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April 2008 #112


Fukuoka Now #112 April 2008

Fukuoka Now #112 April 2008



Fukuoka Now #112 April 2008

Fukuoka Now #112 April 2008



Fukuoka Now #112 April 2008

Fukuoka Now #112 April 2008


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Fukuoka Now #112 April 2008

Fukuoka Now #112 April 2008



Fukuoka Now #112 April 2008

Fukuoka Now #112 April 2008



Fukuoka Now #112 April 2008

Fukuoka Now #112 April 2008



Fukuoka Now #112 April 2008

Fukuoka Now #112 April 2008



Fukuoka Now #112 April 2008

Fukuoka Now #112 April 2008



Fukuoka Now #112 April 2008

Fukuoka Now #112 April 2008



Fukuoka Now #112 April 2008

Fukuoka Now #112 April 2008



Fukuoka Now #112 April 2008

Fukuoka Now #112 April 2008


Kyushu Headline News English language summaries of last month's top Kyushu area news stories. 九州エリアの 1 ヵ月分の英文ニュースの中から選り抜きの話題をピックアップ 佐世保―釜山にフェリー Ferry Service between Sasebo and Busan The Busan Ferry Co. of Busan, South Korea, exchanged a memorandum with Sasebo, Nagasaki Prefecture, for the start of ferry service between the two cities in the summer of 2009. Sasebo will build a terminal to facilitate the entry of foreign tourists into the country. The objective of the service will be to boost the number of South Koreans visiting the Huis Ten Bosch resort. This will be the first regularly scheduled transport route between the city and a foreign country. 中国客船博多寄港 22 回 Chinese Passenger Ships to Call on Port The Visitors' Industry Promotion Association, a public-private partnership based in Fukuoka City, expects that passenger ships from China will call on the Port of Hakata 22 times from April to October this year. Chinese passenger liners have not been visiting the port in recent years, because most ships carrying tourists stop at Nagasaki and Kagoshima City. The increase is due to the growing number of wealthy Chinese coming to Fukuoka City because it is a commercial center. The aggregate number of passengers could be as high as 29,000. 「西九州」着工を決定 Kyushu Shinkansen Construction A working group for Shinkansen construction consisting of members of the government and the ruling party has agreed to start construction of the 45.6-kilometer stretch of the Nagasaki route on the Kyushu Shinkansen between Takeo and Isahaya. The work is expected to be officially approved after documents are signed by Nagasaki and Saga prefectures and JR Kyushu. The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport says the work is expected to take 10 years, and service will begin in 2018. Plans for this route were first drawn up 35 years ago. 九大が人材育成センター設立 Postgraduate Training Center To be Established The Kyushu University Faculty of Engineering revealed it will open on April 1 the Craftsmanship Engineering Training and Research Center for training core personnel in the auto, semiconductor, and other manufacturing industries. It will offer practical courses to graduate students and people already in the workforce. It will have a faculty of 110, consisting of technicians working for private sector companies and university researchers. This will be the first facility of its kind in Japan to provide training in basic manufacturing technology from the fundamentals to applied levels.


Fukuoka Now #112 April 2008

西鉄・新駅、乗客増へ利便性向上 New Station on Tenjin - Omuta Line Fukuoka City-based Nishinippon Tetsudo (Nishitetsu) revealed plans to build a new station on the Tenjin-Omuta Line between the Zasshonokuma and Kasuga stations. The station would open in 2015. The stated objective is to improve customer convenience by responding to passenger requests, but some observers believe it is also a measure to compete against JR Kyushu. 長崎県が福岡事務所を廃止 Nagasaki Prefecture to Close Fukuoka PR Office Nagasaki Prefecture will close its PR office in Fukuoka City's Chuo Ward at the end of the month in an effort to reduce expenditures. The prefecture has determined that it can accomplish the same work in the prefecture by sending employees on business trips as required rather than maintaining an office. The office has publicized such Nagasaki events as the Lantern Festival, as well as prefecture products. It expects to save 25 million yen a year, not counting personnel expenses. 感染性胃腸炎が流行 Infectious Gastroenteritis Plaguing Kyushu Cases of acute infectious gastroenteritis, which causes vomiting and diarrhea, continue to spread throughout all seven Kyushu prefectures. The original pathogen appeared last fall as a norovirus, but this was overtaken at the end of February by a rotavirus. This presents a greater risk to infants than adults, and the symptoms are more severe. Doctors recommend thorough hand washing to prevent infection. 大分温泉マイスター誕生 Oita Hot Springs Meister Qualification Test Held The results of the first Hot Springs Meister Qualification Test focusing on spas in Oita Prefecture were recently announced. A total of 161 people passed to qualify as "meisters". All the topics covered on the exam were covered in a text distributed at a study course before the test was given. The test also included many academic questions, however, including the technical definition of a hot spring, and only 56.5% passed. JTB 九州、武雄・嬉野活性化へ支援 JTB Kyushu to Help Promote Takeo-Ureshino JTB Kyushu announced it will work with local governments and tourism organizations to conduct a campaign from April to June to promote the Takeo-Ureshino hot springs area. One aspect of the campaign will be efforts to attract more visitors, such as operating buses to and from the area from Fukuoka City. Their objective is to gain a 10% increase in lodging customers from the previous year, or 5,500 people.

