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DECEMber 2012 #168

Oh yeah! Oysters! Itoshima Oyster Hut Guide


Itoshima Oyster Hut Guide

Oysters are weighed and sold in 1kg trays for ¥800. Cheap!


oshima, located to the west of Fukuoka, is famous for beaches, surfing and sunsets but there’s a good reason to visit Itoshima in the winter too – oysters! About 200 tons of oysters are harvested every year and they’re delicious! But what’s really fun is eating them inside the kakigoya huts set up in the ports. You can’t find oysters any fresher or cheaper! Fukuoka Now has published an English-language guide to Itoshima’s oyster huts complete with photos and maps. Access:

Oysters are cleaned on the piers next to the oyster huts. The charcoal grill not only cooks the food but keeps you warm too! These are kakigoya (oyster huts). In addition to oysters some huts serve other kinds seafood and side dishes. Menus are posted outside.

The oysters pop open under the heat. Use the knife to slide them out.

Inside are rows of tables with gas or charcoal barbeques. Some huts provide jackets to catch splashes and protect clothes from smoke.

Beer, sake, shochu and other beverages served!

They also provide cotton gloves and special knives for opening the oysters. Tongs, paper plates, and sauces complete the set.

2 • Fukuoka Now • #168 • December 2012

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ow celebrating its third anniversary, Manly was named by its owner Itsuro Fujita after his favorite surfing spot near Sydney where he spent a year and a half on a working holiday. Tucked down a side-street of Imaizumi, the outside wooden deck patio is reminiscent of cafes on the main Manly Corso shopping strip in Sydney. The homely cafe is filled with Australian nostalgia– shelves behind

the bar are lined with Vegemite, koala dolls, Tim Tams and other “true blue” items. A large screen plays muted documentaries about surfing, Australian Aboriginal history and more. Food-wise, A the menu offers refined versions of popular Australian dishes along with a slew of Aussie beers (Foster’s, VB, XXXX and more) and wines. It’s not the rough and ready type of Aussie tucker you’d get back home, but an easy introduction to dining Down Under. The lunch menu features a jafflestyle meat pie, full of Aussie beef, potato and homestyle gravy, with a side of fish & chips. Adventurous eaters can try deep-fried alligator, delicate kangaroo carpaccio, roasted ostrich or the notorious Vegemite on toast. Those playing it safe can take comfort in pancakes, pasta and pizza. The cafe is also registered as


whatwhere&howmuch 1F, 1-18-55 Imaizumi, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka Tel: 092-791-7738 Open: 12:00~24:00, Lunch: 12:00~17:00 Closed: IrregularMenu: Meat Pie with melted cheese ¥700, Fish & Chips ¥600, Kangaroo Carpaccio ¥1,000, Roasted Ostrich ¥900, Deep-fried Crocodile ¥1,000, Vegemite Toast ¥150, Foster’s ¥500, Glass Wine ¥400, Cocktails ¥650~ an agency of the Japan Working Holiday Association, holding study abroad and working holiday seminars regularly. One thing’s for sure, Manly is a “fair dinkum” establishment and a little slice of home for Australians in Kyushu!

リコッタチーズのパンケーキもぜひ味わって ほしい。また、店はワーキングホリデー協会 のサテライトオフィスとしても利用されてお り、全世界のワーキングホリデーに関する相 談も随時受け付ける。純粋にカフェでのんび り過ごしたい人はもちろん、海外での暮らし に興味がある人にもおすすめしたい一店だ。

オーストラリアの " 食 " と " 空気感 " を福岡で ーストラリア東海岸、シドニー北に 位置する海沿いのリゾート地、マン リ ー。 そ の 地 名 を 冠 し た カ フ ェ & バーが今泉にある。オーナーの藤田逸郎さん はワーキングホリデーなどでオーストラリア に約 2 年間滞在し、マンリーにあるオープン な雰囲気のカフェで過ごした時間が最も思い 出深かったという。もともと 30 歳で独立し たいと考えていた彼は、そんな店を自分でも やりたいと思い立ち、3 年前に Manly をオー プン。入口にはオープンテラスを設け、気候 が良いときには店内と外を仕切るガラス戸を すべて開け放つ。気軽に立ち寄れ、誰でも受


け入れるウェルカムな雰囲気はまさにそのイ メージ通りだ。メニューはオーストラリアで はポピュラーなグレイビーソースのミートパ イをはじめ、カンガルー肉のカルパッチョ、 ワニ肉の唐揚げなど、日本では珍しい食材を 使う料理が揃う。ヴィクトリア・ビターなど オーストラリアで人気のビールも充実し、気 分はさながらオーストラリア旅行中。シド ニーの人気カフェの " 世界一おいしい朝食 " と評されるパンケーキをヒントに生まれた、

福 岡 市 中 央 区 今 泉 1-18-55 天 神 南 ロ イ ヤ ル ハ イ ツ 1F Tel: 092-791-7738 営 業 時 間 : カ フ ェ 12:00 〜 24:00、 ラ ン チ 〜 17:00、 デ ィ ナー 18:00 〜 定休日 : 不定 メニュー:ミート パイ¥700、カンガルーの炙りカルパッチョ ¥1,000、ダチョウのロースト¥900、ワニの 唐揚げ¥1,000、オーストラリア産霜降り牛 サーロインステーキ¥850、リコッタチーズ パンケーキ¥900、ベジマイトトースト¥150、 ビール フォスターズ¥500

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What’s with that? readers speak out!

