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11월 후쿠오카 가이드



this month in fukuoka Welcome to Fukuoka Now! Since 1998 our team of local experts have been introducing the best of Fukuoka to the world. Enjoy - and access our website for more:

歡 迎 來 到 FUKUOKA NOW ! 我 們 從 1998 年開始就由愛福岡的在地 達人介紹福岡最棒的地方給旅客們。 歡迎上我們的網站獲取更多資訊


저희는 후쿠오카 나우입니다! 후쿠오카를 잘 아는 편집의 프로들이 모여 후쿠오카의 생생한 정보를 1998년부터 제공해 왔습니다. 더 많은 정보는 웹사이트에서 확인하세요!


SHOFUEN Enjoy a stroll around Shofuen, a beautiful, meticulously cared for Japanese garden, boasting a tea room built in 1951 by craftsmen from Kyoto. Surrounding the tea room there is a nodate hiroba (outdoor space for tea ceremonies) in the image of Mt. Fuji and its five lakes, the Azumaya tea room, and 100-year-old maple trees. Be sure to order a cup of matcha and a traditional sweet (¥300) to go with the view! If you’re still up for a walk, nearby are Hiraosanso (a mountain villa), the city zoo and botanical garden, and high-end bakeries! Details and photos online!



在安靜的高級住宅區坐落的 松風園,是福岡代表百貨的 創始人,也是昭和時期赫赫 有名的數寄者 ( 愛好茶道的 人 ) - 田中丸善八翁的豪宅地 點。從 2007 年開始改變成 為公園,還有一間對外開放 的茶室。建於 1951 年的茶 室“松風庵” ,室外的野點 廣場上岩石以富士山和五湖 為構圖,周圍樹齡超過 100 歲的楓樹鬱鬱蔥蔥。在這邊 賞園景邊享受抹茶(¥300) 。 還可散步到附近景點,享受 日本文化的美感。

한 적 한 고 급 주 택 가 에 위 치 한 쇼 후 엔 은 후 쿠오 카 를 대 표 하 는 백 화 점의 창 업자 이자 쇼 와 를 대 표하 는 다도 애 호 가로 도 알려진 타나카마루젠파치옹의 저택 터를 후쿠오카시가 이어받아 2007년부터 일반 공개하고 있는 공원이다. 교토에서 장인을 수소문해 1951년에 세운 다실 ‘쇼후안’을 중심으로 야외 다과회가 가능한 광장, 수령 100년 이상의 단풍나무, 정자 등이 배치된 자연환경이 아름다운 일본정원이 펼쳐져 있다. 정원을 바라보며 말차(300엔)도 즐길 수 있다. 부근은 산책하기에도 좋은 길이니 천천히 걸어보자. 松風園 Shofuen 3-28 Hirao, Chuo-ku Entrance fee: ¥100 (Under 15 y.o.: ¥50) 9:00~17:00 Closed: Tue. (Next day if Tue. is Hol.), 12/29 ~ 1/1 092-524-8264

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WATER SITE OTTO This café is located along the river that connects Tenjin, the city’s downtown area, and Nakasu, the entertainment district. OTTO is a great place to while away a few hours, whether you sit out on the terrace overlooking the water, or relax in the spacious, elegant interior. We particularly recommend the fluffy pancakes filled with homemade ricotta, and the fresh-out-of-the-oven apple pie topped with vanilla ice cream. The menu includes over 70 drinks, and meals are served throughout the day, making this a popular spot amongst locals too. Menus are available in English, Chinese and Korean.

Water site OTTO

在當地享有高人氣,位於河邊的 Water site OTTO 咖啡廳。有著令 人愉快的音樂和挑高的開放型室內空間,可以在露台座位上,看著 各式各樣的人如何享受生活。值得推薦最有話題性的甜點,是加入 大量的自製里考塔起司而製成的蓬鬆鬆餅,還有現點現烤的香酥燙 口蘋果派搭配上香草冰淇淋。這裡提供超過 70 種飲料,午餐服務至 17:00,其他餐點全天供應。有提供中文菜單喔!

워터 사이트 옷또

강변에 위치한 카페 워터 사이트 옷또. 기분 좋은 음악이 흐르는 높은 천장의 개방적인 실내와 강변의 텐트가 딸린 테라스 석에서는 업무 미팅이나 노 트북으 로 작 업하 는 사 람, 여행객과 근처에서 일하 는 회사원 등 다양한 사람들이 각자의 시간을 보내고 있다. 추천 디저트는 수제 리코타 치즈가 듬뿍 들어간 팬케이크와 주문받자마자 구워내는 바닐라 아이스크림을 곁들인 애플파이. 허브티 등 70종 이상의 드링크 메뉴와 17시까지 주문 가 능한 런치 서비스, 그 외 푸드 메뉴 등이 있다(한국어 메뉴 있음). ウォーターサイトオットー Water site OTTO Nishitetsu Inn Fukuoka 1F, 1-16-1 Tenjin, Chuo-ku 11:00~24:00 (Lunch: 11:30~17:00) Closed: 12/29 ~ 1/3 092-714-3308



이달의 후쿠오카

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FUKUOKA - THE NOODLE CITY GOUYA First opened in Terazuka in 1995, Gouya offers up Chinese noodles in an original veggie-filled Japanese soup, the stock of which is carefully crafted from dried bonito flakes, dried mackerel flakes, dried sardines, konbu (kelp) and shiitake mushrooms. The subtle flavor blends well with the stellar customer service. Our favorite is the kara-negi ramen, which is topped with a small mountain of shredded Welsh onions marinated in spicy miso, and then drizzled with scallion oil. Another tasty dish is the homemade chijiremen (curly noodles) in a fish-based soup. If you’re feeling hungrier than usual, Gouya doesn’t offer noodle refills, but you can size up to a large for an extra ¥130. You may also want to try the gyoza which, unusually, are flavored with walnut. If you want a side of rice, follow the lead of the regulars and try the jidorimeshi (chicken and rice) or the yakibutameshi (grilled pork on rice). English and Chinese menus make it easy for overseas visitors 中華蕎麥麵鄉家 「鄉家」的湯頭採用和風湯頭、以鰹魚、鯖 to enjoy Gouya’s delicious dishes.

