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March 2023
Full Throttle Magazine March Issue 2023 Do's and Don'ts of Motorcycle Travel Page 6-7 Titling a Rebuild or Restoration In Missouri Page8-10 RoadGlide 3 Page 16-17

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PagE 6-7: DO'S aND DON'TS OF MOTOrcyclE TravEl

PagE 8-10: TITlINg a rEbuIlD Or rESTOraTION IN MISSOurI

PagE 14: cruSIN' calENDar

PagE 16-17: rOaDglIDE 3

PagE 19: cracK-uPS


Welcome to our March issue and here comes spring. FINALLY!!! The events are already starting to unfold, and I want to get a few of the great ones in front of you so you can start to plan to ride with us this year. The number one weekly Bike Night

“Historic Route 66 Bike Night” will be sponsored by Full Throttle again and Hosted at Bobby’s Place in Valley Park. We have lots of new things that will be happening this year every Wednesday night starting April 5th. I will give everyone the details of all the new things that will be going on each and every Wednesday night in our next issue of Full Throttle Magazine.

We are still looking for one additional vendor to be on the lot weekly. I would like to find at least one more vendor who is willing to be there every week, or at least most of the weeks. If you have biker oriented items to sell send me an email and let’s see if we are a good fit for each other. Email is publisher@ fullthrottle-magazine.com.

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As always, our main man Mr. Bill Sankus of the Neon Cycle will be on the lot every week and ready to answer your lighting questions or install the coolest lights possible on your ride. Now remember Bill can install lights on just about anything. He can do trucks, cars, RV’s, boats, wheelchairs, golf carts and many other things. Check him out every Wednesday evening at Bobby’s Place during Historic Route 66 Bike Night. He is the lighting “Expert”. Bill as also been so kind as to light up some wheel chairs for the kids that became so excited over their new lights. Bill has a heart of gold and we all love him.

Be sure to keep up with all the events going on this season by watching our Crusin’ Calendar in the magazine and on our website. Another great place to find events is on our Facebook page. We are constantly posting and sharing posts for events and rides that are happening on a weekly basis.

As always, my friends ride safe and we will see you on the road with Full Throttle Magazine. Bob


Welcomeonce again Full Throttle readers and riders! Spring is almost upon us and we are all ready to ride! Many of us have vacations planned this summer near and far. Some will be going on weekend trips and others are planning on being away for much longer. Whether you’re planning a weekend getaway or a weeklong trip across the country, packing and planning for a bike trip can have its draw backs and issues. Depending on the bike you ride, you may have plenty of room to pack everything you need and you’re able to get through your trip with no problem. Then there may be some of you that have a bike that isn’t quite so “long haul friendly.” Your bike probably has no bags, no luggage rack, and not much room to spare.

Many of us, when it comes to traveling have a checklist of items we will never leave home without. For instance a couple items that are always on my checklist are clean whitie tighties and a toothbrush. When leaving on a bike trip, there are a couple other items you should always add to your checklist. You should always do a thorough walk around of the bike, checking the tires, lights, brakes etc. But what about the things you don’t think about for your trip? What about sun screen and as silly as it sounds chap stick? Nothing will ruin a trip faster than a nasty sunburn or that funky thing on your lip that pops up when you’ve been hit with too much wind and now when you’re talking to people and meeting new friends, it’s all they can look at. Bottom line is, if you’re going on a bike trip it’s going to take a little extra careful planning.

Sometimes it’s a tough decision on what stays and what goes? Some things like your rain suites are a necessity but also take up a lot of room. Be sure that you are not doubling up on supplies and sharable items that the group or passenger your traveling with may already have, something as small as a tube of toothpaste can be the difference from getting that saddle bag lid closed or not. I learned many years ago as a boy scout that folding your clothes to pack is not the right way to do it. Be sure to roll your clothes, you will be able to efficiently carry more in less space, also if you know exactly where you are staying, shipping your luggage can be an easy way to get around overloading your bike.

