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五月 - 福岡導覽


5월 후쿠오카 가이드


Dontaku Festival Guide

Fukuoka’s Fine Watch Emporium

1F il Cassetto Bldg., 1-2-5 Daimyo, Chuo-ku Open: 11:00~19:30 ▪ Closed: Tue. ☎ 092-725-7766

2 | Fukuoka Now | #245 | May 2019

Certified reseller of imported fine mechanical watches One of the largest selections in Kyushu 進口機械手錶直營經銷商 / 在九州商品最齊全的店 수입�정품�기계식�시계�판매점/큐슈�최대급�상품�구성 B-3



TAX FREE for foreign tourists


Discover more! やきとり稲田 福岡市博多区住吉3-5-3 3-5-3 Sumiyoshi, Hakata-ku 092-261-3966 17:00~24:30 (L.O. 23:30), Fri & Sat. ~1:30 (L.O. 24:30) Closed: Irregular Course (appetizer, entree of the day, 7 types of skewers, fresh steamed rice, dessert) ¥3,500, tsukune ¥230, Wagyu hanging tender ¥530, negima ¥280, pork belly ¥180



Located near Sumiyoshi Shrine, Inada prides itself on good yakitori and good service. Sit at the counter or grab a seat in a horigotatsu or private room. When he went solo in 2014, owner Tsuguhiro Inada wanted the meat y Amakusa Daio chicken to be his focus. Along with veggies procured mostly from Kyushu, he uses Amakusa Daio from Kumamoto and other domestic chicken that are sourced fresh every morning. The chickens are sourced whole and prepared in-house. The juicy, flavor-packed skewers go great with a squeeze of the sour but refreshing Amakusa bankan citrus. And that’s not water, but sake sprayed on the skewers!

야키토리 이나다

조리학교 졸업 후 프렌치 레스토랑에서 요리사 인생을 시작했고 야키토리 전문점에서도 10년 이상 경력을 쌓아온 오너 이나다씨가 운영 중인 야키토리 전문점. 큐슈산 제철 재료를 중심으로 메뉴를 구성하는데 야키토리에는 아름다운 자연환경에서 10 0일 이상 방목 사 육한 닭 아마쿠사다이오와 당일 아침에 잡은 일본산 영계 두 종류를 사용한다. 사케와 소금을 뿌린 뒤 비장탄으로 구워내 껍질은 바삭 육즙은 촉촉한 야키토리를 후쿠오카 스타일로 레몬과 간장을 섞어 만든 소스를 뿌린 생양배추와 함께 즐겨보자.


以燒烤為主的「燒鳥稻田」 ,各式座位具備,店內禁菸,故能品嘗到食材原味。以九州當季 食材為主的菜單,烤雞肉採用自然環境養成的野生雞「天草大王」及當日宰殺的國產雛雞。 老闆稻田嗣大累積了十年以上燒鳥店經驗。2014 年開店,主打味道、嚼勁都具感動的天草 大王雞肉。把各部位成串,噴撒日本酒、天草鹽,用備長炭燒烤,雞皮香脆,雞肉多汁,與 天草柑橘絕配。請享受生高麗菜蘸醬搭烤雞肉串的福岡風格。

New York style premium quality steakhouse. The best steaks this side of the Pacific.

3/14 ~ 5/12

3rd Anniversary Fair Reduced-price menus!

HAPPY HOUR: 15:00~22:30 WOLFGANG’S STEAKHOUSE FUKUOKA Grand Hyatt 1F, 1-2-82 Sumiyoshi, Hakata-ku Tel.: 092-292-1651 D-2 Open: 11:30~23:30 (L.O.: Food: 22:30 / Drinks: 23:00) Closed: Never | 3

The Ghibli Expo

吉卜力大博覽會 스튜디오�지브리�대박람회

3/15 ~ 6/23

Retrospection on 30 years of Studio Ghibli including original illustrations, movie trailers, and rare and valuable unreleased materials! 穿梭吉卜力工作室30年歷程之特別企劃。

스튜디오�지브리의 30년간의�역사를�체험할�수�있는�특별�기획 Open: 9:30~17:30 (last entry 17:00) Closed: Mon., except 4/29 (Mon., hol.), 5/6 (Mon.), and closed on 5/7 (Tue.) Adults: ¥1,400; HS & MS: ¥1,000; 4 y.o. to ES: ¥600 Fukuoka City Museum (¥200 off for adv. tickets or same day upon presenting a foreign passport or residence card) 3-1-1 Momochihama, Sawara-ku

In cooperation with ©Studio Ghibli

FBS 50th Anniversary


Discover more! ふくちゃんラーメン田隈本店 福岡市早良区田隈2-24-2


2-24-2 Taguma, Sawara-ku, Fukuoka 092-863-5355 11:00~21:00 (or sold out) Closed: Tue. Ramen ¥600, large ramen ¥700, roast pork ramen ¥ 800, wonton ramen ¥800, wonton ¥600, gyoza ¥350, fried rice ¥450, noodle refill ¥100, rice ¥100, kimchi ¥300

Now in its 43rd year, Fukuchan is one of the city’s mos t f amous ramen joints. Ask a local and many will say Fukuchan is their favorite. Despite its location in a residential neighborhood 40 minutes from Tenjin, people line up before the shop even opens, and it remains packed with patrons until around 15:00. The biggest selling point at Fukuchan is the exquisite balance of the soup, noodles, and roast pork. The savory tonkotsu broth derived from simmered pork skull packs a punch from the get-go and maintains its richness as you eat. Owner Shinichiro Sakaki says the key is blending soups of different concentrations, and he prides himself on the soup base made from roast pork broiled in dark soy sauce. The medium-thick straight noodles have been chosen as the best pairing with this soup because they release flavor as you chew them. The final puzzle piece is the hearty roast pork. It’s worth the trek to experience a local favorite!

후쿠짱 라멘 타구마 본점

개업 43년째인 유명 라멘 전문 점 후쿠짱. 텐진에서 40분 정도 떨어진 주택가에 있지만 매일같이 오픈 전부터 대기줄이 생기며 오후 3시까지도 손님들 발길이 끊길 줄을 모른다. 후쿠오카 시민들 중에는 가장 추천하는 라멘으로 후 쿠 짱 을 꼽 는 사 람 들도 많 아 하 카 타 를 대표하는 라멘이라 해도 과언이 아니다. 이곳의 가장 큰 매력은 육수, 면, 차슈의 훌륭한 밸런스. 돼지머리 뼈를 우려낸 뜨끈뜨끈한 육수는 깊은 맛을 자랑한다. 면은 쫄깃한 식감이 특징인 중간 굵기의 곧게 뻗은 면으로 육수와도 아주 잘 어울린다. 여기에 촉촉한 차슈가 곁들여지며 라 멘 맛을 한층 더 끌 어올린다. 후 쿠오 카 시민들에게 오랫동안 사랑받아온 라멘 맛이 궁금하다면 꼭 들러야 할 가게다.

Fukuchan 拉麵田隈本店

有 43 年歷史的 Fukuchan,位於距離天神 40 分鐘的住宅區裡, 每天營業前便大排長龍, 人潮不斷直到下午三點左右。稱它為博多拉 麵的代表之一,一點也不為過。此店的魅力 在於湯、麵條與叉燒之間口味的均勻。濃郁 的豚骨湯頭是用豬骨頭熬成,喝下第一口會立即震撼,並且越喝越覺得口味香醇濃郁。店主 榊伸一郎強調豚骨湯好喝的重點在於濃度不同的湯的混合比例,還有那用來煮叉燒肉的濃稠 醬油原汁的恰好搭配。特別訂製的直麵條不但口感好,與多肉汁的叉燒肉同時提升湯頭的整 體口味。如果想嘗試一碗道地的博多拉麵,那絕對不可錯失 Fukuchan 喔。

Enjoy delicious & healthy steamed dishes inside a renovated home. Just steps from the famous Kushida Shrine.


Steamed Wagyu Beef ¥3,000 (set ¥3,800)


Steamed Seasonal Vegetables ¥1,400

Hakata Seiroya Jujuan 6-29 Reisen-machi, Hakata-ku Open: 11:00~14:00 (L.O.), 17:30~21:00 (L.O.) • Closed: Sun.

