Changing Lives In Our City of Angels (Fiscal Year 2013-14)

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CH A NG IN G L IV E S IN O U R C I T Y O F AN G E L S annual report 2013 – 2014


I am a native Angeleno and LOVE living in Los Angeles. I love the beaches, the Dodgers, Pink’s and Tommy’s, and so much more. I must admit that driving our freeways, and navigating our urban core, can sometimes lead to feelings of disconnectedness, but when I get out of my car and actually engage with my fellow Angelenos, I am reminded that we are not just a city of concrete, we are more aptly characterized as a city of people – a very diverse group of people – with significant challenges, but incredible potential. In this report, “Changing Lives in Our City of Angels,” we take a look at how the Fulfillment Fund made significant impacts on Los Angeles students in 2014. You’ll meet some of our staff and mentors, and you’ll meet students like Christerbell, Kevin and Gloria whose lives they helped change. I am proud to say we served more than 2,500 of our city’s middle school and high school students and 300 college scholars. We provided a comprehensive array of college access and post-secondary support services including classroom instruction, one-on-one college and financial aid counseling, mentoring, college trips, scholarships and the city’s best college fair going, Destination College. At the Fulfillment Fund, we are optimists. We focus on what we can do, not what we can’t. We channel our energies into building relationships and illuminating opportunities for students, one student at a time. We connect people and create relationships across Los Angeles, building community every step of the way. In my work at the Fulfillment Fund, I am inspired every day by the spirit of our students and parents and the spirit of the people investing their time and money in our collective future. This is the spirit of hope and optimism that characterizes the Fulfillment Fund. Our vision is that one day ALL Los Angeles children will have a real opportunity to fulfill their educational potential and create a better life for themselves and their families. To all you angels who contributed your time, your financial resources and your enthusiastic energy towards this dream in 2014, please know you are making a tremendous difference in the lives of our city’s young people, one student at a time. Thank you,

Kenny Rogers Fulfillment Fund CEO Kenny Rogers and students at Destination College, the Fulfillment Fund’s life-changing day-long annual event for Los Angeles high school students who’ll become the first in their family to go to college.


1 The Dream of College

4 Building a Path to and Through College

6 Gaining Tools for Success

8 Overcoming Obstacles to Stay the Course

10-15 Annual Gifts

16 Financial Summary



Oswaldo Campos Syracuse University, Class of 2014

Samequh Mitchell Crenshaw High School, Class of 2014


Eight in 10 students from the top income quartile in our country earn college degrees, but only one in 10 from the bottom income quartile do.

The Fulfillment Fund provides college access programming to students attending partner schools which enroll a large percentage of students living at or below the poverty line.

Our mission at the Fulfillment Fund is to make college a reality for more than 2,500 students in that bottom quartile – students growing up in economically and educationally under-resourced communities. I always dreamed of college, but I didn’t know how I would get there.

MEET GLORIA Growing up in South Los Angeles in a family of six siblings and a single mother who worked in a textile factory, Gloria dreamed of a career in science or medicine. When Gloria was in high school, the Fulfillment Fund began providing classroom instruction, oneon-one college counseling and trips to visit colleges and universities. On the advice of a Fulfillment Fund college counselor, Gloria applied to Smith College, and was accepted. In spring 2014, Gloria earned her bachelor’s degree in chemistry from Smith College, where she completed an honors research thesis and volunteered as a peer mentor for other first-generation college students majoring in STEM fields. Her next goal is to earn her masters degree and later on, a Ph.D. in organic chemistry.

Gloria Ortiz Smith College, Class of 2014

Thank you to the Fulfillment Fund for the sincere generosity. I would not be where I am today if it not for the support I obtained from the Fulfillment Fund.



“ You’ve motivated me throughout all of college to not give up, and now I can motivate myself to create my own future.”


Nine in 10 Fulfillment Fund high school graduates went to college in 2014, compared to fewer than five in 10 of their counterparts from low-income communities nationwide. These extraordinary outcomes are due to the life-changing comprehensive array of college access and post-secondary support services we provide at the Fulfillment Fund, including classroom instruction, one-on-one college and financial aid counseling, mentoring,

Deonte Lang B.A. Management Loyola Marymount University, Class of 2014




college trips, scholarships and the city’s best college fair, Destination College.


THE POWER OF ONE-ON-ONE MENTORING Growing up in South Los Angeles, Crystal felt her childhood was taken from her when her parents divorced. Her father was rarely around and her mother was never home due to work and support groups. Crystal was often left to take on the role of parent, as she cared for her mother and younger brother. At age 11, Crystal entered the Fulfillment Fund Mentor Program. Susan Drake, her Fulfillment Fund mentor, took Crystal on outings ice skating, to the Griffith Observatory and to Fulfillment Fund events, including Destination College, and served as a positive role model and source of encouragement. During Crystal’s four years as a high school student at New Designs Charter School, the Fulfillment Fund provided Crystal with one-on-one college counseling and financial aid advising and opportunities to visit colleges. With the Fulfillment Fund’s support, Crystal applied to 13 colleges and universities, and graduated from New Designs Charter School as valedictorian in June 2014.

Crystal Bravo (with Susan Drake) New Designs High School, Class of 2014

Today, Crystal is a freshman at UCLA, and a positive role model to her younger brother. She looks forward to the day she can “pay it forward” and become a role model to other members of her community who are seeking to become the first in their family to go to college and graduate, just like her.

Thanks to the Fulfillment Fund and my mentor, Susan, I know there are people directly invested in my success in life.




At the Fulfillment Fund, we build relationships, illuminate opportunities, and change lives. Here’s a look at some of our programs and how they make a difference for high school students. EXTRACURRICULAR LEADERSHIP AND ENRICHMENT OPPORTUNITIES Fulfillment Fund students are eligible to participate a variety of extracurricular activities including the CAP Leaders Crew, an afterschool leadership group that encourages students to contribute to positive change in their school and community, and Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) workshops offered in partnership with UCLA and Creative Artists Agency.

COLLEGE SITE VISITS The Fulfillment Fund offers college visits each year to all high school students – allowing them to tour various college campuses, hear from admissions counselors, and sit in on classroom lectures. In addition, college overnight trips are provided to high school juniors and seniors, providing them a unique experience away from home for the first time. We hold four overnight trips throughout the school year: a six-day trip to Northern California and three 3-day trips to the Inland Empire, San Diego and Central California.