フクオカ・ナウ読者が 熱く語ります!

Don't be those guys... Matt Schuellein, Kansas City, ALT/Ninja Assassin


eople come to Japan for lots of reasons. Japanophiles, weeaboos, Pokemon trainers, gastronomists who love eating raw foods with minimalist preparation, English Lit majors who’ve realized how truly worthless their degree is... of all of them I’ve still not met a fellow foreigner who came to Japan because they wanted to interact with the local international community. Some people enjoy that part of living here; some people try to avoid contact with all other foreigners; and then there’s people like me who just go about their daily lives not really thinking about it one way or another, usually. Regardless, every one of us will come into

contact with other foreigners eventually. It’s unavoidable, like the ‘chopstick question’ or death. I work full time and I married into a fairly active Japanese family that keeps me exhausted with dinner parties, onsen trips, and occasionally hopping over to Korea (pretty much all of these are thinly veiled excuses to drink heavily). Between that, a dog, making YouTube videos, watching Game of Thrones, and cutting fruit on my iPhone I don’t really go out a ton so take the following anecdote with a grain of salt. Last year a friend of mine was performing in Fukuoka Now’s Gaikokujin Star Tanjo talent show. I wanted to see him play live so I went down to Hakata


けど、犬の世話や You Tube の動画アップ、 テレビ番組を見たり家の中でだらだら過ご すことも多い。 マット・シュレイン/カンザスシティ・アメリカ合衆国/忍者刺客  昨年は、友人が Fukuoka Now の “外国人 スター誕生” に出場するというので、彼のパ 国人が来日する理由は山ほどある。 外国人をわざわざ避ける外国人もいるんだ。 フォーマンスを見るために博多に行ったん 親日家だから?日本かぶれ?ポケモ それこそ僕にとってはどうでもいいことだけ だ。少し早めに会場に着いて最前列に陣取 ン好き?素材を活かす料理に興味あ ど、ここで外国人を避けるなんて、箸を使っ り、カメラを用意して友人の演奏をばっちり る美食家だから?大学を卒業してもやること たり、死を迎えるのと同じくらい、どうしよ 撮影しようとはりきったよ。イベントのオー がなくて、何となく来日してしまった人もい うもないことだと思うんだけどね。 プニングアナウンスをする MC(これがまた るかもしれないけど、日本の地方にあるイン  フルタイムの仕事をもち、元気な日本家 映画「プリンセス ブライド ストーリー」の登 ターナショナルコミュニティに興味があるか 庭に婿入りした僕は、家族との夕食会や温 場人物にそっくり!)の合図に、観客がどっ た来日したんだ、っていう外国人はいないか 泉旅行、韓国旅行(無礼講で思い存分泥酔 と集まって来た。僕は靴を履いて 175cm く もね。ここに住んでいる外国人たちは、日本 するために仕組まれている企画)に連れ回 らいで、それほど背が高い方でもないんだけ での生活を楽しんでいる人もいるし、中には されてヘトヘトに疲れてしまうこともある ど、多くの日本人、特に女の子たちよりは背

2012 Kyushu


Sunday, Dec 9 At Seinan Gakuin University

The ETJ (English Teachers in Japan) Expo is packed with informative presentations from authors, teachers and trainers! ETJ members ¥500, • Find inspiration with a wide non-members ¥1000 choice of presentations for all (sign up for free at the Expo!) kinds of teachers • Browse the displays for the Bringing together ALL latest textbooks and materials English teachers! • Purchase ELT materials at ଐஜᛖƷȗȬǼȳNjஊǓᲛ discounts

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4 • Fukuoka Now • #168 • December 2012

Dodesho? post YOUR comment online

to see the show. There was a great turn out and I got there a little early and set up in front of the stage with my camera to record the acts. The show started and people started migrating to the stage as the MC, who looked an awfully lot like Wesley from The Princess Bride, began to announce the contestants. Now, I’m not a tall person, around 175 cm with shoes on, but I’m taller than a lot of Japanese people, especially the girls. As the stage area began to swell with people I let the shorter Japanese girls stand in front of me because I figured they’d enjoy watching the performers more than staring my shoulders and the oddly flat back of my head. Half way into the first act is when some guys started pushing their way to the front. They were pretty smooth about it; they just kind of shimmied their way through like they were trying to pass by for a moment. But then they parked themselves in front of everyone and I was left staring at their broad backs as they towered over me and the Japanese people they had just displaced. It didn’t end there. They turned around and

called their friends to come join them like they had been saving spots for the whole time and soon my view of the stage was blocked off by a wall of my fellow gaijin. I was pretty shocked by this. Occasionally they would look back at the shorter masses behind them, but my attempts at telepathic persuasion are still in development and they were probably just scanning the crowd for any of their friends they left behind. I debated confronting them, but loud places mixed with booze and d-bags tends to be the ingredients for a fight and I didn’t want to break any of my camera equipment or start a fight with a bunch of guys a lot bigger than me, at least without my nunchucks, so I stayed quiet and filmed the show by holding my camera as high as I could so I could get shots between their heads. Now of course this was just one instance and show was literally filled with foreign looking people who just stayed back and enjoyed the show from a distance. Maybe if I had talked to those guys about their behavior they would have been gracious and understanding.

