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Foundation for Educational Exchange Between Canada and the United States of America

Annual Report 2010

Holly Cronin (Columbia University) American Fulbright Student at the University of New Brunswick 2009-10 Eco-Leader


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Gregory Zimmerman (Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania), 2009-2010 Fulbright Visiting Chair at the University of Guelph.

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Messages from the Board Chair and the Chief Executive Officer For 20 years Fulbright Canada has provided a generation of scholars and leaders with the opportunity to strengthen the relationship between two great nations through ground-breaking exchanges of ideas. This achievement was celebrated in Ottawa this past fall with a grand and memorable gala. The Foundation for Educational Exchange between Canada and the United States of America is now poised to continue its mission of providing the platform for future scholars to engage in the cutting-edge research that will help Canada and the United States be better neighbors, and allow these world-class researchers to take their rightful places among the next generation of leaders. With the support of our private sector partners, and the governments of Canada and the United States, we are ready to make the next 20 years even more dynamic than the first. It is with great pleasure and pride that I welcome to our Board Hélène Desmarais, Carl Amrhein, and Michael Parham, who will join us in carrying out the Foundation’s important mission. At the same time, it is with sincere appreciation, as well as both countries’ deepest thanks, that I bid adieu to Lise Casgrain, Rod Fraser, Ashif Ratanshi, Linda Cheatham and Denis Stevens, each of whom will remain a part of the Fulbright Canada family. It is with profound gratitude that I thank them for sharing their considerable talents in helping to make the first 20 years so remarkable for the Foundation. And, no thank-you would be complete without recognition of the fine staff assembled at the Foundation. They have made our vision and efforts possible with their tireless dedication and unending enthusiasm. On behalf of the Board of Directors, you all have our deepest, heartfelt thank yous for a job well done.

Mr. Roscoe C. Howard Jr. Board Chair It is with much pleasure that I present the FY2010 annual report of the Foundation for Educational Exchange between Canada and the United States of America. The Foundation’s story is one of pride, purpose, and commitment: to a generation of scholars, to enhancing and growing our collective research and productive capacity, and to a secure and prosperous relationship between our two great countries. Our various programs, led by our flagship CanadaU.S. Fulbright Program, play an important role in promoting international academic exchange and encouraging leadership and mutual understanding between Canada and the United States of America. The Foundation had a banner year in 2010, celebrating our past successes and positioning ourselves for an even brighter future. I would like to personally congratulate our grantees, encourage more students and scholars to engage, and thank my colleagues at the secretariat, our partners throughout the academic community, our private sector supporters, and our support networks at the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada, the Embassy of the United States in Canada, and the United States State Department. I would also like to offer a special thank you to the dedicated members of the Foundation’s Board of Directors. Their leadership and their vision show the way.

Dr. Michael K. Hawes Chief Executive Officer

Fulbright Canada | 01

Board of Directors American Directors

Ambassador David Jacobson Ambassador of the United States to Canada

Linda Cheatham Minister Counselor for Public Affairs U.S. Embassy, Ottawa

Ron Covais President of the Americas Lockheed Martin Company

Jack Curtin Chief Executive Officer Goldman Sachs Canada

John Ettling President SUNY Plattsburgh

Ambassador Gordon Giffin Partner McKenna, Long & Aldridge

Roscoe Howard (Board Chair) Partner Andrews Kurth LLP

Penelope Kyle President Radford University

Gloria Larson President Bentley College

02 | Annual Report 2010

“I was specifically interested in the Canada-U.S. Fulbright Program because it promotes co-operative research and thoughtful debate on issues that impact health and neuroscience in both the U.S. and Canada. A fellowship through the Fulbright Program allowed me to grow as a young researcher and future physician, but also prepared me to promote ethical change within the American healthcare system.� Sara Parke Stanford University American Fulbright Student at the University of British Columbia

Michael Parham Area Vice-President RealNetworks, Inc.

Canadian Directors

Ambassador Gary Doer Canadian Ambassador to the United States

Carl Amrhein Provost and VicePresident, Academic University of Alberta

Hélène Desmarais Chairman and CEO Centre d’entreprises et d’innovation de Montréal

Peter George Past-President McMaster University

Kevin Kelly (Past Chair) Past President Fidelity Investments Inc.

Daniel McCarthy (Treasurer) Vice Chairman CIBC World Markets, Inc.

