Investing in the Future of Our Community (Fiscal Year 2011-12)

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Future of Our Community

Investing in the

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12/21/12 9:06 PM

CHANGING LIVES through education

Through in-depth and individualized support, the Fulfillment Fund helps


of students growing up in underresourced

communities defy the odds and achieve the dream of a college education.


of Fulfillment Fund students are the first in their family to attend

college, helping break the cycle of poverty in their family, community and local economy.

Table of Contents Messages to the Community .............................................................................................. 3 Achievements and Accomplishments ............................................................................ 4 Our Impact: Paying the Investment Forward ............................................................ 5 One Student at a Time....................................................................................................... 6-7 Financial Summary..................................................................................................................... 8 Annual Gifts ........................................................................................................................... 9-10 Profile: A Tradition of Investing in the Community ............................................. 11 Staff & Alumni Ambassadors ........................................................................................... 12 Leadership Council ................................................................................................................ 13 Profile: A Commitment to the Community .............................................................. 13 Friends of the Fulfillment Fund ....................................................................................... 14 Board of Directors .................................................................................................................. 15

Sources: 2011-12 Fulfillment Fund data; The Bridgespan Group

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12/21/12 9:06 PM

Messages to the Community Dear Friends, It has been a tremendous year for the Fulfillment Fund. When we founded this organization 35 years ago, we never could have imagined touching so many lives.

Dear Friends, Thank you. Because of your generous support, the Fulfillment Fund is helping thousands of young people overcome obstacles, graduate from high school and access a life-changing college education.

In 2012, 94% of Fulfillment Fund high school graduates planned to go to college, compared with only 54% of lowincome students nationwide who matriculate to college. This statistic speaks to the dedication of our leadership and professional staff, and to the effectiveness of our classroom instruction, mentoring, one-on-one college counseling, scholarships and financial aid programs.

In this report, we take a look back at the Fulfillment Fund’s impact in the 2011-12 academic year. You’ll meet some of our high school students and college scholars, as well as some of our alumni, mentors and leaders who are deeply committed to our mission of helping others overcome obstacles to succeed.

Our students have great promise, but few resources. With your support, we are expanding our efforts by bringing our life-changing programs to more schools to empower more young people to graduate high school, go to college, and reach their full potential.

The work of the Fulfillment Fund would not be possible without the support of dedicated partners like you: individuals and families, schools, corporations, foundations and organizations. We are so fortunate to have such a diverse, caring community.

Today there are more than 8,000 Fulfillment Fund alumni living and working in the greater Los Angeles area, and many more throughout the United States. They are educators, attorneys, physicians, business owners, college graduates, role models and leaders in the community. When we think of the future, we think of them, and we couldn’t be more proud of their success.

Your investment in young people is truly making a difference for the community of our future. Whether you give time, energy or financial resources, you are helping us to create a brighter future by making college a viable opportunity for young people in need.

As we celebrate the Fulfillment Fund’s 35th year of investing in the Los Angeles community, thank you for joining with us in creating a better future through education. We are making a difference that will last for generations. Sincerely,

On behalf of the thousands of students we help every year, thank you for your support. Sincerely,

Kenny Rogers Chief Executive Officer

Gary Gitnick, M.D., F.A.C.G. and Cherna Gitnick Fulfillment Fund Co-Founders

Whereas nationally, only 54% of high school graduates in lowincome communities go on to college, 94% of Fulfillment Fund high school graduates planned to go on to college in 2012. 3

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2011-2012 Annual Report

12/21/12 9:06 PM


& Accomplishments At a time when public schools face unprecedented budget cuts and rising tuition costs, we at the Fulfillment Fund are proud of the life-changing programs and services we provided, touching the lives of nearly 3,000 students in the 2011–12 school year. Our achievements and accomplishments included: •

Delivering 517 classroom lessons to students attending Hamilton High School, Crenshaw High School, New Designs Charter School, Gertz-Ressler Charter High School, Richard Merkin Middle School, and the New Open World (NOW) Academy

Negotiating $1,568,565 in total financial aid (including grants, loans, work study, and outside scholarships) on behalf of students including $389,287 specifically in Fulfillment Fund scholarships and stipends

Conducting 2,072 one-on-one college counseling sessions guiding students through the entire admissions and financial aid process including college matching, writing personal statements and applying for scholarships

Providing thousands of hours of one-on-one support and personal attention, via trained volunteer mentors

