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Welcome to April Full Throttle Readers. Spring is officially here, and we are starting to get the list of the many great rides and events happening this season. We are excited to be part of so many great events again this year and appreciate that you, our reader and fans keep our magazine the most read and sought-after free motorcycle magazine in the Midwest. I want to keep reminding you about the bike nights at Bobby’s Place in Valley Park that we sponsor and to make sure we see everyone there this season. The weekly “Historic Route 66 Bike Night” at Bobby’s Place in Valley Park takes Page 10-12: Why Motorcycle Insurance off Wednesday night April 6th and will run through the end of October. This has certainly become the biggest weekly bike night in the area. This year, as we have promised, will Page 16-17: Tech Spotlight have more events going on and great food and drink specials Page 19: Crack-ups to make this the weekly Bike Night to attend. We are still looking for one additional vendor. But as always, our main Page 22-23: Chic Chat man Mr. Bill Sankus of the Neon Cycle will be on the lot every (10 Reasons Why You Should Date week and ready to answer your lighting questions or install the coolest lights possible on your ride. Now remember Bill A Women Who Rides Motorcycle) can install lights on just about anything. He can do trucks, cars, RV’s, boats, wheelchairs, golf carts and many other things. Check him out every Wednesday evening at Bobby’s Place during Historic Route 66 Bike Night. He is the lighting “Expert”.

T a ble o f C on ten t


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A few more events we know that are coming up are Doc’s Harley-Davidson is having their annual Ladies Garage Party on April 7th and that’s always a blast for the ladies. Doc’s also will be having another great Swap Meet on April 23rd. So, if you have things to sell and would like a booth call Maria at Doc’s at 314-965-0166 and reserve your space. This will be a fun day and a great place to pick up some deals on things you might need, or things you just want. St Charles Harley will be hosting the Harley Davidson Demo truck on April 8th and 9th. A chance to ride the new line up of 2022 Harley Davidson Motorcycles. Mark your calendars folks and don’t miss these fun events. Be sure to keep up with all the events going on this season by watching our Crusin’ Calendar in the magazine and on our website. Another great place to find events is on our Facebook page. We are constantly posting and sharing posts for events and rides that are happening on a weekly basis. As always, ride safe my friends and we will see you on the road with Full Throttle Magazine. Bob

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ur o Y Mark dars n Cale

Crusin’Caledar HISTORIC

Doc's Harley-Davidson

Ladies Garage Party April 7th 6pm-9pm Swap Meet April 23rd 10am-3pm


Weather Permitting

St Charles H-D H-D Demo Truck April 8-9

Ozark H-D Ozark Rides Rally May 5th -May 7th Presented By Lake of the Ozarks Harley-Davidson

Full Throttle Magazine does not sponsor, endorse and/or promote every event on our Crusin’ Calendar. Our field staff may not always be at every event.

Why Motorcyc

Why do we have to have motorcycle insurance????? First and foremost,…IT’S THE LAW! But, what defines a motorcycle for the purpose of insurance and license?

“Has a seat or a saddle for the use of the rider and is designed to travel with only 2 or 3 wheels on the ground, having an automatic or manual transmission; and a motor with a cylinder capacity of more than fifty cubic centimeters, which produces more than three gross brake horsepower, and is capable of propelling the device at more than thirty miles per hour on level ground.” Missouri, as well as our surrounding states have a lot of great riding roads. And most of us want to get out and explore all the wonders those roads have to offer. Before you hop in the saddle, you need to make sure that you have the proper insurance to protect you and you passenger. Now, Missouri is a “At Fault” state. What that means is if you were found that you were the cause of an accident while on your motorcycle and do not have insurance, you will be facing fines, penalties and possible jail time. That’s why it is imperative that you carry the proper amount of insurance. All state require you to cover at least their bodily injury/property damage liability state minimums. Bodily injury/property damage liability insurance is to protect the other guys and, in some states, unlike auto bodily injury liability insurance, your passenger can also covered. Be sure you check with your carrier if their bodily injury liability does cover the passenger. If not, ask them about Motorcycle Guest Passeger Liabiity. Now what does all that mean? Missouri’s liability minimums are 25,000/50,000/25,000. Let’s Break those numbers down. The first two numbers are your bodily injury numbers. The first one is per person/per accident. The second number is the total amount that will be paid for the ALL injury for that one accident not matter the number injured. That the third number is property damage. Example: You were the cause of an accident and there were injuries to other individuals, your insurance will cover cost up to the 25,000 per person and up to $50,000 for the all injured from that accident. If there was physical damage to others property, then that third number, $25,000, will cover the cost of those repairs. Just to be clear, bodily injury/property damage liability DOES NOT cover you physically, The Rider. Make sure you have healthcare.

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cle Insurance?

