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七月 - 福岡導覽



7월 후쿠오카 가이드

Hakata Gion Yamakasa Guide!



Come shine with Kyushu’s leading solar company RECRUITMENT SITE




Discover more! fukuoka-now.com 酔虎寿し 福岡市博多区中洲 5-4-6

5-4-6 Nakasu, Hakata-ku C-1 092-282-7751 12:00~15:00, 17:00~22:00 (Sat.: 12:00~21:00) Closed: Sun. Chef’s choice of assorted sushi ¥6,000, super deluxe ¥5,000, deluxe ¥4,000, regular ¥1,500, sashimi ¥2,500~ (per serving), draft beer ¥600, sake ¥700~, champagne ¥8,000 (half)


For more than 10 years, Suiko Sushi has offered sushi made from locally-sourced seafood, with a focus on providing seasonal delights. Owner Motohide Midorikawa, a veteran sushi chef, selects the best ingredients from the fish market every morning. From the counter, he can easily communicate with the customers and his staff as he gently crafts sushi. The prices are what you’d expect from a pro, and gourmands will notice his deft technique from the first bite. Right now, aji (horse mackerel) is in season, and you can also enjoy fresh tuna caught near Iki island.


하카타의 번화가에서 10년 이상 영업해 온 스이코 즈 시에서는 근 해에서 잡은 신선한 해산물을 중심으로 후쿠오카의 제철 식자재를 맛볼 수 있다. 오너 미즈시마씨는 매일 아침 직접 시장을 찾아 식자재를 엄선한 뒤 각각의 특징에 맞춰 정성껏 조리한다. 하나씩 쥐여 주는 초밥에서 식자재를 엄선하는 안목과 칼을 쓰는 솜씨, 초밥을 쥐는 기술을 느낄 수 있을 것이다. 이맘때쯤에는 신선하지 않으면 생으로는 먹을 수 없는 전갱이가 제철이며 이키에서 잡힌 200kg급 참치 등 묵직한 맛이 느껴지는 초밥을 즐길 수 있다.


日本宴席的主角,大概就是壽司了。在博多繁華街上營業 10 年以上的「醉虎壽司」 ,以福 岡近海當季海鮮和親民價格取勝。將大半人生奉獻給壽司的店長水鳥川元秀先生,每早親自 前往市場挑選食材,依其特色謹慎的調理 ;含入口的瞬間,就能體會對於食材的用心以及刀 工技術,所帶出的一陣陣和諧食感。在這個季節裡,能夠享用必須極新鮮食用的鯵魚以及在 壹岐島補獲的兩百 KG 級鮪魚等讓你耳目一新的壽司種類。

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CRAFT BEER & Brewer y MEXICAN PUB ing FUKUOKA CRAFT open ! soon BY エルボラーチョ

Have your fill of 23 kinds of craft beer, El Borracho’s Mexican grilled meats, tacos, and more!


1-11-4 Daimyo, Chuo-ku 17:00~26:00 (Sat., Sun. & hol. 15:00-26:00)

4 | Fukuoka Now | #235 | July 2018



No table charge


Discover more! fukuoka-now.com 蕎麦むらた 赤坂けやき通り店 福岡市中央区赤坂 3-9-28

3-9-28 Akasaka, Chuo-ku 092-731-5515 11:30~15:00 (L.O. 14:30), 17:30~21:30 (L.O. 21:00) Closed: Mon. (next day if hol.) Finely-ground mori soba (100%) ¥950, course-ground inaka soba ¥950, yamakake soba (w/ grated glutinous yam) ¥1,200, spicy grated radish soba ¥1,200, plum & shiso soba ¥1,300, cold soba w/ vegetable tempura ¥1,700

소바 무라타 아카사카 케야키도오리점


Murata, one of the city’s better known purveyors of soba, opened up its second shop on the chic Keyaki-dori Ave. in Akasaka this April. The shop is headed up by second generation owner Kiyohisa Murata. After honing his chops at famous soba shops in the Kansai and Kanto regions, he returned to Fukuoka to serve up delicious noodles and help spread “soba culture.” The shop offers three kinds of soba: mori soba, a bouncy noodle made from 100% finely ground soba flour, the highly aromatic inaka soba, and futogiri soba, a hearty soup noodle made from 80% buckwheat flour and 20% wheat flour. Prepared to bring the most out of the ingredients, each kind of soba affords the customer a different taste experience as jazz from the JBL speakers plays in the background. There are also many sides to choose from, so you can stop by for lunch, or at night for a drink and a bowl of noodles to cap of the night—in true Fukuoka style.

蕎麥 MURATA 赤坂櫸樹街店

福岡代表性的蕎麥麵店之一的 「MURATA」 的 2 號 分 店, 在 2018 年 4 月於櫸樹街開店。曾 在蕎麥名店「土山人」裡磨練 手藝的村田清久先生,除了能 做出美味的蕎麥麵外,更是位想發揚蕎麥文化的新秀蕎麥達人。店內有以純細磨蕎麥粉製作 的招牌蕎麥麵,還有特別重視喉感,帶點麥殼,以粗磨的方式帶出風味的「田舍」 ; 以及以 8: 2 的比例混合小麥粉而成的「粗麵條蕎麥」等三種選擇,搭配冷沾汁或蕎麥高湯,更能凸顯 出各自的不同特性。這裡白天夜晚都備有豐富的佐菜菜單,一邊聽著爵士樂,在以常滑燒為 餐皿的店內,感受日本的「粹」吧!

후쿠오카를 대표하는 메밀국수 가게 중 한 곳인 무라타의 2호점. 부드러운 목 넘김을 위해 잘게 분쇄한 메밀가루 100%로 반죽한 모리, 메밀 열매를 껍질째로 굵게 분 쇄 해 풍 미가 좋 은 이나카, 따 뜻한 국물과 잘 어울리도록 메밀가루와 밀가루를 8 : 2 비율로 섞은 반죽을 굵직하게 뽑아낸 후토기리 등 총 3가지 면을 각각의 개성에 맞춰 차가운 국물, 메밀국수 장국 등과 조합해 즐길 수 있다. 런치와 디너 모두 사이드 메뉴도 다양하게 제공하고 있어 술 한 잔과 함께 가볍게 에피타이저를 몇 가지 맛본 뒤 메밀국수로 마무리하는 것도 좋을 것이다. JBL 스피커에서 흘러나오는 차분한 재즈와 토코나메 도자기 등 곳곳에서 느껴지는 무라타만의 센스에서 일본의 멋을 느껴보시길.

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Try 42 different sparkling wines from 12 countries! Enjoy drinking with friends under the summer sky Food booths by popular Fukuoka restaurants Lots of shaded drinking areas Many fun toasts from the main stage Mon. ~ Fri.: 16:00~22:00 Sat.: 12:00~22:00 Sun.: 12:00~21:00

Fureai Hiroba, Fukuoka City Hall • 1-8-1 Tenjin, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka

Adv.: ¥2,700 Door: ¥2,900 (incl. 10 drink tickets & original glass)

* sold at Family Mart, Lawson, Ticket Pia, Seven Eleven, etc. • Entrance: Free




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7/6 (Fri.) ~ 7/8 (Sun.) 32nd FUKUOKA ASIAN FILM FESTIVAL 2018

Catch up on the current Asian cinema scene in this three-day film festival now in its thirty-second consecutive year. This year, five films from Korea, Philippines and Japan will be screened. The directors will attend screenings and participate in question and answer sessions. Screenings: asianfilm.tank.jp 第32回福岡亞洲電影節2018


パズル The Puzzle

• 7/6 (Fri.) ~ 7/8 (Sun.) • Adv.: ¥1,400, Door: ¥1,800, student and senior: ¥1,000 • 5F Institut Français du Japon-Kyushu • 2-12-6 Daimyo, Chuo-ku • 092-733-0949

從企劃到營運全由志工包辦的市民電影節。1987 年開始以「發掘還 未知的年輕才華」為目的,到了第 32 年度的今年也選定了一些話題 新作。本次邀來自韓國、菲律賓、日本之 5 位導演開放問答,從作 品到製作現場等問題都能面對面解惑。難得機會不容錯過唷!

