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March 2021

Titling a Rebuild or Restoration In Missouri Page 6-8

Getting Your Bike Ready For The Riding Season Page 14-15

Suspension Full Throttle Magazine March Issue 2021

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T a ble o f C on ten t Page 6-8: Titling a Rebuild or Restoration in Missouri Page 12: Crack Up’s Page 14-15: Getting Your Bike Ready

For The Riding Season.

Page: 20-21: Suspension Page 25: Gaslight Garage Page: 26-27: Love For Rats and Rust


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As winter draws closer to ending, I'm writing this and watching it snow like a bitch right now. I, for one, am not a fan of the cold and certainly have a no use for snow. I have yet to find any use for snow other than it look neat for about an hour and then I'm well beyond finding it cool. Just felt the need to voice that. This year has started off slow in regards to people talking about events for the season and what will be going on. Our list of events are pretty small and and I hoping, as we plow throw this Pandemic or PlannedDemic as some of us think, the plans for events will begin to flourish and we can start to get back to our normal riding life. I miss the groups of bikers at Bike Night and all the events at the dealers that make riding fun. I am beginning talks to try and get the Historic Route 66 Bike Nights on Wednesday evening fired up again. I would love to see them back in place by mid April and my hopes, that this will happen, are good. I would love to hear everyone's thoughts on being a part of the Wednesday evening Bike Nights again. We all know that during bike nights social distance is something that is not always adhered to but does that bother you? Please drop an email with you thoughts on Bike Nights in mid April and would you participate or not? You can contact get me at my personal email, publisher@fullthrottle-magazine. com. I look forward to your suggestions and comments. The 2021 Lake of the Ozarks Bikefest plans are in full swing. The lake area hotels are already getting room reservations booked for the event. Just like last year, we anticipate a huge turnout for the 15th annual Lake of the Ozark Bikefest. As always, there will be hundreds of bars and restaurant's to enjoy food, drinks and live entertainment and miles and miles of Ozark backroads for those scenic rides. I encourage you to book your reservations early for the best rooms and the best rates. Dates for this years event are Wednesday, September 15th through Sunday September 19th. This is one of the largest bike rallies in the Midwest so don't miss out on the fun and great riding. Hope to see you all there As always, ride safe my friends and see you on the road with Full Throttle Magazine.ww Bob


inter will be over soon and that tricked out piece of steel you’ve been getting ready for cruising will be finished and ready to get legally titled. Sure you can go to the Missouri DMV office and see how to title your ride, but there are some things you aren’t informed of up front when it comes to getting a title for a rebuild, specially created, modification, or restoration. The process in Missouri is a lot different than for one in its original manufacture’s condition compared to when reconstructed with new components. First let’s understand what qualifies under this category for different procedures: Rebuilt Motor Vehicle Reconstructed Motor Vehicle Motor Change Vehicle Specially Constructed Motor Vehicle Replica Motor Vehicle Non-USA-Std. Motor Vehicle These types mean that something was created or added on to change the appearance, style, or type of body; and/or operation of the vehicle. Anything of these specifics that isn’t originally provided or is an option from its manufacture is considered modified as custom. Just doing basic or standard repairs with brand new parts isn’t what is meant by this. These are the exact definitions per the state of Missouri to determine how your motor vehicle will be classified and titled. REBUILD MOTOR VEHICLE - A motor vehicle which has been repaired or restored to its original appearance and design by means of repaired sheet metal or by replacement of new or used major parts such as the bumper, hood, fender, grille, trunk lid, and doors of the same vehicle make, model, or description. The title will be issued for a rebuilt motor vehicle which conforms to this definition. The title will be branded “Prior Salvage”. RECONSTRUCTED MOTOR VEHICLE - A vehicle that is altered from its original construction by the addition or substitution of two or more new or used major component parts, excluding motor vehicles made from all new parts, and new multistage manufactured vehicles. The title will be branded “Prior Salvage” or “Reconstructed Motor Vehicle”. MOTOR CHANGED VEHICLE - A vehicle manufactured prior to August 1957, which receives a new, rebuilt, or used engine, and which used the number stamped on the original engine as the vehicle identification number. The title will be branded “Motor Change Vehicle”. SPECIALLY CONSTRUCTED MOTOR VEHICLE - A motor vehicle which has not been originally constructed under a distinctive name, make, model, or type by a manufacturer of motor vehicles. The term “Specially Constructed Motor Vehicle” includes glider kit vehicles. The Missouri certificate of title issued will be stamped “Specially Constructed Motor Vehicle”. REPLICA MOTOR VEHICLE - Effective January 1, 2005, the Department will issue a certificate of title with a