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福岡市長、粒子線がん治療施設誘致、 「あきらめず」 Fukuoka Targets Cancer Treatment Facility Fukuoka City Mayor Hiroshi Yoshida vowed that the city will continue its efforts to attract a cancer treatment facility using the advanced particle beam treatment despite recent similar efforts by Kagoshima and Saga Prefectures. There are currently no facilities of this type in Kyushu. A foundation in Ibusuki, Kagoshima Prefecture, has already finalized plans to build such a facility there. 武雄市、厄介者イノシシ特産化 Takeo to Make Boar Its Speciality The city of Takeo in Saga Prefecture has decided to change its view of the boar, an animal that destroys crops and farms, and consider it a resource by branding it as a local product. A local hunters' association is going into partnership with others to build a boar meat processing center, and is seeking financial assistance from the national and prefectural governments. About 1,000 boar are caught annually in the city. 佐賀県、ペット多数飼育届出、六匹以上に Notification for Those with Six Pets Required The Saga Prefecture General Assembly, which is deliberating a legislative proposal requiring people with multiple pets to report the number of pets to the local government, has reduced the threshold for notification from 10 pets to six, it has been learned. The reason for the change is that many in the legislature think that five is the maximum number of pets one person is capable of caring for. If the bill passes, it will be the strictest standard for notification in Japan. 残土ほしいなら、サイトで再利用仲介 Website for Using Earth from Construction Sites Dazaifu garden planner Daisuke Nagamori has set up a website for those interested in using the excess soil excavated at construction sites. The site provides both those with excess soil and those looking for soil with a way to satisfy their needs and to reduce illegal disposal of the dirt. The site has proven to be unexpectedly popular, with people from other prefectures taking advantage of its services. The URL is セルフ誤給油 九州最多 Mistakes at Self-Serve Gas Pumps Higher gasoline prices are causing more motorists to use self-service gasoline pumps due its comparatively inexpensive gasoline prices, but a nationwide survey by the Japan Automobile Federation found a growing danger from the number of drivers who are filling their cars with the wrong kind of fuel. The survey was


conducted from last December to this January and uncovered 337 instances of drivers using diesel fuel for ordinary cars and regular fuel for diesel cars. The region with the most errors was Kyushu, with a 78, and the prefecture with far and away the most errors in the country was Fukuoka, with a staggering 51 individual cases - a number equal to the error total in the entire Kansai region. It was also more than double the number of the secondworst total of 23, in Aichi Prefecture. Meanwhile, no mistakes were reported in Saga or Miyazaki prefectures. 北九州 200 業務を一元化 Kitakyushu to Integrate 200 Service Operations The city of Kitakyushu announced it would establish by 2010 an integrated service department to handle the functions of 200 different city services of the roughly 600 that are offered in municipal offices around the city. They also will introduce a new computer system to help handle the operations. The city says it is the first effort of its kind in the country. The introduction will also mean the reduction of 500 employees and 4.5 billion yen in expenditures.

道州制度導入なら九州の成長率最大 2.1% Growth Rate Pegged at 2.1% The Fukuoka City-based Yushu Economic Research Center released its long-term forecast for economic growth in 2025 if a state/province system is introduced in Japan. They say that the system, combined with improved competitiveness and reduced governmental waste, would result in 2.1% growth. In contrast, they say that the failure to introduce the system, combined with population declines, would result in growth of just 0.9%.

九州・沖縄の大型小売店販売額、前年割れ Year-on-Year Sales at Large Retail Stores Down The Kyushu Bureau of Economy, Trade, and Industry released statistics for January sales at large retail stores in the Kyushu – Okinawa region showing that aggregate sales totaled 146.6 billion yen, a 1.8% decline from the previous year, and the second consecutive year-on-year decline. Sales at department stores were particularly hard-hit, dropping 5% for the seventh straight decline. Slack sales of winter clothing were identified as the primary factor in the falloffs.

漢方薬「甘草」の栽培研究 Agreement Signed for Herbal Medicine Research Genkai-cho in Saga Prefecture and Kyushu University signed a memorandum for conducting joint research into medicinal herbs to start in the upcoming business year. The focus of the research will be into kanzo, a medicinal herb produced in Japan that is used in 70% of traditional herbal medicines. The research will be conducted at a facility conducted in the municipality with the objective of promoting nationwide cultivation and offering a stable supply to herbal medicine manufacturers.

熊本市が不妊治療休暇 Permit Leave for Fertility Treatments Kumamoto City announced it will implement in April a policy allowing regular city employees to take leave for fertility treatments. No conditions for age or gender will be applied to eligibility. Employees will not be paid, but can take up to six months off, and can reapply if pregnancy does not result. Kumamoto City will be the first local government in Kyushu to implement such a system. News source: With permission from the morning editions of the Nishinippon Newspaper.

Fukuoka Now #112 April 2008



Event Calendar April

30 things to do this month!


4/1 Music: Swing Out Sister 音楽 : スウィング・アウト・シスター ジャパン・ツアー 2008 ©PIECE of PEACE LEGO and the LEGO logo are trademarks of The LEGO Group. ©2008 The LEGO Group.


