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Deep Water ROV Intervention, Light Construction & Survey Vessel

The Fugro Saltire is a purpose built, deep water ROV vessel specifically designed in response to present and predicted future demands of the Remote Intervention & Construction Markets. Delivered in 2008, the Fugro Saltire forms one of a series of 5 specialist vessels based on the ST-327 core design - each extensively adapted to meet Fugro exact specifications. The Fugro Saltire is equipped with a 150Te AHC knuckle-boom crane designed to deploy full rated load to 3000m (single fall) plus a separate 10T auxiliary subsea crane with 1,000m fall. With two Work Class ROV systems located within the central hanger area, the full extent of the 1,000m2 main deck can be made available for project equipment. A working moonpool measuring 7.2 x 7.2m is situated immediately aft of the hanger area overlooked by a large Deck Operations Room. The full reach of the 46m x 22m timbered main deck is designed for deck loading of 10T/m2 and offers the flexibility to both carry substantial construction spreads and deck cargos and provide a platform with excellent seakeeping allowing the deployment of substantial subsea loads using the 150T main crane.

The DNV classified DP2 vessel features ERN 99 99 99 (ERS) rating, a Kongsberg K-Pos 21 system interfaced to the Fugro Seastar DGPS, two Simrad HiPAP500 USBL acoustic systems, Seapath 200 and a Fanbeam laser system. Two Fugro FCV3000 150HP ROV systems are deployed via hydraulically operated doors on either side of the integrated ROV hangar via purpose-built Launch & Recovery Systems (LARS) designed to minimise the effects of vessel motion. This exceptionally well-appointed vessel has been designed to provide a high standard of working conditions with ergonomics and safety at the fore : “Comfort” Class Notations and offering extensive office space, conference/meeting rooms and 54-seat auditorium. A key feature includes co-location of main internal work-spaces with a large central control room housing well setout pilot control consoles for 3 ROV systems plus an on-line survey/navigation/observation console and affording ample space for other specialists. A total of 4 offices plus a large, open “off-line” area are all located adjacent to the main control room and all offices are linked by sophisticated video, graphics display and audio distribution systems.

Fugro Subsea Services


Fugro Saltire


Fugro Saltire

Deep Water ROV Intervention, Light Construction & Survey Vessel NAME

M/V Fugro Saltire


Bergen, Norway


DNV +1A1, E0, Dynpos AUTR, Comfort V(3) - C(3), Clean, HELDK-SH, Dk(+), SF, ICE C


9603 T / 2,881T


E. Forland AS




BMV A/S, Delivered June 2008




Norway - NOR






111.00m; LBP 100.20m

Fresh water



24.0 m (Moulded)

Water maker

2 x WF generators, 25T/day each


7.50m ( Max) ; 6m ( 50% DW )

Ballast water



Gross: 9603, Net: 2881

Marine Diesel oil



2.10m ( Min ) ; 3.5m (50% DW)

Lube oil


Chemical Tanks

Space available for tank capacity up to 250m³

Machinery Main Power Plant Total Power Auxillary Main Propulsion

Bow thrusters

Stern thrusters

Speed Endurance Deck & Machinery Deck area Deck loading Deck crane

4 x Rolls Royce Bergen Diesel each driving Marelli Generators 15,750 kW / 16.800 kVA, 60Hz 1 x Mitsubishi/Stamford , 685kVA Diesel-Electric : 2 x ducted CPP main propellers with variable frequency electric drive, 4200kW each 2 x Tunnel; Super Silent, Variable Pitch, 2000kW electric AC drive 1 x Retractable Azimuth, variable pitch, 1400kW electric AC drive 2 x Tunnel Pitch controlled 1400kw electric AC drive Service 16 knots 60-90 days

1030m² , nominal Free timbered area 960m² 10T/m² throughout Hydramarine 150T AHC, Single Fall Hook Travel: 3000m Load Capacities (SWL): 150Te @ 10m ; 75Te @ 20m ; 25Te@35m Whip Line (Aux Winch) : 10Te @ 36m ; Hook Travel : 450m