Tel.: 092-273-0399

D-1 | 5


6 | Fukuoka Now | #245 | May 2019


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5/10 (Fri.), 5/11 (Sat.) LEMON SOUR FESTIVAL 2019 IN FUKUOKA

The lemon sour is a shochu-based cocktail that debuted in the Showa era and remains popular. Enjoy various kinds made with frozen lemon and lemons preserved in syrup, including “standard lemon sour” and “advanced lemon sour”. Check out the food stalls offering dishes that pair well with lemon sours, too. 檸檬沙瓦節2019 in 福岡

レモンサワーフェスティバル2019 IN 福岡

• 5/10 (Fri.) 15:00~20:00 (L.O. 19:30) • 5/11 (Sat.) 11:00~ 18:00 (L.O. 17:30) • Free entry • Fureai Hiroba, Fukuoka City Hall • 1-8-1 Tenjin, Chuo-ku •

從昭和時代開始一直受歡迎的經典飲料檸檬沙瓦,數年前也開始受 到年輕人的喜愛。從「元祖系檸檬沙瓦」到使用冷凍檸檬或檸檬糖 漿的「進化系檸檬沙瓦」 ,多樣化的檸檬沙瓦聚集一堂。低糖健康、 價格公道、 味道清爽讓人無法抗拒。會場也販賣搭配檸檬沙瓦的菜餚。

레몬 사와 페스티벌 2019 in 후쿠오카

오래전부터 이자카야의 기본 음료였던 레몬 사와가 수년 전부터 젊은이들 사이에서 재조명되며 인기를 끌기 시작했다. 소주가 베이스인 저탄수 음료인 데다 저렴한 가격과 산뜻한 맛으로 인기몰이를 이어나가고 있는 레몬 사와를 다양하게 만나볼 수 있는 축제로 안주도 함께 판매된다.

5/16 (Thu.) ~ 5/19 (Sun.) 8th HOKKAIDO FAIR IN FUKUOKA

One of the biggest Hokkaido fairs in Kyushu takes place in Tenjin. Approximately 20 booths offer northern Japan treats such as Hokkaido miso ramen, "Genghis Khan" (grilled mutton), seafood rice bowls topped with sea urchin, salmon roe and crab, soft ice cream and more. Savor the flavors of Hokkaido here in Fukuoka! 第8回北海道嘉年華 in 福岡

第8回北海道フェア in 福岡 ~ザ・北海食道~ • 5/16 (Thu.) ~ 5/19 (Sun.) *rain or shine • 10:00~20:00 (5/19: ~18:00) • Free entry • Tenjin Chuo Park • 1-1 Tenjin, Chuo-ku • 03-5797-7666 (during event: 080-6067-2276)

九州最大的北海道物產展將在綠意盎然的中央公園裡舉行。約 20 家 餐廳帶來產自北國的美食,北海道的味噌拉麵、烤羊肉、食材滿滿 的海鮮丼、哈密瓜和軟冰淇淋等,不但應有盡有,還能滿足美食者 視覺及味覺的慾望。想不到在福岡也能盡情享用來自北海道的美味!

제8회 홋카이도 페어 in 후쿠오카

녹음이 우거진 아크로스 빌딩 아래 자리한 추오 공원에서 열리는 큐슈 최대급 홋카이도 물산전. 약 20개 음식점이 라멘, 징기스칸, 해산물이 듬뿍 올라간 덮밥, 멜론&소프트아이스크림 등을 선보인다. 멀리 갈 것 없이 후쿠오카에서 홋카이도 먹거리를 마음껏 맛보자. | 7

English Speaking Lawyer

No Win No Fee Litigation Contractual claims, debt recovery, property disputes, car accidents, employment disputes and more.

Atsushi Miyake

Attorney-at-Law (bengoshi) Fukuoka Bar Association

Miyake Law 15F, 1-9-17 Tenjin, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka 092-287-4640 SEE MAP C-2


PRIVATE, CONFIDENTIAL COUNSELING & MENTAL HEALTH SUPPORT IN ENGLISH FOR ADULTS, COUPLES, Jonathan Van Viegen, MAMFT, CCC Certified Canadian Counsellor & FAMILIES, TEENS & KIDS Founder of Fukuoka Counseling Center Call or Text (080) 4989-8774 to book a consultation @fukuokacounseling or visit


Find Your



DR. TOYOKAZU TAJIRI M.D., Ph.D Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon and Specialist in Facial Fillers, Botox, and Anti-Aging Medicine

☎ 092-791-1441 1-9-20 Kiyokawa, 3rd Floor Chuo-ku, Fukuoka Hakata Station: 7 min. by taxi 8 | Fukuoka Now | #245 | May 2019



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5/18 (Sat.), 5/19 (Sun.) 34th GOKOKU SHRINE FLEA MARKET

Browse 260 stalls offering a wide variety of items from accessories and antiques to sundries and handmade products. Grab breakfast or lunch at the many food stalls from local restaurants. More than half of the booths rotate out each day, so why not go on both days? Enjoy a leisurely stroll in the shrine grounds too. 第34回 護國神社 跳蚤市場

第34回 護国神社 蚤の市

• 5/18 (Sat.), 5/19 (Sun.) *rain or shine • 9:00~16:00 • Free entry • Gokoku Shrine • 1-1-1 Ropponmatsu, Chuo-ku • 090-6633-0559

從早到晚人聲鼎沸的跳蚤市場有 260 家店舖參加。除了飾品、古董、 雜貨、手工製品,還有當地人氣飲食店的進駐,為美食而到訪的人 很多。週六、日間會更換半數以上的攤位,50 個首次參與的店舖將 集中在中央廣場。會場附近綠意盎然,適合悠閒地散個步。

제34회 고코쿠 신사 벼룩시장

이른 아침부터 많은 사람들로 붐비는 인기 벼룩시장. 액세서리와 고미술, 오래된 가구와 수제 아이템은 물론 지역주민들에게 인기인 음식점 부스도 만나볼 수 있으니 식사를 겸해 방문해보는 것도 좋다. 행사장 부근에는 고코쿠 신사 등이 있어 산책하기에도 아주 좋다.


This 450-year-old festival is a Fukuoka intangible folk cultural asset. A large mikoshi (portable shrine) is pulled across the Hikosan River by 60 men along with 11 luxuriously decorated floats. On Saturday evening, enjoy food and drink along the river and illuminated floats before they return to the other side on Sunday. 風治八幡宮 渡河神幸祭

風治八幡宮 川渡り神幸祭

• 5/18 (Sat.), 5/19 (Sun.) • River crossing: 5/18 15:30~, 5/19 13:30~ • Free • Fuji Hachimangu Shrine area • 2-30 Uo-machi, Tagawa City • 0947-42-1135

這個被指定為福岡縣無形民俗文化財產的祭典活動已有 450 年以上 的歷史。在鼎沸的人聲中由 60 個人抬起風治八幡宮的大神轎與其他 11 台豪華絢爛的山笠橫渡彥山河。18 日夜晚將點亮山笠,與一排排 的攤位為祭典的夜晚增添光彩,值得來看看喔。

후지하치만구 카와와타리 진코사이

후쿠오카현의 무형민속문화재. 신이 가마를 타고 1년에 한 번 강 건너편으로 여행을 떠나고 각 가마가 이를 따른다는 이야기를 표현한 것으로 대형 가마가 11대의 작은 가마와 함께 히코산강을 건너는 장면이 최대 볼거리이다. 18일 밤에는 조명으로 장식된 가마와 노점 등도 등장한다. | 9

events 5/18 (Sat.), 5/19 (Sun.) CIRCLE ’19

Enjoy jazz, pop, and rock music from morning to night across two days at this outdoor music festival. Popular acts include Haruomi Hosono, EGO-WRAPPIN’, PETROLZ, and Zazen Boys. Buy food and drink sold at nearby stalls, spread out your own blanket and relax with the sea breeze in your hair. CIRCLE '19

在這涼爽的春天海風中一邊欣賞優質的現場音樂表演一邊野餐,無 論大人或小孩從早到晚都能享受放鬆。活動的表演藝人包括細野晴 臣、EGO-WRAPPIN’ 、PETROLZ、ZAZEN BOYS 等,音樂風格多元化。 此外,會場也販賣來自福岡市餐飲店的食品和飲料喔!



우미노나카미치 해변 공원에서 열리는 야외 음악 페스티벌. 파란 하늘 아래 라이브 공연을 들으며 잔디밭 위 피크닉도 즐길 수 있다. 호소노 하루오미, 에고래핑, 페트롤즈, 자젠보이즈 등 재즈, J-POP, 락과 같은 다양한 장르의 음악에 빠져보자.