Written Cynthia Blanton

I do not recommend having state minimums because what if you cause a life threatening or death accident? And you do not have enough coverage, those individuals can come after your personally for any remaining balance. That could cause a huge financial impact. At least go with 50/100/25. Having higher limits on the bodily injury part will get you a better level of protection. The next thing you need to look at is the underinsured and uninsured. These two are optional but I highly recommend having them on your motorcycle policy. Those number typically match the bodily injury numbers you have on the liability portion of your policy. If you were involved in an accident that was not your fault and the other driver did not have any insurance or enough insurance, you can have your policy kick in and pick up the slack as the secondary policy. People ask me if they need to have collision or comprehensive coverage on their policy’s. There are several factors to look at when making that decision. These two coverages are to protect you from having to deal with added expensive if your bike was damage in any capacity. The collision is pretty self-explanatory. If you were in an ‘At Fault” accident and your bike was damaged, your only out of pocket expense is your deductible. That amount is up to you. You can go as little as $100 up to $2000 depending on the carrier. Some may not want to carry collision because their bike is not worth enough and the insurance company may just total it out. BUUUUTTT! I do HIGHLY recommend carrying comprehensive. This can also be referred to as “other than collision”. You can carry the same deductible as your collision or carry a different deductible amount. This covers everything from fire, wind, water, theft, vandalism and even if you hit an animal while you are riding. This is a very valuable thing to have on your policy. The next coverage options is one that many don’t fully comprehend. That is Medical. Medical coverage is very important to a motorcycle rider. If there was an accident your fault or not, that medical coverage can be the difference of having that financial strain or a huge piece of mind. What is Medical coverage? This coverage is designed to offer financial assistant for any immediate medical expenses such as urgent care, emergency room, ambulance etc. THIS COVERAGE IS FOR YOU! This will also cover your passenger. Medical coverage is more than just medical. It can cover the cost of prescription drugs, funeral cost, dental care, home health care, deductibles etc. www.FullThrottle-Magazine.com

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For motorcyclist, this coverage, in my opinion is very important to have. You can have as little as $1000 and depending on the carrier, that determines the maximum you can carry. Example: Progressive will go as high as $25,000. But, Geico only goes as high as $10,000. Sometimes motorcycle riders don’t fully comprehend the important of this coverage. You are fully exposed when you are riding. You are not surrounded by steal, carbon fiber and plastic with ten different airbags deploying all around you. You get into an accident and you and your passenger can get severely injured. This coverage can help offset a lot of those medical expenses. Other optional coverage includes roadside assistance and roadside assistance with trip interruption. IE: Ran out of gas. Mechanical breakdown, a need a tow. The trip interruption is offer as an option. Let’s say, you were on a trip on your bike and you break down, your insurance will cover your overnight stay if that is necessary. There are also ways to save on your motorcycle insurance. Insurance carrier offer discounts if you belong to an organization such as H.O.G.. If you have completed a motorcycle safety course. Riding experience plays a factor as well as having a motorcycle endorsement on your drivers license. One last thing that is asked, “What if I’m a seasonal rider?” I want to store my bike during the winter months and I don’t want to pay for full coverage during that time. Here’s a couple of options. Sure, you can cancel your policy all together and have zero level of protections to your bike. But what if you owe money on your bike??? There is no financial institution that will allow you to cancel your policy while you are still making payment. They want you make sure that their investment is protected. Cancelling it is not a viable option at that point. A possible solution whether you owe money on your ride or not, is drop all your coverage except comprehensive. If you own money, you’ll need to get the green light from your lienholder. The reason I would recommend doing this to save you money is twofold. Remember when I said that comprehensive covers fire, wind, vandalism and theft? What happens if one of those occurrences takes place while you are storing it? The other factor to consider is your premium. If you cancel your policy and go without motorcycle insurance, could cause a large rate increase because you had a lapse in coverage. Regarding insurance, the only thing that is required by state law is to carry state minimum of Liability. All the other insurance offerings that I’ve discussed are options. If you have any questions or would like more information regarding your motorcycle insurance, please contact me, Cynthia (Bauer) Blanton @ Bauer insurance Agency at 636-947-3000 or Kim Graf @ The Graf Group at 314-291-1600