Auxiliary crane

Hydramarine 10Te @ 15m ; Hook Travel : 1000m


4 x Mooring capstans (2 aft)


7.2m x 7.2m located on aft deck with removable cover rated to 10Te/m2


Type Sikorsky S61 D-Value : 22.2m (22.2m Diameter); Max. landing load : 12,800kg;

Fugro NV Veurse Achterweg 10 2264 SG, Leidschendam The Netherlands Telephone : +31 (0) 70 311 1422 Email:

More information available at

Control and Navigation DP system DP references

Gyrocompass VRU Radars Echosounder GPS DGPS Speed log Communications Satellite

MF/HF VHF Accommodation Total complement Cabins Hospital Internal Workspace & Offices


Simrad Dual Redundant K-POS DPII Dual DGPS; DPS 200 2 x HiPAP500 Fanbeam Seapath 200 3x SGB Meridian Gyrocompass 2 x Kongsberg MRU 1 x 10cm ARPA radar 1 x 3cm ARPA radar 1 x Furuno FE 700 2 x Furuno GP150 Fugro Seastar DGPS receiver 1 x Furuno DS80

Safety Lifeboats Liferafts MOB boat Fire Pumps Other

2 x 105pers Eide Marine Tech A/S 6 x 35 pers 1 x Normar/Stromme FRC 750, Waterjet 212HP, 15 man 2 x 90m3/hr, 7bar ; 1x 47m3/hr, 5bar Eltek Multi-Sensor Detector ; Water Spray, Foam & CO2 systems

WROV Systems Type & Quantity 2 x FCV3000 150HP ROV systems Deployment Locations 1 x Port side, 1 x Starboard side, via hydraulic doors each side of enclosed central ROV Hangar Area TMS

9.3 Te SWL, 600m tether capacity

System Depth rating



2 x Hydramarine, SS6 rated (3g0) Travelling/Dipping A-frame, 15T SWL

Lift Umbilical winch

2 x Active Heave Comp.( 2.0 m/s ) High Speed (0-100m/min) : 15T Line Pull , 4000m capacity, 3500m fitted

Vehicle Dimensions

3m x 1.7m x 1.7m

Vehicle Power Rating



Propulsion Circuit : 220lpm @ 225bar Tooling Circuit : 70lpm @ 210bar

Dual KU-Band / C-Band systems Standard Subscription : 128Mbit/s, Max Capacity 1Mbit/s (KU, N.Sea) Furuno FS 2570 Furuno FM 8800S / FM 2721

Vehicle Payload

400kg weight exchange inc lower skid

Tooling Skid Capacity

Max 3,000kg @ DAF=3.0


2 x Schilling Titan 4 master-slave 2 x Schilling Rigmaster Grabber


8 x Simultaneous Video channels per ROV. HDTV Ready (3 Cameras)

105 persons 31 x Single ; 37 x Double Medical treatment room & rest room Online survey room - 12m x 12m Offline survey room - 7m x 12m Ship’s Office + 3 Fugro Offices Client offices : 23m² , 15m², Deck Operations office, 41m2 Conference room - 37m² ROV Workshops & Stores 35m² Auditorium/Cinema – 54 seats 2 x Lounges, Internet Café Split Gymnasium with 16 machines 2 x Sauna, 2 x Solarium


Kongsberg 675kHz Digital head


Ixsea OCTANS 3


Digiquartz 8CB4000-I

OBSROV Systems Type & Quantity

1 x Seaeye Lynx (optional)

System Depth rating



Seaeye Type 8, Side Entry, extendible height , 200m Tether capacity


Integrated Crane, Winch & HPU on 4.8m x 2.8m skid, 3m outreach @ 3g

M/V Fugro Saltire  

Deep Water ROV & Survey Vessel