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Written by:Ashlea Schuster

Doc's Delivers How are you all holding up? We are currently living in a surreal world where weeks feel like days and business is being conducted from your kitchen table. Some of us are out working, while others are home indefinitely. How do you navigate a reality like this? Right now, more than ever, the riding community needs to be there for each other. We all come here from different walks of life, with different views of the world and our vision for it. but let's never forget to be present for each other. Doc's is holding strong, and we are here for you, our family, during this crazy time. Even if you just need a laugh or a friendly hello, you can reach out to us. Each of our departments has been doing what we believe is the right thing, and for each one that is different. Motorclothes is currently unavailable for transactions. We feel that decision is in the best interest of our staff and customers. Our team is happy to answer questions and will assuredly keep you updated in the future. Parts has been helping customers with pick-up orders by appointment the last few weeks. Moving forward, our Parts team will be available to help you by appointment only. This means you can speak to a Parts member and pick up your parts at a contact-free table. After you make your appointment just come in through the Service door and we will help you get it all sorted out. Sales has been available to sell bikes by appointment, and will continue to do to so. Our Sales team has been rotating day on, day off. New systems are in place to make the buying process as safe and quick as possible, and it will be accessible in different ways based on your level of comfort. We will proceed to offer our in-person appointments where customers can select a time and then come into the store and work with our sales team to purchase their bike. We will also be adding a new virtual appointment process where a customer can select a time and interact with our sales team through a digital meeting with no in-person contact. You can come pick up your bike in person or we can deliver to your home. We will also be able to pick up your trade from your home should you wish to not bring it to the store. Service has been taking bikes in by appointment with a day on, day off rotation of techs. The team is sanitizing and cleaning all bikes as they enter our service bay, as well as when they are leaving and being delivered. Now all techs are in shop, however, we will still be operating by appointment only for everyone's safety. Please enter through the Service door when you arrive for your appointment and the team will help you figure it out once you are there to make it go as smoothly as we can for you. CONTINUE ON PAGE 5


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T a ble o f C on ten t Page 3 & 5: Doc's Delivers Page 6: Cruisin’ Calendar Page 12-14: Coming Together In Crisis Page 15: Crack Up’s Page: 24-25:"120 RX" Page 28: Gaslight Garage Page: 30-31: Blue Madness


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As we are approaching May for most people here, we are still at home with the Stay order still in place. Many people questioning what is really going on in this country and if this whole pandemic situation has been far exaggerated or has it been necessary to keep us all safe. I don’t have the answer to that question and don’t know if we ever will. I have spoken to many people who are in belief of both sides. I do know this for sure it is hurting and evening killing many businesses and leaving the owners unsure of their ability to regroup and continue their business after this is over. When ever it is decided this is at a safe point to go back to our normal lives. The question is, will our lives ever be the same normal we were used to before this all started. How many of our friends and business owners will be out of work and closed down unable to recoup? I’m truly hoping that all our friends, business owners and advertisers will be able to regroup and with help from all of us, get back to their everyday lives and business. I know we are trying to help support as many of the businesses that are offering carryout and curbside pick as we can. I ask that all of you frequent as many of our small business owners and advertises as you can and help them with a curbside order or carry out as you possibly can. If you take a minute and read our article on pages 1214 that Cindy has written, you can see the advertisers we hope you try and help through this unprecedented time. Help who and where you can and if you are in need of, help email us and we will try and find you the answers to what you need. We are all in this together and we are “Stronger Together” so let’s support each other and respect each other during this ruff time. We will all make it out on the other end together and be back to riding together and enjoying the many events that the riding season offers. As always, my friends ride safe and we will see you on the road “soon” with Full Throttle Magazine. Bob

Riding Academy has paused classes for the time being, but when they resume we will be sure to update you. If you are looking to make an appointment in Sales, Service or Parts, you can do so one of three ways. Call the dealership at 314.965.0166, visit our website at docsh-d.com and click "Contact Us" or use the appointment booking app on our Facebook page. If you are unsure about anything do not hesitate to reach out and we will do our best to help answer any questions. If you want to request Parts or book Service online, you can check out our website, as well. Under the Departments menu tab, you will find Parts Request or Service Request tabs. We will get back to you as quickly as possible! Doc's Delivers is our answer to this current situation, and it is one we will continue to use long after COVID-19 measures have subsided. What does that term mean? It means we will go the extra mile to ensure that our customers get the five-star experience that they deserve. Whether that is a personalized video chat walk-through of a new bike or a drop off of a bike from our service department to your driveway - we are making a promise to deliver premium customer service, no matter what. We want to thank all of you who have helped our small business during this uncertain time. We appreciate you and are proud to serve you.