Maybe that was the one and only time that has ever happened at a Fukuoka Now party. I don’t know for certain… What I felt like was they were using their size and the fact that Japanese people are fairly non-confrontational to do as they pleased. And yes, there are worse injustices in the world like the things Japan puts on pizza, the new Star Wars movies, and Dane Cook’s existence. I’m sorry if you’re hitting your head a lot, tall people, but if you want good seats show up early. If you’re not going to think about how your actions affect the people around you then don’t get upset when I send ninja assassins after you and your family…

が高い。集まる観客でステージ周りがいっぱ いになってきたから、僕は先に陣取った場所 を僕より背の低い女の子たちに譲ってやった んだ。でくの坊みたいに立ってるガイジンの 背中より、ステージのパフォーマンスを見る 方がずっと楽しかろうと思ったからさ。  ステージも半分を過ぎた頃、今度はガイジ ン男性らが人を押しのけて前へ入り込んで来 た。その入り込み方はスムーズで慣れたもの だった。ちょっとすみません、という感じで 入り込んで来て、そのままそこに居座るんだ。 結局僕は、前に入り込んで来たヤツらの背中 を見るはめになってしまった。それだけじゃ ない。彼らは振り返ると友達を呼び、まるで 最初から場所取りでもしてたかのようにどん

どん仲間を呼び込んでいく。そう、僕は「ガ イジン」にステージ前エリアを奪われてし まったわけさ。時々後ろを振り返る彼らを見 るたび、僕は「おいおい、また仲間を呼び込 むつもりだな!」と警戒はしていたんだけど、 ついに「いい加減、やめろよ」と言おうと思 い立った。でも。大音響とお酒の入った会場 では喧嘩になりかねなかったし、得意の「ヌ ンチャク」を抜きたくはなかったのでそこは おさえて、とにかく腕を高く伸ばして、頭よ り高い位置から友人のパフォーマンスを撮影 することに集中したよ。  会場は他にも外国人おぼしき観客で埋 まっていたが、その大半は会場の隅からイ ベントを楽しんでいる様子だった。インター

ナショナルな振る舞いをわきまえた人が集 まるフクオカ・ナウのパーティでこんな目 に遭ったのは初めてだし、きっと今後はな いと思うけど ...  僕が思うに、その無礼なヤツらは自分たち の “サイズ” を利用し、直接的な対立をしな い日本人の気質を利用して難なく場所取りに 成功したってこと。あちこちに頭をぶつける 気の毒な背高のっぽの外国人の君たち、良い 席が欲しけりゃ、早くに来ることだよ。キミ の他人を顧みない行動が、周囲の外国人をも 含めた多くの人に悪影響を与えるってことを 考えたくない、っていうんだったら、キミや キミの家族に刺客を送りつける無礼を先にこ とわっておくよ。

Speak out! Only in Japan, you say? Share YOUR opinion here in print and online. Pitch your idea: Opinions expressed here are our writer’s and not the publisher’s. • 5


Ninja Forest - Antique & Flea Market inside Fukuoka Historical Town

• About 100 stores stalls. • Everyone is welcome to browse or shop. • Enjoy a panoramatic view of Genkai Sea!


By car: From Tenjin, Route 202 Bypass, 2 mins after turning left at Tokunaga JCT. From Karatsu, 2 mins after turning right at Tokunaga JCT. By train: 5 mins taxi from JR Chikuhi Line Kyudai-Gakkentoshi Sta.


439-120 Tokunaga, Nishi-ku, Fukuoka ☎092-806-0505


Home-Style Sudanese & Middle Eastern Food Simply the best! (中東&スーダン料理)

Ethnic, Halal, Vegetarian, rich in spices & flavors


2-1-17 Daimyo, Chuo-ku. Hummus Tel./Fax: 092-716-9192 Grills (Tue.~Sun. 11:30~21:00) and more

6 • Fukuoka Now • #168 • December 2012


In Fukuoka

...introducing Fukuoka’s resident foreigners

Read the full interview on our website: インタビュー全文(英文)はオンラインでチェック!