Ashif Ratanshi Senior VicePresident, Financial Services RBC Financial Group

Denis Stevens Director General, Intergovernmental Relations and Public Outreach DFAIT

Frank Sobey Chairman Crombie REIT

Luc Vinet (Secretary) Past-Recteur Université de Montréal

“Educational exchange can turn nations into people, contributing as no other form of communication to the humanizing of international relations.” Senator J. William Fulbright 1905-1995

Fulbright Canada | 03

Fulbright Canada Celebrat

Since 1990 Fulbright Canada has engaged some of the best and brightest minds in Canada and the United States. Over 1100 students and scholars have participated in the prestigious residential, academic and cultural exchange program. To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the CanadaU.S. Fulbright Program, the Foundation engaged many of its key stakeholders (alumni, government partners, and universities) in a series of activities and events throughout 2010. The highlight of these celebrations was the 20th Anniversary “Celebration of Excellence” gala dinner, and the 20th anniversary lecture series. The latter From left to right: Kevin Kelly, Minister Peter Van Loan, Roscoe Howard, included the Fulbright Canada “Directing the Power of Ambassador David Jacobson, and Michael Hawes. Human Knowledge” lecture series and the Fulbright CanadaUniversity of Southern California “New Directions in Public Diplomacy” lecture series. Both series featured internationally recognized speakers, who gave lectures in Los Angeles, Toronto, Boston, Ottawa, and Washington, and addressed some of the major challenges facing Canada and the United States.

20th Anniversary “Celebration of Excellence” Gala Dinner On September 23, 2010, the Foundation for Educational Exchange between Canada and the United States of America (Fulbright Canada) celebrated its 20th anniversary with a gala at the Canada Aviation and Space Museum in Ottawa. The event attracted some 365 guests, including nearly 100 alumni from the Fulbright and Killam programs, current and former Fulbright Canada board members, university representatives, government officials, individuals from Fulbright Canada’s partner associations and organizations, along with a number of special guests.

Dr. Ruth Simmons delivered the keynote address at the 20th Anniversary “Celebration of Excellence” Gala Dinner.

We were very pleased to have Mr. David Jacobson, the Ambassador of the United States to Canada, as well as the Honourable Peter Van Loan, Minister of International Trade, who offered welcoming remarks and reflected on the important partnership between the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, the U.S. State Department, and Fulbright Canada. The opening reception, hosted by both governments, set the tone of partnership and success for the remainder of the evening.

The dinner was complemented by a compelling and heartfelt keynote lecture delivered by Dr. Ruth Simmons, President of Brown University, Fulbright alumna and recipient of the 2002 Fulbright Lifetime Achievement Award. Following a moving introduction by Fulbright Canada Board Chair Roscoe Howard, Dr. Simmons relayed her story of success and overcoming adversity, emphasizing the power and importance of international educational opportunities.

04 | Annual Report 2010

tes 20 Years of Excellence 20th Anniversary Public Lecture Series The Fulbright Canada-University of Southern California New Directions in Public Diplomacy Lecture Series was kicked off on April 6th with Michael Hawes’ lecture on “Understanding the Power and Purpose of Exchange Diplomacy”. The second lecture was by McKenna, Long and Aldridge Senior Strategic Advisor, Colin Robertson, speaking on “Practicing Public Poilcy: A Canadian Perspective”. Following Michael Hawes’ participation in a summer student program on public diplomacy, the lecture series closed in September with a lecture by the Director of the Citizen Lab in Toronto, Ronald Diebert, who delivered a lecture entitled, “The Hidden Geopolitics of Cyperspace.” All were well-received by the students, faculty and members of the local community. In particular, the lecture by Ron Diebert filled the lecture hall beyond From left to right: David Franzen (Canadian Consul General, Los seating capacity and stimulated excellent discussion amongst the Angeles) with Michael Hawes, and Colin Robertson, at the second participants during the question period and following the lecture. This of three Fulbright Canada-USC “New Directions in Public was ultimately the purpose of the Fulbright Canada-University of Diplomacy” Lecture. Southern California New Directions in Public Diplomacy Lecture Series; to engage the student body at USC in an important discussion of public diplomacy between Canada and the United States.

Dr. Heather Munroe-Blum, McGill Principal, speaking in Boston.

The second of our 20th Anniversary lecture series was the Fulbright Canada Directing the Power of Knowledge Lecture Series. The first lecture took place in Toronto on June 1st at the Design Exchange, and featured Dr. Robert Pozen, economist and author of the best-selling book “Too Big to Save”. The event was attended by several Fulbright Canada board members, Fulbright alumni, and several leaders from the local business community. The second lecture in the series took place in Boston on September 15, and featured McGill Principal, Dr. Heather Munroe-Blum, who delivered a lecture entitled, “Innovation and Higher Education: The Canada-U.S. Story”. The event drew a capacity crowd at the historic Boston College Club in downtown Boston.