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ur o Y Mark dars n Cale

Crusin’Calendar HOME OF



G 2020 Season Kick off


LAKE OF THE OZARKS Lake of the Ozarks Bike Night 3rd Thursday of each Month Starting WATCH FOR FUTURE DATES Hot Summer NIght June 12th July 10th August 14th September 11th Aquapalooza July 18, 2020 Shootout August 29-30, 2020


Full Throttle Magazine does not sponsor, endorse and/or promote every event on our Crusin’ Calendar. Our field staff may not always be at every event.


C o m i n g To g e t h

ow long is this going to last?????? Well folks, that is the burning question. I don’t think anyone knows the answer; not even the experts. I’m sure most of you have already thought and/or stated, you would have never anticipated enduring this type of endeavor in your life time. I’m right there with you. This whole COVID-19 is so crazy and so profound; I don’t even know where to begin to understand any of it. But, first and foremost, all of us at Full Throttle Magazine want to give a HUGE virtual hug to all the doctors, nurses, first responders, essential employees and everyone else that has put their lives on the line to make sure that the rest of us are taken care of. Whether one of us, God forbid, contracts COVID-19 or if we need to make a trip to the store to buy our essential products; all of you on the front lines are risking your own health for us. For that, from the bottom of our hearts, WE THANK YOU! I do want to put your attention on our advertisers for a moment. Quite a few of them have been affected. Whether they are cutting back on their hours and staff due to lack of business or having to shut down completely. This has put a huge financial strain on them. I’m asking for a huge favor from all of you! Show your love and support to those establishments anyway you safely can. Doc’s Harley Davidson has reopened their service department and the Sales department by appointment only. They have taken measures to ensure everyones safety. Pick up the phone and make an appointment today. They would love to hear from you. Mungenast Motorsports and Indian Motorcycle of St Louis has remained open for all your Service, warranty and parts need. By appointment. They would love to help you anyway they can. St Charles Harley has remained open and is monitoring the situation very closely. They are planning on extending their hour to M-F 9am-6pm and Sat 9am-5pm. The ask that you call and make an appointment for any of your service, warranty and sales needs. They are making their facility as safe as they possibly can by having sanitizing stations throughout their show room. They have also installed plexiglass barriers at each counter to ensure the safety of their staff. They are asking if you do come in, that you practice social distancing and avoid needless touching of items that you do not intend to buy. The safety of their staff and patrons is their number one goal. Jim Trenary Motorsports is also OPEN for business. No appointment needed there. They are ready to help you with service, warranty and sales. And our friends halfway across our state at Mid-America Harley-Davidson is doing everything they can to take the necessary steps to keep their staff and patrons safe. They are working by appointment only for now. If you