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How’s it going Full Throttle readers! Keigan here again. I hope

everyone has been able to get out and enjoy this strange weather we have been having that has allowed for an early riding season this year. This month I wanted to do something a little different, something I haven’t done before. When you guys come into the dealership you see the employees out front, the face of the company some would say. But the people behind the scenes that you don’t see are the ones that are the driving force for the dealerships, and that’s the technicians. Here at St. Charles Harley Davidson, we have an awesome group or technicians working to get your bikes right. So, without further delay let me introduce you all to Master Technician Wayne Gronefeld. Wayne has had his hand in a number of the builds I’ve featured in these articles. The most recognizable one for the readers would be the 2021 CVO Road Glide aka The Black Widow. Looking at that bike you can see Wayne’s extreme attention to detail is very apparent. Building custom bikes isn’t what brought Wayne into the industry, it was actually the same exact reason the rest of us got into them, we thought motorcycles were cool and that it would help us get chicks! Wayne’s first bike was a 2010 sportster Iron which he wrecked a couple months after buying it. While wrecking a bike is never a good thing, it’s what pulled Wayne into the industry. After the wreck Wayne was quick to realize that he wanted to fix it himself but didn’t posses the knowledge to do so. Wayne attended Motorcycle Mechanic Institution (MMI) in Phoenix Arizona in 2011 and graduated in 2013. After graduation he landed a job at Andraes Harley Davidson, in Champaign Illinois and eventually made the transition to us here at St. Charles Harley Davidson. Wayne has had a number of bikes in his time but his new project was a transformation I wanted to share with you all. When Wayne was looking for a new bike, he wanted to find a bike that needed a lot of attention. He wanted to find a bike that no one would look at and turn it into bike everyone wanted. He found a 2006 Dyna Lowrider that was the project he was looking to take on. A couple days after his purchase the bike was up on the lift and the build was underway. He stripped it down to the frame and cleaned every piece on the bike. The 2006 Dyna started as an 88 cubic inch engine, Wayne added a Screamin Eagle stroker fly wheel, a Screamin Eagle 204 cam, high compression pistons, 103 ported and polished heads and a Screamin Eagle clutch. The unique thing with this engine build is the stroker flywheel. The flywheel itself is actually 5lbs lighter than the stock flywheel. For the guys that like to go fast 5lbs is a

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Written By Keigan Borgmann Photos by J.B. Kairos


pretty significant difference. With all the upgrades Wayne did to the engine it ended at a 103 cubic inch monster. He paired that power with the Bassani Road Rage exhaust, Arlen Ness big sucker intake and harnessed it all with a Dynojet tuner. When looking at the bike it’s not the bigger engine that jumps out at you, it’s the whole look of the bike. From the color to the freshly polished wheels the bike grabs your attention in every small detail. The paint color Wayne chose is called Nardo Grey, which he first saw on a helmet his brother had. He didn’t want to do just a flat color, but he also didn’t want anything to crazy. Him and his painter, Andrew “Hoops” Baker, from Hoops Customs, came up with the idea to run black pin stripes with the Nardo Grey and then added a gold iridescent flake to the paint, which is only apparent in the sun. The gold flake is so subtle yet so apparent it’s the exact combo he was looking for. To dress the engine up Wayne prepped and painted every part with Harley Davidson wrinkle black paint. For added detail, he had some tricks up his sleeve when he coated all the engine bolts black which really helped with the contrast from wrinkle black to polished black. Wayne didn’t just focus on the look or the bike but he wanted it to feel like a custom-built bike as well. To achieve that he added a set of Lowrider S risers and handlebars, a set of 13 inch drag specialties shocks and a Saddlemen step up seat. This combo gives him the ride height and comfort he was looking for. That about wraps it up for the build on this bike. To get the feel for how awesome this bike really is you have to see it in person. With as pleased as Wayne is with the build, I’m sure he will be showcasing it around the area. If you see him out and about, I urge you to check it out and Chat with him. As always, I appreciate everyone that took the time to read this article. The transformation of what this bike started as and ended at is one of my favorites to date. If you all have any questions you can reach out to me by email at Keigan@stcharlesharleydavidson.com or at the dealership at 636-9466487. If you want to check out any of the builds we have going on at the shop, stop on buy and well be happy to show you. I hope everyone stays safe and keeps it rubber side down.


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That bizarre moment when you pick up your car from the garage and you realize that the breaks are still not working, but they made your horn louder. ______________________

Patient: Oh Doctor, I’m starting to forget things. Doctor: Since when have you had this condition? Patient: What condition? When I see lovers' names carved in a tree, I don't think ______________________ it's sweet. I just think it's surprising how many people bring a knife on a date. "OK, that's it, I'm leaving you! You're SO childish!" ______________________ "Well, good luck with that - because the floor is lava!" A guest is ordering at a restaurant, “Do you think ______________________ you could bring me what that gentleman over there is having?” A clairvoyant to a man, “I can see you are the father of 3 kids.” The waiter looks at him sternly, “No sir, I’m very sure he intends to eat it himself.” The man smiles smugly, “No, I have 4 kids.” _____________________ The clairvoyant, “That’s what you think.” “Waiter, the steak smells very strongly of liquor!” ______________________ The waiter backs up 3 steps and asks, “How’s that Wife, “Honey, soon there will be 3 of us here! Isn’t that now?” great?” ______________________ Husband, “Oh darling, that is simply wonderful!!!” Recently I introduced two of my lisping friends to each other. Wife, “I’m so happy you react that way! I did tell my mom you won’t mind her moving in!” After a short but rough fist fight they realized that _______________________ neither was mocking the other one. _______________________ On a mountain trip a man falls down into a crack. His wife calls after him, “Are you OK?” Two friends are talking: “Yeah!” My doctor told me I must stop playing football. “Are you hurt?” What?! Is he sure? Did he examine you properly? “No!” Not really. But he did see me playing. _______________________ “Not a scratch? How come?!“ “Siri, why am I still single?!” “I’m not done falling yet-et-et-et-et!” short-funny.com Siri activates front camera. www.FullThrottle-Magazine.com

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c i h

C Chat

Sorry Boys, No Men Allowed!


