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Page 10-11: Safety Tips For New Motorcycle Riders Page 16-17: Harley-Davidson ST Models Page 19: Crack-ups Page 20-21: TRIKES TRIKES TRIKES


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We are finally approaching spring and I couldn’t be any happier. The weather should start to bring us more warm days and all of our bikes can begin to get back on the road on a regular basis. There has been a some good days to slip a ride in here and there but overall a long winter in my opinion. Bike nights for this season are starting to get organized and we wanted to update you on a few of them. Every Wednesday night starting on April 6th the fun will resume at Bobby’s Place in Valley Park with “Historic Route 66 Bike Night”. This has proven to be the most popular weekly bike night in the Lou. We are still looking for one additional vendor for these Bike Nights. So if your interested in being a weekly vendor at Bobby’s Place send me an email and let’s talk. Email me at publisher@fullthrottle-magazine.com. I have had a few people say they have some great ideas for making Bike Night more fun. We are also open to any suggestions on how you think we can pump up the party on Wednesday evening. Email your suggestions and we will look at adding some fun to the party based on your suggestions. A few more events we know that are coming up are Doc’s Harley is having their annual Ladies Garage Party on April 7th and that’s always a blast for the ladies. Doc’s also will be having another great Swap Meet on April 23rd. So if you have things to sell and would like a booth call Maria at Doc’s at 314-965-0166 and reserve your space. This will be a fun day and a great place to pickup some deals on things you might need., or things you just want. St Charles Harley will be hosting the Harley Davidson Demo truck on April 8th and 9th. A chance to ride the new line up of 2022 Harley Davidson Motorcycles. Mark your calendars folks and don’t miss these fun events. Be sure to keep up with all the events going on this season by watching our Crusin’ Calendar in the magazine and on our website. Another great place to find events is on our Facebook page. We are constantly posting and sharing posts for events and rides that are happening on a weekly basis. As always, ride safe my friends and we will see you on the road with Full

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Doc's Harley-Davidson Ladies Garage Party April 7th 6pm-9pm


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Swap Meet April 23rd 10am-3pm

St Charles H-D H-D Demo Truck April 8-9

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Safety Tips For New Today, Motorcycles are once again, becoming more and more popular. Along with their

popularity, it’s natural for there to be new inexperienced riders. Full Throttle magazine thought it would be good to give new riders a few safety tips that could be very helpful. We all know is that getting on a motorcycle for your first time can be pretty scary and very intimidating. The very first thing that I always suggest to a new rider is to attend a motorcycle training course and a motorcycle safety course. Even if your state doesn’t require you to take a motorcycle training or safety course, you should. These classes will teach you about the traffic safety laws that apply to motorcycles in your state, how to respond to emergency situations on a motorcycle, and give you a chance to try out your new skills in a controlled environment. The instructors will also give you tips about motorcycle maintenance, and how to avoid unsafe situations. Taking a motorcycle training and safety course prepares you to hit the road and to do it with much more confidence. Also, in a lot of states, after you take the training and safety course, they give you a certificate that you can take to your local DMV to get your motorcycle license without taking drivers course test. Once you have your motorcycle license, you will be ready to purchase your bike. First things first, you want to make sure that you’re getting on a bike that you can handle. Then, it’s always very helpful to get a bike that has an anti-lock braking system and traction control. Those are two very important features for a new motorcycle rider. In reality these components are important features for any motorcycle rider. The motorcycle anti-lock braking system, or ABS, prevents the wheels from locking during braking situations. Based on information from the wheel speed sensors, the ABS unit adjusts the pressure of the brake fluid in order to keep traction and help avoid fall downs. Motorcycle ABS helps the rider to maintain stability during breaking, and to decrease the stopping distance. It helps provide better traction, even on low friction surfaces. National and international organizations evaluate ABS as an important factor to increase safety and reduce motorcycle accident numbers. Another important factor to increase motorcycle safety is traction control, which is a newer feature for motorcyclist. Traction Control systems limit rear-wheel slippage during acceleration on lowtraction road surfaces and also during hard acceleration. The Traction Control system performs this function by constantly monitoring the speeds of the front and rear wheels via the wheel speed sensors incorporated into the Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS). The system also factors in data from various engine parameters, plus throttle position. A potential loss of traction is calculated when the rear wheel begins to rotate significantly faster than the front. When the speed variance between the front and rear wheels grows large enough to indicate an imminent loss of traction, the system regulates torque application automatically by reducing fuel delivery to the engine. This ensures a seamless, unobtrusive modulation of power delivery in low-traction circumstances. The correct gear is also very important when riding a motorcycle. We’ve all seen the people that wear shorts and flip flops on a motorcycle, right? Those people are definitely not being safe. When on a