My favorite memory from this trip is meeting new people from different schools in LA. I now know that the right college isn’t about the name, but what it has to offer us in order to succeed. — Joanna, high school junior DESTINATION COLLEGE Destination College is the Fulfillment Fund’s immersive, full-day preparation event for high school students who may be the first in their family to apply to college. The day includes a college fair featuring 70+ colleges and universities and in-depth workshops for high school students and their families on college access and success.

Going to Destination College has chan about school. Right now, since I am a freshm I thought it doesn’t matter how I do in my c wrong. Now I have to give more effort and s Going to Destination College hasn’t only ch has also given me more motivation to go to



TEST PREPARATION Fulfillment Fund students are offered eight-week Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) preparation courses, at no cost to them or their families, in the spring semester of their junior year.

ONE-ON-ONE COLLEGE & FINANCIAL AID COUNSELING Fulfillment Fund college counselors create a personalized education plan for each Fulfillment Fund student, including a list of potential colleges and universities. They support students in the process of writing essays and completing college applications, negotiating financial aid, and ultimately choosing a college to attend. In 2013-14, Fulfillment Fund college counselors conducted 3,603 one-on-one college counseling sessions, ensuring that 98% of students successfully completed their application for financial aid.

nged how I think man in high school, classes. I was very start to plan ahead. hanged my thinking; it o college.




College admission and matriculation is just the beginning: College graduation and a four-year degree is the goal. Only about 10% of lowincome, first-generation students earn a bachelor’s degree, but Fulfillment Fund students earn degrees at six times that rate, thanks to postsecondary programs that support students’ efforts to achieve their degree and go on to a fulfilling career and give back to the community. FULFILLMENT FUND UNIVERSITY Fulfillment Fund University (formerly known as Step Into Success) is an annual experiential learning opportunity for new Fulfillment Fund scholarship recipients in the summer before college entrance. This daylong event, hosted on a college campus, simulates the college experience by allowing students to navigate through a day in the life of a college student. 97% of Fulfillment Fund University participants reported feeling more prepared to overcome challenges while in college, and the top three emotions felt by students after participation in the event were excited (69%), optimistic (60%), and confident (54%).

SCHOLARSHIPS Graduating high school seniors are eligible to apply for need- and merit-based Fulfillment Fund scholarship, renewable for up to four years of undergraduate study. $1.7 million in total gift aid was awarded to new college students in 2013-14, with $356,750 being dispersed directly from Fulfillment Fund as scholarships and $11,800 as textbook stipends.



ALUMNI PROGRAMS Through volunteering, fundraising and mentoring, the Fulfillment Fund Alumni Ambassadors create a culture of philanthropy while supporting all Fulfillment Fund generations through professional workshops and networking opportunities.

“ The Fulfillment Fund has helped thousands of students to achieve their dreams. Those thousands of students have found jobs in medicine, education, law and business and are now giving back to their communities.” — Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti COLLEGE DEGREE ATTAINMENT RATES



THANK YOU TO OUR SUPPORTERS FOR MAKING STUDENTS’ DREAMS COME TRUE ANNUAL GIFTS July 1, 2013 – June 30, 2014 Thanks to the following donors whose generosity has helped Fulfillment Fund students get to college and realize their educational dreams. $100,000 - $249,999 College Access Foundation of California Edwin W. and Catherine M. Davis Foundation Lucia and Lupe Rodriguez Kathleen and Dale Rosenbloom The Skirball Foundation Sterling Venue Ventures’ Comedy for a Cause Wells Fargo Windsong Trust $50,000 - $99,999 The Banky-LaRocque Foundation Rebecca Susan Buffett Foundation California Community Foundation Andrea Cockrum Cherna and Gary Gitnick, M.D. Karisma Foundation Ryan Kavanaugh Mark Kress Melanie and Richard Lundquist Chris Meledandri Nesbitt Foundation via Northern Trust Bank of California $25,000 - $49,999 Edythe and Eli Broad Stephen B. Burke Megan and Peter Chernin Creative Artists Agency

Joseph Drown Foundation David Ellison Nancy Ferguson Gameloft Janice and Robert Goldman Mark Gordon Berry Gordy Jana and Randall Greer The Mark Hughes Foundation IBM Corporation Illumination Entertainment Marilyn and Jeffrey Katzenberg John and Kathy Kissick John P. Lamerdin Scholarship Fund via the California Community Foundation Legendary Pictures NBC Universal Kenneth T. and Eileen L. Norris Foundation Paramount Pictures Jessica Harper Rothman and Tom Rothman Peggy and Anthony Sella Thinkway Toys Twentieth Century Fox Janelle and Brian Werdesheim *Anonymous $5,000 - $24,999 3 Arts Entertainment A&E Networks AIG Allied Integrated Marketing Alvarez & Marsal Holdings, LLC AMC Cares Charitable Fund Leslie Mann and Judd Apatow Ares Management LLC ASG North America Aspect Group Atlas Entertainment

Aurora Capital Group AV Squad, Inc. Jackie and Howard Banchik Charla and Michael Barnathan David Belasco Bergen Foundation The Sheri and Les Biller Family Foundation BLT Communications Camie and Thomas Booker Brenden Mann Foundation Skip Brittenham The Brittingham Family Foundation Jodi and Seth Brufsky The Capital Group Companies Nancy and Steve Carell John W. Carson Foundation Americo Cascella Chapman, Bird & Tessler, Inc. Lindsay and Peter Chelsem Chernin Entertainment Cinemark USA, Inc The Gilbert & Jacki Cisneros Foundation Sandy Climan Concept Arts Studios, Inc. Crowell & Moring Andrea Cullen Robert Davidow Jordan and John Davis Deluxe Entertainment Services Group, Inc. Dentsu, Inc. Lisa and Dean Devlin DIRECTV, Inc. Discovery Communications Dolby Laboratories, Inc. Cyril Drabinsky Susan and Howard Drake DreamWorks Animation