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Written By Cynthia Blanton

her In Crisis

are in their area, and you need assistance with your motorcycle, give them a shout and make an appointment. Gift cards are available at all these establishments. Since our computers still work and the internet is not frozen, online shopping is still available. Harbor Freight and Got Saggy Bags are still there waiting for your orders. Check out their ads for all specials and discounts. Neon Cycles is still running. Bill Sankus can certainly brighten your day with his colorful light packages for your ride. Give him a shout. Chuck’s Boot is being proactive as well. They have taken a number of steps in support of their team and customers at both of their locations: which include even more rigorous cleaning procedures, curbside pickup and free shipping for orders over $99.99. Through Facebook Messenger, they are now offering online personal shopping. They are also offering mobile boot truck deliveries or curbside pick-up for customers who call ahead and make an appointment. You can call them if you have any request and, they will continue to do all they can to help navigate these uncertain times. Even as they deal with this pandemic, their team at Chuck’s Boots remains focused on customer service. Their new temporary store hours are: Monday-Saturday 10-6pm and Sunday 12-5pm Our FAVORITE BBQ place around, HAWGPIT BBQ Barn is open for curbside pickup. Call them up and order some of that mouth-watering barbeque. Cory would like to hook you up with some of his favorite treats. NEED INSURANCE? We Got You Covered! NEED A REAL ESTATE AGENT? We’ve Got One For You! YOU CAN’T GET THAT MOTORCYCLE LOAN, SO YOU CAN ENJOY THOSE SOCIAL DISTANCING MOMENTS BECAUSE OF PROBLEMS WITH YOUR CREDIT? We’ve Got Someone Who Can Help? NEED A LITTLE RED LIGHT THEROPY? STL Sun Tan has been authorized as an essential business. By appointment only. Give them a call and start relaxing today. Are you scratching your head trying to figure out how you are going to transport your bike or classic car to the next big event (once the restriction is lifted of course)? Contact Allen’s Transportation. I heard STURGIS is still going to happen. Call Allen’s Transportation and book your spot today. Tell them Full Throttle sent you. Other establishments have not been as fortunate. www.FullThrottle-Magazine.com

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Bobby’s Place in Valley Park, home to our beloved Bikenights was forced to close temporarily. Try reaching out through their Facebook and see if you can by a gift card from them to use at a later date. Show them you care about our local businesses. TJ’s Bar and Grill in Pevely; do the same thing. They decided to close until it was safe to reopen their doors. Found out what you can do to show your support. As many of you know, we have BIG love toward our Lake of the Ozarks. That whole area relies on vacationers. All the restaurants, bars and lodging need those income dollars to survive. A lot of the restaurants and bars are offering curbside pickup. But that doesn’t do them any good if you are not down there. If you know that you are going to visit in the future, pick up the phone and by a couple gift cards to use later. Maybe see if you can make a lodging reservation well in advance. If you have a place down there and/or even have a boat. Go and visit! Patronize those establishments that are offering curbside pickup. Get on your boats. I’m sure the gas docks will be open. Or better yet, take a ride on your motorcycle down there….make it a day trip. What better way to practice social distancing then on your motorcycle. Ozark Harley-Davidson at the lake did end up closing temporarily, HOWEVER, their sister store in Lebanon, Mo is still up and running (by appointment only) to serve you anyway they can. Whether you need service work or looking for a new ride, call them today. All I ask is, please help us support our advertiser as we all try to navigate through this crisis. That being said. The most important thing here is YOUR safety. If you do not feel safe to venture from your homes…..then DON’T. Your life is not worth the risk. If you NEED to venture out, please keep a social distance and sanitize your hand and if necessary, wear a face mask. We all need to do our part. Listen to the doctors. They DO know more than YOU! OK….SO….here’s what I DO know! We have all been affected. No amount of gripping and pointing fingers is going to change the fact that we are all having to navigate and endure this pandemic. I certainly do not like the fact that I can’t hug and kiss my kids and grandbabies. I do not like the fact that I can’t give big supporting hugs to my best friends. I hate the fact that I now have to wear a mask to go to the market and then wipe everything down with disinfectant wipes. I do not like the fact that I can’t go where I want and do what I want. None of this is OK with me. But, I won’t FOCUS on what I can’t or do not like to do. I am choosing to focus on what I CAN do. I CAN go outside and breath the fresh air as we enter into Spring. I CAN SEE my kids and grandkids. I CAN go for walks (at a safe distance) with my best friends and give that support in other ways. I CAN support my local businesses in a safe and healthy fashion. I CAN use my words to help elevate another human being. I CAN praise God any time I want. Our Savior does not care that we can’t go to his house for praise. As long as WE PRAISE! I can love and support my husband because He and I are in this together. I can focus on the things that I do have. We all should do more of that. From all of us at Full Throttle Magazine, stay safe, be wise; because we are all in this together.

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CRACK UP’S A man goes to his doctor and says, “Please help me, doctor. I think my eyesight is really worsening.”

I went into a book store to ask if they had any books about turtles. The cashier asked, hardback?

The doctor asks the man to come and look out of the window. “Tell me what you see there,” says the doctor and points.

I said, yeah, and little heads! I said, yeah, and little heads! ______________________

"I see the Sun," answer the man.