中華そば郷家 Gouya 5-25-11 Watanabe-dori, Chuo-ku 11:00~22:30 (L.O.) (Tue. ~ Sat.), 11:00~21:30 (L.O.) (Sun. & Hol.) Closed: Mon. 092-713-1333

魚節、沙丁魚、海帶、椎茸為基本,再加 入 5 種蔬菜和豬肉,精心燉煮出可以享受 到新鮮素材好味道的湯頭。自 1995 年在 寺塚開幕(總店)以來,堅持以溫和味道 的日式湯頭為底的“中華蕎麥麵”,及對客 人以貼心周到的禮數來服務為信條。推薦 以加了特製辣味噌的白蔥花淋上熱騰騰香 辣蔥油的香辣蔥花拉麵。把蔥花浸在湯裡, 搭上原創的捲曲的麵條,魚的味道讓湯頭 鮮美。這家拉麵店沒有替玉(加麵條),但 有提供大份量拉麵的選擇(+¥130),大部 分的常客會一起點走地雞飯的飯糰,或在 飯上蓋上燒肉的“燒肉飯”。



1995년, 아카사카에 본점을 낸 고우야에서는 가 다 랑 어 포 , 고등 어 포 , 다시 마 등으 로 낸 육수에 5종류의 채소와 돼지 뼈를 더해 재료 본연의 감칠맛을 충분히 느낄 수 있는 오 리 지널 육 수 를 만 들고 있다. 그 일 본 풍 육수를 베이스로 한 중국식 소바를 오랫동안 고집 해 온 고우 야. 처 음 이라 면 특제 붉 은 된장으 로 버무 린 파 를 얹어 파기름으 로 마무리한 매운 파 라멘을 추천한다. 국물에 푹 젖은 파와 구 불 구 불한 면이 육수와 잘 어우 러져 깊은 맛 을 낸다. 면 추가 는 불가능하고 곱빼기(130엔 추가)는 가능하나 단 골 들 은 닭고 기 등의 재료를 미리 넣어 지은 밥 지도리메시를 뭉친 주먹밥이나 구운 돼지고기를 얹고 그 위에 챠슈를 올린 야키부타메시를 함께 주문하는 이들도 많다고.

All Day Breakfast.


全日早餐・하루 종일 아침 식사 Eggs 'n Things Fukuoka Tenjin THE SHOPS 1F, 1-12-56 Daimyo, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka Tel.: 092-737-7652 Business hours: 9:00 AM to 10:30 PM (last order 9:30 PM) Closed: Irregular Access: 5 min. walk from Nishitetsu Fukuoka (Tenjin) Sta. 5 min. walk from Tenjin Subway Sta.

Wi-Fi | 3


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B-2 和心とんかつ あんず 福岡市中央区天神 2-5-35 岩田屋新館 7F Iwataya Shinkan 7F, 2-5-35 Tenjin, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka 11:00~21:30 (L.O.) Closed: New Year’s Day 092-736-3720 Roast pork set ¥1,381 (S), ¥1,571 (M), roast pork hot pot set ¥1,476, Kurobuta roast cutlet set ¥2,000 (Sets incl. free refills of rice, salad and kiriboshi daikon), draft beer ¥571 (M), sake (180ml) ¥476



onkatsu, or breaded fried pork chops, are often sliced and served over shredded cabbage with Worcestershire sauce or can be found on a bed of rice (katsudon), inside a sandwich or on a plate of curry. The mission of Washin Tonkatsu Anzu is to make these well-loved dishes with the best pork it can find, including the famed Joshu Pork of Gunma Prefecture. Since opening its first shop in Higashi Ward in 2002, the focus has been entirely on the ingredients. In addition to the best pork, Anzu uses select bread crumbs and vegetable oil and grows its own rice and cabbage at a companyowned farm in Fukutsu. Naturally, it makes its own sauces as well, which you can season with ground sesame seeds. The aroma of the sauce is the perfect complement for the crunchy sound of the crispy fried cutlets as you bite into them. So, if you fancy a piece of some of the best tonkatsu Fukuoka has to offer, go no further than Washin Tonkatsu Anzu. Menu available in English, Chinese and Korean.

杏子日式豬排 天神岩田屋店

炸豬排,厚切豬排裹上麵包粉後油炸的料理, 搭配著高麗菜絲及伍斯特醬一起食用。可 以加上蛋做成炸豬排蓋飯,或用麵包夾成炸 豬排三明治,還有淋上咖哩的炸豬排咖哩。 2002 年福岡市東區開幕的 -「杏子日式豬排」 一號店,就是用肉質香甜柔軟的上州豚做出 最棒的豬排。除了最棒的豬肉,還使用了精 心挑選的麵包粉和植物製成的煎炸油,以及 在福岡縣福津市自己經營的農場生產出的米 及高麗菜。以水果及蔬菜為原料的豬排醬料 有原味跟辣味可以選擇,醬料的香氣對上香 脆的炸豬排是絕妙的搭配。快將碗裡的芝麻 磨碎,再加上醬汁調出自己最愛的口味吧!

Jewelry, Watches, Brand Name Bags New and affordable previously owned!

텐진점 : 츄오쿠�텐진�잇쵸메 13-26 (텐진�지하상가 12번�출구로�나와서�첫번째�코너에서�좌측) 휴일 : 일요일, 공휴일

天神店:中央區天神1丁目13-26(從天神地下街12 號出口走出後,第一個路口左轉) 休息日:星期天、各國定假日

두 꺼운 돼지고 기에 빵가루 를 발라 기름 에 튀겨내는 돈까스는 채 썬 양배추를 곁들여 우스터 소스와 함께 먹는 것이 일반적이나 밥 위에 돈까스를 얹어내거나 빵 속에 끼워 넣거나 카레 위에 토핑으로 얹는 등의 여러 가지 스타일로 즐길 수도 있다. 많은 사람들에게 더 맛있는 돈까스를 제공하기 위해 식육 가 공 도매업에서 쌓은 노하우를 살려 일본의 수많은 맛있는 돼지고기 중에서도 풍미가 느껴지는 단맛과 부드러운 육질이 특징인 죠슈 돼지고기를 찾아내 2002년에 후 쿠오 카시 히가시구 에 1 호점을 오픈했던 안즈. 돼지고기는 물론 빵가루와 기름도 깐깐한 안목으로 선정했고 쌀과 양배추 등의 채소는 후쿠오카현 후쿠츠시에 있는 자사 농장에서 생산된 것을 사용한다. 과일과 채소로 만든 소스는 오리지널과 매운맛 두 가지가 준비되어 있다. 작은 절구에 담겨 나오는 깨를 곱게 갈아 마음에 드는 소스를 섞은 후 돈까스에 찍어 먹으면 된다. 돈까스가 식기 전에 바삭한 튀김옷과 부드러운 육질을 직접 맛보자. 두툼한 250g짜리 돈까스를 먹고 나면 입안에 은은히 돼지고기의 단맛이 남는다. 차 분한 일본 풍 인테리어로 꾸며진 가게에서 그 맛을 충분히 음미하시길. Address

Open hours



마코 시치텐 真子二手店 쥬얼리, 시계, 명품가방 등 신품, 중고 염가판매중 Mon.~Fri. 9:30 ~ 19:30 貴重金屬、手錶、名牌包...等 Sat. 10:00 ~ 19:30 全新品及二手商品 低價販售中


1-13-26 Tenjin (Tenjin Chikagai, Exit 12, turn left at first corner) Show Taxi driver: 真子質店天神店: 中央区天神1丁目13-26 Closed: Sunday, Holiday

와신 돈까스 안즈


4-8-32 Nishijin (inside Nishijin Shotengai) Show Taxi driver: 真子質店西新店: 早良区西新4丁目8-32 Closed: Sunday


니시진점 : 사와라쿠�니시진�욘쵸메8-32 (니시진상점가�내) 휴일 : 일요일

西新店:早良區西新4丁目8-32(西新中央商店街內) 休息日:星期天

C-2 | 5




his nighttime event is one of the highlights of autumn in Fukuoka! Temples, shrines and gardens all over Hakata are artistically illuminated. The event is so popular that it has won the Lighting Conference Lighting Design Award, and been named a Japan Heritage Night View. Here are our top three viewing spots…

Tochoji Temple is famous for housing the largest seated Buddha in Japan, but during the Hakata Light Up Walk it’s the pagoda that steals the show. Each of the five tiers is magnificently illuminated, making this a must see!