제32회 후쿠오카 아시아 영화제 2018

후쿠오카의 영화팬들이 기획하고 운영하는 시민 영화제. 아직 알려지지 않은 새로운 젊은 재능을 발굴하자는 취지로 1987년에 시작되어 올해로 32회째를 맞이한다. 한국, 필리핀, 일본에서 참가한 5명의 감독이 작품과 제작 현장 등에 대한 이야기를 들려줄 예정.


Large CD and record shops along with small independent stores gather in Fukuoka for a massive three-day sale of used and secondhand CDs and records. Browse for a wide range of recording genres from jazz, classic, pop, rock, to club music and more. Enjoy hunting for hard-to-find copies that you’ve always wanted. 全日本唱片・CD夏日嘉年華


• 7/6 (Fri.) ~ 7/8 (Sun.) • 11:00~20:00 (7/6: 15:00~20:00) • Free • 9F Main Hall, Fukuoka Bldg. • 1-11-17 Tenjin, Chuo-ku • 092-734-4198 (Borderline)

從大型的唱片行到小眾通販商,不論是二手或是新出版的 CD,各家 唱片行齊聚一堂的日本最大販賣活動今年也在福岡舉辦了!集合了從 爵士與古典、民謠曲到流行樂、搖滾樂、日本流行樂、俱樂部音樂等 各種風格唱片,也許還可以找到已經絕版的唱片也說不定?!

전일본 레코드・CD서머 카니발

대형 레코드숍부터 개성 넘치는 통신판매 전문점까지, 중고・새 상품을 취급하는 레코드숍이 추천 상품을 한 자리에서 선보이는 일본 최대 규모 판매 이벤트. 재즈, 클래식, 가요, 팝, 록, J-POP, 클럽 뮤직 등 여러 장르를 만나볼 수 있다. 애타게 찾던 레코드를 만나는 행운이 있을지도.

7/18 (Wed.) ~ 7/29 (Sun.) 小石原焼 Koishiwara Ceramics Exhibition 10:00~18:00 (Sun.: ~16:00, 7/23: 12:00~)

Admission free

ACROS Fukuoka 2F 1-1-1 Tenjin, Chuo-ku 092-725-9100 www.acros.or.jp

Takumi Gallery Art & Craft Visit here for a wide range of weekly exhibitions of traditional crafts. At some exhibitions artisans can be seen up close plying their trade, and visitors can try their hands at making craftworks.


Pottery making workshop 7/23 ~ 7/29 Free

www.fukuoka-now.com | 7

PROVIDING QUALITY CARE AND COMFORT IN FLUENT ENGLISH Specialist in root canal treatment Endodontics (postgraduate studies), University of Southern California


Akira Matsuura, DDS Endodontics Mon. to Fri. 10:00~17:00 • Tel.: 092-710-6266 1-14-34 Hakataeki-higashi, Hakata-ku 3 min. walk from Hakata Sta. Chikushi-guchi Exit Japanese National Health Insurance not accepted. Credit card payments accepted (Visa & Mastercard)





bliss-clinic.com/en Bilingual Doctor & Staff Tue. & Fri.: 12:00~20:00 Wed., Thu. & Sat.: 10:00~18:00 Sun.: 10:00~13:00 Closed: Mon. 3F Tengood Bldg., 1-9-20 Kiyokawa, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka Hakata Sta.: 7 min. by taxi


8 | Fukuoka Now | #235 | July 2018

DR. TOYOKAZU TAJIRI M.D., Ph.D Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon and Specialist in Facial Fillers and Botox


Discover more! fukuoka-now.com


On the occasion of this festival in which Japanese look to the stars and make wishes, a calligraphy performance takes place. Using a massive brush, calligraphy is drawn on Japanese paper measuring 3 m long and weighing 8 kg. Local celebrities write a collective dedication for children’s growth and happiness. 七夕祭典

在短籤上寫下願望,是七夕節慶為廣為人知的習俗,也是現今仍保 留的五個節慶之一。筥崎宮的傳統儀式是在榻榻米 30 張以上大小的 和紙上,由穿著白衣儀容整齊的鄉紳們大筆揮毫寫下文字作為奉獻 ; 為孩子們學業進步和字跡漂亮,以及日本文化發展來祈求。


타나바타 축제

예술적 소양의 향상 등 바람을 종이에 써서 기도를 올리는 타나바타. 하코자키구에서는 어린이들의 학업 및 서예 향상, 일본의 문화 발전을 기원하는 붓글씨 쓰기 퍼포먼스가 열린다. 약 15평이 넘는 크기의 종이에 길이 3m, 무게 8kg짜리 큰 붓으로 글자를 쓴 뒤 이를 신에게 바친다.

• 7/7 (Sat.) • 16:00~18:00 approx. • Free • Hakozakigu Shrine • 1-22-1 Hakozaki, Higashi-ku • 092-641-7431

7/15 (Sun.), 7/16 (Mon., hol.) JAPAN BEACH VOLLEYBALL TOUR 2018

This year’s tour began in April in Okinawa and continues until the finals in Osaka this September. Lucky for us, the fifth leg of the tour returns to Yukuhashi City. There will also be high school and enthusiast matches. Local food and drink will be on sale and there’s a free shuttle bus from Yukuhashi Sta. 日本沙灘排球巡迴賽2018



• 7/15 (Sun.), 7/16 (Mon., hol.) • 9:00~ • 7/15: preliminary matches, etc. 7/16: semi-final and finals • Free • Nagaihama Beach • Nagai, Yukuhashi City • 03-5786-2100 (weekdays: 9:45~17:45)

國內沙灘排球最高點的競賽「日本沙灘排球巡迴賽」 。2018 年的巡 迴賽從 4 月的沖繩賽開始到 9 月的大阪決勝為止,共有 10 場比賽。 在第五戰的行橋會場,將同時進行高中生和一般愛好者的大會。從 行橋站也有免費接駁巴士,附近許多當地美食,歡迎共襄盛舉。

재팬 비치발리볼 투어 2018

일본 최고봉 비치발리볼 경기대회. 2018년 투어 기간 중(4월 오키나와 ~9월 오사카) 총 10번의 경기를 통해 연간 우승자를 결정하게 되는데 유 쿠 하시에 서 열리는 경기는 그중 5 번 째이다. 유 쿠 하시역에 서 경기장까지 무료 셔틀버스를 이용할 수 있다.