Providing an intensive eight-week SAT prep course to 176 students, at no charge to them or their families

Taking hundreds of students on college site visits throughout California

Piloting a program to encourage students to pursue technology careers, in partnership with Creative Artists Agency and Microsoft Store

Launching a pilot college access program at three schools in Las Vegas, Nevada, projected to serve more than 300 students in 2012-13

“We are beyond appreciative for the services that the Fulfillment Fund provides to support students in achieving their goals for college. There is no organization that works with schools in the same way.” — Donna Jacobson, Principal, Richard Merkin Middle School

2011-2012 Annual Report

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12/21/12 9:06 PM


Paying the Investment Forward In Their Own Words

Yoseph I was born in Ethiopia. My family lived in a small, poverty-stricken neighborhood for the first eight years of my life. My parents immigrated to the U.S. in 2000 searching for a better life, but they had to leave my siblings and me in Ethiopia. Life without our parents was tough. Some days, food and water were scarce. I attended school but stopped going in the second grade to take care of my older brother, who was sick. Despite my absence from school, I borrowed my friends’ notebooks to teach myself what they had learned. When my siblings and I came to the U.S in 2002, I was grateful that I had an opportunity at a better education, but I did not speak English. To avoid being teased and to succeed in school, I taught myself how to speak by watching Sesame Street videos and repeating every new word. I spent my lunch time practicing vocabulary with my teacher. I became fluent in a matter of months. During high school the Fulfillment Fund helped foster my goal for my next journey onto college. My mentors and advisors helped me organize my time so that I stayed focused on my work. They showed me that education has great value and that success is the product of using education wisely. Yoseph is a first-year student at UC San Diego.

In Their Own Words

Jeanette Words cannot express how thankful I am and how blessed I feel to receive a Fulfillment Fund scholarship. The money helps me pay for my school expenses, for transportation and meals, and takes a big weight off the financial circumstances my family and I are facing. I have always believed that life’s challenges are not meant to weaken us; instead they are meant to give us strength and courage. I know I can reach any goal as long as I set my heart and mind to it. My goals include keeping my grades above a 3.6, graduating and becoming a registered nurse. I am proud to say I was admitted into the Mount St. Mary’s College nursing program. With the money I earned from my summer job, I purchased my uniform for nursing school, paid for my CPR training class and helped my parents financially.

In Their Own Words

Devery Rodgers I was chosen as a Fulfillment Fund Scholar during my junior year at Carson High School. At the time, I was an honors student who was involved in everything from the Interact Club to being the captain of the Pep Squad. I was also devastated by my father’s recent passing from cancer. Before he passed, he directed me to use my extra class period to volunteer as a teaching assistant for the college counselor. That’s when I found out about the Fulfillment Fund. As a result of the guidance I received from the Fulfillment Fund, I was accepted to eight schools and ultimately chose to become a UCLA Bruin. I graduated from UCLA as a double-major in English and African-American Studies, and after a year with the Department of Justice in Washington D.C., I returned home to Los Angeles to pursue my interests in student empowerment through literacy. Having taught at all levels of education, my goal now is to promote a quality education for all students. Devery Rodgers received her doctorate in Education Leadership in May 2012 from USC. She is now the Fritz B. Burns Endowed Chair of Education at Mount St. Mary’s College. A two-time Fulfillment Fund mentor, she is also a member of the Fulfillment Fund Alumni Ambassadors.

Despite all my struggles, I feel blessed tremendously. I contemplate the idea that “after the storm comes the calm.” Words cannot express the appreciation I feel towards the Fulfillment Fund. I, too, hope that one day I will be able to give back to my community the same way they are giving back to students like me. Jeanette is a second-year student at Mount St. Mary’s College.

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2011-2012 Annual Report

12/21/12 9:06 PM

One Student

Through in-depth and individualized support, the Fulfillment Fund helps thousands of students growing up in under-resourced communities defy the odds and achieve the dream of a college education.


A lack of positive role models showing education as a way out of poverty


Lack of financial resources to access higher education


Budget-strapped schools—some with a counselorto-student ratio of 1:1,000 or higher—that lack a college-going culture

Grades 9th–12th

College Trips

Our an o Fulf the

Grades 9th–12th

Classroom-Based College Access Programs



Lesson 1

Grades 9th–12th

College Fairs & Workshops


Grades 11th–12th

One-on-One College Counseling


Designed by

2011-2012 Annual Report

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12th Grade

Financial Aid Counseling E

College Level

Scholarships & Stipends


12/21/12 9:06 PM



The Ripple Effect in the Community

t, the growing e odds n.





