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Full Throttle Magazine MO/IL February Issue 2016

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Table of Content Page: 10-13 STL Motorcycle Show Page 18: Doc’s New Years Celebration Page 19: Crack Up’s Page 20-21: Use Your Head Page 22: Chic Chat Page 26-27: The Breakout Page 31: St Charles H-D Performance Seminar Page: 32-33: Natural VS Bolt On Page 34-35: Biography of Glenn Frey Page 38-40: Feature Bikes Page 42-45: Muscle Car Mania


Full Throttle Magazine 3910 Old Highway 94 Ste 114 St. Charles,MO 63304 636-244-1915 Robert Blanton Owner/Publisher Publisher@fullthrottle-magazine.com Cindy Blanton. Editor Editor@fullthrottle-magazine.com Contributing Writers Marshall Tucker, Zach White, Tami Aguilera Ashlea Schuster, Mark Karpinski of MotoExotica.com Special Guest Writer, Nancy Kerns Sales Staff Robert Blanton, Contributing Photographer Robert Blanton , Tami Aguilera, John Krick

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Hope everyone has a found a warm place to hide today. I am sitting here thinking it’s one of the coldest days of the winter so far and there are still 61 days until the official 1st day of spring. I can tell you that tomorrow would be good for me to be the first day of spring; why wait? There are so many great biking events in the works for the 2016 riding season and I am stoked that we are the major sponsor of so many of them. Since Cindy and I started the new Full Throttle Magazine we are extremely excited and proud of how the magazine has developed and grown. We have seen our reader base grow to great numbers and the support of so many advertisers have made us realize you folks really like what we are doing. We are planning some new things for the magazine this year and because of the support we have been given from all of you, we will be successful in our continuing efforts to improve and grow the magazine. We have had so many emails, calls and live chats from you the readers and advertisers. It’s exciting that you continue to tell us and show us that we are definitely the most sought after, most read and the most recognized Free Motorcycle Magazine in the Midwest. We certainly don’t want to stop our growth but rather continue to be the “Number 1” magazine so our doors are always open to your comments and opinions. Please continue to email us at publisher@fullthrottle-magazine.com with all of your comments and suggestions. As always, we will read and respond to everyone that is sent to us. So again, we thank you for our success, our growth, your loyalty and for making our magazines fly off the shelves every month. With the closing of Mile 277, the Weds night bike night will become a night that several locations will try to scramble and capture your loyalty. We are working on a few different ideas for bike nights this year and will keep you posted. One thing we have always thought is most riders bought a bike to ride. Correct?.. So what if there are more than one good bike night and a few great locations. Didn’t we just say we want to ride?? So let’s not think that we have to go to just one place, but maybe there will be a few places to travel to each bike night to make it is more fun and more entertaining. It’s a thought.. I will be posting more about bike nights soon on our Facebook, so keep an eye out for the info. I want to thank everyone who came down to the STL Motorcycle Show on Jan 8th & 9th and helped support the St Louis area so we have a bike show. This year provided more vendors, a bike show, stunt riders, Performance Exhibits and of course Full Throttle Magazine was there. We handed out over 2500 magazine and had the opportunity to talk to a lot of our reader and fans. I want to also thank all the vendors for coming out and making the show a fun place to visit that weekend. We are always pleased to be one of the sponsors of this show and hope Epic STL brings it back in 2017. As always my friends, Ride Safe and we will see you on the road with Full Throttle Magazine. Bob

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䴀椀猀猀 匀攀洀椀渀漀氀攀 䈀椀欀攀昀攀猀琀 䈀椀欀椀渀椀 䌀漀渀琀攀猀琀℀

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㈀⼀㈀㜀 ⴀ 䈀漀戀戀礀 昀爀椀猀猀 ⴀ 㐀瀀洀 琀漀 㜀瀀洀 ㈀⼀㈀㠀 ⴀ 䠀愀爀搀 搀爀椀瘀攀 ⴀ ㈀ 琀漀 㘀瀀洀

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Photos by John Krick

CRACK UP’S Your Stimulus Check

Sometime this year, we taxpayers will are scheduled to again receive another ‘Economic Stimulus’ payment. This is indeed a very exciting program, and I’ll explain it by using a Q & A format: Q. What is an ‘Economic Stimulus’ payment ? A. It is money that the federal government will send to taxpayers. Q.. Where will the government get this money ? A. From taxpayers. Q. So the government is giving me back my own money ? A. Only a smidgen of it. Q. What is the purpose of this payment ? A. The plan is for you to use the money to purchase a high-definition TV set, thus stimulating the economy. Q. But isn’t that stimulating the economy of China ? A. Shut up. Below is some helpful advice on how to best help the U.S. economy by spending your stimulus check wisely: * If you spend the stimulus money at Wal-Mart, the money will go to China or Sri Lanka . * If you spend it on gasoline, your money will go to the Arabs. * If you purchase a computer, it will go to India, Taiwan or China . * If you purchase fruit and vegetables, it will go to Mexico, Honduras and Guatemala . * If you buy an efficient car, it will go to Japan or Korea . * If you purchase useless stuff, it will go to Taiwan . * If you pay your credit cards off, or buy stock, it will go to management bonuses and they will hide it offshore. Instead, keep the money in America by: 1) Spending it at yard sales, or 2) Going to ball games, or 3) Spending it on prostitutes, or 4) Beer or 5) Tattoos. (These are the only American businesses still operating in the U.S. ) Conclusion:

Go to a ball game with a tattooed prostitute that you met at a yard sale and drink beer all day ! No need to thank me, I’m just glad I could be of help.