Finally, to coincide with the meeting of the Board of Directors in Washington, the third lecture in the series was held on November 18 at the Canadian embassy in Washington. The lecture delivered by Jeff Rubin, economist and author of the book “Why your world is about to get a whole lot smaller”, was entitled, “Oil politics, regionalism and the end of globalization.” These lecture series are a quintessential example of Fulbright Canada’s continuous effort to realize Senator J. William Fulbright’s goal of bringing a little more knowledge, reason, and compassion into world affairs. We strongly believe that these events do a small part towards strengthening the friendship between people of Canada and the people of the United States.

Jeff Rubin, author and economist, speaking in Washington, D.C.

Fulbright Canada | 05

The Canada - U.S. Fulbright Program Long regarded as the world’s premiere academic exchange program, the Fulbright Program attracts exceptional students and scholars from more than 150 countries. Among the fastest growing of the bilateral exchanges is the Canada-U.S. Fulbright Program. The first cohort of Canada-U.S. Fulbright award recipients was named in 1991. Since that time, over one thousand and one hundred distinguished students, scholars, and professionals have participated in this educational exchange program. Canada-U.S. Fulbright students and scholars conduct research, teach, or study in their host country for either one semester or a full academic year. The Canada-U.S. Fulbright Program is generously supported by Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada, the United States Department of State, and a number of businesses, organizations, universities and individuals. More than 80 individuals received scholarships or fellowships in 2009–10. Of this group, most were traditional Fulbright student grantees or Fulbright Visiting Research Chairs.

2009-2010 American Fulbright Senior Specialist, Bobby Kahn (left), receives a formal commendation for his Fulbright award from the Governor of Georgia, Sonny Perdue.

The Traditional Fulbright Awards for Students and Scholars The Traditional Fulbright Awards for students are intended for graduate students, prospective graduate students, and junior professionals who wish to enrol in a graduate studies program, continue their current course of graduate study, or conduct an independent research project for a period of nine months in the host country. The Traditional Fulbright awards for scholars enable emerging and established scholars, post-doctoral researchers, and experienced professionals to conduct research, teach, or undertake a combination of both activities for one semester or a full academic year at a university or research centre of their choice in the host country.

“The Fulbright Award was a precious gift of time for me. My scholarly research and creative writing had always been juggled between family and professional demands. But now, after years of being a wife, a mother of two daughters, a Ph.D. student, a professor and administrator of the Creative Writing Program at York University in Toronto, I found myself surprised by the wave of creativity that the Fulbright afforded me. Writing, in the desert, I drank the bone-dry air with an open mouth and words exploded my hands, my eyes, my past.”

Rishma Dunlop York University Canadian Fulbright Visiting Chair in Creative Writing at Arizona State University

06 | Annual Report 2010

The Visiting Research Chairs Program The development of long-term partnerships between Canadian and American scholars and institutions is a priority of the Canada-U.S. Fulbright Program. In support of this aim, the Foundation has developed a series of Fulbright Visiting Research Chairs at institutions in Canada and the United States. In 2009–10, 22 Chairs were appointed, and agreements were concluded for additional Chairs in 2010–11.

The Fulbright Specialist Program The Canada-U.S. Fulbright Program welcomed four Senior Specialists to Canada this year. The goal of the Fulbright Senior Specialists Program is to promote exchanges that go beyond the traditional Fulbright activities of lecturing and research. This program is designed to provide U.S. and Canadian faculty and professionals with opportunities to collaborate on curriculum and faculty development, institutional planning, and a variety of other activities. A roster of American faculty and professionals is continually expanding in a variety of fields through a rolling application process. Canadian academic institutions may request a Fulbright Senior Specialist for a short term visit of two to six weeks.

The Foreign Language Teaching Assistant (FLTA) The Foreign Language Teaching Assistant Program provides an opportunity for francophone Canadian students and teachers to teach French language and culture and to study at select universities in the United States.

“There is certainly no other scholarship program I know of that would have connected me to such a diversity of perspectives, on top of allowing me to study at the university of my choice, giving me research funds to facilitate my intellectual independence, and enabling me to attend annual conferences in my field. Thank you!”

Rebecca Best Canadian International Science and Technology Student at the University of California, Davis

Fulbright Canada Mobility Program Current U.S. Fulbright students and scholars in Canada are provided with a number of specific enrichment opportunities. In addition to encouraging them to take on a much broader and more visible public profile in the national community, the Mobility Program seeks to provide U.S. Fulbright students and scholars with the opportunity to expand their network of professional contacts beyond the immediate setting of their Canadian host institutions. The most prominent enrichment activities are the Annual Orientation Program, the Student Professional Development Program, and the Visiting Scholar Speakers Program.

