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リニューアル! 英語&日本語

外国人読者が驚く福岡の日常 在住外国人紹介、他


APR 2012 #160


? O H S E D DO



Cover model: Mireya Lopez at Desigual, Fukuoka


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Desigual - Cover and Party! Fukuoka Custom Car Show 2012

Since 1984, Desigual has been dressing fashionable folks all over the world (in 72 countries, to be exact!) and this month, they dressed our cover model, Mireya! The cover was shot inside the Desigual shop in Canal City East. Then, on Mar. 9, Fukuoka Now guests enjoyed invitations to the Desigual “Friends & Family Night”. The fashionable crowd enjoyed nibbles, drinks, DJ beats, lucky prize draws and more!

On Feb. 18, the NOW team reported on this crazy car show at Yahoo! Japan Dome. It was the show’s third yearwith 130 booths, flashy cars, pretty girls and 40,000 people in attendance! Watch the video report with charismatic NOW reporter, James Cunningham.

デシグアル パーティ

福岡カスタムカー ショー

手頃で楽しく独創的。キャナルイーストに昨年 オープンしたスペイン発のファッションブラン ドが、3 月 9 日にショップ内で顧客を招待して 特別イベントを開催した。

130 ブースが出 展し、4 万人 が 訪 れた 今年で3回目のクレイジーな車の祭典 に、ナウの突撃レポーター、ジェーム スが潜入 !

Sweet anniversary at ELLE CAFÉ Happy 1st anniversary ELLE CAFÉ! They celebrated in style with exquisite party drinks, instore talk show and cupcake demo by Chie Kato.

ELLE カフェ1周年記念

世界初の ELLE カフェが博多阪急にできて早一 年。記念イベントとして、洋菓子研究家 加藤知 恵さんのカップケーキレクチャーや ELLE a table 編集者のトークショーなどが行われた。

International Moving Tel: 0120-8348-22 (EX. 1) 092-632-0320

Worldwide moving from ¥64,800 (Busan)

한국으로의 이사는 닛쯔에 맡겨주세요 ※ tax, insurance and fuel surcharge not included.

2 • Fukuoka Now • #160 • April 2012

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Neapolitan pizza. Senior instructor Gaetano Fazio also runs the internationally renowned De Gaetano on the island of Ischia. He has lent his name to just one other restaurant in the whole world. And it’s right here in Fukuoka. Owner Tommy studied under Gaetano for six years, and the reasons his restaurant received such an honor can be seen in the loving care with which the ingredients are selected and prepared. Only the finest San Felice flour is used, fresh mozzarella cheese is flown in three times a week from Naples, while their vegetables are grown locally in Fukutsu by a Neapolitan farmer named Silvio. Even their firewood is from Naples. The décor is authentic too, and the staff speak both Italian and

Pizzeria De Gaetano


izza, originally from Naples, is now hugely popular around the world. You can find numerous pizzerias in Fukuoka, with many even using traditional wood-burning stoves. Neapolitans, however, are famously strict about what they consider to be real pizza. The Vera Pizza Napoletana Association exists to certify pizzerias that produce “true” traditional

ピッツェリア・ダ・ ガエターノ

1F Paguro Yakuin, 2-7-14 Watanabe-dori, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka Tel: 092-986-8822 Opening hours: 11:30–13:00 (LO), 18:00–22:00 (LO) *Open for dinner only on Mondays Closed: Sundays, 1st Monday of the month Menu: Pizza: Marinara ¥750, Margherita ¥850, Capriciosa ¥1350, Pizza Gaetano ¥1850, Others: Angioletti ¥280, Selection of antipasto (from ¥1,000/ person), Tiramisu ¥400, Panna Cotta ¥400, Glass Wine ¥500~ English, as well as Japanese. Great food aside, this is also one of the most fun and lively eateries in the city. Enjoy with wine and friends!

だ。店内の装飾や造りも本場のそれに従い、 ここが福岡の街中ということを忘れさせてく れる。毎夜、多くの人で賑わうホールでリー ダーを務める城戸氏らスタッフは英語やイタ リア語を操り、外国人とのコミュニケーショ ンもバッチリ。福岡が全国に誇る名店で、ナ ポリに根付く食文化に触れてみてはいかがだ ろう。

本場ナポリの巨匠も認めた ピザに酔いしれる

ピザ発祥のナポリの伝統に従い、薪窯でピザ を焼く「ピッツェリア」。伝統的なナポリピザ が味わえる店は福岡にも増えているが、世界 的に知られる名店の屋号を継承することを、 世界で唯一許された店に注目したい。ナポリ・ イスキア島にある「ダ ガエターノ」で6年間 修行を積み、「真のナポリピッツァ協会」の 技術指導員も務めるガエターノ・ファツィオ 氏から息子のように可愛がられた TOMMY 氏 が開いた店だ。店を訪れたガエターノ氏が壁 に書いた「おお、愛する息子よ」というメッ


セージからもその愛されようが分かる。ここ まで書けば本場のナポリピザが味わえること は明らかだが、徹底したこだわりにも触れて おこう。サンフェリーチェ社の最高級の小麦 粉、週 3 回ナポリから空輸するフレッシュな モッツァレラチーズ、福津市で農業を営むナ ポリ出身のシルヴィオ氏が育てたイタリア野 菜など素材を厳選。もちろん薪窯もナポリ製

福岡市中央区渡辺通2-7-14パグーロ薬院1F Tel:092-986-8822 営業時間:11:30~13:00(L.O.)、 18:00~22:00(L.O.)※月曜日は夜のみ営業 定休 日:日曜日、第1月曜日 メニュー:マリナーラ¥750、 マルゲリータ¥850、カプリチョーザ¥1,350、ピッツ ァ ガエターノ¥1,850、ピッツァTOMMY¥1,800、ア ンジョレッティ¥280、前菜盛合わせ1人前¥1,000 ~、 ティラミス¥400、グラスワイン¥500〜*テ ラス席では立ち飲みもOK

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フクオカ・ナウ読者が 熱く語ります!

