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Fukuoka Now #142 October 2010


Fukuoka Now #142 October 2010


Fukuoka Now #142 October 2010


Fukuoka Now #142 October 2010



Fukuoka Now #142 October 2010

Fukuoka Now #142 October 2010



Fukuoka Now #142 October 2010

Fukuoka Now #142 October 2010


Fukuoka Now #142 October 2010



Kyushu Headline News

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English language summaries of last month's top Kyushu area news stories. 九州エリアの 1 ヵ月分の英文ニュースの中から選り抜きの話題をピックアップ 福岡空港に太陽光発電システムが導入


Solar Generating System to be Installed at Fukuoka Airport Terminal Kyushu Electric Power subsidiary Kyuden Ecosol announced that it will install a solar power generating system at the Fukuoka Airport next year. They will also be responsible for the management and maintenance of the on-site system. The system will consist of panels on the terminal roof, and its annual output will be about 1% of the building’s power consumption. It will also reduce CO2 emissions by 73 tons.

Miyazaki Hoof-and-Mouth Disease Epidemic Declared Over Miyazaki Prefecture Gov. Hideo Higashikokubaru declared the hoof-and-mouth epidemic that ravaged his prefecture for more than four months had ended. The prefecture has just finished work converting the excreta of the slaughtered animals into compost. An estimated 290,000 pigs and cows were lost, or roughly 25% of the prefecture’s livestock.

北九州市、来年 1 月から庁舎内を全面禁煙

Kitakyushu to Prohibit Smoking in Municipal Buildings Next January The city of Kyushu announced that it will prohibit smoking in 21 municipal buildings next January, including City Hall and the City Council building. It will then become the fifth specially designated government ordinance city to prohibit smoking in its buildings. Kagoshima Prefecture is planning to prohibit smoking in prefectural buildings in September, and will become the first Kyushu prefecture to do so.

Only 40% of Kyushu Schools have Required Librarian Of the 4,200 public primary and junior high schools in the seven prefectures of Kyushu, roughly 40% were staffed with a librarian. This is far below the national average of roughly 60%. The assignment of a librarian to a school is required by law. Fukuoka Prefecture has the best compliance, with librarians on the staff of 67% of primary schools and 62% on the staff of junior high schools, while Kagoshima Prefecture has the worst at 23% and 19% respectively.

コリア・エア・エクスプレス 釜山、五島間にチャーター便


Korea Air Express to Start Charter Service Between Busan and Goto Korea Air Express, a South Korean commuter airline, announced that it was moving ahead with plans to launch a charter service between Busan, South Korea, and Goto, Nagasaki Prefecture. They would use a small aircraft seating 19 and make four or five round-trips a week, mostly for tourists. They hope to start the flights in November.

Solaria Plaza to Reopen after Remodeling Solaria Plaza, the Tenjin shopping complex operated by Nishi Nippon Railroad (Nishitetsu), is set to reopen on September 10 after extensive remodeling. The facility targets women aged about 25 working in the Tenjin area, and has shops offering clothing and sundries. Nineteen new shops were added to the complex, which accounts for 15% of the tenants. It was Solaria Plaza’s first remodeling after its 1989 opening, and was conducted to help it compete against other Fukuoka City facilities and the JR Hakata City complex at Hakata Station that will open next spring.


Yaskawa Electric to Apply Robotics for Electric Car Device Kitakyushu-based Yaskawa Electric revealed it has started work on the development of a fully-automated recharging stand for electric cars using its robotics technology. A robot arm will be attached to the device. In place of a human being, a robot will recognize the auto’s recharging inlet and insert the recharging plug. The company hopes to complete its work next year and commercialize the device by 2012. 久留米で起業希望者向けに焼き鳥スクール開講

School for Yakitori to Open in Kurume The Kurume Yakitori Cultural Promotion Association of Kurume, Fukuoka Prefecture, which has the largest number of yakitori shops per capita in Japan, plans to begin offering instruction to people interested in opening their own yakitori shops. The instruction will be provided by current shop operators, poultry farmers, and accountants. The classes could begin as early as the first week in September, when the city holds its annual yakitori festival.


公立小中学校への司書教諭の配置、九州では 40% に低迷


Sasebo Company Combines Restaurant and Vegetable Production Site Sho-ya Food System of Sasebo, Nagasaki Prefecture, has built and begun operating Kyushu’ s first vegetable production site in combination with a restaurant—in this case, the company’ s Italian restaurant Marguerita. The company built the site in the restaurant’s parking lot to hydroponically grow 10 vegetables, including basil and lettuce. The vegetables are harvested twice a day, and the company hopes to use the facility to supply 80% of the restaurant’s needs in the future. ソニーセミコンダクタ、熊本工場に 400 億円投資

Sony Subsidiary to Invest JPY 40 Billion in Kumamoto Plant Fukuoka City-based Sony Semiconductor Kyushu, a Sony subsidiary, announced it will invest roughly 40 billion yen from 2010 to 2011

Fukuoka Now #142 October 2010

キュウシュウヘッドラインニュース無料配信 !

Mobile phone: HP:

in its Kumamoto Technology Center. This will boost by 40% the production capability of its highly sensitive image sensors, used in smart phones and cell phone cameras. They plan to sell the image sensors to other camera manufacturers as well as use them in their own products. 日韓インターシップ協会、NPO 法人として認可

Fukuoka Non-Profit for Korean Student Internships Certified The Fukuoka City-based Japan-South Korea Internship Association, which promotes the acceptance of South Korean university students as interns at local companies, has been certified as a non-profit organization by the national government. The NPO has also begun providing support to Japanese university students accepted as interns in South Korea. The organization, which was launched in 2007, provides support every year to about 40 students from South Korea accepted as interns by 20 cooperating companies in Fukuoka and Saga Prefectures in the fields of trade, IT, and tourism. 北九州市、都市と施設をめぐるエコ修学旅行を誘致

Kitakyushu to Promote Eco-Study Tours Kitakyushu, designated a model environmental city by the national government, will work with travel agencies to encourage eco-study tours for Japanese students of Eco-Town and other environmental facilities in the city. The program will begin in September, and the city plans to invite up to 600 students from six primary schools in Nagasaki and Kagoshima prefectures. Most of the students who have visited Kitakyushu on study tours have gone to such tourist facilities as Space World and stayed outside the city. The new program hopes to change that. JCB、福岡市に新たにコールセンターを開設

JCB Call Center to Open in Fukuoka City Major credit card company JCB announced plans to open a call center this December in an office building in Chuo Ward, Fukuoka City. The operation of the center will be outsourced to Two Way System of Osaka. The center is expected to have 500 seats by FY 2012, and Two Way System will hire from 800 to 1,000 new operators locally. 福岡競艇場に高精細度の大型ビジョンが出現

Fukuoka Motorboat Race Course Gets HighDef Video Screen The Fukuoka City Motorboat Race Course now boasts Aurora Vision, an LED technology screen made by Mitsubishi Electric that is the largest high-definition video screen in the world. It is 13.44 meters high and 44 meters wide, which is 1.7 times the size of conventional screens. It is also the largest screen at a Kyushu motorboat race course.

News source: With permission from the morning editions of the Nishinippon Newspaper.

Fukuoka Now #142 October 2010



Fukuoka Now #142 October 2010

Fukuoka Now #142 October 2010


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