• 5/18 (Sat.), 5/19 (Sun.) • 11:00 (doors open 9:30, last performance 20:15) • Ticket: 1-day ¥7,800, 1-day pair ¥14,600, 2-day ¥13,600 • Outdoor Theater, Uminonakamichi Seaside Park • 18-25 Saitozaki, Higashi-ku •

5/24 (Fri.) ~ 5/26 (Sun.) 10th FUKUOKA MINERAL SHOW

Interested in natural stones, power stones, minerals, gems, jewelry, fossils, and beads? Browse and shop from 55 local and international shops. Find rare stones and accessories, place a custom order or inquire about jewelry makeovers. Workshops on mineral polishing and stone accessory making on offer too. 第10回福岡礦物展

匯集國內外 55 家批發商及零售商,提供天然石、能量石、寶石、礦物、 珠子、飾品等的展示特賣會。無論是採購員或一般人士,都能入場。 採購之外,還能付費體驗磨石、天然石首飾製作等活動。看到喜愛 的寶石不但可以特別訂製飾品,會場也提供首飾改款諮詢服務喔。


제10회 후쿠오카 미네랄 쇼

천연석, 파워 스톤, 보석, 광물, 비즈, 액세서리 등을 취급하는 55개 도소매업자가 모인 전시판매이벤트. 일반인도 입장할 수 있으며 광물 연마, 천연석 액세서리 만들기 등의 체험도 가능(유료). 마음에 드는 천연석 등으로 오리지널 아이템을 주문하거나 리폼 상담도 가능하다.

• 5/24 (Fri.) ~ 5/26 (Sun.) • 10:00~18:00 (5/26: ~17:00) • Free entry • 2F Minami Kindai Bldg. • 4-2-10 Hatakaeki-minami, Hakata-ku • 0557-33-5261 (Advance Next)



ov tm

e s to

Marinoa for Golden Wee

k! G

oo d

t im


l ar

10 | Fukuoka Now | #245 | May 2019

ung to

In Marinoa City Fukuoka

h yo

p op u

b ot


Try tasty foods and drinks


n ig


4/27 ~ 5/6

Browse and shop at 50 stalls




Live music

GOLDEN WEEK SPECIAL! Fortune telling and more

Stalls change daily, so go twice!

Discover more!

5/25 (Sat.), 5/26 (Sun.) TOUR DE MUNAKATA 2019

A gathering of vintage cars in full force, taking place this time in Munakata. Admire vintage cars and sports cars from American and European brands in action as they roll by checkpoints along the beautiful scenery of the Chikuzen area. View the vehicles up close at Munakata Shrine on the first day! Tour de Munakata

Tour de Munakata

Tour de Munakata

筑前玄海地區的經典汽車拉力大會,參加車輛是 1979 年之前製造的 歐美、日本老爺車,嚴格的篩選標準,聚集各地的經典汽車愛好者。 首日在宗像大社的展示會,不但可以慢慢鑑賞汽車,還可以沿著鄉 間小路奔跑、賞景。車主的時尚也是亮點之一,別錯過喔。

투르 드 무나카타

무나카타타이샤를 기점으로 치쿠젠 겐카이 지구 각지를 도는 클래식 카 랠리 이벤트. 1979년 전에 제조된 미국 및 유럽 차량, 일본의 빈티지 카 등 엄격한 기준을 통해 선별된 차량을 만나볼 수 있어 전국의 클래식 카 애호가들이 찾는다. 오너들의 패션도 볼거리 중 하나.

• 5/25 (Sat.): exhibit 10:00~16:00 • 5/26 (Sun.): rally 9:00~15:00 • Free • Munakata Shrine parking lot • 67-7 Fukata, Munakata City •


To kick off the June kabuki performances, actors board boats and give short performances as they parade along the river near Hakataza Theater. The procession starts at Seiryu Park and ends at Hakata Riverain. Don’t miss the sight of cheering crowds, traditional music, showers of blossoms and proud kabuki actors. 六月博多座大歌舞伎 乘船祭

六月博多座大歌舞伎 船乗り込み

乘船祭從江戶時代傳承至今,是六月博多座歌舞伎公演的先驅活動, 象徵抵達表演地的揭幕儀式。演員們搭乘的船隻從清流公園開始沿 著博多河划向博多座,觀賞者在飄著彩色紙屑與熱鬧的鼓聲中可目 睹博多華麗的一面。在出發地與目的地的會場也會舉辦演員介紹會。

• 5/29 (Wed.) • 13:00~14:40 • Free • Canal City Hakata (Seiryu Park) ~ Hakata Riverain Festa Square • Seiryu Park (1-7 Nakasu), Zenzai Hiroba (10-256 Kamikawabata-machi), Hakata Riverain (3-1 Shimokawabata-machi) • 092-263-5858

4/27 (Sat.) ~ 5/6 (Mon.) • 12:00 ~ 21:00 Marinoa City Fukuoka (near Bldg. #3) 2-12-30 Odo, Nishi-ku

6월 하카타자 가부키 후나노리코미

6월부터 시작되는 하카타자 가부키 공연에 앞서 출연 배우들이 여러 척의 배에 나눠 타고 세이류 공원에서 하카타자까지 배를 타고 이동하는 전통 행사로 에도시대 때부터 이어지고 있다. 꽃가루가 흩날리는 가운데 화려한 하카타의 일면을 엿볼 수 있다. | 11

Happy Hour Mon.~Fri. 17:00~19:00 Sat., Sun. & Hol.: 11:30∼19:00

Guinness Draft Kilkenny Draft

Pint ¥900 Half ¥580



Kirin Beer

¥600 ¥420

*All prices excl. tax more specials inside...

Show this for

50% off your 2nd drink! *2nd drink only, not 3rd! *cannot be used with other discounts

(Hotel Éclair) Tel: 092-283-6446 Open daily 11:30~24:00 (Lunch L.O.: 14:30, Bar L.O.: 23:30) 1-1 Susaki-machi, Hakata-ku (directly opposite Hotel Okura)


Play a game and win one!

位於博多的巨型遊戲中心! 別買伴手禮了!來盡情玩樂去贏取一份吧!

• Over 80 UFO Catchers and lots of prizes including the latest Japanese anime characters! • Driving games, air hockey, coin games and other latest machines! • 超過 80 部內有最新日本動漫玩偶的夾娃娃機!

• 齊集賽車遊戲、桌上曲棍球、推錢機等最新的遊戲機!

12 | Fukuoka Now | #245 | May 2019



4F Yodobashi Camera (take escalator - easy to find!) Next to Hakata Station (Chikushi exit) 6-12 Hakataeki-chuogai, Hakata-ku Open: 9:30~23:00


bar Bar Kitchen 福岡市中央区舞鶴1-8-26グランパーク天神107 107 Grand Park Tenjin, B-2 1-8-26 Maizuru, Chuo-ku 092-791-5189 16:00~1:00 Closed: Never Whiskey ¥1,000~, highball ¥800 ~ ¥1,500, table charge ¥500 (smoked cheese)


Not far from Oyafuko-dori sits Bar Kitchen, with its amazing wall of nearly 3,000 bottles of liquor and a counter made from a 9.5-meter plank of ginkgo. Owner Tomoyuki Oka liked whiskey so much that he started working in bars in his mid-20s. Enjoy an authentic scotch, bourbon or brandy. Not sure where to start? Try the Glenlivet 12 Year (¥1,000), considered one of the most famous single malt scotches in the world. He also has about 150 bottles of Japanese whiskey, including several from the well-known Chiba-based craft distillery Chichibu.

Bar Kitchen

바 키친의 문 을 열고 들 어가면 벽면을 가득 메운 무려 3,0 0 0개 가까이 되는 병이 우리를 맞이한다. 스카치를 중심으로 버본, 브랜디 를 구 비 중 인 오센틱 바 로 이곳의 스탠 더 드는 더 글 렌리벳 1 2년(1 , 0 0 0 엔 ) . 스무스, 프루티, 복잡한, 세련된 등등 다양한 수식어로 표현되어온 세계에서 가 장 인기 있는 몰트위스키로 스카치 입문에 최적이라 일컬어지기도 . 치치부 증 류소 의 위스 키를 중심으로 일본산도 150병 정도를 구비 중이다. 홀로 조 용한 시간 을 보낼 수 있으며 여성 혼자서도 안심하고 이용할 수 있어 좋다.