Redneck Birth

In the back woods of Kentucky, the redneck’s wife went into labor in the middle of the night, and the doctor was called out to assist in the delivery. Since there was no electricity, the doctor handed the father-to be a lantern and said, “Here, you hold this high so I can see what I’m doing.” Soon, a baby boy was brought into the world. “Whoa there,” said the doctor. “Don’t be in a rush to put the lantern down...I think there’s yet another one to come.” Sure enough, within minutes he had delivered a baby girl. “No, no, don’t be in a great hurry to be putting down that lantern...It seems there’s yet another one in there!” cried the doctor. The Redneck scratched his head in bewilderment, and asked the doctor, “Do you think it’s the light that’s attractin’ ‘em?”


Three women were about to be executed. One was a brunette, one a redhead, and the other a blonde. The guard brought the first woman, the brunette, forward and the executioner asked if she had any last requests. She said no, and the executioner shouted: “... Ready ... Aim ... !! and suddenly the brunette yelled, “EARTHQUAKE!”. Everyone was startled and looked around. She escaped. So they brought up the redhead and asked if she had any last requests. She said no, and the executioner shouted: “... Ready ... Aim ...!! and suddenly the redhead yelled “TORNADO!” Everyone was startled and looked around. She escaped. By now, the blonde had it all figured out. They brought her forward and the executioner asked if she had any last requests. She said no and the executioner shouted: “... Ready ... Aim ... !! and the blonde yelled, “FIRE!” www.FullThrottle-Magazine.com

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Use Your Head We love our family (hey, that’s you all!) here at Doc’s H-D, and we want to keep you coming back for years to come! Part of that is helping to keep you safe! With that in mind, let’s talk helmets! Every rider knows that helmets are a crucial part of the Riding Gear outfit for a Harley-Davidson owner, or any bike owner for that matter, but there are a few things that you may not know. So let’s get to it!

Helmets are more than just a way to express your style: they should actually do the job of protecting your skull! It is imperative that if you are going to wear a helmet (which you absolutely should), that it be a DOT sanctioned one. Novelty helmets just don’t DO THE JOB! What good is looking awesome if you are in a hospital bed the rest of your life? Don’t ruin your right to ride by getting a sub-par helmet. There are TONS of slick-looking DOT approved helmets out there for you to choose from, so you will be covered… literally and figuratively! Next, let’s discuss sizing and fit. FIT IS VITAL! That is Harley-Davidson’s stance on it, so take our word for it. If your helmet doesn’t fit correctly, it cannot do its job. If it is fitted correctly, it should sit one inch above your brows and won’t slide forward or side-to-side when on. Just like you would when trying on shoes, wear it for a few minutes to ensure the fit is correct and comfortable. If it is too tight or too lose, your helmet won’t help you much. Harley-Davidson says that roughly 15 minutes is enough time to know for sure whether or not the helmet will work for you. Let a professional help you! Our Motorclothes staff here at Doc’s is trained to pick the perfect fit for you, so let them assist you with your selection. It is very important that the future helmet wearer is present for the process; helmets are impossible to properly fit without a head to place them on! If you want to purchase a helmet as a gift, surprise them with a visit to the dealership! It’s a fun outing, too! Your helmet style will also vary on the riding that you will be doing. If you are riding cross-country or don’t like windburn, a full face (my personal fave) if probably your best bet. If you are riding around on the weekends to take in the nice weather or don’t like the feel of a helmet restricting you, a half helmet might be just what you are looking for. If you are unsure, ask us! We want to help you have the best riding experience possible! Helmet care is more than just finding a safe place to secure it to your bike. Most people know that you shouldn’t drop it, but do you know that a drop of just three feet or more is enough to warrant replacing it? Any drop at all is enough according to Harley-Davidson, and here’s why:

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helmets are designed for one impact only. They are one and done. The outer shell can be fractured or the lining can be compressed or cracked without you even knowing that it happened. If this does occur, the helmet will not do the job you purchased it to do when you need it most. Is it worth that gamble? Haven’t dropped your helmet lately? You should still replace them every three to five years, depending on frequency of wear. Harley-Davidson helps you track this by providing a “purchased on date” sticker that you can place under the comfort liner. Did you know that you should clean your helmet? Cleaning it actually helps it do its job to full capacity! Just use a gentle soap to wash the outer shell and inner lining, but avoid harsh cleaners or solvents, as they can cause severe damage to the protective coatings. Keep the helmet safe, folks, and it will help do the same for you! Need a new helmet? Come see us at Doc’s Harley-Davidson and our staff will be more than happy to get you on the road with the perfect one! We are located at 930 S. Kirkwood Rd., Kirkwood, MO 63122. Give us a call at 314.965.0166, check out our website at docsh-d.com or chat us up on Facebook! Stay safe out there!

Written By Ashlea Schuster

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c i Ch


Sorry Boys, No Men Allowed!

Grandma Rides A Road King and Finds Courage Along the Way

I came across this story and thought I would share it with you. This is such and inspirational story. This goes to show you that you are never to old to start living your dreams. Please enjoy.

Seven years ago I became a motorcycle granny. I decided to take up motorcycle riding a couple years after my divorce when I was looking for some adventure. I was stuck in a rut and needed a change.