Jacqueline and John Eanes Edison International Electric Entertainment, Inc. Ernst & Young LLP Melina Esrailian, D.D.S. and Eric Esrailian, M.D. Fandango First Republic Bank Sheril and Robert Freedman Fuji Television Network, Inc. GE Capital Corporation David Geffen Gersh Agency, Inc. Goldman Sachs Susan and Jason Grode Jordyn and David Grohl Gursey Schneider, LLP Rita Wilson and Tom Hanks Rehito R. Hatoyama The Herman Foundation Hybrid Promotions, LLC Ignition Creative IMAX Corporation In Sync Advertising The Marcia Israel Foundation, Inc. Linda and Jerome Janger Jo Ann and Charles Kaplan Katten Muchin Rosenman Josh Klinefelter L.E.K. Consulting Robert Landes Donna Langley and Ramin Shamshiri Grace E. Latt Helene and Arthur Laub Lightchaser Animation China Lopez Negrete Communications Marc Luzzatto Jamie and Michael Lynton

MEET CHRISTERBELL Growing up in South Los Angeles as one of six children in a large extended family of Nigerian immigrants, Christerbell was an advanced student who juggled her studies with daily housework, and the responsibility of providing math and reading tutoring to her older sister, who struggled with a learning disability. When Christerbell was in the 9th grade at Crenshaw High School, the Fulfillment Fund began providing her with classroom instruction, one-on-one college and financial aid counseling, and opportunities to visit colleges throughout California. Having graduated from Crenshaw High School as valedictorian in June 2014, Christerbell entered UCLA in fall 2014 and plans a career in medicine. Christerbell Ahaiwe Crenshaw High School, Class of 2014

The Fulfillment Fund has given me the support and encouragement to push myself throughout high school. They made sure I got the assistance I needed to apply to the colleges of my dreams and receive overflowing admission letters in the mail. 10


MarketCast Matsuno Design Group Maxus Global McDonald’s Corporation Katie McGrath and J.J. Abrams Kelly and Ronald Meyer Midnight Oil Creative/LAgraphico Milton B. Miller Diane and Paul Mohilef Rebecca and Robert Moore Motive Creative Munger, Tolles and Olson LLP NBC4 Beating the Odds Scholarship Fund New Regency Productions, Inc. New Wave Entertainment Nielsen NRG O’Melveny and Myers OnDisplay Creative Corporation Marti and Tony Oppenheimer The Otis Booth Foundation Chuck Peil The Jay & Rose Phillips Family Foundation of California Piper Jaffray & Co. Regal Entertainment Group Relativity Media Robert W. Baird & Co.Inc. Laura and Kenneth Rogers Cheryl and Haim Saban Steve Sauer Scholastic, Inc. Terri Schrager Leslie and Carl Schuster Lori Zech-Shaw and John Shaw Dr. Madeleine and Tom Sherak Ginger and William Sherak The Sherwood Family Foundation Maria Shriver Skydance Productions Lon V. Smith Foundation Snap Creative Manufacturing Doreen and Fred Solomon Michelle and Tim Somers Sony Pictures Entertainment Specialty Family Foundation The Fran and Ray Stark Foundation Technicolor The TJX Companies, Inc. and The TJX Foundation, Inc. Toho-Towa Company, LTD Tomy Advertising Reva and William Tooley Toys “R” Us Children’s Fund, Inc Trailer Park, Inc. Transit, LLC United Talent Agency, Inc. Van Wagner Airship Group, LLC Vibe Creative Dana and Matthew Walden The Walt Disney Company The Honorable Kim M. and William Wardlaw, Esq. Warner Bros. Entertainment Jeanne Markel and Chris Wedge The Weinstein Company LLC Wildcard Susan Harris and Paul Junger Witt Wolfgang Puck Catering & Events Workshop Creative Ziffren Brittenham LLP *Anonymous

“ It is the best feeling in the world to know that people care so much about my success. Without Fulfillment Fund I don't know where I would be. Every day is a learning experience and I am so blessed to be having a Malika Williams second chance.” Santa Clara University, Class of 2014 B.A., Theatre Arts, Sociology

$1,000 - $4,999 360i Brenda and Alan Abramson Naz Afshar The Tim Allen Foundation Allure Global Solutions Barbara and Raymond Alpert Marie and Doug Ambrosino AOL Amy Aquino and Drew McCoy John & Hilda Arnold Foundation Ramesh Balasubramaniam Jannell and Randy Banchik Sherry and Jeff Banks The Honorable Frank and Kathy Baxter Carole Bayer Sager and Robert Daly Beck Media & Marketing Paul Bennett Dr. Denise Luria and Jeff Berg Linda and Chuck Bergman Sybil Bergman Virginia and Austin Beutner Carol and Frank Biondi Terry Bird Diane and Alan Blank Ruth and Jacob A. Bloom Barbara and Stephen Bollenbach Anna and Harry Borun Blake Boyd Talisa and Benjamin Bratt Broadcast Music, Inc James Bruce Bryan Burk Kasey Burke Joseph A. Calabrese Carmike Cinemas, Inc. Robin and Albert Carnesale David Casares CBS Television Network Marcia and George Chami Brandon Chapnick Anjan Choudhury Cinema Clips Cinemas Guzzo, Inc. Cineplex Entertainment LP Cineplex Galaxy LP Greg Washer/Clean Fun

Click Licensing Asia Limited Ellen and Marshall Cole Suzanne Cole Columbia Records Janet and Barry Cooper James Corcoran Crescent Solutions Carlene and Douglas Cunningham Curian Clearing Jackie Tavelman and Michael L. Cypers, Esq. David Rose Publishing Barbara Davis Decurion Management Company Candice and John DeFonso Del Amo Construction Jeremy Delaplane Thalia Doherty Robin and Michael Dreyer Tomy Drissi Duncan Studio Edward Egan Entertainment Lighting Services Equity Office Robert J. Evanko Facebook Diane and Daniel Feldman Felker Toczek Gellman Suddleson LLP Brynne and Daniel Fellman Jodie Fishman Jeremy J. Fitzgerald Fionnula Flanagan and Dr. Garrett O’Connor Hillary and Adam Fogelson FOX Broadcasting Co. Eden and David Fox Andrea Frank Joyce and Harold Frank John T. Frankenheimer, Esq. Matthew Fristoe Eileen and Jon Gallo Gibson Dunn & Crutcher Zelda and Paul Gilbert Karen Gilmore and Gabriel Hurtado Kevin Goetz Carlos K. Goodman Goodsearch