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Motorcycle Riders

Written By: A. Blanton

motorcycle you are sitting directly on top of the engine and exhaust system which get very hot very fast. Motorcycles offer very little protection in an accident situation; what a rider wears plays a huge part in protecting themselves. There is a reason you see a lot of bikers wearing leather gear. It is strong enough to protect your skin against the road surfaces. Plus, there are many other hazards that motorcycle riders are exposed too, like rocks, bugs, cigarette butts and much more. At 60 MPH getting hit by even a small rock or bug doesn’t feel very good. Of course now today, it’s not all about leather anymore. There are many different companies out there that make motorcycle gear out of other sturdy materials that can keep you cooler in hot temperatures, and warmer in cool temperatures, and still protect your body. Most of this new gear is made up of a lightweight, Breathable material, such as Kevlar, but have very heavy duty armor panels in key places like along your spine, down your torso, and on your shoulders and elbows. The correct shoes can also be very important to a rider. To shift gears on most motorcycle’s you lift up with your toes. So open toed shoes can become painful very fast. The shoes you wear will be the only protection your feet have while riding. So I suggest you look for something with a rugged sole, something with good ankle support, and of course something that will be both comfortable and durable. You always want to avoid distractions when riding. We all know distracted driving is a bad idea, it’s even worse when you’re riding a motorcycle. You always want to stay aware of your surroundings; understand that motorcycles are a lot harder to see than a car, especially the people that are driving large trucks and SUV’s. Just because you see a vehicle, doesn’t mean that they see you. So, always be prepared to react to any situations that gets put in front of you. For me one of the most important things you can do to stay safe when riding is wear a helmet, not just any helmet, the RIGHT kind of helmet. Helmets are the only thing that protects your head when riding. But you definitely don’t want just any helmet. You need to look for a helmet that has been approved by the department of transportation. It will have a sticker or a tag on it that says DOT approved. Those helmets have been tested and approved to be effective by the department of transportation. You also always want to make sure your helmet fits you properly. It can’t be too tight, or too loose, and should not obstruct your vision at all. It also should cover most of your head. There are many different types of helmets that are DOT approved, you just have to find the one that fits you and is comfortable. Riding a motorcycle is a skill, and like all skills it is something that you need to develop. You may be fine to take a little cruise on your motorcycle around the town, but it takes time to develop the skills to consider yourself an expert rider. To stay safe, you always want to ride within your skill set. It doesn’t make you cool because you can ride fast, or weave in and out of traffic, or do a wheelie. You need to take plenty of time to build your riding skills and only ride in situations where you know your skills are up to the job. If you want to challenge yourself, which is a good way to grow your skills, you need to do it in a safe controlled way. Many motorcycle dealers offer advanced riding courses where you can practice much more advanced maneuvers. So remember always have the right gear for you, the right motorcycle for you, and always ride safe and have fun. www.FullThrottle-Magazine.com