“秋博 Light Up Walk”這個夜晚活動是福岡秋季的亮點之一!博多 的眾多寺廟、神社和日式庭院夜晚中被藝術的燈火浪漫地點亮。這 個受歡迎的活動還贏得了照明學會的「照明設計獎」 ,同時也被命名 為日本夜景遺産。以下是我們選出三大不可錯過的景點。 조명학회 조명디자인 상을 받았고 2015년 7월에는 일본야경유산으로 인정되기도 한 하 카 타 라 이트업 워크 . 유 서 깊은 신사 나 절 등의 건물과 정원이 조명으로 꾸며져 낮과는 또 다른 환상적인 분위기를 즐길 수 있다. 후쿠오카 나우가 추천하는 곳은...

• 11/19 (Thu.) ~ 11/23 (Mon., Hol.), 17:30~21:00 (last entry: 20:45) • 10 sites • 1 day pass: Adv. ¥1,000, Door ¥1,300 More info on this and other autumn events at:

Go for the… Zen garden

Go for the… pagoda

擁有日本最大坐佛的福岡東長 寺,來到此處最不能錯過的就 是在“秋博 Light Up Walk”期間, 觀賞寶塔上頭繽紛美麗的燈光, 是幕令人難忘的美麗光景。

일본에서 가장 큰 크기를 자랑하는 좌상대불 ' 후쿠오카 대불 ' 로 유명한 절이지만 기간 중에는 조명을 받아 빛나는 오중탑이야말로 놓칠 수 없는 볼거리이다 .

2-4 Gokusho-machi, Hakata-ku




The painstakingly raked Zen garden of this Buddhist temple undulates with vibrant colour under the lights, making for a gorgeous take on a traditional Japanese view.

This Shinto shrine has a row of red torii gates, each of which is carefully lit for this event. The result is a vivid scarlet tunnel standing out against the night!

原本充滿禪意的寺廟庭園,在精心布置的燈光中渲染上了充滿生命 力的色彩,使得日本傳統景色展露出嶄新華麗的風貌。 정성껏 그려낸 아 름다 운 일본식 돌 정원의 물결무늬가 강렬한 색의 조명을 받아 몽환적인 분위기를 연출한다 .

1-29-9 Hakata-ekimae, Hakata-ku


Go for the… torii gates

在“秋博 Light Up Walk”活動期間,櫛田神社將神道上的鳥居,佈置 上精心的燈光,在夜間構成了壯麗的紅色隧道。 쿠시다 신사의 열 맞춰 늘어선 붉은색 토리이 ( 신사 입구 기둥문 ) 는 어둠 속에서 환상적인 다홍빛 터널을 연출한다 .

1-41 Kamikawabata-machi, Hakata-ku


KING CRAB, QUEEN CRAB, SNOW CRAB, LOBSTER, MUSSELS AND MORE! スパイシーなシーフードを 手づかみで! GOLDEN CRAB 2-16-11 Yakuin, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka Tel: 092-753-7210 Open: 18:00 ~ 23:30 Closed: irregular

SAVOURY SEASONED SEAFOOD SPREAD OUT ON A SHEET AND EATEN BY HAND. “Playing with your food has never been so much fun!”

6 | Fukuoka Now | #203 | November 2015



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10/20 (Tue.) ~ 11/22 (Sun.) BOOKUOKA 2015

This celebration of the written word is organised by book-lovers for book-lovers. A whole host of book-related events take place all over the city: specially designed book coverings are available, various authors give talks, and on Nov. 7 you can buy second hand books on Keyaki-dori. BOOKUOKA 2015

成立於 2006 年,由一群愛書人發起的“Bookuoka” ,邀請各地出 版商、二手書店與新書書店一同共襄盛舉。在這期間,福岡市內會 有許多跟書有關的活動,有特製書皮的展示、作者的演說等。11/7 在 KEYAKI 大道上琳瑯滿目的二手書籍等你來。

ブックオカ 2015

• 10/20 (Tue.) ~ 11/22 (Sun.) • Entrance fee varies • Keyaki-dori, Seinan University Museum Hall 2F, various bookstores incl. Tsutaya Book Store Tenjin, Junkudo Fukuoka, etc. • 092-406-2036

북쿠오카 2015

책 애호가와 출판사, 각종 서점이 참가하는 책 축제 북쿠오카. 11월 7일에는 케야키도오리에 노천 고서점이 마련된다. 그 외에도 작가 토크쇼, 후쿠오카의 서점 직원들이 선정한 강력 추천 문고 전시회 등 다양한 행사가 시내 곳곳에서 열릴 예정.

11/1 (Sun.) ~ 11/3 (Mon., Hol.) HAKUSHU FESTIVAL

A festival dedicated to Yanagawa-born tanka poet and children’s songwriter, Hakushu Kitahara (1885-1942). Around 80 boats decorated with lanterns float down the canals of Yanagawa at night, past performers on riverside stages and stalls selling refreshments. Later, fireworks light up the night sky. 白秋祭水上遊行

每年 11 月 2 日是紀念詩聖北原白秋的日子,在他的家鄉柳川舉辦 三天充滿詩意的祭典。約 80 艘古式遊舟飾有篝火和燈籠,接連著在 夜晚的柳川上遊行著。沿岸四處設置臨時舞台,展示柳川傳統藝術, 最後在秋夜的星空中以明亮顏色的煙火劃下句點。


• 11/1 (Sun.) ~ 11/3 (Mon., Hol.) • 18:00~ • Free to watch • Takes place along the main canal route • Yanagawa City, Fukuoka • 0944-74-0891

하쿠슈 수상 퍼레이드

1 9 42년 11월 2일에 세상을 떠난 야 나가 와 출 신 시인 키타 하 라 하 쿠 슈 를 기리는 축제. 화 톳 불과 등으 로 장식된 약 8 0 척의 배가 강 위를 떠내려간다. 특설 무대에서는 전통 예능 등이 선보여지며 마무리로는 불꽃놀이가 가을 하늘을 아름답게 수놓는다.

Premium Craft Beers in Tenjin

天神駅より徒歩2分 クラフトビール専門店

• 常時10タップの生ビール • 約30種類の瓶ビール • 焼きたてソーセージ

10 beers on tap and nearly 30 bottled beers, including uncommon labels. Tasty beers and tasty meals. Minutes on foot from Tenjin Sta.

All beer lovers welcome!

Craftbeer Creek 1-13-31-3F Imaizumi, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka Tue. ~ Sat.: 17:00~26:00 (L.O. 25:00) Sun. ~ Hol.: 14:00~24:00 (L.O. 23:00) Closed: Mon. & 3rd Tue. (next day if Hol.) ☎ 092-791-4370

C-3 | 7


FOR PAID CLINICAL TRIALS Register for upcoming paid clinical trials and get a free health checkup! (Target group: Caucasians)


✓ Transportation fee provided ✓ Two locations to choose from: Central Hakata or Island City (Fukuoka) ✓ Call for more information and to make an appointment

Reservation (9am~9pm)

Call:092-283-7855 Affiliated Facilities

Show this for

50% off

Pint ¥900 Half ¥580



your 2nd drink!