Google, Inc. Gorfaine Schwartz Agency Eleanor Gorman Camille Grammer Frann and James Gray Michael Greenberg Helen Greene Alejandra Cano-Hampton and Michael Sean Hampton Harkins Theatres Katy Sweet Harris and Lionel Harris Jamie Hayes Hayutin & Associates Tracy Gitnick Herriott and Stuart Herriott Rabbi Eli and Bonnie Herscher Sheila Williams and Jeffrey Hess Bradley R. Hill Agnes Hirshberg Home Brew Agency Melanie and Francesco Howard Fran and Dennis Huddleston, M.D. Leanne and Kyle Huebner David Hughes Ignited Los Angeles International Creative Management, Inc. Vicki Iovine The Jim and Susie Jaqua Fund at The Community Foundation Serving Riverside and San Bernardino Counties Regina Johnson Dr. Mary Ann Rosenfeld and Sheldon Kadish Jean and Stephen Kaplan Susan and Stephen Kay Jerome and Tiana Klein Matthew Klein Molly and Howard-Hawk Koch Richard Kraft Matthew Kraus Sandra Krause and William Fitzgerald Dr. Susan Krevoy and Leo Spiwak Laemmle Theatres Charitable Foundation Despina and Jay Landers Alison and Steve Lapinski Dorothy and Allen Lay Leila Khoury and Matthew Laycock Barbara Lazaroff



Christopher Lennertz Lydia and Charles Levy Benjamin Lindner Brian M. Lynch Ryan Magnussen Malco Theatres, Inc. Lorraine and Anthony Mandekic Aaron Marcus Cassandra and Michael Marino Wyllie and Neal Maslan Beverly Mason Massive Marketing Christopher Mathewson Beverly and Robert Mayer Shirley McKernan Paula Kent Meehan MGM Lowell Milken Lori and Michael Milken Samantha and Jason Milner Lisa and Brad Mindlin mOcean Susan Monahan Moroch and Associates, Inc., Inc Anne Roberts and Wayne Neiman Krystyna and David Newman Vincent Newman Michelle and Mathew Obergfoll Olson Visual Origin LLC Greg Osborne Pacific Theatres Jason Park Beth and Larry Peerce Heitor Pereira Carl Pridonoff Principato-Young Entertainment William B. Rapp Reading International, Inc. James Redford Brooke N. Riley Kelly and Duane Roberts Janice Salter and Stanley Rogers Melissa and Raphael Romero Lois Rosen Mark D. Rosenbaum Anthony J. Rossi Valerie and Bennett Roth Wendy and Ken Ruby Ann Ruth Julianne and Martin Safran Richard Sakai Martin Salomon Rae Sanchini and Bruce Tobey Macie and Jay Scherick Jolene and George Schlatter Sherie and Alan Schneider Bonnie Schut Screen Engine LLC Joanne and Gilbert Segel SEHT Sempra Energy Shirley and Ralph Shapiro Louise Hamagami and Marc Shmuger Jason Shuman Cynthia and John Smet Steven D. Smith Southern Theatres, LLC Stephanie Sperber Wendy and Harlan Spinner Dr. Ronald Stein Cynthia and Sheldon Stone Barbra Streisand and James Brolin Summa Group Children’s Foundation Sun Valley Writers’ Conference Linda and Jim Swindle 12

Craig and Catherine Tessler Pamela Thiel Mary Ann Todd, Esq. Tycoon Enterprises UBS Union Bank Foundation V. Newman Productions VeriTES Viacom, Inc. Ralph Collins Walter Marlene and Sanford Wilk Wilkinson O’Grady & Co., Inc. William Blair & Company Foundation Dominique and David Wirtschafter March and Richard Wiseley Lauren and Steven Wolff Carla Mann Woods and Eric Woods Harriet F. Zaretsky and Steve Henry Susan Zolla *Anonymous $1 - $999 517 Productions, Inc Syed Abbas Sabrina Abdelmuti James G. Abe Piyushan Abeynayake Leticia A. Acosta Kimberly Adelman Lawrence Adjah Tanya and Jose Aguirre Vishal Ahuja Melinda Aispuro Jason Akahoshi Veera V. N. Akula Jacqueln M. Albini Dannielle Albrecht Matt Alder Joe A. Alfaro Zahid Ali Gwen O. Allen Cynthia Almanza Sasha Alpert Andres Alvarez Amazon Smile Foundation Jonathan Ames Javier Andrade Madeline and Andranik Antekelian Michelle Antonio Rebecca and Andrew Apfelberg Loretta and Warren Appel Dora Arash Randeep Arora Christian Arreola Idehen Aruede Carmen Ascanio Lina Augius Mahtab Azarani Arleen and Samuel Bachner John C. Baez Thomas Balamaci Evelyn and William Balamaci Bank of America Charitable Foundation, Inc. Alexis Banks Marissa Banks Enrique Barajas Lori Barker Keith J. Barnett Roslyn and Norman Baron Laurie Barraclough Nadine P. Barragan Isela Barrios Mayleen Barrios Shana Barrowclough Suzonne Bass Chandranath Basu Cristina Behrens


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Margaret G. Kivelson Stanley Klein Elizabeth C. Kline and John H. Mullan Clare Knapp Craig Knizek Raghavendra Kodandaramaiah Gail and Jarold Kohll Nancy and Alex Koss Cheryl Kotlowitz Emme Kozloff Kyle Kozloff Jeff Krag Marleen Kramer Erica Kraus Patricia and Earl Krause Gary Krausz Peggy Kravitz Kroger Jody and Mike Kulstad William Kun Katherine and Thomas Kurschner Mark S. Lahive Kimberly Lahs Marsha Landau Sarah J. Lang Brian Lanich Cortlin Lannin Leonard and Anne Lapinski Linda Larson Jonathan Latt Rachel E. Latt Lori Latu April and Timothy LaValley Jessica L. Lazarus Tony Ledonne Hannah Y. Lee SuhWon Lee Laurene and Ernest Lehman Edie and Michael Lehmann-Boddicker Peter Lennon Stephen Lentini Michael Lesieur Zach Leverenz Drs. Barbara and Gerald Levey Marilyn Levy Kadar Lewis Kim M. Lewis and Michael L. Narigon Kira Lewis Fotini Liaperdos Susan Lindley Baylen Linnekin Sheri Linzell Louis and Marion Lipofsky Todd Locicero Efrosini Logothetis John Long Carol S. Lopez Sylvia Lopez Alex Lopez-Negrete Sandra and Denny Lord Michelle Loughran Alessandra Lovett Diane and Allen Lowenstein Su Lian Lu Kyra Lucchesi Jordan H. Lucoff Jenna Ludden Susan and Scott Lund Stacey Lutz Michael and Sophia Mackiewicz Daniel Madrigal Jorge F. Madrigal Juan Jose Madrigal Ramon Madrigal Louie Maggiotto Audra Lalley and Michael Mallow Iris and Morton Manus