Sleeping Beauties: Ode to the Japanese Commuter Jamina Ovbude, English Teacher, USA


iven Japan’s refined social norms, some might assume it taboo to sleep in public. But after traveling around this bustling little city (and country), you’ll soon notice that public napping is not in fact forbidden. Rather, it is a collectively engaged activity. So much so that sleeping in public could be deemed a favorite Japanese pastime. I come from the west—southern California to be precise. Despite Los Angeles' terrible traffic and unreliable public transportation, you'll find mostly coffee-high commuters eager to talk about last night’s primetime [insert sporting event here]. People stay awake because getting a catnap on a bus or train could result in a stolen wallet or worse. In the American southwest at least, sleeping while

commuting is risky business. On the contrary, most early morning trains in Fukuoka are muted capsules of snoozers. Riders are transported whizzing past the world in a dream-like state, often crammed nose to chin as they go. Speaking is discouraged, cell phone use is prohibited and napping is commonplace. Once while taking my quotidian route to work, I sat mesmerized by a young man who had fallen asleep next to an equally young woman. I watched with amusement as the man slowly dipped his head drifting lower and lower until it was heavily mounting her shoulder. Her reaction to her slumping bench companion was like a delicately choreographed dance—when he swayed, she swayed and when he leaned, she leaned. until both passengers

眠れる美女たち ~通勤者の叙情詩~ ジャミナ・オブデ - アメリカ合衆国 英語講師 外国人から見ると、日本の洗練された社会 規範において、公共の場で眠ることはタブー だと思ってたわ。でも、実際に旅して自分 で見てみると、うたた寝が事実上禁止され ていないことに気がつくはず。しかも単独 での行為でなく、多くの日本人が好む傾向 にあるから連鎖反応を起こしやすいの。   私 は 西 海 岸 か ら 来 た ん だ け ど、 地 元 の L.A. では、ひどい交通や信頼性の低い公共交 通機関にも関わらず、うっかり夜遅くまで おしゃべりに高じてしまった人なんかを稀

4 • Fukuoka Now • #160 • April 2012

にみかけても、財布をとられる被害にあい たくないから眠ったりしないわよ。少なく ともアメリカの南西部では、通勤途中に眠 るなんて危険なことなの。そんな文化圏と 比べて、福岡の始発電車はまるで居眠りカ プセル(笑)。乗客がたてる寝息や鼻息で車 内は忙しいわ。携帯電話で話すことは禁止 されているのに、寝てる間にたてる音なら 許されるみたい。そういえば以前、通勤途 中で面白い光景をみたわ。若い男性が隣り に座る若い女性にもたれかかるようにして

were bent over, him collapsed atop her, almost parallel to their seats. The poor girl rather than take the western approach and offer a swift shove or sharp yell, sat sour faced and endured the heaviness of her new travel companion—like a shark to a remora. I suppose she did this to keep from disrupting the collective “harmony.” A true selflessness found in few corners of the earth. And I’m not the only who’s noticed Japan’s unique public napping phenomenon. The internet is littered with blog rolls featuring images of commuters sprawled out on train pews, hunched over water fountains, spread-legged in office chairs and face down in bowls of ramen. But why are Japanese people so tired? One explanation could come from the success of this petite nation. Japan boasts the 3rd

寝ていたの。彼の頭が波打ったり、隣りの女 性の肩に付いちゃうくらい揺れながら頭が下 がる様子を、まるで彼の遊戯を見ているよう に眺めちゃった。隣りに座る彼女の反応もま るで振り付けされたダンスみたいに、彼が揺 れると彼女も揺れ、両隣りの乗客も含めて椅 子とほぼ平行になるくらい上半身を倒しなが ら皆が揺れていたの。西海岸風にアプローチ するなら、叫び声をあげるか、体を尖らせる ようにして拒絶するけど、可哀想なその女性 はしかめっ面して座ったまま、隣りからの重 圧に耐えてたわ。彼女は集団との調和を維持 するために我慢していたんだと思う。これこ そ究極の無私無欲!  この日本人の習性「公共での居眠現象」に