Ernst Jaeck


n his position as the executive chef at the Fukuoka Grand Hyatt, Ernst Jaeck wears many hats besides his tall chef’s hat. In addition to leading a team of 69 chefs, he liaises with all hotel departments, works on menu development, ensures the quality of food service, and does some administrative management. Sounds like a handful, for sure, but with decades of experience in Europe, Asia, Australia and the Middle East, he has the experience and knowhow to do it all. German born, Ernst combined his love of cooking with a desire to see the world– setting off after graduating with masters from an elite German culinary school and never looking back. Now, coming to Fukuoka after his most recent five year posting at the The Grand Hyatt Bali, Ernst is keen to tackle new challenges. In particular, he’s curious to learn about the food in Fukuoka, already impressed with the quality of raw products on offer. In his spare time he looks forward to exploring Kyushu’s countryside by bicycle and car. Ernst describes having a vision and setting goals as some of the most important parts of his job. His goal is to ensure that every single portion of food is presented and cooked to perfection. During his time in Fukuoka, Ernst aims to pass on his knowledge, while always meeting his guests’ expectations. Hometown: Heidelberg, Germany Years in Japan: 3 months Identity: Executive Chef, Fukuoka Grand Hyatt

アーンスト・ジャック 出身:ハイデルベルク , ドイツ 滞在:3 カ月 職業:グランド · ハイアット · 福岡、 エグゼクティブシェフ  グランド · ハイアット · 福岡の総料理長アー ンスト · ジャックは、シェフのシンボル、コッ

ク帽だけでなく、沢山の肩書きを “冠する” 人 物だ。同ホテル内の 69 人のシェフをまとめ る長であり、他部署とのリエゾン(橋渡し役) であり、メニューの考案・食材管理、経営に も携わる。大変な職務に思えるが、世界各国 での経験が豊富な彼は仕事の仕方を熟知して いる。幼少の頃から料理と、世界に飛び出し たいという二つの情熱をもって育ったアーン スト。ドイツにある一流調理学校卒業後、世

界へ旅立ってからは前進のみ。南アフリカ、 シドニー、UAE、エジプト、ジャカルタ、そし てグランド · ハイアット · バリで総料理長とし て務めた彼の一番の関心事は、福岡の食。特 に生もののクオリティーの高さには感激すら 覚えるという。オフタイムには自転車や車で 九州各地を訪ねることを楽しみにしている彼。 明確なヴィジョンとゴールを設定することが、 世界で活躍するプロとしての彼のモットーだ。 • 7

more snaps and videos online!

Yakuin salud “Salud” means cheers in Spanish!


“年忘れ” 薬院サルー祭り  毎月最終日曜日はみんなで「サルー!(スペイン語で 乾杯の意味)」。1,000 円でドリンクチケット 3 枚とワイ ングラスをゲットしたら、グラス片手に参加店をハシゴ しよう! 12 月はフラメンコ , ソウル , サンバのアーティ ストたちが各店を流しで訪れるよ!

2012 年 12 月 30 日(日)16:00 〜

(お店毎に開始時間が異なるので事前に web をチェック) 公式サイト(日本語)


t’s a monthly bar-hopping event in the Yakuin area! The Yakuin Salud Festival’s ¥1,000 pass includes 3 drink tickets and your very own wine glass. Use them to explore the bars and restaurants of the Yakuin area. Roaming entertainers including flamenco dancers, magicians, balloon artists and more pop up too! It’s a great chance to meet people and discover new bars and restaurants. Remember – the last Sunday night of the month – SALUD!

System • Buy a festival pass for ¥1,000 (incl. 3 tickets and 1 wine glass) • Grab a free map and explore! Use your tickets at participating restaurants and bars in Yakuin • Be sure to say “Salud” (cheers!) to people you meet, but please don’t drop your glass or disrupt the neighborhood. • Tickets are available at all participating restaurants and bars.

Next Event

Dec. 30 (Sun.), 16:00~ Tel: 092-715-0153

¥1,000 (incl. 3 drink tickets plus 1 wine glass). For more info and participating shops: • 9

events Dec 5

Dec 7, 8

Dec 12~16

Dec 14, 15

Atago Shrine Fire Festival

22nd Hakata Odori

Atago Shrine’s biggest event of the year. Visitors take the chance to purify the body and ward off misfortune. Make your wish come true by completing a ritual involving walking across burning coals with bare feet. With this festival the shrine enters into New Year period.

Fukuoka City has long been famous for its performing artists. In the early Showa era, this included 2000 geigi of Hakata Kenban, but the number is down to only 24 today. Don’t miss this rare chance to see them dance and to help keep traditional art live in Fukuoka.

TAO 2012 in Fukuoka ~ Phoenix ~

Natural Goods & Handmade Fair

TAO has performed in 20 countries and 400 cities attracting over 5.5 million spectators worldwide. The explosive drum art performance brings a brand new genre to the stage. Costumes by renowned designer Junko Koshino add to the striking mise en scène of this performance.

This two day fair showcases goods made from recycled and organic materials. Browse an array of handmade crafts, woodworks, antique goods and furniture. With added workshops, drawing sessions and a gourmet zone, it’s a great day out for all ages.