¥600 ¥420

*2nd drink only, not 3rd!

*All prices excl. tax


Island City



Open daily 11:30~24:00(Lunch 11:30~15:30)

NIPPON NOW! Six hours packed with entertainment, food & drink! Fun for foreigners and Japanese alike - celebrate Japanese Culture Day together. Bring your family and friends!

Katsura Sunshine Bilingual Traditional Japanese Comic Storyteller


Nov. 3 (Tue.)

Culture Day 15:00~21:00 JR Kyushu Hall ¥1,000 (door) MAIN STAGE 15:00 ~ 16:00........ Sumo Suit Wrestling 17:00 ~ 18:00........ Sumo Suit Wrestling 18:00~ ..................... Katsura Sunshine (in Jap.) 19:00~...................... Katsura Sunshine (in Eng.) 20:00 ~ 21:00........ Sumo Suit Wrestling *Note: times subject to change

FOOD & DRINK BOOTHS Japanese foods, drinks, and sweets on sale! Come hungry!

Amateur Sumo Suit Wrestling


Nov. 3 (Tue.), 15:00~21:00 / Tickets: ¥1,000 at the door / Venue: JR Kyushu Hall (JR Hakata City 9F, above JR Hakata Sta.)

8 | Fukuoka Now | #203 | November 2015


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11/2 (Mon.) ~ 11/4 (Wed.) KARATSU KUNCHI

This autumn festival has been held since the late 1500s, and the highlight is the parade of 14 huge floats in the shape of auspicious symbols: a carp, dragon, lion, and helmet. These are wheeled through the city streets accompanied by the sound of taiko drums, clappers, and the vigorous shouts of the handlers. 唐津大節

每年 11 月 2~4 日舉辦的唐津大節起源於 16 世紀,由唐津神社舉辦 的秋季祭祀儀式。以眾人熟悉的故事為主題,14 座曳山 ( 花車 ) 裝 飾著豪華的鯛魚、龍、獅子、頭盔等象徵。這些曳山伴著太鼓聲及 豪邁的呼喊直拖到濱明神台,這裡是欣賞曳山最好的地點。


• 11/2 (Mon.) ~ 11/4 (Wed.) • Timing varies • Free • Parade: Karatsu Shrine to Karatsu Centrum • Karatsu Shrine: 3-13 Minamijonai, Karatsu City, Saga • 0955-72-4963

카라츠 쿤치

매년 11월 2~4일 3일간 개최되는 카라츠 쿤치에는 50만 명이 넘는 관객이 찾아온다. 호화찬란한 14대의 가마가 음악에 맞춰 카라츠 시가지를 행진하는 히키야마 행렬 등의 볼거리가 있으며 3일에 가마가 한데 모이는 히키코미가 최대 이벤트이다.

11/8 (Sun.) ~ 11/22 (Sun.) SUMO: KYUSHU BASHO

This year, wrestlers from as far as Russia, Egypt, and Bulgaria are competing. Kakuryu (Mongolia) is hotly tipped to win this tournament, but we’re cheering for Shohozan, Fukuoka’s very own sumo star! Sumo is an iconic part of Japanese culture, so don’t miss your chance to see the wrestlers in action! 大相撲九州場所 2015

大相撲九州場所 2015

Photo: Hopkinsii (Flickr)

• 11/8 (Sun.) ~ 11/22 (Sun.) • Fukuoka Kokusai Center • Ringside Seats: ¥14,800, Box Seats (2~4 persons): ¥9,500 ~ ¥11,700, Arena (chair) Seats: ¥2,300 ~ ¥4,900 • 2-2 Chikkohonmachi, Hakata-ku • 092-291-9311

當你在福岡的街上見到相撲力士,表示福岡冬季的相撲時間又到了! 大相撲比賽在 11 月裡,所謂的“九州場所”開始了。今年的相撲比 賽有來自蒙古、埃及、保加利亞及俄羅斯等海外力士活躍其中。在 現場聽到身體撞擊的聲音,體驗熱鬧及魄力十足的日本文化!

스모 큐슈대회 2015

11월의 큐슈대회가 가까워지면 후쿠오카 거리에서 스모 선수들을 찾아볼 수 있다. 가을대회에서 우승한 카쿠류는 물론, 몽골, 조지아, 이집트, 불가리아, 러시아 등 해외 출신 선수들도 대활 약 중이다. 선수들의 후끈한 열기와 박력을 직접 느껴보시길. | 9

events 11/13 (Fri.) ~ 11/16 (Mon.), 11/20 (Fri.) ~ 11/24 (Tue.) DAZAIFU TENMANGU AUTUMN MEISHUTEN

Alcohol used to be an integral part of Shinto rituals, and this event keeps that tradition alive by offering local liquors up to the kami - and mere mortals can partake too! Peruse, taste and purchase Fukuokan sake. There is also a chrysanthemum exhibition, featuring over 1,500 pots, and a flower market. 太宰府天滿宮 秋季銘酒展

太宰府天満宮 秋の銘酒展

• 11/13 (Fri.) ~ 11/16 (Mon.), 11/20 (Fri.) ~ 11/24 (Tue.) • 10:00~16:00 • Free entry • Dazaifu Tenmangu • 4-7-1 Saifu, Dazaifu City • 092-922-8225

自古以來酒是獻給神明的供物,人們在祭祀後享用,表示收到了神 明的恩惠 ;神明與凡人分享,是神道教儀式中不可或缺的一部分, 這樣保持著讓傳統延續的力量!來這體驗文化、品嘗和購買福岡道 地的日本酒。現場還有展出超過 1500 盆嬌客的菊花展及花市。

다자이후 텐만궁 메이슈텐

예로부터 신께 술을 바친 뒤 그 술을 마심으로써 신의 은혜를 구해왔던 전통에 따라 3월과 11월, 후쿠오카현 내의 주조장은 술을 바친다. 에마당에서 전시, 시음, 판매 등이 이루어진다. 국화 전시회도 동시에 개최되며 총 40만 명이 넘는 참배자가 방문한다.

11/19 (Thu.) ~ 11/23 (Mon., Hol.) HAKATA LIGHT UP WALK

Historical temples, shrines and gardens in the Hakata area are beautifully illuminated for this event. In between venues there are areas with mini-concerts and stalls selling food, drinks and goods. Entry requires one ticket per venue. Discounted books of tickets can be purchased at convenience stores in advance. 博多 LIGHT UP WALK 2015

博多ライトアップウォーク 2015

• 11/19 (Thu.) ~ 11/23 (Mon., Hol.) • 17:30~21:00 (last entry: 20:45) • Hakata area incl. Kushida Shrine, Jotenji Temple, Tochoji Temple, etc. • 1 day free pass: Adv. ¥1,000, Door ¥1,300 (2 or more for ¥1,200 each) • 080-8385-1091

10 | Fukuoka Now | #203 | November 2015

在博多歷史悠久的寺廟及庭園中,以美麗的燈火點綴,感受博多的 歷史與文化魅力,這是被日本夜景遺產所認定的活動。有圓覺寺 的茶會,東長寺裡木造級最大級別的「福岡大佛」也在 LIGHT UP WALK 中初登場。今年共有十個會場,歡迎大家共襄盛舉!