Margaret Maraschino Marcia and Bradley Marcus Dena and Louis Marienthal Lawrence Mark Nitza and Ronald Markman James D. Marks Marilyn and Jay Marks, M.D. Rita Marshall Goodman Benjamin Marshall Areva D. Martin Andres Martinez Ryan Martinez Steve Martino Thomas Maruska Una Maslesa Peter Massumi Pragya Mathur David Mattix Susan and Anthony Mazzarella Mary McAdams Stephanie McBride Kevin McCarthy Laura and Glen McCoy Eloise McCuskey Analia McGuire HJK McHugh Susan McIntyre-Young Irene McKenna Neil McMahon Chuck McQueary Shelley and James Mead Madeline A. Meibergen Amber Melius Trey Milburn Caroline Miller Corrine B. Miller Maria Camacho and Dayton Miller Elisa Miller Gayle G. Miller Grace and Jon Miller Rochelle and Larry Miller Laurie Miller Amy and Richard Miller Alyona Minkovski Gaurav Misra Shaun Mitchell Michael Miyahira Mary Ann and Gavien Miyata Sankar Mohanasundharam Saeed Moharreri Martin Monahan Mary Monahan Tim Monahan Christina Moniodis Rose Marie Mook Moore Studios LLC Samantha Moore Peter Moores Adriana Moran Silvana Moretti Sarah and Neil Mortitz Adriane and Allan Morrison, M.D. Randy Moser Jason Mossotti Julia R. Joest and Frank P. Mottek Seth Moulton Katie Mox Patricia Glaser and Samuel Mudie Amit Mulgaonkar Swati Mundhra Anand Muthukrishnan Dhack Muthulingam Silas Myers Asuka E. Nakagawa Tamra L. Nakagawa Ravi Narasimhan Radhakrishnan Narayanan 14

Delight and Michael Nasatir Matthew Nealon Charly J. Netel Nancy Newhouse Porter Elizabeth Newman Scott Newman Wes Newman Newnet Christie Nguyen Hanh Nguyen Shannon Nichols Robbie Nicol Janet Noah Anima Nwankwo Tao Nyeu Christopher O’Connor Edward Oddo Sarah Oesterle Mark S. O’Hare Myrna Oken Katherine Oliver Dawn Olsen Eimear O’Neill Afam Onyema Harriet and Richard Orkand Michelle Ortiz Tito Ortiz Caitlin Owens Ann and Mitchell Ozawa Matthew Paladino Tiziana Palumbo Catherine Park Francisca Parra Monica and Jorge Parra Gabriel Pasette Hanny Patel Susan Patton Scott Pearring Beverly and Gerald Pennaman Hilary Pennoni The Honorable Vicki Reynolds Pepper and Murray Pepper Armando Perez Matthew Perez Phillip Perry Christine R. Madsen and Steven M. Perry Vanessa J. Perry Sarah Peterson Clay Petre Dwight Pettay Patricia and Barry Phelps Whitney and Alex H. Phillips Randall Phillips Karen Pines Gloria and Richard Pink Olga Pithis William Plijnaar Andi Plocek Plotkin Family Foundation Sameera Polipalli Marzia Polito Pranav Popat Greg Poppe Ingrid Powell Paula Powell James Power Sophia Prisco Mitesh Pruthi Brittany Pusey Scott Quintard James G. Quintel Ido Rabinovitch Noah Raizman Ganesh Rajan Fernando Ramirez Carmen and Francisco Ramirez Moises Ramirez


Ramon Ramirez Mark Randolph Ivy Rankin Kivan Rao Rita Ravindra David Ravitz Ryan Rayhill Emily Razaqi Ron Reger Nicole Reggio Lyn Reif Carlos Reig-Plaza Jie Ren Lauren and Christopher Renaud Doree Reno Rabbi and Mrs. Steven C. Reuben Richard Ricasa Christopher Rice-Shepherd Gayle Levant and John Richards Andrew Ried Gary Roberts Judith and Michael Robins Domenique and Joseph Rocco Gayle and Lee Rodgers Hector Rodriguez Joanna Rodriguez Kimberly Rodriguez Veronica Rodriguez Ina and Richard Rogal Steve Rogers Michael Romagnoli Valerie and Gilbert Romoff Pamela Rosenau David Rosenbaum Jaclyn Rosenberg Elisabeth Rosenson Brenda and Howard Rosin Jen and Marc Roskin Rick Rosner Joel Rothman Daniel Rothschild Tamara Rotolo Howard Rowen Robyn Rowley Anne and David Ruderman Asarel Ruiz Gregory Russell Anthony Sabella Merrily Sadlovsky Datar Sahi Cameron Saless Ann and Gerald Saltsman Benjamin Saltzman Carmen Salveson Lynda G. Sampedro and Luis M. Sampedro Nephi Sanchez Eric Sandifer Devanandan Sankaranarayanan Vicky Santana Leah Sappington Timothy Sarnoff Warren Sata Karen and Brad Satenberg Bill Sater Judith and George Savitsky Lori Schaffhauser Nevin Scheu Leslie Schilling Matlock Schlumberger Jeffrey Schrager Laura and Richard Schrager Vanessa Schreiber Valerie Schwartz Ken Schwencke Matthew Schwencke Douglas A. Scotti John Seaver