Free Legal Consultation in English BOOK NOW



11am~3pm, 5~9pm ☎ 092-409-2027

Atsushi Miyake

Attorney-at-Law (bengoshi) 092-287-4640 info@miyake.law

available all hours

1-9-17 Tenjin, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka 三宅法律事務所

有能說中文的同事為 服務

✓ 100% authentic Halal ✓ Set meals ¥750 ~ ✓ No alcohol ✓ English spoken ✓ Full menu


✓ Free parking

Foleo Hakata 2F, 1-14-46 Higashinaka, Hakata-ku

博多区東那珂1-14-46フォレオ博多 (show taxi driver)

www.fukuoka-now.com | 9

events 7/21 (Sat.), 7/22 (Sun.) HAWAIIAN FESTIVAL IN FUKUOKA 2018

Hele mei hoohiwahiwa (come celebrate)! Join the celebration of Fukuoka and Hawaii’s 37th anniversary as sister cities. Fukuokaborn former Hawaiian governor George Ariyoshi will attend! Enjoy hula dances and live music by guest artists from Hawaii, and browse stalls selling Hawaiian fashion items, food and more. 福岡2018夏威夷祭

ハワイアンフェスティバル IN 福岡2018

福岡縣和夏威夷州締結關係迄今迎來第 37 周年。其締結之契機或許 是因為前夏威夷州州長有吉良一的祖先和福岡有淵源。在絢麗陽光 下,除了夏威夷風的雜貨販賣外,還有從九州各地而來的夏威夷傳 統舞蹈團體表演以及來自夏威夷當地的音樂家帶來的 LIVE 演奏。

• 7/21 (Sat.), 7/22 (Sun.) • 10:00~22:00 (7/22: ~20:00) • Free entry • Tenjin Chuo Park • 1-1 Tenjin, Chuo-ku • hawaiianmanao.net

하와이언 페스티벌 IN 후쿠오카 2018

후쿠오카현과 하와이주가 자매결연을 맺은 지 올해로 37주년. 눈부신 햇살이 내리쬐는 야외에서 개최되는 본 이벤트는 하와이언 잡화 판매, 큐슈 각지 훌라팀의 댄스 스테이지, 하와이 초청 뮤지션의 하와이언 뮤직 라이브 등 다채로운 프로그램이 준비되어 있다.


Try SUP (stand-up paddleboarding) inside the Boat Race Fukuoka stadium just 15 min. on foot from Tenjin. Lessons for beginners, and for advanced there’s SUP yoga classes and races. Enjoy the family-friendly activities such as bungee trampoline, bouldering, and fire truck riding! With food and drink booths too. ~濱海狂歡2018~ SEASIDE SUP FESTIVAL

站立在沖浪板上然後以槳在水面上划的「SUP」 ,是近年來相當受歡 迎的新型水上運動。在距離天神走路 15 分鐘的競艇場裡,你就能體 驗到這項活動囉!現在除了開放針對初學者的 SUP 活動外,周邊還 有如高空跳繩、室內攀岩、消防車試乘等親子體驗活動。

~海辺のカーニバル2018~ SEASIDE SUP FESTIVAL ~해변의 카니발 2018~ SEASIDE SUP FESTIVAL • 7/22 (Sun.) • 10:00~18:00 • Free entry • Boat Race Fukuoka • 1-7-5 Nanotsu, Chuo-ku • facebook.com/seasidesupfestival

보트 위에 서서 노를 밟으면 앞으로 나아가는 SUP를 체험해볼 수 있는 이벤트가 텐진에서 도보 15분 거리에 위치한 경정장에서 개최된다. 초보자들을 위한 SUP 체험, SUP 요가, SUP 레이스 외에 어린이들을 위한 번지 트램펄린, 소방차 시승 등도 준비되어 있다.

7/7 Sat. ~ 8/26 Sun.

• Adult: ¥1,300, HS & College: ¥800, JHS & ES: ¥500 • ¥200 discount for overseas visitors & foreign residents (present your passport or ID)


from the Museum of Fine Arts,


보스턴�미술관�우키요에�명품전 - 스즈키�하루노부 波士頓美術館浮世繪名畫展 鈴木春信

This exhibition was organized by the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.

10 | Fukuoka Now | #235 | July 2018

The majority of Harunobu Suzuki’s finest ukiyo-e woodblock prints reside overseas, so it’s a rare opportunity to see them in Japan. This exhibition features 150 selected works from the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, the world’s largest collection of Harunobu’s works.


“Young Couple Attired as Komusô” William Sturgis Bigelow Collection, 11.19712 Photograph © Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

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Celebrate the birth of Tenjin-sama, Shinto god of literature. Children march with mikoshi (portable shrines) and walk through woven hoops for good health. Watch the yukata (summer kimono) parade – or wear one and join in! On Jul. 25 candles bedeck the bridge at night with shrine maidens dancing to sacred music. 太宰府天滿宮 夏季天神祭

慶祝天神(菅原道真公)生日的祭典。有可愛的兒童神轎繞境,以 及祈願無病消災的「茅之輪神事」 、浴衣選美大賽(在表參道可租借 浴衣)等活動。25 日晚上在心字池畔點亮一千根蠟燭,用「千燈明」 撫慰神靈,將夏夜點綴成幻夢一般。建議穿著浴衣參與喔。

太宰府天満宮 夏の天神まつり

• 7/24 (Tue.), 7/25 (Wed.) • 14:00~21:10 (7/25: 11:00~) • Free • Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine • 4-7-1 Saifu, Dazaifu City • 092-922-8225

다자이후 텐만구 여름 텐진 축제

텐진사마(스가와라노미치자네)의 탄생을 축복하는 축제. 아이들이 가마를 짊어지고 행진하는 행사 등이 열리며 유카타 콘테스트도 개최된다. 25일 밤에는 신령을 달래기 위해 연못 주변 천 개의 촛불이 밝혀지며 여름밤을 환상적인 광경으로 물들인다. 저녁 무렵 유카타를 입고 나서보면 어떨까.

7/24 (Tue.) ~ 7/26 (Thu.) SAKAGURA DE HIYA GARDEN

Enjoy sake tasting including sake-based cocktails at this summer festival for adults inside this historic sake brewery in Hakata. Desserts such as granita, snacks paired to sake, and special, seasonal sake including freshly-squeezed ginjoshu and nigorishu will be sold. Cool off with a cup of chilled sake! 酒窖DE冷樂園 ~大人的夏季祭典~

酒蔵 de 冷ガーデン~大人の夏祭り~

• 7/24 (Tue.) ~ 7/26 (Thu.) • 17:00~21:00 (last entry 20:30) • ¥1,000 (incl. 10 tickets & personal cup) • Hakata Hyakunengura • 1-30-1 Katakasu, Hakata-ku • 092-633-5100

經過了一百多個寒暑,在福岡土地上造酒的石藏酒造的夏季祭典。 除了享受品飲剛出窖的各種日本酒,以及使用日本酒調製的雞尾酒 與冰品以外,也有販賣獨創的下酒菜、季節限定的鮮榨吟釀酒以及 濁酒。專屬大人的夏日祭典,趁夏天來享受冰冰涼涼的日本酒吧!

사카구라 DE 히야 가든

백여 년간 하카타의 토속주를 빚어 온 이시쿠라 주조의 여름 축제. 사케 비교 시음이 가능하며 사케로 만든 칵테일과 그라니타를 맛볼 수 있고 오리지널 안주, 계절 한정 긴죠슈와 니고리자케도 구입할 수 있다. 여름만의 특권, 차갑게 식힌 사케를 마음껏 즐겨보자.