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Speaking of over loading has anyone heard of GVWR? Anyone?...Anyone? GVWR = Gross Vehicle Weight Rating - is the maximum operating weight/mass of a vehicle as specified by the manufacturer including the vehicle's chassis, body, engine, engine fluids, fuel, accessories, driver, passengers and cargo but excluding that of any trailers. This definition is basically saying your bike is not superman and it’s not made to carry everything in your dresser. No matter the bike you can always find the max weight specs in your owner’s manual. Over loading your bike can cause serious stress to your frame and drive train as well as put you in a dangerous situation. It can affect ground clearance and the handling characteristics of your bike. Also be sure to evenly distribute the weight of your items across the bike, for example don't pack your tool kit and rain suit in the right bag and a box of Kleenex is the left. While on the topic of bags be sure you know the weight rating limitations of your travel gear. The new Harley saddlebags on StreetGlides are rated at 20 pounds and no more, 08 and earlier models are a little less at 15 pounds. Tourpaks are limited as well but again refer to the owner’s manual. If you have aftermarket bags, you can always refer to the company that produced the luggage

I've never been much of a fan of cup holders on bikes but always make sure you are staying hydrated and comfortable, just not too comfortable, no nodding off. Being dehydrated can affect your physical strength and mental awareness. If you are worn out be smart and know when to call it quits. Iron butt rides are fun but when you push yourself too far bad things can happen. Be sure to stop every once in a while and stretch the legs and move around a bit. Don't get pulled in to the white line fever, studies show that a person that is exhausted from driving all day has the same reaction time as a person who is legally drunk. Always be sure to plan your trip with ample rest stops and give yourself plenty of time to get to your destination.

Where ever your adventures take you this summer just be mindful of what you are doing. Packing the wrong things and packing things the wrong way can really put your trip in jeopardy before you even leave your driveway. Have fun and keep the rubber side down and the shiny side up! Thanks for stopping by and y'all enjoy the ride!

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Winter will be over soon and that tricked out piece of steel you’ve been getting ready for cruising will be finished and ready to get legally titled.

Sure you can go to the Missouri DMV office and see how to title your ride, but there are some things you aren’t informed of up front when it comes to getting a title for a rebuild, specially created, modification, or restoration. The process in Missouri is a lot different than for one in its original manufacture’s condition compared to when reconstructed with new components.

First let’s understand what qualifies under this category for different procedures:

• Rebuilt Motor Vehicle

• Reconstructed Motor Vehicle

• Motor Change Vehicle

• Specially Constructed Motor Vehicle

• Replica Motor Vehicle

• Non-USA-Std. Motor Vehicle

These types mean that something was created or added on to change the appearance, style, or type of body; and/or operation of the vehicle. Anything of these specifics that isn’t originally provided or is an option from its manufacture is considered modified as custom. Just doing basic or standard repairs with brand new parts isn’t what is meant by this.

These are the exact definitions per the state of Missouri to determine how your motor vehicle will be classified and titled.

REBUILD MOTOR VEHICLE - A motor vehicle which has been repaired or restored to its original appearance and design by means of repaired sheet metal or by replacement of new or used major parts such as the bumper, hood, fender, grille, trunk lid, and doors of the same vehicle make, model, or description. The title will be issued for a rebuilt motor vehicle which conforms to this definition. The title will be branded “Prior Salvage”.

RECONSTRUCTED MOTOR VEHICLE - A vehicle that is altered from its original construction by the addition or substitution of two or more new or used major component parts, excluding motor vehicles made from all new parts, and new multistage manufactured vehicles. The title will be branded “Prior Salvage” or “Reconstructed Motor Vehicle”.

MOTOR CHANGED VEHICLE - A vehicle manufactured prior to August 1957, which receives a new, rebuilt, or used engine, and which used the number stamped on the original engine as the

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vehicle identification number. The title will be branded “Motor Change Vehicle”.

SPECIALLY CONSTRUCTED MOTOR VEHICLE - A motor vehicle which has not been originally constructed under a distinctive name, make, model, or type by a manufacturer of motor vehicles. The term “Specially Constructed Motor Vehicle” includes glider kit vehicles. The Missouri certificate of title issued will be stamped “Specially Constructed Motor Vehicle”.

REPLICA MOTOR VEHICLE - Effective January 1, 2005, the Department will issue a certificate of title with a “Replica” brand code to a motor vehicle that has been constructed or reconstructed to resemble a vehicle that is at least 25 years old. If the model year and make of the vehicle has not changed after the reconstruction, the title will not be branded as “Replica.”

NON-USA-STD. MOTOR VEHICLE - A motor vehicle not originally manufactured in compliance with United States standards. The title will be branded “Non-USAStd. Motor Vehicle.

The list of “Major Component Parts” and “Essential Component Parts” is under Mo Revised Statute 301.010, and is important to know exactly how what is being referred to as what so you’re not getting caught up in some BS during your filing process. It is never to be assumed anyone knows an elaborate definition of these outside of the law. So I’m giving them to you here. Better to be safe than sorry.