Our future leaders need an opportunity. The Fulfillment Fund provides the following path:

IN THEIR FAMILY TO ATTEND COLLEGE, helping break the cycle of poverty in their family, community & local economy



planned to enroll in college

Grades 8th–12th

One-on-One Mentoring



of students in low-income communities nationwide


of Fulfillment Fund alumni are now giving back to the community: BUSINESS






...and as ROLE MODELS to the next generation

Career Support You can do it!

Fulfillment Fund students attend all types of colleges nationwide, such as:


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2011-2012 Annual Report

12/21/12 9:06 PM

FINANCIAL SUMMARY The Fulfillment Fund is committed to making college a viable opportunity for young people growing up in educationally- and economically-underresourced communities. We leverage your generosity and our community partnerships to ensure that students have support necessary to overcome obstacles and graduate from high school and go on to college. Here’s a quick look at where your investment goes.

Statement of Financial Position FISC AL YE AR ENDED 06/3 0/2012

ASSETS Cash and investments


Pledges receivable, net


Prepaid expenses, deposits and other assets Property and equipment, net Total Assets

359,538 51,357 8,817,591

LIABILITIES Accounts payable and accrued liabilities


Scholarships payable, net


Total liabilities


Net Assets




Statements of Activities FISC AL YE AR ENDED 06/3 0/2012

REVENUES Contributions


Special events income, net


Other revenues


Total revenues


EXPENSES Program Services Development Management and general

2011-2012 Annual Report

127022_AR_r1.indd 8

3,370,977 810,544 255,612

Total expenses





12/21/12 9:06 PM



Dr. Denise Luria and Jeff Berg

$50,000 - $99,999

Virginia and Austin Beutner

Linda and Jerry Bruckheimer

Camie and Tom Booker

Emy Davis / Edwin W. and Catherine M. Davis Foundation

Mrs. Lynn A. Booth

Melanie and Richard Lundquist

Jan and David Crosby

Kathleen and Dale Rosenbloom

Robert Davidow

Sanford R. Climan

Jordan and John Davis $25,000 - $49,999

Janna and Rick Delamarter

Jackie and Howard Banchik

Lisa and Dean Devlin

Sandra Krause and William Fitzgerald Grace E. Latt Barbara Lazaroff Eva Longoria Kira and Robert Lorsch

Stephen Maginn J. Christopher Mallick John and Carrie Mapes

Tomy Drissi

Andrea Cockrum

Joyce Eisenberg-Keefer and Mel Keefer

Cherna and Gary Gitnick, M.D.

Sheril and Robert Freedman

Beverly and Stephen Pazuk

Janice and Robert Goldman

David Geffen

Joanna and Sidney Poitier

Gwenyth and Jack Gosch

Kevin Goetz

Anthony J. Rossi

Jana and Randall Greer

Alejandra Cano-Hampton and Michael Sean Hampton

Stephanie and Charles Roven

Lucia and Lupe Rodriguez

Rita Wilson and Tom Hanks Alan S. Hergott Margaret J. Heymann

$5,000 - $24,999 Leslie Mann and Judd Apatow Charla and Michael Barnathan Christy and David Barnes The Honorable Frank and Kathy Baxter

Dana Michelle Walden Ralph Collins Walter Janelle and Brian Werdesheim Susan Harris and Paul Junger Witt

NEW PLEDGES $25,000 - $49,999 Janelle and Brian Werdesheim

Katie McGrath and J.J. Abrams

Marcia and George Chami

Britta and Ryan Kavanaugh

Reva and William Tooley

Marc Luzzatto

Edythe and Eli Broad

Jo Ann and Charles Kaplan

Anne Sweeney and Philip Miller

Margaret and R. Casey Olson Marti and Tony Oppenheimer

Shanit and Samuel Schwartz Jane and Terry Semel Lori Zech-Shaw and John Shaw

$5,000 - $24,999 Marie and Doug Ambrosino Kevin Ashby, M.D. Ruth and Jacob A. Bloom Melanie N. Henry Josh Klinefelter Cassidy and Ryan McCarthy Trey Milburn Steven D. Smith