하카타 라이트 업 워크 2015

유서 깊은 절과 신사의 건물과 정원이 불빛으로 장식되는 라이트 업. 일본 야경유산으로도 인정받은 이벤트이다. 엔카쿠지의 다과회(21일, 22일)과 목조 중에서는 일본 최대급인 토쵸지 후쿠오카 대불의 첫 야간 라이트 업 등 총 10곳에서 5일간 개최된다.

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11/22 (Sun.) CANDLE NIGHT LIVE 2015

A rare opportunity to hear contemporary music in a traditional temple! Enjoy performances by Ino Hidefumi (jazz musician) and Kotringo (pop singer-songwriter), sit amidst the illuminated bamboo, and buy souvenirs, food and drinks (all handmade by volunteers). Money raised goes to good causes in Cambodia. 燭光晚夜 LIVE 2015

傳統寺廟與現代音樂的新火花!由青年志工們為柬埔寨舉辦的慈善 LIVE,主要演出者是 INO hidefumi( 爵士音樂家 ) 及 Kotringo( 流行 樂創作歌手 ),現場提供伴手禮選購,志工親手做的餐飲。來在透著 光的竹子中享受 LIVE 音樂會吧!

キャンドルナイト LIVE 2015

• 11/22 (Sun.) • 18:00~ (doors open: 17:00) • Adv.: ¥2,500 (+1 drink), Door: ¥3,000 (250 tickets available) • Jodoshinshu Honganji Shokozan Sairinji Temple • 1-25-2 Yoshizuka, Hakata-ku • 092-621-4424

캔들 나이트 LIVE 2015

절에서 개최되는 자선 라이브. Kotringo와 INO hidefumi를 메인 아티스트로 초청하여 촛불로 밝혀진 본당에서 환상적이고 아름다운 라 이브를 개최한 다. 지역활동의 장으 로써 만 남과 오락 의 기회를 제공하며 사원의 새로운 역할을 찾아 나간다.


This is one of the biggest flea markets in western Japan! More than 200 stalls display curios, second-hand clothing, antiques and more. Many people travel from far away to buy and sell products at this market, but it’s very popular with locals too! A great place to pick up a unique souvenir. 風の市場〜筥崎宮跳蚤市場〜

風の市場〜筥崎宮蚤の市〜 • 11/29 (Sun.) • 7:00~15:00 • Free entry • Hakozaki Shrine • 1-22-1 Hakozaki, Higashi-ku • 070-5693-2221

每年都會在筥崎宮參道舉行的西日本最大的古玩市場!集合了古玩 和古董、家具、二手書籍、和服、古着等的物品。高達 220 家店鋪, 一直線的在參道上排列近一公里,很多人特地遠道而來尋找珍寶。 許多店家八點就開市了,早起的鳥兒有蟲吃喔,千萬別錯過!

하코자키궁 골동품 시장

서일본 최대규모의 골동품 시장. 다양한 물품을 취급하는 220개에 이르는 가게들이 1km 가까이 되는 참배로를 따라 들어선다. 일부러 멀리서 찾아오는 이들도 있을 정도. 아침 8시면 가게 대부분이 준비를 마친다고 하니 일찍 도착할 수 있도록 서두르길. | 11



VEGAN BAKED DOUGHNUTS No white sugar, no butter, no eggs. Baked, not fried! Delicious & healthy!

Handmade fresh every day!

Plain, Fruit & Nuts, Matcha and Cocoa



4-15-10-1F Hakataeki-mae Hakata-ku Open: Tue. ~ Sun. 9:00~20:00 ☎ 092-474-2259 | ☛




12 | Fukuoka Now | #203 | November 2015

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樹木の葉が赤や黄色などしっとりとした色調に変化し、澄んだ空気の 下、一時の美しい景観を楽しむ紅葉シーズンの秋。九州は 10 月下旬 頃から紅葉が始まる。場所によって特徴もあるので、20 以上の紅葉ス ポットを紹介した NOW の紅葉ガイドを見て、この時期限定の美しい 景色を堪能しよう!

Koyo refers to the changing autumn colors of deciduous trees in Japan. Leaves turn spectacular shades of red, yellow and brown - depending on species - before falling to the ground. The koyo season in Kyushu begins by late October. Access our online guide for details on over 20 recommended spots! fukuoka-now. com/koyo-2015

2 Yusentei Park

日語中的 "Koyo”- 紅葉,是指楓樹在日本秋天時變幻的美麗秋景, 在離開枝頭之前,葉子依照樹的品種而展現了壯觀的紅色、黃色和 友泉亭公園 棕色色調。紅葉季節約在十月下旬來到九州。快來瀏覽 20 個以上的 Yusentei is a beautiful Japanese garden centered on a lake. In 人氣賞楓景點 울긋불긋한 나뭇잎이 한 폭의 그림 같은 장면을 연출하는 단풍 시즌 가 을. 큐 슈에서는 10 월 하 순 경부터 시작된다. 20 곳 이상의 단풍 명소를 소개한 후쿠오카 나우의 가이드와 함께 올가을 최고의 풍경을 찾아 떠나자!




autumn, the maples, zelkova, oak and Japanese wax trees planted around the water undergo an autumn transformation as the leaves change to red, yellow, and orange. Peak: Mid Nov. • 1-46 Yusentei, Jonan-ku • 9:00~17:00 (Closed: Mon.) • Fee: Adult ¥200, Child ¥100


Komyozenji Temple

Raizan Sennyoji Temple

Only 10 minutes walk from Dazaifu station, this is one of the most easily accessible spots for autumn leaf viewing around Fukuoka City. Komyozenji is a Zen temple, located just south of Dazaifu’s famous Tenmangu Shrine.

This temple is located in the picturesque mountains of Itoshima. Year-round, the large Buddhist statues (“1,000-Armed Standing Kannon” etc.) are a hit with visitors, but come mid-November a spectacular display of autumn foliage is the main attraction.

Peak: Late Nov. • 2-16-1 Saifu, Dazaifu • 8:00~17:00 • Fee: ¥200

Peak: Early Nov. ~ End Nov. • 626 Raizan, Itoshima City • 9:00~17:00 • Fee: General Admission ¥400 / Maple-viewing only ¥100 (Nov. only)




Find your Bliss Featuring bilingual doctor and staff. Free consultations! BOARD CERTIFIED PLASTIC SURGEON Dr. Tajiri’s Popular Procedures ❧ Upper and Lower Eye Lifts ❧ Tattoo Removal ❧ Cosmetic Fillers ❧ Botox Injections ❧ Body Piercings ❧ Laser Hair Removal ❧ Mole Removal ❧ Facial Rejuvenation

❧ Scar Revision ❧ Hyperhidrosis Surgery (treatment for underarm perspiration)

❧ Mesotherapy (injection for fat cell reduction)

❧ I.V. Drip Lounge Toyokazu Tajiri, MD, PhD

BLISS PLASTIC SURGERY CLINIC 10am~6pm Closed: Wed. & Thu. Tel: 092-791-1441 (call for appointment) 3F Tengood Bldg., 1-9-20 Kiyokawa, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka (near Hotel New Otani)


Get the latest & trendiest smartphones at au Shops! 최신 스마트폰을 구입하실 수 있습니다! 最新的智能手机在这里!