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“Replica” brand code to a motor vehicle that has been constructed or reconstructed to resemble a vehicle that is at least 25 years old. If the model year and make of the vehicle has not changed after the reconstruction, the title will not be branded as “Replica.” NON-USA-STD. MOTOR VEHICLE - A motor vehicle not originally manufactured in compliance with United States standards. The title will be branded “Non-USAStd. Motor Vehicle. The list of “Major Component Parts” and “Essential Component Parts” is under Mo Revised Statute 301.010, and is important to know exactly how what is being referred to as what so you’re not getting caught up in some BS during your filing process. It is never to be assumed anyone knows an elaborate definition of these outside of the law. So I’m giving them to you here. Better to be safe than sorry. MAJOR COMPONENT PARTS OF A MOTOR VEHICLE: 1.COWL- Sheet metal formed by severing the vehicle across the floor in the vicinity of the front seat, severing the windshield posts (not including removing the parts forward of the firewall). 2.REAR CLIP - The complete rear sheet metal assembly formed by severing the vehicle across the floor and either through the windshield post or through the rear window post. 3.FRAME - The steel basic structure which runs the entire length of the vehicle onto which the suspension parts are bolted to the lower side and the body is bolted to the top side. 4.BODY - The shell, either of a unibody or frame-type passenger vehicle, which consists of a one-piece, integrated sheet metal construction extending from the firewall back. The body includes a cowl but not a frontend assembly. It may or may not include an interior, doors, and deck lid. 5.CAB- The passenger compartment of a common truck. It is a one-piece sheet metal construction which may or may not include glass, instrumentation, steering column, and seat. 6.FRONT CLIP - All parts of the front end assembly plus complete cowl, and may include instrumentation and steering column. Requires cutting of floor and windshield post. 7.FRONT END ASSEMBLY - An entire unit consisting of that portion of the body from the firewall forward (i.e., hood, both fenders, inner skirt or fenders, radiator or core support, grille.) MAJOR COMPONENT PARTS OF A MOTORCYCLE: 1.FRAME- The basic skeletal structure onto which the major and essential component parts are secured for the construction and completion of the vehicle. ESSENTIAL COMPONENT PARTS: MOTOR VEHICLE - May include (but are not limited to) bumper, doors, fender, grille, hood, trunk lid, motor or transmission. MOTORCYCLE - May include (but are not limited to) driveline, fenders, gas tank, front fork assembly, motor, transmission or suspension parts. www.FullThrottle-Magazine.com

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You must have a notarized bill of sale and copy of the front and back of corresponding title for each part replaced. A copy of the title is not needed for a motor or transmission that is replaced on a vehicle or motorcycle since those are considered as “Essential Component Parts”. There is something that you will have to do if there is no current record in the DMV system for the VIN; even if the vehicle is clear as a bell and the cowl tags are in place. You need to get a Salvage Certificate of Title assigned to you. To do this you need a bill of sale indicating the purchase price of the vehicle, an application for Missouri Title and License (DOR Form -108) completed and signed, and finally you need to have an inspection performed by the Highway Patrol; (DOR Form -551) Vehicle Examination Certificate. The 551 Inspection cannot be done until the vehicle is actually running and drivable. You will not be granted title of ownership if it doesn’t pass. Word of warning -- you need to be prepared to have a file of documentation from where you got the shell to what store you bought a part from, down to the last bolt, if it didn’t come made with it. Worst case scenario if you have complications proving any piece of documentation is creditable, you would have to go through the hassle to file for a Declaratory Judgment with the county court you reside to plead your proof of ownership to a Judge. If the inspection reveals that a replacement VIN plate is required, you must submit an application for a new one with form DOR-5062 that is to be completed, signed, notarized and certified by an authorized law enforcement officer. It’s only $7.50 for the replacement plate, and a $2.50 processing fee. Also if the title is not a “conforming” title that meets federal odometer disclosure requirements, you have to attach a statement to the salvage title for a vehicle less than 10 years old.

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G Looking forward to seeing everyone for our 2021 season! Watch our Facebook page for details!


15-19, 2021

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Written by Robert Blanton

Getting Your Bike Re


ith spring just around the corner I know your itching to ride! But let’s not hit the road until you make sure your bike is safe and as ready to ride as you are. Here’s a quick list of 6 points to be sure and check before taking your first ride this spring. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Fuel: The reason not to use old fuel. Battery: No matter whether it’s lead acid or lithium, give it a charge. Tires: Are they going to make through the entire season? Oil & Filter: Changing them both now is a great idea and ideal time. Those Sometimes Forgotten Fluids: Check the brake fluid and coolant. (if you have coolant) The Clean-Up: This is a great time to completely detail your bike. Wash, dry and wax your bike.