Hakata Gion Yamakasa - The Happi

Twilight Museum

A display of the Hakata Gion Yamakasa’s (summer festival) iconic happi coats

Extended hours and discount on Fri., Sat. & Sun. during 7/21 ~ 8/26!

• until 8/5 Sun. • Adult: ¥200, HS & College: ¥150 (permanent & feature exhibitions) • Feature Exhibition Room 3

Free entrance to permanent & feature exhibitions after 17:30!

Twilight Museum Concert

트와일라잇�뮤지엄�콘서트 暮光博物館音樂會

Performed by Fukuoka Seiryo HS Orchestra

7/27 Fri. 19:00~ Free

• 9:30~17:30, Fri., Sat. & Sun. between 7/21 ~ 8/26 and 8/13 ~ 8/15: 9:30~20:00 • Closed: Mon. (except 7/16 & 8/13), 7/17, 8/16

3-1-1 Momochihama, Sawara-ku Tel.: 092-845-5011 museum.city.fukuoka.jp/en

www.fukuoka-now.com | 11

July 18 (Wed.) Fireworks synchronized to music!

Fireworks Fantasia Fukuoka 하나비�판타지아�후쿠오카 2018 煙火幻想曲 Fukuoka 2018

JIGYOHAMA AREA DISCOUNT! “Like” the RKB International page and show at the ticket counter for ¥500 off same-day ticket prices.

July 18 (Wed.) 19:30~ (Open: 16:00)

Jigyohama area

*postponed to 7/19 (Thu.) in case of inclement weather


ADVANCED TICKETS (same-day tickets: + ¥500)

Momochihama area:

A block: adult ¥3,000, JHS and ES ¥1,000 S block: adult ¥3,500, JHS and ES ¥1,000 Family block: adult x 2 + JHS and ES x 1 ¥6,000 Premium beach seats ¥5,000

Family block

Jigyohama area: A block: adult ¥2,000, JHS and ES ¥1,000 Group block: 10 persons ¥15,000 Sold at Ticket Pia, Lawson, E Plus, Seven Eleven, etc.

Marizon A block S block

Group block A block

A block S block Premium beach seats

Premium beach seats

Momochihama area entrance Fukuoka Tower

Premium seats entrance


Jigyohama area entrance Hilton Fukuoka Sea Hawk

ay ssw



Yahuoku! Dome


IKI ISLAND SUMMER ADVENTURE! Just 70 minutes by hydrofoil from Fukuoka


Any time of year is a good time to visit Iki, but it’s summer, so let’s hit the beaches, and Iki has some of the best in Kyushu. And by best we don’t just mean beautiful, but the sand, made from shells, not coral, is silky smooth and easy on the feet. Speaking of shells, Iki’s beaches are also a treasure trove for shell collectors. With more than thirty beaches to choose, whether you're into swimming, kayaking, SUP or snorkeling, Iki has you covered!


Iki is about the size of Liechtenstein, and if you were to drive around the island it would take about two hours. But there’s a better way to get around - the Iki Chari electric-assisted bicycles! We were amazed at how effortlessly they climbed hills, even with carriers filled with luggage. With a fully charged battery you can travel from 28 to 176 km (depending on the model). Enjoy the sights, sounds and scents of Iki and get a little exercise in without breaking a sweat. • Available at Gonoura, Ashibe and Indoji port ferry terminals • 9:00~17:00, 4 hours ¥1,000, 8 hours ¥2,000, 16 hours ¥2,500, etc. www.fukuoka-now.com | 13



Iki is already very remote, but for those who want to really get away from it all, we recommend spending a few hours on the uninhabited island of Tatsunoshima. Its spectacular rock formations, sparkling sandy beaches and crystal clear waters are legendary, and for an impressive view be sure to climb up the Jagatani Cliff. • Tatsunoshima Sightseeing Cruise (Mar. ~11/30) • Cruise only (approx. 40 min.): adult ¥1,500, child ¥750, cruise + landing: adult ¥2,000, child ¥1,000


Like most people, we went to Iki to see and experience beautiful nature. So when we heard that glamping (glamorous camping) was offered on Nishikihama Beach, we were all in! The sturdy tents were set up on wood decking, shaded by pines trees and fitted with beds and even electricity. Showers and toilets are just steps away. But the best part was waking up to a beach to ourselves and a magnificent sunrise followed by a full breakfast served on our private deck. Glamorous indeed! Glam Beach: standard tent (up to 2 persons) ¥21,600~/person, etc. 14 | Fukuoka Now | #235 | July 2018


Matt Sueda was born in Hawaii and has lived on Iki since August 2017, where he works as the coordinator for international relations at the city hall. Exploring the island has become a passion!

“Accessibility to Fukuoka is great, and yet Iki feels worlds away from the bustle of the city. The air is clean, the 30+ beaches here are the nicest I’ve ever been to, and the quality of the locally sourced food is top notch. There are many opportunities for visitors to engage with Iki people and immerse themselves in the unique local culture. Here are some of my recommendations.”

nir For a souve


This zesty condiment is made from Iki’s aromatic yuzu citrus peel, chili peppers, and salt, which are aged to sharpen the flavors. Yuzu kosho is used as a condiment for hot pot dishes, sashimi, natto, and more. A little goes a long way, so a small bottle makes an ideal souvenir to share with friends.


After all the cycling, sightseeing and frolicking on beaches, we deserved a drink! Iki, as it turns out, is the birthplace of mugi-shochu (barley distilled liquor). As far back as the 16th century, locals began using barley to produce shochu. Today there are seven breweries on the island and many offer distillery tours. Not only did we learn about the history and processes, but we enjoyed some free tasting and bought some shochu not available elsewhere. • Iki no Hana Distillery • Open 9:00-17:00 (tours by appointment)

To eat


Locally raised calves have a national reputation in the Japanese black cattle “Kuroge Wagyu” market; they are known for the excellent quality and tenderness of their meat. Cows are raised on mineral-rich pastures created in the island’s salty sea breeze, which is said to be one of the keys to the deliciousness of Iki beef.

re To learn mo


Opened in 2010, this facility is a great place to learn about the history and material culture of Iki. Exhibits trace Iki’s history back 2,000 years to the Yayoi Period, demonstrating how the island may be understood in terms of its relations with Japan, mainland China, and the Korean peninsula. www.fukuoka-now.com | 15



2-days & 1-night (September 2018) Includes your choice of one of these three activities and the “Dine by the Beach” 1. Cycling tour 2. Food making experience and brewery hopping 3. History of Iki and Iki tour and The “Dine by the Beach” event. Local chefs prepare a special meal made using local ingredients at a seaside location with a great view. Enjoy this very unique experience! For more information, reservations, including dates and fees: suito.inboundhub.jp

Tourist information for Iki: www.ikikankou.com www.retochan.com/iki/ www.ikibeach.com

More online:


Iki Day @ Suito


Now you’re interested in Iki, join this event in Tenjin to experience Ishu tofu making, accessory making, Iki shochu sampling and more! • 7/7 (Sat.) • 10:00~22:00 • Suito Fukuoka, 3F, 1-15-27 Daimyo, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka

Getting to Iki

Hydrofoils and ferries depart from Bayside Place Hakata Wharf in Hakata-ku, Fukuoka. (Note, the hydrofoil and ferry use different docks)

Hakata Port to Ashibe Port: hydrofoil (65 min.), ferry (130 min.)