The resolution to ride was not easy nor was it made with around Mount Rushmore. I learned to just relax and enjoy years of forethought and planning. Yet, it has dramatically the ride. My motorcycle offered me total freedom with my changed my life in ways I could never have imagined. knees in the breeze and wind in my hair. The easiest part of this decision was actually learning to ride a motorcycle. Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) classes are offered locally, where riders are instructed on proper riding technique on provided motorcycles. Confidence in your ability to handle a bike is continually stressed. This was key to my success as a rider; I needed to believe in myself. After a weekend of training, I received a motorcycle endorsement on my driver’s license. Believe me when I tell you that I heard all the negatives about riding from my kids and family. “Those things are dangerous.” “You’ll get yourself killed.” And, “Mom, you don’t need a bike!” The hardest part of the decision to ride was making the financial commitment it takes to pull off the dream. I needed a motorcycle of my own and all the safety gear, none of which is cheap! I purchased my first bike from an eBay auction, sight unseen — a 2006 Suzuki Boulevard, with all the trimmings. A quick trip to Omaha and $6,000 later she was mine. She was perfect, black and chrome, and she fit me to a tee. I joined a local motorcycle club as a full member and learned from more experienced riders and met new people with a similar passion. Your local club is a great source of support for new and less-experienced riders. After a few months of practice I rode with friends to the Black Hills of South Dakota. This was in June and we rode through all kinds of weather. I quickly learned the value of a good rain suit and heated gear. We rode to Sturgis and Montana, stopped at Devil’s Tower, and toured the area age 22 22 www www.F .Full ullT Throttle hrottle-M -Magazine agazine.com .com PPage

I found that I really enjoyed the long rides and traveling to interesting places with no real destination in mind. This type of riding required a bigger bike with more horsepower. So, I sold my Suzuki and purchased a new Harley-Davidson Road King. Now with the motorcycle of my dreams, I immediately began planning a trip to the east coast. This trip took place in July, and the temperature went into the hundreds. I traveled through a “blast furnace,” making regular stops for ice, which was stuffed into every part of my outfit. During one of these stops while pumping gas, I heard, “Hey, does your husband know you have his bike out of the garage?” Now picture me; hot, sunburned, sweaty, dirty, and bone tired. I looked over my shoulder to see a mid-fortyish, greasy, long-haired dimwit standing there, to which I instinctively replied, “You @#%!, this ain’t my ol’ man’s Harley!” Generally speaking, you meet the most interesting and friendly people on your travels. Unfortunately for him, I was not feeling friendly. I experienced several near-misses during this ride; you know, the ones that cause you to suck in your breath and use the brakes hard while praying your guardian angel is paying attention. By now, most of you probably think that I’m a bit crazy! My Road King (Big Blu) is always testing and daring me. My decision to become a biker granny may not have been the wisest in my life, but it has been one of the more courageous. As a rider, you must always be prepared and watchful, yet learn to relax and enjoy the ride.

By Shelly Fowler, Rolla, Missouri. Article sited by Womenridersnow.com

r u o Y k r a M s r a d n e l a C

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How’s it going Full Throttle readers, Zach White here from St. Charles Harley-Davidson to give you the latest and greatest info on what’s been going on around the shop. Hope your New Year has started off great for you all and looking forward to seeing you in the shop soon. This month I’d like to feature one of my favorite motorcycles that HarleyDavidson came out with in 2013, the Softail Breakout. When the curtains raised at the 2013 Dealer show my jaw dropped with excitement and my head started turning with ideas on how to make this bike stand out even more. With a long, low stance and styling that puts the emphasis on its major components, the Harley-Davidson Breakout is a no-nonsense power cruiser that embodies the spirit of motorcycling while trapping the trendiness. Let’s get started on what we have all done to this amazing 2016 HarleyDavidson Breakout. This is one of the first builds I have had the opportunity to help bring to life here at St. Charles Harley-Davidson for our showroom. If any of you were at the 2016 St. Louis Motorcycle Show, you most likely admired and/or sat on this amazingly sexy eye catching motorcycle we debuted for the first time. This build has been in my mind for a while now and thanks to the awesome team here at St. Charles Harley-Davidson we made that dream a reality! The new 2016 Softail Breakout comes with the powerful, high-output 103” motor that gives it the power it needs. To build some power and make this bike sound like a true Harley-Davidson we added a set of black Vance & Hines Short Shots, which opened up the rear wheel as well as they are short and stubby! When adding the aftermarket high flow exhaust we needed to get better air flow so we added the Performance Machine super gas air cleaner with the Paramount contrast cut face plate. This as you may have noticed, matches perfectly with the contrast cut inspiration of this bike. To give it some more fuel we also installed the Screamin’ Eagle Pro Super Tuner. Now I know your eyes are/were focused on what this bike was rolling on. So let me introduce to you, Full Throttle readers to the “VERY” first Harley-Davidson Softail Breakout in the Midwest to hit our showroom floor, the streets & your garage with a 23” front Performance Machine Platinum Contrast cut wheel with matching front rotor! To complete the look it has a matching 18” rear Performance Machine Platinum Contrast cut wheel. This includes a matching Paramount rotor and sprocket. The rubber we used is some very sticky and aggressive Metzler ME888 Marathon Ultra tires. We also had to put a new set of raked out triple trees to make sure it handled just as good as it looks! After a test ride in some slow moving turns this bike handles just as it would stock if not better! To add some final touches to the bike we installed a front cowl and a LED black day maker headlight so you can see just as good at night and be seen during the day! We added the Harley-Davidson burst collection Handgrips, foot peg, shifter peg & brake pedal pad. These go great with the contrast cut look of this bike from front to back. Some small items that you wouldn’t notice that really completes this bike are the black front and rear axle covers, along with the shor’tee upper belt guard in black that Harley-Davidson just came

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Written By Zach White

out with to show off the Sprocket and rear wheel. Last we tucked the Speedo behind the headlight cowl to give it flowing lines and lowered the rear end as close to the tire as we could but left enough for every day riding. This build has been so much fun and can’t thank our Master Technician, Kyle Brooks enough for bringing my & your dream bike to life. He had to do some other custom Fabrication to make it all come together and we couldn’t be happier. Looking forward to what’s new next month here at St. Charles Harley-Davidson. Come in and check out this bike and make it your own. Give me a call or come in and see me Zach White, to set up your personal consultation to make your dream bike a reality. Thanks again for taking the time to read this, looking forward to seeing you all in the shop. I’m here to make all your Harley-Davidson dreams come true!