Music: Swing Out Sister Brit pop duo best known for their hit song "Breakout" have remained active since their mid-80s debut. Tour coincides with the release of their 16th album, "Beautiful Mess," in February. Open: 18:00 / start: 19:00 Zepp Fukuoka ¥8,500 (1 drink order req.) 092-713-6085


Event: Children's Book Carnival With 1,700 picture books, children's literature, photo collections, etc., available for your perusal, this is a must for THU FRI parents and teachers of young children. Workshops and sessions also scheduled during the two-week-long event. 3/25 (Tue.) ~ 4/6 (Sun.) 10:00 ~ 18:00 ACROS Fukuoka 2F Free 092-642-7264

イベント : 子供の本のカーニバル 九州大学ユーザーサイエンス機構 子どもプロジェクトに よる絵本、児童文学、詩集、画集、写真集など「子どもの 本」約 1,700 冊を展示。実際に読んだり触ったりも出来 る。期間中はワークショップやトークセッションもある。 3/25 ( 火 ) 〜 4/6 ( 日 ) 10:00 〜 18:00 アクロス福岡 2F 無料 092-642-7264

Movie: Korean Films A special collection of 21 Korean films including "Country of My Heart" and "Cracked Eggs and Noodles". In Korean with Japanese and some English subtitles. Check website for schedules. 4/2 (Wed) ~ 4/29 (Tue) Closed: Mon, Tue Fukuoka City Public Library, Movie Hall Cine-la Price 092-852-0608

映画 : 韓国映画の 60 年史 戦後の韓国映画約 60 年の歴史を知る機会。1940 年代の作 品から「私の生涯で最も美しい一週間」などの最近の作品 が上映される。全作品日本語字幕付き(一部英語字幕付き)。 4/2 ( 水 ) 〜 4/29 ( 火・祝 ) 月、火曜日 : 休映 ( 祝日は 除く ) 福岡市総合図書館映像ホール・シネラ ¥500 他 092-852-0608

Festival: Sakura Matsuri Over 2,000 sakura trees attract some 100,000 visitors to the magnificent shrine for merry-making under the cherry blossoms. Events include a show featuring traditional songs, flower arrangements, calligraphy and folk crafts. 4/1 (Tue.) ~ 4/10 (Thu.) Miyajidake Shrine Free 0940-52-0016

祭り : 桜花まつり 宮地嶽神社境内にある約 2000 本の桜が私たちを迎え入れ てくれる。また宮地嶽神社付属文華学園の生徒による書道・ 華道・和洋裁などの作品展や開運一番駆けなどイベント盛 りだくさん。花見をしながらゆったりとした時間を過ごし てみるのはどう ? 4/1 ( 火 ) 〜 4/10 ( 木 ) 宮地嶽神社 無料 0940-52-0016

Festival: Shosuke Furusato Muraharu Matsuri Come celebrate spring at Masasuke Furusato which prides itself on its flowers. Many events held for children and adults alike. Fresh fish and vegetables and 300 special seasonal bentos are also on sale. 11:00 ~16:00 Shosuke Furusato Mura (Munakata, JR Kyoikudai Ekimae) Free 0940-35-1100

祭り : 正助ふるさと村春祭り 菜の花やチューリップなどが咲き誇る正助ふるさと村で春 を祝おう。海の幸、山の幸の特産品販売などの大人から子 供まで楽しむ事ができるイベント盛りだくさん。当日限り の 300 色限定の春菜弁当もあるよ。 11:00 〜 16:00 正助ふるさと村 ( 宗像・JR 教育大前駅 ) 無料 0940-35-1100

Piece of Peace, World Heritage Exhibit Built with LEGO Recreations of some of the world's most famous archeological, historical and cultural sites are on display, including the Great Pyramid, the Parthenon, and Ryukyu castles. 3/29 (Sat.) ~ 4/20 (Sun.) 10:00 ~ 20:00 IMS Plaza (IMS B2) Mitsubishi Jisho Artium (IMS F8) IMS Plaza: Free / Mitsubishi Jisho Artium : ¥300 (Under 16's: Free) 092-733-2050

展示 :「レゴ○ R」で作った世界遺産展 Part2 子供のおもちゃと侮るなかれ ! レゴで作った世界遺産の数々 が展示される。世界遺産のデフォルメが目の前にある驚きと レゴの秘めたる可能性に乞うご期待 ! 3/29 ( 土 ) 〜 4/20 ( 日 ) 10:00 〜 20:00 イムズプラザ ( イムズ B2) 、三菱地 所アルティアム ( イムズ 8F) イムズ B2: 無料 / 三菱地所ア ルティアム : ¥300 ( 中学生以下無料 ) 092-733-2050





Baseball: Fukuoka Softbank Hawks vs Orix Buffaloes 野球 : 福岡ソフトバンクホークス vs オリックス・バファローズ


4/13 Event: Aire Flamenco 2008 イベント : アイレ フラメンコ 2008 年発表会


Fukuoka Now #112 April 2008

音楽 : スウィング・アウト・シスター ジャパン・ツアー 2008 ニューアルバム「Beautiful MESS」をリリースしたばかりの イギリス出身のユニット「スウィング・アウト・シスター」 待望の来日ツアー。今や定番にもなっているスムーズジャム を日本で知らしめた彼らのオシャレな雰囲気をZepp福岡で。 開場 :18:00 / 開演 : 19:00 Zepp Fukuoka ¥8,500 ( 要 1 ドリンクオーダー ) 092-713-6085