Ashibe Port

Gonoura Port

Hakata Port to Gonoura Port: hydrofoil (70 min.), ferry (140 min.)

Iki Airport

Hakata Port Fukuoka City

Nagasaki Airport to Iki Airport: 30 min. flight

Nagasaki Airport

Hydrofoil & Ferry Information www.kyu-you.co.jp/en 16 | Fukuoka Now | #235 | July 2018

New York style premium quality steakhouse. The best steaks this side of the Pacific. HAPPY HOUR: 15:00~22:30 WOLFGANG’S STEAKHOUSE FUKUOKA Grand Hyatt 1F, 1-2-82 Sumiyoshi, Hakata-ku Tel.: 092-292-1651 D-2 Open: 11:30~23:30 (L.O.: Food: 22:30 / Drinks: 23:00) Closed: Never


Fukuoka’s Fine Watch Emporium

1F il Cassetto Bldg., 1-2-5 Daimyo, Chuo-ku Open: 11:00~19:30 ▪ Closed: Tue. ☎ 092-725-7766

Certified reseller of imported fine mechanical watches One of the largest selections in Kyushu 進口機械手錶直營經銷商 / 在九州商品最齊全的店

TAX FREE for foreign tourists

수입�정품�기계식�시계�판매점/큐슈�최대급�상품�구성 B-3



www.fukuoka-now.com | 17

bar CITADEL(シタデル) 福岡市中央区大名 1-8-40-2F 2F, 1-8-40 Daimyo, Chuo-ku A-3 092-688-4190 17:00~3:00 Closed: Mon. Coffee mojito ¥900, espresso spumoni ¥800, espresso limoncello ¥850, homemade ginger ale ¥600, homemade lemonade ¥600, cold brew lemonade ¥600, Citadel blend coffee ¥550, tiramisu ¥550, homemade cheesecake ¥550


With jars of homemade liqueurs lining the counter, Citadel, which opened last April and is fast becoming another Daimyo hot spot, looks like a science lab at first glance, but its trademark is coffee cocktails. Owner Yoshimitsu Obara offers around 40 cocktails made with an original blend of light roasted coffee beans; the subtle flavor won’t overpower the other ingredients, even citrus. Try the rich espresso spumoni or a refreshing cold brew coffee cocktail. With summer in the air, we recommend the mint infused coffee mojito. If you get peckish, try the homemade sweets.


수 제 리 큐 어 가 든 병이 쭉 늘 어 서 있 어 연구실을 방불케 하는 카페 바. 칵테일용으로 就像在研究室一樣,櫃台的周圍排列滿滿的 만든 과 실감 이 느껴지는 오리지널 블렌드 利口酒瓶,這裡是以咖啡雞尾酒著名的咖啡 약배전 원두를 사용해 숏, 롱, 아이스, 핫 등 吧。採用和雞尾酒相當搭配的水果風味淺焙 약 40종류의 다양한 커피 칵테일을 제공한다. 咖啡豆,調配出不管是短雞尾酒、長雞尾酒 에스 프레소에 알코올 을 더해 리치한 맛 이 等約 40 種類以上的咖啡雞尾酒。在初夏時 느껴지는 칵테일, 콜드브루에 수제 리큐어를 點上一杯加了清爽薄荷的咖啡莫希多,或是 더해 가벼워 마시기 좋은 칵테일 등 다양한 메뉴 在柑橘系調酒裡加入適量的咖啡,清爽中略 중 여름에 추천할만한 것은 상큼한 모히토에 帶苦味,讓您的忘不了這種驚奇的新鮮風味。 수제 커피 리큐어를 더한 커피 모히토. 늦은 在深夜也能品嚐到自家製甜點,是深知大名 밤에도 수제 디저트를 즐길 수 있다는 점도 다이묘를 잘 아는 젊은 오너다운 연출이다. 風格的店長的貼心服務。


Enjoy delicious beef meals inside a renovated home. Just steps from the famous Kushida Shrine. 옛�민가를�활용한�레스토랑에서�큐슈산�와규를�즐겨보세요!


Ribeye Steak ¥3,000 (course ¥4,000)

French Kitchen Jujuan 6-29 Reisen-machi, Hakata-ku Open: 11:00~14:00 (L.O.), 17:30~21:00 (L.O.) • Closed: Mon. 18 | Fukuoka Now | #235 | July 2018

Tel.: 092-273-0399 http://juju-une.com


cafe 1101sai(いちじゅういっさい) 福岡市中央区大手門 3-1-13 3-1-13 Otemon, Chuo-ku 092-287-4990 10:00~18:00 Closed: 1st & 3rd Sun. Iced green tea ¥280, matcha ¥480, matcha chocolate ¥100, matcha pudding ¥360, Otemon sable ¥150, Take-out menu: sencha (dried leaf green tea) ¥150, hojicha (roasted green tea) ¥220


This April, Yame Miryokuen, a cooperative of five green tea farmers, opened its own cafe in Otemon, making it one of the few cafes in the city that serves up high-grade green tea direct from Yame. For a classic cup of tea, try the sencha, the most common kind of green tea. It can be served hot or cold, with the former exuding a gentle bitterness and the latter a slightly sweeter taste. For a real treat, we recommend the original matcha (powdered green tea), which you can drink or enjoy in sweets. The cafe is an ideal place to learn about Yame’s food and tea culture.


由五個茶農家結盟而成,從栽種、製造到販賣一貫進行的八女 美綠園製茶所,今年 4 月在大手門地區經營起直營店舖。除了 能夠喝到日本知名高級茶產地:八女地區所產茶葉,也是福岡 地區稀有的下午茶店;用自家栽培的八女茶製成的抹茶產品, 除了能用喝的,還有許多抹茶做成的甜點可以搭配享用。每天 從八女通勤 50KM 的的店長藤田健太郎先生,除了想要傳達八 女茶的美味以外,也希望讓客人品嚐八女地區的鄉間美食文化。


차 재배부터 제조, 판매에 이르는 과정을 일관되게 실시하기 위해 5개 차 농가가 결성한 야메 미료쿠엔 제차의 직영 카페. 일본 유수의 고급 차 산지로 유명한 야메차를 가볍게 즐길 수 있는 후쿠오카에서는 보기 드문 티 카페이다. 직접 재배한 야메차를 사용한 미료쿠엔 오리지널 말차가 추천 메뉴. 음료로도 즐길 수 있고 말차가 듬뿍 들어간 수제 디저트로 즐길 수도 있다. 야메시에서 후쿠오카시까지 매일 출퇴근 중인 오너 후지타씨는 야메차는 물론 야메의 식문화를 알리는 데에도 의욕적인 자세를 보이고 있다고. 博多旧市街に佇む 092-271-5678 本格アイリッシュパブ www.pubtheship.com 5 pm ~ 3 am Sun. & Hol. : 6 pm ~ 3 am

Happy Hour Mon.~Fri. 17:00~19:00 Sat., Sun. & Hol.: 11:30∼19:00

5 pm ~ 8 pm

Extended Happy Hour for NOW readers!

Guinness Draft Kilkenny Draft

Pint ¥900 Half ¥580



Kirin Beer

¥600 ¥420

*All prices excl. tax more specials inside...