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匀眀攀攀琀 䰀攀愀昀 䔀洀瀀漀爀椀甀洀 猀攀




䠀漀漀欀愀栀猀 䈀漀搀礀 䨀攀眀攀氀爀礀 倀椀渀猀 ☀ 倀愀琀挀

最 氀漀琀栀椀渀



匀琀椀挀欀攀爀猀 吀漀戀愀挀挀漀 䄀挀挀攀猀猀漀爀椀攀猀

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natuRal v Welcome back once again Full Throttle readers and riders!! First things first

get yer’ damn mind outta the gutter kids, we’re not talking about the northern parts of the female anatomy here. As nice as that would be, I’m here to chat about something that gets me just as riled as the lady bits do……POWER! For some of us out there on two wheels the rush of simply riding is not enough. There are a select few of us that live life by the throttle, not satisfied till the needle is buried, we are those who wish to launch from the stop light like a bullet fired from the barrel of a gun. We are referred to as; crazy, speed demons, lunatics, gear heads, throttle junkies, whatever the label, I’ll take it! Most of us reading this can agree there is nothing better than a solid punch from a V-twin air cooled motor as we leave from a dead stop! It’s an amazing rush that’s hard to describe. For those of us craving a little more from our Harley’s there are plenty of options out there to choose from. Simply changing the Air cleaner, exhaust, and adding the appropriate fuel management or jetting is a great way to add some much wanted power. This is generally referred to as a stage one. Then from there we have options like cams, heads, a bump in displacement, as well as all sorts of fine tuning that can be done to squeeze a bit more power from our beastly Harley’s. But as technology advances and times change, what really is the future of speed? When building a motor these days there are two schools of thought. The old school belief is as old as the motors themselves, “there is no replacement for displacement” on a naturally aspirated motor. These folks most likely owned a muscle car back in the day and loved the fact that, yes their car was fast, guzzled gas, got all the chics, was loud and obnoxious, and in the end spent more time in the driveway being fixed due to “non-stock applications”. Some of us have pushed the limits until it just became too much. Bigger pistons, a lumpy cam, head work and larger intakes all put added stress on the components of our V-twin air cooled motors. In the end big power can be gained with the careful application and proper tuning of displacement, cams, heads and any other performance upgrades working as one to produce the best power with your combination whatever that might be. Harley has many kits available to suit your displacement needs! Like the new 110” BOLT ON kit that allows all 2007 and later models to get the big displacement they have always wanted. But if you want to achieve numbers that will eat a CVO 110” for lunch? Come on in and check out

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vs bolt on

Article By Marshall Tucker

the 110” “tire Shredder” kit! Maybe building a designer motor to your personal specs is more your style? St Charles HarleyDavidson can help you with that no problem! Our parts and service experts here are backed by an amazing team of skilled technicians! So if its simple displacement you want? Yeah we can do that! Now let’s chat some new school applications. These days a different way of thinking has come about. This camp is comprised of younger faces who most likely use apple computers to desk tops, have the coolest and latest gadgets and have most likely seen Fast and the Furious a few times. We are seeing this movement in the automotive world become very common place. A movement that was considered so taboo 20 years ago. Enter the turbo charger! Most folks believe this is such a new idea or that turbo chargers only belong at the race track but we are seeing the main stream auto makers like Ford and Chevy embracing this technology as every day tech and it was only a matter of time before the crossover would make its way to the Harley world. One of the industry leaders in turbos right now is Trask Industry’s. Their product is amazing and looks sharp! How’s a turbo work you ask? Most folks believe this involves magic spells, unicorn droppings and Harry Potter’s wand to get one to work but really it’s very simple. The exhaust gasses enter the turbocharger that spins the compressor in the turbo that builds boost for the system. The exhaust gasses that were used to spin the compressor creates the compressed air a.k.a “boost” exits the turbo into the header connected to the rest of your exhaust. The compressed air travels from the turbo to the intercooler itself (which cools the air as it is recycling exhaust heat) and then travels through another section of piping right into the intake manifold of the engine completing the loop. When the throttle body is open the compressed air flows into the motor yet when you shut the throttle body the BOV (blow off valve) releases the built up air pressure to prevent the air from back flowing into the turbo and this is how turbo flutter is born! So there it’s simple! And If that was hard to understand just Ill dumb it down…. “How do turbos work agian?” My simple answer? “Science!!” Should you have any questions about performance upgrades from mild to wild contact us at the shop at 636-946-6487!! Thanks for stopping by and y’all enjoy the ride! www.FullThrottle-Magazine.com