音楽 : ショーン キングストン ジャパン・ツアー 2008 Music: Sean Kingston 18-year-old Jamaican reggae singer and rapper was a レゲエ界期待のティーン・シンガー、ショーン キングス big hit on Youtube and MySpace last summer, which トン。マルチな活躍で有名なプロデューサー、ジョナサン propelled his song "Beautiful Girls" to the top of the charts. “J.R.”ロテムが自信を持って送り出す、若き革新的アー ティストとも言われている彼が福岡にやってくる。 Touring Japan for the first time. 開演 : 19:00 〜 ドラム ロゴス Start: 19:00 ~ Drum Logos ¥5,500 ( 要 1 ドリンクオーダー ) 092-714-0159 ¥5,500 (1 drink order req.) 092-714-0159


Piece of Peace, World Heritage Exhibit Built with LEGO 展示 : レゴで作った世界遺産展 Part 2

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Exhibition: Emigration to Brazil In1908, the ship Kasatomaru took the first Japanese immigrants to Brazil. About 50 photos collected from museums in Brazil will be displayed. An opportunity to learn about the 100-year history of Japanese immigrants abroad. 3/31 (Mon.) ~ 4/13 (Sun.) 10:00 ~ 18:00 (Last day ~16:00) ACROS Fukuoka 1F Free 092-725-9100

展示 : ブラジル日本移民 100 周年記念写真展 日本人移住者がブラジルへ旅立ってから 100 周年を迎え る 2008 年。サンパウロにあるブラジル日本移民史料館を 中心に、ブラジル各地の日系団体から収集した移民の歴史 を物語る貴重な写真資料、約 50 点を展示。 3/31 ( 月 ) 〜 4/13 ( 日 ) 10:00 〜 18:00 ( 最終日 〜 16:00) アクロス福岡 1F 無料 092-725-9100

Exhibition: Nitten Nitten, short for Nihon Bijutsu Tenrankai, or the Japan Art Academy, is

展示 : 日展 日本画、洋画、彫刻、工芸美術、書の 5 部門を設け、全国を 巡回する基本作品と福岡の地元作家作品の計約 470 点を展 示。期間中は日本画、洋画等で実際にプロと一緒に描くこと ができるワークショップも開催される予定。 3/29 ( 土 ) 〜 4/20 ( 日 ) 09:30 〜 17:30( 入館 〜 17:00) 福岡市美術館 前売 : ¥800 / 当日 :¥1,100 他 092-711-5550

Japan's leading organization for the promotion of art. The exhibition is the largest of its kind, featuring 600 works by Kyoto, Shiga and local artists. 3/29 (Sat.) ~ 4/20 (Sun.) 09:30 ~ 17:30 (last entry ~ 17:00) City Art Museum

10 FRI

11 SAT

12 SUN

Adv.:¥ 800 / Door: ¥1,100 etc.



Baseball: Fukuoka Softbank Hawks vs Orix Buffaloes At the top of the season, the Hawks look poised to take not only the Pacific League pennant, but swoop this year's Nippon Series too. Each game at the Dome is an funfilled extravaganza with rockin' music, the cute Honeys cheergirls, and fireworks. 18:00 ~ Fukuoka Yahoo! JAPAN Dome ¥1,200 (outfield) etc. 092-847-1536

野球 : 福岡ソフトバンクホークス vs オリックス・バファローズ ホークスとオリックスがヤフードームで対決。今年こそ優 勝を狙い、気合い満々の選手の応援に行こう ! 試合観戦を 盛り上げるイベントも盛りだくさん。 「ハニーズ」のアク ロバティックでキュート & クールなダンスパフォーマン スにもご注目。 18:00 〜 福岡 Yahoo! JAPAN ドーム 外野席自由 :¥1,200 他 092-847-1536

Music: Francis Mbappe Tribe featuring Hironobu Saito Singer and bassist Francis Mbappe from Cameroon performs with Japanese guitarist Onobu Saito. Enjoy an evening of his creative mix of traditional and Jazz music. 1st: 18:30 ~ / 2nd: 21:30 ~ Billboard Live Fukuoka ¥5,500 092-715-6666

音楽 : フランシス・マバッペ Tribe featuring 西藤大信 カメルーン出身のシンガー & ベーシスト、フランシス・マ バッペを中心に、現在 NY を拠点に活動するギタリスト西 藤大信、パーカッションのケヴィン・ジョーンズ、サック スのリナート・クレシックが繰り広げる熱気溢れるステージ! 1st: 18:30 〜 / 2nd: 21:30 〜 ビルボードライブ福岡 ¥5,500 092-715-6666

Basketball: Rizing Fukuoka vs Ryukyu Golden Kings The two Western Conference teams go head to head in the final game of the season. If you haven't caught bjLeague action live yet - here's your last chance!

バスケットボール : ライジング福岡 vs 琉球ゴールデンキングス 我らがライジング福岡、今度は琉球ゴールデンキングスと 対戦。ファインプレーで場内を湧かしてくれることを期待 しつつ、優勝に向かって上がり続ける彼らに熱い声援を送 ろう ! 頑張れライジング福岡 ! 15:00 〜 福岡市民会館 前売 : ¥2,000 〜 / 当日 : ¥2,500 〜 092-771-6675

Tip off: 15:00 ~ Fukuoka Shimin Kaikan Adv. ¥2,000 ~ / Door: ¥2,500 ~ 092-771-6675


イベント : アイレ フラメンコ 2008 年発表会 プロダンサー、マーハ フローレス率いるアイレ フラメン コ の福岡発表会。生徒たちが情熱的な踊りで日頃の成果 を披露する 。今年はどんたくでのパフォーマンスを予定 している、子供達によるフラメンコもあるのでお楽しみに ! 開場 :13:00 / 開演 :14:00 中央体育館 ¥2,000 092-525-2334