Bar Kitchen

打開 Bar Kitchen 的門的瞬間不免為眼前牆面上的 3,000 酒瓶所震撼。有蘇格蘭威士忌、 波本威士忌、白蘭地等,相當正宗的酒吧,是由 20 多歲入行,熱愛威士忌的店主岡智行所 經營。店內主打格蘭利威 12 年(¥1,000),世界矚目的日產威士忌,約 150 瓶,以秩父 蒸留所為主,也佔據酒吧一角。店中央的吧檯面是一塊 9.5 m 寬的銀杏木,坐這裡享受獨 自一人安靜品酒,女性也能安心光顧。 스페셜티 커피 원두 판매 카페 Whole or ground to order. Drink in or take away.

Directly imported specialty coffees, expertly roasted in Fukuoka.



1-1-10 Kego, Chuo-ku. Open: 10:00~19:00 • Closed: Irregular Tel.: 092-791-1245 • | 13

“To understand this beautiful yet puzzling country you have to understand Kyushu.” Learn about the Christian samurai, Japan’s first ancient rice field, its first tea bushes, yakuza gangsters, and the island where James Bond concealed himself disguised as a Japanese fisherman – and much more.

Published: Dec. 2018. 394 pages, soft and hardcover.

Available online here:

Fukuoka Now Kobe Beef Set ~Exclusive for our readers!~

Fukuoka Now神戶牛套餐 ~讀者限定~

The only official Kobe Beef restaurant in Fukuoka City


¥7,560 [TAX IN]


Open: Noon~2:30am, Sat. 5pm~2:30am ATE Nishinakasu 1F, 4-3 Nishi-nakasu, Chuo-ku

福岡市中央区西中洲�−� ATE西中洲�F 14 | Fukuoka Now | #245 | May 2019

Mention Fukuoka Now for 1 free drink/customer 2 pm~5 pm, 9 pm~2 am

cafe おいしい氷屋 天神南店 福岡市中央区渡辺通5-14-12 5-14-12 Watanabe-dori, Chuo-ku C-3 092-732-7002 11:00~19:00 (L.O. 18:30) Closed: Mon. (next day if hol.) Amaou Strawberry & milk syrup ¥750, Tokado coffee ¥750, matcha mascarpone ¥800, black sesame & almond tofu with milk syrup ¥800, Yame matcha ¥750, homemade milk syrup ¥550

오이시이 코오리야 텐진미나미점

‘맛있는 빙수 가게’라는 뜻의 제빙회사 직영 빙수 전문점 ‘오이시이 코오리야’. 자사 공장에서 72시간 동안 천천히 얼려 만든 경도와 순도가 높은 얼음은 입에 넣자마자 부드럽게 녹아내린다. 고급 차로 알려진 향긋한 후쿠오카산 야메차를 사용한 야메 말차가 최고의 인기 메뉴. 여기에 마스카르포네 치즈와 팥을 얹어 호화로움을 더한 말차 마스카르포네도 추천한다. 토카도 커피 빙수, 후쿠오카산 딸기 아마오우로 만든 시럽을 듬뿍 올린 아마오우 딸기 밀크 등 후쿠오카 특유의 재료를 사용한 빙수를 사계절 언제든지 즐길 수 있다.


Owned and operated by a long-standing local ice-maker, Oishi Koriya offers extraordinary kakigori (shaved ice). The shop uses ice frozen slowly over 72 hours into extremely hard, pure blocks, which is perfect for making fluffy kakigori that dissolves on contact with your mouth. Take our word: it’s best enjoyed in giant spoonfuls! The most popular flavor is Yame matcha, made from high-end green tea which can be upgraded with a decadent topping of red bean cream overlaid with mascarpone cheese! Fukuoka’s famously sweet Amaou Strawberry is sure-fire hit too!

好吃冰店 天神南店

福岡製冰老字號的直營店,自製的冰塊花 72 小時製成,純、硬度都適合做刨冰。冰 品上桌,大口品嘗綿密刨冰入口即化的口感比什麼都重要。以高級茶聞名,顏色香氣 兼具的福岡產「八女抹茶」最受歡迎。適度苦味與阿蘇煉乳是絕配。義式奶酪和紅 豆奶油裝飾後的「抹茶馬斯卡邦乳酪」 ,是ㄧ線甜點。還有用冠軍咖啡豆製成的冰品, 及淋上福岡草莓醬汁的「草莓牛奶冰」等,福岡特有食材冰品,這裡全年都能享用。

We’ve reviewed over 200 restaurants, bars & cafes. Hungry? Start here!


Try tsukemen-style ramen with our original thick & spicy sauce! 沾麵方式的拉麵,請與濃厚湯 頭一起享用 감칠맛�나는�깊은�맛의�육수에 적셔먹는�츠케멘�스타일�라멘

SHOP 11:00~14:30, 17:30~22:00 Closed: Sat., Sun. & hol.

☎ 092-473-1191

B2F Hakata Shin Mitsui Bldg., 1-1-1 Hakata-ekimae

F-2 | 15

eating out そば茶屋 華元 大丸福岡天神店 福岡市中央区天神1-4-1エルガーラ5階


Elgala 5F, 1-4-1 Tenjin, Chuo-ku 092-712-8390 11:00~22:00 (L.O. 21:30) Closed: New Year's Day Tempura and cold soba ¥1,650, tempura and hot soba ¥1,250, tempura rice bowl ¥1,390, fried doused eggplant with cold soba topped with shrimp and okra ¥1,110, cold noodles with seaweed ¥810, set of the day (soba or udon with rice and appetizer) ¥1,020, sake and shochu ¥600 ea., draft beer ¥600


Hanagen, located inside Hakata Daimaru department store, is a soba specialist. The shop removes the black hull and only uses the soft inner seed of the buckwheat. This makes for a slightly sweet noodle that remains firm even when served cold. The cold soba with tempura is one of the most

popular menu items. The tempura is fried lightly in canola oil and served with a handmade dipping sauce made daily from several kinds of dried fish. With the weather getting warmer, the fried eggplant, doused with the trademark broth, is another great partner for a bowl of cold soba.

소바 전문점 하나겐 다이마루 후쿠오카텐진점

백화점 내에 입점한 하나겐은 근처 직장인들과 쇼핑 나온 사람들과 같은 많은 지역 주민들로부 터 사 랑 받는 소바 전문 점이다. 하나겐에서는 메밀껍질의 검은 부 분을 제거하고 부드러운 중심부 위주로 사용하기 때문에 뽀얀 면발을 자랑한다. 은은한 단맛은 차갑게 즐길 때 한층 더 살아나며 진한 단맛의 장국과도 잘 어울린다. 새우와 제철 채소를 카놀라유로 바삭하게 튀겨낸 튀김은 텐츠유에 적셔서 소바와 함께 맛보자. 육수를 흠뻑 적신 가지 튀김을 차가운 소바와 함께 샐러드처럼 먹는 창작 메뉴는 더운 여름에 딱 어울리는 메뉴다.

蕎麥茶屋 華元 大丸福岡天神店

位於大丸百貨公司裡的「華元」 ,白而有光 澤的麵條,是去掉蕎麥黑色的外皮,只使用 中間柔軟部分而製成的。帶點微甜的蕎麥麵 冷後口味更突出,與濃厚帶甜的日式醬油非 常搭配。白色蕎麥麵加天婦羅的「天婦羅冷

16 | Fukuoka Now | #245 | May 2019

麵」非常受歡迎。用芥花油輕輕炸過的蝦和 時蔬天婦羅沾上用鹿兒島厚削成片的節類熬 成的出汁所做成的醬汁,非常順口。在氣溫 漸漸上升的季節裡,炸茄子淋上招牌出汁的 創作料理,是搭配蕎麥麵的好選擇。

Fukuoka - Startup City

Fukuoka City's Winning Combination

Fukuoka City’s Global Startup Network

Highly rated quality of life + business opportunities and unparalleled support

Photo provided by Fukuoka City

Did You Know? Fukuoka City is growing because it’s popular!

Fukuoka City is a Startup Friendly City

Fukuokans waste less time commuting

Fukuoka is No.1 among all metropolises in terms of growth rate in young people (teens / 20s). And its population grew by 74,938 between 2010~2015!

Fukuoka City is committed to supporting startups and is one of the most advantageous cities for foreigners to launch businesses in Japan.