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“I Know My LIfe Would Look Alright if I Could See it on the Glenn Frey, the multi-talented mastermind behind the Eagles and gifted solo artist in his own right, came into the world on November 6, 1948 in the Motor City - Detroit, Michigan. Growing up in Royal Oak, Michigan kept Glenn on his toes. As he stated, “I grew up running in Detroit! I went to school with the sons and daughters of automobile factory workers [who] would beat on me!” However, they didn’t beat up on him for long. Glenn got involved in sports, including a stint on the wrestling team, and held his own. He wasn’t just a jock, though; his sharp mind landed him in a class for the gifted early on in school. Outgoing, energetic, and handsome, he was popular with the guys and had a way with the girls. Overall, he considered his early days “pretty normal”: “My father was a machinist,” he recounted. “My parents weren’t drinkers. I always had clothes. I always went to camp for a week in the summer.” Yet Glenn’s interests did not lay on a “pretty normal” path. Detroit was a happenin’ place musically in the mid-60s, and Glenn was getting in on the action. He’d taken piano lessons - the bane of a boy’s existence, but it worked out for Glenn - and was teaching himself how to play the guitar, inspired in part by a Beatles concert to aim for the top of the rock heap. Like a lot of young guys, he started up a band while in high school (in his case, Dondero High School). His very first band was called the Disciples. Glenn called it just “three guys with acoustic guitars” and it didn’t last long. Next he formed the Hideouts, named after a local club (they later changed their name to The Subterraneans.) When Glenn decided to move the band away from the British covers they had been doing to a more Who-like sound, he made some personnel changes, and the result was The Mushrooms. It was this band which was the most successful around Detroit. They cut a single entitled “Such a Lovely Child” in 1966 with the B-side “Burned.” He wasn’t even old enough to legally drink, but he already had something on vinyl thanks to the local club’s label. In addition, the group appeared on a television show called Swinging Time. Rock musician Bob Seger, who produced and co-wrote the band’s single, was able to spot Glenn’s talent early on. In 1968, Glenn sung backup as well as added guitar to Seger’s album Ramblin’ Gamblin’ Man. Meanwhile, the Mushrooms had split. Glenn hopped from band to band, all the while making a half-hearted attempt at college. He had gotten into “the hippie thing,” as he called it, and joined a folk group called The Four of Us, but that didn’t last for long. He quit that and formed the Heavy Metal Kids with fellow Four of Us member and guitarist, Jeff Alborell. Still, Glenn was dissatisfied, and began looking to the West for a variety of reasons. Glenn joked that “the Lifemagazine articles about free love and free dope in California” made it look pretty appealing, and it didn’t hurt that a change of address would enable him to put off the draft notice he received in Michigan. He went west with Jeff as well as another member of the Heavy Metal Kids, guitarist Larry Welker, high on dreams of success and then a couple days later, high on some drugs he got in Mexico on the way. A girlfriend of Glenn’s had preceded him to L.A., and when he showed up in the city of angels, he had a nice warm bed waiting for him. His girlfriend’s sister happened to be dating John David Souther, and the two became fast friends. Soon they formed Longbranch Pennywhistle. They released a self-titled album together in 1969, which did not meet with much success (to put it mildly), but would be the beginning of a songwriting partnership that would be highly productive and successful in the coming years. Glenn also met Jackson Browne at this time, another man who would turn out to be a collaborator and friend. He and JD rented a house in Echo Park with Jackson (where Glenn would overhear the beginnings of Take It Easy). The guys started hanging out at the Troubadour, a club that was the favorite of a lot of up-and-coming rockers (and a lot of down-and-out wannabes, too). One of the more successful patrons, Linda Ronstadt, took a liking to Glenn and invited him to be a part of her touring band in 1971. It was also at the Troubadour that Glenn hooked up with Don Henley. Glenn invited Don to be a part of Linda’s touring band as well. Glenn wasn’t just picking Don to back up Linda, though. He had another agenda - forming his own band - and he had Don pegged as the guy he wanted to start it up with. At this point, Longbranch Pennywhistle was history. David Geffen had signed JD and Glenn to his record company, but not as a duo. He had split them up, made JD a solo act, and told Glenn he needed a band to be marketable. Meanwhile, Don’s group Shiloh was failing so badly that he was ready to give up and go back to Texas. It was at this low point when salvation arrived for Don in the form of Glenn Frey. Glenn approached him, befriended him, and let him in on his master plan, winning Don over completely. With the help of Ronstadt and her manager John Boylan, Glenn also was able to enlist Bernie Leadon and Randy Meisner, two other well-established, respected, and talented members of her backup band. Glenn showed up at Geffen’s door with his new group, soon to be dubbed the Eagles, and the rock’n’roll scene would never be the same. The Eagles became one of the biggest bands of the decade and one of the best-selling bands of all time. Beginning with their first selftitled album, they were putting out hits. It was recorded in England in two weeks with producer Glyn Johns. While Glenn clashed somewhat with his producer’s strict paternalistic approach which included a no-drugs policy and little regard for band member input,

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Silver Screen”: A Biography of Glenn Frey (1948-2016)