Matt Selman Laure Seris Natalie Serota Nancy Sferra Barbara and Alan Shabo, M.D. Lana and Ronald Shapiro Annette and Leonard Shapiro Annah Shaver Matthew C. Sherwood Sandra Shibata Roger Shiffman Susan and Michael Shore Aristea Sideri Jodi Siegner Ina and Harry Silver Kristen Simmons Karim Simplis Edele Singer and Blair Mitchell Michele Siqueiros Ronald Slates Gregory Slewett Allison Slotnick Kerry Smallwood and Larry Haxton Elizabeth Smith Ethel H. Smith Stephanie Smith Steven C. Smith Ken Sofge Dale and Charles Sofnas Angelica Solis Fredrick Sookiasian Jeannette Soriano Julie and Gary Soter Elvia Soto Rami Soudah Traci Spano Heather Spearman Marilyn and Ronald Spencer Iris Sperounes John Squiers Lisa St. John Frank D. Stasio Barbara and Robert Steinberg Louis Sterling Rabbi and Mrs. Ronald Stern Lana Sternberg Sheryl and James Sternberg Teri Stratton Susan and Peter Strauss Keith Suchy Joseph Sugerman, M.D. Glenn Summer Joan and Bob Sumpter Peter Sung Arnold Suwarnasarn Susan Swartz Arta Tabaee Chris Talbott Kellie Tashima Katherine Taub Joseph A. Taylor Robert Taylor Emmanuel Tedder Jon Tenney Rozanna and Randy Tesler David Tessier Lily Thai Virginia and Arthur Thomas Constance Thompson April Thurber Mark Tilton Madhava Tirumala Sheila Tishler Jeff Ton Gabriela Tovar Johari Townes Amy and Michael Townsend

Reva M. Trevino Ron Troxell Linda and Harvey Turell UBS Financial Services Inc Leslie Urdang Agustin Urgiles Elayne Urnovitz Ashton Uytengsu Brian Vahaly Deepa Vasan Miguel Vega Phyllis Vego Venberg Foundation Jennifer Venuto Marla Villicana Christian von Merkatz Christina Vorvis Eleftheria Vorvis Christopher Vroman Barbara and Carl Wagner Elizabeth Waisler Robert Wald Benjamin Waldin Gloria and Art Waldinger Renee Waldman Hollace Brown and Lewis Wallensky Matthew Wapnick Peter Wardle Chrisitne Wartman Cindy Wasson Bryan Watkins Lindsay Watson Noel Wax Helene and Joel Wayne Andrew Weber Carly Weber Scott Webley Gregory Webster Matthew Weed Hedva and Michael Weinberg Deborah Weinstein Lauren Weinstein Jeremy A. Weiss Linda and Jay Weitzler Sarah Welch George Wells Susan Wend Lorraine Wenke Steven Westerman Elan Wetterschneider Maria Wheeler Caroline Widman Jeffrey Widro Julie Wie Angela Wiggins Gary Wilcots Aaliyah Williams Nancy Englander and Harold Williams Eva and Kirk Williams Nicole J. Williams Nicole Willner David Wilson Kartini Wilson Lauren Wing Isabel and David Wintroub David Wise

Scott Withycombe Carol and Steven Witlin Gary Wohlleben Phyllis J. Wolf Karen Wolfe Jason Wolske Joseph B. Womac Andy C. Wong Arthur Wong Erin Wong Beverly Wood Valerie and Clyde Wood Andrea Woodley Josh Woods Carla Woodson Worldwide Motion Picture Group Ida and Bob Worth L. and E. Wright Hope Wu Adam Yates Chris M. Yates Ray Ydoyaga Dianna and Harut Yedalyan Keith Young Judith Zaylor Judy and Marvin Zeidler Victoria Zielinski Barbara J. Zipperman Jason Ziven Iris Zuniga Carole and Alan Zwillinger *Anonymous The following donors made a multi-year commitment between July 1, 2013 and June 30, 2014: $250,000+ College Access Foundation of California $100,000 - $249,999 Josh Klinefelter $50,000 - $99,999 Jo Ann and Charles Kaplan Janelle and Brian Werdesheim $5,000 - $24,999 Camie and Thomas Booker Scott Bross David Casares Sandy Climan Jacqueline and John Eanes Melina Esrailian, D.D.S. and Eric Esrailian, M.D. Robert J. Evanko Jodie Fishman Tracy Gitnick Herriott and Stuart Herriott Bradley R. Hill David Kanuth Ryan Magnussen Cassandra and Michael Marino Christopher Mathewson Grace and Jon Miller Jason Park Beth and Larry Peerce

Ann Ruth Mary Ann Todd Casey Winters $1,000 - $4,999 Susan and Stephen Kay Joanne and Alan Kumamoto Kadar Lewis Dawn Olsen Monica and Jorge Parra Greg Poppe Moises Ramirez $1 - $999 Raegan Gall Carolyn Hori Jessica L. Lazarus Stephanie Le GIFTS IN KIND 9021Pho Restaurants LLC Academy of Country Music Adobe Road Winery Alma Restaurant Amazon Waters Angel City Brewery Anheuser-Busch Companies, Inc. AquaHydrate Asics America Corporation Bagel Nosh Beauty and the Beach Bestia The Boulders Resort Bucato Restaurant Buddha Jones Buzz Bar Caesars Entertainment Cardio Barre Beverly Hills Caruso Affiliated Casa Automotive Group Cayetano Legacy Collection Inc Fritz Chesnut Sanford R. Climan The Conga Room Cookie Casa Bakery Dierberg & Star Lane Vineyards DIRECTV, Inc. Lindsey A. Dotson Wanda Dragomirescu El Encanto The Engaging Gourmet / The Comfort Gourmet Fel Los Angeles Fifth Generation, Inc. First Class Flyer Five Elements Consulting Group, LLC FOX Foxen Freedom Child Entertainment Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market Fresh Dish Fresh Events Company Game Truck LA, LLC Sarah and Chuck Gardner Golden Road Brewing The Gourmandise School