展示 : ガンダーラ美術とバーミヤン遺跡展 Exhibition: Gandhara Art & Bamiyan Site Around 160 pieces show how Buddhist art, originating in 「仏立像」など優品約 160 点を展示しガンダーラ美術とバー central and south Asia and influenced by the Greeks and ミヤン遺跡を体系的に紹介。バーミヤンの文化財保護活動に Persians, developed along the Silk Road. Free lecture on も尽力している日本画家・平山郁夫の水彩画、新彊や敦煌か Buddhism also given. 4/10 (Thu.) ~ 5/18 (Sun.) 10:00~20:00 らの大谷探検隊の収集品も展覧。 4/10 ( 木 ) 〜 5/18 ( 日 ) (last entry 19:30) Closed Wed. Fukuoka Asian Art Museum 10:00 〜 20:00 ( 入場 〜 19:30) 水曜休館 福岡アジア美術 館 前売 :¥900 / 当日 :¥1,100 他 092-263-1100 Adv.:¥900 / Door: ¥1,100 etc. 092-263-1100

Event: Aire Flamenco 2008 Students of Maja Flores demonstrate their dancing skills at this annual event. Children taking part in this year's MON Dontaku Parade will also show off their talent. Open: 13:00/ start: 14:00 Chuo Gymnasium ¥2,000 092-525-2334



Music: Kapital Band 1 Kapital Band 1 in town to promote their album, Playing by Numbers. By striving to achieve an abstract derivative of funk music by using random algorithms with drums and electronics, the Vienna duo has created a uniquely improvised form of pop. Open: 18:30 / start: 19:00 Fukuoka New Combo ¥2,500 (1 drink order req.) 092-712-7809

音楽 : キャピタルバンド 1 ウィーン在住の 3 ピース電子音響バンド「ラディアン」のドラ マー、マーティン・ブランドルマイヤーと、ベルリン在住のニ コラス・バスマンによるデュオ「キャピタルバンド 1」 。3 枚目 のアルバム「Playing By Numbers」を 2 月にリリースし、九 州ツアーをスタート! 開場:18:30 / 開演:19:00 福岡ニュー コンボ ¥2,500 ( 要 1 ドリンクオーダー ) 092-712-7809

Every Tuesday FREE Karaoke!

No Cover Charge ople International Pe Get Together!

Fukuoka Now #112 April 2008



16 WED

17 THU

4/16 Theater: Super Kabuki -Yamato Takeru 演劇 : スーパー歌舞伎「ヤマトタケル」

Theater: Super Kabuki -Yamato Takeru This modern version of kabuki is highly accessible to the average viewer. Lines are delivered in colloquial Japanese and each scenes passes quickly with high-tech spectacles, wire stunts, dramatic lighting and stunning costumes. 4/3 (Thu.) ~ 4/26 (Sat.) 11:00 ~ , 4:30 ~ (First day: 13:00 ~) Hakataza ¥5,000, etc. 092-263-5555

演劇 : スーパー歌舞伎「ヤマトタケル」 市川猿之助の夢と情熱から生まれたスーパー歌舞伎「ヤマト タケル」 。 「古事記」や「日本書紀」のドラマチックな英雄譚を、 早替わりや宙乗り、屋台崩し等を盛り込みスピーディーに演 出。古典歌舞伎の手法と最先端技術のコラボレーションは刺 激的だ。 4/3 ( 木 ) 〜 4/26 ( 土 ) 11:00 〜 , 4:30 〜 ( 初日の み 13:00 〜 ) 博多座 ¥5,000 他 092-263-5555

Movie: Chaplin Film Festival In commemoration of the 30th anniversary of the English comic actor's passing, a two-week long festival is being held. A dozen of Chaplin's more famous works, including Kid, Modern Times, are shown at various times daily. 4/12 (Sat.) ~ 4/25 (Fri.) Nakasu Taiyo Adv. ¥1,000 / Door: ¥1,500 092-291-4058

映画 : チャップリン映画祭 喜劇王と呼ばれたチャールズ・チャプリン。彼の代表作 12 作品に加え、ジョニー・デップなど豪華出演者がチャップリ ンの映画の魅力を語るインタービューがたっぷり詰まった、 ドキュメンタリー「チャーリー・チャップリン ライフ アンド アート」を初公開 ! 4/12 ( 土 ) 〜 4/25 ( 金 ) 中洲大洋 前売 : ¥1,000 / 当日 : ¥1,500 092-291-4058

Event: Fukuoka Now's SPRING Party! Celebrate the arrival of Spring with Fukuoka Now readers and members of the international community on the indoor/outdoor patio at the very hip and chic With the Style Hotel. Limited to first 150. Open: 20:00 ~ 24:00 (last entry) With The Style Fukuoka (Hakataeki-minami) ¥1,500 (includes 2 drink or food tickets) 092-433-3901

イベント : Fukuoka Now 春の祝祭 フクオカ・ナウ Web サイトリニューアル記念も兼ね、洗練され た大人のための空間でフクオカ・ナウ主催インターナショナル パーティーを開催。4 月 18 日をお洒落心も好奇心も奮い立たせ る特別な日にしませんか ? 先着 150 名。 4/18 ( 金 ) 20:00 〜 24:00 With The Style Fukuoka ( 博多駅南 ) ¥1,500 ( 当日販売のみ /2 ドリンク or フード付 ) 092-433-3901