Why do we tell actors to “break a leg?”

The doctor turns to him and asks, “Sweet Jesus, how much further do you want to see?!” ______________________

Because every play has a cast. ______________________

One shop owner asks another, “So, have you had any reactions yet to your ad that you’re looking for a night guard?” “Yeah, we got robbed tonight.” _______________________ The guy who gives out food at the prison canteen asks: “Eat here or take away?” The prisoner frowns: “Not funny, Marlon! Not funny at all!!” _______________________ Conductor on a train: “But sir, you cannot travel with this! This is a child’s ticket! You’re at least 25 years old!” “You see how horribly long your delays are? You should be ashamed!” _______________________ Have you heard about corduroy pillows?Have you heard about corduroy pillows? They’re making headlines!They’re making headlines! _______________________


Yesterday I saw a guy spill all his Scrabble letters on the road. I asked him, “What’s the word on the street?” _____________________ Hear about the new restaurant called Karma? There’s no menu: You get what you deserve. _____________________ A woman in labour suddenly shouted, “Shouldn’t! Wouldn’t! Couldn’t! Didn’t! Can’t!” "Don’t worry,” said the doctor. “Those are just contractions.” _____________________ Don’t worry,” said the doctor. “Those are just contractions.” They always take things literally. _____________________ What kind of exercise do lazy people do? Diddly-squats. www.FullThrottle-Magazine.com

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www.DefianceRoadHouse.net www.facebook.com/DefianceRoadHouse 2999 Hwy 94 * Defiance, MO 63341 636-987-2075


Written By Zach White


How's it going Full Throttle readers? Zach White here to give

you the latest and greatest info from St. Charles Harley-Davidson. I hope everyone is staying healthy and social distancing on your motor scooter. There's no better time to cover up your face with a helmet, hands with some gloves, and take to the open road! We had a cold snap in the middle of April, but the weather is starting to warm up, and the rain showers will get all the pollen out of the air. Summer will be here before we know it. This month at the Dealership we will be hosting a blood drive on 5/29 from 11-5. We have extended the hours to help with social distancing and still give you an opportunity to donate some much-needed blood. Our hours at the dealership are currently 9-6 Monday-Friday and 9-5 on Saturday. Sales are by appointment only. All other departments are open and ready to serve you. We are doing curb side pickup for anyone that wants to call in and pay in advance. As always, we have FREE pick up and delivery of your motorcycle! In order to keep everyone protected, we have a wash station at the front door. Face mask, hand sanitizer, and gloves are available when you walk in the door. Plexiglas dividers are on each counter as well. We are set up to serve you and stay safe at the same time. Stay posted to our social media page and website for any future updates. We will get by with a little help from our friends. We can’t wait to see you all and get out of this Corona Jail we have been in. This month I want to showcase another great build we did. This loyal customer has let me be a part of designing his Harley's since I entered the industry over 13 years ago. Stay true to your customers and they will become family and do the same to you. This is a 2017 Harley-Davidson Softail Fatboy. I did a feature article on this a couple years ago, and now it has got a complete face change. What was once breathing with a Tire Shredder Stage 5 , now has a thumping 120 RX motor. We couldn't just keep it a basic 120R! So we changed out the heads to the Screamin' Eagle Hurricane heads. While getting in the motor, we also upgraded to Screamin' Eagle roller rocker arms and support arm kit. To let the motor breathe, we installed a Monster Breather from Arlen Ness that was made for the 64mm intake and throttle body. To get the power to the rear wheel without any slip, we installed some upgraded Baker Drivetrain products. The Scorpion clutch, compensator, & DD7 transmission from Baker makes the power from the motor to the rear wheel not miss a beat! This bike loves the wide open throttle and will leave others in the dust shifting through all 7 gears!