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fs Ha r le y - Da v i d How’s it going Full Throttle readers! Keigan here again. I hope

everyone had a good month and you’re looking forward to the very fast approaching riding season. As the season creeps closer and closer maybe some of you are looking to add a new motorcycle to your collection, or you’re looking to upgrade to one of the new models Harley Davidson released this year. I know I’m very excited about the release of Harleys Davidson’s new ST line. And that’s what this month’s article is about. Let’s waste no time as I’m genuinely excited to introduce you all to the brand-new Harley Davidson Sport Touring line. On January 26th Harley Davidson held their new model launch event and this year they delivered a line of motorcycles the new generation has been yearning for, and that’s a performancebased motorcycle that allows you the normal comforts of a touring motorcycle. These bikes are the perfect start to an individual that is looking to build their own performance Harley Davidson. They are jam packed with new features and an upgraded power plant that is going to have any adrenaline junky wanting more. There are 3 motorcycles in this model class, Road Glide ST, Street Glide ST and the Lowrider ST. All of the ST models come in 2 color ways, Vivid Black and the extremely popular Gunship Grey. Both color ways are accompanied with black and bronze accents and the bronze wheels really set these models apart from the rest. Another feature you will see on all ST models is the 117 engine which comes from the factory with 106HP with 127ft-lbs of torque in the Road Glide and Street Glide models and 103hp with 125ft-lbs of torque on the Lowrider ST. With those numbers I think it’s got everyone wanting one. The Road Glide and Street Glide models are packed full of new options that any aggressive rider is going to love. Both models come with a shortened, sport front fender to really display the incredible bronze prodigy wheels Harley went with on these models. They also have switched the seat to an aggressive solo seat that really locks the rider into these bikes, and gives them the confidence they need when ripping canyons or back country roads. For the sport touring models Harley decided to go with non-stretched saddle bags. This is going to give the rider more lean angle and really let them power through the corners without scrapping their saddlebags. These ST models offer a stripped-down look with a low-profile engine guard and tank dash. For the Road Glide and Street glide ST Models, Harley took away that big bulky dash and center fuel cap and went with a single side fuel cap and low-profile dash. Lastly both of these models come from the factory with day maker headlights.

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sf s o n ST Mode ls

Written By Keigan Borgmann

The newest model in the ST line comes to us with inspiration from our beloved FXR’s. For the past couple years, the performance Harley scene has been taking inspiration from the FXRT’s from back in the day and putting a modern twist on them. It was only a matter of time before Harley Davidson did the same thing, and that’s where we get the brand-new Lowrider ST. The Lowrider ST platform is the Softail Lowrider S which was already a heavy hitter in the industry. From that platform they added some cosmetic features and added the 177-power train and made this bike the beast it is. Cosmetic wise they added hard saddlebags from the Softail Sport Glides and a newly engineered, frame mounted front fairing. One of the coolest features on the cosmetic side of the bike is the position of the saddlebags. Harley raised them 2 inches so they won’t interfere with the exhaust and also creates a larger lean angle for the rider. Moving to the front of the lowrider ST, Harley has gone with a digital gauge system that is built into the 4 inch pull back risers. When you pair the risers with the 1-inch moto bars Harley went with for this bike it gives it the aggressive look and riding stance todays riders are looking for. No spot has been left untouched on this new model including the suspension. The front is equipped with Harleys single cartridge internal technology responds quickly and keeps the front wheel planted to the road. For the rear Harley came out with a new Tall Mono Shock for this model. The tall mono shock is a half inch taller then the normal softail mono shock which allows the rider get down in the big corners. When you add this suspension combination to the bike it creates confidence and comfort for the rider especially in a corner. This model is going to be one of the best sellers this year as it has been highly anticipated model releases in a long time. That about wraps up the new ST models. Harley really hit it out of the park on this new line. They are going to give the customer an awesome platform to build off of and make their own. With Harley jumping on board one thing is certain and that it the performance scene is taking over the industry right now and its cool to see the bikes being built. If you have a new bike and you want to make it a one off, please do not hesitate to reach out to us here at the dealership and we can help you out. If you want to come by the shop and check out some of the awesome builds we have going on, stop on by and we’ll be happy to show you. As always, my door is open to anyone who has questions or wants to pick my brain on ideas or parts so get ahold of me at Keigan@stcharlesharleydavidson.com or at the dealership at 636-946-6487. Stay safe and always keep it rubber side down. www.FullThrottle-Magazine.com