The 2009-2010 cohort at Orientation 2009 in Ottawa

Fulbright Canada | 07

2009-2010 Canadian Fulbright Award Recipients Canadian Fulbright Scholar Award Recipients Julie Barlow Fulbright Scholar at Arizona State University “Three Hundred Million Americans Can’t Be Wrong” Brian Bow (Dalhousie University) Fulbright Visiting Chair in Canada-U.S. Relations at the Woodrow Wilson International Centre for Scholars “Neighborhood or Community?: Identity Politics and Regional Integration in North America” Monica-Gabriela Cojocaru (University of Guelph) Fulbright Visiting Chair at the University of Southern California at Santa Barbara “Modeling Dynamics of Environmental Choices from Individual to Population Level” James Dean (Simon Fraser University) Fulbright Visiting Chair in North American Studies at American University “What Canada and the US Can Learn from Each Other: Welfare-enhancement via regulatory and policy reform” Rishma Dunlop (York University) Fulbright Visiting Chair in Creative Writing at Arizona State University “Midnight at the Algonquin Hotel” Jonathan Locke Hart (University of Alberta) Fulbright Scholar at Harvard University “Promoting and Opposing Empire: U.S. and Canadian Identities and the British Empire, 1558-1814” Christopher Lemieux (University of Waterloo) Fulbright Visiting Chair in Canadian Studies at SUNY-Plattsburgh “Towards a Coordinated Policy and Management Paradigm for Protected Areas in Canada and the U.S. under Global Climate Change”

08 | Annual Report 2010

Jocelyn Létourneau (Université Laval) Fulbright Scholar at the University of California, Berkeley “Young Quebecers and The(ir) History of Quebec: Relationship with the Past and Historical Consciousness” Christine Rivas (Carleton University) Fulbright Visiting Chair at Vanderbilt University “Racial Consciousness in Miscegenated Societies” Robert Williams (University of British Columbia) Fulbright Visiting Chair in Canadian Studies at the University of Washington “Transboundary Issues in Marine Mammal Conservation and Management in the Northeast Pacific”

Fulbright New Century Scholar Ian McCarthy (Simon Fraser University) Michigan State University “How Do University Research Parks Help Their Firms?”

Fulbright Scholars-in-Residence Award Recipients Radha Rajagopalan (City of Toronto) North Central College Environmental Studies Rose Roberts (University of Saskatchewan) Northwest Indian College Indigenous Health

Special Fulbright Canada Fellows Geneviève Bergeron (Université Laval) Harvard School of Public Health “Master’s of Public Health and Comparative Analysis of Environmental Health Policy Development in Canada and the U.S.”

Marie-France Fortin (University of Cambridge) Harvard Law School “The Policing Role Federal Courts Play with Respect to the Different Bodies of the American Government’s International Economic Relations”

Fulbright-Government of Canada MidCareer Professional Award Recipients Christine Burton (Agri-Food Canada) Harvard University Susan Chambers (Public Works and Government Services) Harvard University Tobias Nussbaum (Privy Council Office) Harvard University

Canadian Fulbright International Science and Technology Award Recipients Rebecca Best (University of British Columbia) University of California, Davis Biology & Ecology Heather Buckley (University of British Columbia) University of California, Berkeley Chemistry

Deborah Lightman (McGill University) Massachusetts Institute of Technology “Processes in Environmental Policy and Planning: Consensus Building in Bilateral Water Relations”

Vijay Narasimham (University of Ottawa) Stanford University Material Science and Engineering Joel Zylberberg (Simon Fraser University) University of California, Berkeley Physics

Sara Bannerman (Carleton University) George Washington University “Canada, the United States, and the Berne Convention, 1886-1971: Lessons for Today”

Anand Mahadevan (University of Toronto/Humber College) Boston University “A half of two worlds” Elizabeth Muggah (Wabano Centre for Aboriginal Health) Harvard University “Reducing Health Disparities in Primary Health Care in Canada and the United States”

Stefanie Bowles (Government of Canada’s Policy Research Initiative) Worldwatch Institute and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency John Zhang (University of Calgary) “Sustainable Consumption and Production Ian Rocksborough-Smith Columbia University in North America: Governance, Tools and (University of Toronto) Computer Science Public Perception” Northwestern University “Intergenerational Legacies in the Struggle Canadian Fulbright Students and Junior Andrée-Anne Cormier for Black Civil Rights” Professional Award Recipients (Université de Montréal) University of Columbia Owen Toews Laura Adams (Queen’s University) “A Normative Evaluation of the Practice of (University of Winnipeg) Syracuse University Home-Schooling” City University of New York “Master’s Degree in Public “Afrocentric Schools and their Administration” Tyson Dyck (Torys LLP ) Neighbourhoods: Policy Implications in the Stanford University Law School U.S. and Canada” Colin Anderson (University of Manitoba) “The Edge of a New Frontier: Adapting Oregon State University Canada-U.S. Boundary Water Management “The Role of Public Policy in Canadian and to Climate Change” American Local Food Networks”