Graphic Footprints Jana Waring-Greer and Randall Greer Halper Fine Art Hansen Beverage Company Tracy Gitnick Herriott and Stuart Herriott Joe Diamond Events John Paul Mitchell Systems Katherine Cosmetics Kelly and Martin Katz Kristen Dorsey Designs, LLC The LINE Hotel Locanda Positano Christopher A. Lopez The Los Angeles Dodgers Yesenia Luna Fatima Lwany Maggie Spa, Massage Therapy Main Attraction Nails & Spa Milk and Honey Shoes Diane and Paul Mohilef Monster Energy Company Noble Creatures Nothing Bundt Cakes, Santa Monica Orion Trading Panda Express Pangloss Cellars Monica and Jorge Parra PepsiCo, Inc. Pono Burger Popsugar, Inc. Pound Rockout Workout PRP Wine International Inc Quady Winery Roclord Studio The Roof on Wilshire Sama Sama Kitchen Sam’s by the Beach Silverado Vineyards Simply Porceline Skylight Gardens SLS Hotel at Beverly Hills Sonos Inc. Sound United Stone Brewing Co. Sweet Spils T3 Micro Tablas Creek Vineyard Mary Ann Todd, Esq. Universal Orlando Resort Valerie Confections Viceroy Santa Monica Wakeful Heart Productions DJ Benjamin Walker Ralph Collins Walter Philip R. Warne Weber Shandwick Windy Hills Spirits, Inc. Wolfgang Puck Catering & Events Wood & Vine Danice Woodley World Sake Imports Dianna Yedalyan and Sweet Privileges

A SPECIAL THANK YOU TO OUR COMMUNITY PARTNERS Boys & Girls Club – L.A. Alliance • California Community Foundation • Cash for College / Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce • Children’s Defense Fund - Beat the Odds • College Access Foundation of California • Communities in Schools - Los Angeles • C5LA Coca-Cola Foundation • Creative Artists Agency • Crenshaw High School • Edswell • Fremont High School • Gertz-Ressler Charter High School • Global Education Academy • Hamilton High School • LA’s Promise • Los Angeles Scholars Investment Fund (LASIF) • Los Angeles Unified School District • Marymount California University • The Michael Brownstein Foundation • National College Access Network (NCAN) • National Scholarship Providers Assn. (NSPA) • NBC4LA • Nestle • New Designs Charter School • New LA Charter School • New Open World (NOW) Academy • Pacific Lutheran University • Richard Merkin Charter Middle School • Southern California College Access Network (So. Cal CAN) • University of California, Los Angeles • University of Southern California • Women’s Leadership Council





The Fulfillment Fund’s overall financial position remained very strong in the 2013-14 fiscal year. This positive outcome was due to our fundraising efforts, as well as efficiencies in our spending. As we look to the next year, we will continue all of our services at our partner schools, including our new partner, Fremont High School.




College Access Program Representative

Vice President

Destination College Representative

Chair, Membership

Mentor Program Representative

Vice Chair, Membership

Partnerships Representative

Chair, Professional Development

Partnerships Representative

Vice Chair, Professional Development

Scholarship Program Representative

Isela Barrios Law Office of Isela C. Barrios

Statement of Financial Position FISCAL YEAR ENDED 06/30/2014

ASSETS Cash and investments Pledges receivable, net Prepaid expenses, deposits and other assets Property and equipment, net Total assets LIABILITIES Accounts payable and accrued liabilities Scholarships payable Total Liabilities Net Assets

Veronica Estrada Deutsche Bank

Dianna Yedalyan Sweet Privileges

$6,004,947 $1,058,121 $467,297 $310,235 $7,840,600

$607,311 $273,808 $881,119 $6,959,481

Victor Banuelos Creative Artists Agency Chuck Figueroa Next Level Agency Marisol Granillo

Chair, Recruitment Events

Jennifer Villaman Fulfillment Fund Katherine Cabrel VCA Antech, Inc.

Nancy Ramirez Herbalife International, Inc. Gemma Jimenez California State Senate Jorge Parra Propel Fuels

Beatriz Lopez Step EDU-Play Programs

Alex Cruz EliteCom

Chair, Recruitment Events



Christopher Lopez Fulfillment Fund

Statement of Activities FISCAL YEAR ENDED 06/30/2014

REVENUES Contributions $2,311,554 Special events income, net $1,613,201 Other revenues $709,805 Total revenues $4,634,560 EXPENSES Program services $3,660,182 Development $892,198 Administrative $258,583 Total expenses $4,810,963 CHANGE IN NET ASSETS





Vice President, Corporate Engagement

Josh Klinefelter Aurora Capital Group

Marcelo Bermudez Figueroa Capital Group


Chair, Events

David Hughes DirecTV

Wanda Dragomirescu Blackstone Group

Board Representative, Sustainable Funding Committee

Chair, Membership Development

Anjan Choudhury Munger, Tolles and Olson

Jordan Lucoff Added Value

Chair, Mentoring & Student Support

Steve Lapinski NBC Universal


(list current as of January 1, 2015)

Kenny Rogers

Ariel Garcia

John Mitchell

Janet Sarver

Maria Espinosa Booth

Daniel Garcia

Isaac Moore

De’jah Smoot

Joan Sumpter

Madison Garcia

Betsy Ann Mudd

Abel Solorio

Kadar Lewis

Marco Hernandez*

Sarah Oesterle

Veronica Sosa-Lopez*

Director of Development, Individual Gifts & Donor Engagement

Director, Development Operations & Alumni Relations

Ifeanyi Onyejiji

Sterling Summerville

College Access Program Advisor

College Access Program Advisor

Yazmine Padilla

Emily Tann

Chief Executive Officer

Chief Operating Officer

Vice President, Finance and Administration

Vice President, Programs

Cassandra Krause

Vice President, Development

Mariam Agazaryan

Programs Administrative Associate

Sherry Banks, PhD.