Article Written By Nancy Kerns www.glennfreyonline.com

Johns certainly forced them to use their time efficiently. Their second album, Desperado, was not as commercially successful as their debut. However, its sophisticated “concept” approach showed how Glenn’s musical ideas, along with Don’s, were evolving. Eventually, it received deserved recognition as a high quality piece of work. With their third album On the Border, they cemented their status as household names with the smash Frey/Henley/Souther hit “Best of My Love.” Glenn was well on his way to the stardom he’d dreamed of. In fact, this was a heady time for the Eagles in more ways than one. As the popularity of the band soared, so did the egos. Glenn and Don had by now firmly established themselves as the power brokers of the band, and when they decided to take the Eagles in a more rock-oriented direction, they added Don Felder and relegated Bernie to a minor role. Disgusted, he left in 1975 after the band completed its fourth album, One of These Nights, and was replaced by Joe Walsh. Glenn considered One of These Nights to be a “watershed” album in terms of his songwriting with Don Henley. At the time they were living together and very in sync. They’d hang out, have some beers, jam and talk and talk and jam, and out of it would come great music again and again. The Eagles reached their commercial peak with the tremendous success of Hotel California, another concept album, this time presenting the disillusionment that results when one has seen the darker side of fame. Additional pressures to sell more and more with the next album exacerbated tensions within the band. Randy was the next to quit in 1977, leaving Glenn and Don as the only remaining original members. He was replaced by fellow Poco alumnus Timothy B. Schmit. In the midst of all this success, the excesses had grown in tandem with the egos. As the seventies plowed on, the Eagles’ lifestyles became more and more dissolute. Glenn called their road entourage a “traveling party” complete with bathtubs of booze, groupies galore, and controlled substances out the wazoo - and the party didn’t stop once the tour ended. Whenever they wanted, the guys enjoyed all the women they had the stamina for and all the intoxicants they could get into their system before losing consciousness. At first, it seemed a bacchanalian fantasy come to life in a world that surpassed every Life magazine-fueled expectation, but it began to wear on the guys. The truth was that Glenn’s drug use had been escalating to alarming degrees (he finally got off of drugs for good in the mid-80s). It was time to start slowing down and making some changes. One of these changes occurred in 1978, when Glenn decided he wanted to settle down with Texas debutante Janie Beggs. As a result, he swore off the ferris wheel of women he had been riding all decade. With Janie’s privileged background and refined artistic tastes, it seemed like a case of opposites attracting. (They eventually married in 1983, but by 1986, opposites repelled and they wound up in divorce court. For many years, Glenn referred to her jokingly in concert as “Plaintiff” when introducing “Lyin’ Eyes”.) There were also changes occurring in his professional life. While the band had always had conflicts, things were coming to a head during the making of The Long Run. Tempers became shorter and shorter. People became more and more tired of each other. Power struggles became more and more pronounced. While these power struggles took place among all the members, not just Glenn and Don, the largely united front the two used to present was crumbling. Now, when they got together to write songs, it wasn’t about hanging out and having fun. It was about each one trying to prove something; it was about competition; it was about besting themselves and each other. Glenn later said that neither wanted to suggest anything for fear it wouldn’t be considered “brilliant,” and that it had become all business. Meanwhile, Felder was upset because his music wasn’t getting on the albums and he felt like nothing more than a glorified session player, underappreciated by Glenn and Don Henley. This discontent manifested itself not only in the studio but in such petty things as insuring he got as big a hotel room as everyone else on tour. Unhappiness with Glenn and Don Henley even spread to Joe; as early as 1977, he discussed forming a new band with Randy and Felder (when Randy quit, he found out that this plan was nothing more than talk, to his bitter disappointment). Only late arrival Timothy Schmit seemed outside it all, expressing that he felt only sadness at all the conflict he was plunged into when he replaced Randy. Glenn tried to keep it together for a time. He was the ultimate decision-maker, and as such had an additional responsibility to keep things running smoothly. Indeed, Glenn talked of “subordinating” himself to help soothe egos and facilitate productivity, all to no avail. It became too much. As Glenn expressed it, “I’d just start getting up in the morning and it was just like school. I didn’t want to www.FullThrottle-Magazine.com

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get up, dreading to go.” As the angst-ridden recording sessions for The Long Run dragged on and on, what had once been rewarding and fulfilling was becoming a painful drudgery done mostly out of a sense of obligation. He began to wonder if this was really how he wanted to spend all of his energy and creativity. The Eagles could go on for years and years, but did he want years and years of looking at his work like a tiresome chore? How long could it be before all the joy was sucked out of it completely? A solo career was starting to look very tempting, to say the least. Glenn had already half-way decided to leave the Eagles, but it was a difficult benefit gig for California Senator Alan Cranston on July 31, 1980 that finally pushed him over the edge. The hostility that had lately been seething below the surface and behind the scenes reared its ugly head for all to see when Felder publicly expressed disinterest in Cranston at a press conference for the show. Furious, Glenn confronted Felder before the band took the stage, and the two spent the entire concert exchanging threats. As Glenn tells it, “So now we’re on stage, and Felder looks back at me and says, ‘Only three more songs ‘til I kick your ass, pal.’ And I’m saying, ‘Great. I can’t wait.’ We’re out there singing ‘Best of My Love,’ but inside both of us are thinking, ‘As soon as this is over, I’m gonna kill him.’” Sure enough, it erupted into a physical confrontation between Glenn and Don Felder afterwards, and it was then Glenn decided that he “had to get out.” A short while later, he called up Don Henley and told him that he needed to go his own way. While Don was devastated - he hadn’t expected it to end so unceremoniously and abruptly with nothing more than a polite phone call - he had no wish to continue the band without its co-founder and leader. While Glenn never actually came out and said so on the phone that day, it was understood that the Eagles were kaput. Once Glenn went out on his own, he began working closely with Jack Tempchin, co-writer of the Eagles hits “Already Gone” and “Peaceful Easy Feeling.” Glenn soon released his first solo album, No Fun Aloud, in 1982, and it was evident that the joy in his work had returned. The hits “The One You Love” and “I Found Somebody” established him as a solo artist, and his star rose further with “Smuggler’s Blues” in 1984. That song attracted the attention of the writers for the hot series Miami Vice, who enlisted Glenn to play a role as a pilot for smugglers on their series. It was at this point Glenn became much more visible in the public eye as a solo name. His two most recognizable and popular songs, “The Heat Is On” and “You Belong to the City,” were released around this time. Movie and television producers recognized that Glenn had a natural aptitude for acting and began approaching him to appear in their projects. He had a starring role in Let’s Get Harry and he appeared in an extended story arc onWiseguy. He even starred in his own TV show called South of Sunset in 1993. Unfortunately, that show never got off the ground, and Glenn lost interest in acting, although he would continue to pop up every few years or so in supporting roles. Instead, he concentrated on his first love, music, which in truth he had never left. He’d released Soul Searchin’ in 1988 which produced the top 40 hit “True Love”, although he did not tour for it due to health problems (with the exception of some guest appearances with the Little River Band in Australia). Additionally, he put out Strange Weather and an accompanying video and live album in the early 90s. Widely considered Glenn’s most sophisticated album and incontrovertibly his most topical, Strange Weather’s strong material was nevertheless buried underneath the flannel of then-trendy grunge groups. Unlike many of those groups, however, the quality of Glenn’s album still holds up today. The late 80s and early 90s saw some major life changes for Glenn. One of these was Glenn’s new dedication to fitness. In 1986, Glenn was struck down with diverticulitis to such a degree that he had to be hospitalized. It scared the crap out of him, literally. He decided to clean up his act - he swore off drugs and started working out. The drastic change showed and when it came time to promoteSoul Searchin’, he had a firm body and muscle definition to boot. Due to this and his song Livin’ Right, he was even approached by a gym to do ads. Livin’ Right also garnered him something far more valuable, though. While filming the video, he met a dancer named Cindy. After a two-year courtship, they married in 1990 and had their first child, a daughter named Taylor, in 1991. Within a couple of years they had a son, Deacon, as well. About ten years later, Glenn became a daddy a third time with a second son named Otis. His new family gave Glenn a new outlook on life. Therefore, it is unsurprising that these life changes accompanied other changes in attitude. While initially adamant that the Eagles were through for good in 1980, by 1990, Glenn was starting to soften towards the idea of a reunion. He told his manager, Irving Azoff, that “anything was possible” in the nineties. However, he was still skittish about it. An initial attempt in 1990 was called off after Glenn became impatient with all the scheduling issues and personal problems amongst his bandmates, deciding it wasn’t worth the grief. He was happy in domestic life and felt no urgent need to get back into that grind. Still, that wasn’t the end of the reunion rumblings. When Glenn and Joe Walsh went on the road together in 1993 as the Party of Two, speculation continued, but the tour ended without any reunion in sight. It wasn’t until 1994 that Glenn finally agreed to “resume” the Eagles with Hell Freezes Over. His change of heart occurred after he had a positive experience with the band when they got together to appear in Travis Tritt’s video for his cover of Take It Easy. As the group jammed together, joking around and having a good time, Glenn realized that the rewards from a reunion could be more than monetary. Maybe it could actually be FUN. As a result, he gave the project the green light. Glenn never imagined what a commercial phenomenon Hell Freezes Over would become, however. The massive success of that album, TV special, video, and tour showed everyone that the Eagles still held incredible appeal and hadn’t lost their edge over the 14 year “break.” In fact, they sounded better than ever, more sober and focused than they were in the seventies. While the tour had to be stopped temporarily due to Glenn being