Fulbright Canada | 09

2009-2010 American Fulbright Award Recipients

Michael Eldridge (Humboldt State University) Fulbright Visiting Chair in Globalization and Cultural Studies at McMaster University “Calypso’s Cosmopolitan Strategy: Race, Nation, and Global Culture in Mid-Century Canada” Dennis Fox (University of Illinois) Fulbright Distinguished Lecturing Chair at York University “Psychology, Law, and Justice in Critical Perspective” Michael Galbreth (University of South Carolina) Fulbright Enders Visiting Research Chair at McGill University “ Reducing Waste Profitably: Models to Improve the Collection, Remanufacturing, and Redistribution of Used Products”

American Fulbright Scholar Award Recipients Daniel Cahoy (Pennsylvania State University) Fulbright Visiting Chair in International Humanitarian Law at the University of Ottawa “Comparative Analysis of Mechanisms for Resolving Human Rights and Intellectual Property Law Conflicts” Thomas Carbonneau (Pennsylvania State University) Fulbright Visiting Chair in Comparative Law and Legal Pluralism at McGill University “Contract Fairness in Disparate-Party Arbitration”

10 | Annual Report 2010

James Cunningham (University of Arizona & Universidad de Guadalajara) Fulbright Canada-Mexico Joint Award in North American Studies at the University of Toronto “Intranational and International Health Impacts of the Canadian, Mexican, and U.S. Policy of Methamphetamine Precursor Regulation” Monique Deveaux (Williams College) Fulbright Visiting Chair in Global Governance and Multilateral Management at the University of Waterloo “The Subjects of Global Justice”

Gregory Hooks (Washington State University) Fulbright Visiting Chair in Health, Science, and the Environment at McMaster University “Complex Environmental Inequality in the Detroit-Windsor Urban Area” Heather Hudson (University of San Francisco) Fulbright Visiting Chair in North American Politics and Society at Carleton University “An Analysis of Broadband Policies” Karen Kedrowski (Winthrop University) Fulbright Visiting Chair in Health, Indigenous Populations, Media and Education at McGill University “Women’s Health Activism: The Cases of Breast Cancer and Breastfeeding”

American Fulbright Scholar Award Recipients

American Fulbright Students and Junior Professional Award Recipients

Kathryn Lavelle (Case Western Reserve University) Fulbright Visiting Chair in Global Issues at the University of Toronto “Legislating for International Organizations: Democratic Constituencies and the Bretton Woods International Financial Institutions”

Beza Ayalew (Denison University) Simon Fraser University “An Exploration of Canada’s Health Care Systems Service for Immigrant Populations”

Rajiv Sabherwal (University of Missouri - St. Louis) Fulbright Visiting Chair in Management of Knowledge Based Enterprises at Queen’s University “Investigating the Relationship Between Knowledge Management and Business Intelligence” Brent Sohngen (Ohio State University) Fulbright Visiting Chair in Agriculture, Forestry, and Home Economics at the University of Alberta “Climate, Carbon Sequestration, and the Competitiveness of the Canadian Forest Sector in a Global Economy” John Ziker (Boise State University) Fulbright Visiting Chair in North American Studies at the University of Calgary “Home, Hearth, and Household in North America: Mobility, Environment, and Demographics of Indigenous Peoples” Gregory Zimmerman (Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania) Fulbright Visiting Chair at the University of Guelph “High Temperature and Pressure Aqueous Solution Chemistry: Measurements in Support of the Development of New Generation Nuclear Reactors”

Fulbright Specialist Award Recipient Bobby Kahn (Emory School of Medicine) University of Prince Edward Island Public Health Linda Ueltschy (Bowling Green State University) University of Calgary Business Administration

Holly Cronin (Columbia University) University of New Brunswick “Settlement, Abandonment, Survival: Small Island Communities of the Grand Manan Archipelago” Iris Halpern (Independent, NY) University of Guelph “Domestic Workers in Canada” Jeffrey Hilgert (Cornell University) McGill University “The Right to Refuse Unsafe Work: Canadian Practice, Global Concern”