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largest economy in the world, with an equally impressive 4.6% unemployment rate (Japanese Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, 2012). Indeed, Japanese people work hard. In fact, Japanese work culture seems to design people who relish overtime hours. Many a salaryman is expected to stay until the wee hours leaving only after their superiors have gone—which can be as late as a workaholic desires. Being present is crucial, as the employee who stays the latest is considered

most dedicated and most valuable. Additionally, the strong drinking culture contributes to nights spent in izakayas where employees do their best hob knobbing for that promotion or corneroffice. Students and teachers alike endure grueling school schedules with the hopes of achieving the similar amounts of recognition. If you work, you are worthy. Therefore, napping is a kind of pat on the back—a pleasant respite for having worked yourself to exhaustion. “Take your reward! You deserve your 10 minutes of uncomfortable sleep,” some might say. Maybe though, it’s all a bit too much. Along with that impressive unemployment rate and GDP, Japan consistently reports among the highest suicide rates in the world. It could also be said that the huge amount of time spent working leaves little time for

building families. Thus leading to the concerning and steady decline of the Japanese population. Not to mention increased cases of stomach cancer (Mayoclinic, 2012) and depression due to risk factors like high stress and sleepless nights. Now, I’m not implying that I know all on this subject. And I certainly understand that there are certain social pressures at work here undetectable to the untrained (read: non-Japanese). But come on people get your 6-8 hours, at home! Sleep is so much more refreshing (and beneficial) when it’s done atop your heavenly mound of futon and pillows. You work hard, you deserve that too.

気付いているのは私だけではないのよ。イン ターネット上には、電車の座席で寝そべる 通勤者や噴水に覆いかぶさるように寝ている 人、オフィスの椅子で脚を広げて寝ている人 に、丼を覗き込むような姿で居眠りする人の 姿など、散々出回っているわ。でもどうして 日本人はそんなに疲れているの?  説明のひとつには「小柄な国民の成功」が あげられるみたい。日本は世界で 3 番目に大 きな経済市場を有しているのに、完全失業率 はわずか 4.6%(総務省「労働力調査」2012 年 1 月)。確かに日本人はよく働いているわね。 でも、日本の労働文化は残業を楽しむ風潮が あるのも事実。多くのサラリーマンは、朝早 くから、同じく仕事中毒の上司が会社を出る

時間までオフィスにいることを期待されてい るし。現状維持が重要で、遅くまで残る従業 員が最も熱心で貴重だと思われているから よ。さらには、居酒屋で職場の話を持ち込ん で遅くまで飲み明かすことには、根強い飲酒 文化が貢献しちゃっているし。学生や教師も、 サラリーマン同様に目的を達成するためには 学校の厳しいスケジュールに耐えるけど、働 いているなら尚さら価値があるとされている みたいね。だから居眠りは、勤労の後のちょっ とした休憩のような位置づけなのよ。 「褒美は 不快な 10 分の睡眠!」一部の人は「過ぎた るは及ばざるがごとし」っていうかもしれな いからね。  印象的な完全失業率と GDP とは裏腹に、日

本は世界で最も自殺率の高い国のひとつでも あることも忘れないで。長い労働時間が、家 庭を顧みる時間を侵しているとも言えるん じゃないかな。事実、日本の人口は減少して いるし、増加傾向にある胃がんや鬱病の発症 数に、不眠といった健康被害もあながち無視 できないわ。現在、私はこれらのテーマ全て を理解しているわけではいないけど、素人目 には解りにくい社会的圧力があることくらい は分かるわ。  でもみんな聞いて。1 日 6 〜 8 時間は家庭 で過ごそうよ!睡眠は布団の上の方がはるか に快適で効果的よ!そんなに一生懸命働いて いるんだから、それくらいして当然だと思う わ。ね!ドォーデショ?

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In Fukuoka

...introducing Fukuoka’s resident foreigners

Jean Raphael (JR) Felus


ean Raphael Felus is a self-confessed “hotel person”, having worked in hotels for over 20 years, or as long as he can remember. The French born, current General Manager of ANA Crowne Plaza Hotel Fukuoka maintains that the only real choice he ever made was to move from Paris to Yokohama. By going with the flow and taking opportunities as they came along, JR has taken hotel management positions far and wide across Japan- from Tokyo to Okinawa- and overseas in both Korea and Oman. In his current position at ANA Crowne Plaza Fukuoka, JR is constantly striving to offer the best guest experience in Fukuoka. Although the hotel is 36 years old, JR notes that recent renovations have kept it’s facilities to a high standard. He is proud of his staff and attributes most of the hotel’s success to his hard-working team, praising the natural hospitality of Japanese people. As for his personal success, he owes it to noone but himself. JR believes that work is the only key to success. In his free time, JR enjoys exploring Fukuoka’s natural landscape by car, taking drives with his wife and enjoying the local food, culture and nature.

氏名:ジャン・ラファエル・フェリュス 出身:フランス、パリ 日本滞在:20 年 所属:ANA クラウンプラザホテル福岡 総支配人 ジャン・ラファエル・フェリュスは、人生の半分近くにあたる 20 年 以上をホテルで過ごす、自他共に認めるホテルパーソン。日本国内 では東京から沖縄、そして韓国、オマーンにおいて、多くのホテル 開業と経営に携わった経験をもつ彼は、2010 年 9 月に ANA クラウ

Hometown: Paris, France In Japan: 20 years Identity: ANA Crowne Plaza General Manager