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afflicted once again by diverticulitis and having to get part of his intestine removed, he got back in the game like a trooper as soon as he recuperated and finished the job. After that tour ended in 1996, Glenn put his solo work on the backburner for a while even though there were no immediate plans to continue with the Eagles. He didn’t disappear, though. He did a bit more acting, appearing as Arizona Cardinal owner Dennis Wilburn inJerry Maguire later that year and on Nash Bridges in 1997. In 1998, he became involved in the business end of the music scene. With the late Peter Lopez, an attorney, he formed the record company Mission Records. He participated in benefits such as Tiger Woods’ charity concert “Tiger Jam” in 1998 with the Eagles, and then as a solo act for the next two years. The late 90s also saw the Eagles get inducted into the Hall of Fame (1998) and be named the Artists of the Century by the Recording Association of America (1999). Their album Greatest Hits: 1971-1975 was documented as being the best-selling album in music history. Not too shabby. The Rock’n’Roll Hall of Fame induction was a rewarding experience that featured the first and only time all seven current and former members of the Eagles played onstage together. Those landmark performances of Take It Easy and Hotel California were not to be the last that was heard from the Eagles, though. A little over a year later, Glenn once again joined the then-current Eagles (Don Felder, Joe Walsh, Timothy Schmit, and Don Henley) onstage for concerts to celebrate the millennium in Los Angeles. The Eagles line-up was to change once more not long after those performances; Don Felder got the boot. Glenn and Don Henley thought Felder was destructive to the band rather than an asset to it, and they were tired of his constant negativity. His firing led to an acrimonious lawsuit. In 2006, a settlement was agreed to, although a few bumps in the road still remained. Glenn decided not to hire a replacement, choosing to use a backup musician (Steuart Smith) to fill out the sound in concert and recording with the band as a foursome in the studio. As that foursome, the Eagles continued to tour all over the world as part of a “Millennium Tour” in 2000-2001. Then, after a couple of years off, they began the “Farewell I” tour in 2003, which also produced a DVD. That tour morphed into the “California tour” of 2005 where they amazingly continued to sell out show after show in the golden state area, able to rake in the money without traveling further than Las Vegas (besides a brief jaunt to Hawaii for a few concerts and some fun in the sun, no doubt). For a time, it seemed that might be the end, as Glenn spoke of the appropriateness of finishing out in California where they started. However, Eagles fans the world over were relieved to hear that the final curtain had not yet fallen on their favorite band. After a short break in early 2006, the Eagles continued touring. Glenn also did several solo shows in July 2006 despite the fact that throughout the rest of that year and into 2007, he and the Eagles continued working on completing their first new studio album in over 25 years:Long Road Out of Eden. A double album, it certainly gave the fans their money’s worth. The album debuted at #1 and showed the Eagles were still at the top of the game. Critics also recognized its worth when they awarded the instrumental Glenn penned entitled “I Dreamed There Was No War” the accolade of “Best Pop Instrumental Performance.” The Eagles toured behind the album, off and on, for several years. In the midst of this, Glenn still managed to put together his first solo album since the nineties entitled After Hours (2011). In addition to the original title track, it contained covers of several songs from past years. Glenn stated it was for his parents, as many of the songs on it were favorites of theirs and from an earlier era. His brief tour behind the album included stops not only in the United States but also Australia. Not standing idle for long, the Eagles released a biography of the band entitled the History of the Eagles in 2013. They mounted a mammoth worldwide tour to promote it, even including Bernie Leadon in the shows. The band chemistry seemed better than ever. The tour finally ended in the summer of 2015. That same year, the Eagles received the highly prestigious honor of the Kennedy Center Awards. But Glenn wasn’t the kind of guy who was just about his career. He was dedicated to his family. In his words, “My first commitment is to them.” He’d also developed quite a fondness for golf, a game at which he excelled. He even golfed in celebrity and pro-am tournaments for several years. Additionally, he participated in benefit tournaments to raise money for causes such as leukemia research and treatment, as well as the prevention and treatment of child abuse. Other charitable interests include the Aspen Youth Experience, which gives inner-city youths a chance to get out in the mountains, and the Children’s Christian Fund. Glenn was always drawn the most towards children’s charities. He didn’t make a big show about giving to causes, but he was generous and caring. In November of 2015, Glenn once again underwent surgery for the intestinal problems that had plagued him since the eighties. This time, however,his recovery was complicated by the medications he took to fight his rheumatoid arthirtis. They weakened his ability to fight off the pneumonia that occurred as a side effect. On top of his acute ulceritive colitis, it was just too much for his body to take. He passed away on January 18, 2016. He left behind him a legacy that will never be forgotten, and he will live on in the many hearts he has touched. God bless you, Glenn Frey. You made the world a better place. Thank you. www.FullThrottle-Magazine.com