愛宕神社 • 火祭り • 大柴 燈護摩供 ( 火渡り神事 )

第 22 回博多をどり

TAO 福岡公演 〜火の鳥〜

ナチュラル雑貨&ハンド メイドフェア

今年で 22 回目を迎える芸どころ 毎年沢山の見物人が集まる愛宕神 博多の「博多をどり」。伝統芸能 社、年末最大のイベント。願い事 の重要な担い手である博多券番の を書いた「護摩木(御天供¥500)」 芸妓衆が総出演で艶やかに舞台を を御神火に投げ入れ、その燃え盛 彩る。昭和初期には 2000 人もの る火の上を裸足で歩くことで災い 数を誇った芸妓衆も、現在ではわ を除かれ、身が清められるとされ ずか 24 人に。失うにはあまりに る神事。神社がお正月に入る節目 も惜しい博多の伝統芸能を守り、 引き継いで行く為に、新人 6 名 でもある。誰でも参加可能。 も華をそえる。

◦ 12/5 (Wed.) 10:30~13:00 ◦ Atago Shrine ◦ Free ◦ 092-881-0103 ◦ 2-7-1 Atago, Nishi-ku

◦ 12/7 (Fri.), 12/8 (Sat.) ◦ Two performances: 11:00~, 14:30 ~ ◦ Hakataza Theater ◦ ¥2,000 ~ ¥7,000 ◦ 092-441-2150 ◦ 2-1 Shimokawabatamachi, Hakata-ku

Xmas Illumination Guide

光の街・博多 オーロラのような動きのある美 しいイルミネーションや、ミニ トレイン「ぶんぶん号」がクリ スマスバージョンで登場。見ど ころ盛りだくさん!

結 成 17 年、 こ れ ま で に 世 界 20 カ国・400 都市にて公演を行い、 観客動員数は 550 万人に上る。 和太鼓を1つの表現手段とし、作 曲・演奏法など独自のスタイルを 確立。今までの和太鼓という概念 を覆した舞台に、世界が驚きと賞 賛の声をあげている「TAO」。今 回の公演では衣装デザインに日本 を代表するデザイナー、コシノ ジュンコ氏を迎え、さらに強く美 しいステージは必見! ◦ 12/12 (Wed.)~16 (Sun.) Time varies by date. ◦ Canal City Theater ◦ ¥3,500~¥7,000 ◦ 092-721-2015 ◦ Canal City Hakata 4F, 1-2-1 Sumiyoshi, Hakata-ku

自然系素材や手づくりの雑貨の 展示・販売イベント。「自分らし い暮らし、心地よい暮らしの提 案」をテーマに、手芸やクラフ ト、木工等の手づくり品が並ぶ。 アンティーク雑貨や家具等もあ り、お気に入りの逸品も見つけ られそうだ。ワークショップや 抽選会、グルメゾーンなどもあ り、大人から子どもまで一日中 楽しめる。 ◦ 12/14 (Fri.) ~15 (Sat.) 10:00~18:00 ◦ Fukuoka Kokusai Center ◦ ¥500 ◦ 096-214-1613 ◦ 2-2 Chikkohonmachi, Hakataku

Fukuoka Now’s recommendations for the best festive lights in town...

Hakata, City of Lights

Christmas of the Sun 2012

This year’s illumination takes inspiration from nature’s own light display, the aurora. Enjoy 700,000 lights, plus the mini train “Bun Bun Go” decorated for the Christmas season.

Original Christmas illuminations can be found all over the shopping complex. Christmas events include workshops, quizzes and a roaming Santa Claus. Ho, ho, ho!

◦Hakata Station Ekimae Hiroba ◦11/16~1/15 ◦17:00~24:00 ◦700,000 lights

10 • Fukuoka Now • #168 • December 2012

太陽のクリスマス 2012

ワ ー ク シ ョ ッ プ や ク イ ズ な ど、 キャナルシティ博多ならではの ◦Canal City Hakata 楽しみ方でイルミネーションを ◦11/10~12/25 満喫しよう。サンタクロースに ◦17:00~23:00 も会えるかも!

check more online! © 2007 The Weinstein Company

Dec 16

Dec 16

Dec 19

Dec 21~24

Uminonakamichi MTB Race 2012

Boyz II Men Winter Japan Tour 2012

Sonos Handbell Ensemble Christmas Concert

Bakuon Movie Festival 2012

This 3-hour mountain bike endurance event is back! The specially prepared course is quite short at only 1.5 km per lap. With 4 race categories this event is designed to be an enjoyable for both beginners and experienced cyclists alike. Come and cheer the riders on!

Get into the Christmas spirit, as American R&B legends Boyz II Men return to Japan to present their winter tour. Having sold over 60 million albums worldwide, the widely-successful act will enchant the audience in Fukuoka with their emotional ballads and signature a cappella harmonies.

With 20 years of astounding history, the Sonos Ensemble are widely considered the best handbell group in America. Coming to Fukuoka for the first time in six years, the ensemble plays a range of Christmas songs, including Tchaikovsky’s masterpiece “The Nutcracker Suite”.