ンプラザホテル福岡の総支配人に就任した。博多の地に誕生して 36 年を迎える同ホテルの改装をはじめ、ゲストに最高のホテルス テイを楽しんでもらうためのおもてなしにも日々気を配るジャン。 「勤勉なスタッフチームのおかげで、福岡におけるホテルマネジメ ントは充実したものになっている。」と嬉しそうに語るジャン。様々 な地域で多くの人と一緒に働いた経験がある彼は、仕事の成功は チームの成功にあると考えている。休日には奥様と郊外へドライブ に出て地元の料理を食べたり、文化を経験することが彼のもうひと つの楽しみだ。

Read the full interview on our website:

インタビュー全文はオンラインにて公開中 • 7


◊ open top sightseeing Buses Debut Fukuoka City and Nishitetsu will begin operating double-decker buses on Sat., March 24, to the main sightseeing spots in the city. These are the first special order double-decker buses without roofs in made in Japan. There are two buses covering different courses. One is red and is designed to symbolize “the city”, with the Hakata Gion Yamakasa and other scenes on the exterior. The other will be blue and present an image of Fukuoka as a waterfront city. The fare will be ¥1,500 for adults, and ¥750 for children older than four and younger than 13. Children under 3 not allowed. The blue bus will be on the Seaside Momochi – Fukuoka Castle hour-long course touring Tenjin, city offices, Sea Hawk Hotel, Fukuoka Tower, and Ohori Park/Fukuoka Castle five times a day. The red bus will handle the Bayside – Hakata-machi course to Tenjin, city offices, Hakata Wharf Bayside Place, Hakata Station, and the Kushida shrine. There will be four hour-long circuits a day. The red bus will also go on a 90-minute night tour once starting at 18:30 from Tenjin to the city offices, Hakata Station, Sea Hawk Hotel, and Fukuoka Tower. Reservations for city office departures only and only by phone. No reservations are needed if there are empty seats. Tel: 0570-00-1010.

◊ 100,000 tulips tie tenjin & hakata together About 100,000 tulips are in bloom along a 2-kilometer stretch from Hakata Station to Tenjin, going from the station to Canal City

Hakata, Seiryu Park, Hakata Chuo Park, City Hall and Kego Park. They’ll be at their best until mid-April. There’ll also be a gardening show at Fureai Hiroba on the west side of the city offices from Sat., April 7 to Sun., the 15th from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. It will feature hands-on instruction, events, and a café, and the site will be decorated with flower beds and hanging baskets made by local people.

◊ City museum reopens apr 3 The Fukuoka City Museum at 3-1-1 Momochihama Sawara Ward is due to reopen on Tue., April 3 after being closed for remodeling. An open-air terrace has been built outdoors on the first floor, with tables and 20 chairs. Another addition is a nursery to enable visitors

yiPee! For Free!

with infants. The museum is open from 09:30 to 17:30, with admissions ending at 17:00. Closed: Mon., or next day if Nat. hol.)

◊ yellow sand information on website Forecasts and information on airborne yellow sand and how to handle it is now available on the Fukuoka City website. There will be forecasts for the course of the yellow sand in a 10-kilometer radius for that day and the next two days when issued by The Japan Meteorological Agency. The objective is to prevent any potential problems from arising, and to caution people not to hang laundry outdoors, to keep windows closed, and to wash your eyes and gargle upon returning from outside.

For more inFormation

hakatan walk stamp spring rally 2012

¬ Fukuoka City Bulletin

Try this stamp rally running until May 6 to 9 locations. Get more than three stamps and receive a badge at Hakatamachiya Furusatokan and the Hakata Traditional Craft Center. The free stamp sheet has a map with the 9 spots: Canal City Hakata, Hakata Riverain, the Tourist Information Center at Hakata Station, Shofuku-ji, Jotenji, Tocho-ji, Sofukuzen-ji, Kushida-jinja, and Sumiyoshi-jinja and Joho Plaza, City Hall.

Fukuoka Shisei Dayori is City Hall’s official magazine published bi-weekly on 1st and 15th of each month 23 times per year. It’s available in Japanese online too. Consider using it for Japanese study! ふくおか市政だより Website:

8 • Fukuoka Now • #160 • April 2012

¬ twitter and Facebook updates! Check Twitter ( & Facebook ( for updates and breaking news!

FUKUOKA CITY DISASTER PREPAREDNESS Many foreigners have never experienced an earthquake. Fortunately, they are very infrequent in Fukuoka, however it is important to be prepared. Learn more online at Fukuoka International Association website and watch the Mayor Takashima’s informative videos on YouTube (English, Korean, and Chinese).

Videos: search “FukuokaIA” YouTube channel

Meanwhile, protect your friends and family with these potentially life saving tips.


Point Earthquake Safety Guide

Earthquakes are disasters that occur without warning, unlike windstorms or floods. For your own safety do not panic. Preparations are key to minimize damage.


Firstly, secure your own safety. Hide under a table or a desk. Be careful around furniture which may fall.


Reduce risk of fires. Shut off the gas main switch and unplug electrical appliances.


Open a door to secure your exit. In order to ensure a point of evacuation open all doors near you.


Extinguish fires immediately. Prepare and check fire extinguishers and practice fire fighting on a routine basis.


Keep flashlights nearby. Keep flashlights handy in case of power outage or nighttime evacuation.


Be aware of landslides and tsunami. If you’re in an area likely to be effected evacuate as soon as possible.


Evacuate on foot and minimize baggage. Prepare emergency supplies in a backpack. Do not use cars or elevators.