Great Beers Fine Whiskies Spirits ¥250 - Kirin Ichiban Cocktails (Regular Size) Tasty Food NOW × Yamakasa

3-4 Gion-machi, Hakata-ku

Ask staff for discounted menu

Show this for

50% off your 2nd drink! *2nd drink only, not 3rd! *cannot be used with other discounts

(Hotel Éclair) Tel: 092-283-6446 Open daily 11:30~15:00 (L.O.: 14:30), 17:00~24:00 (L.O.: 23:30) 1-1 Susaki-machi, Hakata-ku (directly opposite Hotel Okura)

Discount (Jul. 1~15)


www.fukuoka-now.com | 19



Traditional meets contemporary in a very special location

Text and photos by Nick Szasz

Kyushu Island is famous for its excellent hot springs, and last week my wife and I revisited one of our favorite areas for onsen: Unzen, Nagasaki Prefecture. Some 800 meters above sea level, the quiet village lies within Unzen-Amakusa National Park, one of the oldest of its kind in Japan. Manoeuvring up the steep, twisty road is 20 | Fukuoka Now | #235 | July 2018


more than worth it for the spectacular views and plentiful nature. We were invited to spend a night at the recently renovated Unzen Kyushu Hotel, a historic property that first welcomed Japanese and overseas guests in 1917. A century on and the hotel’s location remains as impressive as ever: it sits literally on top of the jigoku (‘hells’), a hot spring field of barren rock pierced by vents that billow steam. Yes, the smell of sulphur pervades, but like the area’s silky-smooth spring waters, the hot, pungent air is all part of the organic therapy that people travel from afar to experience here. The hotel’s renovation was a long time in the making, the result of careful planning by the fourth generation of proprietors, Akinobu Shichijo and his www.fukuoka-now.com | 21


wife. The result is a mix of old and new, contemporary comforts blended with traditional aesthetics and service, as becomes clear within minutes of arrival. Unlike in a ryokan, here it is shoes-on, and guests are seated in chairs (not on tatami) for the welcome cup of tea and a sweet. This tradition, too, comes with a twist: the hotel serves a mix of locally sourced,

organic herbal and green tea, along with a tiny vegan doughnut. The hotel offers several room options, including four detached villas. Each room has a private ensuite bath and faces onto the jigoku, offering every guest what is hands down the best view in all of Unzen. From our room, on the third of six floors with huge windows and a sizeable patio complete with sofa, it was hard to tear our eyes away. Inside, the room was furnished comfortably and with just the right conveniences, stripped of unnecessary electronics or gadgets. Even the room key was an old-fashioned metal affair, not a slippery piece of plastic. Meanwhile the bath was large enough 22 | Fukuoka Now | #235 | July 2018


for my lanky North American body with space to spare, and controlling the temperature was easy – crucial if you plan to spend hours soaking. Heading to the large dining room, located in an adjacent building and decorated with period chandeliers, furniture and carpets, reminded us of how generations before us must have spent their vacations here. Dinner was several courses of Japanese-European dishes made with local, seasonal ingredients, each perfectly proportioned and leaving us anticipating what would come next. For breakfast, we were offered a choice of Western or Japanese food and went for one of each – of course! Before or after dinner, guests can enjoy complimentary drinks (alcohol included) under the sunshades on a spacious outdoor patio on the second floor of the main building. A rooftop lounge was still under construction when we visited, but to judge from the views we glimpsed from up top, it will be something to look forward to when it opens. With its romantic views and elegant comforts, the hotel makes a great choice for


Nagasaki Amakusa




couples of all ages. Imagine soaking in your private bath, gazing out at one of Japan’s most unique and beautiful landscapes, then enjoying a meal in the grand dining room followed by a nightcap on the rooftop bar. Rebuilding on such a landmark location was a risky proposition, but the new Unzen Kyushu Hotel is a triumph – and we’re already planning our next visit. We hear the autumn colors there are stunning!

UNZEN KYUSHU HOTEL 320 Unzen, Obama-cho, Unzen City, Nagasaki 0957-73-3234 ● www.kyushuhtl.co.jp BY CAR→ From Fukuoka City: approx. 170 min. by expressway. From Nagasaki City: approx. 80 min. BY BUS→ From Nagasaki Airport: Yukemuri Chokko Bus (80 min.) From JR Isahaya Station: Yukemuri Chokko Bus (60 min.)

www.fukuoka-now.com | 23

24 | Fukuoka Now | #235 | July 2018


Welcome to Yamakasa - Welcome to Fukuoka! You’ve probably already spotted some half-naked men running around town. These men in loincloths are participants in Fukuoka’s most anticipated annual festival, Hakata Gion Yamakasa. The highlight of the festival kicks off at exactly 4:59 a.m. on July 15, when thousands of men from seven districts race through the streets carrying decorative, one-ton floats. Spectators line the streets cheering them on by shouting “Oisa! Oisa!” and splashing them with water to keep them cool. Although the teams are timed, the event is not considered a race. The most successful team must exhibit cooperation and solidarity. This teamwork is not limited to just the runners. Local townspeople also participate by preparing for the festival and building floats almost a year in advance. We hope you’ll find this special map of use on the morning of the 15th. Don’t sleep in, and if you bring a camera, have a plastic bag handy because it gets really wet!

Yamakasa - What and where


Headband signifying responsibility


Short coat with corners tied for safety


Stomach band

July Decorative kazariyama floats 1~14: displayed around the city. July 1~9: Nagare (team) meetings and training. Portable kakiyama shrines are constructed and blessed. July 9: Oshioitori: All teams run to Hakozaki Shrine and beach to be purified. Sand is collected and later used for blessings. July 10: Nagaregaki: Teams practice carrying floats in their own districts. July 11: Asayama: An early version of Nagaregaki (5:00~6:00). July 12: Oiyamanarashi: 15:59 rehearsal race starting at Kushida Shrine.

Shimekomi Loincloth


July 14: Nagaregaki: Evening warm-up for the Oiyama race.

Split-toed shoes


Rope used to wrap around the float’s timbers

July 13: Shudanyamamise: Floats are carried across the river from Hakata into Fukuoka to be greeted by dignitaries at City Hall.


Cloth leggings

July 15: Oiyama: The main event! Teams begin leaving Kushida Shrine at 4:59.

www.fukuoka-now.com | 25

tch Where to Wa the Oiyama on July 15 Best Seats in the House!

Since the final Oiyama race is spread out over a 5 km route, there’s no bad place to watch the event, but here’s our top tips on where to get the best view:

Take It All In

Try Higashimachi-suji, the street parallel to Taihaku-dori: it slopes down toward the port, so a spot near the bottom at the intersection with Meiji-dori allows for a nice view of the floats coming from quite a distance away. Be careful, though, as the street is quite narrow!

Double the Fun

The intersection of Showa-dori and Taihaku-dori is a good place to see the floats more than once. Catch them a second time as they race down parallel streets.

Gentlemen, Start Your Floats

If you want to watch the race from the starting line, stake out a spot in front of Kushida Jinja Shrine no later than 4 a.m. (the earlier the better). After watching three or four starts, move to another place along the route for a different view.

Avoid the Crush

If you hate crowds or can’t manage waking up so early, try and catch one of the pre-Oiyama race events. Usually held in the late afternoon hours, they are less crowded than Oiyama. The stronger afternoon light also makes it easier to capture the action on camera.

Photography Tip!

Water is thrown as the teams run by; bring a bag or cloth to protect your camera!