Executive Assistant to the CEO

Financial Aid Manager

Data Evaluation Specialist

Program Operations Associate

Elizabeth Kalfas

Development Manager

Michele Keller

Director, Communications

A. Robbie Lee

Director, Program Partnerships

Director, Mentoring, Corporate & Community Engagement

Jim Chootipanya

Rahniesha Lewis

College Counselor

Aldwin Escuadro

Associate Director, Mentor Program

Marc Evangelista

Associate Director, Foundation & Corporate Relations

Christopher Lopez*

Finance and IT Associate

Programs Associate, Communications & Events

Susan Mangles

Charity Felton

Cathy Mansouri

Staff Accountant

Director, Human Resources

Adriana Flores

Justin Mendez

Mentor Program Advisor

Executive Assistant to COO

Director, Counseling & Scholarships

Development Associate

Mentor Program Advisor

College Access Program Advisor

Volunteer Recruitment & Engagement Manager

Associate Director, College Access Program

Associate Director, Experiential Learning & Events

Mentor Program Advisor

Hanna Park

Andrew Toney

College Counselor

Transfer Counselor

Marcelino Plascencia

Danny Tran

College Access Program Advisor

Senior Database Administrator

Charlina Pruitt

Jennifer Villaman*

Development Associate

Mentor Program Advisor

Nefara Riesch

College Access Program Manager

Karina Santos* Associate Director, Scholarship Program

Nolan Winston College Counselor

Elizabeth Zamudio

Associate Director, College Counseling

*Fulfillment Fund Alumni

College Access Program Advisor

“ Thank you for continuing to believe in me, it means so much to me and as I continue on my journey, I know that I will have people believing in me. It is the best feeling in the world to know that people care so much about my success.” Victor Jacobo UC San Diego, Class of 2014





“Paying it forward” is a passion for Charles Fox. As longtime members of the Fulfillment Fund Board of Directors, Charles Fox and his wife Joan Fox created The Songs of Our Lives, an annual benefit concert for the Fulfillment Fund which has raised critically-needed funds for the organization for the past seven years. In recognition of his long-term commitment to the Fulfillment Fund, Fox was honored with the Founders’ Distinguished Service Award at the 20th Annual STARS Gala in October 2014. To a crowd of more than 800 at The Beverly Hilton Hotel, Fox shared the story of his music composition teacher and mentor Nadia Boulanger, who took him under her wing. He was a 18-year-old student in Paris,

the son of a window cleaner from Brooklyn. Boulanger was the teacher of generations of composers including the great Aaron Copland, and she gave Fox private lessons several times a week for two years. “She would never take any money from me--she was more concerned that I had enough to eat,” Fox says. “She would say, “One day if you can, you’ll do the same for someone else.” “She gave me a whole life in music,” Fox says. “That’s the legacy of the Fulfillment Fund as well, which creates hope, and really, is life-giving to those students who are fortunate enough to be part of the program.” The Fulfillment Fund is extraordinarily grateful to Charles Fox for his leadership, generosity, and long-term commitment to the community.

Charles Fox, who accepted the Fulfillment Fund Founders’ Distinguished Service Award at the STARS Gala at The Beverly Hilton Hotel in October 2014, created The Songs of Our Lives, an annual benefit concert for the Fulfillment Fund.

MEET KEVIN When Kevin was in kindergarten, he spoke no English. Lonely and isolated, he fell behind his classmates who were bothered by his constant need for extra help in understanding class lessons. His educational path looked uncertain. When Kevin started 9th grade at Gertz-Ressler High School, he was introduced to the Fulfillment Fund, which provided classroom instruction, individualized college and financial aid counseling, and the chance to attend college overnight trips and Destination College, a daylong college access conference hosted on a college campus. In spring 2014, Kevin was accepted to Marymount California University with a full scholarship. Outside of school, he tutors elementary students in building their English literacy skills.

The Fulfillment Fund gave me the confidence that a minority can make it to college and achieve great success. The program helped me to discover what I want to be in life and I am forever thankful. 18


Kevin Garcia Gertz-Ressler High School, Class of 2014

BOARD OF DIRECTORS (list current as of January 1, 2015) Chairman and Founder



Chief Executive Officer

Vice President


Cherna Gitnick

President, Alumni Ambassadors

President, Leadership Council

Thomas C. Booker Wells Fargo Bank

Jana Waring Greer SunAmerica

Carl Schuster Wolfgang Puck

Pamela Buffett Rebecca Susan Buffett Foundation

Tracy Herriott Freelance Photographer

Harlan Spinner UBS Private Wealth Management

David Casares Vicente Capital Partners

Charles Kaplan Sculptor

Anne Sweeney

Sanford R. Climan Entertainment Media Ventures

Chris Meledandri Illumination Entertainment

Janice Goldman Philanthropist

Rich Ross Discovery Television

Robert Goldman Investor

Ann Ruth Five Star Legal & Compliance

Gary Gitnick, M.D., F.A.C.G UCLA School of Medicine Kenny Rogers Co-Founder

Eric Esrailian, M.D. UCLA School of Medicine

Josh Klinefelter Aurora Capital Group

Madeleine Sherak My Bench Productions

Mary Ann Todd Munger, Tolles & Olson LLP

Veronica Estrada Deutsche Bank

David Hughes DirecTV

Brian K. Werdesheim Oppenheimer & Company Carla Mann Woods Mann Healthcare Partners

FOUNDERS’ CIRCLE Andrea Cockrum, Chair

Jana Waring Greer

Lucia Rodriguez

Howard Banchik

Randall Greer

Lupe Rodriguez

Jackie Banchik

Charles Kaplan

Dale Rosenbloom

Bill Cockrum

Jo Ann Kaplan

Kathleen Rosenbloom

Emmy Davis (In Memoriam)

Ryan Kavanaugh

Madeleine Sherak

John Davis

John Kissick

Tom Sherak (In Memoriam)

Georgia Frontiere (In Memoriam)

Kathy Kissick

Jane Waterhouse

Cherna Gitnick

Melanie Lundquist

John Waterhouse (In Memoriam)

Gary Gitnick, M.D., F.A.C.G.

Richard Lundquist

Phyllis Wolf

Janice Goldman

Hart Lyon (In Memoriam)

Robert Goldman

Louise Lyon (In Memoriam)

FRIENDS OF THE FULFILLMENT FUND BOARD OF DIRECTORS Cherna Gitnick, Founder and Co-President Jan Goldman, Co-President Sybil Bergman Janet Cooper Suzie Dotan Joan Fox Tracy Herriott Fran Huddleston Kim Jaffe Beverly Mayer Deb McAdams Diane Mohilef Doreen Solomon Edie Singer Linda Weitzler Isabel Wintroub Phyllis Wolf



In the year ahead, we look forward to working closely with our supporters to increase vital resources for our students. We are committed to strengthening our school and community partnerships and to increasing capacity to impact students’ educational outcomes. More than ever, our students need your support.

GET INVOLVED TODAY! Visit Us, Become a Volunteer, Mentor a Student, Make a Donation

6100 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 600, Los Angeles, CA 90048 • •


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