Keep away from walls, cliffs, rivers and small alleys. Distance yourself from things that fall easily such as brick walls, gateposts and vending machines.


Act calmly and obtain information from reliable sources. Prepare a portable radio and do not be misled by incorrect information or rumors.


Cooperate and help each other. Assist elderly, handicapped and injured persons. Cooperate to extinguish fires. • 9

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aPr 18

Cherry Blossom and Nanohana Nights

Hawks vs. Marines

Dinner Party with Michael Mondavi

David Bromberg Band Japan Tour 2012

Michael Mondavi (uS) will share his life-long passion with wine at this special dinner party on the Hilton’s 35F. Mondavi’s love of wine began young, his father a master of Californian wine. Enjoy dinner with stunning night views whilst expanding your knowledge of wine.

Returning to Fukuoka for the first time in 34 years, David Bromberg brings a new band to his Japan 2012 Tour. See the popular 1960s folk singer from New York play a wide range of genres- from folk, blues and rock to pop. You’ll be impressed by his technique.

マイケル・モンダヴィ ワインメーカーズディナー

デヴィッド・ブロンバー グ バンド日本ツアー

カリフォルニアの象徴的ワイナ リーより、マイケル・モンダヴィ が来福。カリフォルニアワインの 巨匠と呼ばれた故ロバート・モン ダヴィを父にもち、幼少の頃より ワインに慣れ親しむ彼を囲んで、 ヒルトン 35 階からの眺望と共に 堪能できる一夜限りのイベントが 行われる。並々ならぬワインへの 情熱や世界のワイン事情など、ワ イン談義に酔いしれよう。

34 年 ぶ り の 来 日 を 果 た す デ ヴィッド・ブロンバーグ。1960 年当時ニューヨークのフォーク シーンで NO.1 の人気を誇ってい た彼が、この度、新たに自身のバ ンドを率いて再来日!ブルースや ロック、ポップスなど様々なジャ ンルの音楽を、卓越したギタープ レイやウォームなヴォーカルな ど、ツボを押さえた演奏で楽しま せてくれる。

◦ 4/17 (Tue.) Open: 18:30, 19:00 ~ 21:00 ◦ Sky Dining Angel 35F, Hilton Fukuoka Sea Hawk ◦ ¥11,000 (tax and service fee included) ◦ 092-844-8000 ◦ 2-23 Jigyohama, Chuo-ku

◦ 4/18 (Wed.) Open: 18:00, Start: 19:00 ◦ Gate's 7 ◦ Adv.: ¥6,500 / Door: ¥7,500 / Req. 1 drink order: ¥500 ◦ 092-738-9088 (Jabup) / 092-283-0577 (Gate's 7) ◦ Gate's 7F, 3-7-24 Nakasu, Hakata-kuʼ

One of Fukuoka’s best sakura spots, just 10 minutes by ferry from Meinohama. For three nights only Noko Island’s cherry blossoms and nanohana will be illuminated, creating a spectacular atmosphere. Enjoy stunning Hakata Bay views and an array of spring flowers!

夜桜&菜の花ライトアップ 姪浜から市営渡船で約 10 分で到 着する能古島。四季折々の花が 楽しめるのこのしまアイランド パークでは、桜や菜の花が同時 に満開となる期間限定で、夜の ライトアップを行う。一面に咲 き誇る花々が約 50 機の照明でラ イトアップされる様は、博多湾 の夜景と合わさり幻想的な雰囲 気を醸し出す。日中とは異なる 景色を楽しんでみて。 ◦ 4/1 (Sun.), 7 (Sat.), 8 (Sun.) 9:00 ~ 20:00 ◦ Nokonoshima Island Park ◦ Adult: ¥1,000 / ES & MS: ¥500 / Infant: ¥300 ※half price after 17:30 ◦ Adult: ¥500 / ES & MS: ¥300 / Infant: ¥100 ◦ 092-8812494 ◦ Nokonoshima, Nishi-ku

See the Softbank Hawks square off against the Chiba Lotte Marines. After a close matching in 2011, the Marines will come back fighting. Don’t forget to fly yellow balloons at the bottom of the 7th innings and white balloons when the Hawks win! Go! Hawks Go!

ホークス VS マリーンズ 週末はホークスとマリーンズの試 合を見に行こう!三年連続のリー グ制覇と、二年連続の日本一を狙 うホークスは、今シーズンも熱く なること間違いなし!7回裏ホー クス攻撃の前に黄色のジェット風 船を飛ばす、ホークス応援スタイ ルも一緒に楽しみたい。地元の期 待を背負うホークス応援の熱気に 酔いしれ、勝利の時には白星風船 を飛ばすことをお忘れなく! ◦ 4/13 (Fri.) 18:00 ~, 14 (Sat.) 14:00 ~, 15 (Sun.) 13:00 ~ ◦ Fukuoka Yahoo! Japan Dome ◦ A: ¥4,300 / B: ¥2,800 etc. ◦ 092-847-1006 ◦ 2-2-2 Jigyohama, Chuo-ku



MCAS Iwakuni  8 AM - 4 PM

0827-79-6227/ 10 • Fukuoka Now • #160 • April 2012

Find us on Facebook: Friendship Day MCAS Iwakuni

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aPr 18~

aPr 22

Yame Kuroki Wisteria Festival The Kuroki wisteria tree is a 600-year-old national Natural Treasure, its vines extending for meters. It will be illuminated during the festival making for a magical sight. Visit between April 25 ~ 30 for prime viewing, and browse the exhibition of Kuroki, Yame products.

