check out some of the builds we have going on and all the awesome in stock products we have to offer. As always, keep the rubber side down and have yourselves a good day! www.FullThrottle-Magazine.com

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Written by Roger Ferris

Full Throttle Magzine


Snow White is a house hold name in every part of the world, we all know bits and pieces of the story if not all of it. But just a quick reminder of the finer parts of the story, there was this wonderful Queen who was sewing one snowy day in her Castle looking out of the window and all of a sudden she pricked her finger causing blood to drip onto the snow on a black windowsill. Then, she says to herself, "How I wish that I had a daughter that had skin as white as snow, lips as red as blood, and hair as black as ebony.” Some time later, the queen gives birth to a baby daughter whom she names Snow White, but the queen dies shortly thereafter. Years later Snow White’s father marries a new women who is beautiful but wicked and vain. The new Queen had a Magic mirror, that we all know, she spoke to; but the real version is: "Magic mirror in my hand, who is the fairest in the land?” The mirror never really gives her the answer she wants to hear, so the Step Mother decides to get rid of Snow White since she is by far the most beautiful in the land. She tried to have her killed by a Huntsmen. Alas the Huntsman did not have the heart to go through with the Queens order and warned Snow White to run away. That’s when she came across the Seven Dwarfs who brought her in and befriended her. It wasn’t long after that, the Queen, once again, asking the magic mirror who was the fairest one in the land. And still Snow White appeared along with where she was located. The Queen becoming furious and took mattered into her own hand creating the “Poison Apple”. Turning herself into a little old lady, she was able to lure Snow white into taking a bit causing her to collapse into a deep slumber. The Seven Dwarfs put Snow White in a Glass Casket until one day while a Prince was on a hunting trip stumbled upon the casket containing Snow White. The Prince lifted the casket lid and kissed her on her ruby red lips causing her to awaken. Enchanted by her beauty, the Prince instantly falls in love with her, and then declares his love for her; living happily ever after. You may wonder what all of this has to do with this truck? With one look, it tells its own story. The color is House of Kolor “Snow White Pearl”, which is more appealing than just white, and then the “Blue Blood Red” accent is dead on Blood Red. And the touches of black through out make up for the windowsill. Sure, it might be a stretch but still all of the makings of Snow White.

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Let’s also take into consideration the history of these trucks; they were built to be used, worked hard and put to rest. Like Snow White, you can’t just put her to rest. She will keep coming back for more. Like the Prince stumbling upon a true beauty so did George and India Sepulveda, the owners of this beautiful 1957 Chevrolet 3100. They can’t be happier with the way she came back to life with the help of Robert, Kerry and Ross Logsdon of Premier Street Rods in Lake Havasu, Arizona. Unlike the story, it took a lot more work than a simple kiss to revive this truck. It took a lot of hard work from a team of eight and a lot of the best parts available. With a build this nice there are a lot of custom One Off Custom Fabricated pieces and the end result just shows Clean and Pure just like Snow White. Now are you starting to see the similarities? I’m sure you are wondering if this 3100 has what is needed to get around? I’d think the GM 427-cubic inch LS3 built by Blue Print Engines would do the trick. It has all of the good internal parts along with the Eddie Motorsports dress ups and pulley drive system. Sanderson headers, Borla mufflers, Tremec T-56 six speed transmission, Currie Enterprises 9” with 3:88 Tru-Trac rear end. To make the ride nice it has a TCI Engineering chassis with RideTech Shock Waves on all corners, AccuAir management and Touch Pad system and for stopping Wilwood Brake system takes care of that. The wheel and tire package consist of 20X9 and 22X11 Budnik G Series Spyder wheels and Nitto INVO tires. For the steering you start with a Billet Specialties wheel and a Ididit steering column to the TCI rack and pinion. For the body and paint that was all done in house, Premier Street Rods has all of the sheet metal needed for the cab and the front, but they called MAR-K for the bed. They customized the front bumper, running boards and the rear roll pan. For the interior, also Blood Red, they called in Ron Mangus to help them build another One of a Kind with everything bathed in leather. With the Dakota Digital gauges, Resto-Mod Air climate control, Alpine Stereo, Kicker Speakers and all of the wiring provided by American Autowire you are sure to enjoy the interior comfort . I am pretty confident you will see a lot of this truck. It has won the Good Guys “Early Truck Award”, which is a Great Honor. It also won “The Finalist Pick”, which means in November they will find out if they won “TRUCK OF THE YEAR”. I want to wish you guys the best of luck for that honor. I am very sad to say that when I first spoke with Robert Logsdon in June to do this story, no one knew the future or I may have been able to do this story a little sooner. As I am writing this story and talking with Robert about details he told me, sadly George Sepulveda passed a few weeks ago. But Good Guys and Premier Street Rods were able to get George his trophy before he passed which made him very happy. Our prayers go out to you. God speed George……Take the wheel Full Throttle style! www.FullThrottle-Magazine.com

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