Somu Team leaders

Yamakasa Iin Team managers

Read more about Yamakasa online

Torishimari District managers

Machi Sodai District leaders

Eisei Safety officers

Akatenugui High-ranked members

Information on special early morning public transportation too!


스페셜티 커피 원두 판매 카페 Whole or ground to order. Drink in or take away.

Directly imported specialty coffees, expertly roasted in Fukuoka.



1-1-10 Kego, Chuo-ku. Open: 10:00~20:00 • Closed: Irregular Tel.: 092-791-1245 • www.adachicoffee.com

Periodontist and Implant Specialist

Teppei Tsukiyama

Specializing in dental implants, esthetic dentistry and full-mouth rehabilitation. We provide the treatments you want and need at the world’s highest standards and in comfort.

28 | Fukuoka Now | #235 | July 2018

First and only AAP (US) & EAO (Europe) certified implant specialist in Japan.


welcome to fukuoka, welcome to hard rock FUKUOKA | HAKATA STATION 2F JRJP HAKATA BLDG. | 092-433-2975 RESTAURANT 11:00AM - 12:00AM ROCK SHOP 10:00AM - 12:00AM


ES! FOR GOOD TIM 玩機器的 有著最新的電 歡迎光臨這個 感官享受 ! 的 特 獨 驗 體 , 巨型娛樂中心

ION TAITO F STAT ra of Yodobashi Came iguchi) On the 4th floor ikush (Ch . Sta ta ka Ha 5 min. walk from , Fukuoka uogai, Hakata-ku 6-12 Hakataeki-ch F-2 30~23:00

Open: 9:

Visit this huge amusement center with the latest machines!

English Speaking Dentists Our dental practice is one-of-a kind in Fukuoka. Our team of US-trained prosthodontists and implant specialists provide the highest quality integrated care.

Tsukiyama Dental Clinic 2F Barbizon 93 Bldg., 1-14-8 Daimyo, Chuo-ku B-3 (above Paul Smith) 9:30~12:00, 14:00~17:30 ☎ 092-738-8028 *Japanese National Health Insurance not accepted

www.fukuoka-now.com | 29

Okura Brewery Craft Beer & Pizza

Drop by our casual brewery pub! Featuring “Hakata Draft” - freshly brewed inside Hotel Okura Fukuoka! 호텔 오쿠라 내에서 만든 크래프트 맥주 ‘하카타 드래프트’ 福岡大倉酒店裡釀造,打造藝術品般 堅持的啤酒 「博多 Draft」 Enjoy our premium craft beer with a slice of artisanal pizza and other dishes!


Weekdays: 17:00~22:30 Weekends & Holiday: 11:30~14:30/17:00~21:30 Closed: Mon. (open if Hol.) Tel.: 092-262-1145 B1F Hotel Okura Fukuoka, 3-2 Shimokawabata-machi, Hakata-ku



Try tsukemen-style ramen with our original thick & spicy sauce! 沾麵方式的拉麵,請與濃厚湯 頭一起享用 감칠맛�나는�깊은�맛의�육수에 적셔먹는�츠케멘�스타일�라멘 SHOPS Goenya Tenjin 11:30 ~ 15:00 / 17:30 ~ 25:00 092-726-6617 Closed: Mon.


Goenya Hakataeki 11:00 ~ 14:00 092-473-1191 Closed: Sat., Sun. & hol.


30 | Fukuoka Now | #235 | July 2018


Sizzling Summer Suggestions Looking for somewhere to celebrate with friends or family this summer? Here are three beef specialty restaurants that are sure to please. Scan the QR code for a full review and for more dining options in Fukuoka, check out our website!


Butcher Kego Honten Using NY-style dry aged Black Angus beef, the chef grills the steaks slowly over charcoal, then finishes them off at a high temperature to create a juicy-on-the-inside, crispy-on-the-outside steak. Vegetables are directly sourced from farmers in Kumamoto and service is exquisite!  3-13-6 Kego, Chuo-ku  092-735-7766

Wolfgang’s Steakhouse Fukuoka This New York icon serves only USDA Prime Black Angus beef, a certification attained by just 2~3% of all U.S. beef, and dry-ages its steaks in-house for 28 days to concentrate the flavor. They also offer succulent lobsters, fine wines and authentic American desserts.  1F Grand Hyatt, 1-2-82 Sumiyoshi, Hakata-ku  092-292-1651

Ryuen Nishinakasu Ryuen is the only restaurant in Fukuoka City where you can enjoy authentic, exquisitely marbled Kobe beef. Dine leisurely on a yakiniku-style course as you gaze over the neon-lit Naka River from the chic interior. Try their sub-zero aged Kyushu-grown Wagyu beef, a Ryuen original.  1F ATE Nishinakasu, 4-3 Nishi-nakasu, Chuo-ku  092-739-8929

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C •Fukuoka Pref. Museum of Art

Hamanomachi Hospital


Nagahama Fish Market

SB Hotel

Hotel Etwas

Daicho-ji Temple •

•Airef •Udon West

Chuo Post Office StarbucksMina Tenjin Ippudo Futata

Hotel Mystays


Hotel Ascent

Monterey La Soeur

Fukuhaku-deai Bridge

Miyake Law ACROS



n SUB Tenji Fukuoka Bldg.


•NTT Docomo

•Mist Suiko Sushi Vietnam Nakasu Taiyo Consulate Nishitetsu Inn Fukuoka Tsuruha Drug Hak Exce Ship’s Garden

North Tenjin


•Former Prefec Guest House

Takumi Gallery

•Best Denki Junkudo Vivre Tenjin Festa di Daimyo Shintencho Tenjin Tenjin Core Spumante City Chuo Park Catholic Shopping Arcade Hall IMS KFC Solaria Stage Mandarake Church Tsuruha Drug (Incube) Institut Français Pietro Vioro du Japon-Kyushu DORI Nishitetsu MEIJIGrand Hotel Kinko’s Iwataya Annex •Australian PoliceSaiseikai Hospital •Chuo Ward Consulate Solaria Plaza Nishitetsu I ka The B a Office Startup Cafe s I-DOR a EK k M A Ichiran KIRA Iwataya El Gala i Bus Center Starbucks Pietro (Highway Bus Stn.) am I

Valie Hotel Tenjin



Nissei Hotel Fukuoka

Hakata Riverain

IP City Hotel



Anmitsu Hime •Ankoku-ji Temple Kyodai





Drum Logos•

Fu As Mu






Hotel Okura

Dukes Hotel



Ark Hotel Royal Aeon •Ensho-ji Shoppers Temple Fukuoka

Nakashima Park Fukuoka Garden Benten-bashiNakasu Palace NakashimaBridge machi •Tsukushi Kaikan Na


• • Drum Be-1•

Hotel Eclair

Daikoku-bashi Bridge

Ishimura Manseido

Tenjin Monolith •KBC

Club Nagahama Park Police Cat’s

The Hakata Harp

Suzaki Park

KBC Cinema

Towers Tenjin Bldg. 5F

To Bayside Place Hakata To Fukuoka Kokusai Center





Cocokara Fine


Toyoko Inn


South Garden•

•Choen-ji Temple


Richmond Hotel •FT Skala

Toyoko Inn

Bivi• Nishitetsu Inn Tenjin



Pizzeria Da Gaetano

b na

Takakura Hotel

Bon Repas

Sakura Jyuji Hospital

•Toppan Anyo-in Temple



Imaizumi Park • Seifuku-ji •Toki Rikyu Hotel Tenjin Place Temple Hosen-ji Temple

Tsuruha Drug

a at


•Kosho-ji Temple


Goenya Bic Camera Loft

Don Quijote Sony Store

H Court Hotel Arty Inn


To Adachi




• School



• Police






Kebab Bar Ampoules


Hotel Dental Clinic Frank’s Chop Shop H&M Plaza Hotel Guru Guru Quantic Fukuoka Craft Premier Apple Store Tiempo Suito Citadel Fukuoka

Mos Burger • RI -DO AKI KEY


Resola Kego Park Tenjin Bic Kego Camera Jinja Shrine

in -m Freshness jin




Nishitetsu Tenjin Fukuoka Sta.