八女黒木大藤まつり 国の天然記念物「黒木大藤」樹齢 600 年余年の大藤は、東西 50m、 南北 80m に広がり、藤棚の面積 は三千平米にも及ぶ。開花時期に 合わせて行われる大藤まつりで は、幻想的なライトアップが楽し め る。 見 頃 は 4 月 25 日 か ら 30 日くらい。八女黒木の特産品の販 売が行われる物産展もあり、郷土 料理が味わえるなど、様々なイベ ントが開催される。

◦ 4/18 (Wed.) ~ begining of May ◦ Sasano Shrine ◦ Free ◦ 0943-42-1115 ◦ 5-2 Kuroki, Kuroki-machi, Yame-shi


aPr 26

aPr 29~may 5

Cheese Dontaku

Morrissey Japan Tour 2012

Arita Ceramic Fair

The biggest event in Kyushu to be dedicated entirely to cheese, with over 100 types of cheese on sale. Learn to choose the right wine for your cheese, take part in cheesetasting and cheese-making sessions. Discount tickets avail. when booking in advance (NOW readers only).

Legendary English singer/lyricist Morrissey is coming to town! Former front man of The Smiths has pursued a long, successful solo career and was named by NME as "one of the most influential artists ever". Don’t miss a chance to see this artist with his iconic quiff and dynamic live performance.

Around one million people visit this annual festival in Arita, Saga Prefecture- a town renowned for fine ceramics and porcelain. 550 shops line the streets selling both discounted and expensive ceramics. Haggle your heart out for a good deal and a souvenir of Kyushu!


モリッシー ジャパンツアー 2012


九州のチーズや世界中からバリ エーション豊かなチーズが 100 アイテム以上揃う、九州初開催の チーズイベント。チーズに合わせ てワインや焼酎を選ぶマリアー ジュも体験できる。チーズ作り実 演試食、チーズ料理の実食など、 九州の全チーズ工房が集結する気 合いの入ったチーズの祭典は、前 売り購入の際「NOW を見た」で 特別価格になるよ! ◦ 4/22 (Sun.) Open: 16:30, 17:00 ~ 20:00 ◦ Banquet Hall 2F, Hakata Miyako Hotel ◦ Adv.: NOW readers: ¥5,500 / Adult: ¥6,000 / ES Student: ¥1,000 / Infant: Free, Door: ¥6,500 ◦ 03-5577-5737 ◦ 2-2-1 Hakataekihigashi, Hakata-ku

2012年日米親善デー 米海兵隊航空100周年 2012年5月5日(土)午前8時~午後4時 場所:米海兵隊岩国航空基地 山口県岩国市三角町官有地    (0827)79-6227

世界的に有名な英国出身シンガー ソングライター、モリッシー来 福!ザ・スミスの代表的存在だっ た彼は、成功的ソロキャリアを築 き続け、音楽業界において世界的 に影響力ある英国誌 NME から「今 までで最も影響力のあるアーティ ストのひとり」として評価をうけ る。社会的発言でも注目度の高い 彼の、自虐的ユーモアに溢れる成 熟したパフォーマンスは必見! ◦ 4/26 (Thu.) Open: 18:00 Start: 19:00 ◦ Zepp Fukuoka ◦ 1F Standing: ¥8,000 / 2F Reserved: ¥9,000 / 1 drink order req. / Children under 6 not permitted ◦ 092-714-0159 (Kyodo Nishinihon) ◦ 2-2-1 Jigyohama, Chuo-ku

ゴールデンウィークに開催される 毎年恒例の陶器市。陶磁器の町と して世界的に有名な有田町で開催 される有田陶器市は、百回以上の 開催数を誇り、全国から百万人以 上が訪れる大イベントだ。通りに は窯元や老舗など約 550 の店が 並び、手軽なものから高額なもの まで、様々な陶磁器が即売される。 若手作家の発掘、店の主人との駆 け引きを楽しもう。 ◦ 4/29 (Sun.) ~ 5/5 (Sat.) Around 8:00 ~ ◦ Arita area ◦ Free ◦ 0955-42-4111 ◦ Arita-cho, Saga-ken

航空ショー 軍用機展示 各種ライブパフォーマンス 午後1時半以降は入場できません。ご注意下さい。 駐車場には限りがあります。 公共交通機関をご利用ください。 Featured Sponsor • 11

Hawks Town (near Momochi)

Zepp Fukuoka



Toysrus Hawks Town Namco





Hotel Mystays Hotel Ascent

Daicho-ji • Temple


•NTT Docomo



H Nishitetsu

Chuo Post Office

Mina Tenjin

Hotel Etwas

IP Hotel Fukuoka



•Children's Science & Culture Center •Airef •Udon no West Hamanomachi • Hospital



•Ensho-ji Temple




Drum Logos•

Nishi Nakashima-bashi Bridge Aqua Hakata

Shopper's Daiei






Nagahama Park Police • • Heiwadai Hotel Tenjin Drum Be-1•

Hotel Okura H Hakata R Dukes Hotel Fukuoka Art M Nakasu


Ark Hotel Royal


Chinese Consulate

Hotel Eclair H

Daikoku-bashi Bridge •Nakashima Park Fukuoka Garden Benten-bashi H Palace Bridge Nakasu •Tsukushi Nakashima Kaikan -cho

SB Hotel

Korean Consulate


Suzaki Park

KBC Cinema

Hard Rock Cafe United Cinemas


Hilton Fukuoka Sea Hawk Hotel

To Bayside Place Hakata

•Fukuoka Pref. Museum of Art

Yahoo! Dome

10 10

Nakasu Inn Fukuoka Taiyo H Hak Exce Nishi Ohashi Bridge Fukuhaku Dea Bridge




ACROS Fukuoka


S •Fuku Bldg.