Music: Oki Dub Ainu Band Led by Kano Oki, who plays the traditional Ainu stringed instrument known as the tonkori, the band performs an eclectic blend of traditional and progressive reggai dub music. Open: 18:30 / start: 19:30 Fukuoka Beat Station Adv.: ¥3,000 (1 drink order req.) 092-712-4221

音楽 : オキ ダブ アイヌ バンド 樺太アイヌの伝統弦楽器「トンコリ」を現代に復活させた、 オキ率いる日本、アイヌ発プログレッシブ・バンド「オキ ダブ アイヌ バンド」が福岡へやって来る。トンコリを中 心に奏でられる音色で私達を魅了させてくれる。 開場 :18:30 / 開演 :19:30 福岡ビートステーション 前売 : ¥3,000 ( 要 1 ドリンクオーダー ) 092-712-4221

Harley - Davidson & Buell American World Festa in Fukuoka Celebrating the 105th anniversary of the legendary American motorcycle. 35 new models in 35 colors on display. Take a hog for test ride. 4/19 (Sat.) 10:00 ~ 18:00, 4/20 (Sun.) 10:00 ~ 17:00 Marine Messe Fukuoka Free 03-3457-0991 (HDJ)

イベント:ハーレーダビッドソン&ビューエルアメリカンワールド フェスタin福岡 150台以上のハーレーが福岡に集結する大商談会&大試乗会。 2008 年モデルも体感できるので熱狂的なファンはもちろ ん、一度はハーレーに股がってみたいという人は是非行く価 値あり。 4/19 ( 土 ) 10:00 〜 18:00、4/20 ( 日 ) 10:00 〜 17:00 マリンメッセ 福岡 無料 03-3457-0991 (HDJ)

Music: Jody Watley Selling over 20 albums and singles worldwide, Watley is one of the most successful female artists ever. The Grammy Award-winning singer/songwriter released The Makeover in 2006 which was produced by a selection of internationally known uber-cool producers and DJs. 1st: 18:30 ~ / 2nd: 21:30 ~ Billboard Live Fukuoka ¥8,000 092-715-6666

音楽 : ジョディ・ワトリー 数々の大ヒット曲を持ち、若いアーティストからも多大な るリスペクトを受け、ダンス・ミュージック・シーンを語 る上で決してはずすことの出来ない元祖ダンス・ミュー ジック・クイーン、ジョディ・ワトリーがビルボードライ ブに登場 !! 1st: 18:30 〜 / 2nd: 21:30 〜 ビルボードライブ福岡 ¥8,000 092-715-6666

Music: SUM 41 Japan Tour 2008 The Canadian rock band has sold over 10m albums worldwide. Their fifth studio album, Underclass Hero, went gold in the US, platinum in Canada. The band, famous for their long and global tours, has performed over 300 times. Open: 18:00 / Start 19:00 Zepp Fukuoka ¥6,500 (1 drink order req.) 092-714-0159

音楽 :SUM 41 ジャパンツアー 2008 昨年のサマーソニックでも、その圧倒的なライブ・パフォー マンスでオーディエンスを熱狂させた SUM41 の約 3 年ぶり となる待望の単独来日公演が決定 !「パンク・ロック」 「ロッ ク・バンド」という境界線を越えた彼らの音楽は見逃せない ! 開場 :18:00 / 開演 :19:00 Zepp Fukuoka ¥6,500 ( 要 1 ドリンクオーダー ) 092-714-0159


4/20 Harley - Davidson & Buell American World Festa in Fukuoka ハーレーダビッドソン & ビューエル アメリカンワールドフェスタ

19 SUN


20 MON

Music: SUM 41 Japan Tour 2008 音楽 :SUM 41 ジャパンツアー 2008

21 TUE


Photos: Jan Swinkels ,Ryuichi Oshimoto Costumes: François Barbeau ©2004 , 2007 Cirque du Soleil Inc. ©2007 Fuji Television

Theater: Daihatsu Dralion 演劇 : ダイハツ ドラリオン福岡公演


Fukuoka Now #112 April 2008

22 WED

イベント Exhibition: Sokkuri Sweets Museum Sweet deception. Fifty deserts crafted to look just like ordinary foods, such as tako yaki, grilled fish, curry and rice. The katsudon is actually a rollcake with chocolate sauce, but you can hardly tell! 4/18 (Fri.) ~ middle of July Fukuoka Desert Forest (Hawks Town Mall) Free 0120-412-765

展示 : 笑撃 ! そっくりスイーツミュージーアム 全国各地から集められた 50 種類のそっくりスイーツが 登場。鮎、カレーライス、たこ焼きなど、見た目は食堂 のメニューなのに味はスイーツというなんともびっくり 4/18 ( 金 ) 〜 7 月 で目を疑ってしまうものばかり。 福岡デザート フォレスト 中旬予定 11:00 〜 21:00 無料 0120-412-765 ( ホークスタウンモール内 )

Theater: Daihatsu Dralion The Canadian-based troupe is in town for two-and-ahalf months with its top-grossing production, Dralion FRI SAT representing the clash between east and west. More than 70m people worldwide have seen Cirque du Soleil. 4/23 (Wed.) ~ 6/15 (Sun.) Shin Big Top (Outside of Hakozaki Shrine, Higashi-ku) ¥5,500, etc. 092-714-0159