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RX After we figured out all the motor upgrades we wanted to do, it was time to move on to the rest of the bike. He wanted to get the 21" Del Ray from Performance Machine out a little further. So, with that in mind, we installed the Arlen Ness 6 degree "KO" triple trees. Also from Arlen Ness, we installed 6 piston calipers on the front and rear to help get this bike stopped. He wanted more of an aggressive stance and feel when he twisted the throttle with the increased raw power. In order to do that, we removed the Apes we previously installed and put some 5" risers and more of a moto style 1.25" bar. This made all the difference in the world, especially in combination with the raked triple tree and power! Another one of the first things that might catch your eye from a distance is the custom paint job. My customer had a vision in mind and went to the internet looking for someone that could fulfill this. He stumbled across a painter in Phoenix, AZ. After some chatting back and forth, they came up with a oneof-a-kind idea. We sent the fuel tank off first. and when it came back, we all said "WOW!" It looked great and flowed so nicely with the new designs. We knew it could have just a little more, though. So, he called up the painter and asked if he could match the same design and carry it to the oil tank. Now, with both of them on the bike, the lines just flow perfect. The center of the bike immediately grabs your attention. The list goes on and on with all of the big and small upgrades we have done to this Fatboy. Be sure to go check it out up close at one of the Bike Nights in the area once we get past this Corona! He will be glad to show you all the different changes we have done as a team. Big thanks to our Master Technician, Kyle, for bringing our imagination's together! Now I'm looking forward to the latest build for this great customer, as it just went up on the lift as I'm typing this! It will be in a future article as well. We are here for you and your safety, so please let us know how we can make your purchase easier and safer for you. As one of my favorite bands' lyrics say, "We will get by, we will survive!" Thanks again for taking the time to read this. If you come to St. Charles Harley-Davidson, be sure to ask for me, Zach White. If you'd like to set up a consultation, you can contact me by phone (636-946-6487) or email (zach@stcharlesharleydavidson.com). I'm here to make all of your Harley-Davidson dreams come true! www www.Full ullThrottle hrottle-Magazine agazine.com com Page age


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o many of our readers and online viewers, this radical 1968 Camaro Pro Street may look familiar. It has appeared on Street Outlaws going against Lee Roberts and won. Troy also reports, last year he took down “JJ da Boss” in “Ole Heavy”. Owner, Troy LaCrone is one of the nicest, standup guys you’ll ever meet and not one to get caught up in “politics.” After serving our great country in Dessert Storm and other tours, thank you for your service by the way, he was bit by the speed bug. He had a simple 1971 Chevy Camaro with a potent 434 small block that he would play with on the streets and as all gear heads can attest to, how can we make it go faster? Nitrous seemed like the easiest and cheapest way to go faster, so he kept playing with it till he began running in the low 9’s with the car. He ventured into setting up an Auto Body shop at his first house to hone his skills on the exterior part as well. “You can’t have a fast car and not have it look good, too,” remarked LaCrone. Along the way he bought a 1990 Fox Body Mustang and began to massage the motor and power adders to get the “go fast” down into the low 10’s, but the exterior wasn’t where he wanted it to be, so he completely restored the car even though it was only 6 years old at the time. Are you starting to see a pattern here? After several attempts, the Mustangs just were not filling the void of going quicker, so he purchased a 1968 Camaro in 2013 that had already been set up as a strip car with a Chevy 572 cu. in. 620 hp crate motor. In Troy’s words, “it just didn’t seem like it was going as fast as it should have.” After more tuning, the car began to put up the numbers that motor was capable of. As with all of his cars, they have to look good, too. He enlisted the help of long time school friend, Tom Monehan, owner of Monehan’s Auto Body in Villa Ridge, MO. to assist in the transformation of this old race car. After many hours of massage work to the panels, Tom sprayed the Nissan Blue and laid the white stripes, then blocked and buffed to a mirror finish. As mentioned before, the car already had a back half suspension installed, so he kept trying to get more power out of the motor. Familiar with the Nitrous, he called upon Steve Johnson of Induction Solutions in Brookshire, FL. Through his knowledge, they began to push the motor to new levels and increasingly lower elapsed time, 8.90’s to be exact. Not settling for status quo, he began reaching out to motor builders who have the capability to build strong and reliable motors that can take the sustained abuse of serious street racing; so he landed in Piney Flatts, TN. at Straub Technologies. Along with Scott Foxwell of Foxwell Motorsports, also in Piney Flatts, they began a total overhaul of the 572 with all new internals that will hold up to this abuse mated with AFR heads to help the air flow. The Straub custom cam works perfectly with the Morel Black Mamba lifters. Up top is an Edelbrock Victor Dominator intake paired with an AED Dominator carb. Cooling this beast is handled by a Be Cool complete system they offer specific for 1968 Camaro that is a direct bolt in unit. Troy says, “It runs 170 degrees all the time.” With the motor complete, it made 1,200 hp with a little shot of juice and ran a best of 8.24 at 167 mph. Still, not willing to settle, Troy contacted Marc Beilman of Beilman Fabrication of Wentzville, MO. to prepare the Camaro for 7-second capabilities. This meant building a complete tube chassis and new front clip. Starting with a Smith Race craft front subframe and a-arms, along with Santhuff coil over shocks, this set up is light enough for race duty, but yet strong