Madeleine and Tom Sherak

Kevin Huvane

Ginger and William Sherak The Jim and Susie Jaqua Fund at Maria Shriver The Community Foundation Serving Doreen and Fred Solomon Riverside and San Bernardino Counties Tim Somers Marilyn and Jeffrey Katzenberg Suzanne and Richard Kayne

Kate Capshaw and Steven Spielberg

“Through the guidance and reinforcement from the Fulfillment Fund staff, I feel motivated to walk in the footsteps of my calling of who I truly am.” —Elijah, Alabama A & M University, Class of 2016

A SPECIAL THANK YOU TO OUR COMMUNITY PARTNERS California Community Foundation • Children’s Defense Fund - Beat the Odds • Clark County Unified School District • Communities in Schools - Los Angeles • C5LA • Coca-Cola Foundation • Los Angeles Unified School District • Magic Johnson Foundation • Marymount College • The Michael Brownstein Foundation • National College Access Network (NCAN) • NBC4LA • New Designs Charter School • Pacific Lutheran University • Southern California College Access Network (So. Cal CAN) • University of California, Los Angeles • University of Southern California • Women’s Leadership Council


127022_AR_r1.indd 9

2011-2012 Annual Report

12/21/12 9:06 PM

Annual Gifts July 1, 2011 – June 30, 2012 Continued


NBC Universal

Edison International

Regal Entertainment Group

Nielsen Entertainment


Sempra Energy


Paramount Pictures

Film Finances, Inc

The Dream Fund at UCLA


Goldman Sachs

Sheppard Mullin Richter & Hampton LLP

Windsong Trust

Relativity Media

Hansen, Jacobson, Teller, Hoberman, Newman, Warren & Richman

Stuart Foundation $100,000 - $249,999 College Access Foundation of California The Skirball Foundation The Walt Disney Company Weingart Foundation Wells Fargo

$50,000 - $99,999

Technicolor Twentieth Century Fox ZenithOptimedia Ziffren Brittenham LLP *Anonymous

$5,000 - $24,999 4D

Lon V. Smith Foundation

The Herman Foundation

Thomas W. Smith Foundation

Ignition Creative

Sony Pictures Entertainment

IMAX Corporation

Specialty Family Foundation

In Sync Advertising

STARZ Entertainment, LLC

Irell & Manella, LLP

Sun Valley Writers’ Conference


SunAmerica Retirement Markets, Inc.

Legendary Pictures

Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

Creative Artists Agency

AEG Global Partnerships

DreamWorks Studios

Allied Integrated Marketing

The Mark Hughes Foundation

AMC Theatres


Karisma Foundation

Aurora Management Partners, LLC


Nesbitt Foundation via Northern Trust Bank of California

AV Squad, Inc.

Mitchell, Silberberg & Knupp Foundation

$25,000 - $49,999 Bloom Hergott Diemer Rosenthal LaViolette Feldman LLP Chartwell Charitable Foundation Deluxe Entertainment Services Group

BLT and Associates, Inc. The Brittingham Family Foundation The Capital Group Companies Charitable Foundation The Capital Group Companies John W. Carson Foundation

Skydance Productions


The Banky-LaRocque Foundation

Bergen Foundation

Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom

MarketCast / Variety Marvel Entertainment, Inc. MasterImage 3D, Inc

TM Productions Toy Box Entertainment, Inc. Toys “R” Us Children’s Fund, Inc Union Bank United Talent Agency, Inc. VeriTES Walden Media

Mosaic Sales Solutions

Warner Bros. Entertainment

Munger, Tolles and Olson LLP

William Morris Endeavor Entertainment Foundation

National Cinemedia NBC4 Beating the Odds Scholarship Fund



NEW PLEDGES $100,000 - $249,999

Imagine Entertainment


The Kenneth T. and Eileen L. Norris Foundation

John P. Lamerdin Scholarship Fund via the California Community Foundation

CNMK Texas Properties

Oxymoron Entertainment

College Access Foundation of California

The Carol and James Collins Foundation

Picture Head LLC

Karisma Foundation

Mattel, Inc.

Cristiada Productions, Inc.


Dolby Laboratories, Inc.