演劇 : ダイハツ ドラリオン福岡公演 世界最高のエンターテインメント集団、シルク・ドゥ・ソ レイユによる最高傑作「ドラリオン」の福岡公演。想像を 遥かに超える究極のパーフォーマンスで私たちを魅了させ てくれるに違いない。 4/23 ( 水 ) 〜 6/15 ( 日 ) 新ビッグトップ ( 東区 筥崎 ¥5,500 他 092-714-0159 宮外 苑 )

Theater: Issei Ogata's Tomaranai Seikatsu in Hakata Internationally renowned actor Ogata who starred in Ichikawa's Tony Takitani (adapted from H. Murakami's work) and played Emperor Hirohito in Sokurov's The Sun returns to his hometown with a one-man play. 4/25 (Fri.), 4/26 (Sat.) 19:00 ~ , 4/27 (Sun.) 15:00 ~ IMS Hall ¥4,000 092-733-2016

演劇 : イッセー尾形のとまらない生活 2008 春の新ネタ in 博多 最小限の小道具と衣装だけで芝居を行う福岡出身のイッ セー尾形、が森田雄三演出による春の新ネタを披露。一度 見たら忘れられない彼の味わい深い公演を見に行こう ! 4/25 ( 金 )、4/26 ( 土 ) 19:00 〜、4/27 ( 日 ) 15:00 〜 イムズホール ¥4,000 092-733-2016

Event: Sam & Dave Anniversary Party Sam & Dave Fukuoka celebrates it's fourth year in Fukuoka with an all night bash featuring the Sam & Dave All Stars in MON the DJ booth. Free champagne till 11pm and original S&D gifts while supplies last. 20:00 ~ 05:00 Sam & Dave (on Nishi-dori) ¥2,000 (Incl. 2 drinks) 092-713-2223

イベント:サム & デイブ アニバーサリーパーティ サム & デイブが福岡に進出して 4 年。この日はサム & デイ ブ の DJ らが大集合。福岡のナイトシーンを盛り上げ続け るサム & デイブの誕生日を一緒に祝おう ! なんと 23 時まで はシャンパンを 1 杯プレゼント。また先着で記念グッズの プレゼントもあり。 20:00 〜 05:00 サム & デイブ ¥2,000 (2 ドリンク付き ) 092-713-2223

Event: Umi no Nakamichi Global Village Students from over 20 different countries study in Fukuoka. At this international gathering, they present their culture, food, and language. A great chance to communicate with these students and expand your horizons. 4/26 (Mon.), 4/27 (Sun.) 11:00 ~16:00 Umi-no-Nakamichi Seaside Park ¥400 (Under 16's : ¥80 / under 7's: Free) 092-603-1111

イベント : 海の中道グローバルビレッジ 2008 福岡在住のアジアを中心とした約 20 ヵ国の留学生たちに よる自国文化のお披露会。母国料理やダンスなどエンター テイメント満載の国際イベント。友達や家族と一緒に出か 4/27 ( 日 ) けて国際交流してみてはいかが ? 4/26 ( 土 )、 大人 : ¥400 11:00 〜 16:00 国営海の中道海浜公園 , 小中学生 ¥80, 小学生未満 : 無料 092-603-1111

Music: Janis Ian The Grammy-winning American singer/songwriter's career began in '60s with the controversial hit Society's Child. Ian has a strong following in Japan where she's garnered 2 top 4/28 (Mon.) 10 singles, Love Is Blind and You Are Love. 1st:18:30 / 2nd: 21:30, 2/29 (Tue.) 1st: 17:30 / 2nd: 20:30 Billboard Live Fukuoka ¥8,000 092-715-6666

音楽 : ジャニス・イアン 76 年「ラヴ・イズ・ブラインド」が世界的大ヒットし「17 才の頃」など数多くの名曲を残す孤高の天才シンガー・ソ ングライターのジャニス・イアン 。彼女の、信念に溢れた 純度の高い優しい歌声をビルボードライブで。 4/28 ( 月 ) 1st:18:30 / 2nd:21:30、2/29 ( 火 ) 1st:17:30 / 2nd:20:30 ビルボードライブ福岡 ¥8,000 092-715-6666


Soccer: Avispa Fukuoka vs Sagan Tosu One of three chances this month to catch Avispa on its home pitch. Your support is crucial to Avispa getting the season off on a winning start. Kick off: 13:00 ~ Level Five Stadium Adv.: ¥1,000 / Door: ¥1,500, etc. 092-674-3020

サッカー : アビスパ福岡 vs ザスパ草津戦 地元アビスパ福岡がザスパ草津戦に勝負を挑む。春の陽気 の中、新しくなったレベルファイブ スタジアムで友達や 家族と盛り上がろう ! キックオフ : 13:00 〜 レベルファイブ スタジアム 前売 :¥1,000 / 当日 :1,500 他 092-674-3020


Festival: Kurume Azalea Festival Famous for the more than 500,000 azaleas that bloom here in spring, Kurume's Hyakunen Park is a wonderful place to visit in spring. 300,000 potted azaleas available at 20~30% off. 4/5 (Sat.) ~ 5/5 (Hol.) 09:00 ~ 18:00 Kurume Hyakunen Park (Aikawa Machi, Kurume City) Free 0942-47-1875