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Parade.com www.FullThrottle-Magazine.com

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TRIKES TRI The popularity of trikes now-a-days is growing larger than ever as the motorcycle

industry keeps producing new cool styles of three-wheeled motorcycles. It’s not like it was years ago when old men and women couldn’t handle their two-wheeled motorcycle and had to resort to a three-wheeled motorcycle or no motorcycle at all. There are all kinds of different people riding trikes from the older men and women to the 16-year-old kid riding the Can-Am Spyder. Many years ago a lot of the veteran motorcycle riders looked down at the trike riders, they did not believe that a trike rider is a real rider. But I believe as more and more of these veteran riders get older they are starting to realize that the trike is going to keep them on the road’s riding longer. Everyone is going to get to the age and point of their life where it is just not safe to ride on two wheels anymore; and realizing they can’t handle a big heavy two-wheeled motorcycle. So, it’s either they ride a trike or they don’t ride at all. If it were my choice I would have to say ride a trike instead of not riding at all. The age of people who ride trikes now-a-days can vary greatly. From the older people who just can’t handle a heavy twowheeled motorcycle, to the disabled person who can’t ride on two wheels at all, to the younger generations that just like the threewheeled motorcycles such as the Can-Am Spyder or the Polaris Slingshots. There is also the rider that is new to motorcycles that just feel more comfortable on three wheels. Most of the older people that have trikes say they had no choice, its either ride a trike or not ride at all, most of them end up loving their trike. There is definitely a big difference in how a two-wheeled motorcycle and a three-wheeled motorcycle rides. Of course, there are some disadvantages and advantages to both. A trike is a lot bigger, and people feel they are more visible than a two-wheeled motorcycle. When riding a trike, it is more like a car or ATV. It handles a lot different than a two-wheeled motorcycle. There is no leaning or counter steering with a trike. You just point the front wheel in the direction you want to go and your off. You do not have to put your feet down when you are at a complete stop to hold the weight of the bike up and you do not have the fear of tipping the bike over or your passenger tipping the bike over. A lot of passengers on a motorcycle don’t realize how hard it is on the Page 20


IKES TRIKES person handling the motorcycle when they are moving around a lot, so a trike can be more beneficial to them because they can have a bit more freedom to look and move around, get comfortable and/or take pictures without the fear of them tipping the bike over and falling into the middle of the road. You also can take a trike down dirt or gravel road without having any concern of the rear wheel sliding out from underneath you. A twowheeled motorcycles can get a little tricky on the dirt or gravel. Also stop and go traffic can be a pain on a twowheeled motorcycle. But not on a trike, you don’t have to put your feet down when you stop, you can sit back and relax and enjoy the fresh air. Those are just a few of what many people would say are the advantages of a trike. But of course there are also some disadvantages of riding a trike over a two wheeled motorcycle. A trike gets poorer gas mileage than a two-wheeled motorcycle. Trikes also do not maneuver as well on winding back roads, which a lot of two-wheeled motorcycle riders love to take. They love to hit those big corners real fast and tight. Of course, you can still take a trike on the back roads, you just want to be a little more careful on the big twist and turns. A lot of new trike owner’s that just came off a two-wheeled motorcycle have a difficult time remembering the rear end on their new trike is a lot wider than the front. This can be a problem; you don’t want to take out the center island at the gas station, that’s never fun. In the past 5 years’ dealerships on average, have recorded that their sales on trikes have more than doubled. There are many different types of trikes that can be appealing to anyone. I have noticed that the Can-Am Spyders and the Polaris Slingshots are gaining more and more popularity. They are a lot different from the traditional trikes because they have two-wheels in the front instead of the back. But take it from me they are a blast to ride. Unlike a trike with two-wheels in the back, they are great on the back winding roads, they take corners great, and they can be very fast. If you are used to riding a two-wheeled motorcycle, a trike is definitely going to take some getting used to. But I believe once the rider gets use to the trike, they will like it just as much as their two-wheeled motorcycle, and have just as much fun taking those long rides around town. www.FullThrottle-Magazine.com

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