Videophone interpretation service in these shops!

Hello, thank you!

Welcome to the au Shop!

Mention “Fukuoka Now” and get a present!

*phone inquiries in Japanese only.

**irregular hours

au Shop Shintencho

au Shop Hakozakiharada

2-9-108 Tenjin, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka

10:00~20:00 0800-7003011*

1-6-5 Harada, Higashi-ku, Fukuoka


au Shop Tenjin Chikagai

au Shop Ijiri Mutsukado

10:00~20:00 0800-7003024*

10:00~19:00 0800-7002955*

2 Chika 3-340 Tenjin, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka

B-2 Operators will help you with everything needed to buy a au Shop Yakuineki-mae Smartphone quickly! 1F Superior New Heim 1-2-15

Videophone interpretation service

Shirogane, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka

10:00~20:00 0800-7003074*

Supported languages:






More information about au Shops in Kyushu here:

14 | Fukuoka Now | #203 | November 2015


10:00~20:00 0800-7003047*


au Shop Hakata Bus Terminal

1F Tokunaga Bldg. 5-26-50 Ijiri, Minami-ku, Fukuoka

au Shop Cha Cha Town Kokura Cha Cha Town Kokura, 3-1-1 Sunazu, Kokurakita-ku, Kitakyushu

10:00~20:00 0800-7003021

2F Hakata Bus Terminal. 2-1 Hakataeki-chuogai, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka

au Fukuoka

10:00~20:00 0800-7003046*

10:00~20:00 0077-7123


English Support


Qiz Tenjin 1-14-45 Daimyo, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka English Support






he second-ever LGBT parade in Kyushu is happening on Nov. 22 (Sun.), starting and finishing at Reisen Park! Like last year, the event promises to celebrate diversity and offer the LGBT community a rare opportunity to express themselves openly. We asked this year’s organizers to give us the low-down...

福岡のダイバーシティを象徴する 存在としての一歩を踏み出した昨 年のレインボーパレードに続き、 今年は11月22日に九州レインボー プライドのイベントが開催される。 多様な人が互いを認め合うフレン ドリーな社会の実現を目指して、 LGBT の象徴でもあるレインボーフ ラッグを掲げて行われる誰もが参 加できる祭典『九州レインボープ ライド 2015』 。今年は規模を拡大 して冷泉公園にて行われる。 How many participants are you expecting this year? 5,000 are expected to attend the event, but the parade is limited to 300. How can we sign up for the parade? Pre-register on our website or try your luck on the day. Are there any dos and don’ts? • Don’t drink alcohol during the parade. • Don’t get too rowdy or hyper - we want everyone to have fun, but not at the expense of anyone else! • Don’t leave/join the parade halfway through. • Don’t expect too much English assistance. Best to come with someone who speaks Japanese. • Do bring sunglasses or a mask if you don’t want your face to appear on any media (we’re expecting a lot of coverage).

What happens if it rains? The show must go on, come rain or shine! What’s new this year? Last year’s event was focused on students. This year we’ve gone community-wide, with more sponsors and companies participating. We want to raise greater awareness than ever before! What else is there to see and do? We’ve got a great line-up of LGBT stage

performances, and we’ll celebrate a public wedding between a female-to-male transsexual and a straight woman. Plus, LGBT organizations & support groups will host booths, as well as many food & drink companies. There’ll also be an official after-party (details on the Fukuoka Now website)! What should I bring? Feel free to bring a banner or message board with you to make your voice heard! (No offensive/antisocial content, please.)





Hawks Town (near Momochi)


The Hakata Harp

Hamanomachi • Hospital

Hard Rock Cafe United Cinemas


Toysrus Hawks Town Namco

•KBC SB Hotel Monolith



•Children's Science & Culture Center •Airef •Udon West

•Ankoku-ji Kyodai Temple Remittance




Drum Logos•

Hotel Etwas

Daicho-ji Temple •

Nishi Nakashima-bashi Bridge

•NTT Docomo

Ho Ok


•Mist Vietnam Consulate 11 Nakasu Inn Fukuoka Taiyo H Hak Exce Nishi Ohashi Bridge Fukuhaku Dea Bridge

Water site OTTO

North Tenjin

H Nishitetsu

Chuo Post Office Mako Starbucks • Mina Tenjin au Shop Ippudo Shichiten Futata Hotel Mystays Tenjin Chikagai Hotel Ascent

10 10



IP Hotel Fukuoka






Fukuoka Art Mu



Nagahama Park Police • • Heiwadai Hotel Tenjin Drum Be-1•

•Nakashima Park Fukuoka Garden Benten-bashi H Palace Dukes Bridge Nakasu •Tsukushi Nakashima Hotel Nakasu Kaikan -cho ka

Ark Hotel Royal •Ensho-ji Shopper's Daiei Temple


Chinese Consulate

Hotel Eclair H Hakata Riverain

Daikoku-bashi Bridge


Towers Tenjin Bldg. 5F

Korean Consulate


Suzaki Park

KBC Cinema


Zepp Fukuoka

Hard Rock Cafe

To Bayside Place Hakata

•Fukuoka Pref. Museum of Art

Hilton Fukuoka YAHUOKU! DOME Sea Hawk Hotel

ACROS Fukuoka


jin S au ShopTen •Fuku Bldg.

•Former Prefec Guest House

Human Academy

Monterey Shintencho Tenjin Core Vivre •Best Denki Parco H Oriental Hotel La Soeur 9 • •Junkudo Nishi-n Drug Segami Tenjin S Shi Daimyo Nissei Tenjin Central Park Catholic Shintencho Hotel City Hall IMS Shopping Solaria Stage Fukuoka •Mandarake Church Toyok L'Institut (Rainbow Plaza) Arcade KFC (Incube) Franco-Japonais DORI Nishitetsu Anzu Iwataya du Kyushu MEIJI6 Saiseikai Vioro 6 Grand Hotel Tenjin Toho Shinkan Hospital• •Australian Solaria •Chuo Ward School• • te ORI •Police Consulate ou I-D EK R a Plaza Nishitetsu M k Office KIRA ide Solaria Akasa ute H Court Hotel Ins i •Starbucks El Gala 7 Bus Center Eggs ‘n m ide Ro Artry Inn Iwataya Nishitetsu 8 (Highway Bus Stn.) 8 Things ina Outs Daimaru Hotel m Ippudo • Nishitetsu n- •Freshness Burger •NTT Zara• nji RESOLA Tenjin Fukuoka Stn. Te Gouya Jokyu Shoyu • • Elborracho Daimyo •Fukuoka Mitsukoshi Tenjin Kego Park Starbucks• •Abercrombie • High Court •Chikae •Kego BIC & Fitch Plaza Hotel Ippudo Shrine • Plaza Hotel Premier Daimyo BIC au Fukuoka •Camera Sunny Camera Supermarket •H&M Toyoko Inn Udon West Guru Guru Tiempo LOFT • Richmond Salvatore Apple Store Hotel Cuomo Domino’s South Side • •FT Skala TsutayaCraftbeer Creek Terrace Kebab Bar • Canoviano Ampoules I