•Former Prefec Guest House

Monterey •Best Denki Tenjin Core Vivre Starbucks • Parco H Oriental Hotel La Soeur 9 • •Junkudo Nishi-na Drug Segami Tenjin S Shi Daimyo Central Park McDonald's Tenjin Valie Hotel Catholic City Hall IMS Solaria Stage Akasaka •Mandarake Church Toyok L'Institut (Rainbow Plaza) (Incube) Poplar • KFC Franco-Japonais DORI ute Nishitetsu du Kyushu Ro Iwataya Vioro MEIJI6 Saiseikai 6 side Solaria Grand Hotel In Tenjin Toho Shinkan Hospital• •Australian • Plaza •Chuo Ward School• • McDonald's ORI •Police Consulate I-D EK a M Nishitetsu k Office KIRA Akasa ute H Court Hotel •Starbucks Solaria El Gala 7 Bus Center mi ide Ro Artry Inn Iwataya Nishitetsu 8 (Highway Bus Stn.) 8 ina Outs Daimaru m Hotel Ippudo• Nishitetsu n- •Freshness Burger Zara• •NTT nji Tenjin Fukuoka Stn. Te •Jokyu Shoyu Kego Park •Fukuoka Mitsukoshi Starbucks• Daimyo •Abercrombie • High Court •Chikae •Kego BIC & Fitch Plaza Hotel Ippudo • •Camera Shrine Plaza Hotel Premier Daimyo Sunny BIC Supermarket 23 Udon no West Toyoko Inn Camera• LOFT Abundant 89 Bldg.3F • Richmond アバンダント89 3F • Tiempo Apple Store 99 Hotel South Side Terrace • • •FT Skala •Domino's Tsutaya I


Valie Hotel Tenjin















Kego • Police

• School

5 •Seifuku-ji Temple

South Garden•

•Toki Rikyu Hotel Tenjin Place •Hoen-ji Temple


Central Hotel Fukuoka

•Toppan •Anyo-in



Kyushu Electric A Head office• •Pizzeria Da Gaetano Sada Hospital


Yakuin • Mos Burger


b na

Takakura Hotel

a at

•Choen-ji Temple

NishitetsuBivi• Inn Tenjin


•Kosho-ji Temple

Imaizumi Park


Mos Burger • RI -DO AKI KEY





S Fukuoka Toei Hotel



•Sunny Supermarket


¥100 Bus Zone Yellow area indicates ¥100 Bus Zone






이 노란색 지역 이동은 어느 버스든 100엔





To Bayside Place Hakata

Hakataza Theater 12


Na ka su

•Reizen Park



Gate's ter Donut




kata el Hotel






Ro 15 ut e





• Fukuoka International House



Info Desk

Car Rental

Loop Bus Route, stops 1-18

Hotel Convenience Stores

Ro u

•Tochoji Temple








Hakata Machiya Folk Museum

Jotenji Temple•


•Kushida Shrine

•Dekimachi Park

President Hotel






•Canal City Theater idax• Washington Hotel •Tamaya ko Inn 4 Hotel Il Palazzo •Seiryu Park Grand 5th Hotel East Hyatt Fukuoka Canal City Hakata 5th Hotel West MyStays Inn United Cinemas TVQ• 3 Canal City 13

Sumiyoshi-bashi Bridge •Haruyoshi Park •School

•Tabegoro Hyakushunkan Hotel New Otani

i or -d

Yanagibashi •Sun Selco Market

Yanagibashi Bridge

Apa Hotel

Hotel Humming Bird • FBS


•Hakata Station Bus Terminal

Asahi Bldg• Comfort Hotel Hakata

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Chisun Hotel

Dukes Hotel Hakata 1


NNC Bank


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•Torinji Temple Sutton Hotel Hakata City •Myoen-ji Temple •Mini-Stop Sumiyoshi Shrine • Hotel Hokke Club

Hakata Clio Court

Hakata Post Office

ANA Crowne Plaza Fukuoka

2 2

Hotel Sunline Fukuoka Hakataeki-mae •Ninjin Park



I SH YO MI •Royal U S Host

Hakata Chikushi-guchi JR Station Hotel Sunlife


Book Off•


Hotel Centraza Hakata

JR HakataCity

Hotel Century Art

Hakata Miyako Hotel

Hakataeki Higashi

Richmond Hotel Yodobashi Camera CHIKUSHI-DORI

Hotel Leo Palace Hakata


Senokawa-bashi Bridge Rokkenya • Park


Hotel Nikko Fukuoka

•Hakata Ward Office

Ro u

Haruyoshi-bashi Bridge


Hakata Green Hotel


Ou Ro tsid ute e



Nishitetsu Inn Hakata SB Hotel Hotel Toyoko Inn








•NTT Data 17

Sky Court Hotel



Reisenkaku Hotel


Toyoko Inn Hotel


Sunny Supermarket•

Post Office

Gas Station

100엔 순환 버스 루트. 버스정류장 번호 (1~18)