Remember that old stale gasoline in a stored bike can cause several issues for you this spring. Gasoline deteriorates rapidly and the more combustible elements of gas will have already started to evaporate which can cause your bike to run rough or possibly not run at all. Gasoline can also begin to create varnish while it sits for long periods of time in your tank. This is truly a problem because your bike can develop clogs in the fuel lines, filters and your jets or injectors. Another problem with old gas is it can develop moisture in the tank which will cause a series of other problems. It is best to drain your old stale gas and refill with high octane fuel and check you tank while drained for gunk, sludge or rust. Now that we have fresh fuel we ready to move on with our spring checkup.


A common issue in the spring is a dead battery. The best way to avoid this is to use a battery tender (trickle charger) that will automatically turn itself on and off so your battery is not overcharged. But in the case you have not used one you should charge your battery to its proper level. If your battery does not take the charge obviously you will need to replace the battery for the season. Remember letting your battery drain will decrease the life of your battery each time that occurs and will require replacement sooner Page 14


ady for Riding Season: rather than later.


Tires are a very important part of your bike and should be checked on a regular basis. Always check for flat-spotting, proper air pressure and any wear. This is the best time to replace those worn or damaged tires prior to the riding season.

Oil & Filter:

It’s possible you changed your oil when you winterized your bike. If not it’s recommended that you change both your oil and filter to be ready to ride. Always change both the oil and filter at the same time. Check your owner’s manual for proper procedures.

Forgotten Fluids:

Realizing that your brake fluid is often neglected or forgotten you should check your owner’s manual for the correct DOT type of fluid required in your bike and top it off. Never mix two types of DOT fluid because they are not compatible. Also remember brake fluid is highly hygroscopic and has a high tendency to absorb moisture right out of the air, so never leave your brake fluid uncovered because this could lead to the contamination of the fluid. If your bike requires coolant, this is a time to check it and top it off.


Now that we have completed the first 5 steps we come to the point we all love. The Clean-Up. This is the perfect time to wash, dry and wax your bike. I would recommend the Cycle Care line of cleaning and polishing products. They are motorcycle specific products (meaning they are not car products repackaged for bikes) and they have a full range of cleaners, detailers and waxes. You can purchase their products at participating dealer in your area or online at www.cyclecare.com. Well, now that we have done our spring Check-Up we are ready to ride. Be safe all season long and we look forward to seeing you on the road with Full Throttle Magazine.


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Written By Keigan Borgmann


How’s it going Full Throttle readers? It’s Keigan here again. I want to start off by wishing everyone a happy new year. I hope everyone had a great first couple months of what is sure to be a better year than last! Last month we were all blessed with Harley releasing their new models and some pretty cool new parts to customize your bike with. Personally, I like the new chopped engine guard for the touring models, and the new saddle bag guards Harley released to give the newer models a more nostalgic look. With the release of all the new products and partnerships this year, Harley Davidson has shown us that they still know what’s going on in the motorcycle industry, and why they are still the top dog in the market. Harley has taken a couple steps forward in the area of suspension, and that is what I wanted to talk to you about today. Suspension keeps the rides soft or firm, and helps keep the bike stable and on the road in the big sweepers. We can make your bike as fast as you want us to, but if you can’t keep it on the road, then what good is all that power? In the area of suspension, there are a couple of big names that have brought some awesome products to the market for these motorcycles. Harley Davidson has a premium adjustable suspension out, and we can’t talk about suspension without mentioning Progressive and Legends. So, let’s get into what I consider the most important modification you can do to your motorcycle. Let’s start with the Harley Davidson Premium Ride Hand Adjustable Touring Shocks. These premium shocks are Harley’s top of the line performance suspension. They are offered in two sizes: a standard size and a lowered size. These shocks use a single tube, nitrogen charged design, that allows the rider to fine tune the suspension using a knob that is located behind the left-hand saddlebag. The premium shocks offer a more controlled, yet plush, ride with their enhanced compression and rebound damping, which helps to prevents bottoming out. On these shocks, Harley has opted to go with an increased piston size of 40mm in diameter with 14mm rods. This allows the shock to react quicker to impacts, and also keeps the tires tracking while preventing vibration throughout the frame. If you’re looking to go a step up from the Harley premium shocks, you can go to a Progressive shock. Progressive has a number of different shocks for you to choose from. From your moderate rider, to the somewhat aggressive rider, Progressive has you covered. One of my personal favorite shocks from the Progressive line are their 490 Sport Series Shocks. The 490 series combines cost and function. It’s a true sport shock with an unbelievable low price. The 490 sport shock features a high-pressure mono-tube with a deflective damping disc, which is coupled with a linear spring rate. What does that mean? It means that these shocks allow for a consistent and smooth feel through the damping stroke, and it gives them the ability to withstand high temperatures and heavy loads, all while keeping the ride safe and comfortable. These shocks are hand built and come with a lifetime warranty. If you have any questions on the Progressive line of shocks, reach out to me at the dealership, and I’ll get you answers. If you’ve tried the Progressive and found that you were out riding your suspension, or they just weren’t fitting your comfort needs, we can step you up to a set of Legends shocks. Legends offers a superior product with a life time warranty, and are hand built in the black hills of South Dakota. They come in a couple different spring rates and a number of sizes and finishes. Let’s start by taking a look at Legends top of the line system: The Legend Revo Arcs. The Revo Arcs are Legends top performing suspension. They offer adjustable rebound and compression damping. They come in a piggy back style for your Sportster and Dyna models, and in a remote reservoir for the Touring models. They are offered in 13” & 14” lengths, and standard & heavy-duty spring rates. These lengths of springs allow for a larger sweet spot for that ultimate ride comfort and performance. The 13” has a spring travel of 3.5” and the 14” shock has a spring travel of 4”. More spring travel means a better and smoother ride over all. They offer