The average time to get to work or school on weekdays is 38 minutes. That’s shorter than three major city areas (Chukyo, Kinki & Kanto)

Find more facts here→ Fukuoka Facts:

Fukuoka - Startup City

Fukuoka’s Startup Package for Foreign Entrepreneurs As Japan’s leading city for startup companies, Fukuoka has been designated a National Strategic Special Zone. With reduced employment, visa, and corporate tax regulations, Fukuoka is the ideal environment for establishing new businesses. Fukuoka City will provide wide-ranging support for entrepreneurs to found their startups efficiently and enjoy the future growth of their businesses.

Startup Visa Prerequisites to acquire the “Business Manager” residential status have been relaxed. Entrepreneurs are able to obtain the Startup Visa valid for 12 months, which allows them to establish their business even if the following requirements have not been fully met.

Current Requirements for Residential Status Application

Startup Visa Using your business plan, Fukuoka City will review your prospects of meeting the requirements listed on the left within 12 months.

Must have an office + Must employ at least two fulltime staff or Capital or total investment of at least ¥5 million, etc.

*You must meet the requirements before you can renew your visa 12 months later.

Financial Aid for Renting Residential & Office Spaces Foreign entrepreneurs with a promising business plan may be eligible to receive financial aid to be used towards renting residential or office space within Fukuoka City. Applications are accepted once a year. They will also be given priority entry into residential and/or office spaces.

About the Financial Aid Rate & Monthly Limit

To Be Used For

Duration of Aid


50% (up to ¥70,000)

Private rental residences

Up to 12 months

Business Office

50% (up to ¥50,000)

- Private sector incubation facilities - Private rental offices

Up to 12 months

*The application period is scheduled for April.

Tax Reduction for Startups Entrepreneurs who establish an innovative business in the National Strategic Special Zone (Fukuoka City) may be eligible to receive this tax reduction.

Applicable Industries





Comparison of Corporate Tax Rates Fukuoka City


(National Strategic Special Zone)

(Other than National Strategic Special Zones)

Approx. 22%

Approx. 30%



Approx. 25%

Approx. 24%

*When National tax + Fukuoka City tax reduction are applied

18 | Fukuoka Now | #245 | May 2019

Advanced IT

Fukuoka - Startup City Business Consultations The STARTUP CAFE operated by Fukuoka City is a place for entrepreneurs to meet with venture capital consultants and receive help in founding their business startups, as well as assistance in finding human resources and other companies. Lawyers, accountants, and experts from government financial institutions, among other specialists, provide advice on processes for establishing a business and raising capital funds. Lawyers from the Fukuoka Employment Consultation Center adjacent to the STARTUP CAFE provide legal advice on employment regulations.

Primary Assistance Refining business plans Free consultations with lawyers, accountants and certified legal specialists Introduction to residence and business office realtors Matching human resources and business for startups Assisting companies to advance into Fukuoka Free coupons for cloud services, etc. Priority consultation in opening a bank account *Eligible recipients: Users of the Startup Visa

Tel: +81-(0)80-3940-9455

Email: Business Hours: ~5/29: 10:00~20:00 5/31~: 10:00~22:00

Support for Growth of Startups The “Fukuoka Growth Next� is a public-private collaborative startup support facility. It supports the growth of startups through acceleration programs and mentoring from venture capitalists. Enhanced support and recruitment of talented enterprises continues inside renovated facilities from May 31, 2019. Partnership with global accelerators We will strengthen our partnerships with a wide variety of global accelerators. In-house Venture Capital Our Venture Capital invests in potential members and support their capitalization strategies. Original hands-on program We provide escort-style programs with training on skills and know-how essentials to startups.

Fukuoka Growth Next - Renewal Open Details here: Email: Business Startup Support Division Economy, Tourism & Culture Bureau, Fukuoka City (1-8-1-14F Tenjin, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka)

Tel.: +81-(0)92-687-4503 (for foreign languages) Tel.: +81-(0)92-711-4455 Email: | 19

G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors Meeting in Fukuoka The G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors Meeting in Fukuoka (G20 Fukuoka) will be held on June 8 (Sat.) and 9 (Sun.), 2019. Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors from over 20 countries as well as representatives of international organizations will discuss important global economic themes at these high-level meetings. Held amid waves of innovation in the world of finance, the world’s eyes will be on Fukuoka City. As the city continues to establish itself as a base for startup companies, the hosting of these meetings becomes particularly meaningful. With this in mind,

G20 Week

6/1 (Sat.) ~ 6/6 (Thu.) Fukuoka Growth Next

the city named the week before the summit "G20 Week" and will hold a FinTech event, one of the themes of the G20 meetings. This will not only generate more attention for G20 Fukuoka but will also create opportunities to promote Fukuoka City’s startup movements.

Detail -

eating out


Oyakodon is a simple dish of chicken and egg cooked in a slightly sweet broth and served over rice. It is often served at soba restaurants, and this January, the popular soba restaurant Hanagen opened Torihana, an oyakodon specialty shop, inside the Hakata Daimaru department store. The broth, made from several kinds of dried fish, is sourced daily from Hanagen. It is combined with sugar, mirin, soy sauce and sake from Kumamoto to create a delicious original soup. A part of the wing and minced chicken balls are boiled in the broth before it is topped with egg and served on rice.


日本的國民食物「親子丼」 ,是用帶 點甜味的湯頭與雞肉和雞蛋作成的蓋 飯,是蕎麥麵店常見的料理。一月 在博多大丸地下二樓開業的老舖「鳥 華」 ,是「華元」蕎麥店直營的親子 丼專賣店。使用的出汁是鹿兒島數種 削成片的節類熬成的,這引以為傲的 出汁是蕎麥店每早製作運送過來的。 加入砂糖、味醂、醬油、熊本地酒與 赤酒做出獨特的湯底,拌入特別部位 的雞翅和雞肉碎,再倒入被蛋包裹著 的白飯後便能上桌!

親子丼専門店とり華 福岡市中央区天神1-4-1エルガーラ地下2階 B2F Elgala, 1-4-1 Tenjin, Chuo-ku 10:00~20:00 (L.O. 19:30) Closed: New Year's Day Oyakodon (rice: 180 g) ¥1,000, oyakodon (rice: 120 g) ¥950, oyakodon (w/ egg yolk topping) ¥1,080, mini salad ¥150, soft drinks ¥250, beer (Super Dry small bottle) ¥500


오야코동 전문점 토리하나

달걀 과 닭고 기가 함께 들 어간 오야코동 (‘오야코’는 부모와 자식을 의미). 올해 1월에 하카타 다이마루 지하에 문을 연 토리하나는 소바 전문 점이 직영 운영하 는 오야코동 전 문 점이 다. 동일 계 열 소 바 전 문 점 에 서 매일 새로 뽑는 육수에 설탕과 미림, 간장, 쿠 마 모 토 의 아 카자 케 를 섞 은 뒤 일 본 산 닭고기가 딱딱해지지 않도록 가볍게 끓여낸 후 달걀로 부드럽게 감싸서 쌀밥 위에 얹으면 맛있는 오야코동 완성! 바로 만든 뜨끈뜨끈한 한 그릇 식사를 백화점 식품관 카운터에서 부담 없이 편리하게 언제든 맛볼 수 있다. | 21



Enjoying the variety of ceramics made and used here is a highlight of living in Kyushu. But have you ever seen how earthenware is made? Or wanted to try making something by yourself? Two creators, Hiromitsu Fujiwara (Shizuoka) and Kana Imazu (Osaka), recently opened a bright and airy gallery and studio in a renovated building near Kishi Port. There, you can make your porcelain (of nearby Arita fame). Choose from two courses. The first (¥2,800) uses an electric throwing wheel, 1.3 kgs of clay, takes just one hour and you can make one item. In the second course (¥2,400) you’ll form up to two pieces by hand using 1 kg of clay. Naturally staff are there to help you, and once you’re satisfied with your masterpiece they’ll fire it in a very hot kiln, and you can pick it up after 45 days or have it shipped anywhere for an extra free. • 9:30~17:00 • 25 Shima-shinmachi, Itoshima City • Tel.: 092-328-2225 • Only Japanese spoken, but everyone is welcome.