-ka wa ba ta

Riverain a Asian Museum

텐진 하카타 지역 지도

Shofukuji Temple•

The B Hakata

With The Style

•Sumiyoshi Park Daily info and reader’s comments

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自分を忘れず 溶け込む

Full of energy!


pring has come! To celebrate, Fairy Cakes have been added to the menu at ELLE CAFÉ! Topped with fruit, they fill the showcase with color and an essence of spring. As this month’s guest Lulu Hon Miyazaki sits down to chat, she remarks that cafes are an important part of her lifestyle, providing her with a place to enjoy time for herself. Though it seems hard to imagine that Lulu ever finds time to relax! Lulu first came to Fukuoka from Beijing to attend graduate school. After meeting her husband and starting a family, Lulu found that becoming a mother redefined her life and gave her new energy. While her children were small, she studied at home to 日々の動作を意識して体型を維持! improve her credentials and, as her children grew up, she took work at a travel agency and the immigration office. Through these experiences, Lulu realized she has a unique perspective on her Chinese culture and wanted to share this. She decided to start her own business. “Living in Japan, I realised that if I wanted something, I would have to pursue it myself.” And she did 添加物不使用で体に優しく、しっとりした味わいが嬉しい just that! In 2000, she opened Hong Mong- a Chinese restaurant in Akasaka. her joy to fusing the local flavor of FuLulu stays dedicated to her family and kuoka with her personal background. business, and is always trying to improve “Mixing cultures gives you a chance to herself. She is conscious of staying slim and explore your personality” As such Luhealthy, and enjoys studying English through lu’s lifestyle is one which many readers fashion magazines and films. Lulu also shares of ELLE magazine can easily relate to. her Chinese culture, hosting an international Menu: Fairy Cake ¥840 (drink set) / radio show for over 10 years. Lulu attributes ¥525 (take-out) Hakata Hankyu ELLE CAFÉ 4F Hakata Hankyu, 1-1 Hakataeki-chuogai, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka Tel: 092-419-5832 Open: 10:00 ~ 21:00 (last order 20:30) C ELLE CAFÉ ONLINE

フェアリーケーキと いう名の妖精が食べ るように小さく可愛 らしいカップケーキ など、旬のフルーツ や注目の食材をつ かったスイーツがお 目見えし、一段と華 やかさを増した春の ELLE CAFÉ。  「カフェは自分の時 名前にもある「紅」が 間を満喫するための 彼女のラッキーカラー 大切な場所」という ルル、こと宮崎紅(ホ ン)さん。北京の大学を卒業後、大学院留学のた めに福岡にきた彼女は、この地で人生のパートナー と出会い、結婚、そして出産と、家族と共に新た な生活をスタートさせる。子供が小さいうちは自 宅で資格取得に励み、その後は通訳のスキルを活 かして旅行会社や入国管理局に務める。ここでの 経験と知識が、福岡で暮らし、中国文化を理解す る彼女ならではとして活かされるきっかけとなる。  仕事先では、多くの外国人の相談業務に携わっ ていたルル。親身になって相談にのる内に、ビジ ネスをはじめるチャンスに巡り会う。「中国にい た頃は、与えられたものを当たり前のように受け 取っていたけれど、日本に来てからは、何か欲し ければ自分でしなくてはいけないことに気付きつ つあった」彼女は、2000 年に中華レストラン紅夢 を赤坂にオープンさせる。  「最初は怖いモノ知らずで、何でもが新鮮に感じ るので大変と感じることはない。けれども、やれ ばやるほど大変だということが分かるのよね。」と 苦笑する。だからこそ、やるべきことは日頃から 実践し、特別なことが増えないように気をつけて いるという。スリムな体型も、物を拾う仕草など、 常に意識して動く日頃の成果。英語の勉強も大好 きなファッションや映画の雑誌と一緒に楽しむの がルル流だ。  ラジオ番組の DJ として中国文化を 10 年以上発 信し続けるルルにモットーを尋ねると「郷に入れ ば郷に従え、よ。」と笑いながら答えが返ってきた。 現地の良いところと自分の持ち味を融合させるこ とが、楽しみながら続ける秘訣らしい。ミックス カルチャーこそ、センスの見せどころ。グローバ ルに展開する ELLE も彼女にとってはテキストのひ とつだ。MENU:フェアリーケーキ ¥840(ドリン クセット)・テイクアウト ¥525

博多阪急 ELLE CAFÉ(エル カフェ) 福岡市博多区博多駅中央街 1 番 1 号 博多阪急 4 階 電話:092-419-5832 営業時間:10:00 〜 21:00(L.O.20:30) ELLE CAFÉ ONLINE • 15

Apr 2012 Fukuoka Now  
Apr 2012 Fukuoka Now  

Fukuoka Now's renewal issue! This month we welcome back some old favourite sections- Snapshots, Dodesho and In Fukuoka! We taste classic piz...