The concept of this festival is simple: the films are played loud, and chosen because they sound good. This year marks Bakuon Movie Festival’s 5th anniversary, and its Kyushu debut. 10 films will be played through towering speaker stacks. Not for the faint hearted!

海の中道 3 時間耐久 MTB 選手権 2012

ボーイズ II メン クリスマスコンサート

九州では数少ないマウンテンバ イクの 3 時間耐久レース。特設 コースは 1 周が約 1.5 キロと短い ながらも走りごたえは十分。初 心者から熟練者まで幅広い層の ライダーが楽しんで走れるよう に設計されている。カテゴリー は 4 部門。仲間や家族、同僚な どとチームを組んで、アットホー ムな雰囲気でレースができるの がこの大会の特徴。自分もきっ と走りたくなるエキサイティン グなレースだ。

昨 年 デ ビ ュ ー 20 周 年 を 迎 え た 世界で最も成功している R&B グ ループ、ボーイズ II メンが福岡 にやって来る!クリスマスシー ズンならではの感動的でロマン チックなコンサートが実現。福 岡の冬をドラマチックに彩る彼 らの美声に酔いしれよう。極上 の美しいハーモニーは大切な人 とのクリスマスに花を添えるだ ろう。

◦ 12/16 (Sun.) 10:30~ ◦ Uminonakamichi Seaside Park ◦ Park admission: Adult ¥400, Over 65 ¥200, Child ¥80 ◦ 0120-846-598 ◦ 18-25 Saitozaki, Higashi-ku

◦ 12/16 (Sun.) 18:00~ ◦ Fukuoka Civic Hall ◦ ¥8,800 ◦ 092-712-4221 ◦ 5-1-23 Tenjin, Chuo-ku


天神のクリスマスへ行こう 2012 天神ヒカリスクエア 今年新しく生まれ変わった警固 公園。美しいイルミネーション に包まれたスケートリンクやメ リーゴーラウンドは福岡の冬の 名所となりそうだ。

クリスマスコンサー 「ソノス・ハンドベル・ アンサンブル」

爆音映画祭 2012 in 福岡

音楽ライヴ用の音響セッティング を使用し、それぞれの映画作品に 世界的ハンドベルグループ、ソノ 最適のボリュームで映画を楽しむ ス・アンサンブルが 6 年ぶりに来 という画期的かつ斬新なイベン 福!国連 50 周年記念祭での演奏 ト。今年で 5 回目となるこの映画 や世界各地でのコンサートなど、 祭、実は九州初上陸!これまで好 彼らの演奏は世界中の人を魅了し 評だった作品や、福岡初公開の作 続けている。今回はクリスマス・ 品などゴージャスな 10 作品がラ ソングやチャイコフスキーの「く インナップ!今までとは全く違っ るみ割り人形」など、おなじみの た楽しみ方、ハイクオリティの大 曲を鮮やかなテクニックで演奏す 音響で映画を堪能しよう。 る。極上の音色を堪能しよう。 ◦ 12/21 (Fri.) ~24 (Mon.) ◦ 12/19 (Wed.) 19:00 ◦ Nishitetsu Hall ◦ Fukuoka Symphony Hall ◦ Adv.: ¥1,300, Door: ¥1,500, 3 ◦ S: ¥3,500, S pair: ¥6,000, A: tickets Adv.: ¥3,500 etc. ¥2,500 ◦ 092-734-5462 ◦ 092-725-9112 ◦ Solaria Stage 6F 2-11-3 Tenjin, ◦ 1-1-1 Tenjin, Chuo-ku Chuo-ku ◦


Let’s Go Tenjin Christmas 2012 - Tenjin Hikari Square

Special! Hilton’s Christmas Model Train

Recently reopened, the newly named “Tenjin Hikari Square” boasts an ice-skating rink, merry-go-round and 300,000 lights for the Xmas season.

For the first time in Fukuoka, the Hilton’s decorations include an 84m² model of a wintery European town with a 40-car model train whizzing through it. The kids will love it!

◦Kego Park ◦12/1~12/25 ◦17:00~24:00 (not fixed schedule) ◦300,000 lights

ヒルトン • クリスマス • トレイン ヨーロッパの冬の街並を総面積 84 平米にわたって壮大なジオラ マ で 実 現 し て い る、 鉄 道 模 型・ クリスマストレイン。珍しさも あり人気も必至だ。

◦Hilton Fukuoka Sea Hawk 4F ◦11/10~1/9 ◦ 6:00~23:00 • 11

Hawks Town (near Momochi)