Thomas A. Nail (University of Oregon) McMaster University and Concordia University “Canada, Immigration and Difference” Sara Parke (Stanford University) University of British Columbia “Ethical, Legal and Social Issues in Neuroimaging” Victoria Shaw (Hanover College) McGill University “Paleolimnology, History, and Environmental Policy of Lake Memphremagog” Alison K. Shott (American University) University of Prince Edward Island “Island Paradox: The Impact of Prince Edward Island’s Electoral Redistribution”

Brendan Kredell (Northwestern University) University of Toronto “Considering the Impacts of Globalization on Urban Development and Film Culture” James Kruse (Alma College) McGill University “Management of Stakeholder Interactions in Canadian Environmental Policymaking” Karen Lillie (Princeton University) University of Ottawa “Study of Tuberculosis Education and Care among At-Risk Populations in Ontario, Canada” Jane Martin (University of Michigan - Ann Arbor) McGill University “A New Chapter: Recognizing FrenchCanadian Heritage in America” Jenny Montgomery (Independent, IL) Concordia University “Refugees and Québec: Negotiating the Space between Otherness and Acculturation”

“This has been one of the most rewarding learning experiences of my life. I have been so impressed by the treatment of foreign Fulbrighters here in the U.S. by the network of alumni who organize events ... and by average Americans who have heard of the program and respect it. ... While it took a lot for me to pick up and move to the U.S. its been an absolutely fabulous experience and well worth every second.”

Stefanie Bowles

Canadian Fulbright Student at the Worldwatch Institute and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Fulbright Canada | 11

2009-10 Eco-Leader, Patrick Belanger

Fulbright Canada Eco-Leadership Program In September 2009, Fulbright Canada launched its Eco-Leadership Program. Supported initially by the U.S. State Department’s Fulbright for the Future initiative, the program provided small grants (between $2000US and $4000US) to current Fulbright Canada grantees and alumni of the program, to engage in environmental action in their communities. In its pilot year, the Fulbright Canada Eco-Leadership Program was received with tremendous enthusiasm, and 11 outstanding projects from across Canada and the United States were funded. The program serves as an excellent example that Fulbright students, scholars, and alumni, are truly motivated to make a difference in their communities. Fulbrighters are natural leaders, and this program provides additional financial resources to enable them to contribute to or have a significant positive environmental impact. The mandate of the Fulbright Program is to promote friendly, sympathetic, and peaceful relations between the people of both Canada and the United States, is achieved primarily through student and scholar mobility programs. As awareness around the environmental impact of travel grows, more students and scholars are looking to off-set this impact in some way. The Fulbright Canada-RBC Eco-Leadership Program offers a unique opportunity to Fulbrighters to take action to reverse the impact of their travel, and develop new roots within their community.

12 | Annual Report 2010

Victoria Shaw established the student group, WormTrain, that introduced VermiComposting to the McGill campus.

2009-2010 Eco-Leaders The scene at the Green Art Workshop Parade. Sheri Blake developed a Green Art workshop for youth in Winnipeg. Students painted sidewalks, banners, and flags, and other outdoor mosaics, all with a green message.

Moving Forward

Sara Bannerman (Washington, D.C.) Patrick Belanger (Playa Del Ray, CA) Sheri Blake (Winnipeg, MB) Holly Cronin (Grand Manan Island, NB) Sonia Gunderson (Fairfield, IA) Dave Holben (Athens, OH) Chris Lemieux (Plattsburgh, NY) Christine Rivas (Nashville, TN) Rose Roberts (Lummi Reservation, WA) Victoria Shaw (Montreal, QC) Yolanda Wiersma (St. John’s, NL)

The Fulbright Canada Eco-Leadership Program offers a unique opportunity for Fulbrighters to take action to reverse the impact of their travel, and to develop new roots within their community. Fulbright Canada award recipients are expected to excel academically, but they are also expected to serve as ambassadors for their country. They are encouraged to engage their host community, get involved whenever and wherever possible, and expand their experience beyond the classroom, laboratory, and library. With the Eco-Leadership Program, Fulbright Canada has further enriched a unique and enlightening academic and cultural experience. Fulbright Canada’s objective was to provide a conduit between a finite source of government funding and an infinite capacity amongst a unique group of academics to envision and build a cleaner, greener, healthier world. Clearly the outcome of these projects is both tangible and long-term. Investments were made to support permanent community projects that are sustainable by the local community even once the Fulbrighter has moved on. We look forward to building on the success of this program in the years ahead. Fulbright Canada is proud to announce that starting in 2010-11, the Eco-Leadership Program will be supported by

“Given the current situation of the park and the overall economy of upstate New York, I believe that the “Health Parks/Healthy People Eco-Fair” was timely and served an important purpose that, if continued in the future, will build social and political support for parks and other forms of protected areas situated in local communities. It will also increase the awareness of the greater role that parks play in society. This would have not been possible without the inaugural Fulbright Canada Eco-Leadership program grant.”