1.COWL- Sheet metal formed by severing the vehicle across the floor in the vicinity of the front seat, severing the windshield posts (not including removing the parts forward of the firewall)

2.REAR CLIP - The complete rear sheet metal assembly formed by severing the vehicle across the floor and either through the windshield post or through the rear window post.

3.FRAME - The steel basic structure which runs the entire length of the vehicle onto which the suspension parts are bolted to the lower side and the body is bolted to the top side.

4.BODY - The shell, either of a unibody or frame-type passenger vehicle, which consists of a onepiece, integrated sheet metal construction extending from the firewall back. The body includes a cowl but not a front-end assembly. It may or may not include an interior, doors, and deck lid.

5.CAB- The passenger compartment of a common truck. It is a one-piece sheet metal construction which may or may not include glass, instrumentation, steering column, and seat.

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6.FRONT CLIP - All parts of the front end assembly plus complete cowl, and may include instrumentation and steering column. Requires cutting of floor and windshield post.

7.FRONT END ASSEMBLY - An entire unit consisting of that portion of the body from the firewall forward (i.e., hood, both fenders, inner skirt or fenders, radiator or core support, grille.)


1.FRAME- The basic skeletal structure onto which the major and essential component parts are secured for the construction and completion of the vehicle.


MOTOR VEHICLE - May include (but are not limited to) bumper, doors, fender, grille, hood, trunk lid, motor or transmission.

MOTORCYCLE - May include (but are not limited to) driveline, fenders, gas tank, front fork assembly, motor, transmission or suspension parts.

You must have a notarized bill of sale and copy of the front and back of corresponding title for each part replaced. A copy of the title is not needed for a motor or transmission that is replaced on a vehicle or motorcycle since those are considered as “Essential Component Parts”. There is something that you will have to do if there is no current record in the DMV system for the VIN; even if the vehicle is clear as a bell and the cowl tags are in place. You need to get a Salvage Certificate of Title assigned to you.

To do this you need a bill of sale indicating the purchase price of the vehicle, an application for Missouri Title and License (DOR Form -108) completed and signed, and finally you need to have an inspection performed by the Highway Patrol; (DOR Form -551) Vehicle Examination Certificate.

The 551 Inspection cannot be done until the vehicle is actually running and drivable. You will not be granted title of ownership if it doesn’t pass. Word of warning -- you need to be prepared to have a file of documentation from where you got the shell to what store you bought a part from, down to the last bolt, if it didn’t come made with it. Worst case scenario if you have complications proving any piece of documentation is creditable, you would have to go through the hassle to file for a Declaratory Judgment with the county court you reside to plead your proof of ownership to a Judge.

If the inspection reveals that a replacement VIN plate is required, you must submit an application for a new one with form DOR-5062 that is to be completed, signed, notarized and certified by an authorized law enforcement officer. It’s only $7.50 for the replacement plate, and a $2.50 processing fee.

Also if the title is not a “conforming” title that meets federal odometer disclosure requirements, you have to attach a statement to the salvage title for a vehicle less than 10 years old.

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Crusin’Caledar MarkYour Calendars

Missouri GWRRA (Goldwing Road Riders Association)

Spring Fling

March 10-11

Twin Lake Thunder

Spring Rally

Baxter County Fair Grounds

Mountain Home, AR

April 21-22

The Steel Horse Rally

Fort Smith, AK

May 5-6


3rd Annual Ozark Ride & Rally Lake of the Ozarks

May 11-13

Arkansas State CMA Rally

Eureka Springs, AK

May 25-28

Women on Wheels International Ride-in

Harrison, Ar

July 4-6th

Weather Permiting

Full Throttle Magazine does not sponsor, endorse and/or promote every event on our Crusin’ Calendar. Our field staff may not always be at every event.

HISTORIC G ************ ************ ************ ************ ************ ************


How’s it going Full Throttle readers! Keigan here again. I want to start by thanking everyone who showed up to our Khrome Werks seminar. We had an awesome turn out and the donations for 5 Acres Animal Shelter were greatly appreciated. The riding season is getting ready to kick off for 2023 and man do we have some awesome events planned at the dealership this year. I can’t wait to get the season going.

With this being the 120th Anniversary of Harley Davidson we knew there was going to be some magic coming from Milwaukee with the 2023 model launch, and they didn’t disappoint. The anniversary bike looks awesome with the red paint scheme but were not going to dive into that bike just yet. The one I’m going to go over today is the long-awaited Road Glide 3. So, lets get into it.