Real D Cinemas $25,000 - $49,999 Dwight Stuart Youth Fund

“The Fulfillment Fund is changing the lives of students. I give thanks to the Fulfillment Fund for being there since the beginning of my journey toward college and my dreams.” — Alexis, University of California, Berkeley, Class of 2015

2011-2012 Annual Report 10

127022_AR_r1.indd 10

12/21/12 9:06 PM

“The support of my mentor and everyone at the Fulfillment Fund is too great for me to fail. This encourages me to strive and succeed. I feel lucky and blessed to have the Fulfillment Fund by my side.” — Javier, California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo, Class of 2013

PROFILE: A Family Tradition of Investing in the Community

Tim Somers’ involvement with the Fulfillment Fund runs deep. Not only is he the Treasurer of the Board of Directors, he’s a dedicated Fulfillment Fund mentor, now matched with his third student, 9th grader Victor Rodriguez. “The Fulfillment Fund helps kids who have a willingness and a desire to succeed, but who have never been given a chance, to progress through high school and move on to an advanced education,” says Somers, Managing Director of AMI Asset Management Corporation. Somers was introduced to the Fulfillment Fund in the 1990s by his grandparents, J. Hart and Louise Lyon, whose generous gift allowed the Fulfillment Fund to begin offering one-on-one college counseling services. Throughout their lives, they were passionate about helping those who were less fortunate, and always emphasized the importance of giving back to the community. After his grandfather passed away in 1997, Somers became more involved in the Fulfillment Fund, getting a close-up view of how the organization’s programs change lives as a mentor, supporting individual students on the path to high school graduation and college. “These are kids who would never have been given the opportunity or know the path to success if the organization didn’t exist,” he says. “Even if you’re only able to help a few students, it’s worth it.” The Fulfillment Fund thanks Tim Somers for his heartfelt dedication to helping students overcome obstacles to pursuing the dream of college, and for his long-term financial support of the Fulfillment Fund.

Tim Somers at the Fulfillment Fund’s annual Mentor-Student BBQ with his mentee, Victor Rodriguez

11 2011-2012 Annual Report

127022_AR_r1.indd 11

12/21/12 9:06 PM

STAFF Fulfillment Fund professional staff serve as mentor program advisors, classroom instructors, college counselors, program managers, event planners and fundraisers, and administrative staff. Kenny Rogers

Laura Pope

Joan Sumpter

Chief Executive Officer

Vice President, Development

Vice President, Finance & Administration

Sherry Banks

Elizabeth Kalfas

Sarah Oesterle

Pablo Benitez

Michele Keller

Nefara Riesch

Annie Dreyer

Emily Knarr

Janet Sarver

Aldwin Escuadro

Robbie Lee

Karina Santos *

Karen Fisher

Christopher Lopez *

Danny Slucki

Gabriel Flores *

Juan Lopez *

Abel Solorio

Ariel Garcia

Veronica Lopez *

Emily Tann

Danny Garcia

Elizabeth Mares *

Danny Tran

Reyes Gonzalez *

Susan Mangles

RJ Washington

Ivan Grgas

Cathy Mansouri

Cynthia Zamora

Joy Hallman

Karla Marquez

Elizabeth Zamudio

Xiomara Iraheta *

Teresa Marquez

Yolande Jeune

John Mitchell

Maria Espinosa Vice President, Programs

* Fulfillment Fund alumni

ALUMNI AMBASSADORS Fulfillment Fund Alumni Ambassadors support the organization through volunteering, fundraising and mentoring while also participating in professional workshops and networking opportunities.

BOARD Jorge Parra

Isela Barrios

Veronica Estrada

Devery Rodgers



Director of Professional Events

Director of Community Events

Marcelo Bermudez

Christopher Lopez

Nelson Gil

Vice President


Director of Social Events

Jessica Aguilar

Elvia Del Cid

Elizabeth Herrera

Nancy Ramirez

Keishawn Anderson

Daniela Delgado

Mayra Lopez

Vicky Razo

Jarnette Brownlee

Stephanie Diaz-Sandoval

Beatriz Lopez

Sandra Rivas

Katherine Cabrel

Nancy Duran

Veronica Lopez

Janeshia Robinson

Stephanie Cardenas

Leslie Flores

Nancy Marroquin

Joanna Rodriguez

Gabriela Castillo

Brenda Gallegos

Josefina Martinez

Niona White

Maria Ceballos

Lisandro Gonzalez

Daisy Mateo

Diana Yedalyan

Karen Cisneros

Marisol Granillo

Alejandra Olvera

2011-2012 Annual Report 12

127022_AR_r1.indd 12

12/21/12 9:06 PM

LEADERSHIP COUNCIL The Fulfillment Fund Leadership Council is a dynamic group of young professionals with a passion for education and a genuine desire to make a difference in our community. Leadership Council members volunteer time and resources to support the organization’s work help under-resourced youth graduate from high school and achieve a college education.