Chris Lemieux Hosted the “Healthy Parks/Healthy People” Eco-Fair in Plattsburgh, NY.

Fulbright Canada | 13

The Killam Fellowships Program The Killam Fellowships Program, supported by the American Killam Trusts, is designed to develop a cadre of young leaders committed to enhancing mutual understanding between Canada and the United States. The Killam Fellowships program provides exceptional undergraduate students from universities in Canada and the United States with the opportunity to spend either one semester or a full academic year in the other country during the third year of their undergraduate career. These awards are the first of their kind between Canada and the United States. In its inaugural year, the Killam Fellowships Program engaged 13 American and Canadian undergraduate students in educational exchange. In 2009–10, awards were granted to 30 students.

2009-2010 American Killam Fellows JEANNETTE BERGFELD, PSYCHOLOGY & MATHEMATICS From American University to the University of Toronto JOHN CONCEPCION, POLITICAL SCIENCE & ECONOMICS From American University to the University of British Columbia ROZANNA FANG, FRENCH STUDIES & PUBLIC HEALTH From the University of Washington to ‘Université de Montréal DANIEL KINIRY, PSYCHOLOGY, BIOLOGY & CHEMISTRY From SUNY - Plattsburgh to Queen’s, University ALISON LUTZ, MATHEMATICS, FRENCH & ENGLISH From SUNY - Plattsburgh to Dalhousie University MATTHEW MACKENZIE, ENGLISH From Clemson University to McGill University MATTHEW MULKERN CIVIL ENGINEERING & CANADIAN STUDIES , From the University of Maine to Bishop’s University , EMILY O’HARA CANADIAN STUDIES, INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS & FRENCH From SUNY - Plattsburgh to York University AMY OWEN GRAPHIC DESIGN, BUSINESS & ENTREPRENEURSHIP From Oregon State University to the University of Victoria ZOYA PLAMONDON, ECONOMICS From Smith College to the University of Toronto NINA SCHWARTZMAN, FRENCH STUDIES & CHEMISTRY From Smith College to Université de Montréal

“American is a beautiful institution with talented and accessible faculty members. My professors were all very bright and interested in their students. One professor, in particular, is an adjunct instructor employed by the Congressional Research Service at the Library of Congress located beside the Capitol, and he allowed me to utilize the vast volume of literature owned by the Library. In addition, I was permitted to study in the magnificent reading room of the Thomas Jefferson Library.”

Samuel Gregg-Wallace Mount Allison University Canadian Killam Fellow at American University

14 | Annual Report 2010

REGINALD SINGLETARY, SOCIOLOGY & POLITICAL SCIENCE From the Appalachian State University to Concordia University ADAM TANGA, POLITICAL SCIENCE & FRENCH From the University of Washington to the University of Ottawa ALEXANDER THORP ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE AND INTERNATIONAL STUDIES From American University to Mount Allison University

2009-2010 Canadian Killam Fellow, Tim Ting Han Jen from the University of British Columbia to the University of California, Berkeley

2009-2010 Canadian Killam Fellows AKEEL ALI, ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING From McGill University to Duke University ERIN AYLWARD, POLITICAL SCIENCE & SPANISH From Memorial University to the University of Washington JONATHON BRAUN, HISTORY & THEATRE From the University of Ottawa to American University NICHOLAS BROWN, ENVIRONMENTAL GEOSCIENCE From University of Victoria to the University of Maine JULIANNA CHIU, BUSINESS From the University of Prince Edward Island to SUNY Plattsburgh OLIVIER COCHE, LAW From Université de Montréal to American University NICOLAS DILLON COGNITIVE SCIENCE, HISTORY & PHILOSOPHY OF SCIENCE From McGill University to Claremont McKenna College POUYA EBRAHIMI, ECONOMICS From Université de Montréal to American University SAMUEL GREGG-WALLACE, POLITICAL SCIENCE From Mount Allison University to American University TIM TING HAN JEN, BIOCHEMISTRY & CHEMISTRY From the University of British Columbia to the University of California JOSEPH KALIS, ECONOMICS, BUSINESS & FINANCIAL ANALYSIS From York University to the University of Southern California LEANNE LABOSSIERE BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES, EARTH & ATMOSPHERIC SCIENCE From the University of Alberta to SUNY Plattsburgh CLAIRE MACINNES, SOCIOLOGY, POLITICS, LAW & SOCIETY From McGill University to the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill ANTHONY MAHER INTERNATIONAL STUDIES & MODERN LANGUAGES From the University of Ottawa to the University of Washington ALEXANDRA MCLENNAN, PHYSICS From Mount Allison University to Clemson University JINGHAO MARY YANG, ARTS & SCIENCE From McMaster University to Clemson University