Zepp Fukuoka


Hard Rock Cafe United Cinemas


Toysrus Hawks Town Namco




North Tenjin

Chuo Post Office

Hotel Etwas


Hotel Mystays Hotel Ascent Tully's

•NTT Docomo


•Mist 11

Mina Tenjin

Daicho-ji Temple •

15 IP Hotel Fukuoka

H Nishitetsu


•Children's Science & Culture Center •Airef •Udon no West Hamanomachi • Hospital



Nishi Nakashima-bashi Bridge Aqua Hakata

Shopper's Daiei

•Ensho-ji Temple




Drum Logos•







Nagahama Park Police • • Heiwadai Hotel Tenjin Drum Be-1•


Hotel Okura H Hakata R Dukes Hotel Fukuoka Art M Nakasu


•TRIAL Ark Hotel Royal


Chinese Consulate

Hotel Eclair H

Daikoku-bashi Bridge •Nakashima Park Fukuoka Garden Benten-bashi H Palace Bridge Nakasu •Tsukushi Nakashima Kaikan -cho

SB Hotel

Korean Consulate


Suzaki Park

KBC Cinema

Towers Tenjin Bldg. 5F


Hilton Fukuoka Sea Hawk Hotel

To Bayside Place Hakata

•Fukuoka Pref. Museum of Art

Yahoo! Dome


Nakasu Inn Fukuoka Taiyo H Hak Exce Nishi Ohashi Bridge Fukuhaku Dea Bridge




ACROS Fukuoka


S •Fuku Bldg.

•Former Prefec Guest House

Monterey •Best Denki Tenjin Core Vivre Starbucks • Parco H Oriental Hotel La Soeur 9 • •Junkudo Nishi-n Drug Segami Tenjin S Shi Daimyo Central Park McDonald's Tenjin Valie Hotel Catholic City Hall IMS Solaria Stage 18 L'Institut Akasaka •Mandarake Church Toyok (Rainbow Plaza) (Incube) Poplar • KFC Franco-Japonais DORI ute Nishitetsu du Kyushu Ro Iwataya Vioro MEIJI6 Saiseikai 6 side Solaria Grand Hotel In Tenjin Toho Shinkan Hospital• •Australian • Plaza •Chuo Ward School• • McDonald's ORI •Police Consulate I-D EK a M Nishitetsu k Office KIRA Solaria Akasa ute H Court Hotel •Starbucks El Gala 7 Bus Center mi ide Ro Artry Inn Iwataya Nishitetsu 8 20 (Highway Bus Stn.) 8 ina Outs Daimaru Hotel m Ippudo• Nishitetsu n- •Freshness Burger •NTT • Zara• nji RESOLA Tenjin Fukuoka Stn. Te • •Fukuoka Mitsukoshi Tenjin Kego Park Jokyu Shoyu Starbucks• Daimyo •Abercrombie • High Court •Chikae •Kego BIC & Fitch Plaza Hotel Ippudo • •Camera Shrine Plaza Hotel Premier Daimyo Sunny BIC Supermarket •H&M Toyoko Inn Camera• LOFT Udon no West • Richmond • Tiempo Apple Store Hotel South Side Terrace • • •FT Skala •Domino's Tsutaya Canoviano • I


Valie Hotel Tenjin















• Police

• School

•Seifuku-ji Temple

South Garden•

•Toki Rikyu Hotel Tenjin Place A •Hosen-ji Temple


Central Hotel Fukuoka

•Toppan •Anyo-in

Sada Hospital

Yakuin • Mos Burger




Kyushu Electric Head office• •Pizzeria Da Gaetano


b na

Takakura Hotel

a at

•Choen-ji Temple

NishitetsuBivi• Inn Tenjin


•Kosho-ji Temple

Imaizumi Park





Mos Burger • RI -DO AKI KEY


Fukuok Toei H




•Sunny Supermarket


¥100 Bus Zone Yellow area indicates ¥100 Bus Zone






이 노란색 지역 이동은 어느 버스든 100엔





To Bayside Place Hakata

Hakataza Theater 12


Na ka su

•Reizen Park



Gate's ter Donut

kata el Hotel







Ro 15 ut e







• Fukuoka International House

Info Desk

Hotel Convenience Stores

Ro u







Hakata Machiya Folk Museum


Hakata Traditional Craft Center

Jotenji Temple•


•Kushida Shrine

•Dekimachi Park





•Canal City Theater idax• Washington Hotel •Tamaya ko Inn 4 Hotel Il Palazzo •Seiryu Park Grand 5th Hotel East Hyatt Fukuoka Canal City Hakata 5th Hotel West

United Cinemas TVQ• 3 Canal City 13


Sumiyoshi-bashi Bridge •Haruyoshi Park


Asahi Bldg• Comfort Hotel Hakata

•Police Hotel Com’s

Dukes Hotel Hakata 1

•Tabegoro Hyakushunkan Hotel New Otani

i or -d

Yanagibashi •Sun Selco Market Apa Hotel

Hotel Humming Bird • FBS

Yanagibashi Bridge


NNC Bank


•Meiji Park

Hakata Post Office

Book Off•

Sumiyoshi •Torinji Temple Sutton Hotel Hakata City •Myoen-ji Temple •Mini-Stop Sumiyoshi Shrine • Hotel Hokke Club


ANA Crowne Plaza Fukuoka Hotel Sunline Fukuoka Hakataeki-mae


•Ninjin Park I


Hakata Chikushi-guchi JR Station Hotel Sunlife Hakata Clio Court

Hotel Century Art

Hakata Miyako Hotel

Hakataeki Higashi

Richmond Hotel Yodobashi Camera CHIKUSHI-DORI

Hotel Leo Palace Hakata

The B Hakata

With The Style

I SH YO MI •Royal Host

Season’s Greetings from Fukuoka Now!