22 | Fukuoka Now | #245 | May 2019


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LION KITCHEN ONE LOVE MARUTA KATSUGYO Azuma Tanaka’s father was a fisherman, and their family has run this roadside seafood dinner in Kafuri since 1986. The massive tanks are a temporary home to up to thirty kinds of fish and sea creatures; twenty percent from the nearby port, and the rest he trucks back by himself from his fishermen friends in Hirado, Nagasaki. The freshness and condition of these fish can hardly be matched, and you can choose whichever ones you want. There are

two ways to order here. Order a set for variety, or if you know what you want, select a large fish and have them prepare and serve it in courses. To avoid masking natural flavors, only a minimal amount of seasoning is used. Their Sashimi Lunch Set (limit 20 servings) is just ¥1,080 but go for the Special Lunch Set with sashimi, choice of karaage (fried) fish or nimono (boiled) fish, miso soup, and pickles. Servings are limited so go early! • Open: lunch 11:30~14:30, dinner 16:30~21:00 (L.O. 20:30) • Closed: Thu. & 4th Fri. • 140-3 Kafuri, Itoshima City • Tel.: 092-324-2401 • Menu in Japanese only.

Unless you’re headed for Kafuri Port’s oyster huts, you may never drive past here. But for those who enjoy hummus, tandoori and tempeh, this off-thebeaten-track with a bohemian vibe is for you. Erina and her husband converted a storehouse into a cozy counter bar with a covered outdoor space furnished with heavy bamboo chairs and hammocks. Kafuri Sandwiches made with pita bread filled with your choice of hummus, smoked chicken, smoked fish, smoked bacon or smoked tempeh are available in half and full sizes. They’re all handmade and available for take-out. Erina’s spicy vegetable curry with optional toppings is also popular. For drinks, there are fresh juices, Jamaican Red Stripe, natural green tea, matcha soy milk latte and a full bar of booze on offer. • Open: 11:40~21:00 • Closed: Mon., Tue. (open if hol. and closed the next day) • 1172-2 Kafuri, Itoshima City • Tel.: 080-64277527 • English & Chinese menu | 23

MAY 3~4

DONTAKU GUIDE Dontaku, derived from the Dutch word Zondag (holiday) is one of the largest festivals in Japan attracting two million spectators. On May 3 & 4, the parades begin with the Hakata Matsubayashi procession, which has celebrated the new year for the last 840 years. 양일간 약 200만 명이 참가하는 일본 유수의 축제. 돈타쿠의 기원이자 840년의 역사를 자랑하는 하카타 마츠바야시와 함께 퍼레이드의 막이 오른다.

「博多 Dontaku」一詞起源於荷蘭語的「假日(Zondag)」,這個全國屈指可數的大型祭典,兩天觀眾達 200 萬人。 5 月 3-4 日的街頭遊行由已有 840 年歷史,Dontaku 的起源「博多松囃子」隊伍開始。


Iwataya Shinkan



Iwataya Honkan 11


Solaria Stage Solaria

12 Plaza




Nishitetsu Tenjin Fukuoka Sta. RI

ACROS Fukuoka







City Hall 2






Tenjin Chuo Park








Reisen Park



Hakata Machiya Folk Museum Towards Hataka Station stage 14

Kushida Jinja Shrine 4

DONTAKU STAGES 1. City Hall stage 2. Daimaru stage 3. Hakata Machiya Folk Museum stage 4. Kushida Shrine stage 5. Hakata Riverside stage 6. ACROS Fukuoka stage 7. Tenjin Chuo Park stage 8. IMS stage 9. Tenjin Vivre stage 10. Shintencho Arcade stage 11. Iwataya Mitsukoshi stage 12. Solaria Plaza stage 13. Tenjin Chikagai stage 14. Hakata Station stage ...And 20 other stages in Fukuoka!

24 | Fukuoka Now | #245 | May 2019

DONTAKU SCHEDULE Opening Ceremony May 3 (Fri., hol.): 10:00~ Venue: Minato stage (Chuo Futoh event space). The Fukuoka City Mayor, along with festival organizers and local foreign dignitaries, makes opening remarks to kick off the festival. Hakata Matsubayashi Parade May 3 (Fri., hol.), May 4 (Sat., hol.): 8:50~17:00 Venue: Departs from Kushida Shrine This parade is the origin of the festival - it hasn’t changed much in 840 years! It is led by three gods of fortune riding on horseback and a group of dancing children. This group also leads the main Dontaku Parade. Dontaku Parades May 3 (Fri., hol.): 13:00~19:00 May 4 (Sat., hol.): 15:00~20:00 Venue: Dontaku Hiroba (Gofukumachi to Tenjin). 22,000 people march along the parade route in vibrant costumes with lively music and dancing. Dontaku Flower Marching Bands May 4 (Sat., hol.): parade 15:00~17:00, festival 16:30~18:30 Venue: Dontaku Hiroba Marching bands of students, companies and government agencies perform. From 16:30 to 18:30, the bands perform at the City Hall stage. Special Guest Parade Groups May 3 (Fri., hol.), May 4 (Sat., hol.) Venue: Dontaku Hiroba, Hakata-ekimae Dontaku Street, each stage Japanese and international groups share their culture while marching in parades. Hakata-ekimae Dontaku Street May 3 (Fri., hol.): 10:00~11:30 May 4 (Sat., hol.): 10:00~13:00 Venue: Hakata Ekimae-dori Bitesize Hakata versions of the Dontaku parades, travelling 150 m from Hakata-ekimae 2-chome Intersection towards the river. Flower Cars May 2 (Thu., hol.) ~ May 4 (Sat., hol.) 5/2: 15:55~20:25, 5/3: 10:30~21:00, 5/4: 10:35~20:30 Route: Around the city (Nakasu to Fukushige) Four vibrantly decorated large trucks known as “Flower Cars” cruise through the city. Brilliantly illuminated at night. Stage Performances May 3 (Fri., hol.), May 4 (Sat., hol.): 10:00~21:00 Venue: Dontaku stages 560 groups (15,000 people) participate in traditional and contemporary music, dance, song, and other performances at 34 stages around the city. Grand Finale: So Odori May 4 (Sat., hol.): 18:50~19:20 Venue: Dontaku Hiroba The grand finale of Hakata Dontaku in which parade watchers join the performers in Japanese folk dancing.


돈다쿠 스케줄

개막식 5월 3일(금・일본공휴일) 10:00~ 장소: 미나토 스테이지(추오 부두) 후쿠오카 시민의 축제 관련 진흥회 임원 및 관계자가 한자리에 모여 하카타 돈타쿠 미나토 마츠리의 개막을 축하한다. 내용: 개최 선언, 주최자 및 현 지사˙각국 영사 등 내빈 인사, 후쿠오카 친선대사 등 소개, 축하 공연 등

하카타 마츠바야시 5월 3일(금・일본공휴일)~5월 4일(토・일본공휴일) 8:50~17:00 장소: 구시다 신사 출발 돈타쿠 퍼레이드의 개막을 장식하는 하카타 마츠바야시. 각각 말에 올라탄 세 명의 신과 춤추는 어린이들의 행렬이 개막을 축하하며 시내를 순회한다. 돈타쿠히로바(퍼레이드) 5월 3일(금・일본공휴일) 13:00~19:00 5월 4일(토・일본공휴일) 15:00~20:00 장소: 메이지도오리(고후쿠마치→텐진 사이 1,270m) 돈타쿠부대가 저마다 개성 있는 차림을 하고 펼치는 축하 행사. 총인원 약 2만 2천 명에 달하는 압권의 퍼레이드.

돈타쿠 마칭 퍼레이드 5월 4일(토・일본공휴일) 퍼레이드 15:00~17:00, 페스티벌 16:30~18:30 장소: 돈타쿠히로바(메이지도오리), 페스티벌 메인 스테이지(시청 후레아이 광장) 유치원, 초・중・고, 대학, 기업, 각 관청의 마칭밴드가 참가하여 화려한 연주 퍼레이드를 펼친다. 16:30~18:30에는 시청 앞 페스티벌 메인 스테이지에서 약동감 넘치는 연기가 펼쳐진다. 특별참가 돈타쿠부대 5월 3일(금・일본공휴일)~5월 4일(토・일본공휴일) 장소: 돈타쿠히로바(메이지도오리), 하카타역 앞 돈타쿠 스트리트, 각 스테이지 일본을 포함한 세계 각국의 축제가 돈타쿠히로바의 퍼레이드에 참가해 축제를 통해 교류한다.