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Photo’s by Tami Aguilera

Photo’s by Tami Aguilera

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he Hot Rod you see before you is not just any custom Hot Rod. This 1929 Ford 5-Window is a certified, Boyd Coddington build that was one of the last cars ever to be produced out of the Boyd Coddington shop in California. The owner of this car is none other then Scotty Grey. Scotty was a common face, seen on Boyd’s hit TV series American Rodder, purchasing many of his customs. They had a long standing friendship that was brought together by these amazing machines. Scotty has owned a string of well-known vehicles that, taken individually, would be the focal point of anybody’s garage but, taken en masse, it’s almost unbelievable. Over the years the result of the wheeling and dealing between Scotty Grey and Boyd Coddington produced several cars. One such transaction involved a ’32 Ford woodie Scotty wanted but, as it worked out, he was offered the Aluma Tub instead (the all-aluminum ’29 tub built for the American Rodder TV show and featured in the August 2004 issue of STREET RODDER), a deal Scotty took.Though some might be able to remember back to 1992 when Coddington had built the Aluma Coupe (the scissor-door, egg-shaped, yellow pearl, Mitsubishi-powered hot rod); 10 years later Boyd was well into another phase of aluminum-bodied cars. Around the same time the Aluma Tub was built, two other ’29-based vehicles were being assembled with similar, but unique, suspension pieces: the Aluma Truck and a Model A coupe.The truck made its debut in the Dec. ’02 issue of STREET RODDER, but the little Model A coupe was never completed by Coddington due to his untimely death. Scotty Grey owned the car and turned it over to Ohio-based hot rod wizard Jeff Eischen to work his own particular brand of magic on it. Already familiar with Eischen’s work, Scotty has owned multiple hot rods by Eischen including his first hot rod he ever made. Scotty naturally felt he could finish this project. But, well before Eischen got involved this car had its own history. The chassis was built by Al Simon at Coddington’s using hand-formed rails and tubular cross members on a wheelbase of 104 inches. A Winters quick-change was used out back while a unique torsion bar system with aluminum radius rods utilized up front. Wilwood discs are on each corner, as are Coddingtoncarved 15×7 spindle mount wheels in the front and 17×10 pin-drive wheels in the rear. The body started life as a 1929 Ford Model A five-window but, after a visit to Marcel’s Custom Metal in Corona, California, the coupe was chopped, its roof filled, aluminum three-piece hood put in place, and the doors not only made to open suicide-style but close flush fit. Roughed together with the suspension in place and most of the bodywork done, the car then sat for a few years.Mulling over whether to sell it or finish it, Scotty eventually called Eischen

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about finishing the car. Eischen went on to make whatever he didn’t have and assembled the car in the manner of his other vehicles: simple and stylish with a high degree of fabrication and design. He made a grille out of stainless steel tubing and screen, and shaped his own engine mounts and steering shaft supports. A hole in the one-piece hood was made so the top of the air cleaner would fit flush, but a metal ring needed to be made to not only stiffen the edge but as an accent, too. Eischen fabbed the radiator grille out of stainless. And as an example of Eischen precision work, that’s not a grille on top of the hood, it’s the top of the air cleaner, perfectly fit and flushmounted. Ron Mullins, based in Galloway, Ohio, got the car from Eischen so he could do the required bodywork before spraying the entire car with Dupont two-stage black paint. Once the color was on, the rod went to Southwest Auto Upholstery where a pebble patterned pleather was used to cover the door panels and a pair of Porsche 9146 seats. Dyanmat insulation then went in before the gray square-weave carpet was laid out.Back at Eischen’s the final assembly began with the wiring of the car with a kit from Centec and the installation of a set of StewartWarner gauges into an aluminum gauge panel made by CCM Rod Shop (an 8,000-rpm tach sits above the trans tunnel in its own bucket). The rest of the ’32 Ford dash was left alone, and a Lobeck steering wheel sits atop a column made by Eischen. The engine is a standard 350 Vortec to which Eischen added an electric water pump and stainless steel plumbing. A SPAL electric fan moves the water in the aluminum radiator, and an East Coast Auto Electric a 50-amp alternator provides the juice for the electrical. Spark comes via a Joe Hunt magneto and MSD wires while exhaust is drawn out Doug’s Headers and through 2-inch stainless steel tubing and a pair of Stainless Works mufflers. But when you pop the hood, the first thing you see are the trio of Barry Grant 98s and the finned aluminum Hildebrandt valve covers. The motor is backed up to a Total Cost Involved TH350, which uses a Lokar shifter for gear selection. This car had a full write up in the August, 2011 issue of “Street Rodder” magazine. You can also see many articles about this car online. In the Street Rodder article, Scotty is quoted saying that “he is never going to sell this car”. Well, never say never. The car is for sale along with two other of Scotty Grey’s prized Hot Rods that we are having the pleasure to sell for him. This particular car has never been shown and has only 77 miles on the odometer. Within the last year, the car had a custom flame job applied by the world famous Dennis Ricklif. www.FullThrottle-Magazine.com

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Photos Courtesy of MotoExotica.com

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