Hotel Centraza Hakata

JR HakataCity


Chisun Hotel



•Hakata Station Bus Terminal


Senokawa-bashi Bridge • Rokkenya Park


Hotel Nikko Fukuoka

•Hakata Ward Office

Ro u

Haruyoshi-bashi Bridge

MyStays Inn

Hakata Green Hotel



Nishitetsu Inn Hakata SB Hotel Hotel Toyoko Inn




Ou Ro tsid ute e


•NTT Data




ka Hotel

President Hotel


Sky Court Hotel


Sunny Supermarket•

Reisenkaku Hotel


Toyoko Inn Hotel



Venus Gallery



Car Rental

Loop Bus Route, stops 1-18

•Tochoji Temple



Post Office

Gas Station

100엔 순환 버스 루트. 버스정류장 번호 (1~18)





-ka wa ba ta

Riverain a Asian Museum

텐진 하카타 지역 지도

Shofukuji Temple•

�Sumiyoshi Park

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Fukuoka City Bulletin Selected news topics by Fukuoka Now from Fukuoka City’s Shisei Dayori

◊ Fukuoka City Zoo to Remodel in 20 Year Plan Originally opened in 1953, Fukuoka City Zoological Garden is starting to show its age. The facility, along with the Fukuoka City Botanical Garden (opened in 1980), is proceeding with a 20-year remodeling plan to be implemented in stages that will convert the zoo into a facility more amenable for animals and people. Last year, the zoo opened a house for Asian elephants, and this year opened an area with multiple facilities from tropical regions in Asia. It envisions an Asian canyon, and enables visitors to observe the mode of life of the creatures in an environment closer to nature. The zoo will be the first to try to raise orangutans and the Lar gibbon together.

◊ Purse Snatching Alert A total of 500 cases recognized as pursesnatching were reported from January to October 2012, a 51% year-on-year increase. The surge in incidents was particularly noticeable in October. Most of the incidents occur from early evening to night, and most of the victims are women. The perpetrators often use small motorbikes, which leads to the following precautions: (1) Be careful of dark streets and people approaching from behind. It’s a good idea to stop using cell phones or listening to music while walking. (2) Hold your bags and purses on the side

farthest away from the street. (3) Place an anti-theft net on bicycle baskets.

◊ Redesigned Kego Park to Reopen Kego Park, a recreational space that opened in the Tenjin district in 1951, has been closed since June for redesign and rebuilding. Plans call for reopening the park on December 1. The views have been improved to promote public safety at night in the area, and the space has a more open feeling. Sidewalks have been widened and benches and flower beds installed in the park and the surrounding area to encourage visitors to come. The restroom facilities have also been remodeled to make them brighter.

◊ Lights and Skating Rink The Tenjin district has been illuminated with LEDs to make walking more enjoyable. In addition to the lighting from December 1~January 14 (except Dec.31 and Jan.1) at Kego Park, which has been named Tenjin Hikari Square, there is a merry-go-round (Adult: ¥300, Child (E.S or younger): ¥150 *not fixed) and an outdoor skating rink without ice (Adult: ¥500, Child (E.S or younger): ¥250 *not fixed). It is open from 12:00~22:00.

◊ Hakata Station Pedestrian Bridge to Open A pedestrian bridge enabling ease of access to Hakata Station will open on December 20. The bridge connects the second floors of JR Hakata City and the Hakata Bus Terminal to improve the convenience for transfers between buses and trains, reduce congestion, and improve safety. The bridge has a roof, as well as an elevator and escalator. Hakata Station is Kyushu’s largest and busiest station since the opening of the Kyushu Shinkansen lines, and the new bridge aims to make the station more easily accessible for passengers.

Yipee! For FREE! Concert with Citizen Participation The district around the Hakata Station is decorated with over 1,000,000 white LEDs, including the commercial facilities and trees. The Hakata Music Ribbon, a free

concert featuring the performances of local brass bands, gospel singers, and other musicians, will be held in the plaza in front of Hakata Station starting in the evening on Saturday, December 15. The area will be illuminated until January 15.

For more Information Fukuoka City Bulletin Fukuoka Shisei Dayori is City Hall’s official magazine published bi-weekly on 1st and 15th of each month 23 times per year. It’s available in Japanese online too. Consider using it for Japanese study! ふくおか市政だより Website:

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Dec 2012 Fukuoka Now  

Oh yeah! Oysters! This issue we introduce the famous winter pastime of eating fresh oysters at the kakigoya huts in Itoshima. Meanwhile, we...

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