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enough for those long road trip endeavors. Out back he fabbed a narrowed 9” Ford housing with 3.70 posi unit attached to a state of the art 4-link suspension. This holds the 33.5”x17”x16” Hoosier slicks mounted to a pair of Sanders 16”x16” wheels to the pavement in a straight line. Guiding the car in between the lines is a set of Weld wheel V-series 15”x3.5” wrapped with 27”x15”x4” Hoosier Front Runner tires. Wilwood brakes get the nod at all 4 corners to bring this beast to a halt, along with a chute of course. Now with the car assembled, it was time to hit the infamous Hot Rod Drag Week 2017. Troy traveled more than 1,000 miles during this 5 day of racing at tracks from Gateway in St. Louis to Great Lakes of Union Grove, WI. while pulling a small trailer to hold his drag slicks, tools and personal belongings. This is truly one of the finest events in the country to determine the fastest street car. Being his first time at this event, he chose to run in the Pro Street no power adder class to get an idea of how the car would do and to get a feel for how the event is ran. Finishing in 3rd place was a very good debut, but as history has a way of repeating itself, Troy was not content and he knew he could do better. So back to Straub and Foxwell he went. They bumped the motor up to a 580 cu. in. with more work done on the internals to handle more power and increased the Nitrous system for more of a kick in the pants shot. After visiting Chris Nowack of Nowack Racing Robertsville, MO. they came up with a new plan of attack to increasing the air/fuel to attain more horsepower by his tuning ability with the dyno. After many pulls on the dyno, they finally hit a reliable 1,100 hp naturally aspirated and almost 2,000 hp with Nitrous. With this new configuration, Troy needed to upgrade the transmission to handle all of this extra power. He installed a Hutch 400 Turbo coupled to a Circle D Torque Converter to help also on those long road trips. Now, Troy was ready to tackle the 2018 Hot Rod Drag Week with a calm collected approach as he has done many times before in his life, but with some extra power. Starting at the Atlanta Dragway on Day 1, he then traveled to Darlington Dragway on Day 2 raced, then got chased out of SC by Hurricane Florence. As if that was not enough to get one’s cage rocked, while waiting on the mountain highway to get out of town, his rear bowl overflowed, not knowing this, when he went to start the car it caused a fire which luckily there were 4 Aussies near that helped him extinguish the fire along with the local fire department. Getting the car back up and running, he made it to Concord, NC. at the Z-Max Dragway, with trips to Bristol, TN. then back to Atlanta for the final day of racing. Troy was blessed with a runner up finish in the 2018 HRDW, finishing out the 5 day event with a 7.773 ET avg. and a 172.88 MPH avg. Hard work and determination is usually a good format for success, but what he has more fun with is the other special award he received that week, The Most Obnoxious Car Ever. It was given to him because at 4 am each morning he would fire up the car to get an early start and that became the event alarm clock, you gotta love it. Due to some unfortunate circumstances (more Nitrous) at a test session in late February, Troy’s Camaro became airborne and rolled. He walked away with no injuries, but the car was wrinkled pretty badly. The car is back at Beilman Fabrication getting re-skinned and tweaked for the upcoming year. He is already entered for the 2020 HRDW event, if the pandemic allows it. They are moving to the Unlimited class to run 6- second quarter mile times. Jim Gray of Bullet Racing Engines took over track nitrous tuning for the team. Troy said, “He already found the power to reliably make it happen if the car will stay on the ground.” So keep eyes out in mid September for the Blue Madness coming your way. God Bless www.FullThrottle-Magazine.com

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