Valie Hotel Tenjin















Seifuku-ji • Temple



KOKU • School

South Garden•

Golden Crab


Sakura Jyuji Hospital

•Toppan •Anyo-in

Kyushu Electric Head office•

•Pizzeria Da Gaetano Sada Hospital

• Mos Burger


Fukuok Toei H

Yakuin Ippudo

au Shop Yakuineki-mae


Teriyaki Burger



EBI Filet-O

b na

Takakura Hotel

a at

•Choen-ji Temple

Bon Repas

(shrimp burger)

Bivi• Nishitetsu Inn Tenjin Central Hotel Fukuoka


•Kosho-ji Temple

•Toki Rikyu Hotel Tenjin Place •Hosen-ji Temple


• Police

Imaizumi Park


Mos Burger • RI -DO AKI KEY

Welcome to Fukuoka! Enjoy exclusive, only-in-Japan menu items







•Sunny Supermarket


텐진 하카타 지역 지도

Shofukuji Temple•



Pizza Pazza


-ka wa ba ta

Na ka su

•Reisen Park



Gate's ter Donut





• Fukuoka International House








on 16





Ou Ro tsid ute e




United Cinemas TVQ• 3 Canal City 13


2 2

Sumiyoshi-bashi Bridge •Haruyoshi Park •School

Sumiyoshi Shrine • Hotel Hokke RI Club I-DO SH O Y MI Royal Host SU Sumiyoshi Park

•Tabegoro Hyakushunkan Hotel New Otani Sun Selco

i or -d

Yanagibashi Bridge

Sunny Supermarket•

Apa Hotel

Bliss Clinic


To Minoshima 九州レインボープライド2015 Market Street NOV. 22 (SUN.) @ REISEN PARK

Benikea Carlton Hotel •

FBS kyushu-rainbow-pride


Salvatore Okamura Dental Clinic Cuomo

Hakata •Hakata Station Green Hotel Bus Terminal Hotel Centraza AMU EST Hakata / Deitos

Hakataeki Higashi

Hakata Post Office

Book Off•

•Torinji Temple



•Meiji Park

Sutton Hotel Hakata City

au Shop

Hotel Hakata Bus Toyoko Terminal Inn

• Asahi Bldg JR HakataCity Comfort Hakata Chikushi-guchi Hotel Hakata Hakata-guchi Sunlife JR Station Hakata Hotel Dukes Hotel 1 Clio Court 2.3 AMU Hakata 1 Plaza Hakata Hakata Anzu Miyako Hotel Hankyu Shokudo Hotel NNC Bank Century Art

Royal Park Hotel


Myoen-ji Temple


•NTT Data Nishitetsu Inn Hakata

Richmond Hotel Yodobashi Camera CHIKUSHI-DORI

ANA Crowne Plaza Fukuoka

Canezees Doughnut

With The Style


Available here: F-2 HAKATA BUS TERMINAL 2F 2-1 Hakataeki Chuogai, Hakata-ku ☎ 092-481-2566 Open: 6:00~24:00 F-2 AMU PLAZA HAKATA B1F JR Hakata City, 1-1 Hakataeki Chuogai, Hakata-ku ☎ 092-413-5561 Open: 6:00~24:00 B-2 FUKUOKA SHINTENCHO 2-9-202 Tenjin, Chuo-ku ☎ 092-732-0131 Open: 24 hours B-1 NORTH TENJIN 4-3-20 Tenjin, Chuo-ku ☎ 092-725-0320 Open: 5:00~25:00 D-2


CANAL CITY OPA 1-2-22 Sumiyoshi, Hakata-ku ☎ 092-263-6030 Open: 10:00~21:00

일본 한정 메뉴를 즐겨보세요

C-3 TENJIN LOFT 4-9-25 Watanabedori, Chuo-ku ☎ 092-738-8611 Open: 6:30~22:00

후쿠오카에 오신 것을 환영합니다!

Hotel Leo Palace Hakata

The B Hakata

Hotel Sunline Fukuoka Hakataeki-mae Ninjin Park



Senokawa-bashi Bridge • Rokkenya Park


•Hakata Ward Office •Police

•Canal City Theater idax• Washington •Canal City Hotel •Tamaya Hakata East ko Inn 4 Hotel Il Palazzo Grand 5th Hotel East Hyatt Fukuoka 5th Hotel West Canal City Hakata Seiryu Park


Hotel Nikko Fukuoka

Ro u

Haruyoshi-bashi Bridge

MyStays Inn

SB Hotel






President Hotel

•Dekimachi Park 17

Sky Court Hotel

Reisenkaku Hotel


Toyoko Inn Hotel


ka Hotel



Kushida Shrine



1 Tochoji Temple Jotenji Temple

Hakata Traditional Craft Center


Info Desk

Ro u

Hakata Machiya Folk Museum





Convenience Stores O

Ro 15 ut e



Post Office

Gas Station






Car Rental


To Bayside Place Hakata

Hakataza otel Theater kura 12

kata el Hotel



Asian useum





November 2015 #203

staff What’s the best book you’ve read recently?

Providing Kyushu’s international community and overseas visitors with news, information, opinions, and laughs since 1998. Information by foreigners for foreigners. FUKUOKA NOW 是針對在九州活躍的外國人 提供新聞訊息,參考意見和趣聞 ;從 1998 年起由外籍人士人對外籍人士以多種語言發 行的一本雜誌。

FUKUOKA NOW LTD. 5F Towers Tenjin Bldg. 3-7-3 Tenjin, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka 有限会社フクオカ・ナウ 福岡市中央区天神3-7-3 タワーズ天神5F

フクオカ・ナウは、福岡・九州で活動するイン ターナショナルな人々や、海外から訪れる人に 向けて、ニュースや時事、楽しく過ごすための 情報を 1998 年より多言語で発信している、外 国人による外国人のためのメディアです。

후 쿠 오 카 나 우 는 후 쿠 오 카˙큐 슈 에 서 활동하는 여러 나라 사람들과 외국인 관광객을 위해 1 9 9 8년부터 뉴스 , 시사 및 각종 유 용한 정보를 다 국어로 제공하 는 외국인에 의한 외국인을 위한 미디어입니다.

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Published by Fukuoka Now Tel: 092-762-2505 ( 福 岡 を 英 語・ 中 国 語・韓国語で案内す る観光地図。案内所 や宿泊施設等で無料 配布中。)


The best map of Fukuoka. Pick it up at information counters and hotels. English, Chinese & Korean 福岡的中文,英文,韓文的最佳觀光地圖。 可在服務處及旅館免費取得。 한국어, 영어, 중국어로 후쿠오카를 안내하는 관 광지도 . 관 광 안 내소 , 숙 박시설 등 에서 무료로 배포 중.

EVERY WED. AT 12:20 ON 76.1 FM


18 | Fukuoka Now | #203 | November 2015

Publisher サーズ・ニック Nick Szasz “We Learn Nothing by Tim Kreider (but I learnt lots)” Manager サーズ 恵美子 Emiko Szasz “Guide books!”

Director 木下 奏子 Kanako Kinoshita “Schoolgirl by Osamu Dazai” Editor (English) マキュー・ジェッサミン Jessamine McHugh “Stormdancer by J. Kristoff. Samurai steampunk - enough said!” 山本かれん Karen Yamamoto “Night at the Barbershop by Kousuke Sawamura” Editorial Designers: Drawing a Crowd ( Cover Photo: Robounohana Uzou Contributors: Joel Dechant, Bohyon Jeong (Korean), Kumiko Morita, Claire Yang (Chinese)

Discover much more about Fukuoka & Kyushu online.