Zara• Starbucks Jokyu Shoyu • Ippudo Tsukiyama Daimyo




Sunny Supermarket


• Elborracho




•Fukuoka High Court

Coyote Ugly Eggs ’n Things

Sada Hospital



Fukuok Toei H


(photo for image only, ingredients vary)

Healthy, tasty and filling! Ideal for vegetarians and health conscious people. A heaping bowl of chilled spaghetti topped with fresh domestic raw vegetables, boiled eggs and other condiments.


restaurants in central Fukuoka





•Sunny Supermarket

Blue Blue Hakata


텐진 하카타 지역 지도



Shofuku-ji Temple•


-ka wa ba ta

Na ka su

Fukuoka City International Center


BA Tsuruha Drug TA AR CA DE

1 Jujuan


Nakasu Police•

•Dekimachi Park

Toyoko Inn

Kushida Jinja Shrine




5th Hotel East

Dukes Hotel Hakata


Senokawabashi Bridge


Kyodai Remittance

Hakata Bus Terminal

Salvatore Cuomo Hakata To Akira Green Matsuura, Hotel DDS

Ming /Amu Est / Deitos

Comfort Hotel Hakata

•Meiji Park

Hakata-guchi JR Hakata

Hakata Marui

Myoen-ji Temple

Sumiyoshi-bashi Bridge •Haruyoshi Park •School

Sutton Hotel Hakata City Sumiyoshi Jinja •Mini-Stop Shrine Hotel Hokke RI Club I-DO SH O Y MI Royal Host SU

Taito F Station

JRJP Hakata


Hotel Century Art

Hakataeki Higashi

Yodobashi Camera CHIKUSHI-DORI

Hotel Leo Palace Hakata


• Rokkenya Park

Hakata Clio Court Sunlife Hotel 2.3

Hakata Hankyu

ANA Crowne •Torin-ji Temple Plaza Fukuoka




T-Joy Hakata Amu Plaza

Book Off Hard Rock



JR Hakata City

Kitte Hakata

United Cinemas TVQ• Canal City 13


Croom Hakata


Original Pancake House NNC Bank Pietro

Seiryu Park Canal City Hakata

MyStays Inn

Hotel Nikko Fukuoka

Hotel Toyoko Inn

Asahi Bldg

Royal Park Hotel

Grand Hyatt

Hotel Il Palazzo

5th Hotel West




Canal City Theater Washington Canal City Pietro Hotel Hakata East

Haruyoshi-bashi Bridge

•Hakata Ward Office



•NTT Data

The Ship Pomplaza

President Hotel

SB Hotel

Hotel Sky Court



Hakata Sennen-no Mon


Hakata Machiya Folk Museum

Hakata Traditional Craft Center



Money Exchange

Joten-ji Temple

Tocho-ji Temple

Reisen Park







kata el Hotel

Info Desk Car Rental

To Bayside Place Hakata

ukuoka Hakataza sian Art Theater useum

Gate's ter Donut o

Post Office Gas Station

The B Hakata

Hotel Sunline Fukuoka Hakataeki-mae Ninjin Park

With The Style


Sumiyoshi Park Hyakushunkan Hotel New Otani

i or -d

Sunny Supermarket•

ka Hotel

Pietro Salad Dressing

Yanagi-bashi Bridge

Sun Selco APA Hotel

Bliss Clinic

Benikea Calton Hotel •


To Minoshima Market Street


Tenjin Pietro Centrale 11:00~22:00 ☎ 092-715-8281 Pietro IMS (12F) 11:00~23:00 ☎ 092-733-2065 Pietro Solaria (6F) 11:00~23:00 ☎ 092-733-7602

B-2 C-2 B-2

Premio Pietro F-2 (Kitte Hakata 10F) 11:00~23:00 ⁄ ☎ 092-477-5811 Pietro Chikushi-dori (Teraso 1F) 11:00~22:00 ☎ 092-432-1900 Pietro Canal City D-2 11:00~23:00 ☎ 092-263-2208

Take home a bottle of one of Japan’s most popular dressings with its unique blend of Italian flavors and Japanese “umami”. The pride of Fukuoka - it makes a great souvenir too! Vegan dish with no cholesterol and no preservatives.

Restaurant locations:



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Fukuoka Beer Garden Guide

Fukuoka Fireworks Guide

Every summer many of the city’s rooftops are used as beer gardens. We introduce a dozen of them along with menu details, prices and access info. fukuoka-now.com/beer-garden

Our guide introduces ten festivals in and around Fukuoka City between Jul. 18 and Sep. 15. Don a yukata or jinbei and enjoy summer Japanese-style! fukuoka-now.com/fireworks

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Open daily 21:00~

s gest nightclub ig b ’s n a p a J f One o art y people! p t s o m e th h wit Club Cat’s y r a d n e g le ’s Fukuoka 樂部 內頂 級 俱 熱 鬧 非凡!國 不 論平假日都 t’s 奇:Club Ca 福 岡當 地 的 傳 럽 중 하 나! 최 대 나 이트 클 본 일 는 찾 이 들 많 은 파 티 피플 명 클럽 캣 츠 후 쿠오 카의 유


Weekday: ¥15,000/hr / Weekend: ¥20,000/hr (incl. 1 bottle of Moet Chandon or Redbull Vodka Set) *weekend prices apply on special event nights. Tables for up to 6 persons. Groups of 7+ must use additional tables.


catsfukuoka club-cats.jp 092-732-9600 5F TM-20 Bldg., 3-7-13 Tenjin, Chuo-ku


おかげさまで 百十三年 Only available from July 1 to 15

Hakata Gion Yamakasa Gion Manju Every year in July, it is tradition for families in Hakata to share Gion Manju to keep them safe from harm during the Yamakasa period. Bearing the sacred symbol of Gion Shrine, this sweet continues to be beloved by Hakata locals as a good-luck charm and a vital part of Yamakasa.

ISHIMURA MANSEIDO MAIN STORE A location of great local historic significance at the finish line of the Oiyama (Yamakasa). 2-1 Susaki-machi, Hakata-ku has been our main store’s address for generations. It also marks the presumed boundary of old “Hakata” and “Fukuoka”, and the finish line for the Oiyama, the climax of the Hakata Gion Yamakasa run in the early hours of July 15. This year, once again, the dedicated men of Yamakasa will run past our store. The Ishimura Manseido main store will be open from 4 a.m. on the morning of Oiyama, July 15.

2-1 Susaki-machi, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka Toll-free number: 0120-222-541 Open: 9:00~20:00 C-1 www.ishimura.co.jp

Founded in 1905 Ishimura Manseido, Home of Tsuru no Ko