1. We Travel Light

boom. Been there, done that, and we’re not about to boo-hoo when (not if) it happens again. It It is a scientific fact that all a girl really needs for any given vacation fits easily into a tank-bag: takes a lot to make women riders cry. As in, “sorry ma’am, that repair bill is going to cost you a lot”. toothbrush, bikini, a little black dress, heels, sunscreen, lip-gloss, mascara, and a tire pressure gauge. Girls who ride motorcycles know this. No 5. Crazy Ex-girlfriends Are Afraid of Us bulky bags crammed with “essentials” like clean Doesn’t matter what we ride (not like she’d know underwear and shampoo that you’re expected the difference, anyway), your nut-job ex sees to shlep around for her. Chances are, we’ve got you holding hands with some girl who’s holding a cool tank bag that doubles as a stylish purse a helmet in the other, and suddenly, camping anyway. out on your porch with a batch of your favorite cookies on what would have been the two-year anniversary of your first date doesn’t seem like 2. We’re a Cheap Date Forget $15 martinis and $40 sea bass; we’re good such a good idea. You could be escorting the new with a Frog Dog and a beer at the races. Of course, gal to her pearl-pink Vespa, but all’s that psycho our dream-date is a long ride on a twisty road with sees is “BIKER-CHICK”. In the twisted hierarchy lunch someplace where they bake their own bread of feminine badasses, we’re sort of up there. Right under female Navy Seals and Heidi Klum. and the hostess calls the guy making sandwiches “dad.” Bonus: we show up with our tanks already full. 7. We’ll Support You in a Way You’re

3. We Get You

Feeling like a rock-star for taking your scarletfaired torque-monster of an Italian race bike down the “scenic route” on your GPS that turned out to be sixteen miles of winding, mostly-dry, dirt logging trails and moss-slimed riverbeds? We get that. You are a rock-star. Pull off a stunt like that and we’ll probably throw ourselves at you.

4. We’re Tough

Another scientific fact: if you ride a motorcycle, at some point, you’re going to fall down and go

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As any man in a steady, cohabitative relationship with a woman knows, in order to maintain emotional homeostasis, all big purchases (doesn’t matter what for), must be approved by the female. It’s true. In 80 percent of U.S. households, it’s the woman who wears the fiscal pants, so it’s really in your own best interest that the woman in your house digs motorcycles, too. Not only will we approve your purchase of that vintage scrambler or the latest bike-of-the-year, we just might surprise you with it on your birthday. Plus, we’ll keep you in gear, too. When some poor guy stops Witten by Heathe McCoy Article sited by www.rideaaprt.com

to ogle your bike and utters that familiar, most emasculating phrase ever voiced by the human male, “I’ve always wanted a motorcycle, but my wife won’t let me have one”, go ahead, twist that knife. Tell him your girlfriend/wife bought it for you

9. Your Mother Will Love Us

She may not admit it at first, but secretly, every mother hopes her son will date a strong woman. This is your ace in the hole when she tells your mom she works part-time as a dancer at a “gentleman’s club” while studying to be a tattoo artist. Mom will overlook all that: she 8. We’ll Get Off (and Stay Off) Your Back rides a motorcycle, ergo, she’s strong. The line of Admit it: riding is a lot more fun without a 130 lbs thinking here is “good; let her take over,” And if backpack. Why, with my vast knowledge of spinal a motorcycle-riding, pole-dancing, tattoo artist of a girlfriend can’t make a man out of you, get anatomy and physiology, I estimate riding solo could extend the total life-time and ride-years of help. (PS – Most of us are not pole-dancing, tattoo the average 30 year-old rider by a good 17.4 years*, artists BTW.) simply by removing the added physical burden of a passenger. See where I’m going with this? Dating 10. Every Guy You Know Will Be Jealous of a woman who rides her own bike is actually You healthy for you. You tell a guy about a girl you know who rides a (*= a completely arbitrary statistic for which I claim full artistic license and hereby disavow any claim, real or otherwise, regarding actual health benefits).

motorcycle, and their imagination kicks in to sixth gear. Let it. (See motorcycle-riding, pole-dancing, tattoo artist GF, above.)



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