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seven compression adjustments and seven rebound settings, which will allow you to customize the comfort and ride of the bike to you and your passenger’s liking. Legends come in a standard and heavy duty spring rate. Heavy duty spring rate is geared for the riders that ride with 550lbs, including luggage, 50% of the time. The Revo Arcs are going to come in three different finishes: black, gold and clear (silver). The next model in the Legends line up is their best-selling product, and they are the Legends Revo A’s. The Revo A is the perfect suspension for every rider. They are still offered in 12” (with 2.5” spring travel), 13” (with 3” of spring travel), and 14” (with 3.5” of spring travel) applications. One of the main differences in the Revo A’s and the Revo Arcs, is that the Revo A has compression control and six rebound settings, as the Arcs have seven compression and seven rebound settings. The Revo A’s are not a lesser shock by any means- they are just a different option to suit your wants and riding needs. If you are looking for a tailored shock ride and height, I would suggest the Revo A’s for you. Last, and certainly not least, is the standard Revo shocks. These are going to be your base line shocks for riders. There are no adjustment settings on them. They come from the factory with a rebound setting of three. The lengths and spring travel are the same as the Revo A’s, and are offered in all three colors as well. If you’re looking for an easy install with no adjustments required, the standard Revo shock is for you. Moving from the rear suspension, all of these options are going to be able to pair nicely with a drop-in cartridge kit. Progressive offers their mono tube line and Legends has their Axeo drop in cartridges. Both of these are going to be offered in a number of different ranges and heights to help compliment the rear ride height. Progressive Monotube line offers high performance components that replace the sloppy open bath damping found in the OEM forks. Their kits feature a gas charged monotube damper and a set of custom tuned forks springs for all applications. The result of these components is superior damping and ride control combined with tunable preload. These are going to be a significant upgrade from your stock Harley front suspension. They are offered in standard height and 1” lower spring heights. If you’re not looking for a complete performance monotube setup, and are just looking to lower the bike a little to help with comfort and style, Progressive offers a drop in lowering spring kit that allows you to pull up to 2” out of the front forks to give your bike the ride height and look your after. Legends Axeo drop in cartridges take the bike to the next level. Weather you’re running the stock wheel size, or you opted to go with a bigger front wheel, Legends Axeo has you covered. These drop-in cartridges come with dual damping rods, which allows you the stability to maneuver the bike as needed. These cartridges also have a spring retainer in them. What the spring retainer does is keeps the springs straight inside the forks. One of the best things about the Legend’s cartridge is that they have a nitrogen charge in the top of the dampeners. That allows the first couple inches of movement in the fork to give it a smooth and plush ride. As you start to get to the end of the spring travel, it will get a little more aggressive and stiffer. That means you will be able to glide over the smaller dumps, and be able to eat up the bigger sized bumps in the road with ease. The Axeo’s come in a standard height, a +2 height, (for more ground clearance when cornering) and a lowered height. They also come available for stock wheels, 21” wheels, and 23” wheel applications. Suspension is one of those upgrades a lot of people generally don’t think about, because it isn’t the sexy thing people look for on a bike. However, suspension is a key component that brings all the power and riding together. It keeps the tires planted on the road and holds the bike true in the corners. It gives you, the rider, confidence when riding long distances-- knowing that you are going to stay comfortable and be able to handle the bike on any road you travel. I want to thank you all for taking the time to read this article. I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it! Suspension is one of my favorite topics and I could go on & on all day long about the benefits a good system has to offer. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out to me at 636-946-6487, or email me at: Keigan@stcharlesharleydavidson.com. Come by the shop and check out some of the builds we having going on, along with all the awesome products we have in stock. As always, keep the rubber side down and have yourselves a good day. www.FullThrottle-Magazine.com

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