하카타역 앞 돈타쿠 스트리트 5월 3일(금・일본공휴일) 10:00~11:30 5월 4일(토・일본공휴일) 10:00~13:00 장소: 하카타 역 앞 도로 하카타역 앞의 약 150m에 이르는 도로가 돈타쿠 기간 중에는 돈타쿠 스트리트로 화려하게 변신한다. 스테이지 퍼포먼스나 피날레와는 또 다른 매력을 느낄 수 있는 도로 위의 축제를 즐겨보시길.

니시테츠 플라워 카 5월 2일(목・일본공휴일)~5월 4일(토・일본공휴일) 장소: 후쿠오카 시내 각지(돈타쿠히로바를 포함한 시내 간선도로를 순회) LED 전구와 꽃을 사용해 화려하게 꾸민 대형 자동차 4대(2편성)가 시내 각지를 순회한다. 운행 예정 시각표: 5/2 15:55〜20:25, 5/3 10:30〜21:00, 5/4 10:35〜20:30 스테이지 퍼포먼스 5월 3일(금・일본공휴일)~5월 4일(토・일본공휴일) 10:00〜21:00 장소: 후쿠오카 시내 각지 돈타쿠부대가 후쿠오카 시내에 설치된 약 34곳의 무대에서 퍼포먼스를 선보이는 한편 다양한 이벤트도 개최된다.

피날레: 소오도리 5월 4일(토・일본공휴일) 18:50~19:20 장소: 돈타쿠히로바(메이지도오리) 돈타쿠를 마무리하는 피날레 행사로 참관객도 당일 참가할 수 있다.


開幕式 5 月 3 日(週五、假日)10:00~ 會場:港本舞台(中央埠頭活動廣場) 福岡市民祭典振興委員會及相關人士匯聚一堂祝賀 「博多 Dontaku 港祭」的開幕。 內容:宣告開幕、主辦單位、知事、各國領事等來賓 致辭、介紹福岡親善大使、祝賀表演等。

博多松囃子 5 月 3 日(週五、假日)~ 5 月 4 日(週六、假日) 8:50~17:00 會場:櫛田神社出發 「博多松囃子」保留著濃厚的中世紀民族文化色彩, 作為「博多 Dontaku」的起源,將是 Dontaku 節日 遊行的首支隊伍。乘坐在馬上的三福神 ( 福神、惠比 須、大黑 ) 和孩童們一起在市區巡迴慶祝。 Dontaku 廣場(遊行) 5 月 3 日(週五、假日)13:00~19:00 5 月 4 日(週六、假日)15:00~20:00 會場:明治大道(呉服町→天神間 1,270m) Dontaku 隊穿著各種不同的服裝在街道上祝賀遊行, 約 2 萬 2 千人參加的遊行非常精彩。

Dontaku 花之演奏遊行 5 月 4 日( 週 六、 假 日 ) 遊 行 15:00~17:00、 慶 典 16:30 ~ 18:30 会場:Dontaku 廣場(明治大道)、慶典主舞台(市 政府的友誼廣場) 幼稚園、小學、初中、高中、大學、企業、政府機關 的儀樂隊參加演奏遊行,精彩動人。16:30 ~ 18:30 在市政府前的「慶典主舞台」進行充滿朝氣的表演。。 特別参加 Dontaku 隊 5 月 3 日(週五、假日)、5 月 4 日(週六、假日) 會 場:Dontaku 廣 場( 明 治 大 道 )、 博 多 站 前 Dontaku 大街、各表演舞台 由國內外的祭典一同加入「Dontaku 廣場」內的遊 行,與各地的祭典進行交流。

博多站前 Dontaku 大街 5 月 3 日(週五、假日)10:00~11:30 5 月 4 日(週六、假日)10:00~13:00 會場:博多站前路 位於博多站前二丁目交叉口附近約 150m 長的博多站 前路,在 Dontaku 期間將變為熱鬧的 Dontaku 大街。 這與表演舞台和遊行不同,請享受這種街頭舞台的熱 鬧氣氛吧! 西鐵花車 5 月 2 日(週四、假日)~ 5 月 4 日(週六、假日) 會場:福岡市内各地(包含 Dontaku 廣場在內的市 內主要幹道) 以童話或電視動漫的人氣角色以及當年主題相關的 有趣題材,並且用 LED 燈泡和花卉裝飾大型汽車。 共有 4 輛(2 編組)在市內各地巡迴。運行預定時 刻表:5 月 2 日 15:55 ~ 20:25、5 月 3 日 10:30 ~ 21:00、5 月 4 日 10:35 〜 20:30

舞台表演 5 月 3 日(週五、假日)~ 5 月 4 日(週六、假日) 10:00~21:00 會場:福岡市内各地 Dontaku 隊在福岡市內約 34 個地方設置的舞台進行 表演,並舉行各種活動。 全體舞蹈 5 月 4 日(週六、假日)18:50~19:20 會場:Dontaku 廣場(明治大道) 這是 Dontaku 祭典的最後部分,可自由參加。大家 一起歡快起舞,共享盛典吧! | 25

THE MOST FAMOUS BAR ON THE PLANET. PERIOD. Where bartenders sing and dance on the tables. Who’s going?


✓ No entry fee & re-entry OK! ✓ All-you-can-drink (unlimited time) ¥3,000 or drinks from ¥500


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4F SG. Company Bldg., 2-1-5 Daimyo, Chuo-ku 092-734-3030 B-2 Open: 7pm ~ 3am




cers w dan nds! o h S weeke on Free entry Tue., Wed., & Thu. All-you-can-drink ¥1,500!

3F * the entrance is behind


Beers & wines from around the world

-Fi e Wi ckers e r F & lo


the WHOLE NOTE CAFÉ Entrance fee* Women Men on your left. Open: 7pm~2am, 7pm~12am ¥2,000 (incl. 2 drinks ¥2,500 (incl. 3 drinks, and dessert ) dessert:+¥1,000 ) Tue. ~ Sat. & day ¥1,500 (incl. 2 drinks) 12am~2am ¥1,000 (incl. 1 drink) before hol. *Tax incl., fees subject to change for special events.


1-17-16 Imaizumi, Chuo-ku Open: Mon.~Thu., Sun. and hol.: 12pm~2am, Fri., Sat. and day before hol.: 12pm~3am (L.O.: 30 min. before closing) 26 | Fukuoka Now | #245 | May 2019


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Festa di Spumante Fukuoka 2019 スパークリングワインの祭典

Free entry

Lots of tasty food too!

Try 45 sparkling wines from 10 countries!

Fureai Hiroba, Fukuoka City Hall 1-8-1 Tenjin, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka • 5/21 (Tue.) ~ 5/26 (Sun.) • Tue. ~ Fri.: 16:00~22:00 (L.O 21:30), Sat.: 12:00~22:00 (L.O 21:30), Sun.: 12:00~21:00 (L.O 20:30) • Adv.: ¥2,700, door: ¥2,900 (incl. 10 drink tickets & drinking glass) * sold at Family Mart, Lawson, Ticket Pia, 7-Eleven, etc 20~25 y.o.: present photo ID for ¥200 off (door & advanced)

Daily Lucky Draw Win a 3-liter bottle!




C •Fukuoka Pref. Museum of Art

Hamanomachi Hospital

SB Hotel


Tenjin Monolith •KBC


Monterey La Soeur I

Valie Hotel Tenjin





South Garden•


Bon Repas

咖啡館及商店已開幕! 從福岡連結博多港、福岡機場及 福岡市內、九州、京都、大阪、神戶的重要據點誕生了!

HEARTS 버스 스테이션 하카타

카페, 기념품 가게, 캡슐 호텔 오픈! 하카타항, 후쿠오카 공항 및 후쿠오카 시내, 큐슈, 교토∙오사카∙고베를 잇는 후쿠오카의 거점!


8:00 20:00 (every day)

•Toppan Anyoin Temple

Pizzeria Da Gaetano Sada Hospital

Yakuin Ippudo

Sakura Juji Hospital

ri do e-


Bivi• Nishitetsu Inn Tenjin

Takakura Hotel

CAFE & SHOP NOW OPEN! A new hub bus station connecting the airport, city center, port, destinations in Kyushu, Kobe, Osaka, and Kyoto! Featuring a tourist information center, capsule hotel and cafe & bar too!