The Mobility Program The Killam enrichment activities, allowing for both professional and personal growth, while promoting fellowship among the participants, are an integral part of the Killam Fellowships program. Fulbright Canada, in conjunction with the American Killam Trusts, is pleased to provide current Killam Fellows with a number of specific enrichment opportunities, including Fall Orientation in Ottawa and the Spring Seminar in Washington, DC. The Cultural Awareness Program provides Killam Fellows with funds to undertake an academic and/or cultural activity in a city or region other than the location of their host university. While the activity does not have to be directly related the student’s program of study, its objective should be to broaden the student’s understanding of the host country and expand his or her horizons. It is through additional benefits, such as the mobility program, that Fulbright Canada differentiates itself from other scholarship-granting Foundations, allowing the Killam fellows to develop the requisite personal and ambassadorial skills.

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Thank You Fulbright Government of Canada

Government of the United States

Embassy of the United States of America, Ottawa United States Department of Education

Canadian University Partners Acadia University, Brock University, Carleton University, Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI), Concordia University, Dalhousie University, McGill University, McMaster University, Memorial University, Mount Allison University, Queen’s University, Simon Fraser University, University of Alberta, University of British Columbia, University of Calgary, University of Guelph, Université Laval, University of Lethbridge, University of Manitoba, Université de Montréal, University of Ottawa, Université du Québec à Montréal, University of Prince Edward Island, University of Toronto, University of Victoria, University of Waterloo, University of Western Ontario, University of Winnipeg, Wilfrid Laurier University, York University

American University Partners American University, Arizona State University, Brandeis University, Bridgewater State College, Clemson University, Columbia University, Duke University, Harvard University, Ithaca College, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Michigan State University, New York University, State University of New York—Plattsburgh, Portland State University, Smith College, University of California system, University of Georgia (Kennesaw State University), University of Maine, University of Southern California, University of Washington, Vanderbilt University, Wellesley College “Fulbright programs benefit all countries involved by sharing scholarly knowledge. The Canada-US Fulbright program in particular is beneficial because of the importance of the Canadian-US partnership. While important to both countries, the relationship is asymmetrical. Canadians are hyper aware of the US, and influenced by its media, its economy and its public policy in myriad ways. Americans, by contrast, are barely aware of Canada, even though they should be. This exchange educates dozens of scholars about Canada and they, in turn, take this knowledge back to the United States and share it. Americans need to understand more about the major world power that is its northern neighbor.”

Karen Kedrowski

Winthrop University American Fulbright Visiting Chair in Health, Indigenous Populations, Media and Education at McGill University

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Canada Supporters! Private Sector Partners

The John and Judy Bragg Foundation

“The strongest appeal of the Fulbright for me was not the terms of the fellowship – although they do allow an enviable degree of latitude to the researcher – but rather the history and community associated with the program. Other research fellowships are available to doctoral students looking to pursue extended fieldwork, but few (if any) match the Fulbright in terms of the infrastructural and institutional advantages that it offers.”

Brendan Kredell

Northwestern University American Fulbright Student, and the U.S. Embassy in Canada’s 20th Anniversary Award Recipient at the University of Toronto

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Fulbright Canada Secretariat Secretariat Staff

Interns and Contractual Support

Michael K. Hawes, PhD

Charlene Koziel

Chief Executive Officer

Graeme Cunningham

YIIP Summer Intern York International Internship Program

External Relations Officer

Jesse Davies

Executive Assistant and Alumni Coordinator

Nesreen El-Onsi

Administrative Assistant

Michelle Emond

Program Officer (Students)

Brad Hector

Program Officer (Scholars)

Ava Kovats

Senior Finance Officer

Jade McInnis

Michelle Emond and Graeme Cunningham at the 20th Anniversary gala dinner.

Administrative Assistatnt

Jennifer Regan

Chief Program Officer

Caroline ThĂŠbault

Executive Assistant / Development Officer

Jennifer Regan (left) and Jesse Davies at the Fulbright/Killam hockey game.

Brad Hector

Ava Kovats

20 | Annual Report 2010

Fulbright Canada Annual Report 2010  

Fulbright Canada Annual Report 2010

Fulbright Canada Annual Report 2010  

Fulbright Canada Annual Report 2010