祭り : 久留米つつじまつり 12 万本以上のつつじが咲く名所、久留米百年公園。この 祭りではさらに展示即売の約 30 万本のつつじも加わり、 より華やかになる。市価の 2、3 割引で販売されるのでこ の機会に自宅に持ち帰るのもいいかも。 4/5 ( 土 ) 〜 5/5 ( 月・祝 ) 09:00 〜 18:00 久留米百年公園 (久留米市合川町) 無料 0942-47-1875

23 THU


25 SUN


27 TUE

28 WED

Fukuoka Now #112 April 2008



Fukuoka Now #112 April 2008

Fukuoka Now #112 April 2008



Post Office


Gas Station


Info Desk

Car Rental

Hotel Convenience Stores

The map is split into areas for your convenience. For a full list of the map numbers and letters, please see page 33 for Map Index. 広告や編集ページにある番号は、この地 図上の番号とリンクしています。索引は P33 をご覧ください。


Fukuoka Now #112 April 2008

Fukuoka Now #112 April 2008


Marine Messe Fukuoka

マップ番号索引 記事や広告のマップ番号 一覧はコチラ!

Bayside Place

Some articles and ads have a 'See Map' symbol. Use this list and the grid references to locate them.


Fukuoka International Congress Center Fukuoka Fukuoka Sun Palace Kokusai Center


ch i

Bars, Cafes & Restaurants

nc ho

Big Air

Grid .





16 Benten B2 __________________________________________________ 36 Bristish Pub Morris B2 __________________________________________________


Fukuoka Kyotei

11 Dark Room B2 __________________________________________________ 19 Delgado's B3 __________________________________________________ 40 Fireball Cafe B2 __________________________________________________ 13 Graf B2 __________________________________________________

JAL Resort Sea Hawk Hotel Fukuoka

Marizon Seaside Momochi Park


Fukuoka Tower RKB

United Cinemas Fukuoka National Hospital Toysrus Organization Kyushu Hawks Town Medical Center Namco

Fujitsu Twins Momochi

Fukuoka City Public Library Chuo-Park


61 Fukuoka




Momochi Elementary School



61 Hard Rock Cafe (Momochi map) __________________________________________________ 14 International Bar B1 __________________________________________________

Yahoo! Dome

Korean Consulate

Pietro Chinese Consulate Hyatt Residential Seinan High + Middle Suites School

3 La Boheme Qualita B2 __________________________________________________ 15 Off Broadway B1 __________________________________________________ 22 One Way B1 __________________________________________________ 55 Pik's Coffee Shop B1 __________________________________________________ 16 Rhythm Music Lounge B2 __________________________________________________ 25 Sam & Dave B2 __________________________________________________ 48 Tapas Oki B3 __________________________________________________ 6 The Craic and The Porter B2 __________________________________________________


Fukuoka City Museum Bon Repas

4 Infinity B2 __________________________________________________ 17 Jan Jan B2 __________________________________________________


41 The Hakata Harp C1 __________________________________________________ 45 Uprising A2 __________________________________________________ 8 The VJ-Bar (Momochi map) __________________________________________________ 2 Voodoo Lounge B2 __________________________________________________ 11 Xaymaca B2 __________________________________________________

Fukuoka International School

Travel Agencies

Nishijin Elementary School


Seinan Gakuin Univ.




Don Quijote Praliva Freshness Burger KFC Shuyukan Rosarian High School McDonald's Doutor Daiei Poplar


Post Office

Grid .

27 LTK C2 __________________________________________________ 27 No.1 Travel C2 __________________________________________________

Nishijin Palace

Health Services Map#

Grid .

30 Dental Office Lily C2 __________________________________________________ 31 Dental Office Plumiera C3 __________________________________________________

Best Denki

Ten Good City

Grid .

37 Greenland ESPA E2 __________________________________________________


Fukuoka Now #112 April 2008


in nj




Takamiya Ohashi


Tenjin Minami




ne in Li 2m y Kaizuka wa min ub 2 Hakozaki-kyudai-mae i S 2min k Hakozaki-miyamae za in o k m Maidashi-kyudaibyoin-mae Ha in 1 2m Chiyo-kenchoguchi in 2m Gofukumachi




do r



ku in





Sa ku

a 2min

Ak as





-m jin




Nishitetsu Fukuoka


su at







ho r

i ak

hi jin

jis Fu







m a ya

ha C

ya m na








ae -m

ak um


an N

ku d Fu



Nanakuma Subway Line

po n



Kuko Subway Line






Kamo Noke Umebayashi

M ei

1min 1min


Hashimoto Jiromaru









Nishitetsu Omuta Line

Change for JR & Shinkansen Higashi-hie Fukuoka kuko (Airport)

Grid .

35 Able Hosho B2 __________________________________________________ 10 Aire Flamenco B3 __________________________________________________ 32 Asahi Nihongo A2 __________________________________________________ 39 CCS Eikaiwa School B1 __________________________________________________ 24 Foreign Talent Club B1 _________________________________________________ 28 Genki JACS A2 __________________________________________________ 27 Kokusai Hiroba C2 __________________________________________________ 21 NPO Tiempo Iberoamericano B2 __________________________________________________


Fukuoka Now #112 April 2008

Apr 2008 Fukuoka Now  

Spring has Sprung! This month we take advantage of the beautiful Spring weather to visit the Galaflora at Huis Ten Bosch in Nagasaki. We als...