Harley Davidson has been cutting down on their models for a while now. Some bikes are lucky to get a revival but not all of the models are so lucky. When Harley Davidson launched their 2023 models I wasn’t expecting 2 trikes to be among the bunch. With that being said, I’m very impressed with what Harley Davidson did on those models. With Harley Davidson dumping money into the trike program like they are, are trikes really as unpopular as we think?

The Road Glide 3 is built off the Free Wheeler platform, which gives the bike an advantage with extra stability over traditional motorcycles. The bigger foot print on this Road Glide 3 surely helps the rider stay grounded even in the most extreme conditions. Some of the features you’ll find on the Road Glide 3 are the electric reverse, something people dearly miss on some of the heavier models. The next feature is the enormous storage capacity in the trunk. This trunk has its lid mounted on the top which allows it to give the owner a storage capacity of over 56 liters. This added storage is something other cruiser models struggle with.

The Road Glide 3 is powered by the loved 114 cubic inch Milwaukee 8 power train. This 114 delivers 90HP and 119lb-ft of torque, which is going to be plenty of power to get out of a sticky situation or to leave your buddies in your taillights. The combined power package on the Road Glide 3 gives this trike an impressive 43mpg. The larger platform for this bike allowed Harley to incorporate additional

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safety features you would find on cars instead of your traditional motorcycle. The Road Glide 3 comes with corner enhanced traction control, ABS, and electric linked braking, the Road Glide 3 also comes equipped with cruise control, tire pressure monitoring system and a water proof trunk.

The fairing on this bike is none other than the Iconic frame mounted shark nose fairing. In addition to protection from the wind at high speeds and from the weather when it gets unruly, the fairing houses the Harley Davidson Boom! Box GTS system. The Boom! Box GTS system has a 6.5 inch touch screen which features GPS, AM/FM, music and telephone when paired with your smart phone. iPhone users will also be happy to see Apple CarPlay is available on this model as well. If the touch screen is not something you prefer to use when riding, the Road Glide 3 has infotainment controls equipped on the handlebars.

Rounding out the features well move on to the looks of the bike which Harley knocked out of the park. The Road Glide 3 comes equipped with 19 inch front wheel and 18 inch rear wheel which really sets this trike apart from the rest. With this wheel combination I don’t think the trike is an old folks bike anymore. One of the things people are noticing the most is the lack of backrest for passengers. While the Road Glide 3 doesn’t have the Tour Pack like the TriGlide, there are options for back rest for a passenger. So don’t let that discourage you. The Road Glide 3 is more than capable of making a week trip comfortable for rider and passenger.

The Road Glide 3 is available in 3 colors and 2 finishes: Vivid Black, Vivid Black w/Black Finish, Gray Haze, Gray Haze w/Black Finish, and Bright Billiard Blue, and Bright Billiard Blue w/ Black Finish. You will pay a little bit more for one in black finish and the price tag starts at $32,999 from the factory. I’m sure I missed some features like the dual day maker headlights, but this is a trike you will have to check out for yourself to really appreciate.

That’s going to round out this article. I encourage everyone to come in and check out the Road Glide 3 when we can keep them in stock. As always thank you for taking the time to read this article. If you have any questions or want to set up an appointment with me to help you bring your visions to life you can reach me at the dealership or by Email at Keigan@ stcharlesharleydavidson.com. Have a great month and if you get out on the motorcycles keep it rubber side down.

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Written By Keigan Borgman
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What do you call a pig that does karate?

A pork chop.

Why did the bike fall over?

It was two tired. Why did the Clydesdale give the pony a glass of water?

Because he was a little horse.


Why did the man get hit by a bike every day?

He was stuck in a vicious cycle.

What do you call a factory that sells good products?

A satis-factory.

Have you heard about the corduroy pillow?

It’s making headlines!

Why does Snoop Dogg use an umbrella?

For drizzle!

What has four wheels and flies?

A garbage truck.

What’s the difference between the bird flu and the swine flu?

One requires tweetment and the other an oinkment.

What has more lives than a cat?

A frog, because it croaks every day.

Why shouldn’t you write with a broken pen?

Because it’s pointless.

Where can you buy soup in bulk?

The stock market.

What’s that restaurant on the moon like?

It doesn’t have atmosphere

What’s the best way to burn 1,000 calories?

Leave the pizza in the oven.

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