Oishi Koriya



•Choenji Temple

Toyoko Inn

b na


•Koshoji Temple

Imaizumi Park • Seifukuji •Toki Rikyu Hotel Tenjin Place Temple Hosenji Temple

Richmond Hotel •FT Skala

a at

To Adachi

Bic Camera Loft


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Quantic Apple Store Don Quijote Sony Store

H Court Hotel Arty Inn


n Torihana mi Freshness Hanagen njinBurger e


Mos Burger • RI -DO AKI KEY

Resola Kego Park Tenjin Bic Kego Camera Jinja Shrine

Toyoko Inn

•Australian PoliceSaiseikai Hospital Consulate The B Daimaru Elgala Hall i


Kebab Bar

Nishitetsu Bus Center

(Highway Bus Stn.)


Bus Stop

Startup Cafe

Nishitetsu Tenjin Fukuoka Sta.

H&M Plaza Hotel Guru Guru Premier Tiempo

Oro-Gio Ampoules

Former Prefectual Guest House

•Best Denki Junkudo Vivre Tenjin Festa di Tenjin Tenjin Core Spumante City Chuo Park Hall IMS KFC Solaria Stage Hearts Airport (Incube)



Frank’s Chop Shop

Plaza Hotel



Zara• Starbucks Jokyu Shoyu Ippudo Daimyo





Sunny Supermarket

• Elborracho

Hakata Excel Hotel Fukuhaku-deai Bridge

Cocokara Fine

Daimyo Catholic Mandarake Church Shintencho Institut Français I R O Shopping Arcade du Japon-Kyushu D Nishitetsu MEIJIVioro Iwataya Annex Grand Hotel Kinko’s Fukuoka Growth Next Chuo Solaria I a k Starbucks I-DOR Akasa Ward Plaza Ichiran KIRAMEK Iwataya Office

Coyote Ugly

Mister Donut Vietnam Nakasu Taiyo Consulate

Miyake Law ACROS

n SUB Tenji Fukuoka Bldg.


Yasumasu Dental Office

Nishitetsu Inn Fukuoka Ship’s Garden

Chuo Post Office

StarbucksMina Tenjin

Hotel Ascent

•NTT Docomo A-DOR

North Tenjin


IP City Hotel


Daichoji Temple •


Hotel Mystays

Hotel Etwas

Aeon Shoppers Fukuoka



Bar Kitchen

•Airef •Udon West

Nissei Hotel Fukuoka

Kyodai Remittance



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Anmitsu Hime •Ankokuji Temple

Hotel Okura Hakata Riverain Mall

Dukes Hotel








Nagahama Park Police • • Drum Be-1•

Hotel Eclair

Daikoku-bashi Bridge Nakashima Park Fukuoka Garden Benten-bashiNakasu Palace NakashimaBridge machi •Tsukushi Kaikan

Towers Tenjin Bldg. 5F

Ark Hotel Royal Enshoji Temple

The Hakata Harp

Suzaki Park

KBC Cinema


Nagahama Fish Market

To Bayside Place Hakata To Fukuoka Kokusai Center


Fukuoka Toei Hotel





•Sunny Supermarket

Gokusho-machi IJI -D OR I



-ka wa ba ta

Na ka su

Reisen Park






To Bayside Place Hakata


Tochoji Temple


•Dekimachi Park

Toyoko Inn

SB Hotel



5th Hotel West

5th Hotel East



NNC Bank

•Torinji Temple

Sumiyoshi-bashi Bridge •Haruyoshi Park •School

Sutton Hotel Hakata City Sumiyoshi Jinja •Mini-Stop Shrine Hotel Hokke RI Club I-DO SH O Y MI Royal Host SU

Yakitori Inada

Hotel Century Art

Kitte Hakata

ANA Crowne Plaza Fukuoka


Taito F Station

Yodobashi Camera CHIKUSHI-DORI

Hearts Bus Station Hakata

Hotel Leo Palace Hakata

The b Hakata

Hotel Sunline Fukuoka Hakata Ekimae Ninjin Park


With The Style




Yanagi-bashi Bridge

Sun Selco

Hakata Clio Court

Hakata Hankyu

JRJP Hakata




T-Joy Hakata Amu Plaza

Sumiyoshi Park

Hyakushunkan Hotel New Otani

JR Hakata City

Book Off


Myoenji Temple

Ming /Amu Est / Deitos

Hakata Green Hotel

Hakata-guchi JR Hakata

Hakata Marui

•Meiji Park

Kyodai Remittance


• Rokkenya Park

Croom Hakata Hotel Toyoko Inn Hakata Bus Terminal

Original Pancake House

United Cinemas TVQ• Canal City 13

Senokawabashi Bridge




Asahi Bldg Royal Park Hotel Comfort Dukes Hotel Hotel Hakata Hakata

Seiryu Park Canal City Hakata

Hearts Airport Bus Stop

MyStays Inn


Canal City Hakata East

Washington Hotel Grand Hyatt

Hotel Nikko Fukuoka

•Hakata Ward Office

Canal City Theater

Hotel Il Palazzo






President Hotel •NTT Data

The Ship Pomplaza

Hakata Sennen-no-Mon


Hotel Sky Court

Haruyoshi-bashi Bridge

Money Exchange

Jotenji Temple

Ryuguji Temple



Shidax •



Fukuoka City International Center

Kushida Jinja Shrine


Info Desk Car Rental

Engakuji Temple

Hakata Machiya Folk Museum Hakata Traditional Craft Center


Post Office Gas Station Cinema




Myorakuji Temple


Hakataza Theater Fukuoka Asian Art Museum

텐진 하카타 지역 지도



Shofukuji Temple•


APA Hotel

HEARTS 캡슐 호텔&스파

Sunny Supermarket

Bliss Clinic Benikea Calton Hotel •


To Minoshima Market Street


HEARTS機場巴士 HEARTS 에어포트 버스 C-2



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staff My recommended place to eat outdoors... Providing Kyushu’s international community and overseas visitors with news, information, opinions, and laughs since 1998. Information by foreigners for foreigners. FUKUOKA NOW 是針對在九州活躍的外國人 及外國觀光客提供新聞訊息、參考意見和趣 聞 ;從 1998 年起由外籍人士人對外籍人士 以多種語言發行的一本雜誌。

FUKUOKA NOW LTD. 5F Towers Tenjin Bldg., 3-7-3 Tenjin, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka 有限会社フクオカ・ナウ 福岡市中央区天神3-7-3 タワーズ天神5F

Publisher サーズ・ニック Nick Szasz Lobster rolls on Meiji Dori!

フクオカ・ナウは、福岡・九州で活動するイン ターナショナルな人々や、海外から訪れる人に 向けて、ニュースや楽しく過ごすための情報を 多言語で発信している、外国人による外国人の ための 1998 年創業のメディアカンパニーです。

General Manager サーズ 恵美子 Emiko Szasz Fukuoka Bank Head Office

후쿠오카 나우는 후쿠오카˙큐슈에서 활동하는 여러 나라 사람들과 외국인 관광객을 위해 1998년부터 뉴스, 시사 및 각종 유용한 정보를 다국어로 제공하는 외국인에 의한 외국인을 위한 미디어입니다.

Editorial ラディグノン・アイリーン Irene Ladignon Fukuoka’s many shrines & temples. Perfect for taking a bento outside!

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Sales ルッテ・マーテン Maarten Rutte On the terrace of Kyutaro near Hakozaki Shrine, while indulging in some nice craft beers!

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Published by Fukuoka Now Tel: 092-762-2505 福岡を英語・中国語・ 韓国語で案内する観光 地図。案内所や宿泊施 設等で無料配布中。

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福岡的中文、英文、韓文的最佳觀光地圖。 In fine weather head to Dreieck Park, a chic bar 可在服務處及旅館免費取得。 with a classy counter bar 한국어, 영어, 중국어로 후쿠오카를 안내하는 관광지도. 관광안내소, 숙박시설 등에서 무료로 배포 중.

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DAIMYO’S FAVORITE STREET FOOD! ! yummy sauces to t r y r u o F B-3

kebabs are good fo r y o u These


1-15-33 Daimyo, Chuo-ku (opposite NIKE shop)

Tel: 092-721-6660 30 | Fukuoka Now | #245 | May 2019


With 56 breweries from Fukuoka Prefecture and 31 of Fukuoka’s leading restaurants. NEW! Shochu booths too! FUKUOKA KOKUSAI CENTER Adv.: ¥2,300 Door: ¥2,800 *Includes a special glass and 20 tokens