Kristen Cascio

Marcelo Bermudez *

Melanie Natasha Henry


VP of Operations and Communications

Alumni Association Representative

Chair, Program Support and Integration

Chris Wagner

Lindsey Greer

Tracy Gitnick Herriott

VP of Leadership Council Affairs

Co-Chair, Events and Sponsorship Committee

Co-Chair, Events & Sponsorship Committee

David Hughes President

Mike Allen

Carla Denly

Kenny Golds

Michael Lebovich

Greg Russell

David Anson

Diana Diller

Rodrigo Gonzalez

Jordan Lucoff

Senta Scarborough

Thomas Balamaci

Norma Dominguez *

Todd Hawkins

Ryan Martinez

William Sherak

Ivan Bermudez

Wanda Dragomirescu

Stuart Herriott

Ryan McCarthy

Jonathan Sklar

Ian Brooks

Patrice Drakeford

Nicole Iizuka

Kelly Merryman

Katie Thomason

Lindsay Burn

Nicole M. Duckett

David Kanuth

Trey Milburn

Robert R. Urband

Robinne Burrell

Kristin Dyak

Meredith Kaplan

Dayton Miller

James Valdez

David Casares

Justin Gaynor

Sarah J. Lang

Stewart Niles

Christopher Vroman

Romie Chaudhari

Zeina Gaynor

Steve Lapinski

Kellie Nolan

Ashley Warne

Anjan Choudhury

Jaime Geffen

Harriet Lavietes

Mathew Obergfoll

Kirk Williams

Gabe Cohen

Jason Geffen

Matthew B. Laycock

Djenaba Parker

Jason Ziven

Vanessa Del Muro

Dan Glasser

Jeff Osofsky

Jorge Parra * * Fulfillment Fund alumni

PROFILE: A Commitment to the Community For 17 years, Tom Booker, Executive Vice President at Wells Fargo Bank, has been a member of the Fulfillment Fund Board of Directors, serving as Vice President of the Board and guiding the Board Affairs committee. Tom Booker, Executive Vice President of Wells Fargo Bank, accepting the Founders’ Humanitarian award at the STARS Gala

Along with fellow Board Members Tom Sherak and Michael Keithley, Booker conceived and built the infrastructure of our Leadership Council, whose young business leaders have become essential members of the Fulfillment Fund family. “In many ways, Tom has been our mentor and our role model,” said Dr. Gary Gitnick. “We remain indebted to him and to Wells Fargo for their magnificent support and vigorous participation in all that we do.”

127022_AR_r1.indd 13

Under Tom’s leadership and guidance, Wells Fargo has, over the past two decades, provided significant financial support, paid student internships, sponsorships and mentor recruitment opportunities to the Fulfillment Fund – and in 2011 alone, Wells Fargo and its team members contributed more than $27 million to nonprofits and schools in Greater Los Angeles. A Los Angeles native who grew up in a family that placed a high value on education, Booker says the Fulfillment Fund is making a unique difference. “We save lives,” Booker says. “We give kids the opportunity to realize their dreams. There is no more important gift in life than an opportunity to pursue an education to help realize one’s potential.” The Fulfillment Fund is extraordinarily grateful to Tom Booker for his leadership and generosity, and to Wells Fargo for its long-term commitment to the community.

13 2011-2012 Annual Report

12/21/12 9:06 PM

FRIENDS of the Fulfillment Fund The Friends of the Fulfillment Fund, the Fund’s women’s auxiliary support group, mails hundreds of care packages to Fulfillment Fund scholars who are away at college and hosts the annual holiday party for children with special needs, along with a variety of other events to raise funds and support for the Fulfillment Fund.

BOARD OF DIRECTORS Cherna Gitnick Founder and Co-President

Jan Goldman Co-President

Susan Berger Sybil Bergman

Janet Cooper

Beverly Mayer

Isabel Wintroub

Joan Fox

Deb McAdams

Phyllis Wolf

Marjorie Gross

Doreen Solomon

Sara Guterman

Edele Singer

Fran Huddleston

Linda Weitzler

“Until recently, I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to go through with college.” My parents never went to

college, and even though they want me to go, their idea of me going to college is me continuing to live at home with them. The Fulfillment Fund Northern California college trip made me realize I could be successful at college. We stayed in college dorms, so we were able to live the full college experience. When we visited Stanford, it was really exciting to see my high school classmate Ali Barajas, also a Fulfillment Fund student, and how well she is doing there. This reassured me that I can do it too!