FUKUOKA CITY BULLETIN SELECTED NEWS TOPICS BY FUKUOKA NOW FROM FUKUOKA CITY’S SHISEI DAYORI high schools, high schools, special needs schools and kindergartens will be opened to the public so that local residents, in addition to parents and guardians, can see what’s going on in schools and gain a better understanding of school education in Fukuoka. The open house dates differ depending on the school, so interested persons should contact each school directly for details. Inquiries: School Support Section (092-711-4636) Tochi Ueyama

It’s Time for Fukuoka Marathon 2015

Fukuoka Marathon 2015 will kick off at the Tenjin intersection at 8:20 on Nov. 8 (Sun.). Pre-events, including stage performances, oyster huts and other food booths, will be held in Tenjin Chuo Park on Nov. 6 (Fri.) and 7 (Sat.), 10:00~20:00. On race day (10:00~16:00), performers and more than 60 food booths will pack Shima Chuo Park (near Hatsu intersection in Itoshima), the marathon finish line. This year, the numbered bibs will feature each runner’s name in large print, so now you can cheer on the runners by name.

Visit Your Local School

Nov. 1 (Sun.) ~ Nov. 7 (Sat.) is School Open House Week in Fukuoka City. All of the City’s elementary schools, junior

Akihiro Hino

Fukuoka Culture Prize

The Fukuoka Culture Prize is awarded to individuals and groups in recognition of their efforts to advance culture and the arts in Fukuoka City. This year’s winners were manga artist, Tochi Ueyama, whose serial comic Cooking Papa, which often depicts foods and street scenes from Fukuoka, has been running for 30 years, and Akihiro Hino, the president of video game developer Level Five. Mr. Hino has played a major role in promoting the media arts, and his company’s hit games include the popular Yo-kai Watch series. Inquiries: Culture Promotion Section (092-711-4665)

for more information

Fukuoka City Bulletin Fukuoka Shisei Dayori is City Hall’s official magazine published bi-weekly on 1st and 15th of each month 23 times per year. It’s available in Japanese online too. Consider using it for Japanese study! ふくおか市政だより Website:

Be Mindful of Fires in the Fall

With fall comes drier weather, which raises the risk of fires, so please be mindful when using fire in the home or at work. Last year, the biggest causes of fires were arson, stoves, cigarettes, heaters and electrical appliances, and more than 70% of heater fires were caused by electric heaters. Cigarettes also caused many fires. Arson is the number one cause of fire and appears to trend upward from October to December. You can help prevent arson by not leaving flammable items outside your house and by leaving lights on during the night. Inquiries: Prevention Section, Fire Prevention Bureau (092-725-6611)

Now Accepting Applications for City-run Housing

Starting on Nov. 4 (Wed.), the Application Section of the Fukuoka City Housing Corporation will distribute guidelines for available city-run housing along with application forms to the Information Corners at Ward Offices and the Information Plaza on the 1st floor of City Hall. If you are interested in applying, please send your application, postmarked no later than Nov. 13 (Fri.), to the Application Section of the Fukuoka City Housing Corporation (4-1 Tenyamachi, Hakata-ku). You can also apply online at Inquiries: Fukuoka City Housing Corporation, Application Section (092-271-2561)

Chinese and Korean text online! Chinese

Korean | 19

1 DAY FUKUOKA PREFECTURE SIGHTSEEING TOURS SUPER 福岡縣觀光一日遊 - 省很大 ! Tour runs from one person up. 最低成行人數/1人 Lunch included. 用餐/附中餐 Accompanied by guide (Chinese or English). 導遊同行,可選中英文 1 DAY BUS TOUR


Limited Time Offer Ends Feb. 2016 / 僅限 ~2016.2/29


Boat tour through the canals of Yanagawa. Enjoy seasonal flowers and historical buildings along the canals, as well as the beautiful green tea fields of Yame.



¥5,250 限時優惠 !

搭乘柳川名物「Donko 船」遊覽河畔美景。沿著河道觀賞四季花卉及 歷史建築。欣賞日本知名高級茶產地八女中央大茶園的優美景色。


Tuesday / Wednesday / 週二 / 週三


8:40 Depart from Hotel Nikko Fukuoka 9:00 Depart from Hotel Okura Fukuoka 10:30 Yanagawa River Cruise (60m) 11:40 Lunch: Seiro-style Steamed Eel and Rice (60m) 13:10 Yame Chuo Green Tea Farm (20m) 13:50 Shopping (30m): Enjoy Yame’s specialties, such as green tea. *Tea time included. 16:00 Drop-off at Tenjin (Bank of Japan) 16:30 Drop-off at Hakata Sta.


福岡日航飯店 出發 福岡大倉飯店 出發 柳川觀光遊船 (60 分鐘 ) 中餐 :鰻魚蒸籠飯 (60 分鐘 ) 八女中央大茶園 (20 分鐘 ) 購物 (30 分鐘 ) 介紹知名特產茶葉等購 物資訊 * 奉茶(或者茶房享茶) 天神(日本銀行前)解散 博多車站 解散

SEASONAL FRUIT PICKING & ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT BBQ Pick seasonal fruits and enjoy a wine tasting experience. Lunch is an all-you-can-eat barbecue.


¥5,000 限時優惠 !

摘採當季水果及 BBQ 吃到飽巴士一日遊

3~5 月中旬是草莓季節、七月有藍莓跟水蜜桃、九月有葡萄跟梨子等 水果。行程提供紅酒試喝,中餐是 BBQ 吃到飽喔!


Friday / Sunday / 週五 / 週日


9:10 Depart from Hotel Nikko Fukuoka 9:30 Depart from Hotel Okura Fukuoka 10:40 Fruit Picking (30m) 12:00 BBQ Lunch (70m) Kirin Beer Farm 13:50 Roadside Station Ukiha (20m) 14:40 Kyoho Grape Winery (30m) 16:20 Drop-off at Tenjin (Bank of Japan) 16:40 Drop-off at Hakata Sta.

福岡日航飯店 出發 福岡大倉飯店 出發 摘水果 (30 分鐘 ) BBQ 午餐 (70 分鐘 ) 麒麟啤酒農場 浮羽道之驛 (20 分鐘 ) 巨峰葡萄酒廠 (30 分鐘 ) 天神(日本銀行前)解散 博多車站 解散

Book Online! / 透過我們的網站預定行程: English 正體中文 (台灣) 繁體中文 (香港) See for tour details and conditions.

欲了解更多有關旅行團詳情,請參閱e路東瀛JAPANiCAN.com網頁 。

Tour Organizer: JTB Kyushu Travel Business Permission No. 1770, Official Member of Japan Association of Agents. (1-1-35 Nagahama, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka)

旅行企劃與執行 :JTB 九州 觀光廳長官登錄旅行業 第 1770 號, 日本旅行業協會正會員 ( 福岡市中央 區長濱 1-1-35)

* The tours are supported by Fukuoka Prefecture utilizing the “Subsidy for Emergency Support for Local Residents” from the national government.


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