Starting in my freshman year of high school, when I barely knew anything about college, to now, as I’m actually going through the application process, the Fulfillment Fund has opened my eyes to countless possibilities. Being the first person in my family to go to college, I know I’ll be a role model for future generations. I have three nieces, and when they see me going to college, I’ll help them have the confidence to succeed as well. In fall 2013, Kelly plans to become the first in her family to attend college.

2011-2012 Annual Report 14

127022_AR_r1.indd 14

12/21/12 9:06 PM

BOARD OF DIRECTORS Chairman and Founder

Chief Executive Officer



UCLA School of Medicine





AMI Asset Management Corporation

Kayne Anderson Capital Advisors


Vice President



Munger, Tolles & Olson LLP

UCLA School of Medicine

Thomas C. Booker Wells Fargo Bank

David Casares Vicente Capital Partners

Sanford R. Climan Entertainment Media Ventures

Cherna Gitnick Co-Founder

Janice Goldman Philanthropist

Robert Goldman Investor

Jana Waring Greer SunAmerica

Charles Kaplan Sculptor

Jo Ann Kaplan Organic Farmer

Josh Klinefelter Aurora Capital Group

Alan Kumamoto Kumamoto Associates

Tony Oppenheimer Jorge Parra Propel Fuels

Lucia and Lupe Rodriguez Ann Ruth Five Star Legal & Compliance

Carl Schuster Wolfgang Puck

Madeleine Sherak, Ph.D. My Bench Productions

Tom Sherak, Ph.D. Revolution Consulting Services

Harlan Spinner UBS Financial Services Inc.

Chris Wagner Creative Artists Agency

Brian K. Werdesheim Oppenheimer & Company

Kirk Williams KW3 Consulting

Carla Mann Woods Mann Healthcare Partners

Marti Oppenheimer Marti Designs

FOUNDERS’ BOARD Andrea Cockrum

Brad Gluckstein

Kathleen Rosenbloom

Founding CEO

Conga Room


Janet and Barry Cooper

Despina and Jay Landers

Alba Tull

Monica Dremann, Psy.D.

Michael Rosenberg

Thomas Tull

Psychologist and Philanthropist

Imagine Entertainment

Legendary Pictures

Melina Esrailian, D.D.S.

Dale Rosenbloom

Joan and Charles Fox

Utopia Pictures

15 2011-2012 Annual Report

127022_AR_r1.indd 15

12/21/12 9:06 PM

“The Fulfillment Fund is what convinced me to go to college. Before I was part of the program, college wasn’t part of my plans.” —Oswaldo, San Jose State University, Class of 2016

Whereas nationally, only 54% of high school graduates in low-income communities go on to college, 94% of Fulfillment Fund high school graduates planned to go on to college in 2012.

“I will never forget what this program has done for me.” The Fulfillment Fund scholarship has given me a reason to move forward. Despite the poor economy, the Fulfillment Fund and its wonderful sponsors are making a difference in this world. It’s not the money that amazes me the most; it is the fact that there are actual people out there who care. In addition to carrying a full courseload and having a part-time job, I volunteer at a local organization twice a week, where I help children with their homework and help them get involved in after school activities. It’s not easy juggling this with being a full-time student, but then again it doesn’t have to be. I have learned that every accomplishment is mightier when hard work is involved. Like a great man once said, “Reach for the moon, for even if you fall, you will land among the stars.” Jorge, a student at West Los Angeles College, plans to transfer to a four-year university in fall 2013.

“I couldn’t begin to explain how instrumental the Fulfillment Fund has been in my life. I can honestly say that I would not be where I am today without their encouragement, support, and guidance.” —Lisa, Grinnell College, Class of 2014

6100 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 600, Los Angeles, CA 90048

Serving the Los Angeles community for 35 years, the Fulfillment Fund is a nonprofit organization dedicated to making college a viable opportunity for students growing up in educationally and economically under-resourced communities.

127022_AR_r1.indd 16

12/21/12 9:06 PM

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